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S.Rengasamys Documents

Resources for Social Work & Community Development Students

In order to enable my students to have a focused understanding of the subjects that I have handled, I used to prepare class notes to give it to students. These materials metamorphosed (http://cdmissmdu. and took the digital format when I uploaded the notes related to regional planning in Scribd. ( 08/10/teaching-regional-planning.html ) I did it out of curiosity and forgot it until one of my student who surprised me that, the class notes given by me is found in the web in several places. Since I forgot my user id and password, I searched again and to my surprise, by that time the document was viewed by more than 3000 viewer’s and downloaded by more than 200 times. That inspired me to share my class notes in the web, and these notes have reached more than 6,00,000 readers and downloaded by more than 40000 times through various document sharing websites like Scribd, Slideshare, wePapers, ISSUU . I feel honoured when I receive newsfeed that my documents are shared in Facebook and Twitter by renowned social work educators.

Thematic classification of my documents

Social Work

Methods of Social Work

Livelihood Promotion



Marginalized Communities /Subaltern Studies

Encouraging Field Workers to write