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Chapter-5 Manav caressed her hair gently put up her head touching her cheeks with his head

and said adorably and caringly "Mai se milne chalogi Mairu?" She got shy and bit her lips again out of nervousness and said scaredly,"Main main.......kaise..kya kahungi main bhala??" "Ma se thodi koi kuch kehene jata hai",he said softly and looked at her eyes intensely and said lovingly,"Ma se to bas pyar mehesus karne jaya jata hai",he said holding her hands softly.These words pierced her ears and his soothing warm touch of his hands bought tears in her eyes,she couldnt resist it and Manav couldnt notice tears in her eyes at all,it tore him apart to see her shedding tears.He at once hugged her,"Are pagli aise khushi ke mauke pe koi rota hai bhala main tujhe aansoon nahi dena chahta Maira main to bas chahta hun ke apne pagalpanon se agar tujhe thodi bohot khushi milti hai to woh tujhe dun".He then rubbed her tears and she looked up at him and smiled and he was again in heaven."Yeh hui na meri highwaistmati wali khushi khushi hasi",saying that he ran again and she ran again to beat him. "Tu he mujhe highwaistmati kyun bulatahai",she asked making a pouting face. "Tu apni kamar ki or dekh haha"."Mannu tu na bohot badmash hai aur besharam bhi",she said pouting with shyness all over and then again said slowly,"Main to aur upar pehenne wali thi",she said biting her tongue . Manav was rolling out of laughter and asked her anyhow controlling his laugh,"To peheni kyun hahin meri highwaistmati?" "Moti lag rahi thi isiliye",she said like a child with a confused tone.He brusted out in laughter again. "Ab aur has mat han tujhse itni baat share karti hun,faida utha ke iska majak mat bana,main to itni baatein shayad apni husband se bhi nahin karungi",she said in a childlike tone frowning her brows.At this Manav suddenly blurted out "Aare iski chinta chor kyunki tera husband to main hi...."and he bit his tounge cursing him inside for his foolishness. Maira felt a thump in her heart and stomach at his words and she turned to him and said with a naughty and teasing tone,"Mere pyare Manavbabu kya hua ji yeh achanak se sharma kuyn gaye aap?", "Teri to main......."he ran after her to catch her and finally caught hold of her.

"Aaaahhh Manav chod hahahaha,sirf tu hi mujhe chira sakta hai Kya",she brusted her childlike laugh again. "Aaj kal bari chalak ho gayi hai,baat kya hai?" "Tujhse hi to sikha hai,tere sangat ka asar hai hahahaha!" Manav's eyes were just fixed at her laugh,at her giggles and he just went on looking how beautiful she looked withher hair flying over her face and her saree wrapiing her body more tightly in the wind making her structure washed in feminine beauty. Finally they reached Manav's huge mansion.His grandfather was not in the house.He shouted,"Mai o mai dekh tujhse kaun milne aayi hai!".Mairas heartbeat became faster and faster,she was really nervous but Manav held her hand tight,the warmth of which consoled her.His mother came excitedly running towards them.Maira found her really cute,she was excited like a child to see her.His mother saw her and touched her face with her hands and kissed it.She was stunned to see such a beauty come to her house.There were seldom any female in that house except except herself.She hugged Maira happily and Maira at once bent to touch her feet.And she at once stopped her saying,"Aare betiyan pair nahin chute,woh to gale lagte hain,aao meri bacchi andar aao".Maira was touched at her warmth and love.She was really very nervous before but now her warmth has really made her comfortable.Manav blinked at her naughtily and she showed him a slap and suddenly his mother took notice of it and said,"Aare tu is pyari bacchi ko bhi nahin chorta hai,isse bhi nahin chorta hai!",saying that she began beating him on his back and Maira was about to stop her saying,"Nahin nahin ma jane dijiye!" and his mother at once turned at her and said(her eyes teary),"Phir se bol jo tune abhi pukara mujhe?" Maira softly said with utmost love in her eyes to her,"Ma!" and his mother was in tears and hugged her,she hugged her tight too.Maira rubbed her eyes quickly because it hurt manav when he saw her cry.His mother then said ,"Mannu tu ja ise hamara ghar dikha aur baat kar,main abhi thori der me aati hun".Manav then held her hands and showed her all the rooms inside their house and the story behind each room.He then finally showed her his own room saying excitedly jumping onto his bed,"Aur yeh raha hamara(shakes head)mera matlab hai mera kamra,and gave an innocent wide smile.Maira frowned her face to him and then smiled shyly and turned away.The thought of sharing the same bed with him gave butterflies in her stomach,her whole body shivered.His mother then called them

to eat.After a long time Maira was eating ghar ka khana and it gave her such inner satisfaction.She thanked her for the food and said it was very tasty.And his mother said,"Aare phir se beta,Ma bolti hai aur yah sab bhi bolti hai"."Haan Maira yeh to meri madhubala hai,uski jitna tarif karo utna hi kam hai".His mother beat him up again.And Maira brusted to laughter.Manav and his mother thought if this continued to be the scene everyday in their house,Maira added warmth and sunshine in their house.After a while Maira told her story to her.His mother anyhow controlled her tears because she knew it would make Maira cry too.She was so proud of her,she said her this too and asked her to bring her brother soon someday.It was finally time to go and her mother left her till the gate and quickly took out kajal from her eyes and put in Maira's corner of the head."Nazar na lage mere bacchi ko,yeh saree tum rakhlo beta tumpe bahut jach rahi hai!",she said her.Maira wasso touched that she childishly hugged her again.His mother hugged her tight and asked her to take care and bring her brother next.Manav left her quickly till her house and before he could leave she suddenly hugged him and said,"Tune aaj mujhe meri ma de di Mannu!",Manav felt like crying hearing her words,he stroked her hair gently and caressed her head,"khayal rakhna Mairu apna aur Rehan ka,kal milti hu".......................he said that and went away still looking at her till he left the gali.Maira felt that she suddenly got all the happiness of the world this day. "Mannu ei Mannu,ei Mannu?",his mother kept on asking him in a childish pasteuring tone.And Manav was so naughty,he knew what she was going to say so he kept on styling his hair and pertended to not to listen giving a wicked smile."Meri madhubala bol carry on kya bolna hai tujhe!"His mother said,"Chod na mazak abhi,use kab layege?" "Kya kise kab launga?? "Aare meri bahu ko aur kisko?" "Teri bahu,kaun bahu,kaisi bahu,kahan mili ye bahu?" "Aare main Maira ki baat kar rahi hu!",his mother said giving a childish smile to him.Manav got shy at once and inside his heart he was dancing out of joy."Mai maine abhi tak use apne dil ki baat nahi batayi hai",he said to his mother making a baby face apollogetically. "Aare gadhe pyar karta hai aur itna darta bhi hai,yeh larki to ek pari hai,bas ab tu aur der mat kar aur apni dil ki baat bata de beta,maine uske ankhon pe tere liye bohat pyar aur umeed dekhi hai,use aur intezar mat karwa beta".

Manav at once jumped went inside his room wrote something in a piece of paper and ran out of his house.His mother shouted,"Aare abhi bolge kya itti raat ko??","Mai pyar waqt nahi dekhta,mujhe best of luck de ta ta!".His mother brusted at laughter and wished him good luck,she was as excited as him for this. Maira was washing some dishes on the kitchen basin with her hair open,and for a moment Manav was lost in her beauty and then he suddenly realised she was about to turn back so he quickly folded the piece of paper and passed his hand through the window and placed it on the empty fry pan and ran as fast ashe could.But he did a mistake,a jackfruit fell again and Maira saw from the window his flying shirt.She wondered why did he come at 10pm night suddenly and rushed away like this,she laughed at his deeds and then suddenly noticed the piece of paper,she opened it and her world stopped for the moment,her heart thumped and stomach pinced and fingers trembled as she held the paper and read,"Meri highwaistmati, meri zindigi aur saaya banogi?,mujhse shaadi karogi?,tujhe saree pehenne me kabhi taklif nahi hogi!"

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