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Chapter-4 That day Maira had the most beautiful sleep ever.

She curled up Rehan tightly and slept pleasantly but he didnt like it , Didi chodo na mujhe garmi lagti hai. Aab aise hi bol phir jab aabu meri shadi karwa denge phir dekhungi itna pyar kaun karega tujhe. Sachi mein aabu tumhari shadi karwa denge wow main azaad ho jaunga. Maira didnt know how to react her brother was a laughter riot, Chup shaitan,she said and hugged him even more tightly and he hugged her this time too she kissed on his forehead and made him sleep. Maira was a lonely girl since childhood.She lost her mother 10 years ago since then she was like a mother to her younger brother

during whose birth her mother died.Her father belonged from a very reputed old family in Peshawar.His name was Rafiq Sheikh,they were a joint family,he had 2 elder brothers.They usually didnt send girls to school but Rafiq Sheikh loved his daughter very much,he always thought of giving her the best of education but his family always came as an obstacle in that case.They even made her do all the hosehold work after her mother died.Mr Sheikh couldnt take it anymore and decided his daughter has to leave this house if wanted to pursue higher studies so he sent Rehan and Maira to Madhupur.There was an old small house which was in his name that was given to him by his mothers father who had no son and his children eventually agreed.He

used to come once in a month to see them and give them their monthly allowances. Coming to Madhupur was like getting a new life for Maira.She learnt to be independent and responsible,she woke up early studied,cleaned the house and took bath quickly and then cooked for her and her brother,after which they both went to their respective school and college.She held Rehan tightly and was thinking life seemed so beautiful for her now such a beautiful new place,new college and a new friend.Thinking about Manav gave her butterflies in stomach.She knew deep inside that he had a liking for her.She never ever talked to anyone so freely like she did with Manav. She thought of his funny naughty attitude,he was a little bit like

Rehan only the only difference was their age and size,she laughed at this thought.But his warmth towards her made her melt again maybe she thought she was slowly realising what love was,it bought tears to her eyes.But she didnt rub it,she thought let it flow,let it make her wet in the waters of love. And their Manav lay in this bed and was staring at the moon through his window,the moon reminded him of Maira.He had never met such a girl in her life.He saw his hands where she touched and kissed it.He could still feel her petallike soft hands.Her angelic face was always coming infront of his eyes.He couldnt wait to meet her the next day and that thought gave butterflies in his stomach too,he put his hand on his chest

thinking it to be Maira and slept with a smiling face. Morning approached,both were hurrying up for college.Manav paid more attention to his looks this time.He made his hair nicely,put powder on his face,wore a bottle green kurta and jeans and was ready to go.And there Maira for the first time paid attention to her looks,she decide to keep her hair open and bought it to the front over her breast.Wore a fitted light orange salwar suit which flattered her tender curves put tiny matching ornge stoned jhumkis.a black mojdi and a tiny matching orange bindi and rehan was like, Didi tumhe jiju college pe hi mil gaya kya itni saj dhaj jo rahi ho achanak. Motu tujhe na main mar lagaungi and ran behind him to

catch him and Rehan enjoyed that because he also knows that she would never beat him,she never ever beat him her entire life,she was too emotional to do that.She picked hhim up and pulled his cheeks. Shaitan kahika! He laughed and said, Wah aaj to aap gazab ki dikh rahi ho didi sambhal ke rehna kahi koi tang na kare aur agar kare bhi to mujhe bolna main hun na! Maira brusted to laughter at her baby brothers talk.She kissed his cheeks and he kissed hers and then she locked the house and left him in his school and proceeded towards college. As soon as she entered the classroom boys sighed seeing her,they had never seen seen such an angelic creature before.her hair had loose purms

in the end which touched her hips.The strands were flying in the air and everyone watched Manav in excitement,he was almost dead.There was not even a single moment when Manav didnt stare at her the whole class.Maira was too shy to look at him,sometimes she took courage and her longing to see him made her give a glance at him sometimes,he smiled at him and she smiled back and put her head down in shyness.His friends took that chance and whistled from the back and Jaspreet boiled inside.Soon before the class was over an announcement was made.The teacher announced that they were going to welcome first year students the next day and since there were only 10 girls in the class all of them were required to start the Freshers

Function singing Saraswati Vandana.She asked if everyone knew that.Maira was glad that she knew that,she has been singing that in her school right from her childhood and that made Manav impressed even more and his friends coughed from the back to tease him.After the class went over Manav met her again by the side of the gali.There was a big peepal tree there.The both stood under it and began to talk. Maira dekho na kal main tumse puchne bhul hi gaya ke tumara ghar kahan hai. Mera ghar to paas hi hai,jana chahoge?,she said smiling since she knew nicely that he was faking that he was standing behind the jackfruit tree yesterday. Pata hai kal koi kadka hamare ghar ke paas khada hokar jasusi

kar raha tha piche per ke paas.Manavs heart began to beat first he feared that he might be caught and quickly replied, Accha koi aisa kyun karega bhala,shayad who tumhe chahta hai.This gave butterflies in her stomach,she got her answer that he loved her,she was dumb,she was speechless. Aare kya hua main thik kaha na bhala kyun koi bechara per ke piche khara hoga. Aacha to tumhe who bichara lagta hai,she asked him with a naughty look on her face,he blinked at her. Par mujhe koi chinta nahin,tum ho na meri raksha ke liya,she gave a naughty smile again and that made him feel the proudest he didnt know why, Yeh lo aa gaya hmara ghar.

Awww kitna pyara hai,she smiled at her adorably which melted her this time again,she laughed, Chalo andar to aao. Her brother ran and climbed to her lap again,the brother sister love melted Manav,he just kept on staring at them. Maira quickly introduced both of them,Manav took him up in his arma and said, Hi chote janab kaise ho aap? and pulled his cheeks. Rehan replied Main to changa hun to aap kya mere didi ki best friend ho?,Maira was silent she never had a best friend in her life.Manav replied, Ji chote janab ab aap ki didi to meri best friend hai par main iska hunk e nahin yeh to aapke didi hi jane,and then both looked at Maira,she got shy and said, chalo tum log baatein hi karte rahoge ya andar bhi aaoge. They all went inside Rehan had

another pair of keys to the house which was needed as his school got over earlier. It had two rooms including one kitchen and a small dining room Maira felt free to show it to Manav since Manav was so dear to him now which made Manav emotional,he began to think what a pure heart she had which bought a wide smil in his face as she was talking to him,she then said, tum dodo yahan baithkar batein karo main chai banake lati hun, aare main tujhe sach mein marunga aab tera accha dost hun yaar mujhe maehmaan bana diya tune chai wai chod na,saying that he stopped suddenly and bit his tongue. kyun aise muh kyun bana liya achanak? Nahin yaar maine tumhe tu bol diya!,he said in a soft tone apologetically.Maira melted again

and said, Aaj se yahi bola karo main bhi kahungi apna lagta hai,she said with a shy smile and ran inside the kitchen and Manavs heart was brusting inside out of happiness.He was waiting excitingly to taste her cup of tea,it seemed like he was in heaven again.Maira as she was making the tea noticed from the transparent curtain that Rehan found a genuine friend in Manav,she was so delighted to see that,Rehan too was a really innocent child,he too didnt had any good friend,so she was extremely happy to see Manav make him laugh with his silly jokes and cuddling him.Soon she bought her tea,her delicate hands were trembling when she was handing him the tea.Manav noticed it,he held her hands softly and slowly took away the cup of

tea which gave a thump in her stomach.Manav took the first sip and the warmth of the tea reached his heart,he didnt know why there was something in that tea which soothed him and took him in a beautiful world of love.He thought that he now had an answer to his mothers question that his wife would feed him superbly and smiled at the thought, Tu has kyun raha hai,chai acchi nahi bani? Nahin nahi chai sach me bohot acchi hai,sacchi main jhut nahi bol raha is baar! Is baar?Iska matlab tune mujhse pehle jhut kahe hain?Manav stared at her with round eyes giving a foolishly adorable look,he thought he was the most idiotic person in this world.Maira brusted to laugh and said Chod chod aaram se pi,

Haan bhaiya aaram se piyo didi ki baat mat suno bohot shaitan hai!,and then both he and Manav brusted to love and Maira made a frowned face which made her look like a baby and Manav wanted to hug her tightly and kiss those cheeks,he sighed and wished he could.They chatted merrily together and Manav and Rehan kept on teasing her a poor Maira became the victim everytime.Finally it was getting dark and Manav had to go so bade them goodbye and promised Manav to take him to play cricket with him.Maira accompanied him to the gate,they talked a little bit standing there,the moon reflected on her face and Manav could hardly take off his eyes from her.They slowly talked and Maira told him her story and how she came here which bought tears in

his eyes,he tried hard to control it as he thought that boys looked stupid while crying.Maira could sense that he was just about to go when Maira suddenly interrupted saying, Manav ek problem aa gaya main to bhul hi gayi thi!.He quickly rubbed his eyes and came to he,Kya hua bolmujhe! Kal mujhe saree pehenni hai gane pe par mere paas to ek bhi saree nahi hai kya karun main ab,she said with a child like worried face.Manav began to think seriously and then at once he said, Main do ghante baad aaunga tu gate khula rakhiyo, and ran before she could reply anything. And there he ran home and asked his mother to take out a pretty saree something which would have suited her if she were

a young girl.His mother was astonished what happened to him suddenly,she kept on asking him but he went on saying, Aare ma tu jaldi nikaal ke rakh main tujhe baad me sab samjhata hun and ran to eat otherwise hia mother would get angry.His mother was totally confused and took out a pretty embroidered transparent onion coloured saree.He quickly finished eating and took the saree and ran off leaving his mother clueless. Maira was cooking fish fry with the kitchen window open when she was suddenly shocked to see Manav jumping up and smiling at her on the window. Mannu tu meri jaan lega kya,aise koi aata hai bhala. Main bhala teri jaan kaise le sakta hun isiliya to tere liye yeh laya hun,yeh le,he handed her

the saree,she opened the packet and saw the pretty saree, mannu yeh to kitni pyari saree hai par tu kahan se laya? Meri ma ki hai,Maira was so touched at this and at the same time very shy too, Par Mannu main yeh kaise pehen sakti hun, Haath se aur kaise, he brusted to laugh and said, Dekh agar tu mujhe apna accha dost sacchi me maanti hai to tujhe yeh pehenna parega,thik hai kya main tere liye itna bhi nahi kar sakta?Maira wanted to hug him but she couldnt she smiled to herself looked at him adorably and said, Thanks Mannu. Dekh agar phir se tune yeh word bola na to main khirki se andar aake tujhe marunga!,they both brusted to laughter.Maira called him inside to taste her fish fry atleast.But he was in a hurry

he said, Mai gussa karegibohot raat ho chuki hai chal khirki se he khila de!.She then put a small fish inside his mouth and began shouting out of hotness.Maira felt guilty and quickly looked for water but couldnt find anywhere she was so mad out of worry.Then she quickly opened the watertape and fetched him quickly with a glass.He was relieved than and kept on uttering aah uuh . Sorry Mannu! Dekh tu mujhe phir se gussa mat dila nay eh sab words bolke! Aur waise bhi itni jyada pyari shakal mat bana tu ghabrai hui aur bhi pyari lagti hai,saying that he blinked at her and she gave a shy smile.He then bade her goodbye and wished her all the best and ran off as he ran behind the gate he shouted, Maira maine itti acchi fish fry kabhi nahi

khayi phir khilana baas thanda karke taa-taa!. Mairas face glowed at his words and her heart thumped as he left,she was so excited and nervous at the same time for yesterday but then suddenly she realised the biggest problem which was that she didnt know how to wear a saree.

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