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"NSTP Feeding Program and Health Orientation"

September 23, 2011 Friday I and some of my classmate were first went up to Falel together with the Faculty and the family of our School administrator, because that night we had film viewing. Even though we were so tired climbing up the mountain but in God's will we arrive there safely. Then after that we started our film viewing and we saw that all the people there were happy and excited. While film viewing was started the teachers were preaching the word of God and they were praying for every person who had been there that night in God's passions there was such a big change because they felt the presence of God, with the help of the (PCTC) Peace Community Transformation Center the program that night became a successful and memorable one. September 24, 2011 Saturday we prepared the program for that day with the help also of my classmates and teachers. While we were waiting for the other students who came up from Kiamba.Even though we have not started the program on time because of distance reason, but still we did it successful. The program started with opening prayer, welcome dance for the visitors. They really appreciated the presentation of the FCC little dancers and youth. Also the people in the community were enjoying watching the Flaring presentation of Euro Asians. Then after that we went to our Health Orientation for the Adult, Young people and the Children. Then after the Orientation we started the parlor games for the children and youth, and it was very enjoying because some of my fellow Euro Asians were joining in the parlor games and we were so happy because we saw in every face of the children were smiling. Then after that we gave those prizes and candies to all the children. After the Feeding Program activity, we acknowledged the presence of the PNP the Philippines National Police, for escorting us and helping us serving the people in the Community. They helped the student serving the food for the people. And also the Staff was giving canned goods and noodles for every family. And I saw the face of every people who are living in that place were happy and expected that the same activity will be repeated again. The people responded "bong slamat" to all people that contributed and gave their true service for the IP's. Improvement: The construction of school library for the students to have a place for reading and studying. A Multi purpose building for livelihood, training and teaching our traditions to the children. The playground for the children, volleyball and basketball court. The repair of Health and Nutrition post for Health consultation of the people in the community.
Submitted by:

Aileen Grace I. Tagum