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Ch # 12: Individual, Interpersonal, and Group Process Approaches


Coaching involves working with organization members, typically managers and executives on a regular basis to help them clarify their goals, deal with potential stumbling blocks, and improve their performance.

Application Stages For Coaching

Establish the principles of the relationship Conduct an assessment Debrief the results Develop and action plan Implement the action plan Assess the results.

Training & Development

Training & Development interventions are among the oldest strategies for organizational change. They provide new & existing organization members with the skills and knowledge they need to perform work.

Application Stages For T & D

Perform a needs assessment Develop the objectives & design of the training Deliver the training Evaluate the training

Process Evaluation
It is the creation of a relationship that permits client to perceive, understand, and act on the process events in his/her internal & external environment in order to improve the situation as defined by the client. Process consultation deals primarily with the interpersonal & group processes that describe members interaction!

Group Process
Communication The functional roles of group members Group problem solving & decision making Group norms The use of leadership & authority

Third Party Interventions

It focuses on conflicts arising between two or more people within the same organization.

Team Building
It refers to broad range of planned activities that help groups improve the way they accomplish tasks and help members enhance their interpersonal problem solving skills. Activities involved are: 1. Team building activities 2. Activities relevant to one or more individuals 3. Activities oriented to the groups operation and behavior 4. Activities affecting the group relationship with the rest of the organization 5. The mangers role in team building