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eatt 1 : with 4,625 Bifth Chatts :PtinclpleSection
hit ra Ayanamsz tNiruyana )
: Author, : ,

M anubhai S. Shah
Sundarlal B. Pancholi

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tinger writes;and ha
vlng writ.
N1t'vt's fl
n nor Al 1 tlly l'iety not W it
Sllatl lure it llttck to cûncel half a line,
N or All thy Tevrs waslh out a W otd of it.
Omar Khayyam.
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: 1'
# k
(v1A SANJAN.nT.BuusàR.W-''i.1
* ? 6)
(Rs.15/- PàttI& 111
he GmAtPoet: of The W orld Say!

) WJ)1 ,l'ind wl
lat bign and Constcllation rule,
And nyzke tlye ditference between thewiseand tbol,
M y versc shzllsing what vAtious asptk-ts rt'ign,
W henkingsaredoont'tltf)crownsand 'Sltvest('r-llains.
M anillug

Fottune ct $ot:.e houts to a11 llis kind;

The lucky llave wholt ktû)s,wlhich $ti11tl'
Tbe unluck), have but hours znd tlheltî tlhey lost.

ln my
stats 1 zm âbove thee, some
Ate botnk, pztlt, some lchitve gtevtness.
Some have gttâtntss thtust upon tbem.
k $
Fitst Elition t10* Copks) 1966
4 61
CQ6R ?e*u;
f >*Y

forShvh Blrth C/rt,
Printvdby )D.K.M odt,Aw n Prsnttng Prex:
(3 )
(Part1& 11 576 & 326 pages with
4625 illustrationsofBirth Charts.) Rs.15/-
(W ith 48 illustrationsofBirth Charts) Rs.
(W ith fullillustmtion) Rs. 3/-
(W ith 12 illustrations of Birth Charts)Rs.
(lntheform ofquestionsandanswers)Rs.
(With 24 illusttationsofBittkChvrts).Rs.3/50
(In two sections:Mathematical Section
and Horoscope Section) Rs. 6/-
.- WHY
r varlous methods of ptedictions
!nd 1tsdefects according to theptinc-
lplesofAsttology) Rs.

maa t
Nargol (Via Sanjûn,Dist.Buls:t W.Rly.)
140 Ptincess Street,Bonlbay 2.
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Book-selletA Publislneres.Threegvtes,Ahmedalhûd
Towet Rozd, Surat..
O?p.GandlniNagat Gtlh, Bzroda.
* Sun Arlz:
> M oon Taurus
# M è<ô Oemfnf
4 . M ereury Cancer
% Juplter Lqo
9 Vequ: , Vfrgo
9 Sàtutn ' L#br.
4 Dratoh', l4eld G orplo
> Dragon's tajl ë
C gsttariul
1k %kS-f.' C.kf Q
iï- ,..
. ..
.>,.- ''Aj'
gy is a,science. The mysterious lttrac-
tions hidden in the Solar System which M al larashis
andkthe hum an beings have so long endeavouted

to intetptet, ate known asthe science of Asttology.

lt is the opinion of a11 the astrologers tlnat any
m ovementand action ofhunnan-being ate induenced
.by t he attractions of the Solaz System . lf this is
accepted, then the scientists must step out to
recognize ard study thescience of astzology fuzthet.
Even though,m an is not God, he is God's
.cr eation 9.e. H is child. lf W e> God's children,
achieve even 30* /0 of our Loxd's powet tl nrough
the science of astrology, we shallbe lcknowledged
'ss m odetn scientists who can set PastyPtesent and
future. By reading bizth chatts based on tlae
ptinciples of astrology given in these books, even
ln otdinûry m an would get high honour fzom the
Rstrology is a holy,puzeand pzeciousscience.
, Buttoday there isso much pzejudice, superstition
andcheating in thenûm eofthisscienceof astrology,
.thatwotds ate nottnough to desctibeit.Science of
A stzology is m isused not only by dishontst and
ignotant pezsons but zlso by the leatned class. lt
tis tevlly a pity.Public has begun to contemptand
aedicule asttology and its ptedictions. At such
(6 ?
ctucialtime,we have tried ou' rbestto renderservtce.
to A, sttology by giving new birth to the hidden
knowledge ofzsttologyRnd triedto prove
its corrtqtness witl)new xefincment for tlle lleneût
of tlae tezdets and pu1)1i(.. After a long, k*tlllstïlnt
lzbotlr ofthree solid Feûrs. we hAvt.llcen q1)1e to
publish tbese books.we lhope thattvety rcûtler by
going tbrough thesc books,w oultl reûlizt.tlle great
power and truthfulncss ofastrology, ln slhort,thcse
books will be realguide 1nd willservc as a torch
to the astrologets.
Itissaid tbztttuth isalwaysbitter.Accordillgly
some of our ptinciples would at ftst glznt-ecreatt
ao inypression on therezdersthatwtareproud.But
ttuth willalways temain ttutl znd one c:n not
zeject otRvoid itwhtthet one liktsitrox not. lt
is out humble opinion that these books, <A Book
of Astzological Correct Prtdictions' :tt entitely-
scientiûcand bzsedon cortectprinciplesofAstrology.
The construction of tbese books lxe entirely
scientiûc and otginwl,fat lway ftom trvnshtions ot
zepetitions Itom o1d books as one Nnds in mvny
ofthe ' asttological books. The Purposc of these
books is, to zende:ttue setvice to lsttology. 'rhe-
is.not the slightestuttemptto intoxicste the tt:dcs
xnd lezd them AWRF ftom tm tb by mea Ngutes of
O ur deep study of Astrology is by a kSt tanRe
; d,''''t-
incident in our early life. Nothaving b'een satlsfe ki'jk
with Palm istry,we approached a'ftiend toI #kno'
;:j,:. j
sonnething aboutastrology.Beihga vain perkop he
insulted us instead of helping us. Thij toùdhdd
oF out ptide and hence weboughtvarious books
tegarding tbis scienceof M oving Zodiac and Fixed
Zodiac and Went thtougln them m inutely. BY'
experience it was found tlaat fotm ulas given in
these books wete aw ay from the actuAlhappenings.
After m any Fearsof ttsearch fot Ttuth'' we evolved
sevaralfotmulas, based on fundamental ptinciples
of Asttology. l' aatet on the predictions given
according to those formulas were tetuarkably cortect.
W ords ofappreciation pouted in abuAance ftom
the fkiend's citcle znd they insisted that we should
put fotward tbese ptecious principles in the form
of books.Today w e feelhappy when we see tlnese
books in the hands of the readers.
The attangements of these books is entitelr
new :nd otiginal, keeping in mind the m odern
age. A t ftst ghnce som e of the teadets
would hesitate ot dislike to read them as ther ate
in tht hlbit of reading mete tmnshtions,wbile to
othersitwillgiveenlightment,stimulation and:v -
(8 )
Todvy mzny astrologers consider this valuzble
tnowledg: as v private ptopetty and inheritance
ftom theit foze-fathets, believing blindly tlhat ifthe
knowledge is shared with othets they would starve
to deatla.Gteat harm :od dissetvice is done to the
science ofasttology by such shott-siglltttd persons.
This is one of the reasons which h:s llrought
discteditto and lessened tbe impottanceofzstrology.
Any petson or an astrologet who discovers cettkin
new ptinciplesshould consider to be hisdutyto put
fotward new pzinciples fot the beneit of the
teadets and the public. lf we put fotwvrd our
knowledge of accuzate and cortect predictions to
the wozld,lndian Asttology would surely secure a
high phce. W ith this intention,we hzve disclosed
ouz Secret Knowledge, for the bene6t of the
teaders.W esincetely hoptthatthey would value :nd
appteciate it.
So Rt,in this knowltdgt, wn hlve pttsetved
ouzceditând famtin tbe isA misfortune
tbzt,some of thr Indign Astrologers are directlng
l eit? vttention towatds W tst, desetting the gtevt
invvluvble knowledge ofthe Evst. ln such ctitical
simation wtthink itquiteesstntivlto publish English
F@'jdon of ouzbooks on Asttology in orderto
enhlnce its ctedit in the world.
W e arealso sincezely thankfulto M r.lshwarlal
H.Reshamwala and M r.Pritûmlzl L.Shah for the
special zealthey have shown in tlne publication of
these books.W ithout their help and guidance the

w ork w ould never have been com pleted.

Lastly,we ate also gtatefulto those persons
whose horoscopes have been taken in these books.
Readers are requested todraw outattention if there
isa mistake or om ission so that it can becorrected
in the new editi#

: Instructions :
W e have published Books No. 1 & 4 fot
ptediction accozding to this book. lf you aze
interested to hvve these 1 & 4 Books please send
Rs.3/- :nd zsk forit.
Chvpter Sulpject Page'
Some importAnt hints *#* ... 25
Meaning of symbols and zbbreviations 29
Planets and its syfnllols 31
Horoscope in igutes 32
Benedictoty ptaycr 33
The impottance of Astrology in the
humzn's ups :nd downs 35
2. The knowledge of tht Signs 40
3. Signs ûnd theit Lords 41
4. Twelve types of Birth Cllarts 42
5. Bitth Chzrt and Houses ... 45
6. The twelve houses znd theirsignifcknce 47
Birth Chzrt,twelvehouses:nd itsBenedc
:nd Mzlefc Result ... ... 52
8. Phnets,the Signifcgtor ofthe houses... 58
9. Phnets tExvlted :nd Debilitgted signs 62
tû. Planets :Ditect :nd Rettogmdt Motion 63
11. Phnets Rise :nd Combust 63
12. Quadtkntslnd Ttines **:
13. Phnets and Aspects
14. Thendutzlftkndship oftht plvnets 7û.
15. Bizth Chazt znd the mAltfc phnets 72
16 PhnetstPowetful,W eA ot Intfectiv:? T
' bilitatedjhn4t..., 8:
(2)The czncellation ofWeak Retrogtade
Planet... 83'
(3)The Czncellztion of Teak Beneûc
P1Anet.... 84
(4)The Cancellation ofBenefc Planet... 84
(5)TheCancellation of Maleûc Planet... 85
The natute,personality,infuence,dwelling
phces, business or occupation of signs
vnd plAnets 87
(1) 1 + Sun or Leo 9:
(,2)1 Moon otCancer 95
(3 ) + M ars or A ties or Scorpio ... 1O0
(4)1 + Metcuty orGeminiotVitgo. 106
45)1 + Jupitetot Sagittatiusot Pisces 110
(6)1 + Venus orTautusor Libra 117
(7)1 Benefc Sututn... 124
(8) 1 + Maleûc Saturn.... 127
19. Ascendants :nd Disevses... 137
20. The results of Transit Planets in g Bizth
Ch:tt.... ... ... ... ... ... 141
21.Som:imyottantptinciplesofAstzology. 145
22. The speclal nutute of M ztsAnd the M oon 153
23. TzansitPlanetzty Time (petiod) 15
24. (:)',Nb1e ofTmnsitPlvnetAty Tim#... 161t
(k)A Tvble of Trzhsit PlAnetaty Time
(peziod) 164
Chapter Subject I'age
1. (1)How to Cvst: cotrect horoscope ? 169
(2) How to place phntts wit
in a lkotoscope? 173
2. How to convett a r estern Birth Cllart
a Zodhc) into an lndian Birtl:
clwtt( ixed zodiac)? 182
Chapter ritst:Fitst H ouse.
jP.t87 to 252 with exat
mples of692 Birth Chzrts)
plge& no.
of B.C.
1. A stoutbody :nd : weAk body. 187-51
2. A m:n ofdttetmination:ndwekk-mind.196-51
3. Soul powez and lacking in soul powp: 2:1-71
4. A manofself-tealhation and lvcking in
self-tezlizztion ... 209-6
5. Featless lnd timid. 215-*
'6. Tz ustwozthy :nd untzustworthy
(tzeachttous) 220-28
7. Sobez :nd Addicted ... 226-31
8. A bezutifulbody vnd ? bevutllqss body 229-50
9. Swtetvoiced lnd tough voiced ... 233-25
t0. Attof otatozy. 236-1
1t. lndemndent life ot deptndtnt life ... * 117
12. W hett the life will pkss? In birth
phct,tutivthnd ot foteign Countty ? 24* 88
Chapter Second ; Buqiness or Occupation
(253 to 315 :No.ofB.C.774)
Birth Chart,inclination ofm ind and business
or occupation 253-1*
Business of the Sun
1. lnterested in agticulture: A land lotd,
Jagirdar ot a farnaer 261-22
2. Jnterested in vegetable products A
grocet, bookiseller ot a m etchant
dealing in cotton, c10th. tea, grasl,
tobacco ot paper 262-21
Saints e@* *** **# 265-31
Business of the M oon
4. A dtawing,artist,sculptot,actor,actress,
dancer,director,poetor a sweet-voiced
Petson 269-66.
Poets ... 271-23
A photographet,jewel lerand a deAler
of gtass-wares, pezfut pvzy and hot?nd
cold dtinks ... br # ** 273-22
Business ofM ars
A hw yer, bvrtistet or soli citot,judge
or : collectot' 275-4$
8. An engi1
ne et... ...,
9. A doc ,tor , dent
, vai
dp. haki
nztaropath ot :nurse 279-2%
Living on minetzls 281-20,
Chaptet Subiect Pagr B'.(2.
11. Living o'n electricity 283-15
12. Living tiskr life 285-45
13. A scientist or zn inventor... 287-24
14. A sport phyer 289-
Bueiness of A4etcury
R.. Com.ot M.Com.
h 291-38
An Asttologt: 293-22
Busines: of Jupiter
17. A ptofessor,teacher or an tducAtionvl
inspector 295-27
18. A broker,commission lgent, exN rttr
ot An impottrr 297-30
19. A wtiter, jouznzlist play writer 1nd
novelist ... 3* -48
2O. lntetested in governmentservice 302-17
21. A socivlwotker ... 304-15
Busjne:: of Venus
,22. A c
hssicvlmusic singtr or A plzyer 306-41
23. A spo , plvtoz ot : o mblet 308-54
Buvlneq: of Sltum
.24. Living on mzchintc ... 310-$0
25. An a&pimnt(:xdic),yogi,jpgglet,
spititualistot dtvoted tomystk $d= ce 313-24
Chaptet Thltd tFlhh H oue
(314 to â31 :No.of3.C.15û)
1. Complete study
(gzaduzte oz postgmdugte) 321 54
Incomplete study
(matzicto undergtaduate)... 323-30
3. Faitstudy (mattic Riled)... *** 326-30
4. Otdinaty Study (upto std VII).... 328-30
5. Illitetacy to Primary Study. 330- 6
(Continued )
Chapter Fourth : Ninth House
(332 to 358 :No.of B.C.358)
4. The combinztion of fottune 332 to 342
(a s
;The combinztion ofmulti-
nnillionaire, nlillionaite ot
thousand 332-141
(b )The combination of unexpected
wealth ... ..- 338-26
)The combinationsofmulti-
millionvite ot millionaire in
specuhtion 339-10
2. A brezk of wezltb; A break of
fottune ... 343 to 350
(,)A Bxeak ofwevlth .-., 343-40
(b)A bttAk ofweglth in speculation.348-26
3. M isfottune .... ... 350 to 355
(z) A yative without wezlth otQ
natlve of mkfottune ... ... 350-51
(b)A nktives pussiàg life in
untmploymtnt stvte ... 354-24
4. The timt (ptrio )of bentfc ot mvlesc
of fortune 355-40
Chapter Fifth ) Tenth House
(359 to 378 No.of 11.C.205)
A nativeofpower,position and honour.359-45.
e*ngs, queens electcd ttlinisters t'
jxl tnd
cl1-ctttors 364-67
Tbe lvreûk of powet, position antl
lponour A6
he tity:e (jetitltl) of tlcnefit- ttntl
lylttlefqc resultof poker, ltonour antl
position 372-3:
Tllc fatherly hzpp
.iness and its time 374-28,
Chaptet Sixth : Fourth H ouse
('378 to 4û7 No.of B.C.347)
1. The happiness of hottse ûnd vehicle ...384-51
2, The lhreak of bcppiness of house cnd
yehicle 388-27
3. 7'ilenativesliving in theirown houses ...788-27
4. A native without 1:0:. 1st 390-.9
,5. The native experiencing PSRCC :nd
hAppiness 391-59
klw nit 'ivtsofùnhvppiness:nd restless
tuind-... ... 396-49
The time (pltiod),of beneûc and
malefç ttsult,, of.hpust,vehicle stcing
in own house Q,ro ted house,W thout

housw pegce, hRppiness :nd its time... '* 82

8. Yke mothtrly hlppinrss 1nd its time...* 2-39
Chapter feventh :Third H ouse
(407 to 433:No.of B.C.342)
-1. A m an of-realenterptise and adventure... 407-52
2. A man ofuntealenterptiseand adventute 411-67
3. Foteign ttavel 414-90
4. The break of foreign tzavel 419- 6
5. *fhe time (period ) of real e*+*etptise,
xdventure, unreal enterprise, adventure
and foreign travel *o* 424-67
The brotlnezly happinessand unlaappiness 426-14
Brothers and sisters ... 429-46

Chapter Eighth :Seventh House

(434 to 474)No.ofB.C.526)
1. M ale or fenlale-.. e#. 434-52
2. The beauty of bttasts 439-15
3. Experiencing mattied love 440-11
4. Blessed love and the pzin of love
(Happy and unhappy life) (only fot
lndians) 442-11
Blessed maztied love :
Happinessofhusblnd and wife... 447to452
(a ) Blessed mattied love 448-46
( b )Love mxtziuge ..,
. 451-1t
( c ) lntet- ste Mlttiv e 452- 7
Pain of lov::Unbappiness of husband
:nd wife ... 453to 468
(a )NAtivesoflute n-ûrriage 457-68
çb Nûtivesexperiencing pzin of love
in mûtried lifc 460-56
c W idowllocd ... 462-36
( d Nû t
ives witllout t
ed love 464-26
(c) i
mpos siblt
ty of mzrri
ed love 466-16
7. Natives committing debttuchery :169-50
8. Free from pain of love :
Divotct ot temArrizgt. 474-47
The ti#
me of mvtriuge znd wtdowhood 477-74

ChaptetNinth;Fifih House (Cont.)

(479 to 492 :No efB.C.1$7)
1. Natives hzving sons. 481-32
2. Nztives hzving daughters. $*: 482-31
3. Natives hzving sohs :nddaugbters 484-30
4. Nltivrs having no sons. ... 486-31
5. Natives having no d:ught1
ers. 489-31
6. Nztives baving no issues. 490-32

Chaptet Tehth ) > cond H ouee

(493 to 498:No.of 3.C.58)
1.' Fzee from wotries ot expetknting
wotties of wezlth of Rmily quàtfels.493to 48$
(a)Ftee from wotries of wealth ot
family quatrels. ... ... 494-29
(b)Experiencing wotties ofwealth
ot family quarrels. 497-29
Chapter Eleventh :Eltventh H ouse
(499 to 503:No.ofB.C.32)
Free ftom wotties or expetiencing
woxxiesaboutincome or circulation
of money 499 to 503
(a) Freeftom wotriesotcitculation
of money. 569-26
(1)) Experiencing worries kbout
incomeorcitculztion of money 502-6

Chaptet Twelfth :Twelfth House

(5û4 to 511 :No.of B.C.161)
Free from wotries ot expetiencing
worties about dtbt, 105$, intexest os
expenses *.* 5û4 to 511
(z)Free ftom wozziesofdebt, loss,
intezest or CXPCnSCS ... 596-26
b )Expetiencing wotzies aboutdebt,
loss, intezest oz txpenses 508-103
2. The time (petiod) of wotries about
debt, loss interest, insolvency 0:
expenses 509-32
Chaptet Thirteenth :sixth H ouse
(512 to 540 :No.of B.C.585 )
1. Getting victory over enemies in wzr,
court czses or business competi tion 512-59
2. Getting defevt by cnenlies in wâr,
court cvses ot l vusinegs competitifln 517-21
3. Victims of trezchery 520-36
4. Diseases- Fickness :
1. Patulysis 2, lqtllitl 3. lzcprosy
4. white-leptosy 5.Asthm: 6. CAncer
7.Appendicitis8.Smvll-pox 9.Typboid
10. Opetztion 11. Tuberculosis 12.
Piles 13.Hysteti: 14.l' lttni: 15.Hy-
dtocele 16. HeArt-ttoublt 17. GAs-
ttouble 18.Dkbetes 19.Epilepsy 20.
M eningitis. 21.Trouble of bones antl
teeth 22,Blood-pressure 23.Blvddet-
stone 24.Thyroid ghnds 524-275
j. Lame,cuthvndtnd,devf,hunch-bzck,
wrgkness of eyesotblind ot weakness
of btyin ,or m:d 533- 97
64 T,he,
,time (peviod)Qf way,,victozy,
dtfeay,Anpoyqp,by entmi4sp,diqevsts
znd lype,cyy,kpded, hupchrbqck,
, # blind :nd mad ... 537-97
Chapter rourteenth :Eighth H ouse
(541 to 5 No.ofB. C.208)
Human-being and longevity :
A natural death. 541to 56@
( a ) Death in Childhood. 545- 26
( b ) Short life. 549- 32
M edium life. 552- 24
(d )Long life. 554- 21
( e ) Very long life. 558- 22
2. A n unnatural deatb. 561to 573
(a )A death by treachety. 562- 7
( b )A deathbypoison,fre,watet
or m achine. 564- 39'
( c ) A death bv suicide. 569- 10
( d )Fite, jail, execution
tmnspottation. 570- 27

Chapter riftevnth t
H uman-being,asttologygpdfutuye. 574to 57G

W llzt isthe 8cienceof Astrolllgy? W lly lluntal:
,bejtag ate so much interested in its study ? Tltey
think that tlpete is sollle power, t1tat plays a1h
importûnt part in sllaping their lives. ()ne is born
în a village,wikile another in a city ()ne is lhorn
with a silvet sPOOn in his mouth wllile znothtr
zt a beggat's but! One Achieves best Snurried
happiness :nd anothez exerts in vAin to get itl
One gets pztentAl zfection knd hlppiness, wllilt
'A notber i ,
s otphvn ! One resides in : big mvnsion
with cats. while another bAs no house even f br
sheltettOne is constkntly dependtnton mAdicines,
while Anothet nevet stes the fzce of : doctor!
W hût :te :11these mitucles?
Plezse know yout future Rnd dtstinztion iyï
.advAnce with yekrs :nd months in tht form of life
tezding thzough yout hozoscopt i.e.tht Decrtt
.of Fvte,pzepvzed by us.
Astrologet: ?te silvnt A fore event o d
wlee aftez evpntlt!
Asttologezs colltct vety tkctfully :11 tht
pzrticuhts of the nktive K d convty tht svmtthlng
.,on t
' he othez WAy tound. So whentver 7ou go tl
-z hyciAtttologtr, plevse kttp in mind not to spok
.oz tellvnythig tegztding yout lif: :nd diëcultks
and 1et him speûk.,lf he is wtong in pzediction he'
would for his fulse defence say thatthe horoscope
is doubtful, Then at once you must realize tlnat
yout horoscope is coztect and the astrologet
is wrong.
Get your life reading prepared cotrectly in
detailswith beneic tesultin yeat and month in 125.
pagesin Rs.50/- only.You can take themzximum
ntuge with coutzge duting the beneûc time
(period)and guard yourself during the malefc
time (.peziod).We have ptepared thouskndsoflife
teadings and out clients ate fully satisfei.
:Our Readings and Rates :
. ''''' ' ..........

Yout Bitth Chuttand the exactplanetaty positionk

and beneNc and m alehc planets.
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Btlok N o.
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Your Birth Cnart,plantes and 1ts tesult
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Bppk N o, z
Bltth Chattand yournature,peoonality,iniuence..
business and diseases
(About24 Pages :Rs.10/- o:ly)
No. 3
''' ''..... .
Your Bîrth Chlrt and the answers of im portvnt
questions of your life
I16 P:ges :Rs.15/- (hnly1
B9Pk Npy 4
Birth Chartand planetary com binaflon: ofevee
events of your life
t60 PAges R$-20/-l4nly)
Book N o, 5
lstrength)ofeach houqtand the result o e:qh

house ip tcom plete Failure''Failure', fordin:ty

Success'. <Fait succesv', fœ od Succesq: or
# 'Complett Succe:q'
(.16 Pagvs :Rs. 10/- only )
Birth chartand yout fulllife te:djn:

Yout bitth chvtt :nd le exact plvnetvty

positibn vnd benl c :nd m:le:cpknets with Book
No.1,2,3,4&,5i: About125pgesR$.50/-only.
(Detailed PriceListof32pagtson demvnd )
V A.
(Vh Sgnjqn,Di.t. BulurW.R.)
l.Please always use ephem etis like Sandesh,
Janlua Bhun7i,l'zahirior Raphael.
2.lfa horoscope is based on M oving Zodiac
(Wcstern Method) it cAn be changed into Fixed
Zodinc(EasternMethod)according tothe instructions
given in this book.
3.ln India we have slight diFerence of opinions
regarding the degrees ofFixed Zodiac (Ayanamsa).
In this matter oat opinion fot the Chitta Ayanamsa,
which is found to be bestfot the cottect predictions;
i.c.ephemetislike Szndesl:,JanmaBhumi,Lahiriate
bcst for the correct predictions.
4.lf you wish ot require a rubbet stamp design
of hotoscoge,we lxave specidly artanged with the
following itm :
Shri Ct u mpaneria Rubbet Stamp Works,
No avzt,Surat.
On yout sending Money Otdetof Rs.2/- the
m bbez stzmp wil b: sent to you Undet Ceztiicate
of Posting.Ifyou ask by V.P.P.,chatge would be
Rs.2/95 P. You c1n :sk fotitaccording to your
Fot tlle model of the m bber somp, please see,
tMeaning of Symbolsand Abbreviqtions' section given
here zfter.
5.Tllerc is rcat nccd ot tllc old t-plltt lltt-l-is f'or
the study oî-Astrology. A qpecial zrrttngtflq tlt'ltt l'
'be en nlctle to obtain c clhecp cnd et îsily tlshflt'l-stt
ephenperis for tlheuse of thc Ftudents, q-l)(tct lîïr:tsily
follow the figures xvritten in Itcglisl) R'llt.rpllclylcl -is
ûte ûS below : '
Colpdenscd Ephetueris l'ztt(.)ney l'ftrt '1'w(1. l':tt
Thtee and Patt Four.By N.(* '
Patt 1 A.D.1875 to 19()() 11$.3.5#1
Patt 11 A.D. 19()û to 1t )41 ltts.tptlf1l).
Patt !I1 A.D.1941 to 1951 Rs.3.5()11.
Pvtt IV :A.D.1951 to 1961 lts.3-5()
Ftom the Above one cûn ortlerAny l' dartrtvtltlircd
by him.V.P.P.chztges are extra.
6.ln k11 the ebpemtris,the complete Sigïtt, ttlltl
Degtees :te given. Fot exzmple, today the Sun is
shown Sign 2 :nd 4 Degteeg in the tzrly morning
5.309then it is to be unzerstood thkt the Sun 1,:$
completed Sign 2 :nd 4 Degrees and entered in 5th
degtee mt:ns thtSun isin Geminirunning 5th degree.
ln the $:me w:y degtees of Askendvnt is to bt
7.Th: sign 4#' given in this book, indkztes
thut the plznet is of29 or 0 degtee, which is uider
zinr:ective!$tatt ani cznnot fo> :ny <Gective'
cotbinAtion witb K y plu etoz tht house.

8.Abstnce of tbis siyn $#' inzicztts tbkt the

Plaïnets and zscendant are tpowetful'.
9.Names ofthel qoroscopesofallthewell-known
personsa:e given in tl pis book;restofthe names ate
notgiven.Mostly tlle ccmesoftl pewell-knownPCVSOIIS
?te here preferred so tl nst the teaders czn follow tlqe
IS and outs of the native by teading the horoscope.
10. T1e illustration of the lqotoscope given in
these books are chosen fot thc conveniellce and
fvcilities, enables tbe readet to undet-
stûnd tasily the con,binûtions, quzdtants, ttines and
the 6,8 anz the 12th houses.
11.Al1the planetarypositionsgivenateaccotding
to the Lahiri Ephemeris.
12.Appeatance of cettain hotoscope zt vatious
phces should not be consideted as a mistuke; but it
is phced to state thenative's life incidqntsand events
of difetent houses.
13.The Authoz ûgzees with theopinion of gzeat
Asttologez,szint Pazzshat regzrding 'No efects of
Dtzgon's hezd znd tuil'.They zte the shzdows of the
Eatth :nd the Moon And notphnets;yettheDtagon's
beAd :nd uil:te given fottheconvenknce znd study
of the teadets,who difet ftom this opinion.
14.Thete Att mlny phnets :nd sub-phnets in
tbe Sokt system accotding to the views of great
Asttologets;but thç nltivesoftlne eazth ate zfected
onlybythexv& phnetsxisalsoAgteed to bythezutl not.
15.W hen a mAn is in t'rouble or often 8e:
fzilure 'in his undertvkings, l)e t lp.prozclhes tLe
Astrologet to 6ntl tl
le t
-uus e and tthe Astrolo
instead of guiding hinh r'
n tl
lc rf'rrck't
' ptttl), i.t.
wotship of God, leads lhin: 4'n the W rong trûck
saying al1 sorts o#- nonscthse. Relllenhlter tkitll ani
wotsl4ip of God is the (lnly instrunlejlt ol' strengtà
to Hght Against Nzturt :nd l 4is udverse cirrunhstkncet.
And as the time pzsFes 1)e gtûduvlly overcomts hù
difliculties and lzter on ûclpieves llcppiness. Tlhis k
the only best wûy for them.
6.Tbe resultof pretlictions in Astrology :tt
the lnost inlportantand it is llecessgry t() :ntnloria
the n:tute of signs :nd pknets gnd the given period
(time)ofbene:c otndzltlic plknets,
17.The Jeadings of the illustrktive ltoroscop>
sbould only be done ûfter observing properly atd
undetstanding tbe given principtes.
18.The luthor does not wish to s:r v:y thig
on the constructions of this book,butonly thebeliefs
of tmth he ha$ published.
19.The knowledge presented in thest books zrt
such that ifthe tczdet j ustskips tht pzgts witlyout
digesting 1ts ptinciples properly, he would not 1')t
able to gtlsp its knowltdge As requittd. (lnly one
chaptet ofeaclnsubjet'tshould b: reâll in : day ic
otdetto follow tbt subjtcts proptxly xntl to gtt
bettez tesults.
The symbols used in this book are explained
below. A clekt undetstanding thereof is necessary,
otherwise it would be diëcultfot m u to follow.
6 8 ot 12 = The 6th, 8th oz 12th house of the
= W hen pl zced neara phnetot ascen-
dznt,itindicates thût itis in 29oz0
degree of the sign occupied. Such
Phnets ate 4inefective' and cannot
nnake contzct with :ny othet planets
othousesby conjunction,opposition
or ûspect.
Sun + hloon Tht M oon's comzct with the 8un
byconjunction,opposition oraspect.
1 + Moon = Tht Moon's contzct with the First
House ozit$ Lord by conjunction,
opposition or vspect.
1st Lotd L/rd of the First House. ln the
szme way 6th Lord
= > rd of the Sixth House etc.
1st Sun = The Sun,Lotd of the Fitst House.
41 M vts = Mazs,LQt4 oî the Fourth Hpvse.
@ = Througb.
(30 1
1stMzrs+Moon= The M oon's contzct with Marw
tioo opposition or aspect.
1st Mats+4th Moon = The contact of thc 'sloon, th.
Lord of the F'ourth l-lousc. with
Mars,Lotd of the Firxt House by,
conjunction,opposition Or ûSPeCt.
1 Mats @ Saturn= The contact of Mzts with the
First House ot its Lord through
3rdMoon+ 8thJupiter*Mats=ThecontâctofJupitet,
the Lotd of the Eighth House,with
the Moon, the Lord of the Thitd
House,through Mcrs;in otherwztds
JupiterAspectsMuts znd MûtsAspects
the M oon.
1st House+ M alehc= A maleûc in the FirstHouse ot
it$ contact witb that house byopp-
sition or aspect.
1st Lotd+ MaleEc= Contzct of : malefc with the
lozd of the First House by conjun-
ction,opposition otzspect.
Male:c Malefc's contactwith theFitstHoust
ot with the Lotd of theFirst House
by conjunctièn,oppositionoz vspect.
Qukdmnt The 1st,4th, 7th, lûth house ofkt'
birth chzrt.
Trine = The 1st,5th ot 9th House.
Sun:7th Quldtânt=The Sun in the Seventh House.
Su14+ 5thTrine=The Sun in the Fifth Hbuse.
A.or ASc. =
Ascendant(First House)
Comb. = Combinztion.
One-sided Aspect= If planetX zspects planetY, but
plznetY does notaspect planet X
i.e.planet Y is zspected one-sided
by planet X.
Example:lfMzts in Leoaspects
Saturn in Pisces by itS eight Rspect,
it means that Saturn isaspected one-
sidcd by M zts. i. e. Satum is
captuted by Mar$.

Planets and lts sym bols

Sometimes in Asttological book's, Asttonomical
symbols:te used insteai ofthenzmesofthe phnets;
which :te AS follows :
= Sun = Dtagon's tail
= M oon Venus = Yeats.
ax hflts Sztutn M = Months.
b =x bftrcuty $) Drvgon's l
The horoscopes slnown in fguzes at vatious
phces ùlthis book,are to be understood as fbllows.
Here the Tzasit Signs of the planets and ûsccadant
xte shown.
H oroscope in Egures

Asc. O .
10llt) :
'>%-+**- '''*'
j *- --@
8 5 12
$ t; 4
5 7
11! ' t-
- (Venus)(Szturn)(l7ragotl's
R f) 4

t 1l, t
z j
......... '''' '' .. ....
Btginning of :ny good work is zlways done by
evoking the blessing ofAlmighty.He makestheman
ftom impetfectto perfectand btings him success in
hi$ endezvouts.So before l attempt to write these
beautiful books, 4h Book oi- Correct Asttologiczl
Predictions' Patt1 Pazt 11,1 Sincetely pzzy and bow
my head in tespect atthe feetof God Maluvit,
Buddha and JesusChtist.
Ob God, you ure thc father and tlne creztcr of
this wotld. You ure the real hûppiness and pczce.
You ate the ocezn xof love, saviour of poots and
destroyer of poverty and miseries. You are pctfect,
fotever and there isno end :nd limit ofyoutzbility.
You :te immottal,perfect,fullof knowledge,ntctot
a d givet of light.
You :re the m pN rtet of this wozld, holy,
xdorublc,incompûtzble,with unknown zbility.
Yt'u zte the lift of existings, the protector of
sky,ezrth znd inftrnd zegion.ltis due toyout gtzce
thAt we bruthe :nd livt.
(M 1
Oh God,you arefullofgrgce and virtttc. 1bow
my head with lovc at Fout holy feet, and 1sincerely
Przy to you to guide me to wtite and finisl: tptr
books perfectly and succcssfully zbout your l 4('ly
Astrological truth.
Oh,Goddess of Educt
ttion, f also pray tf1 you
humbly.Itisdue to yourgtacethztillit'
learned,wellrespected znd honouted.
Also 1 bow my head in gratitude to those holy
szints and learned petsons, who hc. d tzken deep
interest in Astrology withoutself-interest:1:4
1 sprccd
it$ knowledge.
A strology means sevtch of ttuth.Onlythezt4t-iettt
boly svints und learned pcrsons deserve to manifest
this tm th. Person likc m e, a m an of wotldly asairs,
in this knowledge of Astrology is considered to be
less and incomplete;yet1preparemyself toendeAvout
to write these books ofA strologiczl ttuth with tny
utmostability withgtaceofAlmighty :nd greatsaints.

(PartOne :Principle S'
ection )
The im pottance of Astrology in the human's
ups and downs
W lutis the Science of Asttology? W hy human
beings ïtre so much interested in itS study ? Tlney
tlqin14 that thete is sot
me Power,that Plays an impor-
tznt partin shaping theit lives. One is born in a
villagc,while another in a city ! One isborn with a'
silvcr spoon in his mouth while anotherata beggar's
hut!Onc achieves bvst mattied huppinessand anothet
exerts in vain to get it! One gets pztent: afection
and llappiness.while znother is otphan ! 'One tesides
i,n a lrp
ig mznsion with catsj whilc anotlnet hûs no#
house cven fotsheltet!Oneisconstantly dependenton
T lpû.tare a11these mimcles? How f1r l numan beings
c:n tnAke zlttmtions in these situztions?.lt pzoves
that the unknown, mystttious power tltt ït Iikt
s in
Nature istlnt main and fundznlental ctuses f' ht' u11
these. Then what is these unknown. nhysttstithus
Powet? How fat man can zchieve its kntlwletlgt.tpnd
know its mystery ? W llich are the sourt-es antl Nvays
to obtzin this knowledgt?
The ûnswer is ;- tlhe Science of Asttfllfhgy !
Tidesznd ebbs ûre cw sed in tltt staj vvtly ?
People enjoy in the moon light and fed refrcsiletl.
while on dark nights they ptefcrto stvy in tht lltluse.
rather thzn going out,why ? W hen one is ezptlsekl
to middqy summet Sun, hi$ btzin feels tired :nd
exhausted and looks for the coolshelter, wlty ?
On the othez side when 1 mzn is born, vntil
bis dezth,he builds hislife stzge by stlye. He uses
one step of success to teach $ti11higher step and goes
on progtessing. Side by Sidt he is watchhtl whetllet
hi3 life will % like : $o1id strong wkllotjustcollcpset
i.e.whethtx be would succttd ot end in f:ilure.As
tht whole lift :nd ptospetity And hoy is ba d on
thisfoundation and consttuction.lfoneofthebricksis
wtongy phced ot weAk i.e.if he $ees 1ny defects
in his entemzise :nd attempts,he feelsunegsy and îs
foxced to Apptxch to tgke vdvice ftom the scitntist-
th.e Asttolog:t1
One would l w zdly :M : mzn vho is not *
desirous to know his advzncement, pzosperity and'
future;and ifthere is one,1ne must be mad.
Man is Always ptogtessing step by Step. It ishis
utllyogtdesitc, intention to know whethct he would
succeed or fûilin his undertakings. To classify a1l
tbese fucts and reasons,the ancientsûintF started to
master the scientiic gtudy of the Solar System and
it$ cfectson the human beings,ûnd after 1ot of
lvbour, gteat reseatch and observztions, discovered
certain unknown truth of the Solar System, These
unknown trutl n means the principles of Astzology,
wllicltis considered to be one ofthe most invaluable
Starp are ofvatious type.Some are constelhtion,
sonpe planets and Some sul n-planets. These constella-
tions,pllnets und sub-plancts move in thc sky due
to tlïc force of gmvitation.
The forcc of gtavitation eserted by innumerable
stzts on the Solkr Systcm is known a5 tsigns.' 'fhese
signs have their ownchamcteristics,itduence,business
:nd occupation. The plznets of the Solat Sptem are
callcd,the EAtth,Moon,Mats,Metcuty,Jupiter,Venus
:nd Satutn antl t yzve their own claatactetistics, efect.
influcnce,business ûnd occupztion.This is the second
#tcatdiscovety ofthe ancient Saints.
'riyc Sun is: stcr. Some of the gepvmted pzrts
of ti
:e Sun becftnpe plunets and C
tre knflwll tts $lte
Eattb, s'
loon, hlkrs, sletcuryj Jupiter, Vt-jltlh ttlïtl
Sztutn.Tltesc ?lallets klitle to tlkc fflrt-c ()f'j
' #ttlt1
constantly, regularly ltttlvc toulltltlle St1n. 'l'11k't.t1 ':1)
take 365 days to colnplete onc (-irt-lc, hlt-t- t'ttt'l' )48
ars,wllilcSïttutn rtkluil
to conpplete the circlc t'
One zf -the scpctated sulp-planet ftthTll tllc t:ly.
is called tle h'
loon.Tlle slûon nyoves rotllytltllccortl)
constûntly :nd reyularly t#ac to gravitation.
Tllat is this grzvitation and wllat itF
meaning ? How ûnt l what efects are cAuFed 1ïy tlïis
tgvitation on lpuman tpcings, anilnals, wctt't clttl
Out-ûncknt gaints lhad ieeply stubietlthe rFcrts
of this gtlvitûtion on tlle hutnzn life.In sllott,flpis
is:11 Science, which is known As the Science of
Ancients begzn to study tht Solzr systtm.After
: constant study and obsetvvtion Qf tht Solzr pgth,
they discovertd 12 types of efects so they divitlei
Solaz Path into 12 equvlpzzts acë found outcertéin
kinds ofefect oftbis part whiclt is czused over the
humanbeings'naturt, iniutnce, persondity, busiteFs
vn4 occupztions;which i$in shortcalltd 'siyn' :nd it$
aktute,induence,persflnality,business :td fl
In the svme way they studied tlle gtzvitational
fotce of the ?knets and found out tlneil. efect,
inûuence, business znd occupation caused on the
'human beings.
The human lezds his own life l)y tlqe induence
of the gravitationclfotce of the Solgr System. He
marches fotwzrd with the hopes or despaits, wlletlher
good otbad. To summarize) ull tlpe problems and
occasgionsof the human life :re entirelybased on the
gtavitûtionalfotcesof Signs and Fknets.Astl pe Sokr
tsystem zs wellUS plznets are constantly moving,oj:e
tparticular moment is notSimilat to otbers, Hence
nativesborn atëifetentmomentsznd c, tdiferentplaces
i'hz ve diferent lives,and whatefectiscausetlon tlne
'humanbeings is known only by the Scientist-tlqe
'Astrologet. This moment meansbirth chattot the
Decree of l h te.
It is possible to know the sectet, Jnsoluble
.pzoblemswhich beset men through only one insttu-
ment,the Science of Astrology, which is also called
the hidden sectets of God.
Now we $hal1 study the ptecious knowledge of
Asttology,mostusefulfor thehumanFeingsdiscoveted
by our zncientszints and lezm eë PCtsOn$znd Also
zchieve the knûwledge of the ptinciples oftbe sign!
nd plznets:ndthe ptimzryiitaof castingzhoroscope.
The knowledge of the Signs
Tlke sky is divided into twelve Pttrtsttçt*lhl-
klitlg to
tlpe principles of A strology. làacl) divitled part ks
koown tts çSign.' Tlhe nûnyes of tlïe 12 Signs ûte
us follov- s:
N o. N anhe
Ot- the of the l7tg.
u 'gR. Sign.
! Arits ()to *
2. Tztttus 31 to *
3. Gttuini 61 to 93
4. CaJnccr 9'1 to 129
>. Let) 121 to 159
6. Vivgo 151 to 1*
7. )zi14ra 181 tf)21û
8. Scorpio 211 to 248
.. Sagittzrius 241 to 27û
1;. Ckprkorn 271 tf33*
11. Aqukrius 301 to 3. 30
12. Pisces 331 to 3&)
Eacln Sign is considered to 1>e of 30 degrees.
The sky hz$ 360 degxes, is divided into 12 equAl
puts, mzking each 30 tlegtets for every Sggn. 'l'lpi:
divided part is called 'Sizn.'
Signs and their lords
Justaseachsign hasitSown specialchatacteristics,
so hzs each planet.The planet whose charactetistics simikt to certain Sign or signs is called the
tulet ot the lotd of that sign otsir s.To undetstand
thiscleatly,each sign hasbeen imagined zs û tHouse'
andpatticularplûnetisimagined as'lord offhgtlqouse.'
The Sun and theMoon eagh tulesonesign,while
the rest of the planetstuletwo signseach,zsfollowg:
Aries is the House of Mats.
'rcurus is tl
4e House of Venus.
Getniniis the House of M etcuty.
(zancer is the House of the Moon.
Leo is the House of the Sun.
Virgo is the House of hletcuty.
Libm is the House of Venus.
Scotpio is tlne House of MAts.
Sagittatiusis thc House of Jupitet.
Czptitrorn is the House of SAtutn.
Aquûriuo is tl:e House of Suturn.
Pisccsis tlyeHousc ofJupitet.
Thus Aries is the housc of Mcts znd tlhetefore
s is cûlled the rulcr or lllrd of the sign Aries,
i.e.the chztacteristics,influence,epkcts Of A,l-
ltsF t
similat to those of s'

Twelve types of Birth Chttrt
The illusttations given below cre knrlwn tts lsirtl )
ChuttotHoroscope.ln tl qeFirstl-louFr,wlliclkteptescnts
theEastern horizon atthctinleoflhirtl)ofa1)intlivitlucl,
is called thc Asccndant and is gcnerzll) indit.atcd
by the letter <Asc.'. ln tlle l '
irFt l'irtl) (llcrt. tlltt
ascendant isof 1 i.e. Azies. ' 1n tlyc stk cfltbtl l'ittl
caztjtbe cscendcntis of 2 e.Taurus, ln tllt.tllirll
bizth cbatt,ascendzntisof3 e.G elhiltictt-.
W hen z mûn is bozn, any onc out of thesc
twelve bitth charts appliesto him.
Now,AS we See thc Scn rising in the eastern
kotizon,in the svme wûy,when z certzin mcn w:s
bozn at: patticulat time,the Nrst bitth chart i,e.
Azies ascendAnt indicates thzt the A ries sign wûs
zksing utthattime.ln the szme wly,tlte second llirtl'
chatt indicates the samt meaning, i.e. v'iqen tlle
man waS bozn, tlne sign Tzums was rising it,the
eastetn hotizon;in the thitd birtl, cllzrt, the sign
Geminiwas rising in the eastetn llotizon ctc.
3 2 j j, tjg . 6l51
4 1û 7 j

' '

5 l6 7 8t
, l 8t9!10j1112
l jasc.j j
4 j3 I 2 1
,1 1....1.2--., /61Asc.2,!a
! l
1 I
5 l 111
- I
k -
ow w*4- - *

6 7!8 9 1û . f
? 1
Lj ... ,. . ,

.I 8l? zt
.- uw.s
sc-l514 ' wwm-i
, .#
- - *.
' *'
K * q .

6 12 9 3
ms... xw..
. s.rlv.,
v-..7 v..
l 19 11 l.
. ûj11)lat1
,2 ?.
' ''
'' .
9 8 7 6 5

10 4 7

lt 12 j 1 2 I3
1 t
1 ASC.
10 l
9 8 7y6

11 5 3

12 !
3 4

, 1 !zs
SE.: , l 12 11 1û11
1 '
12 6 3 9

F#WW **h+ O
1 2 3 4 5 ' -
! 1
4 t5 6 t
,7 1 8 . ..... ..

Bitth Chatt and Houses.
A s bitth chazthave signs,so have the houses.
T he First house of the bitth chzzt indicates Eastetn
borizon.The othet house viz second lnouse thitd
bouse etc.follow in regular ordet.
The 10th house whicb isovethead,is called the
zenith,the 7th house teptesents the W estetnhotizon,

while the 4th house is called the Nadiz. The point

whtte the Sun tises in the eastis czlled A scendant
o: the 1st house; the Sun isin the 10th house at
noon,itis in the 7th hx se when it sets, :nd it
zeaches the 4th house zt the localmidnight.
The half pottion of the chatt on the right side
is czlled the visible hemisphete; that on the left is
ckled tht invisible hemisphere. Though the ecliptic
ot the path of the Sun is circuhz in the he
# '' 4
chazt âze often dtzwn in square forms fot the sake
of convenience.
-d 2nd
-.- r Ast; i-12t
j 1st )
l ' '
House House 1House tl.
louse lIousc
' !

S 4th 1()th
outh uouse Invisible visible House Nottb

*. -* # -- lea y- -- .-w. N4 Mj >e

5th 6th 7th l 8th l
.: l j(
kk .1
kdl': H
!; -.
- ..
't l.:
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W est
g47 1

' The tw elve houses and their signifcance
W herc as signs and planets have theitown bpecial
characteristics, inHuence, eFects,dwelling places, busi-
ness or occupation; each house is signiûcator of only
particular aspectoflnunnan lifk such as1nea1th,education,
m atried life etc. The 1st house is the signiûcatot of
body, m ind, soul or tlccupation. ln the sam e way the
causes of the vatious problem s, tise and fall, advanc-
em ent and hzrdsl nips, happiness and m iseries in the
hum an life, can be seen from tlae twelve houses of
a birtln chart. The answer of any question arising in
the hutlpan life can be seen ftom tlne houses as follows.
W hen question atises, it can be sol #
ved by the
consitleration of the sign placed in the relevant house
lndthqposition oftheplanets.At ptesentitissuëcient
to know how to iind out the answets of dx ezent
questions of the hum an life fzom diFetent houses.
asc. lefteye. l
Right eye,RighteyetBody,mi- expcndi- l
hznd, adv-worziesofnd. soul,ture,lossvl
ink.flnpe wo-,
entute, en- fam ily business, interest 'rries leftcar
tezprise,fo-worriesof dwelling l'ankcru-
. & llt ïnd !'
zeignttavel fnznce place, I
ptcyyslhort '
diseases Ie
.... - .-. l

House, est- 1eft t'llcst.

ate,vehicle lheart, pow-
happiness ' er,repttttti-
ftom ftiends
' on,position,l
mDther, fanyt, l
oJ8 ur,pj
on. ry
mindy ' ess from
Transfet ' Fztlper
*> * #Y- M E *1- *

l ' Righ love,w;.x oo111z- dzatjy

tldztn, foot, PF m-CG'O*.D) ,
'gil, righty fortune.
) duc ation diseases art ie d
jjs secrrt! foot 4 . +: :1th
enem ies execution t
otgans ! ,
I i

1st Hoxx- :Physicalbody, its lppeârznce, pbyskal

and spiximvl condiùon :nd therfypes
of servk. or occupation. 'rht typts
of the condition of tbe body, mind,
ûre as underj:nd Same can be under-
stood wellufter some experience.
Sttong oz weak body, dwzrf,
ideûlist, hot-tenlpeted, peace-loving,
weak or good brain, uddicted or not,
joy-loving, pleasuze-seeket, artistic,
simple, lovet of powet, non-lovet of '
powet, satisfed,good oz b:d actions,
putity, impurity, speakez ofttuth ot
lier, ttust-wozthy ot unttust-wotthy,
heliever in God,atheist,egoist,welk-
minded, cowatd, ftztful,kind, cruel,
hevttless, pl
nilanthzopher, optimist ot
pegsimist,greedy,givezof alms,bezuti-
fu1oz ugly looking,intuitive, sweet-
Occupation of vûtious types.
Business: independent life ot setvice
:nd its type. A11this is to be found
by studying the 1st house, as willbe
shown heteaftet.
2hd H ouee :Right eye, wotties tegazding family
ûnd :nznce,Botzowing from Petet to
PRF P1u1.
3td H ouse:Foteign ttzvel,long t 'ravcls.ttlvctltute,
valour,b'rotherly clttlsistt.rly ltttppincss,
tightear znûl tigllt:ltcnd.
4th House :House, ptoperty,csttttc,A'ktltit-lcs,llappi-
ness of luotllur, fricntls. pttrtnersllip,
ant! tight ctlcst.
5th liouse Son, dauglpter, leztning. ilïtelligvnce,
orûtoty and educttion cnd rigilt tltigh.
6th House:Enell:ks, court, litigatioît, treacllery,
lnreacl: of fzitl), (llseases, right foot,
sotroq?, l'ck-ness zntlwzt.
7th House Lovt, Pzssi on,conjugal relation,n' lctt-
izge, happi1nesF or tltyllt lppiltcss of
husbûntl or wil k,selllcl), witlowllooz,
Secretotgans,f kt-ulptlity ot iltlpottltcy.
8th House:Longevity, deûtl),fine,jail. execution,
tzAnsportvtion for life Ant!lcft foot.
9th H ouse : Luck,weûlth :nd povtrty qnd ltfttligh.
l@th H ouse: Posting,powct,reputaion,fame,happ-
iness from fztller, lteartand ltft ('l)est.
11th H ouse :W ottieszboutincome.rotztion ofmoner
znd gûins,left e:t :nd left hvnd.
12th House :Residence out-side tl yt birth phct,
10$$ ofhonout :nd ttputztion. loss.
debt, insolvency,ltft tye.
Binh Chatt,twelve houses and its Bene:c or
M aleNc result
The answets to a11kincls of tluestifms ttrihing in
the human life cûn be found out fronlthe twelve
houses'of birth chart,whicl)is a$ f()11f)wF:
There are two kinds of results of etïrh house,
the Benefc and the hlaleic. Example lf sonhe (/,4:
isks, wben his martiûge would tzke place, tnd by
refetting the hovoscope,if the 7th llouse is powetful,
then the mâtriage would tûke plAce 1nd if it is weak
then the matriagewould not means tlut
some getthe bentfc tesults of the 7t1) house wlyilt
others#etmzlefc results.
Thtzr are twelve houses in the birth cbzttwhich
teptestntdifezent ptoblemsofhumvn life.Tht results
lte of two kinds, benefic :nd mzlefc.
Benehc Result
Yèu willbep'n a new business ot continuAtion
of the existing business with mote ptoit.Eitber pro-
motion in tbe serviceot chAngefor : bettef prospect.
Mvntvl worties and unemployment will diszppekr.
Yout mindwillbt cheetil:nd yout hezlth gxd.
New kcquzintznces willptove ben/ cikl.
M alehc Result
You willbegin : new businesswhich willend in
failure,or:dd diëculties in the present one. Disgust
in service.DiHicultiesin theexpected incremtnt.M ind'
will 1)e excited.Peace of mind will be lost. Fezt of
Benefc Result
Yout Rmily quurtcls ifany, willend and the'
family hûtmonr will1)e established. Finûncialwotties
will t,e ovetctlmt cnd tlne shottzge of money willbe.
lcssend.Tllerc will1)e cn ingpimtion fotchatity.
M alehc Result
You willexpetience iisputes in family afairsand
inznciatworries ot diëculties.
Benefc Result
You will stutt new enterptises with Leneicial
tesults.lncreas:in hzppipesswith btothezs :nd sisters.
lnëicates possibility offoteign ttavel.
M aleNc Result
New cdvcntutous Attempts in business willend
in failutc cnd you will find much diëcultks in tlqe
undertaken business. Ttavels in countty or foteign
lands willclFo end in Rilure. Chvnces of foreigp
)URTl. 1 1-
BeneNc Result
You will havc lnorc velticles a1)(l prf'pcrtirs ts
land,houses etc.Yotl ' svillgail)l'tevv.t-1
.it-tltlsf'/r !''tl-t1tt.:
ship. You wi ll cnjoy pttfcct pcttcc ttl' ïd v,ill
trznsferted to the desil-cd t
Malefk Result
Ttoubles cnd obstttclcs will illcrtA lbtb ft- gltl 't1ing
hnd,vehicles zntlhouses.Siyuilar tliflictlltiesq-illtrisc
with frienësand pzrtncrs.Ullpcuk-ct- ul J -yliyltl.l'f'
be ttansfetted to cdverst plûce-
F1FT1. l H()L1S):
Benehc Result
Your knowletlge or cducztion willint-reasr. b'flu
willgethappiness fton) children an(1will haq'e l'ittl)
of a child.
M llehc Result
Yov will ;nd diëculties in studies lntl willl?e
fozced to lbAndon it. You will experience disputcs
and miseties ftom your childten,
BeneNc Result
Youtdirezsts,tntmies otillnesswillbe overconpe
and no futthet signs of it willbe seen. rlostly there
willbe no litigation,but if thete is any, you willbe
M aleNc Result
You are likely to sufer ftom disezses, illness or
enemies.lpitigation willcnd in failureozdefeatforyou.
BeneNc Result
Ytlu willmatry ifyou :te unmarried. You will
enjoy matried life hzppily.Union willtakeplacefrom
sepamtion.lf you have any disputesin love afairs,it
willalso entl in llûppy atmospheze.
M aleNc Resuh
You willexperience diëculties in love afairs,ot
thete willbe inctease in the time of sepatution.

Sepûtation willtake place from union. Disputes in

love Afg.its, discontentment, divorce ot widowhood
may take placeot diëcultiesmuy atise fot martiuge.
Benefc Result
Blessings oflife willbe bestowed :nd feAt of
deûth Fill vznish.
M zltNc Result
You willexperiencefeat ofdeath and anxiety fot
thc longcvity'of yout life.
Benefc Result
You willgetbetterprosperity,fortunt ayld wealtb.
M alehc Result
You willexperience set' -llat-k in prosperity ::d
Anacialcondition.You will nf't1)c :1)le to (140 invcst-
nnent in ttlc business a$ desited.
BvneNc Result
You willget better lmsition,honour, ptwer ûa2
Pronpotion- Youtfûme Antl lhonour willAtltl ptestim
tto yout personality.
M alehc Result
You wilt notbe allle to olltzin post, powet.
ptomotioa or fume ot you willexpetknce ditlicultis
in posts. Honout,power,famt etc.will l?e at stake.
Benehc Result
Yout invested Qt lent mnnty willbt rttutned.
You willhzve timely circulction Qf money. sfzrrizge
or betrott
u lof yout $on ot dzuglnter willtzke place
M alefc Result '
Youtinvested mnney willbe blockez in ctvllit.
Money lentto others willnot 1)e receivrd in tinhe ot'
it mc Fe lost.
Benehc Result
You will beltept Away ftom unnecessaty expendi-
ture. Tl nete will be no loss or bankm ptcy in yout
business. You will be ftee ftom debt. You have
posibilities of sbort ttavels.
M aleNc Result
You wilt sufer from unaecessaty expenditutt,
loss in busintss and there will be anxieties aboutdebt
and banktuptcy.
Planets,the Signi:cators of the houses.
Just ss each housc is Significatf't of sotnt
pa1zticulat zspect of hul lyzn life, ezch plcnct is l tlso
, asc.) ! Si gnific tor f
f st
ut. ûFp-
''Ma t
' -+ J upm.S-1u:n$ lS4s#t.tJup.
ec t of llllt
n l
k. '
Funistltc Signifirt ïyylrnf
Sun. the1stlhfhuse.lsrief1)'tht
'Moon j*Jup.
M er. !Sat- Sun is tllt. Signifit-:tût
Nler. 4.
' )f body,:lhind kntlsoul.
1'1etc tlhv stln is rtlltz
jhat.j , Sun. signifit-ûtrlr (31
- tl
htk 1st
MutSvenusSût-Ju?.1 .'

houst unktntlt tlte lord

ofthe1sthouse.lntheszme wcyJupiterisSignifit'k
of the 2nd house, Mzts ofthe 3rtl lëotlFc t'tc.
lm pohaathint : M:r$ in thc 6tl, lloust gives
beneic tesult and is the destroyer of tlisezses tnd
enemies,wbile Svturn is the ctezter of disezsts znd
enemies,is to be understood.lf Sutarn is in tle 8th
house,then the diëculties would arise concerning tllc
longevity,is also to be understood.
Thc Sun is the Signiicztorofthe 1st hotlsv, of
body,mind :nd soul.He is beneic.
Jupiter is the Signi6cator of thc 2nd housc,
dtsttoyer of worries of the fimily conccrns aïtd
wealth. He is beneEc.
5latg is the Signiscatot of the 3rd house, of
qdventute, entetptise, vslour, foteign ttavrl and
brotherly happiness.He is beneic.
TbeMoon and Metcuty azetlne Signiicztozsofthe
4th house of vehicle, estzte, ttansfet and
Peace,They are beneNc.
Jupitet isthe signifcatot ofthe 5tb house, of
tducztion :nd childten. He isbeneic.
Mzts znd Saturn :ze the Signiicatots of tlae 6th
'house; MAts is the tiesttoyet of distzses. enemies
(beneic) 'while Saturn increases disezse, enemies.
Venus i$ the Signifcatot of the 7th house,of
married love.He is lhenesc.
Saturn is the Signiscator of the 8th house,indi-
catot ofdezth.He is malefc.
The Sun :nd Jupitezate theSignifcltors of tlne
9th house,of fottune znd ve:1th. They ate benefc.
Jupiter,SunyMetcuty and Satutn :tt the Signif-
catots ofthe lûth house,of position,honout,power.
fame :nd fathezly hzppiness.
Jupitet,Sun,Mezcuzy atebenedc,whik SAtuin
is mzleûca d henceczezteswottiestegatding position,

honouz,powet,fâme :nd fzthefly hzppintss.

Jupiteri$the Signifcatotofth: 11th house and
thedesttoyu ofwot
Saturn is the Signilicztor of the 12th houscjûf
loss,debt, expenditutejinsolvencr.l. 1e is nlzle:c.
satutn is the Significatflt of the 6th. 8tI hat
12th house. The se thr
et llouses are tlle i
ndi cz tot ûf
the hunnzn miseries ûnd sotrfbws; cret ïttlr f)t- (lisexsts
ûnkI enenpies. Saturn tlvlaàit-
ests tl'e kjrd f)f dectl)atk
is the indicator of loss,unnecessztyexpenkliturt,reit b
ction in position, honour, powet, tkmt Aml iktltett y
Forzny tesult the attcmion sltould be pzid tv
thtec pûrticulats;i. e-house,lord of tlle llouse gntltk.
sigttiicutot of the house.W e c1n know tlle result 4 J
uny houseby concenttatit4g on tl 4ese three pzrticulAts,7
If oneout of these threepgrticulArsisnhissvd,tllen tht' .
tcsultwould be invccutzte.For instancc,the sloon k,
the Signiicator of the 4th house :nd if tht sloon is
telated with the 4th hpuse, then the native gttsj
beautifulbousewith vthicle.tvth though the lurd cft
the 4th house mky btA àk.So if e mils to cbncec.
ttzte on this, th n we lh llàot bt zble to give tl
cor-ctjrrdictie .
Fot thequestion of bdoxhg tkh, we $houl1
tefet to tht 9th house,lozdofth4 9th houst àhd tl
thhouseviz.Mte$unând Jupittt,i
Theposition oftheSun, Jupittt h thtbirtl: the
should ûlso bt obsetved.
Fot the quystion of posltie , powzt etc. vt
should tefer to thelûth house,itslotd and theSignif-
catorssun,Jvpiter,Afetcuty and Svtum.
Of which particulats the planets are S* lgni:cator?
Sun :The Signifcatot of body, mind, soul,
fortune, honour, power, fame and
Rthcrly happincFs.
Moon The Signiicatot of house, vehicler
estate,motlyerly happinessand pezceetc.
Mars :TheSigniûcatotofadventure,entetptise,
valour, foteign tz>vcl,brotlnvrly happ-
iness ûnd the destroyer of diseasesand
y tThe SigniHcatot of house, estate:
yerly and fathetly l
Jupiter The Signidcator of education, son,
fortune, wealth,honour, powtt,posi-
tion, fAme and fztherly happiness and
the desttoyet of worties of family,
wealth antl incotne.
Venus :The SigniHcztor of m:tried love.
sstutn :Tl4e Signifcztot of diseases, enemies,
de:th, loss,debt,insolvency,unnecces-
$zryexpenditute:nd gziner of(illegal)
position, honour ûnd power and it$
czncelhtiop ûnd the destroyez of
fzthetly hzppinèss.
Planets and exalted and debilitated signs.
The planets given below are powerful in thè
exalted signs and weûk in the debilitzted signs. In
any hozoscope,the planetof exûlted sign givesbentic
resultof the house in which it is situzted AS well
:$ itS own house. The planet of debilituted Fign
gives wezk zesultin the house in which it issitulted
and in its own house. The debilitvted plantts att
consideted to be weûk.
l l v
. svt.
1Sun Moon MûtsI
1Met. Jup. enus

œ y(
> Wki
) f
l )
t- /- 4 ->:- .- ewr.-q Awe:-p* **4**# * )* *w >
- #-** <l
= j j *'******
>- o l
-' a
h % tLibz: S
mQ2 @
co- Cvncetl
m io
piscesCl pti- Vitgo Aries
Q w
Exzmple In Rny hozoscope, : tht Sun #
tS m
the Atie sign,then he isconsideted to bepowtrfuk
:nd if in Libm sign,ht is considettd to be w-b.
The skme intetptetztion applies in czse of rest of
the pknets.
Planets tDirect and Retrograde
M otion
Except the Sun and the Moonj other phnets do
not have one-ditectional motion. Sometimes they go
forward znd some-timesbackwzrd. (Thepztticuhrs
ate given in al1the ephemeris).
Direct Phnet:The phnet tiut moves forward.
(This is written in ephemetis).
RettogtAdt Phnet:The phnet thzt moves btck-
wArd,(Thisis wtitten in ephemetis).
lf Marp :nd Szturn are direct,they ate consideted
to bc powetfuland if tetrogtzde, they ate mote
powerful.DirectJupiter,Venus,Metcury atepowttful,
but if retrogtûde they ate weak.
The Sun :nd the M oon :te alwzys ditect :nd
Phnets :Rise and Combust
The pknetwhich iscombust (coveted by Sun's
otb) gives the tesultof the Sun. Which planet is
tise or combust, can be known ky teadzg the
The planet which is not combust ehould b.
consideted as tise.
Rise Planet :The planet which is seen at ttigllt
in the Sky,is known a$ tise plznet.
Com bust Planet :Generally planets comlnust t O
Moon :temzinscombust(ubout)12degreesforwûrd
or backwlrd ftom the Sun.
Mvts :remainscombust(about)17dcgrecsforwt
or backward ftom the Sun.
oz buckwatd ftom the Sun; if retrfygrttt
(about) 12 degrees forwArtlor backwatd
ftom the Sun.
Jupitet temainscombust(zbout)1ldegreesforward
ot backwatd ftom the Sun.
Venus temainscombust(ûlnout)9tlcgrtesf'
or backwatd from the Sun; if retrftgtsttle
(ûbout)8 degtccs fotwztd or backwatd
ftom the sun.
Svtutn :ttmainscombust(zbout)15degteesfotward
ot bzckwatd ftom tàe Sun.
Quadtantsand Ttines
Tht 1$t,4th,7th :nd 19th houses of :ny horos-
cope :te czlled quadrants. These houses vre known
Trine forthe humans

Quzd. ,ne:c.They sre
Quad. Powetful. The
l Quad. jgth house iS
T ' 1. nnost Powerlul.
rine #Quad.
r 'Ttine But according
! '''''
... . ....... . ............

to our expetience thc 5t1,and the 9th bouseg Seem to

be mote powerful.
Tht 1st,5th and the9th housesofany hotoscope
1re cAlled trines.These ltouses zte vety powetfuland
ate known fot the human beings ûdvancement, pto-
êtess :nd lnenedc.
Solne astrologets believe quzdrztAts to be mote
powerfulvnd ttines to bt 1eS$ powerful; but as per
our experience and opinion ttines :re more powetful,
as they :tt tbefoundvtion-stoneofthemzn'sûdvvnce-
ment,ptogress.Fton: thv 1St house,body, mind and
souland 5th ltoustknowledgevnd education :nd fot-
tuncfrom tlle9th :reknown.Not involving outselves
in the diference of opinion and ctiticism,we should
klso consider thAtthe ttines ate powetful.
ltshould be noted thvt the 1st houst is ofttine
jswellAsoftluzdrznt;which is tht most powcful
m the hotoscopc.
(66 1
Planets and Aspects
The phnet gives result not only of its own
house butalso of tlyehouseofwllom the planct isthe
Signidcatotand the house w itl) wg 4ictxïtl
's connecttd
by conjunctionyopposition ortlspect.
Aspect of the phnet means vibtztions of the
plznet.Fot instance,'if Jupi tcr aspects tlle 5tl)houst,
it m eans tlazt the vi brûtionsof Jupiter llûve been
ttansmitted in the 5th house. Each plznet through
itsaspectcteates eFect in the house accotdlng to its
nature. The aspect of planetis considetetl to bt the
mostimportunt partin the mztter of ptedktion.
A1lthe planets send theit vibrztions in the 7th
house;m eans they aspect the 7th house and cteztt
eJect accozding to theit nztute. Additionzlly, Szturn
aspects the 3td And the 10th house, Mars zspects th4
7 lsC- tv 1 4th and the 8th house:nd
3 2 1 12111 Jupitetaspectsthe 5thand
2) the 9th houst :nd crevtt
esect According to theit
4 I10 nûture.
t, l Exvmplt :In tht given
*IRY- ** -# *>@*.#-1*>- ?*M#- - > mv#- -!
f?' 4 u hotoscope, the Moon of
5 6 7 8 9 Pisces lsy cts th: 6th
house and sends her vibrations and creates her efect
according to het nztute.In tl ne same way, Venus of
.ntlspectsthe 9th house,the Sun and M ercuzy
aancer uspects the lûth house and $Saturn ofLeo
usptcts tl,e 7th house (3rd aspect), 11th house
(7ti: aspect) 1nd the 2nd house (10th aspect).
Jupiterof Scotpio aspects 12th house, (5th aspect)
2nd house (7th aspect) and the 4th house (9th
aspect) and Mûrs of Libm aspects lûth house
(4th Aspect)1$thouse (7th aspect) and 2nd house
18th zspect)ûnd cteatesthe efectsaccotding to theit
own nature ûnd position.
In thishotoscope the M oon,Venus,Metcuty,the
Sun :nd Mzts do not aspectzny planets, but Satutn
zspects Matsby 3td ând Jupitet aspectsMoon by
5tt1.M ctcuty And the8un by9th i.e.Matsisaspected
one-sided by Sztutn and Mercuty and the Sun are
sspccted one-si
ded by Jupiter.
How the telation of any planet is cxated
with othe: planet: and houses?
Conjunction lf two phnets ate situated in one
houseitiscalled conjuncti
thereis conjunctionoftheSun andMetcuty in Cancet
i.e.the Sun :nd M ttcuty Ate telattd to ezch othet.
Opposition :lftwo phntts alpect each othet it
is called opposition.ln the zbove hotoscope, if the
Moon in Piscesh:d bxn inAquatius,theaitwouldhzve
been callei the opposition of the Moon ttnd Saturn.
ln tbe above hotosctlpe following relûtions ute
cgused which are very inqportant ttllfl sllflulll 11e
understood ptoperly.
ln theabove horoscopcJupiterzspects fhc slol'n
Jupitetand the Moon c#e relcted;in tlle sgnle
way Jupiterisrelatecl witl) tl
qe Sun, sjercuty and
SAtutn with Mzr$.
Jupiterhas gspected the Sun, tlht. hlof,
ll) zni
Mercury.ltmeansthatJupiterhgscreatetl thte:èrt
in the 5th house whose lord is tlle Sun and 4tb
house whose lotd is thc Moon und 3rd antlthe 6tl
house whose lord is M ercury.
Moteovet,Jupiterhûrzspectecl tlte Moon cni
the Moon zspects the 6th house, so the eYects of
vibtztions of Jupiter Are sent in tlle 6t1) l'
thtough the Moon.ln thtsanle w:y Jupiter zspects
tht lûth house thtough the Sun 1nd M etcury.
Jupitetkspettsthe Moon, i- e. Jupiter rreattt
an efectin those bouseswhoselord ortiqvsignificator
is the Moon.ln the $:me w:y Jupi ttr zspects tlle
Sun :nd Metcuty,i .e.Jupittrcreztes eYectin those
houses whose lord :nd the signifcator is tlle Sun
ot M ttcuty. ln th: zbove hozoscope the Sun iF tlhe

lotd of the 5th house znd signiscvtorof 1st,gth gnd

1*h house; :ni Mercuzy isthe lozd of Nd znd (lth
bovse and tht sigai& ztoz of tht 4th :nd tht llkh
llouse.So tlqe lupi tethusefecton 1st,3td,4th,5th,,
6th,9th and tlpt lûth house tespectively.
Moteovcr,itshould also be noted in the hozos-
cope thatJupiter1 )aSaspected the Moon,the Sun and
Mercury,butJupitetis not aspected by the Sun,the
Nlot'n and Nlercuty.
l-letc the Sun,the Moon and Metcuty are depen-
dentorunderconttolofJu?itet.ln shott, it is szid
thttt the Sun, the Moon and M ercuty :te aspected
othe-sided by Jupiter.
In the saale w:y please obsetve the position of
saturn ûnd Mats.Sztuxn zspects Mats butM atj does
nflt aspect Slturn.Here M zrs is ccptured oz undet
cotltl-otof SAturn. Suturn isindependent,ftee, while
Nttrs is dcpcndent. In Short it is said that M ats is
aspectet! one-sided by Sututn.
W hat Is the eFectof the planetwhich aspects?
:e zspect ofplanetis consideted to bepowerful.
f'tls instznce, Vcnus which ig in the 1sthouse wants
to crezte lyis own effectuccotding to his natute in
tlle 1sthouse,but ifJupitet ftom the 7th house
Aspccts Venusin the 1st house, the effect of Venus
iscancelled byJupitetin tbe 1sthouse;whileJupitet
itt tile 7th house wûnts to cteate his own effect in
ttïc7thhousebutVenusftom tle1sthouse aspects
Jupîtetin the7th house,thetefozetheeffectofJupitet
is cuncelled by Venus in the 7th house.
The natutalfriendship of the planets.
# e.
- lwyq

Plantt Irqriends j
'Neutrals u'
, t
v es
Sun Jupiter. Nlert-ury ,
V Ob' f: j,
Moon t
. ,
un,M oon,(
Mars Jupiter. . , suturn. Mcrt-
, bry
Mercury Sun, Venus,,1sla
Jupiter hun,s' loon, suturn !hlcrk-tlry,
2 ?
i , N'ryjjj s-*i
- - : fA*P*RFk'
V M ercuty, l ' ,
enus suturn 'hlûrs.Jupittr. Sun,Nlof'jt ,
S Metcury, t jtNr stln, Ntoo:).
atutn vrnus. jJup ,
j !>
. r -'--q 77::E
7 J:
( >' 7 7 !

1. The lbovt tAble is given to obsetve the frivntls.

neuttalsznd enemiesof thelord of theAscendclpt.
Tf the fziends ofthe lord of the vscendznt are in
hvout i.e.beneûc,they would convty powerful
m aleûctesultwould beordinaty.Tl 4tplanrtswlliclt
ate enemies of t14e lord of the vscendant vtttl if
bene1ûc,then the ptoportion oftht lAentEc rtsult
would be otdinûty znd ifmakûc,tbe proportion
of the mvlefc zesult would be powtrful.
ln any birth clnart,if aplanetis in its ownhouse
or in his friend's l
nouse, tben the native experie-
nces pleasuteand happinessoftbztplanet'shouses
as well as of the related houses by that planct.
W hile if a planet is in his enemy's house,even
thougln it m ay not be in 6t1a, 8th or 12th house,
is called weak. So the native would not acquire
pleasure and happiness of its own houses as well
as of the telAted houses by that phnet,
3. Looking to tbe tzble ofnatumlftiendship ofthe
planets,the Sun,theMoon,Matsand Jupitetare
in the group of Gods and M etcuty, Venus and
Saturn Are in thegtoup ofdevils.Godsate victo-
rious while devils are defeated ones.
4. Accozding to the above table,the M oon has no
encmy. as she is favouted by a11 the planets witll
the zesult that she plays an innpoztantpart in
prediction. Jupiterisnottheenemy ofany planet
and non-zevengeful. He always gives beneicial
zesults in evety house.
Birth Chattand the maleNc plancts
pcre are twelve lpouseF in t:
t ltittl) chûrt
'. '
ttlottsc is ofdisezsesand enenties. 8th of lflngcvity
and 12th l qouse of worries of-loss debt, expentlitutt
ttlyd interest.The wllolc nliserics and unllappinessoî
thc lttyman life depends upon thc lllrtls of the 6t1a
8t1) and the 12tl) llouses and on Svturn, tlle
Signiicstor of these houses. Here the pesition of
malefc plznet(planetwlhicl,is tlhc lord of the 6th.
8th or the 12th llouse znd not l
heing the lord ofzny
quadtcntot trine,i.e.of lst,4t1),5tl), 7ti'), gth Qz
ttle lûth house)und Faturn is to t)c considerels. lt
becomesnecessary to know the ntvlc6c pllnets of
every asceniant.
Satutn iszlwlys mzlefc, tven though ht mûy
br : Iotd of :ny qulndmntor ttine; for ht is the
jui:cztotofthe6th,stl)and the 12tl) house. He
is-he lotd of ëeath :nd one cannot expectbentfckl
tegult from him.On the Cont rkry hi$ nvturt is to
ctcate iiEculties znd W Orr1*C8 l*n l qumzn life, tntl
larass :nd kill nlen.On tllis principle,tlle ff,llcwing
planets aze benefc :nd mzleHc in eacltzsccntlant.
Asc. Benefc Planets
, M aledc Powetful
Sun,M oon,M ats, Metcuty,
Jupitez,Venus. Sautn
Tutlrus Sun,Moon,Mats, Sztutn
GeminiSun,Moon,M etcuzy, M ars
Jupitet,Venus,Satutn. *
Canrer Sun,Moon,M:t$, M ezcury Saturn
lae() Sun,N1:t$,àlercuty, Moon Satutn
Jupitet,Sûtuttn. Mzts
Sun,Moon,Mazs, Saturn
Scotpio Sun,M oon)M :tS, M tzcuty,
Jupiter,Venus. sa tutn
sAgitt- Sun,Mzts,Metcuty, 1Moou,Venus,
Atius. Jupi tet. Satutn
Czpri- Moon,Mzts,Metcuty, Sun, #

corn. Jupiter,Venus. S ztuzn

Aquar- Sun)Mzt$,Matcuzy, Mpon, Sptutn
ius. J'
Pisces Moon,M1t$,Mttcuty, sun,Vtaus jatutt
N otes :
1. Mats is malefc in Geminiand Viryo ttht' elldants,
hence Sztutn is acting as llcnefic in thest. two
uscendûnts. W lqen hlars is beneiir, Ntktklî:) ir
malcic and when slars is lllzlefit:Satutn is llene-
:c. Op tbis principle, Szturn lhct-ollyt'
s l'
the abovenyentioned GenliniantlVirgo aFt-ts ntlttnts.
aturn is benefc in Geminiand Virgo Cthcelltlcnts,
butbting cn impotent,heisttnûltlt.tf3givellcnefic
zesultin the mstter of mûrried love and cllildtell.
3. lt should be noted thûtSûturn iS powerflll llkalefic
in Cûncet, laeo, Aquztivs and l'iFt-es tsrt:ydttnts,
fot he is the lord of tlpe 6t1)d 8t1) or 12t1:
houst in these zsctndAnts.
4.Any plznet who is the lotd of quaklrgnt or ttitlt
und also the lozd of the 6th, 8th or 12tà
house is consizezed to be bentfcand if tlhis plznet
is in conjunction, opposition or zspert l)y
SAturn ot if itis in CApricorn or Aquarius sign
(housegofSlturn)then thispl:net cannotgive
powetfultesvltzi.e. it is: wevk benefc.
5. S:tutn is the signifcAtot of the 6th,8th a$)d 12tl)
houses,i.e.the Signi6cvtor of disezses. enenlics
devth,longevity,loss,debt, insolvency,itterestand
espeniitute wotties.He is the lortlof (leatl) alltl
deviland hence cannotgive beneEc tlsult.Buthe
hzs got one speciality, i.e.giguntic capacity.One
cûn get and make uSe of this gigantic capzcity
when Satutn is aspected one-sided by beneNc
Planets in his hotoscope.
The following is the method to know the benehc
ot mzlehc efectof tlae phnets.
-:,-.-, j
- !
2 (Mercutyis com-
3l2 !1 ..12 .
*A* 11. bustin thishozoscope
and testoftheplaneès
are between 2 to 27
4 imagined 1û degtees). The given
bitth chartisof Aries
t ascendant,henceMet-
''- +.4 *d+$ 7 !*?to wy- - + . k?-
4 j l a I7 o.tt8 cuty and Saturn are
5 l 6 l-
7 '$1E1
- 9
; -.......-..,...
... .. .... ......... mcleicplanetsin tlnlg
birth chartas stûted above.
Hete malefc M ezcuzy is combustby benefc Sun,
so thecancelhtionof tlne malefccombination iscaused.
The Sun, tht Moon 1nd Metcuty ate zspected
one-sided by mâl/ cSztutn which tties to maketlaem
Maleûc; but Mats hks aspecyed oz suppotted tlne
Moon And Jupitezhas zspected o: suppotted the Sun
:nd M etcuty,henceSztutn cznnot mzke tl cem malefc.
ln the Abave hotoscope, the Sun, the Moon,
Mars, Mercuty, Jupi tetandVenus zte benefc and
Sutum is mzleic.
N ow following is the m ethod to ;nd out tk
eFect of houses of each planet. Each planet cteattsr
its own eFect by four ways in the houses. (1 )Tàt',
house of which it is the lord, (2) Tlle llouseûfj
which itisthe Signiûcator,(3)'l'l)e house in whicll
it is situated and the lnouse in wllit-l) it aspccts api
(4 ) Tbe planet related with tlne houses. witl)wlloa
itisin conjunction or opposition or aspcct.
Accotding to this m ethrld.the following plan.
ive the beneic ot maleûc results of t1 4c houses ia
this hozoscope. t
Planets Houses Benefc
M alefic?h
Sun 1, 3, 4, 5, 6,9, 10 Beneûc
Aioon 2, 4, 7, 8 Benefic
Alars 1,#?3,4,6,7,8,10 lpepefict
M emvyy 1,% 4,5,6,9,1
,O Benefk ?i
Jupitet 1,.2, 3, 4, 5. 6, 9,10,11, 12 Renesc) -
Venus 2, 4, 7, 8 Benelic r
Satum 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 sfale:c)
Planets Powerful,weak ot inelective ?
Tlle planets 1tr powetfu),weûk or invfective at
zfetent times.Hence it becomes essenti:l to koow
whether : planet is powetful, weak ot inefective,
iken though it n:zy be bene6c,at the time of,birth.
1. A planet f)f ()or 29 degtces in a horoscope is
calletl tinefet-tivc',Such planètiscalledtinefective', has no eFek.tAnd t-annotfortù combination.
Jf this ineFet.tivc Plûnet is bentiic,it is not able
to give benefc result to its own house or houses
or to the houses of which it is s Signifcktot;
:nd if mAlest), it Rils to give malefc resulst to
it$ own house ot houses znd thehouses ofwhich
itis a Signihcator.
2. A plznetwhicl) is debilitcted in :ny bitth chart
is cûlled <weak'. Tbis wevk debilitsted phnet,
whethtr benefc ot malesc,cznnot give suëcient
result, i.e- if mak:c pknet is debilitated, the
nztive gets legs mvlefc result. Plesse not thatthe
debilitzted plvnets hAve aspects,c:n form combi-
nûtlons :nd hzve weûk efect.
.Mercury,Jupiterand Venus are consideted to be
weuk when retrogmde.At that time tl ney txnnot
jive sumcknibknetic ormAlefc tesult.
4. Any beneûc plahet(exceptM:t$)when plzèed ih
thi 6th, sth or 12th h-
bkse, cznhot glve bentic
zesult to itsown housesat;tequited.So the platut
who is lord or the Signiûcttorofparticularhousts,
cannot give benelic result as requittd if itisintl
6th, 8th or 12th house. Mats in the 6th, 8th ot
12th house is considered to be powetful, wkik
othet phnets (exceptSaturn) are consi dered tû
be weak.
5. Ezch planet is considered to be weak if it is ia
the house of its enemy,which givts weak beneûc
otmaleic result
6. Any plznetin the Szturn's sign of Capricotn or
Aquztius is consideted to he ttlzted witly Saturn;
so in this wAy zny benefcplanet(withoutMkts)
in Ckpricotn oz Aquvtius sig'n,beconles defectivt.
lftheSun,the Moon, Metcuty, Jupiter. Vetws
zte of 28 ot 1 degtee, they :te considtred to 1)t
weak,whezeus Mazs znd Satutn of28 or 1 dtgre:
ate considered to be powetful.
8. Satutn and Mats of 1 to 28 degtees and the 8ua
undtheMoon,Metcuty, Jupitet and Vtnus ofj
2 to 27 degtees 1te consideted to be powtrful.
Skturn is the lotd ofdevils. Heistke signi6cltor
ofenimies,death, wotties etc. So if he is wezk
(exceptGeminiotVitgoascendznts)l yeisconsidered
to be k$$ tzoublesome,i.t.this wtzk Szturn ketps
tht nvtive Awzy fotm entmks, wotties of debt:n4
dtlth.If SAtum is of 0 degtee or debilitlted in 1ny
bittt)chatt (ofAties sign). the native experiences
non-stop progtess and ptosperity and hatdly has to
f,ce zny didiculties in life.
()r if sztutn is combust exceptin Vitgo, Capti-
cotn and Pisces ascendûnts ot aspected one-sided by
MatsorJupiter,Saturn is considcted zs dependent
and tlle nztive of such Saturn reaches the peak of
progress:nd prospetity.(Sututn isgiznt,:ndzhuge
producer). Htre the gigantic cvpzcity of Satutn
supportsthenztivetoundettakehugevork withsuccess.
Please rennennbet that : weak otdependent cond-
ition ()fSAturn (exceptGeminiotVitgo sscendant)
is good for the ptogtess and ptospetity of: native,

wllile ttle powetful condition of Satuta bzings

diëculties,phiseries :nd downfzll to z nztive.
An easy prosperity tluough a weak maleâcplanet.
A t4::::expetiencts non-stop ptogress:nd ptosp-
erlty if a ntuleûc plznet is weak in his birth chzrt.
Fot instcnce, Metcuzy and Sztutn ate the mzlefc
pknets in Aries ûscendznt,znd if these two malefcs
:te of dcbilitAted ot of <()' degtee or if they aze
uspected one-si
ded by Mzts ot Jupittr, then these
mAlcHc plznets cannotgivt mal/c tesults i.e.: man
can Achievt non-stop prosgtess and pzosperity,
ltshoutd l)t noted thvt if these wezk M etcury
:nd Szturn 1re in the 6th,8t14 ot 12th house, they
btqotne powetfulpllnets,hence 1 m:n would notbe
able to'zchieve non-stop ptog'ressAntlprosperity,btlt
on the contrzry he h:9 to fzce diëculties due to tllc
tesultsofthese powerful mzlefc'planets.
Exzlted m aleNc planet does notgivemalesc result.
lfa male:c planetis exzltet'!in t'tntttivtt's 1'ittl)
chazt,as fot exahhple,the Sun in Xries. tlne 5I('fht)i1)
Tauzus :nd Mazs in Czpricorn, tlley klonfvt' g'ive
m lleic tesult.Exalted mûleic plûntt llhsts its lyttslefit.
eFect. This is also written in the ancientasttolfpgical
books, thât the exzlted planet btings nolp-stop
Ptosp'etity. F6z instance in Geminiûsccndant ltlktlefit.
MAts of Capxicorn does notgive malefic efcrt,hente
the ùAtive becomes ftee ftom tht nhalelic tcsult 'of
Alatà An2 tezches ût the top of prospctity tlttflugh
the efect ofthit phnet.Fot this the exvnhple ()f Mr.
4d's b'
itth chztishould bekept in njind.
Bùiif this m:181c plAnetis aspected one-sided1)y
Slhzn,th8h tlàistkalted pknet ig forced to crtate
lilzhi eYett.
Planus:Powerful,W èak and lntFectjve.
The Sun and the M * n
q pl f
Pow .1 .
yAccbtdi nj tothègivtn principles.if the'
Sù: ot the Alo6n isnQt Weak ot ine:kc-
tive,thth he Qr s:tshouldbeconsideted
W e+ :lfthe Sun orthe'2'oon isdehîlitxte? or
in the 6th,8t1: or 12th house ot in his
cnenly's housc or of 1 ot 28 degtee,1)e
o1-shtis calletl weak.
lneFective: lf tlte Sun or the Moon is of 29
iegree,he is called inefective.
MercuryyJupiterand Venus
Powerful Act-ording to the given ptinciples, if
Nlercuty,Jupiterand Venuszte notwtzk
or ineYective,they should l)e considered
:$ powetful.
Tpeak lfMercury,JupitetotVenusisdebilitated
df in the 6th, 8th or 12th hoùse ot
in his enemy'shouse ot tetzogtzde orof
1 ot 28 degtees, isczlled wezk.
h eFective:lfmercury,Jt lpiterotVenusisof29orû
degree,ig called inefective.
M ars and Satum
Powerful Accozdingto the given principles,if Mzts
:nd svtutn :re not weak ot ineftctive,
then they Should be'considered powetful.
Wezk :lf Mats ot Svturn is debilitvted Jn hi9
enenly's house is called wezk.
lhéFétiivi': lf Mzts or S:tutn isof 29 oi û degtee:
he is (.alldd inefittive.
The Cancellation of Debilitated Planet. Thv
Cancellation ofW eak Retrogtade Planet. The Can-
cellation ofW eak Benehc Planet. The Clncellatlon
of Beneâc Planet and the Cancelladon of M aleNc
Now we shall study tïow thc wezk plvnets
become ?owerfuland powerful plznetF becolue wezk
ot how the malelic plznetsbet-omebentfitttnd btntic
planets become maleHc.
1.The Cancellation of Debilitated Phnet.
Even though the debilitâted plAntt is t-onsitlettd
to 1)e wezk, it does not lose thc strengtlh of
aspect,The efect of tlhiF planet i$ wezk, but if
the debilitzted beneic planet(notnlaltfic)is in
its own signiûcating llouse,itzchievcsthest/ecgtb
of thishouse :nd gives powerful tesults to its
own houses as wellas to the relzted houses. For
instznce, JupitetofCapricotn in 2nd. 5th. 9th>
lûth or 11th houje or MArs of Clncer in 3rd or
6th house is called powetful.
The debilitated benelic pknet c:n Also become
powetful by tht tehtion of :ny bentfic pknet
thtough conjunction,oppositioa otzsptct.
In tllkt sante w ay,if debilitated malefc planet or
Saturn is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, the
cancellation of debilitated is czusçd and acts as a
powerfulmaledc planet.
The debilitated mzleic planet related toSaturn by
conittnction,opposition oraspect or if debilitated
Satutn isrelatedtoamaleic planetbyconjunction,
opposition ocaspect,he becomesapowerfulmaleûc.

2.T he Cancellation ofW eak Rettograde Planet

Benefic Nlexcury,JupiterandVenusareconsidered
to l)e wezk if they ztetetrogtade.Suchplanetscannot
give suflicient beneic xesults to theit own and signi-
fkating lïfluses;butif they :te in theit own houses
or in tlkeir signi6cating housts, ot exalted otif they
are supported by ûny benefcplanet by conjunction,
opposition or aspect, the cancelhtion of weak
retrograde plznet is caused, i.e.these weak planets
becom e powerful.
ln the szm e w:y if maleic Metcuzy ot Venus is
tettogtzde,it is considered to be z weak mzleic
phnet but if it is relzted to any maleic planet oz is
in the (ôth,8th or 12tl4 house, the cancelhtion of
wezk tettograde phnet is czused, i. e. this weG
plânet btcomes powerfulmalefc.
3.The Cancelladon ofW eak BeneNc Planet.
1. Any beneic plznet in the 6th, 8t1) or 12t1)
considered to be a weak plvnet.lnut if it is stlpp-
otted by any benefir plznct by ('oniunt'tion,
opposition or zspect, tllis wcak plAnet l'et'thlylt's
2. Any benesc planetof 29 ()t 0 tlegrek-, if(-rv3'
by bene:c Sun or âspected one--sided 1)y lte:lvfit-
plûnet,ittenyainsasinch- ective withoutany t'lytnge.
lf it is of 1 or 28 degree,it is considered to be
weak :rd jî comlvust, it also tenttins as wt'zk
without Any change. Thc Sun,the Moon,Mert.ury.
JupitirotVenusof1 or28degtee is considerid
As weàk.The clncellution of such wekk plznet
cinnot bè fozled.
. lfany bèn/ c plznet(exctptMzrs) i sinthe sign
of Satutn it is codsidered to be weak. lt t'znnot
jive sumcientbenifc result to its own or signip-
catinj'housej;but if this plvnet is lspect/ by
benefc phnet,itchgngesinto : powetfulplznet.
4.The'Cvncelhtion of Bene:c Phnet.
lt'Ifxny bene:c plae t is aspected one-sided by
Sztum ot lalehcplanet,thisbenl cplanetchangis
to @ ialeic plknet.
aoF :nj ben/i plmetiscombustznd if the Sun
ismaleic,then this benehe phnet chxnm s to ,'
malefc phnet.
(fany beneûc planetis the lord of the 6th, 8th
or 12th lAoase and if it is related to Satuzn ot to
tttty tnaleHcplanctbyconjunction, opposition ot
aspect or isin tlte sign of Saturn or is in tlne
tt:,8th or 12t1) house, then this benefc planet
unalllus to givebeneûc tesult.Such phnetis called
a welk benelic planet.

J.The Cancelhtion of M aleâc Planet.

(f any m aleic planet is combust ot Satutn is
coml?ust and iftbe Sun is beneûc, tlle combust
nlalcfik- pllnet chznges ikom maleûc to benefcand
gives lpeneic result. This benefc planet has to
give only benefc tesult to z native. M ozeovez by
lpcitlg combust,it does not lose the capacity of
aspectand cccotding to tlne principles, wherever
it Aspcctstllebeneûcefectofthe Sun isttansfetred.
If any lnûlc6c plûnet ot Satutn is aspected one-
sided 1hy t beneic planet, the aspected planet
chznges from nlzleic to benefc and gives benefc
rcsults to : native. This cbanged phnet from
malefk to benefc playszn impoxant patt in the
progress znd ptospetity of the native life.
Ifnllelic planet isin its own signifcating house
(exceptSaturn)otin theexalted sign,itchanges
rom m altsc to benehcand gives beneichlzesults.
'fhis clnûnged phnet, ftom maleic to benefcy
Plzys chiefpartin tlqe progress zntlprtlspt.rity of
the nztive's life.
efect even as: lord of tlne6t11,8t1) or12t1:l),'t1F().
He is not an cncnpy of cny planetHc is N'irttlfltls,
wiseand impcttial.11cAlwaysgivcsllcnetlcitlrt-sçtlts
ata11tlpeoccassions- Butthe asccnt lants01-'l',
Libm,Capticorn or Aquarius io coi like t()takv
advzntagtofJupittt'sbenehc efect. Btcattsv tlt
above pknets hzve tlye naturgl tenëcncy of' t' vil
deeis. Jupitet sghts ûgAinst Antltlefeats tltettl,
i.e.ifthe lord of tlyese Asccntlt
lnts dtnieh tlît
vittuoustynality ofJupiter,tl
hc.Fotinstance,ifthe lord ot- tlttsc c$t'
their illegalaction And gets then: arrested ot if
thty spend laçishly anclif they bortow mnney ()n
cttiit oz by intetest, Jupittt puts thtm ithto
diëcalties.He Also pulls them bzck if thcy tty
to CQ the wûzk bqyond their capacity. ln the
same W1y if the arctnzants of Tlurus,'l' a,
Ce ricozn :nd Aquûrinsaccepttlye virtunnsquzlity
ofJupitet,then,JupitezActgApbenesc lntq take
the nztive to the highestpûict of progtesF gntl
pzospetity and crezitshim with teputztion.
The nztutw personality,induencesdwelling places,
Now we shzllthink ovet the nature, influence,
elect, dwelling plcces, businessesot occupations of
twelve Signs :nd :11 the siven phnets. During tle
obsetvztion of any birth chûtt,it should be noted
thut the sign placed in the ascendant in:uencesthe
human being with it$ nzture,efect, dwelling pkces,
busintsses or occupktions.
For exzmple,if ûny one brings you a bitth chztt
ofcancet ascendant ûnd asks you whztis the natute,
in:uchce, eYect.dwelling plvces,businessesotoc'cupa-
tions oftllenative.Fot thistheRnswetshould beread
and given from this very chaptet of Cancet ascendant
with its own nztuze, in:uence, dwelling places,
businesses or occupztions.
Moreover the pknet which has been zehted to
ûscen8ûnt or lozd of the ascendant by conj unction,
opposition or lspect,thenative is also efecttd by the
phnet's nzture. in:uence.dwelling plzces, businesscs
ot occupatiûns.Also the nûtive isinduenced by the
sing's ncture, efect, dwalling plzces, businesses or
occupztions in wlnich the lord of the ascendant
is plzced.
W atning :It1atty birtltcl4zz ,
t wbtn tlke tllzlefic
Planetisrelatetl to asccndant ot-tllelord ()ftllt ascry-
duntt)y conjunction,oppositicn otcspect,tlle native
com es under the e:kct f)f nlclefir planet's tlatute,
influence, dwelting placcs, buFinesses flt .4lt'cupâtlocs.
But this nhzlefic cYcct' is lptttllt-
ul to : nktivt.So tic
2t1y birtt)chart the nAtive's tttention shoultl îtot be
dtawntowardsmaleficpgtute,ilhtluence,dwelling pkcts,
businesses or occupwtions. a$ thc pqative woulz kv
tempted to uqderuke the maletic planct'schzractttistk
and consequently he has to sufer.
Tt pe Moon is malefic in ldqo, Sqgittzrius ot
Aquarius Ascendlnt:lf the native hzs 1 .i- Nloon.
then thenative's attention sltould not be drz8wn ot
ydvised at 1 + Mqon's busipe$s ,or occppztion,
such asopening an ice t kctllry,a$the n:tive woul
beputinto diëcultks.FotthistheAstrologersshoul:
4tzke speciAlcaze notto give such pet4ictions.
2. Atso if the lotd of the Asctndânt is in tht 6th,
8th ot 12t,h hogtse, the nztive should not be
advised to undertzketlle businesqesor the occupa-
tionsof the sign in which thtlozd of the zsqendact
is phced.This is also hvrmfulto the nztivt.
'file Advice of a business should not be given to
native in whose bitth chatt the lotd of the
ascendatltis placed in the house of enemy'splanet
or il-tIlt'enks nly Planet is relatpd to the ascendant
O1-tf) the lord of the ascendant. Fot instance,
Venus is the enemy of the Sun,so tlae natives of
l.eo's astcndant sbould not be advised to under-
take t' lle l'usinesses or occupations of Venus. In
tlpe sanle way,the M oon is theenemy of M ezcuty,
so tllt. nztives of Gem ini oz Vitgo ascendant
slloultlnot bc advised to undeztake the business
oi-tlle sloon.

4. Nlorcovur in any birth chatt, when a maleûcplanet

is (lcbilltt4tetl or of 0 degtees tben the native
17t- k-rs to do ttLe business of the sam e m aleûc
pltlnet; due to tltis w eak ot ineFective m ale c
Plalzet. tlle native achieves non-stop ptogress and
prospcrity without ûny dif liculties.Fot example, in
a l4irtl) t-l
lart of M etcury ot Virgo ascendant, if
m zlcfic M ars isdebilitated or of û degtee,the.n the
native leaving aside his own business of M etcuzy
atlopts tlpc business of malefic MArs. ln such
(lrt-sssions, it should be noted tlnat the native
yïcs untler, nature, eFcct, influence ot business
f,r otcupztion of 1 + s'tars (debilitated oz 0f 0
tlegreenhcleficplanct)snd be becomesa doctot,
u lawyer, tls) engincer or c com,
nlantlet etc.
(Male o:Female)
W ho :te qou ?
You zte thtknowledgeofinner soul.Readercntl
lovezofholy books.You driveûway hum= ignorcncc.
People get new life and sight from you. You urc in
the fozm ofGod,,tht sptezdez of light, dûwn to tllc
human lifekndkzetlntttuecwlkenetofthchumznFoul.
You :re btzve,Courageous,vûliantand gencrous
ut heszt.You ûte the btight :nd llmighty of tlle
fottune.You ûre cvlm ûnd gtave by nuture. You are
stzong mindei,selfconfident and fullof virtuess,
Yout life's destination is to see Gfld.Prcyers of
God is the sole hlppiness ofyout lifc.Yo: cte tllc
sole mighty of the Pzst,P'esent.zntl futute ûnd the
sightof the fqtutt.W hltevet words you utter come
tzue,buttheteis onedefect,viz,you :tehot-tempered
znd give cutse to the persons who znnoys you.
You know koly books by hekx. You dislikt
teligious discussions And ifzt v11 involvtd, yOu 1rt
sute to win.You aze the ttezsureof forgiveness,:nd
dtvoted to God :nd h ve detp teligious Austexity.
. .
-.............. .
A1+ Sun orLeo means(1)t Ehe su
.n ln th: 1,
; #
o:theSun aspectsthe1st house or (l) conlunction or
opposltton oftheSun wtth the lotd oftbe ascendant. (3)
the lord of the ascendant fn Lto ot (4) L.o as atï
You hate liers :nd ptopagztots and insultthem.
You aze sobet.You haveno patticulaz addiction.
Yout constznt study and meditûtion btingsyoû merit
tettiicates.You are tht prziser of eiucation, most
lesmed, tbe holy scriptuzes gl'
e at the tip of yout
tongue knd ûre the pteaclprt ofholy knowledge.
You atethemân ofptinciples.You seeeverything
fzom the stzndstd of yourptinciples. You :te ittited
when you see : principle isbeing btezched znd give
cutses.Sometimes you think of lezving this wozldly
Gzits :nd become : suint.
You zte : m:n of ptinciple but hot-tempezed,
even then we bow ouz heûdsûtyoutfeetin gmtitude.
Itis becAuse of you th twe :te fottunate enough to
see the precious Sight ofGod.
You :re the tezlguide to out szlvstion,:nd the
path to heûven.You possess Divineknowledgeabout
heûven,how it looks likt :nd ftom wheze one cûn
reûch it.
You ate holy :nd z disciple of God. You are
the devotee like Lotd Ktishnz,Rzmv,Buddha,Chitst,
Zozovstzl oz Mohsmed, Nm shihs Mim, Tukzram,
n bit ot Gutu NânAk.
You liv: :$z szint.Any cozdialwelcomepleases
you vnd you bestow him with yout blessings, which
nevet Rils.You rewatd him for his bestsetvices.
This is your lvstincarnztion.You willgo sttziyk
to heavea Aftet yout dezth and willnothzve secoct
bitth on the eztth becauseofyout fortllet holydeei.
Ot4e of your childten willdf) suct) nototious
deeds that FOu willloweryout leztl in sha1nc witb
severe pins in your lleart. You would like to reliuz,
quish this wotldly bliss and stay with ntollk-s, ifyout
fzmily membezs donot act according to plur wislytsj
Heace family membets should bcwarc of such persocs
of Sun, lest tkcy mzy losc llim zntl nlay lpave
to repent.
You bawl at tlâe top of yout voice. You toat
lilte a litll:, sometimes you teddtn witl) z:lger, llut
thatdoes not mean thct you Are foolisl). in tezlity
this only the telezse ofyout heatt feltpzilts tllïtt yoa
cannotendute.You are a man of gteatpersonclity.
You mightnot be knowing tllat the Gotldes
of 1 e:1th is coming behind you wlnerever you go.
You eurn much with less eYotts.You havc at: qasy
income ftom yout ptopttties :nd become tich in no
timt because you aze a SigniicAtor of wezltl).
You expetience gre:t enj oymentin yourlife by
giving lectutes on teligion, gzthering holy sttints fot
teligious petformances ûnd htûrtily welcome tllen,At
yout door.You luve grezt desire it) buillling rest
houses,sesetvoits,wells,temples etc. for you arc :
You expetience success in yout life 'by heating
.oots and theit pains ate youts. You console yout
heartby giving cllarity of clothes, m oney, food to
Poor accotding to your capicity.
lt is quite natutaltbatbecause of your PetSOna-
lity znd wcalth pcople willgathetaround you.Am ong
$uch petsons tllere m ay be(i
a beauty who willtty to
zttrzct you. Do you know the resultof it? She will
be your affectionate discipleaad you w;1 guard het
holy virtucs.l'lcr love fotyou willbe sublimated to
love for God.
You nevet dream and if yow at alldeam,
villnever fzil.

1 ot 10 + Sun ot Leo
Accotding to the above combination in your
hotoscope,you azea grezt souland buildezoftemples

like SwamiVivekananda :nd Dzyananda.

Sun + Satu:h o: Satutn in Leo
Accotding to the above combinvtion in yout
horoscope,you ate Alwc s voiried day :nd night on
fettvin social pvobltnys and zte unzble to obtain
universal happiness.
W hich is yout existing place?
The Sktyis thesignifcatot of plantation. You
live on vp#table products like clothes, gtocetiess
papers, cotton, ftuits oz you live in the holy placu
wheze teligious m atetials ate sold or preached or
where holy m essages ate acceptcd.

W hat is your occupation ot buginess ?

You ate œ judge, priest, saint, fattnet an4
gatdenez, ftuit-seller oz the dealezof cotton,clotk
cotn,papet ot wood.
(Mzle otFemAle)
W ho are you ?
You :te the lotd of Moon.God oflove,:tt o d
imagination.You are young :nd a beautyof16yezrs.
You are the queen of night. You have the sweet
expression of the Moon.People tecteate and tbeit
hearts dance with joy in youtlovelymoonlight.They
:te anxious of listening yout sweet wotds.
You zre zs white as snow, beloved, thin :nd
delicate, hvndsome ot beautiful and intelligent.
Couttesy :nd lovely smile isyout chatm. You dwell
in z lneautifulhouse which is chatming with gatdens,
cistetns,fountains,smalldecotaed bowetswith czippets
:nd lovely ztmosphete of scented bezutifuldowers.
You ate the imAg: of humzn being. You *te an
zctor or an actzess :nd supet natutz being. Yout
s4zeet voice Adds to yout beauty, but these ptaise
wotthy substAnces bzing you sorrows also. You :re
whimsical,vctive,unconttolzble,pzssionzte, which zte
ûlso indicztots ofyouz down-fzll.
- * e-4
* <- **- -Ahf* -

* 1 + Moon or Cancet means (1) the Moon in the

1:thouse otthe M oon aspets the 1st house. (2)
conjunctlon oroppo:ltton ofthe Moon wtth the lord
ofthe a4ctndant,(3)the lotd of the k:cendxnt fa
Canceror(4)Cvnctraeqn ascendantsigo.
You posseps petfect'
m ixing natute witl? a11sorts
of people.Nobody knows to whon)you adllttre.Some
czllyou love blinded ot some call you sculpture

You dislike to bebound l)yat' ly one.Yflu (iespise

when your fteedom is snatched or ro' l
nlhctl. l'eople
zush and buzz like bees nlerely for your contcct.

You hzve gteat intetest in viewing nuture znd

moving atound. You Also hkve vûst pleusure in
tolming in jungles,huge tivexsznd nlounttins.
You are the love: of adventute. lferoic (qeeds
and Adventuzes aze the two speciul intentions of yout
friendships :nd you wish thûtyoutcompanionssllould
be Advotutous znd hetoic z1$o.

You :te without enemies. You make frknkls in

fmction ofa second.Youtcontvctcvtn for amonlent
is a gzeat remembtznce to othets.

You live in : lovelyhouse Surtoundetll)y rivets,

wells,sev's ûnd nauzalbeAuty. Yov :re z trzvqlltt.
You ve the lotd of speed,znd do not likt to sitRt
ont pszticulu pkct.You ue dw ys moving.
You ute tl ne idolof imagination :nda poet.Yout
imaginat.ion is widely spread even whete the Sun
cannot teacll.Youtftiends and telatives have not the
slightest idea of yourimaginstive powet.They undet-
stznd you to be tl âetepresentative of passion,aztand
beauty.But youtrcaders and adm itets are nevectired
of praising yout quzlitics.

You look beautifulin silkly and vutious colouted

clothes witll attistic designs. But these garments
indicatcs your setback and collapse.

You have tlne praisesof themoonAtyouttongue.

You infatuvte people with sweet eloquent voice and
people zte ever-ready to follow yout Nzotds :nd
4esite to be enchained shves with pleasute.You ate
supet being And know :11abouthumzn existance,but
those zzound do nothzve the slightestide: of yout
life. You move with such difetentsteps,that they
aze not similzt to the ptevious ones.

You zte vn incatnztionofCe d oflove.You at.e

> much involvd in love lnd pzssion that it mskes
very diflicultfor yx to get telezsed,ath$t you sufet
a gtevt downfzll :nd sufc ftom weakness, mental
debility iue to over sexualpleasutc znd loss of yout
vigout.You lose balanceof your mind if you do not
getsexualco-operation of your patttlet; this might
resultcven in your committing adultery.
3 or M ars + M oon
According to the above comhination in yout
hotoscope,youthomughly enjoythepeaceand h:??-
inessofhouse,land,ptoperties,vehicle etc.You l
5 + M oon ot Co cer
According to the abov. combinktion in your
hozoscope,you ate ve@ smart and intelligent.W ithout
tefetingor zeading anybooks you lcquireyoutdesite:
position in the examinztions. Yout hlndwritlg i$.
very ptetty znd bevutiful.
M- + Mo
Accotding tû the lbove combinztioc in your
hotoscope,p u :te doi ngthegtottstjobofptoduczg
electticityoteithettzking gre:tintettstintlleptd uction
ofthe instm ments like witekss,tz io ot ttkphone
which at:m n with thehel? ofekctticity.
W hich is your existing place ?
You live in a lovely house neata zivet, tesetvoir
ot sea,suzrounded by natuze oz in cenemas, dtam ass
artplaces, poetties,novels, travells,jewellety,dances
or song m ust be youz existing place.

W hat is your occupation or business ?

You are an actoz, actress, dancet, ditectot, lovely
singer, paintet, photogtapher, sculptoz, poet, wtiter
ota traveller.You take great interest oz like the busi-
ness of sweet dtinks, ice-cream,tea, coFee oz cooling
intzuments ot spent youtlife in a boat or steam er. '
You ate a Jewelleztoo :nd do the business' of
Jewellery in peatls,sapphitesoryouatealsooccupied
in selling petfum es ot vendot of fragrant atticles,
cutleties ot the autom obile machinezy and its parts,
(Maleand Felklûlcj
W lyo ûre you ?

You are tlye lotd of l'

and horizon (rtty oflpopc).You zte tlpe son f'f thc
Earth and thclord ofmincmls.You ate thc t-oltl/ncntlct
and fghter against odd circumstcnces. Yottt 'tre thc
desttoyer ofsinners ûnd villains.

You aze udvanturous,vklourotts,courAgcous ttnd

the mzn ofdetetminstion,commûndtr-in-çhief,lecder
and a man of personzlity.M ost ofyour lifk is pzssed
in the battle feld. '
You are zway from your fantily
i.e.parents,wife and children.
The aim in yourlife is wNt:nd victory.You zre
dwcs victorious in sghting agzinst nAturc, t'ourt
cases,diseases :nd enemics orin busincsscompttition.
You ight with unpatallelmight ûgainst tlle enemits
to yout11st btezth and obtvin victory.
* 1 + MarsorArje,orScorpfo means ( 1)Mar:fn the
1sthouse orMarsaspectsthe 1sthouae,(2 )cot
tion,oppositjon or aspect ofM ar:wlth thelord ofthe
ascendantin Arfesor scorpto or(4 )Arte:otScorpto
as an ascvndantstgn.
You :te Severe,hot-tempeted andtalk is
vety difficultto undctstand yout natute. You wotk
dzy cnd nigllt and take the leasttest. You aze
intelligcnt,featless,btzve,victotious and faithful.You
apply scicncc whctevet applicable and get success.
You ttrc tllc ctcater of plans and ûnish the sAme
in schcduled tinle.
XYou :te not ovet-awed by anybody and ate
never wortied about the uttetûnces.You don't like
Anybody's obligztion znd deslise sutxendet.You ûte'
indepcndcnt-lnined.You ûre oficet,foundet,ptesident
at:d nhanagcr.You arc ltzdct,zmbasszdot, minister
or politicktp.
A'ou ûte activc, ccteful and Serious.You ate a
man of'gtca nhigllt. You arc a watziot znd protector
of nt tti
olt. Yotk donot likc lpettizy ot deftaud, but
wish to #igbt in the buttle lield openly to show yout
You :rc tlpc lover of frecdflm and ate the bittet
cnenly of setvitutlc ot dependence.You arevictorious
And conhmitsuicitle whcn dcfeated.
You posscss gtectlogic power. You ûre tetror
to robl?css antl l :turdercrs. You ate full of vittue,
philosoplly,snd scientilic invcntions. You atez, m an
ïhytitit.sfticnt-c,you ate politician,foreign Ambûss-
()f l'
ûdot ot psycllologist.
Yout :uttering ftiends atonce get their problcll)
solved througb you, wbether it mc be legsl ot
illegal.Yout victotious nztute is indicatcd by tlle
instzuments you hold in youzhznds,likerifle,rcvolver,
speat :nd poison.You ate ptzised 1)y the pcople,
when you tescuc their lives witl: the help of stlcl)
instrum ents.
You hsve grcat control over ûir, watet, and
electricity,and people are surptised,when thcy mûkc
use of the energy produced by you.
Constantthinlqing,ûrdour, ptesetverance, indus-
teziousnAtuze Ate the specizl ûnd mzin ftûtures of
your life.Yout :te engrossed in yout pkns v.l 'ltl:
people :te sleeping,znd think deeply ofthtir success.
Yout second nvme ig 9on of the cvrth. You
have sound knowledge ofvvxinus hiddvn minetals in
the subtettm eAn sttvta of the e:rth. Ptople are
infatukted zt yout power :nd czpzbility :nd :re nevtr
tited of ptvising you: quzlities when you bring ovt
the minemls like gold,iton,silvet, cozl ot mineml
oi1 etc.
A$you :te the son ofthe Eatth, you nyznufg-
ctute bticks, or:re : contractot, cannvl builder or
pzoducet of the electricity. Less sleep :nd constznt
thinking :te mkin factozs of yout success, which
e hztdly know.
You do notlike to act on some body's advice,
but zct ûccording to yout own wishes or plans and
obtûin successfzom it;but ifyou Seea bezutiful lzdy,
you leavt of yout impotunt wotk and run aftez het
:nd becomea slave ofsex and enjoyments.
Even though you :te victoxiousin evety Neld of
life,you are defeated st the lunds ofa bevutifullady.
You nevet get tized ofptuising : lady, even tbough
othetwise you speak less. You do not believe in
The lady to whom you love, would petha?s
drezm ofmRttying you if she is a vkgin, because of
yout ptestige, teputation and pezson:lity; but you
would tell het on the face d'1 vm tzking leave
ftom you becluse thztyonng :nd a beautiful hdy is
wuiting fot me foz : long time''.

7 + sflrs or zkries or Scozpio

According to tht above combination in yout
hotoscope, you donotlike to mAtty evtly and ifyou
zta11you would mvzty at the :ge oftwenty eight
ot thitty fout :ûd the bitth of : dkughtet will
dism pointyou.
(1û4 l
5 M lts or Aries or Scotpio
According to the allove conhbipûtion in your
horoscope,you do not hcve llalty cllilklren excelntone
son :nd one (laughtcr antl lltvt' tttl)c paticnt fot
their birth.
3 ol M ars or Azies oF Scorpio
According to thc cllovt. (,
:l il
) your
horoscopc, youtttcû,llltlnflftt'tiot:likc Jttwttllztlal
Nehtu or'
Maltatnyc.Gûntllliji. lf-yott business.
man,your trznsûctions would lle in ttjillions.
1 Scorpio
Accortling to tllc tlpovc (- fllltllint
ttifnl) in your
horosco?e,yournuturc is vlllpthllhtttls.hrtlt)like to stAy
in water. You Posscss ttgood kcowlctlge of tlanccs.
songs,acting.l nintltcllantlicsaf-
-pt- ept
lriîlg cllarlning
matirialsfrolllfcbrirs. You put' grcatsutprise
by your t't
At what places you are xen ?
You ûre seen zt clhcnlists or tlrtlggists, colour
mutkets, cl lcmiczl industties, lhûttlc fittlfls, sezs.seu-
shote,szlt cnd gold npt lrkttts.
You vte Scen ût electti c power ltovses t'r stotes.
xeseatch institutes or At t'
lle t'olttrolillg centrr ot - tlte.
uirznd waterntzctlincsotpoisocousillstt.t 'slttllotttorits.
You ate seen wotking atthe engineeting work-
shopsofvehicles, stezmetsox zt air-ctaft factoties ot
ttaining centres, furnzces, minetal melting centtes,
cutleties, wotkshops, dzngetous itepkces, match-
fzctoties ot powet houses.
You :te also seen at the centtes like telephone,
tadio,wireless ot the watch mznufzctuting industties
Or y0u ûte : gteathistotian.
You :te seen At the govetnmentSectetatialjobs,
courts, consttuction'of builëings, btidges, dams,
cûnals,powet houses,mills ând at the wotkshops.
You are ûlso seen busy planning with youz soldiets,
cznnon-bombatdiets, commandet-in-chief, feld
marshalûnd lieutenant.

W hat is your business or occupation ?

You ate z doctor, physicizn, dentist, advocute,
batristet, engineer, contrzctot, commandet-ia-chief,
scientist, inventot,ministet ot oficet ot managet of
manufActuting vehicles,llke Air-cmfts, stezmers,
motives ot you Ate chiefof Air fotce ot Nâvalforce
ot yot)ûte û director, magichn ot possess mystic
sciencc.You ure a captain of spotts or : buriness
man ofcutleties, colouts,oil-paints, glass-yzates or
electritû1equipment.You zzea mvnufzcmtet of minute
delicate lnandicrsft equipment,like wûtchesetc.
(Msle or lkmale)
W ho aze you ?
You :ze a young boy of 16 yezrs, Your ncme
is Mezcuzy,which means knowltdge. You ûrc brigl:t
in studies znd z man of intellect.You possessa good
knowledge of many languzges.You speak fine, rleat
sweetand eloquent.
You zze : scholût and possess ltnowltdge of
mzny subjects. Mzthtmztks and tirmament.
Asttonomr:ndAstrology at:yourinttresting subjects.
A$ you havezgood commvnd ovtrthelanguages,
that is why you ûtt : seczetzty f)r : interpreter. N'ou
ate unpamllel in wtiting essûys,critkislt) ot speqcltes
:nd an Admiret of poetry at 4d vtts. s'ou zte not
intezested in mzchineries, $ti11 you possess : good
knowledge about its mzthemAticzl czlculztions. A$
you possess mzny bmnches of knovledges in CVCJ
zespects,people are fotcrd to come for your zzvice
On mRny mvttets.You att kt the tfllh wllen vsked
suddenly for : lectut: ot a speech On pkrticnlar
: # #
subject,andwithouthesitation 7Ou de zi
y1$ r1'
lt wlthln
j + Metcury orGemtniorVtrgo mevtl: (1)Mercoty
în the 1sthouse orMtrtury a:ptct. the 14thouse (2)
tonlunction oropposltion ofMercurywlth tb4 lor d of
theascendant,(3)the lord oftht AdctndAotin Gemini
orVirgo,(4)GemintorVsrgo a:an ttscendxtltslyn
s limited time.
You ûte z matlnemztician and economist. Your
intelligence in business isût thetop.
You like to weat:ne and atttzctive dtesses znd
you chose silk aS yout fzvouzite c10th. You art an
obsetver of people's behaviot.
You kte a boy of 16 und do not know the
impottance of weûlth. Asyou get thousznds so you
spend z11ot give zwzy to any body who vsks for it.
You :re l m:n of alms.
By acquizing and possessing wealth, education,
knowledge ot genetousity you consider youtselfto be
independent, but one thing you have to keep in
your mind that you ate absolutely dependent.
You zte ignotantof love afaits, but :te only
intettsted :nd engtossed in playing, tating, wulking
oz lorning.You hzve no idea ttgatding happinessot
miseties. You at: always Ahezd in spotts. You like
hotse-tiding, compttitions, phys, cinemas ot circus
ottAing a comical pzttin cizcus:nd giving enjoy-
ment to the vudience. You ,
'like = d wish to be a
jokezin theckcus.You know thenzmesofcomedizns
mthet then knowing tlne nqmes ofactots otzcttesses.
You liketo playand enjoywithsmall children
And yout mixing nature czeztes so much impression
in th: mind of the children that they nevet forgst
yout Contact.
You :te timid of couttand lzws. You do twt
concenttste yout mind in it a.
s tequircd and const-
quently atc fed up with the ettenlics and sufet:
teat loss.
Your sttaight forwatd and frank nattae is the
zealcause of yout downfallin yotïr lifc.Peopleh
whom you putttust and faith prove to bc tteb-
chetous,which btings yout dawnfall.
7 + M etcury ot Gemini ot Virgo
Accotding to the ûbove combinûtion in yout
hotoscope, itindicztes that you are ignotcnt in love
afaitswhich causesfzilute in loveAnd disheztten.You
willexpetienct bzevk of engAget nentotyout mztriage
will tzke place with gteat dimculties or married life
willnotlastfot 1long period or sepkmttd ftom lovt
ot widowhood or involvesin otller tli:icultjesoflove
Afgits.Due to the ignorinceof yourloveuTzirs.yQut
pzttne/willquzztel,lezveyou ot tvke divotct oryovt
pattnek's secret lovevFxits will m:ke you suftr.
, *
At whlch phce you ?> seen ?
You ' ure 'titn în'bxnks, insurznct compvnies,
ovetnment oëces,cnlkges As mzths professor or lt
plzces whete'economiczldiscussions :rt htld.
You :te good zt AccountAncy.Compliclted sums
snd its cvlcuhtion :te at the ti? of yout tongue.Yûu
zre wtll-vezsed in fguzes, and these ate the places
whete you ate alwûys seen.
You ate also seen at the mathem atical tesearch-
institutes ot at the testhouses,hotels,lodging ot at
the public welfaze centtes.
You :ze also seen in the company of wtitets,
bmin-ttusts,jolly compûny otwith ministets.
You ate also hidden in cinemas, dtamas as a
joketorvalliantheto.Youtptesence issutewhenevet
the questions oflanguzgesarise.You ate also seen as
a secretary of Ambassadot ot as an intetpteter.
W hat is your business ot occupation ?
You ate a mathematician, B.Com., M . Com.,
chatteted accountant,actuaty oteconomist otlibmtian,
ot orztot or accountant or ate setving in bûnks ot
You ate a wtiter ozan editoz oz ownez of a
hotel ot a bdge, ot a supzintendent of a hqstel,
otganisetoz:ttusteeofaschool.You ltemuch pleased
to se: the boys and gkls being educzted.
You atetheptofessozof mathematicsotasttology.
You lte a spottsman ot z comedhn, actoz in ;lm$,
drcus vr plzys.You are Jnterpletet ot a seczetatr of
aj?fpttign afaits in the ambyssadot's oëce, ot ypv
aze a sellet of pzoducts fzom the cattle,i. e, milk,
hee,buttezetc. *
W ho zre you ?
You ûre tht spititualteacltct of Gods,lovtr of
lives,adorable,paciûc. vittuous. honest, quiet vad
simple. You ate a sûint of high otder, ministet of
king ofGods,Loxd of l tnowlcdgc und giverofsnns.
You are the lord of humbleness, politenessy
afection,and blessings.You atc pmctical, intclligtnt,
lesrned ûnd destituteof passion.honoutable,politcnos,
self-contzolled,holy souIed And fullof wisdom.
lovet of ptogtess and socizl.You ate simple, cleûn,
neat :nd a zeguhr wotket. You clwvys ttspect
elders.You zte somewlpût fatty.You ûre lover of
nztute, peace and loneliness. You :re of cmiztnle
nature,full of knowledge :nd A givet of zlms. You
believe in manuyl hbout :nd do not hesitzte to do
the work.Yout aim of life is to sptezd cultute in
the whole wotld thtough educztion.
You atc optimist, genetous, sincete an4
benevolent.You vlwvys ptvy GQd fot the #+#?#-x
*1+ Jupitet orSagtttulnsorPl4ce:meAn:(1)Juptter
ln tht 1st house or Juptttt Aspttt:tht I8thoux,(2)
conjunctton.opposltton ot Rsptqt of Juptter with tht
lord oftheascendant,(3)thelord ofth4 ascendant tn
Saglttarlu: ln Plsces, (4)Sqlttarlu: Qr Pl:ces a:an
of body,mind und soul.
You believe in cbztactez and lead a holy life.
You :re wise cnd do not pteferluxuties. You keep
yourself awc ftom addiction weats simple clothes,
stillyou are z man of gteat personality.
You are sometimes consetvative :nd orthodox,
You always zespeet eldets. You aze Preceptot or
learned :nd ate ftee ftom desite, non-pvssionate,
sztisied, unselish, delightful, idealist, grateful :nd
have Peûce ofmind.
You do notkeep enmity in youz mind. You
hzve an tye of equality towztds tich :nd pootûnd
you do notkeep gm dge fot difetence of opinion.
You ate economiczl minded and constant worker.
Trust,nonviolence and love fot humznity ate the
basis of yout life. You believe in God and
:te ttustworthy.
You ate steady-minded, neithet hvppiness not
miseties hzve efect:on yout mind. You haveno
attachment towztds powet.You :te katnedand hence
peoplecometo youtoh vetezlzdviceintheitdc culties.
You think ovetthe miseties of othets completely
snd give them tight tp e of ûdvice.
You feel pity when you see othezs in pzins and
give them consolztion.You show feelingsandkhdness
towûtds the wtetched :nd misetAble people. You ate
the winnet ofthe enemies'heAtts. You :te without
tevenge znd mix with evetybodywith fulloflovc an4
attachment and oblige a11.
You ptesezve yout Sclf dignity.You ezplzin ttuth
with yout sweet eloquence,patiently and in a polite
mznnez.You ate alwûys aheûtl in holy occassions,
benefchlcezemonies znd vittuous matters.
You aze not fzightened by inûnciûl dithcultics,
do not make tetteats in miscties Antl poverty. You
can digestpovetty and you do not accept anybody's
help.You do not like to disclosc your own chisety
but nevet miss zn oppottunity to patticipac in
You :te dependentin money ntzttets, yet you
keep up yout petsonûlity.A lion will nevtr touch
hay,evea if hc is tlying because of llunger. ln the
Same w:y you do not sttuggle for .::1th tven when
you zte in poot condition.You hzve full faith tlyat
God willhelp you.
You1te:m:n ofmixing nvtut:and forgiveQther's
defect.You liketo $eegoodqualitiesofothet peson's
tzth. th
ûn thek defects znd give zn opportunity tû
CVCJ ohe fot futther ptogtess:
Ypu zte doing the teligious ceremonies in tlle
temple ot:te : mxnzger :nd givt sacrifce ofyovt
time Aad money sccozding to,,your capacity.
You attzin spititualsuccrss :nd woyk fot ptltets.
u àavebeen given the nkmeof<social wotker',
'phihnthtopist',and <public wozket'.You do this
work withoutunyexpectztion.You livefotthewotship
'of God.

You fght againstinj ustice and honouz the laws.

'ou have teputution in society. People honour you
with the name ofJupiter,the l otdofeducation.You
obtzin complete educûtion and high status among the
lezrned people. You ate a pzofessor of languzges
ot a lectuter.
You are interested in histoty, ancient legends,
sfoties and epics and itis intetesting to hest you
when you discuss tlaese subjects. Youz phi losophy'
zeligious knowledge,and devotion to God puts you
high in evety ûeld of life. At the beginning of
convetsztion people alwap zddzess you with honour.
You :te stmight fotwatd znd a simple man and
have a contempt fo: fzauds and violations.Sometimes
you get exited,but soon get calm and fotget the
bittet cxpetiences.
You like childten, W Om Cn?. Cultute, hetmitûge,
!!ve, tbûnks,boatding houses, and knowkdge. You
y the loverofpezceznd natuteznd liketo stay in
Eelds,gatdcns ot the mûpgo gzpves. ,
Jupitetisthesignidcznt'of second, ûfth,pinth,
tryth and ele yenth house
k>t4ï bs .dHenRcey
, --yo
' u :te t,
1 $
' nif
yant of foztunv),I?we,alt
. !'', posi
t i
on, fame ,knowl edge,
t,# ) .l ' r a
educatlon,cultute znd sons.
W e have pmised you a lot; shzll wc now
point outyout defects And zeûciencics?
Even wise and intelligent persons hzvc some.
defects.You undertake vzzious zctivities in yout life
butdo notpay proper attention to it.ln the begin-
ning you p:y good zttention but hter on you lose
intcrest in the work :nd handovet to others.
You :re notaftûid ofenemies.You hzvc scveml
foes,though you ate not enemy ofzny OnC. Yoa
expetiencegreuthatsssmentand ttezchety from enemies,
ïtnë pezsons of oppositeSex;Stillyour dignity remvins
thesame.Do you know thetootsofa11these ttoubles?'
Youz blind :nd complete fcith; you make ltAste itï
judging thechAracterofothet people wheteby you
come in tzouble.
You :te hzsty cnd in your over enthuoksn) fot
human welfzte, you over u$e yout Power and lose
You wish to leûd zn indtpendent lift but you
cannotdo so. Youzcapzcity to endute miserics is
wondetful. You wotk d:y Rnd night. You PO$SC$$
unpatalleled power in zzt of education,potms :pd
knowledge but with d1thestwisdom you donotknow
how to keep yout wife hzp y znd do not czre fot
het love, Gections:nd enjoyments; consequently
youtunsatisied wife fvlls in love with o othtrpetson.
W hen you come in contvct with z Persln of
opposite sex whois chatmedby yourknowledge,your
infamy graduvlly statts and severzlyeztsdevoted work
oes to dusts and you ate fozced to leave the place.
You show unmunnetly behaviout attheslightestinsult'
of yours,which is not wotthy ofyourpersonality.
You constantly wotk fot day 1nd night but p:y
little attention to the social dutiesand ifûnF One
dtzws yout zttention fot this,you suddenly getexcited
and pullhim down and advice him to workzccotding
to you.
But do FOu know the tesult ofthis? No One
gtves you co-oppemtion duting the time of yout
dimculties. Your impmcticulwc sbting you sotzow
ûnd persons in whom you keep complete faith tutns
theirbzcksûndyou losehonoutand sufezgteatdespait.
You zre teligious-mindei and ate zlwzys engro-
ssed in teligious thoughts. You consideted yout
teligion to be the best and when yO= #et Zn
oppottunity, you ctiticize the othet teligions and tell
people thzt yout teligion is supetior. So in this w:y
also rou lose youz honouz and petsonality.
1 Plsces

Accotding to the zbove combinztion in #yout

hotoscope, yout natute is cool.You maintzin your
life by living in watet ot bn se: shotes ot banks of
tivets znd do the business connected with water.
Atwhatplaces you are seen ?
You aze symbol ofliving things. You ttte secn
utthe plzces whttt reliefis givtn to SuFcring humA-
nity ot snimals. You atc zlso scen in collegcs,
schools,hostels,teligious places,test houscs, tcllyples
ot at religious cercnnonies.
You luve cn ûfection for znilnals, S(1 yotlZrC
seen stthe tevting ofunimals, woolgûthering, glpcc
ot milk marketand its pzoducts.You crc also seep vt
the tdigious ptcûchings, martiagc cetcnhonics and
the plûces of socizlservice.
You are zlso setn in exportcnd intport oflicesot
as commission agent,broker or ctoK'ccs- You also
petform teligious and marriage ccremonies.
Yout ptowess is secn in articlcs, novels,storits,
dtzmas und poetty or in zstzology.You :rt clso secn
where business of zezl peurls is done.
W hatis your busines: or occupation ?
You :tt telchez, Proftssor or A lektned ntkn.
You :te editot,asttologer,Writer ot :Pott.You ûte
a publishet ot A cletk.You :te: btokqr,qolnmission
agentyexpottet ot impotter ot $o1e âgent. You :re z
jqdge otkn educltionzloëctr.
You ût: ktdigiousstotp tellc,host,stotekeepcr,
bouping suezintendent,ptrformez of tdigiovs cetem-
onies.You do busintss of znimds ot it$ products,
milk oz milk ptoducts, boztding, lodging znd
(Maleot Femak)
You ate benefactot gentle,sweet and hzndsome
ot beautiful.You are coward,sensual,passionate and
pleasure sceket,You ate a teachet of devils, You
ate a sage.
You Jike sleeping chambers too much. You ate
ûlways hatasseë and occupied with the thought of
sex, pleasute ûnd its enjoyments and unableto,
concenttute your mind, which keeps you away
ftom wotk.
music,bezutiful ladies And sleeping tooms,ûre.
the mûin factozs of yout life. You sufez ftom the'
diseases of the seczet patts and you do thethings.
accordin? to the wishes of women.
You ate intellisent,hence dissatisfed people :ze
suttounding you for the consultution, sympathy und
inspitation. You instigûte them to ight fot their
tights ûnd 2et success :nd populatity in czeating untiy
ûmongstthem,Do you know why you ate doing
such things? Only becvuse ofyout ?etsonalintetestl
*1 + Venus.orTaurusor Llhra means (1)Venus
in the 1st hpu
se or Venus aspects the lst house,
(2)conjunctyûn,or opposltjon ofVenus with the lord
oftheascendaàt,(3)Thelotd oftheascendanttnTaurut
orLibr:,(4)TautusorLlbtaasan ascehdantsign..
You ate passionate also.You PO$$eS$lllany ways
xnd tricks of aquiring success in Sex.A'ou ate alwûys
suzzounded by the opposite sex.You know tllc ttrt
of pleasing unsatissed women. You madclen tllem
'thzough the chztm of music,ûrtantltlznce znd'muke
them dream ($f getting high reputation :nd publicity.
Do you know why you :re doing this?Onlybecttuse
of the powetfulatttzction ofopposite $ex !
You like to dtink often :nd :re hcbituvted unll
xddicted to dtinks, smoking :nd othtr viceg' . lfyou
have ftiends sailing in the szme boat, you tlo not
'c zte foz youz responsibility.
You :re : slave of sex,so that you forget the
:time and phce and zt lastyoa $poi1 your 1:::1th.
W hen you ate scolded for your conductyou
le:v: the phc: and thatis the tezson wlly you do
not getp:tentAl,btothtzly :nd family love.
You like goûd, beautlful clothes :n8 clzssical
music.Youz nzmte is offemvle.You zreextrzvzgznt
but pennyless :nd consequently stretch your hvndsto
beg ftom ftiends :nd :te in the lezst czpacity
to tep:y.
You ztt of pomps,with the kppezrznceof
x millionlite but empty-pockettd :nd when tlle
people htet on cometo know youtrevlcondition,tlley
hugh atyou but you mtely czte fot such ridicuk.
You ûte a mûn of strange nature. You get
metvous on tri:ing mzttets and do not compromise
at the people's petsuûsion.In the end you yourself
come to ptopet sences.
You: ways ofliving ate so compliczted that it
cannot be sûid when ttoalbles would atise. You do
nothesitateto leave one town fot another.
ln this wc also you have the separation from
family and do not hzve rehtion with them. Yout
ptestigt is spoiled by the company of the lowet
people.You live with high dignity on the hope of
yout friend! but they themselves aze bzoke and ate
in debt, with the tesult thzt yOq do not know
wh tis ttue und what is false and think to play
foul games ofdeceit.
Ilue to yout negligence :nd zbsence of
toncenttation on wozk,you do not obj ect to the
incidents whether thty ate good of bad. n at is
thez: to gtitv: when you youtself became a tezcher
of devûs andjoined thecompznyoflowetpeople!
You :te intelligent :nd the lovet of azts. You
?te expert in songs,music :nd theteisno competitor
fot this.
You :te consideted to be soft-spoken, lovez of
Pattnet and mitzcle lovez. You zttzact people and
mûke them run aftet you.
You ure agacatloverofjokts.You cutinditect
jokcswith thepcople so that they crc unablc to.
understund tlnem. You al' e ptoud of yourknowledge
and wisl: to livc indcpentlent lifc,but in fact you
are dcpcndcnt antl livc yottt- lifc on tlyc Suppott
of otlâcts.
You possess ood knowledge of wzrfatc no oce
cûn defeatyou.You wish to givt tlnis knowledgc 6f
ûghting to your pupils,butthey being dullatd cannot
rusp it,So yout encmies take udvûntagc of yout
tzctics Znd Conseqqently you become timitl tînd lezve
You :te not Afmid of yout enemies but keep
cotuplete faith in them. Sometimcpintcâd ofentrusting
ovctyout impottant work to your friends, you ?:$s
on to yout entmics and get success znd benfit from
them.ln this way your calculûtions fallto bt cortect.
You ate kind at htazt.h'ou ptzisc the valout of
enemies,but you :te dtagged vwvy in flvout ûf
kith :nd kin tzthet than observing the principles :n2
become unpopukr Among the people,so thtycgllyou
unmanneted,seldsh etc..but you donot cate for :11
thest nicname's znd At lzst lostyour ptestigc.
You ptofess yourselfto be : m:n of ptinciple,
but:te not.You sttess on principles butdo not act
accotding to it. You :ze Hxed in encourzging Rnd
ptovoking people AgAinstoppostions.Yo4 are nladcvp
and a ftiend of aitcastle buildet. You wish fot a
tegutat income,butyou arecatelessand ateAn enemy
to rtgularity.W hen you do notdesite to work, with
tllc ptetex of fatigue,lezve yout important wotk
l'ou ûte intetested in vegetable and concenttate
on tlle business ofvegetation products,like gtoceties,
clpth,gtzins :nd cotns. Due to the efect of the
: h Libra, you :te inspited to do the business of
oilor of oi1flout mills.
As you hûve good btain, you ate inspited to
speculatc otgûmbling.W ith lessefotts you wish fot
a lûrge incolne.Due to uncontrollable state of yout
own mind, you wundettake z big business which
brings diëculties And ruin yourself.
Your fenqale natute inspites you to do the
business ofcosmetics.Additionally you also like the
trade ofattistic/ly designed sztis, btasseties,bvngles,
silk lyandketcheifs,petfumes,ftagzantatticles, atticles
of embroidety and household decotztive equipment.
You io not have the czpacitr to undertake a
big business :nd you do not like the small one. As
you like to show your ce acity in big business, you
borrow money :nd ût lûst get tited by paying hezvy
intetests,you leave youtfeld. Lack of capacity snd
skillfotbusinessforcesyou to Jeaveyoutbusinessfeld.
You are smûrt, clever ûnd Fweet. You Stttruct
People slowing moon in yout hand. )' f you getan
opportunity,you do nothesitate to t1o the work of
betrc ul.You are blind in selûshness,tcsulting in tl
loss ofyour position cntl ptestige. Due to these
things you zte wzrncd to keep zway from unneccFsAty
undettakings and if you will do $o, you will t,e
pmised.The:rtofmzking dezd nhûnAlive (Sûnjivani
Vidhp ) will bring good name znd people will
worship you.
To over come tle quvlity of weakneps you
Possess :nd to hûve silvct clouds, itis ûdviszlble for
you to do the businessin tLimited Concern ':nd l'ou
willacheive success one by onewith tlleundettckings.
1 + Venus and 1 + M ars
Accotding to tlye zbove ctlmbinûtion in 7ODt
hozoscope, you possess the Art of making the dead
mvn slive :nd in ordez to make the ptoper u$e of
this knowledge,you requizt the help of Mvrs. You
have got b0t
dishhetvhe combinztions.W ith the :rt
rtened ot dead m:nalive jugt7O cu
can make
Mahatml G:ndhijidid.
1 + Venus and 1 + M oon
Accozding to the above combination in your
hotoscope,you get co-oppetztion of th: hloon :nd
that is why you 1te botb, 1 gteztclvssical musicicn
and A sweet singet.Ptoplevdmia youx Artvery much.
1 + Libra
Accotding to the above combination in yout
yozoscope,you willget such a daughtet thatyou will
hw e mentzl'tension tegztding laet muttiage.You Shall
nothzve many sons;and if you have them,you will
sot be having good telation with them.
At whatplaces you ate seen ?
You ate seen zt ctt, pictute and embroidety
institutions,in schools,book publication depattments,
duncing and club institutions,concetts, music gtoup
of mdio bzozdcastings, music institutions and ut
the dancer's phce.
You are seen in felds, fotests and vegetable
gatdens. W ith the efect of Tautùs Sign which zepte-
sents vcgetation ptoducts,youareinspi redto undettûke
the business, thzt of nuts, gtoceries, gtzins and
vegetable,ox you are Seen in oi1 mills ot oi1matkets,
W hat is your occupatlon ot business?
lrou ûze : tegchez ot zn inspectoz, a cletk, a
gtocet or z booksellez, z gmin metchant, an oi1
metcbvnt,a chssiculmusicians and you do the busi-
ness of mAtethls concetning the costumes of dance,
Plays,Atts, cosmetic oz perfumes, ot Sell ftagzant
atticles like incense sticks ot you zte u Sculptor,
photogtzpher or ûn : Attist.
(Male orFemalc)
W ho ate you ?
You possess gigûntic power. You do notlike to
hsndle slmallthing.s,bttt like to (1o lluge work only.
You ûte God of dcatly,giant,fearfttl, black und
bluisl) in appearance. People think you to l?e ttlcit
deûth,snd despise to see even yout ikce,und whcn-
evet they see you,they vision theit dcatl' l.
Yoa ate deviland possess gigzntic powcr.Ifyot
Mrere independent, yott misbehuve af)('l (1o wtonj
things.but wllen youcte dcpendcnt or under contfol,
yOu mzkc the begt use ofyout inlmense powerwllicll
no one possesses. 1t is a child's play for you to
hzndle huge nplchinety,and thete is no colnpetitor
fot your huge ptoduction.
You tetrorise people with the appeav:nceof God
ofdezth ifyou wtte freeybuthctc yOuco notlp:ake
People ftightened As you ate caught :nd dtpendent.
Hete when : huge wotk is to be done,yourgigAntic I
powet is needed.This is the only use of you.
* 1 + Saturn or Caprtcorn otAqvarlus mtvtw,(1)Satprp
in the 1sthnuse or Svturn a:pectstht 1:thouae,(23
conjunctlon,opposftlonoraspectofSatura wttllthelord
of'the ascendant, (3) th: lord of the a,cendAnt $n.
Capricorn or Aquarlus,(4)Caprlcorn orAquzrtu:a,al
Let us S:y you ure .Alladins magic lantutn 'and
when you tub this lantutn, a gianta appeats andyou
command him to do wondetfulwork. You ate tezlly
foztunzte. In shott you Possess wondetfulpowet to
undertake huge wotk of yout wish, and achieve
complete success in it.
Satutn,the conttolled evil,fulflsyouthugedesited
wozk and brings millions of tupees by tunning
machinety and people are suzptised and ptaise you
snd think thatyou have mystic powet which btings
success in yout deeds.
Due to the conttolover Satutn, you ate always
ftee from disessesund efect from poisonous germs.
You ate so healthythatdoctor'smedicines,:nd diseases
hzve taken leûve ftom you. You achieve an easy
success in the business competitionsot war.Enemies
cznnot hatass you, and you can make progtess in the
business competitions without diëculties as desired.
ln additioh to thisyou ate lucky to have good
physical14ea1th,znd do not know wh tdiseases :te !
You have long longevity.Youtmind isalwav cheerful
and tefteshed.You do notfeatdeath.You setvep' eople
lktlessly whetedeâth occuts by poisonous m zms..
Thtrt is no word like 'fo ute' in your life and
you do notknow whatloss is. You aze the person
to incosse the 'honout,fâme :nd teputktioh.You dû
not mzkeunnecesszty expenditute,:nd theteiscbustûht
:ow of money.
You expetience prosperity :nd progress d:y by
day withoatany diëculty, and you teach the top of
ptospetity.Yout life cyclc tunssmoothly without ûny
stop. The Goddess of wealtlt again ctecps in yout
house :nd prefezs to stûy in itpermznently.
As you possess,Allûdins magic lanturn, you are
suppose to get successin yourlife with every rotation
of business,but along with the businessif you do ia
'Limited Concetn',you willachievegtcatand excellent
suceess in it.
You experiencepezce and hûppincssin yourfamily
life without uny disputes or wotries.
At what places you ate seen ?
You ûte seen in wotkshops,mill,iton and machi-
tlety matkets, noisy plAces und speculation mvtkets.
You ate also Seen whete vegetation products 1te
changvd with thc help of the machinery or :te seen
at the places of conttacts or insutance.
W hatis ysutbuslness ot occupadon ?
You aze doing tl 4e busintss of pzoducing oz
selling ofmachinezy oz iton products or wozk ia
huge wotkshops ptoducing motot cus, locomotive
engints ot aetophnes. You tA e intetest in tht
busiptss of huge ptoduction ot tisky contracts
u dm 'mmnces.
(Male or Female)
W ho ate you ?
Yoa zrea giant,thrGod ofDeath,fearful,bhcky
bluish and czuel.People tlnink you to be their deah
and do notliketo Seeyoutfaceorevenyourshadows.
They shiverand see theiz death when they see you.
You ate devil,thick-headed,ignomnt and doer
of wrong deeës,You attractpeoplewith youtgignatic
power an2 plûn to trapand tuin them.You mainuin
youtselfunlawfully und make people ftightened.
:Im pottant Hints:
You are tequested to be ulezt with the M alefc
Satutn'svice,othetwisein thepetiod(time)ofMûlefc
Sztutn great many diëculties will arise in yout life
which you have to oppose and yout life willbe
disgusting one with failute.
lfyou possess the M aleâcefectof Satutn, do
business in 'Limited Company,'You will acquite
good success.So you ate hinted that if you at a11
- *- -
* 1A- Saturn or Caprlcotn ot zkquarlus zceans, (1)
Saturn ln the 1sthouseorSaturn aspectsthe 1sthouse,
(j )conjunction,opposltlon or aspectsof Saturn with
the lord ofthe ascendant,( 3)the lord of the ascen-
dant ln Capricorn or Aquarlus, (4 )Caprlcorn or
Aquadus a: kn ascendantsign.
undettake any big business, please do it by a11
m eans,but in tLimited Com pany ' and you will
achieve good success in it.
You possess gingnztic power Fut you ccn not
make benefcizluse of yout powcr As you ûte fbllof-
vices.You a:e devil und tepzesentûtiq'e ()f (;f)c1
of Dezth.
As you possessgignantic power,you do notlike
to setve others. You wish for independûnt life llut
have notgot thzt much czpacity.You :te ignorûnt,
thick-headed, unintelligtnt and doet of wrong
adventutes. You hzve no long term policy, which
Prevents yout Ptogtess.
You hâveno sightoftomottow Also.You do not
like to hzvt.ifty zupees to-mottow if you getruptes
:ve todky. You have no Attachment towltd smzll
business or plan, :nd foz big business ot plzn you
hzve no knowledge,czpacity, intelligence or money,
:nd you min yourself by pc ing intetests.
You alwc s wish to comt out with the weong
tActics,buëwhtn peoplecome to know a11thesejyou
lpse p ut presùge znd zeputvtion.
Sometimes when you get wezlth you mzke :
gttAtpomp At once,o d spent monty blindly without
tbinkipg of fututt. K'Tpdv people must pzkist me,
1et to-mozzow takecazeof it-lf'',i$youzmoto. YQu
do not like to take Advices of otbets 1nd you art a
man withoutintelligence.Do you know the rejults of
your wrong and insensible doings? You ate cutting
the sanle btanch on which you :te sitting, i.e. you
ate tuining yourself and cannot obtzin advantuges of
yout gignatic capacity.
You ate unsaisûed, hot-tempered, peaceless,
ptoud,idle,coward, disheattened, hasty, thoughtless
and fullofwotties.You tuzn ovez yotlrctedit with
the belp ofthepthets.Yourinancialdiëcultieswins
ovet yout capaclty.
You ate ktmzn without detettnination,otgzniza-
tion and exactness;lovetofPowet,dictator,dependant,
helpless,faultNndetofothezs znd clevet in ctaftiness.
You instigate peqple and tty your bestto obtain
,Oxvets znd if you Ata1lacquire it, yOu and yout
colleagues ate sute to meet unnatutzldeath,with dis-
p<r D d unhappiness and disttuction.
Youdenytheexistq- eofGodandhaveno Sttength
i:lyouz feetto go to tvmples. You engross youtself
to fulflyoutdestinity with the help of devib,Spitits
And jugglety.Peoplemightpraiseyou fotmchcapacity,
butyou willnevetzchitvepuceofSouland sightGod.
You att the lovet of dictztotship and m le ovet
the people with the help of ftat :nd tetroz.You are
A sliked by the People.You invik yout own ddeats.
You cx centate yout mind in sptcuhtions also,
xnd lwve Ambition to swa1 '
low money without any
efottsof your own,destroy capitAlund in tlhis w1r
you become dependent.
You get defeûts in every spheic t'f your lifc cnd
etthe name as <defeztctlonc', You are tletltory,
boaster,zentand intetestpûyct.Sometilmes you sleep
in : bed oftoses znd Solptctitncs on mt tt!! Big ttP$
and downs, l nappineps und thc disttess crt tlle
specialities of your life.
You are uddicted to drinks cnd tolpccco. You
often cough.Your hezlth is wezkencd dve to the'
cough cnd csthmc.You hûve Sour tcste, tlhat is whr
yotta:e sufeting ' from cold,gcC:nd rlteumctist
haveAezk digestive System :nd wclk with tlte1)elp,
of A stlck.
You :re A signi:cztor of debt. You :re not Att
comfoztand eûse unless you have : debt, so you
lose your sleep ûnd think of how to be out of hot
watet.You become dishezttened with desplir.sorrow,
worties:nd no one tvkes intetest in FOQ' miseries.
Thztis :1ldue to yout wrong deeds or ignorlnce.
You luve no hgppiness of tht phpical he:ltb,
beczuse ofyout ignomnce :nd susm ciovs n:ture :nd
lead life vccotding to yout own wish mther th n
$ou1,atd instezd pf r>1 hzppintss, kre dmgged
towazds unhzppy cltcumstznces.
lço one keeps tm st in you o d thlk you to be'
: bettgyez.Due to youz hilurts, you lose â11 yout
kdvantkges = :tt sepzt:ted ftom $x id ttlgtion znd.
thrown lWay like z totten egg. You always wotrr
and cannot obtain the realhappiness of sociallife.
If you a :1lare the businessman,please see that
you talte steps according to your czpacity in ûnzncex
otherwise you will be ptessed undet the ûnancial
Ptessure,wealth will creep away thtough the windows
and loss, intetest oz debt will bting you failure.
despair,disheartenment and helplessness.
lfyou aze in setvice,wish foz the pay accotding
to yout talent and do not i nvolve in ctuftiness for
high posts.By your ctaftinessyou might secutehigher
post,but it will be a temporaty one. Lztez on you'
willnevet get:ny highe:job and you would not
prefer smzller one and zt hst you will lead zn
unemployed life.
Duting these diëcultiesifyou would leave yoir
nativeplace,you will secutea good ptospectivesevice
or obtzin ptoits in busintss and lead a hsp?yz,
peacefuland teputativelife and yout cteditand honouz'
willincresseamong the people,
Please keep Away youtselffrom poisonousinsectsx
discûses ot business competitionr,othetwise yout life
willbe in gteatdangetot you willexperience failutes
:nd defeats.
Do not e:t anything that comes within yout
hands keep Awzy ftom souttzstes,othetwise you will
sufer from zsthmA, coughs, thuemztism, legs = 4
bzzin will bt Stifened, heslth spoiled :nd you will
have to walk with the help of a gtick.
Do not indulge in luxuries,extravagance, wastc
money in unnecessary expenditures or llorrow money
on ctedit ot you will be dragged in gteatlinancial
2 + M alehc Satutn
Accoriing to thc above conllpination in ythur
hotoscope, you will expetience disputts in fzlully,
wotties in fAmily concerns, lose fzmily's reputation
and wotries ovet wealth.You might hAvc wtuk vye
sight D d cAnnot do without spectacles.
3 + M ale:c Satum
Accotiing to tht vbovt combinvtion in yllur
horoscope, you lhpill pc forwtong Advtnturts, will
hw e setbzcks in business :nd no ope willgive you z
helping hvnd :nd you willhAve no good relgtion
with bzothets. You will < $h fot : fozeign t' m vtl
which is tAther imp ssible ot ifAt :1 you trkvel,you
willnot achieve . od h * t by it.
4 + M aleNc Sam m
Accotding to the zbove combjnktion in your
hotoscb/e, you willexperience ziëo ltiesin house,
vhnd ând vehides. Thvte willbeno h ppihess from
mothet,ftiends and partnetships; disputes regarding
propettks willarise,unpeacefulmind ot if you mot-
5 + M aleâc Satutn
Accotding to the above combination in your
hotoscope,you will notbe able to obtain complete
educaion and hûppiness ftom yout childten.
6 + M aledc Satum
Accozding to the above combination in Four
hotoscope,you ate sicily znd willnot be able to do
without medicines or SuYet tytûny from enemies or
expetience failute in unheulthy competitions and will
be known ssTfsiluteone'.Yourmoneywilibe wasted
in litigation :nd disputes,und you willhave to lower
your head in Shûme.So keep away from litigation and.
disputes or unhezlthy competitions.
7 + MaleNc Saturn
Accotding to the above combinztion in YOBr
hotoscope,you willnot get hûppinessin love afaits.
cteûte despaiz because of Sexual debility ot ignomnce.
Engagement will be btoken or marriûge will tuke
plvce with great diëculties.You willexpetience dië-
culties due to zbsence ofyoutpattnet orwidovhood.
Due to the ignomnce of yout love afairs, your
partnez willquarzel,leave you oz take divotrt. or
youz pzrtner,Ssecret love afcirswillnlakc you' CuHer
The secret part ofyour llody willbe weak or),
' -011will
sufer from gasttoulple.
8 + Malefc Satutn
Accotding to tbe above combination in your
hotoscope,theze willcrisefezz of yourlong life.()y)1y
4he pure and substanticl food msy help .your llealtll.
9 + M alehc Sutum
Accotding to the ûbove combinztion in your
hotoscope, lnowevct hûtd yout eforts mcy 1te tt ,
Ichieve ptospetity or luck;you willnotget Prlpper
and Suëcientcdvantages.Aftet so nyûny c:- orts tlttte
may Atise a question asto wlly fortuneand proFpt'rity
do not come.You will be wotried ovet the question
of pkssing thedays of lifedue to poverty and sccrt'ity
of money.There will be ûnticipation of Goddrss of
vevlth,butyou willnotllave snmcientbeneftfrom her.
10 + M alehc Satum
Accotding to tl ae Above combinution in your
hotoscope,you willsttugglt foz powetwhich willl,e
hzrdly uclpitvtd :nd if you at 111get it, it will$lip
xway within no time.lfyou tty to obtlin power Fy
litigztion,youwil)soon btpowttlessandend in failure.
You willnot bebenefted zs required in bonour,
ieputation powez, dignity, pzomotion ûnd fatherly
bsppiness.You willwitnessan attack ofhearttzoublc.
11 + M alefic Satutn
Accozding to tbe above combinztion in your
botoscope,you Dusttuke Specklcare in ttansactions
ofmoney, otlaezwise there will stise diëculties in
getting bzck. M oney lent by you will not return in
ptopez time and you even lose it.
12 + M alehc Saturn
According to the ubove combination in your
horoscope, invest motey as tequited and do not
bottow money on cteditothetwise* you will not bq
zble to pay itin ptopet time und gettited bypaying
intetest,business will be at stand Still ûnd you will
be insolvent.
hlake ptopet use ofmoney in socialcexemonies
?nd do not mûke unnecesszty expendituzes, don't be
a spendthtift,don'tbutn the candles at both ends
othetwise you willget setback in life.
At whatplaces you ate seen ?
You :te Seen in wozkshops, mills, iton and
mzchinety matkets, noisy places and speculatson
matkets.You :ze also seen whetevegetation products
Stte processed with the help of mcchinery or ttrc seen
ttthe places ofconstruction o, r insuranccs.
W hatis yout 1
business ot occupation ?
You htïveg otintcrest i1t lltlgr,gignt ttit-lbtlsj5nktssor
httge protlttctions.A'ou cre nt-
vcr s ct i
sjic tl hvit llslllûll
lpusinttss.I'lcase notc tllutyou arktsllrt. tf)gt'tfttilllrc
in hugc or big busincss;so you arctttlvistsd t()undes
tûlte any lvusiness according to ).(1ur ccpit-itl'. n' ry
your best to concentrztc your nlilltl in slllulllhtlsincss.
lfyou desite to do big busillcss it is tttlv-isal?le to
floatc,<' Lilllitetl(,zoncerl)', in wl:i(-1) (-cst' y4,3.
- 1 wJ1l
olntail) complvtc succcss.
lf you pcss your lifewitl)tlye llelp ot-instruluents,
you tuight do thc wotk ofcurpenter.tlilor,sluith,ot
goldsonyitly.R'hc Aquarius sign indict ttes tlle prtlduct
ofvegetation,so you nlust1)ca farnyer ort '
You ure also ï tspeculfttor or u glnllller. beccflse
you t:y to gqt money without eforts or attempks
and lose yout capitll and becomt dependtnt.
lfyou ûte doing R snlvll business cztefully, you
might be a lnzrdwktc mt.rchvnt. or do tle work
concetning iton or witb the help of small nlkchinety
might pzss your lifejot you :rt a producer otare a
stllet of ptoducts m:dt of iron.
Diseases of
Aries or Scorpio tising as an ascendant..
A$ you :re botn undet zising sign of Arks or
Scorpio, Metcuty :nd Satutn ate the maleNc planets
in youthotoscope.You willsufet from bmin detangt-
m ent if you think too muchot shoutloudly.The only
temedy to avoid such disezse isto go to bed early
ot inlatet ageyou willlose the sence oftemembtance.
You willAlso sufetfzom the diseaseslike1gonorthoea
ot Sypbilis.
Diseases of
Taurus ot Libra rising as an ascendant.
You will sufer from pilesot genetalweakness
due to ove:sexualenioyments.Minotoppetationmny
tuke phce ztthe :ge of 28,34 ot42 or debility of
bzain ot diseasesof cancet or tongue ot weakness of
btain may take place in latet age.
Diseases of
Geminior Vgtgo tising as an ascendant.
M ats is the maleûc phnet in yout hotoscope,so
you willbe hztassed by Mats, who is tbe lord of
blood.Tbe petcentzge of zed-ctlls in 'yout blood is
% '7#.yu14 notmal.Oryou will Sufezfzom the unsemic
condition or stone in blâdder or kitlney, appenklicitis,
blootlpressure, diabetes,utinul.trouble ot weak,
heatt.You may hcve to undergo cn t'pperûtion attltt
age of 21,28#42 ot 56.
M oze diseases of W rgo rising as an ascendant.
AS M ars and Sun are the mzlcéc planet iïtyouz
hotoscope,you will suffer from conFtcnt lleatltclpe oz
weukness ofteeth ot bones.
Diseases of
Cancet rising as zn ascendant.
sfetcury at ld Saturn cte tlte lllclefil. plattcts in
youz lpirth clyatt.AF you zrttStllpcn of 51ttf)1ï, you
ztc passionate snd sunkr frollldttllility tltlk'ttk tlvet
sexualpletïsure ûnd nervous tlisot-dets 11)tlkt'lkttt't
Y ou will suFet fton: decontrthl f) f lvtûilt if l' fhtlclo
not get life pattnet in proper tillle or llysteric
condition in the ccse of wolltelt.
Diseases of
Leo rising aszn ascendznt.
Moon and Saturn ttrc tllc ntAleif-plunets in yout
hotoscope,so l'ou will sufet frottl tllv tlisrascs of
wûtet.ltindicAtes cncemic t-ontlition,cscitt-s,t 'lrplytn-
* *
tlûsls Or deûtl
y in water or cztaract, t. o1(I, 4.otlglcs
bronchitip or Rsthtyya. Uses of spices in rcgtllar food
is advisAble-
Please take cste of you,fegswhile wotking on
vehicltsormAchinçty otofCisegsesdueto poisonous
etms.Do noteatsout eûtableslike unripe mangoes,
buttetmilk, tamatind,mangosteen;otherwise you will
sufet ftom zheumztism,pztalysis in o1d age.
Diseases of
Sagittatius rising as an ascendant.
Tht Moon, Venus and Satum ate the maleic
P1:netsin youthotoscope,Soyou willsufet ftom the
diseasesof watez whkh indicates ûnaemk condition,
ascites elephûntiasisot death inwatet otcatatact,cold,
coughs, bzonchitis und asthma.Uses of Spices in
tegulaz food is adviced.
Venus is zlso malefc in yout horoscope, so you
willget the ttouble of pxivate organs, just like
hydtocele, weakness of semen, piles, gonotthoea,
syphilis ot utinaltzoubles :1So.
Diseases of
Capdcom tising as an ascendant.
TheSun :nd Satutnatethemalefc planetsin yout
hotoscope,so you willgetheadches,fevet, weakness
of bones and teeth.You will slso Sufet ftom the
diseases ofcancet ot tongue ot weakness in bzain.
Diseases of
Aquarius tislng as an ascendant.
The M oon and Szturn are the m alefic plznetsia
your hotoscope, so you will suFer. frolt) tlle diseases
of watet which indicates al. kzcnlît-contlitiol),ascitvs,
eieplnantiasis, or tleatlï in vrater f'r cataract, colz,
cougb, bronchitis and asthnla. Uses of Spices i:
tegular food is advised.You willzlso suHkr tkom thej
diseases due to poisonous getnys. D o not e:t sour'
eatables lilktr lemonr, rzw nhângoes. llutttrmilk#
txmaxinds,otlnet wise yOu w111 suFtr ftollt pâralysls
or theumltism .

Diseases of
Pisces tising as an ascendant.
TheSun,Venusûnd Sltutn :re the nlzleicplgnet?
in your horoscope,so you willget weAkness in tetth
oz bones ot bone ttoublew constvnt headache: =4
fevet.You willa$o get trouble ofprivate orgzns An&
wezkness of stmen,piles,gonotrhœz,syphilisorutlnal
tzouble.Do not e:t sout eztzbles like lemons, mv
mangoes,buttetm ilk, tlmatinds, m lngostetn, otbet-
wise you mzy suffez from patalysis = d g:s troublt.

IBased on Radicaland Signidcating planets)

The Sun
W henevet the TzansitSun passesthtough the 1st,
9th and 10th houses of a birth chatt,the body remains
healthy,m ind cheezful,beneft of wealth,fathet'shealth
tem ains in perfect otder,thereisan inœ easein honour,

fam e, prom otion oz gain of setvice or inczem ent in

pay.D evotion to God, pilgtimage to holy places and
perfozmance of religiouscerenaonies take place.
MozeoverwhentheTransitSun comesin conjun-
ction,ot opposition with the tadical Sun, the zadical
Sun gives banedc ot maleic results accozding to his
tehtion with the houses.

Transit planet meansthe present planets movlng in the

sky.Forexample:ln any birth chartofCancer's ascen.
itcould be said thqt,theTransitJupite: ofthlsCancer
ascendantls passing through the 9tb house,ao the Pisces
sign in the Cancer ascendm tSs in the 9th house.
The M oon
W henever the Transit Moon passes through tàe
1st:nd 4t14 houses of a birth chatt,thr soul,micp
:nd body rem aihs chercful, the> zre PCrforlllances nf
holy rites, llappiness of ly()use,atlvantagc ()fvehiclt,
estate, nnotlnerly hap,piness, friends lhtppiness an1
Partnersllips antl peûce ot - nlintl. Nvltct) thtt 51oo:
Passes through tlle 3rtl and 12t1) ltouses. tlïere is
possibility of trttvcls zndif sllc pzssest'
hrougl)tlle 7tN,
house,then tl' ïc dtsise of nhccting life partner arists,
Morcover wlhen the Trcnsit M oon f-om es in cots
junction otophosition witl)flle rûtlit-Al sloon, theN
the rzdiczl Nloon gives benefic or mttlcEc results
According to her relation with the houses.
M ars
W henever Trânsit sfzrs pgsses through tlle 3z4
and 6th houscs of a llitth ctlatt, thcn thc nat, ix
becomes more adventutous.'trkvels thmugl) 1=&
and foteign countties and thtre is distruction of
diseasesAnd enemies.
M ozeovet whtn the Trvnsit Mvts comes ix
conjunction ot op- ition with fthe tldicalMvxs or
vspectsthe mdicvlM:ts, thtn the mdicalMtrs gives
bentfc ot maleûc tesults zccordlg to the ttlltioo
with the houses.
M elc-y
W benevez the Transit M ercuv passes tbtough
the 4th and 10th houses of a bizth chatt, theh
ome ackeives tbe lngppinesscfkouse,vebicle,eststè,
motherly bappiness and buppiness of pattnezship,
obtainF ot increase in power, honour, position and
fzthetly happiness.
àfoteover, when the Ttansit M ercug comes in
conjunction oropposition with the tadical Metcuty,
tlnen tbe tadical M etcuty gives benedc ot maleic
tesults accotding to his tehtion with the houses.

Whenevetthe TtansitJupite: passesthzough the
2nd,5tl1,gtb,10th snd 11th housesof the bitth chatts
tlnen tl ne native becom es free from the wotries of
w ealtln, peace in family, beneitof educution and
clnildztn, inctease in position, honout, of fatlaetly
hzppiness,zelease o: zetutn ofthe invested capital.
Moteover, when theTtansit Jupitez comes in
conjunction ozopposition with tlne zadicalJupiter oz
aspects the mdicul Jupiter, then the tûdicsl Jupitet
givesbeneûc ozmalefc tesultsaccotding to hiszelation
with the houses.
(te )
W henevet the TtansitV enus pusses tbrougln the
7th house of : bitth chutt,the desire of meeting tht
lifepzttneturises:nd thereishappinessofmArried love.
M ozeovet when tbe Transit V enus t-tttphes in
conjunction oz opposition with tlle radical Venus,
then the radicalVenus gives benefcormzlcbit'results
zccoxding to his relation with the houses.

W henever the Transit Szturn pûsses tllrougl) the
6th, 8th and 12th housesofz birtl)f'ltttt't resprctively,
then the native suFers fton) diseases,enetklit.s, detth,
debt,10$$,interestot insolvency.
M oreover when thc Transit Saturn t'ontes in
conjunction,opposition with tl4e radicvl Satutn ot
aspects the rûdical Satutn, then the rzdiczl Suturn
gives beneûc or npvledc rtsults according to 1 4i$
telation with the housts.
ln addition to tbis it should Also be noted tbvt
if Ttznsitmvlefc Satum pusses tbrough a pzrticuhi
house, he ptoduces the mxltfc tesult of thzt
pztticulat house.
S- e M m rtant ptinciple: of Astrology
1. lfany planet is the lotd of ttine oz quadrvnt
:nd zlso of the 6th:$th ot 12th house,itisconsidered
to be a beneûc plznet.
2.lf any planet is not the lord of tzine or
quzdtzntznd if it isthe lozd ofthe 6th,8th or is
it 12th house,consideted to be : malefc planet.
3.In any bitth chsrt if mvlefc phnetcomes in
conjunction, opposition or aspect with particular
houses,then the muleic planet desttoys the benedc
tesult ofthe same pazticular house and also destzoys
the benefc zesult of the house, whose lozd ot the
signifcatotiszelated thzough conjunction, opposition
ot ûspectto the sume malefc planet. FoS instance,
if any npvlefc planet who is the lotd of the 8th
e aud ifitis situated in the 10th house, the
result of the 8th house improves, whereas it
desttoys the benefc tesults of the 10th house and
jt vlso desttoys the benefc results of the telated
houses with the phnets and of the houses.
4.ln the same way if a lotd of ttine or of
quadtant isin the 6th, 8th ot 12th house, it is
consideted welk. So it does not give powetfull
beneEc tesultsto its own houses ot toitssigniûcating
houses.Butitdestroysthemalefc remltof the houses
in wlyic14 it is situated or vspects tbe malefic llouses-

Example :ln Zny birtllcllatt if tllc lortl f)f 9th

lnouse is in the 6th lyouse,tllc nûtive does not get
Powetful benefc re3ults t)f tlle 9th llouse; lhut he
gets tlqe powerfkl llencfit. rttsult of tlbc 6t1) llousd
:nd the 12th houst also-But if this pluntt is related
to anotllcr bencic pkllet by cf lnjunction oppllsition
or cspcct, the planct whicl: is in tle titl),llouse
#ives llenelic powerful tesults to its owl) llot)scs,
and its Signifkating houses clsyt,due to trzllrellAtion
of wec' k conhllinstion-

5..Ifmûleûcplcnetin situcted in one's 9ti)ltousw

then it gives powezful nulel ic rtsults connectcd to,
the 9th house. ln tlte $:mt wAy by opposition ût
zspect, it klso gives powerful mAledc results.
ln tht sacce way if the mzle6cplunet Situgted in
the 9th house,butM zrs acting :$ the lord of trine
ot quazta t aspects the mvlehc plznet by the 4th ot
8th ûsptct, thtn M kts does notlllow the mzltic
pkntt to ctelte At4y mvleic tftctbtcvusq Mvts is the
sole contxllet of this mvld cplu tt.But if this M :ts
is in conjunction or oppositbn witll the mxlefc
plo tt, thtn Mûts h:s no conttol> tt k.% tlw
mllefc phnttwould cttktt mlloftr ttsuk in its timt

(Period)and Mats would give benvfcxsultto the'

native in histime (period).
In the Same way ifM arSisin the 9th '
house and.
the maleic planet occupying the 3td house aspects.
M arsand the 9th housethen thenative would obtain
mûleNc zesult connecting fottune, because it aspects
the 9t14 bouse and Mazs.
Opposite to this if the malefc planet 1S.
situated in the 9th house, ûnd if Mzts occupying
the 3td house ûSPCCtS it, then the nutive would.
experience malefc tesult of the 9th house. But
this tesult would be otdinaty, because accotding to
the principles ofAsttology the eFect of the planet
aspecting thehousesisconsideredto bepowedul.ln
the Same wzy the sspectofMats destroysthe malefc
efectof the9th house,buthehasno completeconttol,
zs the maleNc planetis aspecting Mats too. There is
grekt ups and downs in the life of such natives.
Sometimes heksleepson the bed of toses and.
sometimes on tbe doot!!
6.Tl:e nzturd friendship of the phnets plzyszn.
ejsentizl patt in giving tesults. The Sun,the M oon..
Marsate the fziends ofJupitet. Now the malefc
M oonis the lotd of 8th house in S/ ittztius ascen-
dvnt, she is to give maleéc tesults. But bdng:
a ftiend of Jupitet,she does not give the ntalelic
resultsas required.But ifthesûme M oon is the lord
'of 6th house in Aquzrius ascendant, she is lheing
the enemy of Saturn, would give Powcrful ltlt llcic
tesults,the tesulttl 4zt would be unendurtble 1Ay the
native.Tlpenztivewould Sufet frfhn: the distt zses of
.a scites, anzemic condition,tleûtllin v'atcrctc.qvllicln
ate known as the diseases of Aquarius asl-cntlttsyts.ln
short,malefic pknet givcs mglefic tesult,l'tltitslloultl
zlso b'e noted thztthe nvturalfriendship ol-tlle pltllets
rmay incresse or tltcrezse the tesults accorllijlgly.
7.Plznet stnds its vibrztions 01
-ttifect t('ttn4ltllt:r
ough conjunction,oppositiol)oraspek't,l'
instance,ifMars zspects scturn.tlte eYectt'f51arF is
cartied oF by SAtutn kn tbc lyfluses wllere he
(Szturn)issituated oraspects.
8.Theefectsof the Aspectofplzntt isconsitleted
powetful. Fot instlnce,if Venus ocrupying zst. ettlant
:nd wishesto ctezte his efftct in tlte 1st hous: l'tttif
JupitetAspectsûscendvnt ftom the 7t11 lmust thetffet
ofVenus in the 1$t hourse is desttoytd $ t1:41the
native's 1st house comes unzet the influence

9.Exzlted plvnets ând tht plznets in their own

houses zze consideted to be powerfulj wl4eteas
.debilitûted pknets Att considertd to be wezk.
10.Planets of29 ot 0 degree zte consideted toa
be inefective, cunnot cteate efectand :te in the
extinctstate. In any bitth chart if the lord of 9t%'
house is of û degree, the native would not be.
beneited in connection with fottune. In the same
wzy, ifthe ascendant oz the lord of the ascendant
Ofany native is of 0 degtee,the native willbe wezk
in body, mind :nd soul. If the lotd of 6th
house is of û degree, it cannot cteate diseases ot'
enemies.ln the szme way, fot the 81 house, no.
worties ofShortlife :nd no wotties of expenditutey,
debt,loss,intetest and insolvency for the 12th house.
It should ûlso be noted Simikrly thatthe planetof'
29 ot û degree cznnot creute its own benefc or
maleic effect.

11. Sûtutn bting the sig(nifcatotof the 6th,8th'

and 12th houses should be consiiered AS maleEcp
(exceptinGeminiandVitgoûscendants) even though
he may be cf exalted.

12. If Suturn (except in Gemini and Vizgo

ascendlnt)is in the 4th,or 7th or in 11th house,
und ifthe beneûc Sun, Moon, Mars otJupitet do
not aspect the 1st house, the combination of 1 +
Sltutn Put9 the natives into gteat dimcultits and
cteates blockcde in business or in sezvice.
13.Now,if SAtutn is in the 1st house ttltd tlle
,Sun,theMoon,sfarsorJupiter tkre also in tlle 1st
house,tlne cancellation (bî1 + Saturl:is not (-
14.lf Svtutn ûspects the '
' lllluscantl il tlje
,Jupiterisin tltk. 1$t l'lfltlsc
Sun)tlc Moon,Marsf)1'
itself,the cancellction of 1 + Sattlrn in tllc 1stlltltlse
is not causcd lnecuusc tllc asptct ()f Plgïlt-t is
.considered to be powetful.
15.lf Saturn zspccts the 1st house cnçl tlle Sun
theMoon,MltsorJupitcralso aspccts in tllt' 1st
house,the cancellction o1-1-hSzturn ttotis t'ttuht'tlilnd
if Saturn is i:: the 1st house :nd tlle htlll, tllehlooa,
of 1 + Saturn is cûused,lyccausctllcaspet'ts ofl'
, Alktllvt
i$ consideted to 1)e powetful,
16.lf Saturn is zspected one-sided l'y 51ct-$ (f)r
Jupiter)thtn he (Saturn)isconsidcred to 1)e beïtefic.
17. ln the bitth chzrt of l' kurus und 1-itht:
xscendûnts,if Vqnus And Saturn al' e lc t 'onjunlition,
.opposition ot Aspect,then Vecus urts is c ntglt- fic,
>rcuusc Venus is the lortl of 6tl) :nd 8t11 ltouse
tcspectively- So the relztion of Venus tîy:tl Fattltn
jn this bitth chztt is consitlcrvd to 1)e njglefic. ln the
$;me wc in the zscendlnt ($î Aries :nd Fcorpio,
hr tdltion of Szturn with Mars is ronsitleted to
be maledc.
18.Ifthe lord of ttine,quudtznt orthe lotd of
3td house isin the 1sthouse,then itis considered to
be vety powezful, becûuse it gets the strength of
the 1sthouse.
19.lfany benrfc planetisin itSownsigniicating
house, then itis consideted to be powerful; fot
instance,.Jupitet, tbe lord of7th house is in the
5th or 9th house.
20 Ifany si gniûcûtot(exceptSzturn orexceptin
the lnouse '
of6th,8t1n ot12th)isin itSownlaouse,
then it is consideted to be powetful, For instance,
Jupiter,the Signifcato: of 5tb house isin itsown
10th house, he is consideted to be powetful as a
signiicatot of the 5th lqouse.
21.IfJupitetisin theTautusofLibraascendant
ot is in the Tautus ot Libtasign, then thenative is
unable to uchieve the tequized benefc tesult. Tbe
teason isthatVenus tejectsthe natuteof Jupitet,as
' isthe enemyofJnpitet.
22.ltshouldalso benotcd tbatthe Sun,theMoon,
à:d powerful,while M etcury,Venus ûnd Saturn ate
on the devils side,they zte defeated ones tlt
mAttet of prediction, Venus, Metcuty znd Sztuta
iannot cteate beneûctesultcs much ascreated by the
Sun,the Moon,Mlts otJupitet.

23.If Venus :nd M zts zte zdkttd to tht 7th

house, then the native experiences diëculties iu#
matried life.
117 contrûst to this,if Venusiswtak in zny bittk
churt and if there is c comllinction of7 .h Mats,
thcn tlle ntktivc of sut-l) bittlï clhzrt experience uf
blesFed nlarrictllifc.
24.ExAlted mzlefics are considercd :$ benelic.
25.'rhe exzltedSvturn isconsideted asntzlt6t-.The
nztive of Sucl)exûlttd Szturn runs t lltead lleyond theit
caplcity and consequtntly thcy hzve to retrelt and
expetience despairsfor ever.
26.'flte combinltion of exzlted mzleic . ,
or cxalted luulcûc + mvleûc sltould bt consizeted :$
27.lf beneHc plznet i$ vspected ont-sided by
Sûturn oz nhale6c planet, then th* result of thir
benefc phnet should be tûken as mklefic one;1 4utif
this benedc plznet is âspected by vny benehc plknet,
it should not be tvken :$ mzltfc. i.t. benefqc i,
ûlwzyg benefc.
28.szturn,Mttcut. y znd the signs of G pricom,
Aquûtius, Gtminiot Virgo :re considertd to h:
malefc fo: the 7th hoqse :nd the 5tb house, in tlyeq
mattetof mlttied love :nd hzppintss ot- childttn
zespectively even though they AR benehc in tbe
bitth cbztt.
The specialnature ofVats apd the Moon
Now we shzllstudy the specizl nutute of M zts
:nd the Moon.
The nztute of M ûrs is worth1 studying. H is,
nature is to oppose the situztion, go ahead ' but
aguinst the cuttents. He is btAve, commznder.
victozious in evety feld :ndis ofindependentnatute,
People of Mats ate the sole rulets of this wotld,
though they mc be dictztots, kings ot dected
ministezs. Mûrs is vety powerfpl, intelligent, '
politician and beneûcial. The native having the
advantzge of1 + Mûrs,steps outinto the world in
no titne.
Even though Mats h:s uncountable vittues, zet
lae hascettain weaknessesalso.M ats is commandet,
separzted fsom life partnex,so he is lustful. A11 his
mighty abilities are ovet-powered in the hands 'of
women;thztis why the people of MAts ate always
advised to keep themselvesuwzy ftom women. 'The
living exzmple is of pzofumo, tbe fozmer Defenx
M inistez of England Should be keptin mind.
Mars,the selfm lnlng planet
Jf Mlts is vspected one-sided by Satum in 'any
birth clpzrt,i.e.i? Sktum uspectt h'f:ts kntl 5Iat$
does nût aSPCCt satutn, then 51ûrs lleitlg Qf
indepenient nzture ând capturcd 1,), Fkturn ptcfers
to commit suicide. The nztives of Saturn trit's tc
take muzimum advantagc of hlcrs inttlligenre. witk
zesult tlâat Mkrs opposcs :nd moves reverse :në
kter on the nûtike has to experience great tlcgpaiz
:nd on account of unendurable unhzppiness cnd
miseties commits suicice. Tlle ezkmple tllzt zî
Hitler should be kept in mind.
W hea M o dot: not'act to m in himstlf?
lf there is above-mentioned combinztionflfhl1r$,
tlpe Self ruining pknet i.e.if-s'lats 1::$beentcptuted
oce-siied by Sgturn ând becomes deprnflect, lhtjt if
the bentfc Sun,Moon, Jupi ter zspects Alqts. tlhen
M nz$.the self zqining pknetdoes nût:ctto commit
sukide i. e.M:z$ zcts :$ â brprûc.
W hen the M ovn prefet: yo ruln herx lf :nd
when not?
ln tbt $:mt w%y if tht M oen isvpeqtet
l on-
sidd by Sam ttl,thtn the M* n becomts dependtnt,
ActsjustlikeV4zs,to destzoy hersdf hvt whtn this
ztpenzent M oon is Asptcted by tht beneHcSun. Mars
otJcpiter,then thtMbûnstopsthegctofself-ruin.


Transltmanetary Time (periods).
W hen the Transitplanet aspectstheRadicalplanet
of its own kind by conj unction,opposition oz aspect
v ith the sign and its degtee,latitude and declination
of the Radicalphnetof a birth chart,then the native
,achieves its beneic oz malefc zesult, which is called
TransitPhnetary Time (periods).(T.P.T.)
The below given table has been ptepated and
txphined in complete years?nd monthsswhen a pxrti-
culat planetwould give tesults.Thistable is,ptepared
when tlx ttansitplanet aspects the radicalplanet of
its own kind by conjunction, opposition ot aspect
with the sign and itsdegzee,latitude and declination
of the Radicllphnet in the bitth chatt.
In thisw:ytheTrznsitSun.comesin conjunction,
with zhe 1a41c41Sun with his gign and its degree,
latitude and declinztion at 18 yeArs. ln slme way tLt
Tmnsit M oon, Mzrs, Mercqry, Jupiter, Vtnus =#
Szturn comcs in conj unction witl)tlle Radical Mûtu
ct 16 ye:rs,M zrs at 28 years, N/ ltrcury at 10 yeats,
F upiter at 12 y ears
. Ven us At 8 ye ars Anll Szturn tt
39 years with their Signs. tlcgrces, ltttitttllcs and decli-
nations in tlîttl'irtl)t-llttrt respcctively.
'llese FCûI*S :re di vided illto 12 pzrts (llecaust
ofthe 12 Signs)eûcl
)part(period ortime)isixep'
for eacllhousc.ln tltis wgf by ixing these yezrs:c#
months (period,timc)wllentlhe'l'rznsitpl:netAspect,
lplznetby conjunction,opposition orAspect
with tlte Sign And it$ degtte, lltitude ând declinatln:'
oftlle RAdicalplvnet of z birth chqrt,tlhen tlpe nutivt.t
ofthe birth clqtrt getsmzxlnhum results of the plzntt-.
lt is wotth sRying.thAtthe tvble of tTrvnsitPlvptto ,
Time: is 'scientihc,best in result in the mvtter nT'
EvctaTrvnsitplAnetcreatesitsown eftct vtth
iistznce of 15 degtees forwzrd :nd tuckward fzom'!
the Rz lcAlpknetorit$own kind i.t.itcrektestl w'/
t:ectfot the pezlod (timt)of 30 degrtes i.r.tàt.,
petiod (time)ofon: sign etc.ln this w:y the svn'
foz 18 month,the M oon for16 months, M:r$ for 28
months, Mttcbty fot 10 months, Jupltet for 12
months, Venus fo< 8 months R d skturn for 3:
monthk give tht tesvlts.
Now, if the Sun gives tesult at the age of 18
yeatsof18 months, taking 18 years(complete)i:
centte,deducting 9 months And zdding the9 months,
the Sun gives result at the age of 17years 3 months
t() 18 yeats 9 months in Ttansit Phnetaty Time.
In the szme way the Moon gives tesult at the
lge of 15 yezrs 4 months to 16 yezts 8 months.
Mats at the age of 26 years 10 months to 29
years 2 months.
M etcuty gives the tesult at the age of 9 yeuzs 7
months to 1û yeats 5 months.
Jupitet givesthe tesultattheage of 11 years6
m onths to 12 yeats 6 months.
Venus gives the tesult at the age of 7 years 8
months to 8 yeats 4 months.
Satuzn gives the tesult zt the :ge of 28 years
4nonths to 31 yezts 3 caonths.
Esch phnet aspects the 7th house, so the ttansit
bun,Moon,Mazs,Mezcury,Jupiter,Venusand Saturn
come in opposition with the tadicûlSun,Moon,Mars,
Metcury,Jupitet,VenusandSaturnwith hissign an' h
kisdegtee,.latitude and declinAtion atthe :ge of9,
B,14,j,6,4and 15yezrstespectively.
Similarly the Sun gives thetesultat the age of 8
yC:'S 3 months to 9 yeats 9 months.
The Moon , giveszhe result atthe age of 7 years
4 months to 8 yeszs 8 months.
Metcury gives the resultatthe age of4 yors 7
monthsto 5 years 5 months.
Jupitetgivesthettsultztthe age of 5yeats ç
monthsto 6 years6 months.
Venps gives the result at the :ge of 3 yeats
8 monthsto 4 yeats 4 months.
Saturn gives the resultat the age of 13 yeats
9 month to 16 yezrs 3 rnonths.
Now Mats, Jupitez and Satum havt gOt
The TransitMats aspects theRadicslMzo atthe
8th aspectgivùlg the resultat the zge of 10 yelrs
6 caonths to 12 yeats 1û naonths and 'by the 4th
uspcct giving the result at the :ge of 19
10months to 22 yeats 2 months.
TransitJupitetasptctstheRAK.IJt s/tttatrtht
9th uspect giving the tesult at the :ge of 3 yezr:
6 months to 4 y. ears 6 months :nd 9th aspectdgiviag
the tesultat the age of. 7 yezts 6 months to 8 yeus
6 months.
Ttansit Satutn aspects the RadicalSatutn atthe
10th zspect givipg fhe result At .+e agt of 6 ytvts
3 monthsto 8 yeats 9 months :nd by the 3 zspect
giving 'the '
resit atthe'age of 23 yezts,9' m onths te
24 years 3 months.
According to tkig' thtx y sftetNxiag the pclods
ofeach phnet and ,addhg 18 yeazs in tbe ' medod ,
,Sun,16 y ekts in the petiod ,
ofM oon,28'yers in tbe
petiod of-Mzts,1, 9 yaats in l
tlx petiod ef M cc- .
12 yeûtsin the peziod of Jupitez, 8 years i'
n the
petiod ofVenusand 30yeats in t:e petiod of Satum ,
the table ofTtansitPlanetaty Potid s fot80 m ats '
been ptepazed wlnich is as follows :
Note : Sometimes the TtansitJupiterand Sktum
does not come into con).
'uaction,f% positA
'on or'
with theRadicalJupitersnd Saturn g,
t the distav
of 15 degrees forward and backwztd. So in ozdez%
Nx tlpe periods(time)ofJupiter znd ùtum '
be cozrected .
accotdipg to the petiod of 15 dqgtees
fotwatd and bzckwatd ftom the r dical Jupi tpt
and Fûtuzn.
Example :IfJupitc ,ofLibm isd 22degteesin
tesultfrom 7degteesofXirgo tp7degtee!ofScqrpio.
In thisway the TrânsitPhnetaty Periods(time)of
m itet md Satutn shluld beExed :nd rest of the
ike> ultAKcordi
.ng4othe following-table.
Bitth .
chart,le tgble.
ofbo ec orme Nc Alanets
e te ir resuks.
W h ts:
ind ouththe :gein complde pars and
months fzom the bitth dste ,
of : nsti= and ;nd out
the'ThmitPlanetaty Time(petiod) of : planetor
planttsfrom the tablegiven below accotding to :gei.e.
FGrsand moéths :nd then whzt kind oftesultwould
the native #etcan beknown from the time (petiod)
ofthis phnet or planets who zte telated to the
housesus a lord,signifcztot oz to whom it is in
ronjunction,opposition otaspect.
The pztticuhrs of the houses can beknown ftom
the Chaptet Stventh of this book.
lf thete is no phnetarr time (petiod) in a
pm icular age,it must be undetstood thût the time
willpass without zny notable chznges. This time
is mentioned br the use of the wotd <no'
2.W hen sometimes thete mûy be time of two
ot thtee planets at a time, then it should be
understood that these two ot thtee phnets would
cteate theit efects lccording to theit tektion with
the houses of , birth chaxt.
Exam ple t
Find ppt the age in complete ytats aqd months
of,Ajnative bozn on 8-12-1928 to 54-1965 ?
On dtyucting 8=13-1928 q to 5-8-1965 the
tesultwillbe com@e4e,.36 yeats'and 8 months.Now
obsezing this table of.tTonsit Planetary Time '
ope cap see.,thjt the native is, now underth:
eâctofihe Sun :nd Sktutnt
(The Conjunction,opposition and aspect of the
T tansit planetwith the Radicalphnetofitsown ki
' nd.J
1. A tqble of the tim e (periods) of each
planet or the resultgiven by each benefc o:m alefc
mlanet in a panicular age.
IThe time given are to be understood in
complete Yts.,
& Months.)
Age from com plete Venus 7-8to 8 -4
0 to 10 yr.. Sun 8-3 to 9 -9
Y.M .to Y .M . M etcuty 9-7 to 10-5
.Sun 0-0 to 0 -9 Age from com plete
A4oon 0-0 to 0 -8 11 to 20 yrs.
M azs 0-0 to 1 -2 Y.M .to Y.M .
M etcury 0-0to 0 -5 M ars 10- 6 to 15-2
Jupiter 0-0 to 0 -6 Jupiter 11- 6to 12-6
V enas 0-0 to 0 -4 venus 11- 8to 12-4
Satuzn 0-0to 1 -3 Satum 13- 9to 16-3
Jupitez 3-6to 4 -6 M ercuzy 14- 7 to 15-5
V enus
' 3-8to 4 -4 M oon 15- 4 to 16-8
M etcuzy 4-7to5 -5 Jupitet 15- 6 to 16-6
Jupiter 5-6to 6 -6 V enus 15- 8 to 16-4
'Sat uzn 6-3to 8 -9 Sun 17- 3 to 18-9
M oon 7-4to8 -8 Jupitez 17- 6to 18-6
Jupitez 7-6to8 -6 Jupitet 19- 6to 20-6
M orcury 19- 7to21 5 35- 3to36->
Venus 19- ,
' to20-4 Jupir 35- 6to36-6
M ars 19-1ûto22-2 Venus 35- 8to36-4
A Saturn 36- 3to 38-9
ge ftom coo lete Mats 38- 6to43-2
21 to 30 yrs. 4g
' M oon 39- 4to - g
Moon ,
23-4zo24-8 Jupsr 39- (to404
Jupiter 23- 6to24-6 uesuty g9- 7to.
Venus 23- 8to24-4 vesus 39- 8,to49-4
Szturn 23- 9to26-3 A
Metcuty 24- 7to25-5 geA 9om comWete
8 40 50 t
p s.
Mun 26- 3to27-9 Jupitet 41- 6,to42-6.
Jup 26-10to29-2 Jupitet 43 6to44-6
iter 27- 6to28-6
V ,
Venus 43- 8toG -'4
enus 27- 8to28G S
S ûmrn 43- 9t0.46-3
atutn '
28- 9to 31-3 S
Jupitet 29- 6to30-6 'un
. 44- 3
M M >= @ #V to45-j
ercury 29- 7to30-5 M
oon 47- 4to484
Age from complœ
.upitez 47- 6toe '
3: tp 40 yrs. vexus 47- 8to48%
Moon 31- 44032-8 M ars 47-1û'
to5ûQ ,
Jupiter 31- 6,
* 3226 Mc ury 49< 7to50-5
Venus 31- 8* 32# Age k
* m complee
' 32-10to35.2: :51 .
Y 60 yr..
, 34-7to35.5 J'
u#œ 51-6* 5M
* Marsalso #lvu reolt N caue 4 kl4 two type.
m otiln.
Venu: 51- 8'to53* 'M =s .G -6to71-2'
Sun 5% 3.to54-9' lo keq
r 67-6to 68-6.
Jupiter 53- .
6to 54-6 V eaus 67-8to 68-4.
Saturn 53- 9to 56-3 M etcuty 69-7 to 70-5.
M etcuty 54- 7to 55-5
M ats 54-10to 57-2 Age com pleted from
M oon 55- 4 to 56-8 71 to 80
Jupitet 55- 6to 56-6 Sun 71- 3to 72-9.'
V enus 55- 8to 56-4 M oon 71- 4 to 72-8
Saturn 58- 9to61-3 yupitet 71- 6 to 72-6
Jqpiter 59- 6 to 60-6 venus 71- 8to 72-4
M ercuty 59- 7to 60-5 sattun 73- 9to 76-3.
Venus 59- 8to 60-4 M ercury 74- 5t.o 75-5
Age from com plete Jupitet 75- 6to 76-6.
61 to 70 yrs. Venus 75- 8 to 76-4
Sun 62-3 to 63-9 Mats 75-10 to 78-2
h:oon 63-4to6> 8 Jupiter 77- 6 to 78-6
Jupiter 63-6to 64-6 M oon 79- 4to 80-8.
Venus 63-8to64-4 Jupitet 79- 6to 8> 6
M etcuty 64-7 to 65-5 M etcury 79- 7to 80-5
Jupiter 65-6toà6-6 Venus 78- 8 to 80*
Satutn 66-3 to 68-9 Sun 80- 3 to 81-+
(ln serialcomplete age.)


e * O 4 * : 4. 4
no. d e d' 4 4 /
# d 1
2) ' 4 4 4 yl4 M $
$ .' ? 9 Q
T 4' 2 # 4 d J
ti 't:'
.. i
13 ê & 2 &$ 4h 7
14 & 17 & 4 & 4 4 4 ê '
î . h % b h
p . Sun we= Moon a - Maa 4 . Mercury
Comp.m. m . m . m. m . m . mt
Ys. O 2 3 4 5 7 8
l5 4 Ip

- nO. n0. nO.-

20 d t # : êV 4V ? ' ê t ê4 4 &
14: 4 R 4 : u 9 N R u
21 , e 2 4 & ? ê # 2 & : & T
22 4 e m oo. no. no. no. no. no. no.,
2$ no. no. no. no. no = w w u w 2f w u e u w 4.
. a :r? yk
w u e z; w 4 w > w u w u w u w 1? w 4 4: 41? ç:
7>z Q: îF) e1) *9 9 : 17
tlf) th b$? 4b r: : h t17 9 h : 9 : 'b
26 h b 17 9 e * O O O O O O ;'
27 e 4 e& O & O 4 O ' O # O # O & O & O & &2J ;24
14 > ZJQ 9 k
'z; m4 44 a4 4u 44 e4 & z & e : a Sz
Q Q : : R
41/ & 17 d : & h v4 t:4 r4

2J=Jupiter :.Venus b=Saturn no=êeriod without

cho ge. Yw <'Yèam'çompllœG 'm-= Monls completed
m. m. m. m.
8 9 10 t 11

31 w z u4 w 4 w z w 4
R $ 9
. no. ? #

33 # # 4
34 # &4 $t
35 O4 OM O4

39 #

40 w t w 4 e 4 w 4 v 4 w 4 w 4 w # w 4 4

#% t% #4 4M b4 k4 4
k 7 7 7 R
.41 ê # & # ê ê # *4 #4 4M &2; 44
.4: #11 #4 êM ?% #4 #4 #M ? ê 4 # #
43 # ? :0.i n0. n0..n*.
M 4 4R y9 4e
44 4 $ M R 4 7 4 $ e 4 m4 e4 e h e b O h * & e b
b. % % % 4 % .& b 'o =la ê'
à ' i*Mvto
CDYP.m. m. M. m. m. m. m. œ. m. m'
. M-
Ys. 0 l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11
45 O v * 4 * 4 O 4 O r O 4 e h e b e # e b '3:,

!46 F? : $ : no.
$ no.
47 no. no. no. no. no.


1 1 ')



57 no. no. no. no. no. > . .no. no.

58 no. no. no. no- no. no. t :
l59 : $ $ 4 5 44 #4 44 ku
% 917 9 1? 'b
4 =Jupiter 9=Venus %=Satum no=Period without
cu ne. Ys.= Yeaa completed m.= Montbs completed
Comp.m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m' - m. mk'.
Ys. 0 l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 lt ; '
60 44 44 4M 4u 4u kz; 49 f? ï h b b
917 :b Q : R ï 9h :
61 12 % b % no. no. no. no. no. no.
62 no. no. no. no. e O * O * e e O
63 e O O O O O k; O k' O w O - O w w 4 w4
4 4 49 9 Q
G w 4 w > w 4 t,M ty4 w 4 w 4 w w 4 4 4 :
R e R 9 %
65 4, k 4 : # t aO. 4 4 4 4 4.
66 4 M 4 4 4 M9 4 9 4 9 ê9 4 & && 2&
67 d9 4b ' î
? 41
7 &1
? ?k ;2f #N ê4 &4 ê4

68 ê1$ êN ?4 #4 d M.?4 #4 2 b ? : ? # & :

:h :17 Q9 e17 $9 17 b
69 & # 4 m ? T $ ? ?4 4V m4 m:
7û a 4 d4 dt #: e #, ?t ' ? ê 4 a m
71 a & a no. e O w O w O w e w m w * w o w
. x z; y q v q g :$
72 m w m w e w O - O w O w e w e w 1 w e no. no.
719 4 9 X 9 74e 4 9 4 1J
7$ no. ng. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. 9 N
'74 ï % $ % 9 i k i y& y& y f ? ty
.75 4 b 49 t9 :9 49 49 b 4 N 4 & 4 k > k mv
* y y $y
1 322: ZF &8TR()120sI21I8 2gRRE2T PRE:ICTIgX!


1. H ow to cast a cortect hom scope ?

For the preparation of any birth chart only threè

pazticulats are requited :(1)Birth date (2)Biuh
time (3) Bitth place.
lf any one of the above tbree particullrs is noi
available, then the bitth chart cannot be ptepared.

H ence it is advisable to note cottectly the

/native's birth date, time and place. lf thete is any
m istake in tecording the date, tim e and place, tbm
it is quite natural tbat it becomes dië cult to pro ate
a correct horoscope. The tim e of our watch should
llways be adjusted according to Rlilway's clocks ôt
Radio timings.Tbis time is known as the tStlndxtd
Time '.
According to astrology,when it is one O'clock
in the afternoon,it is written as 13 hours. Tlte time
should be written accotding to Railwal's time table,
ssy aftet 12 noon, 13 p. m., 14 p. m.etc.
Having wzitten date, time :nd plzce, Stazt
pzepzting a hozoscope accotding to the following

Firstof z11fnd out the Local Time ftom the

Standard Time of the birth plzce.As for example:
A child isborn in Ahmedabad on 18-6-1964 at 15
houzs 20 minutes(Standatc
)'1n otdet to ;nd
the Locll Time, we have to see ' the latitude and
longitude of Ahmedabzd.Please refer our book <An
Easy W ay of Casting Cozrect Horoscope' Patt 11
accozding to which Abmedabad is at ' 23 degzees
htitude and 72.39 degtees longimde and the difetenct
of 39 min.32 seconds forAhmedabud Local Time is
shown lessthan theIndian Standazd Time.Now, in this
way we shallfnd th: LocalTimç ofAhmedabad.
Hts. M in. S)
q .
6 )f'
' j1
.''') ,: ,
15 - 79.- 0Qj, ,sto,pdazd Tim'e.
. 9
4 k;,
l #' ''
$' .' vi'.' ' $ r'' J't.
14 - 40 - 28 LocalTime (Ahnpedabzd)
Having obtain the local tim e, the Sidereal Time
of a birth should be added i.e.looking Part 11 of
vour book <An Easy W ay of Casting Correct
Hotoscope', the Sidereul Time on 18-6-'64 is 17
houts 44 m inutes 1 second which is to be added to
14 houts40 m inutes 28 seconds,the totalisasfollows:
H rs. M in. Sec.
14 - 40 - 28 Localtime
+ 17 - < .- 1 Sideteal tinne

32 - 24 - 29
In this way ufter getting32 hts.24 min.29 Sec.
the m otion of Sideteal Time at the rate of 10
seconds pe: hour approxim ately is to be added,
which isknown as <the cozzection of Sidereal Time
at the rate of 10 seconds per hour.'
The jcozzection of SiderealTime at
thezate of10
secondsper houz is to be added l4hetime of a

pattkulat bitth chaztbeing pzepate 0 hout midnight

Exam ple:Ifany one wishes to prepare a bitth
chvtt of a child,botn 15 houts 20 minutes 10 second
Standztd Tim e,then 150 seconds fot 15 houts and 3
secohds of 20 minutes, 'totaling 153 Seconds = 2
minutes 33 seconds jhould be added as cortection
fot Sideru l Time
HtS. M in. Sec.
15 - 20 - 00 Standatd Time.
- 00 - 39 - 32 Diflktence for Ahm edabad.

14 - 40 - XS Local Tim e of Ahm edabad.

+ 17 - 44 - 01 Sideteal Time.
+ 00 - 02 - 33 Coztection fot Sideteal Time
(of15-20)atthe mteof 10'
seconds pet hout.
32 27 02 R.A.M.C.(RightAscensiont
ofMaridian Cusps)
00 00 lf the total is m ote than 24
houts, then 24 houtsshould be
deducted ftom the total.
R. A. M . C.
In shozt fot the pzeparation of any bitth chatt'
by ldding ot by subttacting the diFezenceffrom tbe
ndazd Time (
by addition,if ?ny town is beyond
82 30'East longitude'lnd by subtmting if any towa
is less than 82*30'East longitude the Locil Tim e is
obtained and by adding to it the SidetealTlme and
cottectiön ofSidetl Tlmeat the mte of10 sec.per
hout, of the Standard Tim e one gets R. A. M .C.
N oF look at4he Pazt11 of our book,<An Easy
Fay of Casting. Corrct,,
Hotvscope' the table
givrn of23 htitude i.e. the tlble of psqendtnt of
Ahmedabad.Find out8 hts.27 ' m in.
'2 sec.from the
table of ascendants.The ûêuze is'
between 10Oand 11*
of Libta sign i.e. this native is botn in complete
10* of Libt: ascendant. So rhe igures should be
vritten as follows: !

! h. l I Ascendant:Libta's 10
9 l8 7 (6 I5 degtees.
W rite whete it is
wtitten <A.'in the horos-
10 4
COPC and from left write
Setially 8 to 12 and then
r -7 1 to 6 as Shown in the
11 /1 ct3
i12 hotoscope.
Hsving known how to ;nd out the ascendznt
cotrectly in : horoscope,means you hzve leatnt the
étst step of pzepating a horoscope with hundred
ezcent tesults.
;. H ow to place planet: with its degrees in a
horoscope ?
Now look in the given ephemeris of the yezr
1964 Pztt 11 of out book,tAn Egsy W c ofG sting
Cortect Horoscope ',in which on 14-6-1964 and
18-6-1964 the planets with its signs :nd degzees ztt
zten wzitten.
Planets with its.degrtds at 5-3: A.M .
(Indian stahdatd Time).
N Sun Mars Mercury Jupiter
d-m. Sn.d.m. Sn.d-m. Sn.d-m.
June14 1-29-36 1-4-9 1-14-28 û-21-11
June21 2- 6-17 1-9-9 1-28-36 0-22-38
Venus Saturh llragon's hea: Sn.d,na.
June 14 2-8-52 1û-11-41 2-9-57
June21 2-4-37 1û-11-39 2-8-22
(tettograde) (tetfogtade) (rettogzade)
Now we shall ;nd out the planets with it$
degrees ftom the notes of the above planets of'
18-6-1964,15hts.20 min.(Std.Time) (NotLocal
Time),Beforethis,we shallfnd out the difereàce.
in houts :nd minutes of 14th motning 5hts.39min,
A.M .to 18th 15 hts.20 min.
Day hts.min. lqote kPlease See t1
hzt1)lf iti5'
18th - 15 - 20 30 tcàl,ot tnore thv
14th - 5 - 30 the above answet, lt sh 'o
I h be:pq,' te#,#
;)>s > complete
4 9-J0 'h
ii rx
,. z

y t , ifltisless thun 30'
, t
he minutes should,
')no(be colnt
v, fqrthe,zbove 50 minutes, we shall
s a complete hour i.e.4 days 9 hrs. 5@'
min.= 4 dap 1û houts,(approximûtely)i.e,in 111:
106 houts.
These 106 hours m eans, counting, from 14th
morning 5 hts.30 min.up to t06 hour (anRrox )a
native is born. '
Now we shallind outthe motion ofeach planet
in seven houts.
The motion ofeachplanetin7 days I168 houra.)
The Sun. M ars. M ercuty
Sn.D eg.M ini Sm De kM'd'n. in.
2 - 6 - 17 1-9- 9 1 - 28 - 36:
- 1 -29 - 36 - 1 - 4 - 9 - 1 - 14 - 28

g -- 6 - 4j 0 - 1.
4 - 08
Jupitet. Venus. Szturn
Sn.D eg.M in Sn.De
g.M i
n. Sn.Deg.M. i
0 - 22 - 38 2 - 8 - 52 10 - 11 - 41
0 - 21 - 11 - l - 4 - 37 - 10 - 11 - 39
0 - 1 - 27 0 -r
84 - 15 00 - 00 - 02
? * 'i
J' ..)
The Sun with 1ts degrees.
Suiih 168hts.ià6M
then ,, tn #) ># :) #:106 ,,
641 d V2i * ' ''i 104 . , :g 1
ep m .60 .gygy,x *q168 =.4deg,
s miu.
q 4
= 4 deg.13 min.
Sn.Deg.M in.
1 - 29 - 36 TheSun on 14that5hts.30m in.a.m .
+ 0 - > - 13 The m otion ofthe Sun in 106 hts.

2 - 03 - 49 The Suu on 18th at 15 hrs.20 m in.

M az: wlth its degtees.
lf the motion of Mars in 168 5 degtees,
tken ,, 106 ,, ,,?
5d 106 2
eg. x, jjg- = 3 deg.9y.mi
n.= 3 deg.9 min.
Sn.Deg.M in.
1-4-9 M atson 14th at 5hrs.30m in.a.m .
0 - 3 - 9 The motion of M ars in 106 bzs.

1 - 7 -18 hlars on 18th at 15 hzs. 20 min.

M erc- wIG hs degteeg.
4 (y

lf the mofi on ofFM!ezcug in 168 14 *

't k
tben ,, ,s ,, ,, 106 ?
8 848 , 1X
= j4- deg?=, 6: de
. @'kd YU1y g. x jyj 8 deg.55jj min.
= 8 2eg.55 min.
Sn.D eg.M in.
1- 14 - 28 Vezcuzy on 14th at5hrs.30 min.
0 -'
08 - 55 The motion ofM etcuty in 106 hrs.

1 - 23 - 23 M ercuty on 18th at15 hrs.20min.


Jupiterwith its dejrees

V0 degrees,
If the mouon ofJupiter in 168 hts.is16
then ,, ,, 106 ,, ?
27 427 106 25
= 1yjdeg.= o.deg.x jjj= 54a min.= 54 min.
Sn.D eg.M in.
0 - 21 - 11 Jupiteron 14thlt5hts.30 min.
0 - 00 - 54 The motion ofJupitezin 106 hzs.
0-& = Jupitezon 18th lt15 hts.20 min.
Venu: vith it: degree..
i 15
lf the motion of Venus n 168bts.is4 6:degtee6,
1 en ,, ,, ,, 106 ., ,, ?
15 255 1% d 25
= * deg.= & deg.x j6s = 2 eg.40jp rnin.
< 2 deg. 40 m1.
Sn.D eg.M in.
2 - 8 - 5'
2 Venus on.t4th atf5hts'
.30 min.
- 0 - 2 - 40 The.motion ofVenus.ih,106'hts.
12 Venus on 18th at'15 hrs.20 mim,
Saturn with its degree..
Ifthe motion of SYtum!in 1681h> .is 2 m in,
tlAen ,, >: >> >y >>106 ?
= 2 mi
106 11 '
n. x .= 1-. m in. = 1 m in.
168 42
Sn.D eg.M in. :
10- 11- 41' S' aturm ou 14th at 5'hrs.3Y mih.
- 00- 00 - 01 The m otion of Satutn in 106 hts.
10- 1'
1-40 SgtutnsoK.1'
K1t'ut 15 he .20 min.
t t?

Dtagon's head < th it. degre41ee.

2'- 9 - 5T O a'
gv 's''heidlödî.1-6-'ö4.'
- 2 - 8 - 22 D tagon'st
head on 1-7-:64.
. . # .,. ;'
0- 1-35.,
w kkee o a '
a- un ofDzagon.s.
' %r<r
w# t
lny1 mpeth.,
lf 35
th4 motion ofD 720hrs.is1u degrœv
thea tk4 9'mot
ion of D 10,
5hri ?
' 35 .
5 106 ' X
= 14jdkg.= jj deg.x 7jL = l3x min.= 13 mim
Sn. D eg. M in.
2 - 9 - 57 D .head on 14thatshts, 30 min.
- (
) - O - 13 The motion of D.h.ih 106 hrs.

2 - 9 - 44 D .h.on 18-6-:6# 15hztï20 min.

The M ooh with its degrees
Sn.Deg.M in.
June 19 5 - 28- 05
June 18- 5- 15 -'40
0 - 12'- 23 M otion of the M oox
in 24 hts.
H ts. M in.
15 - 20 Tk: ti-' of'bitth on 18th.
- 05 - 30 Th: tiMe ofthe M oon on 18th.

9 - 50 DiA teM e.
lf the motion of the M oon in 24 hts. is 1225 d
thèn themotiol'oftheMoon i
n95? hrs.
. 6è.
25 .757 590 1 .;drg.s 39,.
=12g4 deg.= w deg.x .*
..-x 2
-4= , , 144 m'
- 54eg.
.5 mh.,
Sn.Deg. Min.
5 - 15 - 40 The Moon on 18th at 5 hts,
30 m in.
+ 0 - 05 - 05
- The motion of the Mofyn
hts.50 min.

5 - 20 - 45 The Moon on 18th at 15 hrs.

20 min.

Now we shlll s:e how the phnets with its

'degzees c:n be wzitten in a horoscope.

-..- -.--.- --- .-
on 18-6--64 15 hz-
s. zo
l min.p.m.
Asc.e n a t ,; 7 '
10 4 6 2 ! 1 1 0 2 10 2
10 3 20 723r 6 11 p
l wehaveseenthztthe
3 al
n h;S
jgs al
'minutetj it mqv
l :% #
ps thztthe Sun isin 4t
h degree of
Gemink rSo ve have placed the Sun in Geminiin the

Eotoscope. In the same wzy the Moon is placed in

the Virgo,Matsand Metcuty in Taurus, Jupiter in
Aries, Venus 'in Gem ini, Satutn in Aquatius and-
D ragon's lnead in G emini and so on.

Please rem ember that the signs, degrees and

m inutes wtitten in every ephem ezis ate wzitten itt
complete signs,de tees and minutes. If itis written
in M ars column 1 sign 7 degtees, then M ats has
connpleted 1 sign, means that M ats is in 2nd sign Tautus and M atshasalsocompleted 7degteesa.
nneans M ats is of 8th degree ofTauzus.

ln t14lS wc one cun pzepate easily a horoscope.

No daubt one fnds it rathetdiëcult in the beginning,
but constant teading and ptactising enables one to',
ptepare any horoscope in Nve minutes only !

N ote Accotding to the above method, one can

ptepare a hotoscope of any native born in any part
of the world by studying our book, <An Easy W ay
of Casting CortectH oroscope' which is written in a.
simple language with various examples and, can be
easily followed by any one.

2.H ow to convett a W estern bltth chatt

(Moving Zodiac) into an Indian bitth chatt
(Fixed Zodiac):.
Look gt the W estetn hotoscope of M ahatma
Gzndhijigiven below.Letussee how this Westezn
hozoscppe can be chaaged iato an lndian hotoscope.
Befote begipning it îs quite necessaty to be familat
ew ith signs used in the hotoscope.


& *
* 5. ()
à u- %
'. . ?
o *
xT,( .

>e. ,!!Q : :
e I
.,. zo-: .'
j ),jn .
. y
:1t k l 1j', 6
y s.e
# 16.:: . z' .5 ,
l, , yyw )
1t1zw '
, .
-v . '' @

d: - :
X A*
T Aries Q Sun
M Taurus D Moon
c Gemlni 4 Mars
e CRncer k Mercury
à). Leo 1; Jupiter
4.x Virgo î Venus
,> Llbra 1
2 Saturn
lTt Scorplo 4 Dragon's head
% Saçfttarlus @ Dragon's tail
1 Caprkorn
= Aquarius
X Pisces

The diletence between Moving ZodizcandFixed

Zcdiac in degrets.
(From Moving Zodhc)
Deg.Min. Deg.Min.
A.D.1868- 22-40 A.D.1922- 22-45
A.D.1886-22-15 A.D.19* - 23-00
A.D.19* -22-30 A.D.1958-23-15

(Note:The Sohr System moves1 degtee in

tmezy 72 yezxs.So thtteiszn inctementof onedegzee
in Fixed Zodiac in evezy 72 yezts i.e. consideting
quattetdegrteoz15 minutesmotion in 18 yeats.)

Mkhatnu'Gundhiji w:s'born in A. D. 1,
During the birth .
yezt,the difetence ofFixtd Zodiac
was'mi% s 22 degtees ofMoving Zodiae.
N ow look at the dgures wtitten 1 toi12' in :
circular form in the m iddle of the birth chart. The
line drawn above 1 is Eastetn H otizon and indicûtes
5 degrees 8 m inutes of Scotpio's M oving,Zodiacx
from which deducting 22 degtees a bitth chatt of
Libta ascendant of 13 degtees and 8 m inutes is
Now deducting 22 degrees ftom the planetsy.of
M oving Zodiac we shall obtain the planets of Fix:d

Planets of 4
Planets of
M oving Zodiac Fixed Zodiac
Sun Libza 8 degs.58 m in. =
Virgo 16 degs. 58 min.
A4oon 20 degs. 5 m in. -
Cc cez 28 degs. 5 m in.
i y l
M ats Scom io 18 degs. 41 min. =
Libza 26 degs.41 m in-'
M ercuty : Scorpio 3 degs. 40 min. =
Libra 11 degs. 40 mim'
Jupitez :Taum s 20 degs.8 min. (retro.) =
28 degs. 8 min. of Aries,
V enus :Scorpio 16 degs.24 mim =
Scorpio 24 degs. 28 m in.

Saturn Sagittarius 12 degs. 24 min. =

Scorpio 24 degs. 28 min.
D ragon's head : Leo 4 degs. 9 min. =
Cancer 12 degs. 9 min.
oj, Asc. Libra.13 degrees.
10 4 In this way a hotos-
ù$ s cope of M oving Zodiac
can be converted into a
horoscopeofFixed Zodiac.
Now v:e slnall learn how to read and convert a
birth cbart written in language.'
King Geotge V.Born :3-6-1865 (diFetence of
22*forFixed Zodiac)'
Time:1-18 (a,m.)London.
lrhe Birth Chatt of stovhzg Zodiac.
X XI XI1 A-. 11 1II
>e10 :,204 4r140 T2039' 8190 / 13Q
z zbqezT'; >ax104'9 y2406.; o ,1280;u z25040,
k$9Q; v18:30';0. r12930';
The sam e birth chart in Flxed Zodiac.
In the above birth cl
natt 1st, 1Otl1, lltlh, 12t1:,
1Sthouse (Asc.) 2nd lnouseand 3td lltluscarewrittcn.
W e shallfzstseetbesignsûnd degreesoftheascentlant.
ln M oving Zodiac = ln Fixed Zodiatp
Asr'. :Aties 2 degs.39 min.= Pisces10degs.39min.
M ats :Leo 5 degs. 37 min. = Cancer 13degs.37nhin.
M oon :Libta 1 deg.4 min. m vizgo 9 degs.4 lmin.
Satum :Libra24degs.6min. = Libta 2 degs.6 min.
D tagon'sbead :Libta 28 degs.= Libta 6 degs.
Jupitet:Sagitt.25degs.40min.= Sagitt.3degs.40min.
Venus :Tautus 9 degs. = Aties 17 degs.
M ercuty :Taum s18 degs.30 min.= Aries26 deg.30 min.
Sun :G eminilzdegs.30min.= Tautus20degs.30min.
In tlais w?y one can convert a hotoscope of
Moving Zodiac into a hotoscope of fixed Zodgzc.
For this it is quite importantto rem ennbeztlae symbols
of'12 signsahd stven'jlahets.
à 3ggR gl'18T22Lg0ICkL (IIIZIIEI;T ?2E,lCTIgX8
Chapter Fitst :First H ouse
N ow we ShallStudy how to know the history of
a nutive from the twelve houses of the bitth chatt,
Fitst of al1 we slnalltty to understand the three
main elementsofthehuman existance (1)thenative's
body,mind and soul,(2)intelligence,education and
(3)fottune.Thewhole stem oflifeischiedy based

on the above thtee main elements, tlut is we shall

leatn to obsetvethe 1st house,5th house and the 9th
house.It is only, through these thtee main elements
a native is able to build his life and prosperity.Lstet
on we shalltry to study the secondazy knowledge of
othet houses etc.,of the native's life.
(a)A Stoutbody :
(1)l'irsthouse + beneûc ot Fitst house witlw ut
(2)1StLotd + benefcor 1St l.g()rd in quadrantct
trine ot in the 3rd lpousc or exaltcd.
(3)Sun + beneic or Sun in quûdtant ot trine ot
in the 3rd house or exalted.
(b )A Weak-body :
Fitsthouse + Sûturn (excepttheusc.ofGemici
& Vitgo)(malefic)ot his sign mzlcfic ot
zscendant 4.(of0 degtee)

(2) 1st Lord + Satutn (malefc) ot his sign ot

maleic otin 6th,8th or12th l nouseot1st Lotd #
oz debilitated.
(3)Sun + Szturn (malefc)othis sign or mâlehc
otin 6th,8th ot 12th ot sun % ot debilitated.
A Stout body :An explanation ofits com binations-
'1. If there is a benefc planet in the 1$t house or
beneûc planetûsp'ects the 1st h6uj'
eôt lf ih6/ is
ro i11y phùttin th'
8 1jtköûïe ot'i'
fn6 jlunet
aspèctstht 1st houstj thiscombination is calld
<Fizgt hpuse + beneic oz Fitst house without
y V niic planetisielited to the 1stLord
bytdéjàdtiiön,opjotition or '
zspectot the 1$i
Löid i's'ln '
dtantor trlne otin the3td house,
or exalted, yhen tbis combinxtion is czlled <15t
Lord + bene!
fc ot in quadrant or ttine ot in
the 3rd house ot exalted.'
Ifany beneic planet is telated to the Sun by
conjunction,opposition otuspect orifthe Sun
is in quadtant ot trineot in the 3rd house ot
exalted,then this connbination is called <Sun +
benedc ot the Sun in quadtantot trine or in
the 3td house or exalted.'
A N ative of Stout body :Observe and understand
the bkth chatts and read pe19w
(See Exanaple Section:Page 14.)
1St ,Comb.:(1)Asc.+ Mats (2) Asc.+ Moon
(3)Asc. Sun (4) Asc.+ Jupitet
, (through)Mars.
;nd Comb (1)1SrMays + Jvpittr(2)1stMurs

exakej (3)1StMats+ 10th qaydtunt.

3td Comb. (1) Sun + Moon (cancell
ation of
ed copbinaion of the Sun)
(2)Sup + 7th quydtant.
Result:The nztive's body is stout.
Please note thatthe diFerent combinatiops o,f
Gesameklnd 4iven areforthesaie of conven-
ience and uhddrstanding to the reader: butas a
whole, one com bination is enough fotthe correct
Comb.:(1)Asc. + Moon (2) Asc.+ Mut,
(3)l+lupiter* (through) Satutn aui
Mats(4)1+ Venus*(through)Satum
and Mars.
2nd Comb.:(1)1stMoon + Mzts (2) 1stMoon
+ Jupiter* (through)Saturn and Mars
(3)1st Moon + Vtnus* (thtough)
Svturn and Mats (4)1st Moon + 1st
3td Comb.:(1)Sun in hi$ signiicating house
(2)Sun + 9th trine.
Result :The native's body is stout.
1st Comb. (1)Asc. + $un (2) Asc. + Jupiter
(3)Asc.+ Mûts* (thtough)Jupitet.
2nd Comb. (1)1stJupi
ttt+ Mvts(2)1stJupitet
+ 9th trine.
3td Comb. (1) Sun + 7th quvdtet.
Result :The native's body is stout.
j 1

1st Comrb,y!,,(1)Asç.,+ Moon (2)Asc.+ Mzzs.

znd Comb-,:(1)1stVenus+ Jupi tet (2)1StVenus
+ Metcury (3)1$t Venus + Mar;*
(thtough) Satutn. (4) 1stVenus +
Moon @ (thtough)Matsod sstuzn.
3rd Comb.:(1)Sun without combination znd aot
in the 6th,8th ot 12th house.
Result : The nztive's body is stout.
Comb.:(1)Asc.+ Sun 2)Asc. + Mars
(3)Asc.+ Mercup (4)Asc.+ Venus
(5)Asc.+ Jupiter @ (through) Sun
(6)Asc.+ Moon*(thtough)Jupitet
and Sun.
2nd Cotnb.:(1) 1stVenus+ Sun (2)1stVenus+
Mlts(3) 1stVenus+ Mexcuty(4)1St
Venus + Jupiter (5)1st Venus +
Moon * (thtough) Jupitet (6)1st
Venus + 7th quadrant.
3td Comb. (1) Sun + Mars(2)Sun + Mercue
(3)Sun + Venus(4)Sun + Jupket
(5) Sun + Moon@ (thtough)Jupitet
(7)Sun + 7th quadrant.
Result tThe nztive's body is stout.
1$t Comb.: 1)Asc.+ Alars (2)Asc. + Sun
(3)Asc. + Jupitet.
2nd Comb.:(1)1$tJupitet+ Sun(2)1stJupitet+
# Mats (3) 1stJupitet + 7th quzdrant.
3td Comb. (1) sun + Jupitet (2) Sun + Mats
(3)Sun + 7th quzdmnt.
Result :The native's body is stoutand isa wtestlet.
A Nadve of Stoutbody : Take down the bitth
chatts and m ake yourself more sure.
(See Example Section :Page 15)
f lnsttuction ;
Please sve <M eaning of Symbols and Abbrevi
ations' given on pages of this book for the expla-
nation regarding how to ptepate a horoscopefrom
the Ngutes.
1.Geotge Fmnco No.14.ShiyajiGayzkwadand a wtestlet.
No.1.& 3.Benefc Jupitet aspects 1st Venus*
(through)Satutn No.2.1stLord isexalted.No.9.
The Moon aspects the Sun * (thtough)Sztutn.

A W eak body )An explanation of its com binadons.

1, IfSatutn (except Geminiand Vitgo ascendâne )
or maleûc istelate4 yo th: .1st hùuse by conjun-
ction,opposiyion ot Aspect oriftl te isCapticotn
ot Aquatiussign in tke1sthovs: ot theascendant
is of0 des ee,then this çombination is kaowq
as'Firsthouse+Satgzn (exceptGeminiotVitgo
vscendlnt)pt maleûcotûscendant+ (0 dtgreel.'
IfSatutn (excvptGemiqiand Vitgo ascendants)
% pvlefcistvktçdtoyhe1stlordbycqnjuncti ow
(opposition ot aspect or th' e lotd ofthe ascendant
is in Cûpticotn or Aquarius sign or is in the
46t h, 8th or 12th house ot lord of the zsceadûnt
is #ot debilitated,thea thiscombination isknown
.a,stLotd ofthe ascendant+ Satuzn (exceptthe
ord of GetniniotVitgo zscendant) otmllefic
.otSaturn's sign ot in the 6th,8th ot 12th house
#or lozd of tl4e ûscendant is % ot debilitated'.
)1f Sat
utn or maleic is tellted to the Sun by
conjunction,opposition oraspector tke Sun is
.in tkpticotn or Aqkatius sign ot is in the 6th,
8th or 12th house ot the Sun is%or debilitated,
then 'this combinationi!known aSçSun + Satutn
ot his sign ot maleic orin the6th, 8th.or 12th
.ot Sun % ot de bilitated-'

N ative ofWçgk-hpdy :gbservç =4 understaq/
the birth charts and tead beloe.
(See Expmple Section :Pag: 16.)
Heze itis to be teme>bced that ifthere ar>
thtee combinvtions s' ignifying weak body? then the
nativè's body may be vety weak, ifthete are two
combinations,then the natlve's'kbody may be weuk,if
4k-e îs*ne qombinoùon,then the nztive's body may
ess weak and if theze no combination ata11,then
e!sAtivè's body mustbe k st- :nd hezlthy.
1St C()mb.:(1)ASc.+
2nd Comb.:Nil
3rd Comb.:(1)The sun %
Result:The native'r body is weak.
1stComb. (1)Asc.+ Satutn (2)Asc.hp beneûc
M oon * (through)Satuxn.
2nd Comb.:(1)1st Sun + 8
3rd Comb.:(1)Sun + 8
Result:The native's body FaS weak due to ov=
1st Comb.:(1jAsc.+ malefc Mats.
2nd Comb.:(1)1stMetcury 8
3zd Comb.:(1)Sun + 8
t kThe nztive's body is too A or

1st Comb.:(1)Asc.'+ maltûcVlnuss
2nd Comb.:(1)1stJupitet * k
3#d Comb.:(1)Sun + t makfcVenus.
Result:Tht qativeisalwzyssick.

1stComb.:(1)Asc.+ Saturn (2.)Asc. Malee
M etcuty.
3rd Comb :(1)San + Saturn (2) Sun + mslefc'
Result :The native's body wzs weak due to over
1st Comb.:(1)Asc.+
2nd Comb. (1)1stSaturn himself isthe 1stlord..
3rd Comb.:(1) maleûc Sun maleûc Sun +
Aquazius sign.
Result:The nztive's body is weak.
A Native of W eak-body ;Take down the biêth
charts and m ake youtselfm oze sure.
(See Exzmple Section:Page 17.)
Nos.4,11,13 and 18 arethehotoscopesofdwatfs.
Nos.4, 5,8,9, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19,20 and 21
have al1the three combinations of weak body.
Nos.19 and 21,the Sun is maleichimself.
Nos.1, 2, 3, 10, 12 ?nd 14 hzve no i st
No.6 no ftstand second combination.
No.7 no second combination.
No.11 no second :nd thizd combination.
No. 17 no thitd combination.
(a)A Man ofdetermination
(1)1sthouse + Mats or Ariesor Scorpio.
(2)1stLotd + M ats ot Aries or Scorpio.
(b )A Man ofWeak-mind
(1) 1sthouse Satutn or G pticorn Aquarius
oz ascepdaqt #
(2)1stLotd + Satutn ot Capricotn otAquarius or
maleûc or in the 6th,8th ot12,th house ot :ot
debilitated ot Myts # ot debilitzted.
A M an of determinatipn tAn rxpl ar ,
anatiop ofits
com binztions.
lf Mztesi.s tel,ûtedtothe1sthoysebyconj unûtion,
opposition ot aspect or if thete is Aties or
Scorpio ip the 1sthouse, then thiscombinûtion
in known as <1St house +'Mats oz Atks
or Scotpio'.
:. lf Matsis tdated to 4he lozd of the ascendûnt
by conjunction, opposition ot aspect orif the
lotd # 4he gsçeqdaqt isîn Aties ot Scorpio,
then thiscomhiptk
io,n is #ppFq asdLotd ofthe
ascend>nt + '.Mats or Atiqs or Scotjpio '.
4 b
Mltsis a man ofdetetminayion, hençe if tlxte
is a relation of Mzts with the ascendantot with the
lotd ofthe asctndant, he makes the nztivt fully
detetmined. lf thete is one of the above two.
combinations,then the native is iust determined and
ifthere are two combinztions, then the nltive is
strongly determined.
A M an of determination :Obsetve and understand
the birth chatts and read below.
(See Example Section :Page 18.j
N o.445
1st Cotnb.:(1)Fitsthouse + Mzts.
2nd Comb.:(1)1st Venus + Mats.
Result The nltivewasamûn ofstrong determinztion-
He is h'fal
qltnna Gzndhi.
1st Comb. (1) 1Stl
nouse+ Scorpio.
2nd Comb. (1) Marshimself is the 1stlotd.
Result The nztive was u man of determinstion.He
1St Comb.:(1)1sthouse+ Mars.
2nd Comb.:(1)1stVenus+ Mats:
Result Thenativewasàman ofStrong detetminztion.
He is Stalin.
No. 643-8
1st Comb.:(1)1sthouse+ Mars.
2nd Comb.t(1)1stSAturn + M:r$.
Result :The native was consideRd to be a mén of
detetminztion.He isMzvlznkzt.
No. 452
1St Comb.:(1)1Stlnouse+ Aries.
2nd Comb.:(1)Matslyilmselfis tllc 1stlord.
Result :The native wzs A llan ofdctetminctioth. l
is Subzsh Chandt: Bose.
1st Comb.:(1)1Sthouse + Mars.
2nd Comb,:(1) 1st Moon + Mcts.
Result :The native is consideted to be sttongly
A M an of detetm ination :Take down the birth
chatts and make youtself m ore sure.
(SeeExample Section :pzge 19.)
2.Nathutam Godse.3.S.K.Patil.4.Gadgil.5.
Ghose. 9. Roosevelt. 10. Hitlet. 11. Gokhle. 12.
Genetal Fzzncko. 14. Vinoba Bhave. 15.Rvjendzz
Pmsad.16.SiyajiGayakwar,17.Mahvtanz pmtap and
18.: wtestlet.
A M an ofW eak-m ihd :An explanation of its
com blnatlons.
lfSatutn isrehted to thelsthouseby conj unction,
opposition oz vspectot ifthete is Cûpticotn ot
Aquztius in the 1st house oz if the ascendant is
of0 degree,then this combk nation is known :3
< + Szturn ot Czpricotn or Aquarius
ot :scendzntv'%
2. lf Saturn o!any maleic planet isrelated to the
lord ofth61Sthouseby conjunction,opposition
or aspect or the lord of the ascendant in
Capricorn ot Aquatius orin the6th)8th or 12th
house ot of 0 degtee oz debilitated or Murs
of0 degree or debilitated,then this combination
isknown zs <Lozd of the ascendant + Satutn
ot Aquatius ot Capticozn ot maleûc or in the
6th,8th ot 12th house ot of.' ?or debilitated
M sts 1 or debilitated.'
Sztutn znd hiS sign is supposed to be weuk
minded, hence the nativeî ofthe zbove mentioned
combinations become weal t minded.
A M>n of W eak-m ind :Observe and understand
the bitth charts and read below.
(See Example Section:Page2û.)
1st Comb.:(1)Asc. Sztutn,
2nd Comb.t(1)Metcuty + Capzicorn.
Result :The native waS weûk-minded :nd h1d been
in ptison.
1st Comb.:(1)Asc.+ Saurn.
2nd Comb.:(1)1stJupiter +(.
Result :The nztive wasweak-minded and wasmined
in fgure gamblings.
1st Comb.(1)Asc. + Saturn.
2ncIComb.(1)1 Metcury j'
p(of0 degree)
Result :The native isspcnd-thriftAS he Aets tnonep
Ht is losing his stattls in society.
1$t Connb.:(1)Asc.+ Cûpticotn.
2nd Comb.:(1) Saturn himself isthe lord of the
1St house ztnd is in tlte 8th house-'
Result :The native isa womAn of weak-nhind.
1st Comb- :(1)Asc.+ Aquari us.
1 ('omb.:(1)Satutn himsel
. fisthe 1stlod.
Result :Tlye nk
ltive is weakwmihdez.H. : thinks thzt
hè .
ishafàstedby.a spitit.
1stColnb. (1)ASc.+ Satutn * Moon,Mars.
2nd Comb.:(1)Mars+ Satutn * Moon.

Result 2The naivle'p pind was veak.He lost all.hi.

money in dtimks.
A Native of Week-mind :Take d- n the birth
charts and m ake you- lf more sure.
(See Example Section page21)
No.17 is ofMalek Hebelievesthqtheishl-
bY R,spiritA'
nd is smred of hin). '
(1)1(ascendantorlotd ofthe ascendant)+ Sun
. or his sign.
(2)1 .
,asceadantorlordoftheascendant)+ Jupiter
or biS sign.
(ascendantotlotd of the ascendant)+ Mzts
)+ Jupiter
orhis Sign.
(2)1 (ascendantorlord of the ascendant) + Sun
oz his Sign otMats othk sign.
(c)Lacking'in Soulpowet:
(1)1Cthouse + Satnrn orhiSSign ormalefc,
(2)Lotd oftheascenëant+ Saturn ot hisSign ot
in tlye 6th,8th or 12th houseormalefc.
The Soulofevec native is holy. Soulisa real
manifestation ofGod.But to-day inthisworld,rapidlr
moving in lea?s :ad boand, evetr iadividual is
sarfzcely engtosseï aqd fascinated to the1 snaresofthe
world :M havelostthe real hgppiness :nd pure
manifest:tion ofsoulWhil,ethereuresome knowledg-
thirsty pcople wl)()t lre cxtt -cki
lely desir4lus tf) t-ocle
out into this wotltl if1 seatr-l) ( '
lt- retlrltigi îltllity
of l'lin), leavei
ng tlleir ftnh il
r cntl tit-
s. q
' ?ife
and claildren IIRd worldly l'liss t()leallttpttre-hf')Ilctl
holy life.They are evcr-tcady to t kce lltlrdsllip'
rt knë
Qbsttclts with û stnililïg ftce to retk God. ilttrc ic
Astrology such awakcncd soulis expresscd witl)the
word $ou1powet' and Sleeping soul ï ts Iaat'king
in soul powet.'
Here ûccotding 'to the natute of tlpe plttltcts, tlx
sun isGod,Almighty,$o the nAtives of1 > Suc
:re ulways in endeavouting to seek God. Sut-h gtea
souls bestow theitwhole life in setvice ofGod.Also
iftheze is a combination of 1 + Jupitet antl1 >
Mûrs,then thesenûtivts becometGteat Saints',Ti yey
heat the callof God An2 obtain divine knowledge.
They teceive the messages of God :nd actAccotding
to Hismessages And are mostly religioug pteachets.
W hatever they speak ot tell zlways pzove cotretznd
Ih this Nvay ther :nd theit W:y to svlvztion. The
of1 '
+ Jupitergives thenvtives powez
to endeavo. ani,ropposemiseries,dkectsthem towotds
th't ,pgttlép of'God; and the combination of 1 +.
Mats,e kesrthe nvtives stNongly determined,ftm an2
pyv uge.jkp,.zclpacity to R l:l th
'tiz aim with success
ywfktaqd :
Soul power:An explanation of its com binations.
Ifthe Sun istelated to the lSthousebyccnjun-
ction,opposition ot if there1 is Leo in the 1St
lnouse or if tlne Sun is related to tlne lord of tlne
ascendûntby conjunction,opposition orthe lotd
of the ascendantis in Leo, then thisconnbination
is known ZS t1 ot lord of tlpe ascendant + Sun
ot hiS sign'.
(2)lfJupitetis tehted to the 1Sthouse by conjun-
ction,opposition otaspectoriftheteisSûgittarius
otPiscesin the1Sthouse ot Jupiter is rehted
to tbe lord of the cscendant by conjunction,
opposition ot aspector lord of the ascendantis
in Sagittarius or Pisces,then this combination is
known as<1orlord ofthe ascendûnt+ Jupitet
Ot his sign'.
f3)IfMatsistelated to the1Sthousebyconjunction,
opposition ot aspectotifthereisAriesorScorpio
in the 1St house orifM ats is telated to thelozd
of the ascendantby conj unction, opposition ot
lspect or the lotd of the ascendant is in Aties
Ot Scotpiö,then this combination is known as
<1 oz.lotd of the ascendnat + MatsoxhiSsign'.
Instruction :AsM ûrs isconsidezed to be malefc
in Geminiand Vitgo ascendantsgào thcte should'have
been a cancellation of malefc. Mats or .he should
be exdted.
A M an of Soul power ) Obsetve and une rstan:
the birth charts and read below
ISee Exan
lple Section :I7:ge 22)
lko. 446
1stComb. (1) 1 Jupiter+ l, co
2nd Comb. (1)1st house + Szgittûtius
3rd Comb. (1)1st lAouse + M zts
Result :The native was teligious and 1ed saintlr
life. He is Rajendr: Ptasad.
1st Comb. Ni1
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthousc+ Sugittarius
3rd Connb.:(1)1st house+ i
Result :Thenativeisa man ofdetetmination,i$.Agxeat
Social worker:ndsûint. Heis Vinoba Bhave.
1stComb. (1)1 Venus + Sun
2nd Comb, (1) 1stlnouse+ Jupitez* A'1ats,Suturn
3zd Comb.:(1)1st house + Mats * Satuzn
Result :The native was wellknown as an ascetic.
1stComb. (1)Tht '
Sun exzlted. (2)A$c.+ Sun
* Satum .
2nd Comb.t(1)kAsc..+ Jupitet
3td Comb.:.(1)'Asc.+.Mars
Result tThenativewasgtevtteligious:nd a .
> 4- =

1StConib. :(1)Asc.+ Sun
2nd Com/ b.:(1 Asc.+ Pisces (2)Asc.+ Jupiter
3rd Connl). (1) 1 Jupiter+ Mars(2)Asc.+ Mats
* Jupitet
Result The native :
is û desciple of Aurobindo.
1St Colb. (1)Asc. Sun
2nd Comb. (1)Asc.+ Jupiter* Mats
3zd Comb.:(1)Asc.+ Mars
Result Th: native is a widow and devoteeof God.
h M an of Soul power :Take down the bitth
charts aM m ake yourself more sure.
(SeeExample Section :Psges23-24.)
Great Saints
4.RzjChandraji.No,5.Guru Nanak. No.
No. 1.,
No.16.Vivekunvnd: ûnd No.18.R9m Krishnu.
No.3.The wotds spoken hy the native always
come ttue :nd kx ws someofthe events beforehand.
No.2.1$t ( m mb :1$t Lord is in Leo.
No.3.3td '
O tlnb:Asc.+ Mats* Jupiter.
No.6.2nd'comb :1stLord + Jupitez*Szturn,
M eom
No.9. 2nd comb :;+ Jupitet*Mars, Satutn.
3td comb :1 + M ats* Satutn.
N o. 11.2nd com b :1stlaotd + Jupiter* Mzts,
No.13.2nd com b :Asc.+ Jupi ter* Saturn.
N o. 14.2nd com b :Asc.+ Jupi ter* Sztutn.3/
comb :1st Lord + M ars* 'M oon.
No. 15.1st comb :The Sun is exalted.
No. 19.3td comb :M ats is exalted.
Great Souls t
No.2. Til
ak, No. 3. Sbivaji. No. Sztdt
No, 7. Subash Chlndzâ Bose. No. 8. Moraji
Dèsai.No.9.Shiva nanda.N o.10.Autobindo G hose.
No.11,Mahatma Gandhiji.
No.12.Raman Maharshi. No.13.Stâ
Seva Bhavi and N o-19. Swami Ramtizth.

A Man lacking in Soul N wer : An explanatioa

of its com binations.
lf Satutn or maleûe is telated to the 1st houst
byconjunction,opposition oraspectoz if thezt
is Capticozn or Aquatius in the 1st house, th<
this com bination isknown as 1st house+ Satul
ot Capticotn ot Aquatius ot mqll c.
lf Saturn ofmaleic is rclzted to the lord of the
ascendantbyconjunction,opposition oraspector
lord oftheascendantisin tapricornorAquarius
or is in the 6th, 8th ot. 12th house, then this
combination is known as<Lotd of the ascendant
+ Saturn otCapricorn'orAquztius ot malefc or
in ths 6th,8th ot 12th house'.
A Man lacking in Soul powet :Observe and
understand the bitth charts and read below.
(See Example Section :Page 25.)
1St Comb.:(1)Asc.+ Saturn @ Mats
2nd Comb.:t1) 1Venus+12 (2)1 Venus+saturn
Result :The native is cunning, unttust-worthy and
:(1)Asc.+ Saturn@Mats,Sun,Venus,
M ezcuty.
2nd Comb.:(1) 1Venus + Saturn
Result :The native war one'ofthe czuses of Wotld
W at and sentmillions people to deatht He
is Hitlet,
Comb.:(1)1!thouse+Capricorn (2)1Sthouse
, + àatuzs
7nd Comb.:(1)Satum himselfisthe 1stlotd.
Result :Thenativeisan atheistandknownintlqesociety
ls cunning, bettayet and treûchetous
1st Comb. :(1) Asc. + S. ûtut'n
2ndComb.:(1)1 Jupiter+ 12
Result :The native did not pay good attention
towards hi9 business,and he ruined hil
in speculation. His fzmily waS put to
$st Comb.:(1)1$thouse + maleic*Jupitet
2nd Comb.:(1)1 moon+ Sztutn (2)1 Moon+ 12
Result :The native is too selhsh And forthe slke of
money undettakes undesitable work.
1st Comb.:(1)A$c.+ Sztutn (2)Asc.+ Maleic
@4'Comb.t(1d)1Merduty + 12
Result :The native believes in drinking as the only
Pleasute of lt
ArM * '1 . - in Soul power Take down the
bilh ch*e. = 4 make youoelf more sure.
(seeExampleSection Page26.)
li rs, dtunkatds and,txtremely selish peopk.
(a)A Man ofself-realization.
A Man of self-tealization :holy,awakened cons-
cious, theist, self-tealized, ttuthful, non-violent,
unseliish,cultuted,genetous,ever plezsant, free ftom
desires,tegalâr,idealist,fearless inlinance,self-satiséed,
doubtless,free frotn anxiety, sit nple, no desire fot
' owe t, peaceful
, gr at
e f
ul, t rust-wotthy, faitt nful,
afectiocate, nonaddicted, steady-minded, impattial,
constunt wozker and non-tevengeful.
(1)1sthouse + Japiter or hisSign.
(2)1StLotd + Jupitetor hiS Sign.
(b ) A Man lacking in self-realization.
A Man lacking in self-ttalization :unholy,hcking
in conscience, ztheist, lacking ia self-realization,
nlntzuthful, violence, Selfsh, uncultured, netrow-
minded, jealous, blck-bittrt, quatzel-some, taot-
tempered, sorrowful, desitous, zimless, ûnancial
lovez of power,unttust-wotthy,faithlessytteacherous,
gteed, feclinglegs, ctael,metciless,zddicted,pactkl,
lovet of ease, lazy, idle, careless zad reveagefal.
(1) 1$thouse + Saturn or his sign ot maledc ot

Libta asceadant.
(2) 1stLoxd + Satuzn oz his sign or malefc ot
in the 6th, 8t1
a oz 12th house.
(21û )
Now we stlallsee how the nztives :re ûfected'
by their own specialqualities and defects.
ln the previous chaptet we leatnt ûbout the
nûtive's lnody,mind 1nd soul,but now weshzllstudy
sotne ofthe ptinciples of qualities and sub-qualities
of tlt
e above mattet with hotoscopes; and later on
we shall,for moze detsils,studyto(lbservecompletelr
the importantspecimen oftl qe bitth chatts.
The qualities of man ofself-tezlization zl'echieQr
due to thenatute ofJupiter.Though the nativesof
Venus ate learned :nd educzted,theylack the cultute
ofJupitet.please alwcg ttmembet thzt Jnpitet is
steudyminded,impartialand non-tevengeful,hence he
is evet-rezdy to ptesent hi9 vktuous qualities to a
nztive whethet the native mûy be a fziend or an
enemytohim. Still the efectofJupitet'snatuteis
mostly dependentupon the)sign pkcedin the ascend-
ant.lftbûtsign is in Rvour of Jupiter,then the
native gets hold his(Japitez's) quzlities,i.e. the
native isiniuenced bythevittuousqualitiesofJupitet;
aRd if the sign of the ascendunt Tzutus, Gemini,
Vitgo o:iLibt:'dislikej ot disagtee with the nztute
ofJupitet, then the native is utpuble to hold the
tequized'qualitiesofJupitet,i.e.thenative lacksia
thevirmous qualitiesofJupitet.
'Moteove r to understand di
vixuous qualities, which the publk hopes to be
imparted to their children, atepossessed by Jupi
(Gutu=teacher).Hence itundoubtedly pzovesthat
Jupitermustbeofûbovementioned vittuousqualities.
A M an of self-realization :An explanation of its,
com binations.
opposition ot aspector ifthere is Sagittarius ot
Pisces in the 1St house, then this combination is
known a. s 'Fitst house + Jupi tetorhis sign.'
IfJupiterisrelated to thelotd oftbeascendunt
byconjunction, opposition ot sspect otifthe.
lord ofthe zscendant isin Sagittatius ot Pisces,
aen this combination is known ûs tLotd ofthe
ascendunt+ JupitezothisSign.'
A M an ofself-realization :Observeand undetstand
the bitth charts and read below.
(See ExampleSection :page27.)
1stComb. :(1)Asc.+ Pisces (2)Asc.+ Jupitèr
2nd Comb.:(1)Jupiterhimselfisthe 1silord.
Result tThe tutive was : gteAt mzn of tealization,
HeisRamtitth,a wellknownsaintofJndia-
, 1
1stComb. :(1)Asc.+Sagittayius(2)Asc.+lupîtrr
2nd Comb.:(1)Jupitethimselfisthe 1stlotd.
Resultt Here, Jupiteri sin ttpe 9t14 house in Leo.
The native was editot, teacher znd lover of
freedom. He is Tilûlt ' sfal
parzj who gave
inspitation fot lndependence of Intlia.
1stComb. :(1) Asc..1 Jupiter
2nd Comb.:(1)1 Venus+ Jupitct
Result :The native is highly culturetq, ideal teaciper.
He is favourite annongsttbc students.
1stComb. :(1)Asc--t-Sagittatius(2)Agc--hlupitet
2nd Comb.:(1)Jupitet himself isthe lord of the
Xesult:Hete,Jupitetisin the 9th house in Leo.
The native was simple,well-educated, lovet
dfpooz and'freedbm'
.HeijRajldra Pmsad.
1stComb. :(1) Asc.+ Jupitc

7nd Comb.:(1)1Moon+Jupitet(2)1Moon+Pisces
:The pztivy w:sa,good writet. Heis Prabhat

1stComb. :(1)Asc.+ Sagittvtius
znd Cùmt.1(1')''l'Jupiterexalied.(2)Jupitethimself
isthe lo2 6fthezscendant.
A*-1i.tTHènztive is'named asa cteatot of Land
Douztion M ovement.He is Vinoba Bhave.
A M an of self-realization :Take down the bird:
chatts and make yourselfm ote sure.
(See Exannple Section :Page281
Lacking in self-realization :An explanation
ofits com binations.
Jf Saturn or nnAleéc is telated to tlne 1st lnouse
by conjunction,opposition oraspect orif thete
is Capricorn,Aquatiusot Libr:in the 1St house,
then this connbination isknown as <1st hoase +
Satutn or his sign ormaleûc orLibraascendant.'
lf Satutn or nyaleic is telated to the lord of the
ascendant by conjuncti on,oppositîon oraspector
lord ofthe ascendantis in Capticorn ot Aquurius
or in the 6t1 ), 8th ot 12th house, then this
combinazion isknown us <Lotd ofthe ûscendant
+ Saturn or his Sign ot malefc ot in the 6th.
8t1: or 12th house-'
A M an lacking in self-tealization : Obsetve and
understapd hthe birth charts and read below.
' (SeeExûmple Section:Page 29.)
k '. No.67-3
1$t Comb.:.(,
1)Asc.74- Sztvrn
2nd Comb.:(1)1Jupiyer'k(of. ûdegree)
Resuh :.
Evtn tlmq h thç nqtiv: had good facility
for education,heaeemained ignomnt.
1Ft Comb. (1)Asc.+ Jtlpitet
2nc1 Col
,,Vcntls+ Saturn@Jupiter
') 1V'unttt
;-h 12
Result :The native is ignotant.
1st Con'
iln. (1) Asc.+ Czpricorn
2nd Comb.:(1)Sztuta hitnself isthe 1Stlotd'
Result :The nztive is cddicted to dtinks.

No. 2-8
1St Comb.:(1)Asc.+ Saturn
2nd Comb.:(1)1Venus+ Saturn
Result :The nctive is well-known in thteatenings
and selfshness.
1st Comb.:(1)Asc.+ Sztutn
2nd Comh.:(1)1 Mats + Saturn
Result :The native is consideted to be a lizr.
1st Comb.:/
Asc. + Satutn I

:(1)1 Mitcuty'+ Aquarius

2nd Coblbr.y ,
l- ')(1p)-1 Me'
èùty #$j.
'Satuta . Mats.
Result :The natlve is a theif.r
A M an lacking in self-realization Take down
the bie chattsad
'd '
makeyourselfmore sure.
ESee'G kmple'Sectionf'Pzges3û,31.J
' js.Hitler.'
and 21isMao-Tse-tung
Featless :Featless,thoughtful,patient, zegulat,deter-
mined,wellarranged,sure and optinnist.

(1)1 (asc.oz lord of the ascendunt) +

his sign.
Timid :Thoughtless, hasty,ittegular,undetermined,
disotdered, unsute ûnd pessimist,
(1)1 (asc.otlord of the ascendunt) + Saturn or
his sign.or malehc ot lotd of the ascendant in
the 6th,8th ot 12th house ot aSc ot lord ofthe
ascendant *otdebilitated ot Mars)
The qualities of fezrlessness is depended upon
the nztute of Mzrs. Mûrs is commandet-in-clnief,
COut:gCOt1Sy featless, detetmined, independent,
opposing and revetse natute, zdventutet enthusiûstic
and victotious.One who possess the zbove qualities
of M zrs is supposed to befeatless,thoughtful,tegukr,
Patient,wellgttanged, dete.
zmined, suteund optimist.
W e shalltemember'som?'ofSuchpetsonalitieshteton.

To leud supetiotlife,the ttio of '

M:ts, Jupiter
qnd ttne Sun ure tequired.Tke strength oftrio in a
nutive'sbirth chattmaktsthe.nztivemuch stzong.èhile
welkaess oftsio,,
- + &.the pltive.ëeblerand.w:xk.'
11)otller way,z native zlso becomes weak. Tlle
Sun,the Moon :nd Mars are the enemies of Satutc
i. e. ascendents of Capricotn and Aquarius. The
NloyllA :nd tlpe Sun are also the encmies of Vcnus i.
c.zst-enclent of 't
-kurus und l-zibra So when tlle Suny
ttle '
yloon ttnd slatF possesses complete conttol
oqrttr thc native's birtll t'llart,'tl
pen the native of
suct) bitth clltrt becolne? victotious i' n life :në
reccltcsztthe top of pros?etity; ûnd ifthe position of
tlle Sun,tbkt Moon and Mars t lre weak in the
birtlqfhcrt tltc nativc becotues despaired,(lisllezrtened
and y,crvetted znd leads t: d'isgusting life.
A Fearlessnative:.
&n explanation ofitscombinations.
-tNlcts teluted to tlht house or lott! of
theaFcendantbyconjunction,opposition oraspect
()t iftllete is Aries or Scotpio in the )st house
orlord of the asceninat is in'AtiesI ot sfism
tben this combination is known as<1 (sst-.or
lord oftheasc.)+ sfatsothissign''.ln Shott
it is called '
<1 + M ars-'
A Fearlesj native:Ohserve ahd undetsund ie
birth chatis and tead below.
(See Example SectiontPage 32.)
1st Comb.:(1) Asc.,+ Mgrs
Rqo lt :T1
'= nzthe is fearless..
G .
1St Comb.:(1)1 Sun + Mûrs
Result :The native waS fearless.He is Roosevelt.
Comb.:(1)ASc.+ Mars(2) 1Venus+ Mûrs
Result t The nutivehad shown ttemendeous btavery
during the critical Situution At the risk of
his own life.He is Stalin.
Comb.:(1)Asc.+ Aties (2)Asc. Mzrs*
Result :The native hûd shoFn bravety by tisking
his own life.He is Subash Chandta Bose.
1st Comb.:(1)Asc.+ Mats(2)1Venus+ Mus.
Result :The native was: pioneet ofW :t oflndm e-
ndence.He h:d given us lndependence He
is Mahatma Gandhi.
No. 457
1st Comb.:(1)1 Moon + Mats
Result : The native has tuken putin the W :z' of
Independence.He wasthe chief M inister of
Saut:strv. lle ?h:s the capacity to ,qppose
:ny ctiticâl situztion without being scarei
He is Rvsikkl Parikh.
A Fearless native :Take down the birth chaxts
and makè youvselfm ore sure.
(Ste ExaMple Section:Pûgcs 33, 34.,
N ote :Though some of the nûtives ate quite
brâve :nd fearless:butthey zre of hasty nztul'e :1
thoughtless,hence in otder to acquaint tlle teûéets
with the knowledge of such type of natives,tl ne
hotoscopes atboth the places are given. see such as
Nc.22,27 ûnd 35 are also fearless.
No. 18,21 and 34 ate zlso optimist.
A Tlmid native :An explanatlonof1tsebm binations.
1. If Satutn or mslefc is zelated to the 1st llouse
ozlotd oftheascenzuntbyconjunction,opposition
ot zspect'
ot if thete(iS Clpticotn ot Aquuzius
oz in th: 6th,8th ot 12th house ot lord # Ae
uscendantit%otdebflifàted otM:t$is ofï'degzee
otdebilitzted,then this '
combitution is known
as<1(asc.or l:td pf the asc.) + Satutn ot
hi9 sign ot ân th
'e4tho.8th ot 12th houseotzsc.
is of $tdvgtee ot dçbilitated oz Muts is of $
AjTilld hle e':Obsewe andunderstg-d the birth
thatté ahd reâd below. ''
(See Exzmp
.le Section)'
Psge .
1st Connb. (1)Asc. Satutn (2)1 Sun + 12
Result :The native is tinnid.Feating the shortage of
money in later age, he prefetred to marry
a woman ten yeats oldetthan him.
No. 108-7
1stComb.:(1)Asc. Saturn
Result :The native is hot-tempered and is in hubit
ofitteguht eating.
1st Comb.:, (1)ASc.+ Satuzn ( 2) 1Moondcbilitsted.
Result :The native lacks in coutzge of business. He
pzefets to live hislife on the house tent
he gets.
4$tComb.:(1)Asc.+ Saturn (2) Mezcury +
Sututn A M ats
Xesult :The native isthoaghtless.He changed from
saint to wozldly life.
.(1)Asc.+Sztutn (2)1 Mats+ Capticotn
Xesult Even thottgh the'native inhetited a sum of
thtee to foutmillion,hew:snotable toSettle
' himsdlf in business, lost a11 his money und

no> he is worried ab- t the tepayment of

the debt znd intezest ofXS..25,0* .
1StComb.:(1) Asc.+ Satum (2)1Mzts+ Satutn
Result :Even though the native hzd : good inheti-
tance of money and ptoperties, he had c;
coutage of business,consequently he lost :11
his money znd propetties.
A Timid native : Take down the bihh chatts
and make youtselfm ote sure.
(SeeExample Section:Pages36,37.)
Nos.3,7, 12 :nd 3,8 :te alsopzssimist.
Nos.4 znd 2$ zte also timid :nd No.37 is of
unsute natute.
(1)1St house+ Atks, *
Gemini, Cancer, Virgo.
Scotpio ot1 (asc.otlord ofthe asceniant) +
Jupite:otYs sign.
.# ) '

(b )Untmstwotthy (treacherous) ,

(t)Asc. + Sztuzn othiSSign otLibm uscendunt.

j2)Jord oftheu<cendant+ Satutn othi$ sign or
Jwibm vsc.orin the 6th,8th oz12th houseor#
oz.debilW fed.
43) 1fasc. ot lotd of the zscendznt) + Venus
or Libm.
(4)1 (asc. Ot lotd of the ascendant) Without
JupitezorhiSsign orJupitet:ordebilitated ot
Jupitetaspected one-sided by Suturn ozTsutus,
Libra, Capricotn ot Aquatius ascendant.
There are two sets of people in this world,one
is ttustwotthy, in whom/ we can keep trust and
knothez is unttustwotthy (tteacherous). These
unttustwotthy (treachetous) pezsons keep an
xppeatance of a man of trustworthiness,but when
ln oppottunity comes, they donot husitate to
strike. Natutally the people who ate ttustwozthy
would like to keep themselves at ztm's length ftom
such untrustworthy people.In the science of Astto-
logy,Jupitetis known as tzustwozthy, loyal and
honoutsthe hws,absotbet of povetty and diëculties,

vell-wishetand vittuous.Hence thepeopleofJupitez

xte known as ttustwotthy and these ate the people
who actually expetience tteacheties (thevictimsof
zm stwotthy ate accommodated in the 6th,house
hand the detailed Patticul
atsate given in thatsection)
ls they keep ttust in othets. Specially they ate
victimised by the natives of Venus. W hile Saturn is
'thief, treachetous,bully and eztns by illegal means,
puts the people in wrong Loxes by playing zl1 sotts
of 'silly tticks and plans and deceives them.But
he being ignorant, is soon opened in public.So ia.
otdet to undeztake Such wotk,he tequites ahelp of'
Venus ot his Sign Libta. Especizlly the nutives
of Venus befoolthe poeple in such : wc that they
zealize theit nnistakcs when they ute actuzlly chtated
ortrapped.ButGod has cteated Jupitez inotderto
check Such illegul misbehAviouts :nd thoughts. If
Jupitetistehted to the ascendznt ot lozd of the
ascendant, the native is not tempted toundvttakç any
illegzl action ofttezchezy, even though he m:y havv.
So many combinations ofVenus and Satutn, Hence
ifthete is no combination of1+ Jupiter and if
thete is z combination of 1 + Satazn, the native is,
divezted toNzatds Wto1 Ag deeds, i. e. he becomes,
Ttustwohhy :An explanation ofits combin-ionm'
1. If thtre is Aties, Gemini, Cancet, Leo, Vitgo,
Scotpio,SAgittatius ot Pisces in the 1st house or
ifJupitetistelated to the1st house ot lord of'
the ascendantbyconjunction,oppositionotsspect
ot iftheteisSagittktius ot Pisces inthelst house
ot lotd of the ascendantis in the Szgittzrius ot
PiscesötJupitetisexalted,then thiscombinûtion
is known zs <1St house + Aties,Gemini,Cancet,
Leo,Vitgo,Scorpio, Sagittarius ot Fisces ot 1
(asc.ot lotd oftheasc.) Jupitetot hiSsign.
A Trustworthy native :Qbsuvm aad tme rstaqd
th: bixh chart. ap,
4 ma; bdow.
(Sçe Example S4ctîon:Page)8.)
No. 51-5
1st Comb. (1)ASc.+ Leo (2)Asc.+.Jup.
1 Sup + Jup.
Result :The native is well-known as trustwotthy in
his society.
N o.93-1
1ASc.+ Scptpio(3)Asc.+ Jvpitet.
Rvsult :TheSwtive iswell-kgowp asttustwotthy in
his society.
1stConnb :(1)Asç.+ Sagittatius
Result : The native is wellvknown as tm stwotthy
in his society.
A Trustworthy nalive :Take down the
birih chatts and m akeyouselfm ore sua .
(SeeExampleSection :Page39.)
Untm stwotthy (tteachexus):An explaneiox
of its m mbinqions.
IfSûtutnis telatedto.thel'
opposition ot uspeçt oz is there is Clpticom,
Aquztius or Libta in the 1st house then thls
combination is known as zksc. + Satuzn oz his
sign ot Libza asc.'
. If Sktutn is tehted to the lotd of the Ascenëznt
by conjunction,opposition otaspectot lotd of
the zscendknt is in Czpticotn ot Aquarius ot
Libz: asc.ox lotd ofthe û in the 6tln, 8th
ot 12th house oz % ot debilitated, tlnen this
combinztion is known as'Lotd of the asc. +
Sztuzn ot his sign ot Libtû asc.ot in the 6th,
8th ot 12th house oz : ot debilitated '.
3. IfVenus is tehted to the 1st house ot lotd of
the conjunction,opposition ot Aspect ot
Libta zsc.ot lotd ofthe in Libta, then
thiscombination isknown as'1 (asc. ot lotd
ofthe zsc.) + Venusot Libta'.
4. This combinztion means, if Jupitez i$
notzehted to the 1st house oz lozd of the asc.
by conjunction, opposition ot aspectoz Jupitet
is of * ot debilitated ot aspected ont-sided by
Sztutn oz asc. of Taums,Libta, Capticotn or
Untmetwoe y.(tteacherous) native:Obsexve and
undersond thm bleh chltts and zead below.
(!eeExvmple Section:pzge38.)
1st Comb.:(1)Asc.+ Aquztius.
2nd Comb :(1)Satutn isthe1stlord.
(2)1 Sztutn + Capticotn
(3) 1 Saturn + 12.
3td Comb.:(1)1 Sztutn + Venus
4th Comb-:(2)Jupitet:
Result :The native is untzustwotthy :nd is well
known as tttzcherous.
1st Comb.: (1)Asc.+ Satutn (2)Asc.+ Li bta
@2nd Comb. (1)Asc.+ Li bta
3rd Comb.:(1)Asc.+ Libta
4th Comb. (1)Asc.+ Libm (2) Jupitet is in
the Asc.,but is weaken by the zspect
of Satutn.
Result The native is untrustwotthy :nd is well
known aS tteuchetous.

1st Comb. (1)Asc.+ sutuzn
2nd Comb. (1)Jupi tet+ Satutn(Jupitetis aspe-
cted one sided.)
3td Comb. (1)Asc.+ Venus@ Satutn
4th Comb. (1)Jupittr+ Sztutn(Jupitetis Aspe-
eted one-sided.)
Result :The native waS consideted to betreachetous,
so he had to lezve hiS highet post.
Untmstworthy(treacherous)native:Takedown the
bi% chatts and make youtself m ore sure.
(SeeExzmple Section tPzge39)
Sobet:(1)Asc.+ Sun, Moon, Metcury or
Jupitetothis oz httsign.
(:!)1st Lozd + Sun, Moon, s'ietcutY
otJupiterorhisother Sign.
(b)Addicted:(1)Asc.+ Mars,Venus ot Saturn oz
his sign.
(2)1st Lotd + Mars, Venus, Sztum
or his sign.
sobet:An explanation ofits com binations.
lfthe Sun,Moon,Metcuty otJupiteriS relateê
to th4 lsthovs: by conjunctîon, opposits
op :4
aspectotifthereis 4h: sign ofth4 *qn,Moons
Mercuzy ot Jupket in the 1st house,i.e.the
SignsofLeo,Cqccvr,Gemini,Vkgo, sags,twtiq:
otpisqçs, theg fhis combipAtiov % known q&
<Asc.+ Sun,Moon,MçscuzyQzJupitetot his
2. Ifth4 sqq.Mppv,Mercvsy otJupiteris zçlate4
tothelotd ofthe Asq.kycovjunctîon,opposition
otaspectotlotd of tbe asc. isin kisozher
sign,then thiscombinstion iî known zs %Lotd
oftheasc.+ Sun,Moon,Metcuty otJupitetot
A Sobet natlve :Observe and undetstand the bitth
chatts and tead below.
(SeeExampleSection :Page40.)
1st Comb.:(1)Asc.+ Sagittafius.
2nd Comb.:(1)Jupiter+ Cancez(exûlted)
Result :The nayive is söbqt.Hç is Vivobg shgve.
1st Comb. (1)ASc.+ Cancer
2nd Comb. (1)1 Moon Pisces M ool
+ Jupitet.
Result The native was sobet.He isTi
hk Maharaj..
1st Comb.:(1) Asc.+ Sagitutius (2) Asc.
Jupitet (3) Asc.+ Moon.
2nd Comb.:(1)1 Jupitet + Moon
Rerult :The native is sobet.
A Sober native :Take down the bitth charts and
m ak: yçpavlf m ore sure.
(SeeExample Section :Pvge 41)

Addicted tAn exphnation of its combinadons.

1. lf M ztS,Venus of Saturp is telated to the 1st
house by conjunction,opposition ot aspectoz if
thete isCzpticozn,Aquzrius,Tauzus, Libta,Aties
ot scotpio in the 1sthouse,then thiscombination
is known as 6Asc. + Sstutn,Venus ot Mk's o:
his sign '.
lf M ats,V enus or Saturn is related to the Lotd
ofthe conjunction,opposition ot aspect
oz lotd of the asc. is in his sign, then this
com bination is known as &Lotd of the asc.+
Satuzn,Venus of M azs oz his sign '.
If Venus ot Saturn is the lotd of the asc. and if
he is in 2, 7, 10 ot 11 sign, the natives of such
com bination ate despaited and ate moze addicted.
See bit'th chltt N o. 15-6.
Besides if the lotd of asc. is in the 6th, 8th ot
12th house oz if the asc. is of 0 degtee ot ifmalefc
is in the 1st house, then the natives of such com bina-
tion experience desplits and ate m ore addicted.

An Addicted natlve: Obsetve and understand the

bitth Charts and tead below .
(See Example Section:Page 40)
N o. 15-6
1st. Comb.:(1) Asc. + Capricotn (2)
Satutn * Jupiter.
, : Comb.: (1) 1 Satutn + Tautus (2) 1 Saturn +
M ats.
R esxxlt The N ative was dishezrtened and becam e
N o. 15-7
1stComb,:(1)ASc.+ Scotpio
2ndComb.:(1)1Mars + Aries
Result :The native was addicted.
No. 418
1st Com b. (1)Asc.+ Aries
2nd Comb.:(1)1 Mars Scorpio
Result The nztive chews tobacco beyond limit.
An Addicted native : Take down the bieh charts:
and m ake yourself m ore sure.
(See Example Section :Page41.)
Compare bizth chazt Nos 5 & 6. How much
Sim illrity ? Nos.5, 6, 7 & 12 aredtunkards.


(a)A Beautifulbody :
1sthouse + Sun,Moon, Mercuzy, Jupitez
Venus ot his ot be< sign.
(2)Lotd oftheasc.+ Sun,Moon,Metcury,Jupiter
oz Venus or his or het sign.
(b)A Beautiless body t
(1) 1 (asc.+ Lotd of the asc.)or Mereug +
Satutn othis sign.
A Beautiful body :Ah explanation of
its com binatiohs.
(1)lfthe Sun,tlhe Moon,Mercuty,JupiterotVenus
is telzted to the 1st house by conj unctiûn,
opposition ot aspect otifthete is Leo, Cancet,
in the 1st house,then this combination isknown
ûs 1sthouse + Sun, Moon, Metcuty, Jupitez
oz Venvs ot his or het sign.' In shott this
combinztion is zlso called t1stkhouse Sun,
2. Ifthe Sun,the Moon,M ezcuty,Jupi tetotVenus
is telaed to the lotd of the conjuncti
oppogition ot aspect or lotd of.the aSC. is itl
his oz het Sign,then this combinstion is known
as'Lord of the ase. + Sus, M oon, Mercuty,
JupitetotVènûser h1$'orhe#'Sign '.In shott
this combinitioh is Allo called 'Lord of the
asc. + Sun.M oon,Mevcuty, JupiterotVenus'.
1 k7 ? l

A nativenfBeautifulb2 y :Obsew e:tdunderstand

he bieh charts and tead below.
(See Exappk Section tPage42.)
1st Comb.t(1)Asc.+ Jupitet(theiphnet which
2nd Comb :(1) 1,Mars + Tautus (2)1 Mars
M oon exzlted.
Result *
. The native is handsome.He is Indian ;lm
star, Ashok Kum at;
N o. 7-4
Comb.:(1) Asc. + M oon (2 )Asc. + Sun
(3) Asc. > Jupitet* Sun.
2nd Comb. (1) 1Metcuzy + Sun (2)1Mercury +
Moon (3)1 Metcury + Jupiter
Result : The native is handsome.
N o. 7-15
1st Com b. (1)Asc.+ Cancer (2)Asc.+ Moon
(3)Asc.+ Jupiter.
2nd Comb.:(1)M oon hetself is the 1st Lord.
(2 )1 Moon + Jupitèr.
R esult : The native is handsom e.
h native of Beautiful body :Take down the birth
charts and m ake yourself m ore sure.
fSeeExample Sçction :Page43.1

A @Beaut less body :An explanation ofits

4*: :
' ::.ï,,.y' co
' *m
- bm
* ations.
1 . ..

lf Sâ
n iS..rqlatv; ,
m the. 1st
'hoyse of lotd of
the asc.ot M ercury by conlunction, opposition
or aspect or if thete is Clpticom oz Aquarius ia
tlae 1st house oz lord of the asc. or M etcuty is
in this sign, then this combination is known :$
41 + Satutn or his sign', ln shoztit isculled
<1 or M ercury + Sûtutn.

A native of Beautiless body : Obgerve and

undetstand the birth chatts and zead below.
ESeeExample Section :Page42.)
No. 250
1$t Comb.:(1)Asc.+ Satuzn
Result :The native wz$ beautiless.
N o. 131
1st Comb :(1)Asc.+ Saturn (2)1 Venus
Capricorn (3) 1Venus + Saturn.
Result :The native was beautiless.
No. 35
1st Comb.:(1) Asc. + Satum (2) 1 Mats
Aiuatius (3) 1 Mats + Satuzn.
Result :T'he native isbeautiless.
A native of Beauilless body :Take down the bl
chatts and m ake yourself m ore qure.
(See ExlmpleSectiontPage44.)
(Taste fotsinging and no tastefor singing.)
(a)SweetVoiced:Taste forsinging.
M oon.
(2)1 + Jupiter orVenus.
(b)Rough Voiced :notaste forsinging.
(1) 1ormoon + Saturn orhisSign,
TheM oonisSweetvoiced,IftheMoon othersign
is related to the asc.otlotdoftheasc.byconjuncti on
opposition otthe Moon isin Cancer orexaltedin
quadrant or trine,tl nenthe nstive is sweet voiced and
hûS tgFte fot Singing.
Jupitetisa lover of music snd songs, while
Venuhismusician.It'JupiterorVenusis related to
the zsc.otlotd conjunction,opposition
ot aspect,tlnen thenstive's bigh cutiosity for singing
iszoused and can sing thythmically.The nutive telated
with tl:eM oon only,hasno ability tosing zhythmically.
Sweet Voiced :An explanation ofits combinations.
Jf the Moon is zelated to the lSt house ot lotd
ofthe asc.byconjunction ozopposition otCancet
is in the 1stbouse otlord ofthe asc.isin Cancet,
tlqen tl
yis combination is known As<1 + Moonah'.
MupiterorVenusisrehted to the1sthouseor
lotd ofthe conjunction, opposition .
aspect ot the sign SAgittatius, pisces,Tacus.
Jpibra is in tlye 1st llottse ()1.lord of tltttttst-.isin
Any ot-theFc Figns.ttqen rllis com binatitln isknown
as 1 + Jupiter or Vcnus'.
A native ofSweetV oiced :O bserve and understand
the birth charts and tead below.
tSee Example Scction :Page45.1
N o.028-.
1st Conlb. (1b1M
'ars + Cancer
2nd Comb.:(1)Asc. Venus
Result '1'1
ne native is swect voiced. 1$ tlle
Jndian ûlt 7t stat,Nargis.
N o.028-1
19t Comb. (1) 1 M ats + Moon exalted.
2nd Comb, (1) Asc--hJupitet (2) Mats-I-'
Result :The native is sweet voiced, He the
Indian Elm star,A shok K umar.
1st Comb. (1) 1sthouse +Cancer
2nd Comb.:(1)1 + Jupi ter
Res/t :The native is swe et voiced. Listencrs zte
A native of Sweet voiced;Take down bitth
chatts and m ake youtself m ore sure.
(See Example Section :Page46)
Rough Voiced )An explanation ofits combinations.
If Satutn is zelated to the1sthouseozlordofthe
asc.ot theMoon by conjunction, opposition ot
aspect ot Capticozn or Aquarius is in tbe
house ot lotd ofthe asc.ottheMoon isinsatuzn
sign,then this combinution is known as' ot
Moon + Satutn '.
A native of Rough Voiced Obsetve and
understand the birth chatts and read below.
(See Examnle Section:Page 45.j
1st Comb. (1)Asc.+ Capricorn
(2-!1 Satatn + Aquarius.
Result :The native is not Sweet voiced and has no
ability to sing.
1st Comb.:(1)Asc.+ Yatutn
Eesult :The native hzs no ability to Sing
1st Comb.c(1)1Jepitet + Satutn
(2)Asc.+ Sztum *Jupiter
Result :The nztive nevet sings and has notthe
iightest'desire for Singing.
A p-ive ofRoe h Voice Take down the birth
fharts and make you>elf mote sure.
ISee ExampleSection :Pzge46.)
1 )1 + NtarsOr ll1 -s Fign.
2 )1 Jupitct()t !'1l*s,
(3 )1 hloon or V'entls or lpcr or lhis sign.
(.)nctcqttitcscllllragctttld l't.
lltlllcssto spcakinpulllk,,
hcncc it llecolncs ltecessaty t(' l nûve thc rclation cf
hlars or.lpih sig'14 vritlytlyks ttsk'. ot lotd of the asc,
snd besitles this is 1 N'
loon is int-luded,tl penativt
not only getF An otûtoty powerbut also zn oratoty
ztt.This h' Ioon mustbe benelic one,ûnd if slye is
mzlefèc,tlnc native infatuutes the audienre bySpeukicg
mote ttpan required,but latet on when tlle publit
learns tllc uctual ttutb, instead of pruising, ctiticizts
him.Such natives On the Pretex of tm th tty tn#
misguitleotcheztttne people,oz if thete is tàtt
combination of1 + Venug, the nûtives of Vecusk
requites zn omtoty pow't to tell 1ie ûs they 2tj
hubituûted towatds it.
Att ofotatoty :An exphntion of itscombinatinay ,

lfM uts is telûted to the lz

st house or itS 1ot1
by conjunciion,opposition ozaspectot if thett'
is Aties ot Scotpio in the 1,St house or lotd nf
the in these, signx then this combinktiog
is known as ' Maz$'.
IfJupstetisrelated to the 1sthouse otit$ lotd
by conjunction,opposkion,ot aspect:or if thete
is Sagittatius oz Pisces in the 1st house ot lozd
of the in thesesigns,then thiscombination
isknown as'1 + Jupitet',
If the M oon ot Venus is zelated to the 1st
house or itS lotd by conj
unction, opposition ot
aspector ifthere is Cancer,Tauzus or Libtz in
the 1st house or lord of the asc. is in these
signs, then this combination is known
1 + M oon or Venus '.
Attof otatoty )observe and understand the bitth

chatts and read below.

LSee Example Section :Page 47.)
No. 98-3
1stComb.:(1 )1Mercury Matsexulted.
NdComb.;(1)1 Mercury + Jupiterexalted.
3td Comb.:(1 )Nil.(Thiscomb.ispossiblewith
1Mercury exalted Jugiter.)
'Result :The native iniktuztes the audience of
hundteds lectuting for hours with
oratory att.He can Spezk in fout dilfetent
languages and show his ability in oratory
att.W hen lectuting no wotd of the othet
hnguages comes to his tongue except the
one in which he is lectuting. He is
lpo. 9-12
1st Comb. 1 )Asc. Scutpit )
2nd Connb. (1 )1 Nfats + Jupiter
3cd Comb. 1 )Asc. Moon * Sztutn.
Result The zudienct Swings thcit lpeads when'
the native gives a lecture.
1st Comb. 1 ktsc. M ats
2nd Cotnb. 1 )1Vet w s + Jupitet
3zd Comb. ) A5E. Libra
2 )1 Vinus + Tûutus.
Result :The native polsessed a higher quality of
otatory Art.He is beloved Gopal Ktishn:
lko, 98-5
1st Comb. (1 )ktsc. qc kkties 2 )Asc.+ Man
2nd Comb. (1 ) Jupi tet exalted.
(2 )Asc.+ Jupitez* Mûrs
(3 ) 1 Murs + Jupiter.
3td Comb.:('1)Asc. Moon
Result :The native is expettin speaking ûs well u'
in exptessing hisideas.
No. 98-4
1st Comb. (1 )1Jupittt + Mzts
(2 Asc.+ Mzts*Jupiter
znd Comb.:(1. Asc. Sagittatius
(2 Asc. + Jupitez
3nd Comb.:(
. 1 )1 J
upiter+ Moon
(2 )Asc.+ Moon @ Ju?iter.
Result'. The native possess good oratory art, but
lqere the M oon being maleûc, he is unzble
to obtain the required tesults.
1st Comb.:(1 )1 Jupiter + Mars
2ndComb. (1 )1 + Sagittutius
3sd Comb. (1)1 Jupiter+ Lilnru
Result :The nztive ?ossesse'lan orutory powet and
not an otztory att.This wasgood fot him
s the Moon is the loxd ofthe 8th and she
is lcept aloof ftom Caturn. The Sun is in
asc.,hence the native had become a gteat
saint and fûscinzted the wotld by his
religiousltnowledge.Only hiS oratoty power
waS enough to serve the purpose. He
is Vivekananda.
Art of Ovatoty :Takt down the birth chatts
and m ake yourselfm ore sure.
(SeeExzmpleSection :Page 48.).
No. 1 Subash Chanëta Bose. No. 2,Bernard.
Shaw.No.5. Gadgil. No. 6. Aurobindo Ghose.
(a )Living an lndependentlifk
(1).Asc.+ Sun,M oon ot 51ArS or his or her sigt).
(the sign of ti
pe 1sthouse mtlstbe of witlqout
:ny phnetaty combinztion, except ('f' tlle Sun,
the Nloon ots'
(2)Lotd oftbe zsc. + Sun,hloon, : 'ltrs,slercuty
Jupitetorlpisor her sign (thttlord 0ftht1st
house must be ofwitllotltany planetaty combi-
nution,exceptthtabove ntentioned planets.)
(b )Living Dtpendentlife ;
(1)Asc.+ Metcury,Jupiter,Venus or Satutnot
hiS sign.(sign of tlle 1st lpouse must
be without any plûnetary collllhination
(2)15tLord + Venusor Satutn or his sign (the
lotd oftl
)e 1st house lllustl7e without
any planetary combination, ext *ept
Venusot Saturn).
One without the combination ofindependent life
in his bizth chûtt, sl
nould be consideted As living
dependent life.
Mzny people live theirlife based on sockty.Foz
instance,szints and sages,at: itst glznce, do not
setve, hence they Seem to be living independent
life,but as they do noteztn fortheirlifemaintenûnce,
they are to be considered in the combination of
dependent lifé.In the Fame way,women who do not
earn,ate also to be considezed living dependent life.
ln Planetary System, the Sun, the M oon and
M ats ate offree,independent nazute, while M etcury,
Jupiter,Venusand Satuzn are of dependent nsture.
Metcury and Jupiter ure ofdependent nature, butif
they geta slight help from thc Sun, the Moon or
M ars,they become independent. Othetwise if they
were to live their lives within theit capacity,they live
a life ofhighet Stzndard,but a dependentone.
Living an independent life :An explanation of
its com binations.
lfthe Sun,the Moon or M ats is related to the
1sthouse by conjunction,opposition ot aspector
if tbete is his or het sign in the 1st house ûnd
if thzt sign is wittnout the telztion of M etcuty
ot aspect, then this combination is known as
Asc.+ Sun,Moon or M ars ot his or her sign
(tlne sign ofthe 1st house must beof without
any planetary combinations, except the Sun, the
Moon otMzrs).
Ifthe Sun,theMoon,Mzts,Metcuzy or Jupitet
istelated to thelotd of the usc. by conjunction,
opposition or aspect or lotd of ti
qe zsc,isinhisot
herSign withoutanyplanetarycot ubinûtion,thentlais
combination is known û,S Lord ofthc asc.+ Suc,
Aloon,Mars,slercury orJupitcr ot his ot hcz
sign (tlnc lotd of tlpe 1St house must 1)e Qf
withoutany planetaty combination,excepttheabovt
mentioned plunets) *
lnstruction : Now onwards<An explanation of
its com binations'willnot be given,as thereadet,
have obtained enough of itsknowledge with these
much com binations,as wellas it dots not seem
fair to increase unnecessatily the thickness of
the volum e.
A native living independent life 1Observe and
understand the bitth chatts and read below.
(SeeExample Section:l7zge 49.j
Comb. (1 ) house Aries
1s t
(2 ) 1sthouse + Moon
(3 )1sthouse+ Sun.
2nd Comb.:(1) 1 Mzts exalted.
Result :The naive lives an independentlife.
1stComb.:(1 )1sthouse > Leo.
2ndComb.:('1)Sun exalted.
Result :The native lives an independentlife.
No 034-50
1st Comb.(1 )1sthouse + Cancer
(2 )1Sthouse + Mars
2nd Comb,(1)Moon withoutany planetary comb.
Result : The native lives an independentlife.
No.03* 38
Comb. ( 1 ) 1st house .F Moon
(2 )1sthouse v Mars
2nd Comb. (1 )1Metcury + Leo
Result ) t
'he native lives an independent life even in
1St Comb.(1)1St bouse + Scotpio
(2 )1sthouse + Moon
2nd Comb.:(1) 1 Mats without any planetary
Result :Tbe nztive lives an independentlife.
No.0344 0
1st Comb.:(1 )1St house + Cancet
(2 ) 1sthcuse -h Aloon
2nd Comb.:(1)1 Moon + Cancet
Result The native lived an independent life.He is
A native living an indepedentlife : Take down
the bitth Charts and m ake yourself m ore Sure.
(See Exannple Section :Pzges50,51 & 52.1
No. 15.The 1st combinûtion ofindependent life is
formed by Mats, as Jupitet is zspected
one-sided by him.
l2.4 )
No.18.Saturn aspected onc' -sidetl l)y M ars.
No.35.Mars aspecttlleasc.* S' Ittcury antl Mt trs also
aspects lotd of the asc.
No.43.Mûtsaspects asc.*Jupiterznd also aspects
Saturn,tllelordoftheasc.*Jupite?andV' enus.
No.44.MarsaspectsJup.tllclordoftl- lcasc.@ Saturn.
The natives without tlotl) tl
ïc cotnbilutions of
independent life,live a depcndcllt iifv by scrvice or
live on the income of otlaers.
A native living Dependent life Observe and
undetstand the birth chatts and read below.
(Sec Example Section :Page 531
1st Comb.:(1 )Asc.h J' upiter( Asc.+ Satutn
2ndComb.:(1 1 Moon + Satutn
pe native lives a.dependent liik.
No. 034-12
1st Comb.:(1 )AFc + Tsutus (2 )rtsc.+ Satutn
2ndComb.:(1) 1Venusdependent.
(2 ) 1 Venus + Jupiter.
Result:The native has to live a dependentlife.
No.0- '54-11
1$t Comb.:(1)Asc.+ Pisces
2ndComb.:(1)1Jupitez + Saturn
Result:The native lives a dm endent life.
1st Comb.:d
t-)+ Sûtutn * M Ar$ (M'
ars is
(245 j
2nd Comb.:(1 ) 1sfarsa-Libra (2)1Mars+ Saturn'
Result :The native lnas to live a dependent life.
1st Comb.:(1 )Asc. + Capricorn
2ndComb.:(1 ) Saturn himself is the 1st Lord.
(2 ) 1 Saturn + Jupiter
Result :The native lives a dependent life.
N o.034-1
1st Connb.:N il
2ndComb.:(1 )1Moon + Saturn
Result :Tl
ne native lives a dependent life.
A native living Dependent life : Take down the
birth charts and m ake yourself m ore sure.
gSee Example Section :Pages54,55,56.)
N o. 12. The h'
Ioon is aspected one-sided by Saturn.
N o. 17. The Sun is aspected cne-sided by Satutn-
The aspectof M ars has no eFect on Saturn.
N o. 27. The Sun is aspected one-sided by Satutn.
N o. 28, ifats is aspected one-sided by Satum and
ne Sun is aspected one-sided by Jupitet-
Evety humanbeing vety anxiotls to know
whete he ot she would pass his or Jler lifc. W illl:e
pass in his own birth phcc, nativeland or foteign
countty? Henceaclectundetstcnding of the tliFerence
between the thtec is quite necessuty. 170:.illstance,if
s native passes his life within the ûtec of- ffty miles
ftom his own bitth place,then itcûn l)e szid tllût he
passes hi$life in his own bitth pluce. lf l1e stays
mete than ffty nniles from his own birth place,tlhen
it can be Said that he passes hi$ life in hiS own
nativeland and if he doesnot stzy eithe: in bittl:
place or nativelûnd,then, of course, he spends l :is
life in foreign countties.
If, ftom the following combinations of' life
pûssing in bizth place, in nûtivehnd ot in foteign
countzy,the combination oflife passing in birth place
is fotmed, then the obsezvation of test of the
combinAtions are not necessaty :nd if it is of life
Passing in nvtiveland,then the combinztions of life
in foteign hnd should not be looked btcause ifthe
native thinks that he ot she is quite bappy in hi$
ot het own bitth place ot nztiveland, ht would not
think of lezving his country and go outside.
(a)A native passing the life in birth place.

'1)1 + 4 otJupiterorSun orhiSsign.
(b)A native passing the lifeln nativeland.
(1) 12 + 12 or Saturn or hiS sign.
(2)1 + 12 or Saturn orhisSign.
(3)4 orMoon + 12 or Sstutn orhissign,or
Satutn exalted.
(c)A native passing the life in foreign country.
(1) 3+ 3 orMarsotMoon othisorhetsign.
(2) 1+ 3 orMatsothisSign orMoon+ Mars
(a) A nativepassingthelifein birthplace:Obsetve
and understand the bizth charts and read below.
(See Example Section :Page57.)
1St Comb. 1)1 hienus+Pisces (2 )1 Venus+
Sun (3 )1 Venus+lupiter@Mars.
Result :The native is passing hiS life in birth place.
No. 13-2
1st Comb. (1)1sthouse+sun (2 )1Mercuty+
Sun (3 )1 Metcuty + Pisces (4 ) 1
Mercuty + Jup. (5) 1St house +
Rusult The native is pussing hiS life in bitth place.
jst Comb. (1 )1sthouse+Leo (2 )1sthouse+
Jup.(3 )1 Sun+ Szgittatius,
Result ; '
fhe nztive is ?assing his life in bittl: plzce.
1st Comb.:(1 )1stllouse-hsttl) (2 )1sthouse>
Jup.(3 ) 1 N'
Result :Tlne native is passing his life in birtl: place-
Coluln.:(1 ) 1sthousc-l
-sun (2 )1stllotlse:
Jup.*Mats (3 )1 Mûts-hlupiter.
Result : Tlqe native is passing llis lifc in birth plact.
No. 13-6
1st Clpn7b.:(1 ) 1sthouse+ Pisces (2 b1Ju?.->
Sun * Szturn. '
Result :The native is passing his life in britl) place.
A native passing the lifein birth place :Takedown
the bitth chatts and m ake youtself m ore sure.
(See Example Stction :17age 58.)
)A native passlng the life in natlveland:
Observe and understand the bitth charts and
read below.
(See Example Section :Puge 59.)
No. 14-1
Comb.:(1 )12 Venus + Czpticctn
(2)12 Venus + scturn.
2nd Comb :(1 )1 Mazs + Sztuzn
' ' ?
3rd Comb.:(1 )4th house + Aquatius
Result :The nziive is 'ss-
in his life în: nztivehnd.
1st Comb.: 1 )12th hogse 4 12 Venus
2nd Comh. 1)1sthouse + Sat.
2 )1Mercuty + Czpticotn
3rd Comb. 1 )4 Mercury + Satutn
Result The nztive is passing his life in nativeland.
1st Comb. 1 )12th house 12 MArs
2 )12 Mûts + Sat.
3 )12th house + Satutn * Mats.
2nd Comb. (1)1!thouse + Saturn *Jupiter(2)
1Jup.+ Sat.(3) 1 Jup.+ 12Mûrs
(4 )1Sthouse + 12 Vazs* JaP.
3rd Comb. (1)4Jupitez+ Sat.(2)4 Jup.+ Mars The native is passing his life in natigeland.
No 14-4
1st Connb. )12th house + Aquarius.
2nd Comb. 1 )1st house + Saturn
3td Comb. 1)3 slercuty + 12th house
2 )3 Metcury + Aquatius
Result Tlye native iS passing his life in nativeland-
Comb. 1 12 Jup.+ Aquati us
(2 12th house + Sat.
2nd Comb,t(1)1sthouse + Capricorn
(2)1 Sat.+ 12 Jup.
(2% )
3rd Conyb. (1)Moon+Sût.(2)hloon+ 12Jup..Sat-
Rmsult :The native is p ssiyg his life in nativez,
1stComb. :(1)12 Sun Saturn
2nd Comb.:(1)1stl
nouse-hlzSun (2)1sthouse+Sat.
(3)1Nlercury+ 12 Sun(4)sletcut)?.rSat
3rd Comb.:(1)4th house + Sat. (2)4th house +
12 Sun * Sat.(3)4 Jupiter + 12.
Result :Tl ne native is pzssing llis life in nctiveland,
A native passing the lifein nativeland:Take down
the bitth chatts and mqke youtself more sute.
(See Exanlple Section 17cge60)

(c)A native paesing the life in foteign countty:

Observe and understand the bitth chatt@
s and
tead below.
(See Example Section :Pûge 61)
Comb.:(1)3td house + 3 Met.
(2 )3td house + Mzrg.
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse + Cancvt
(2 )1Sthouse + Mocn
(3 )1Sthouse + Muz$. Moon
(4 )Moon + M:t$.
3td Comb.:(1 )4 Venus + Aries
Eesult : Thenativeispussinghislifeinforeigncountty.
N o.135-6
1st Comb.:(1 )3rd lnouse + 3 Sun
2nd Comb.:(1 )1sthouse + Mats.
3td Comb.:(1)4th house + Mats.
: Thenativeispassing hislifeinfoteigncountty.
N o.141-6
1st 3rd house + Mars
2nd 1 Jup.+ 3rd house
1Jup.+ Mzts
1st house + M oon
3td Conqb. 4 Jupiter + 3rd house
4 Jup.-+ Mars
Result:Thenativeispassing hislifeinforeign countty.
4St Comb.i(1 )3rd house + Mars
(2 )3 Szt.+ Mars
2nd Comb.:(1 )1sthouse + Moon
(2 )1sthouse + Scozpio
(3 1Sthouse + 3 Sat.
(4 1st house + M ars * Sat.
3:d.Comb. (1 4th hottse + 3 Sat.
(2 4th laouse + M zrs * Sat.
(3 4 Sztum + Mars.
Result tThenativeispssinghislifein foteigncountty
No. 136-6
1St Comb.:(1 ) 3rd house + Mars
M er. M ars * Sat.
(3 ) 3 Mercuty
Ioon * Saturn
2nd Comb. : (1 )1stl
nouse +Nlars@ Sat.(2 )1
Moon + Aties(3 )1 Moon + Mûts
* Sat(4 )Moon + Mars * Sût.
3rd Comb.:(1 )4th house + Mats (2 )4Venu!
+ Scotpio (3 )Moon + Mars* sat.
(4 ) Moon + Aties.
Result :The nûtiveis N ssing lxislife in foreign countty.
N o.158-4
1st Comb.:(1 )3rd house Mars 3.Venus
+ M ats
2nd Coml (2 )1 Sun + 3rd house (2 )1 Sun
+ Mats(3 )1 Sun + 3tvenus.
3rd Comb.: 1 )4th house + Scorpio(2 )4Mats
+ 3td house(3 )4 Mats + 3 Vetws
Result :Thenltiveispassing hislifein fozeigncountzy.
A native passing the life in foreign country :Take
dow n 'the birth charts and m ake youtself
m lre Sure.
(SeeExample Section :Page 62.)
Chuptet Second
Bilh chart,inclination of mind and business
or oœ upation. '
It is tather impossible for otdinzry Asttologers
to ptedict which business tbe native will umdertake.
ïrhen the people are confussed or puzzled regarding
their business or occupation,they at once run to the
Asttologers and ask,ffIn which businessotoccupation
shall1 get Success with ptoft? By dealing in which
wzres or by dealing in which commodity Shall I be
well rewatded? Ot <<My Son is matticulkted,
which patticulat l ine shall I advise him to join?
Should he join business? If1 send him for futtlzet
education,in which particular line Shall I educate
him ?''etc.1S thete zny posibility for the present
Asttologers to unswer such questions?
To-day to ;nd out the business ofanative,thete
:te mûny incotrect methods in vogue. Fot example;
the ptesent Asttologets give the advise of a
business based on Navmasa Kundliin which the
10th lotd of the bitth chatt is situated. But
they can hardly ptove itS cotrectnessand Such kind of
manyincortectmetl nodsatecontinuedbytheAsttologers.
W hile some Asttologezs,aftetcteating codfdence
in native, psychologically énds out the business in
which the native is intetested :nd advise him of the
szme.ln this wûy, if the nAtive zopts a muliic
businessof a malefc planet,he is l'uintd in busines
zs wellas in life.
To-dzy I can bolëly Say thz theancient saintr
hûve left the knowledge by whi ch one e:n See pûst,
Ptesent :nd futute. On ly fortunate, lezrned Anl.
enthusktic people are able to obtain this knowledgt.
Ordinzty people ând critics merely intozicated witb
the 'Hrst sight knowledge', which is incom/lett,
cûnnot achieve perfection in Asttology.
Now we shall come to the point.You c:nknow
how End out business of z cettain nktive attê
you youtself willbe suzprised to learn thûtyou luvt
gotthlt much capkcity ofpicking u? thisknowledge.
Ascendant mezns inclinûtion ofmind. Accordicp .

to this inclinûtion, û nztive notonly minds hisow:

business but also lives hiSlife. Any occkssion ot ku
event in : native's life is dueto the inclinztion ofhit
mind. Henee,the combination of uscendznt ot lotl
of the ascendûnt suggests the suitable business bt
occupvtion of a.native,lt isalso defnitt that : nativt'
cannot adopt anybusiness which is Agûinsthis inclinj.
tion of mind and if he Atulladopts, it willnotkst
long.lfyou wish to understand the cottect ptincipk:
ofthis,justtty to exphinsnative owning: wotkshop'
to optn a tea stalland listen whathe would sc int
return. ln tbe szme K 5
4T as
ka grx er to Open :
laundry or explain him the workings of h nks and
insurancecompanies withitsadvzntagesund d' imdvant-
Ages,talk to him ubouta business without cûpitzl,
the answer given in return would be worth listening.
So you willbe convinced thzta m1n mzkes progtess
in his business and builds his fortane based on his
own inclination of mind, the mattet of
business or occu?ation, the inclination of native's
mind plays ûn impottzntpatt.
Now read below, the ptinciplesconnecting busi-
ness or occupation.Tzythisexpetiment on any nztive
and Fee whether he answersit ot not. But when
questioning,please keep in mindthatwithouttkorough
knowledge of nature of plantts and signs, this zrt
wil) not be obtcined. Adhezing youtself to these
ptinciples and with complete conûdence,ifyoutl to
gain this att,then and then, you will be successful;
and when this success willbe obuined, yOu Ast ill
dvncewith joy znd dzeam ofgolden time.
lnclination ofm ind and business o: occupadon.
(1)Jfmaleicphnetisof0 degree ot debilitated or
sspected one-sided by beneûc .planet ot if it is
convetted to benefc phnet, then the native does
the business of malefc planet.
(2)The occupation ofthesign in which thelotdof
the ascendant is Situated.
l businçssofthebenefcplanetvwbo isrelated
to the ascendantby conjunction, opposition ot
RSPCCt. i t
(4)Thebusiness ofthelord ofthe ûsc. oroftht
benefcphnetwho isrehted to thelord ofthe asc.
Sometimes in a native's birth chatt, thete :re
vatious combinationsof businessesot occupztions,and
the nztive has the capacityto undettake more occupz-
tions of the diferenttype.But he isableto undertûke
only two ot threebusinesses,chooseshis own business
in which be c:n show ability and talent. The above
four combinztions ate to be consideted tespectively.
If the nztive isundetthe inûuenceof 1Stcombination,
he adopts the businessbased on it,:nd if thete isno
such combinztion in hiS bizth chatt, he ûdopts the
business based on the second combination,butif this
business is of mzlefc,he is compeled to leave that
and adoptthebusiness basedon thethitd ccmbination
qnd if that business isnot suitable to him,he udopts
the business of the lotd oftheascendant ot th: busi-
nessof$eben/cphnet who is tehted to the lord
of the ascendant by conjunction,oppositi on oraspect.
Always temembez that the efectof the pknet
Aspecting the houses is considezed to bepowetfulûnd
mote efective.Ohe is wellptofted with the business
ot occupation of beneûc phnet,on the othet hAnd if
Business means occupation of life.It means with
which businessa nativewillpasshislife.Foz example;
two men :re doing thesamebusiness of sellingbooks.
One is employez while another is employee to pack
the patcels.Apm rently both ofthem touch kbooks ûnd
pass theit lives in tlut business. Both :ze considered
to be doing ' tl
x same business, though one is ln
employet while another is an em ployee. Hence the
diFetence 'of employet andemployee can be fxed heze
as one lives an independentlife while another leadsa
dependent life.
W e shall now obsetve how the native of
patticulat birth chatt would passhis life and in which
occupation, based on the principles given above.
Cettain business oz occupation are done with
only one com bination while som e are based on two
ot thtee,which willbe read luter on with detailed
patticulzts. At presentwe shall, at drst sightjust
observe the bizth chzrts,as to how the natives were
inclined towûtds a patticuhz business otoccupation.
Bitth chatt,inclination of m 1 d and business
or occupation.Observe and undetstand the bitth
charts and zead below .
(SeeExvmple Section:Pages63,64)
1st Comb.:Ni1 3zd Com b.:N i1
2nd Comb. :1 Mats + Vitgo 4th Comb.:N i1
Result :1 Msrs being in Virgo, the native k.
interested in the business of Virgo. He iy
sezving in bank.
1St Comb.:Ni1 3rd Comb.:Asc. + Leo
2ndComb.:Ni1 4th Comb.:1st Lotd exalted.
Result :Thenztive isinterested in the businessofLeo.
He is z publisber ûnd a book-seller.

1St Connb.:Ni1 3td Comb.:Nil

2nd Comb. 1 M oon + Vitgo 4th Comb. :Ni1
Result :The nztive is interesti in the business of'
Vitgo. He isB.Com.and is setving in un
lnsutlnce Compzny.
N o. 4
1stComb.:MalefcMarsdebilitated. 3td Comb.:Ni1
2ndComb.:Ni1 4th Comb.:Nil'
Result :Mats being malefc but debilitated in the
native's bitth chatt,the native is intetested
in the business ofM ats.Mats is the son of
eûe , lord of the minenls, hence the nûtive
eam s vellin cozlmine.
No. 5
1st Comb.:Nil 3td Comb'.:Ni1
2nd Comb.:1Jupitez+ Aties 4th Comb.:Nû
Result :The nztive is intetested in the business of'
Aries, medicine.He is a doctor.
(259 J
1st Comb.:(1)MalefcMereury combust. (Benee
frcm méleic)
2nd Comb.:1 M ars + Libza
3rd Comb.:Asc.+ Jupitel 4th C
Result :The nztive is intetested in two businessès.
H e haS obtained u good reputation in
Astrology,the business ofMetcury us well
us mude a good name us c,tescher, in the
business of Libm and Jupi ter.
1St Comb. Nil 3rd Comb.:Ni1
2nd Connb. Jup. + Scotpio 4th Comb.:Nil
Result:The native is intercsted in the business of
Scotpio.He is an engineer.
tSt Comb.:Ni1 3rd Comb.:Asc. + Mars
2nd Comb.:Ni1 4th Comb.:Nil
Result :The nstive isintezested in the business of
M uts.He is a landlotd. He passes his life
from the income of land.
1stComb. Nil2nd Comb. (1)1 Venus+Gemini
(2)1Venus+ Metcuty3tdComb.:Ni14th Comb.:Nil.
Result:The nztive is intetested in the business of
Gemini and Mercuty. He is : chztteted
4st'Comb. : Alpect nqulefc Mars in tbe asc.
znd Comb.:Nil. 3td Cot nb.Nil. 4th Comb. :Nil.
Result kThe native is interested in tbe business of
malefc Mats.Helatgely deals with sand and
Stones,but does notAchieve Suëcient guin,
hence he is tited and expetiences dilcultks.
Here M azs is powetful.Gtaduallyit ishoped
that the native willhave to lezve thût busi-
ness with despair.
No. 11
4stComb.:Ni12nd Comb.:1 Metculy + Tautus
.3td Cor'
b.:Ni14th Comb.1 Metcuty + Sun
Result :The native is intetested in the business of
M ercuty and Venus. He is well-known in
ptepating toys, but he cannot do any
business,as Tauzusinspites him to undett:ke
big business so he does not like to do
smzllez one :nd fot big business he llas no
capital,hence he is unemploytd.
1st Comb.:M alefc Moon aspects the 1St Lozd.
2nd Comb.:Nil 3td Comb.kNil 4th Connb. Ni1
Aesult :Th 'e nativt is interested in the business of
the Moon.The Moon means motion,hence
the native is a driver.
A land-lord,Jagirdarora farmer.
(Businessesofthe SunI
(1 1-l.Sun orTautus,Leo,Scorpio orAquatiussignu'
(2)1+ MûrsorSaturn orhissign.
Interested in agriculture-A land-lord,jagizdar or
a farm er :Obsetve and understand the birth
charts and tead below.
(See Example Section:Page65.)
1St Comb. ) 1st llouse + Sun
2nd Comb. 1 )1Sthouse + Aries 2 )1sthouse'
slats(3) 1st house + Satutn
4 )1 Mars Capticotn
Result The nutive is interested in the business of
agricultutal ptoducts.He isa big hnd-lord.
1stComb.:(1)1sthouse + Sun *Jupitet,Moon
2nd Comb.:(.
1)1 Venus Capticorn
Result ) The native okns g,smull piece of land and
most of the pazthasbeen lost.
1st Comb. ( 1 1sthouse+ Sun *Satutn,Jupiter
(2 1Jupi ter + Sun @ Satuzn
2nd Comb. (1 1Sthouse+ Mats @ Jup.
(2 1 Jup.+MatS (3) 1Jup.+ Sat.
(4 1sthouse + Sat.* Jup.
ne nztive is a land-lotd.
Result Tl
1st Comb.:(1)1Sthouse + Tvutus (2)1stlqouse
Sun * Sat.
2nd Comb.:(1)1 Venus + Aties(2 ) 1 Venus
+ Mazs(3 )1Sthouse + Saturn
Result: The native is a big land-lord.
1stComb.:t1)1Memury+ Sun (2)1slezcuty-hScotpio
2ndComb.:(1)1Mercuty+Sat.(2)1sthouse +MAtS
Result :The native isa land-lotd., He interested
in agricultute.
1St Comb.:(1)1 Venus + Sun * Sututn
2nd Comb.:/1)1 Venug + Sat.(2) 10tbouse+Mazs

Result :The native is a land-lotd. JIe is it

in ûgr
Interested in agriculture-A landdord, jagirdar
or a fatmer :Take down the birth chatts and

m ake yourself m ore sure.

(See Example Section :Page 66)
2. Inyerested in vegetable ptoducts : A gtocet,
book-sener or am etchant dealing in cotton, clbth,
teg,gzass,tobacco ot paper
(Businqssoftbe Sun)
f 1 )1 A s orTaurus,Leo.Scorpio orAquatius.
2 )1 + Jupitet'
ozVenusothk sign.
Tbe following partkularsate wotth temem bering
in sstzology,as the lnuman beingschoose theirown
businesses based on it.
Signs and Elem ents :-
The signs 1,4,7,10 reptesent- M etal.
2,5, 8, 11 - Vegetation.
3, 6,9, 12 - Life.
The signs 1, 5, 9 reptesent - Fite.
2, 6, 10 ,, - Earth.
3, 7, 11 - Air.
4, 8, 12 - W atet.

Sun reptesents Vegetation and Fite.

A4oon M etal and W ater.
à4ars sletal, Vegetation and Fire.
M ercuty : Life, Ait and Easth.
Jupiter Life,Fire and W ater.
Venus V egetation, M etal, Earth
and Air.
Satutn Vegetation, M etal, Ilazth
and Air.

Marsand Jupiterareferyand watezy planets.

M ercuty, Venus and Satutn are earthy and
aity planets.
grocer,book-sellet or a merchant dealing ia'
cotton,c10th,tea, grass, tdbacco or pa- .
Observe and understand the bir'
charts and read below.
(Sec Example Section :Page67.):
1StComb.:(1 )1 Mezcury + Sun
(2 )1sthouse + Su<
2nd Conlb.:(1 )1sthouse > Jupiter
Result :The native is a gruin metclnant.
1stComb. 1)1sthouse + Sun
(2 ) 1Metcuty Sun
2nd Comb.:(1 )1sthouse + Jup.* Mûts
2 )1Mec.+ Jup.* Mars
*Result Tlle native is a c10th npezclnant.
1stComb.: 1)1sthouse + Leo (2 )1Sthouse
+ Sun 3 1 Sun + Leo.
2nd Comb.:(1)1Sthouse+ Jup.(2)1Sun + Jupiter
Result :The native is u cotton merclnant.
1st Comb.:(1),1sthouse + Leo

2nd Comb.:(1)1Sthouse+ Venus

Result :The nztive is a book-sellet and a publisher.
No. 30-1
1st Comb.:(1)1Venus+ Sun (2)1Venus+Scorpie
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Jupitet(2)1sthouse+Libn
Result :The native is a tobacco metchant.
1St Comb.:(1) 1Venus+ Sun
2nd Comb.:(1) 1Sthouse + Libta
Result :The native is a dealet ofgtzss.
Interested in vegetable ptoducts :A gtocer,
book-seller ora m etchant dealing in cotton, c10th,
tea,gtass.tobacco or paper :Take down the birth
charts and m ake yourselfm ore sure.
(SeeExample Section Pzge 68)
IBusinessof this Sun )
(1) 1 + Sun othiS sign.
(2) 1 + Jupiterorhis sign.
(a )1 + MatsothisSign.
IfJupitet,the Sun ûpd Mûts come in telation
with the asc.ot lord of the ascendant,then thenative
beconnes û gteat saint znd his lifebecomesan example
to the humanbeings. Hetein'ifJupiterisnot tehted
with the asc. ot lord of the ascendant, then the
native remains illitetate but worships God; if' Mats
(266.) ,
ss notrelated,then thetnative becomes irregulat ia
worships und.. devotion and ifthe Sun is not telated,t
then 'the nxtivi
e becomes : Socicl worket or :; .'
atheistor tbe., cteation of the wotld appears to Limr:
scientifc ratherthan godly or moves asttay in tàe
worship ofGod.
lf the Above combinations have been formel''
completely in the native's bitth chstt,then hebecomep'
a greût leam ed mûny realizes God, teceives voices
from the inner souland whutever he speuks comes
ttue.He becomes expett in Seeing pusty ptesent anë
future,a messenger of truth,lover of non-violence,
foundet of zeligion ot wtites zeligious books or
alters them. The main business of Such nctive is
to thtow lighton ot spteûd religion by means of
Pteaching,creating conception towotds it.To bestow
tbe tottuted :nd despaited souls with peace ani
divettthem towatds the wotship of God with full
confdence. lf z combination of 1 + Moon
instead of 1 + Sun h:S been fotmed,the the nutive
insteld of becoming a devotee of God, worsàips

Saints:tObsuve 'and undcstand the birth

charts and f
read below.'
gsee Example Section :Page 69.)
qst'Comb-:(1 )1sthouse + Leo
2ndComb. (1)!st house + Jup.@ Mzrs
(2 1 Sun Sagittarius
(3 )1 Sun + Jupiter@ Mats
3rd Comb. (1 )1sthouse + Mars
(2 )1 Sun + Mats.
Result:T1v nativeisaJain sûint,
1St Comb. 1 1st house + Sun
2nd Comb- * 1 )1Sthouse + Pisces
2 )1 Jupiterexalted.
3 )1sthouse + Jupiter
Comb. 1 )1sthouse + Mats*Jup.
2 ) JuP.+ Mvrs
Result : The native is a Saint,studious of religious
volumes.He is Sundztam.
1st Comb.tNi1
2nd Comb. (1 )1sthouse + Jup.
(2 )1 Mars + Sagittzrius
3td Comb.:(1 )1Sthouse + Scorpio
Xesult :The native wzs the fouadet of ,Swami
Nztzyana religion.He is Sabzjananda. This
birth chax can be said of a gttzt Saint.
1st Comb.:(1 )1sthouse + Sun
2nd Comb. (1 ) 1sthouse + Sagittatius
3rd Comb. (1 )1 Jupiter Mars
Result The native was a saint. He had famel
Hindu religionin inland as wellus in foteign
countries,He is Vivekanandu.
1St Comb. (1 )1sthouse + Sun
2nd Comb.:(1 )1Sthouse + Jupiter
3rd Comb.:(1)Matsexalted.
Result :The native w:s a great saint. He
Ramktishcn Putzmhansa.
N o.022-21
1St Comb.:(1) 1sthoase + Leo
2nd Comb. (1 ) 1 Sun + Jupiter* Saturn,Moon
3rd Comb.:(1 )1 Sun+ Scotpio(2)1Sun+ Matr
Result The native waSa great Saint. He was the
foundez ofSikh teligion.He isGutuNanak.
Saints :Take down the birth charts and
m ake yourself m ore sure.
(See Example Section :Page 70 )
No. 1.A gteat worshippet.No.2.SwamiShivanania.
No.3.Autobindo Ghose.N.4.R# Chandta.No.5A
gteat yogi.No.6. Ntusbibachtya. No. 7. A gteat
wotshippet.No.8.Rsman Mabashzi.No.9. Vallabh
IBusinessofthe Moon j
41)1 Moon ot hersign ot Venusot hiS sign
ot scorpio.
(2)1 + Marsor hisSign orMercury or hiSsign.
Ifthe M oon comes in rehtion withtheascendant
ozlotd ofthe ascendant by conjunction, opposttion
otaspect,then the native becomes an artist,sculptor,
An actot,an actress or a dancer requites the
determination und fearlessness of M ars to overcom e
the shyness :nd netvousness of giving petformznce
1 public,othezwise due to shyness,he or She would
be inclined to sing or dance in a closed toom.
A & awlng artist,sculptor, actov acttegs, dancer,
Hl- tor,px tor â sweet-voiced person : Observe
u d undetstO d thc b< h charts and read below.
(See Exumple Section :Page71.)
lst Comb.:(1 )1sthouse + Czncet
(2 )1 Mœ n + Venus
(270 1
Nd Co.
mb.:(1)1sthouse + MaO *,J'
(2 )1 Moon + Gemini
Result :The m tive w:s a well-known attistas well
ûS a Poet.
No.021 13
1st Comb.: 1)1sthouse+ Venus
(2 )1 Saturn Venus
(3 )1sthouse + Moon . Mars
2nd Comb.:(1 )1sthouse + Mats
(2 ) 1sthouse Met.@ Murs
Result The nûtive waS a fzmous Sculptot. He w:s
expett in preputing the hqmun images.
1st Comb.:( 1)1 Mats + Moon
2nd Comb.:(1)1Sthouse + Aties
Result kThe native is a well-known Indian R'm Sur.
He is Ashok Kumat '
1st Comb. (1) 1sthouse + Venus
(2 )1 Mats + Cancer
2hd Comb. (.1' )1st house + ,Aties
The nAtive is a iell-i known''C
lY ianz'>
- tq
.'She is Natgis.
zcttess' i
N o.'.027-1
1st Comb. (1 ), .+ Moon
(2 ),loSat..
+ Yçnus
2nd Comb, (1).
1 Satum ,+ tMars
Result :The native is a,Rmous lédian dlmthdirector.
He isdways occupied with the thoughts of
att and acting.He is V..'
SW ntmam .
N o.05-9
1St Comb.:(1 )1sthouse + Moon
2nd Cot nb. : Ni1
Result :There is no Second cdmbination in this
birth chart. Poets donot teauire this
combination.The native is a wotld's W e1l-
known poet.He is Rabindranath Tagote.
A dtawing artist, sculptor, actot, actress, dancer,
ditector,poet ot a sweet-voiced ,petson : Take
down the bitth ch- s and l ake youtselfm ot? sure.
(SeeExample Section Pages72, 73, 74.1
@ *
(Business ofthe Moon )
(1)1 + Moon orhet lign.
(2)1 + JupitetorVenusozhis sign.
Poets :Obsetve,'
and ,.llndersiand :the bizth;cu tts
t'aod .road below .
t. (,See Exam'
ple Section : Ragei75z)
1st Comb.:(1 )lst'zhouse + Moon
(.2 )1 Jup.'+ Cancer.
2nd Comb.:(1 )1sthouse + Pisces
(2 )1Sthouse +'Jup.
Result:The native wzs a great poet and h:d won
the NobelPrize.He isRabindtznath Tagote.
1St Comb. (1)1sthouse + Cancer
znd Comb. (1) 1Moon + Jupitet
1st Comb. (1)Jupiter Cancer
(2 )1Jup.+ Moon * Mats
znd Comb.:(1 ) 1s4 house + Pisces (2 ) 1st
houst + Jup. (3 )1sthouse+ Vecus
*Mats,Jup.(4)1Jup.+ Venus*Mkzs.
Result:Thenative isû well-known poetofGujamt.
1st Comb.:(1)1 Venus + Moon * Jupitet
2nd Comb.:(1)1Sthouse+ Taums
(2) 1Venus + Jupittt
Reeult k The nztive w:s : fsmouspoet.
1st Cnmb.:(1 )1sthx se + M oon
znd Comb.:(1)1$thouse + T:um s
Result 1qThe nvtive wasa world famous poet.He is
Lord Tennyson.
1st Comb.:(1) 1sthouse+ Moon (2 )1Sat.+
Moon (3 )1 Saturn + Cancer
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse + Jupiter* Mzrs
Result :The nztive isEurope's well-known poet,
Poets :ToV- down the bitth chatts and make
yourself m ore sure.
(See Example Section :Page 76)


I Businessofthe Moon )
h photogmphet :(1)1 + Moon ozVenus ot
her or hiS sign.
(2)1 + Mzrsor his sign.
A jtwellet :(1)1 + Moon orhetsign.
(2j1 + Marsozhis Sign.
(3)1 + Saturn orhissign.
k& glass-svazedea%z (1)1 + Moon or het sign.
(2)1 + Muts oz his sign.
h dederofperhmel :(1) 1 + Moon ot her Sign.
A dezltz' of:otxnd (1)1 + Moon otMatsorhet
cold dzinks :
' ot hissign.
(2)1 + Metcug or Jupiter
or his sign.
Th: M oon is a .
watery ,'planet.,Cancer indicates
metal,silvetrd art.Marsand Ariesisajewellez=d'
a gold-smith.Jupiterand Mercuc representslife.
A photographer, of
glass-ware, pedl% ery and hot and cold dxinks.
Observe and understand the'birth charts and tead'
(See Example Section :Psge 77.J
No. 40
1St Comb'
.:(1)1sthouse + Cancer
2nd Comb.'
:(1 )1 Moon + Aties
Result :'T.
' he native is atphotogtapher.
1st Comb. (1 )1sthouse+ Moon*Jttpkerk,saturx
(2 ) 1 Sun + Moon @ Jupitet,Mzts
2nd Comb,:(1)1 Sun + Mars
3rd Comb. (1)1Sthouse + Saturn
Result :The'nativeisz jeweller.
1st Comb.;(.1,)1stbouse + jGncet
znd Comb,,
q(1)1 Moon + Scotpio

.2,)1 Moon + ,V,prs

, (
Result :The nauve is p glass-wate.mezchant.
tNo. 03-2
1st fomb.A(,1:)1stkouse:+ Moon

Result :The'mgtivç,,is.g dealet of incense sticks.

1st Comb.:(1 )1'Mercury + 'Mats

2nJ Comb.:(1)1sthouse + Jupiter

(2 )1sbhouse + '
Result :The native deals with cold'dtinksx
1St Comb. 1 1St house + Moon
2 1st house + Azies
3 1st house + Mats
2nd Comb. 1 1Sthouse + Jupi ter
2 1St house + Gemini.
Result :The native is an owner ofhotel.
A photogzlpher, jeu ller,'and a dealer bf'
glass-were, pezfum ety 'and hot and cold
dtinks :Take down the bkth ç% rtsdxnd.
make yourfelfm ote sute.
(See Example Section:Pao 78)


(Business ofMats)
1 + Matsot his sign ot maledc,M uts :.or
debilitated ot beneûc ftom matefc. '
Mzts oz,.histsign.
A lawyer,'batrister,solicitot,judge or a collectot:
'Observe and undetstand the birth chatts and
read below
(See Example Section:Page 79)
1st Comb.:(1) 1Jupiter + Mats
. 2nd Comb.:(1 )6th house + Mzrs
(2 )6 Venus + Mzrs* Jup.
Result: The native is a barristet.

1st Comb.:(1 )1Sthouse + Scotpio
(2 )15thouse + Mats
. 2nd Comb..:(1 )6th house + Aties
)$th house + Mats*Satutn,Sun
Result :The'
. native is a B.A.LL-B.
1st Comb.:(1 )1 Venus+ Mats*Jupitet,Moon
2nd Comb.:(1)6 Venus + Mzts*Jupitet,Moon
' (g )6th house+ Mats*Jupitet,Moon
R eeult :The native is a bartistet.

1st Comb.1:(1.
,2nd Com'
b.'t(1 )6t: house + Scomio
A eeult :The nvtive is a solicitor.
1stComb.:(1 )1 Venus + Mats* Moon
2nd Comb.:( 1 )7 Venus + Mars @ Moon
Result Tl
le native is a solicitor.
1st Comb. (1)Mxledc Mats debilitateà.
, M er. + Mars
2nd Comb.:(1 )6th house + Seotpio
Result :The native is a solicitor.
A lawyet, barristery solicitor, judge ot a.
collectot :Take down the bitth charts and m ake
yourself m ore sute.
(See Example Section:Page 8û,81.)
A Collector and a Judge
Sucla natives like,adkocates,batristIers :nd solici-
tors have to obtzin the complete knowledgeregatding
laws entitely engzging their minds towardsitsstudies.
The only diference between. these two is that they'
have to be loyalto the lûws whilegi ,ving j udgement
IS the enti te reins of Pelce pfthe countty lies in
their hands.Hencethe obsetvation of thecombination
1 or (1 + Sun is zequited' .
(BusinessofMars,Moon otMars,Saturn )
(1) 1 + Mztsorhis sign or maleic Mats% or
texûltedotbrnefcfrom maleic.
(2) 1 + Moon ot SAtufn.orhet < his.sign. '
An enginevr:Obsetve and undetstand the bitth
charts'and read 'below .
(SeeExlmple Section :Page82J
4st Comb.:(1 )1st house + M ars
Qnd Comb.:(1) 1sthouse+ Suturn
(2 ) 1 Sun + Aquztius
Aesult :The native is an engineer.
1St Comb.:(1 )1Sthouse+Maxs(2) 1Jup.-i-Nlats.
2nd Comb.:(1 )1 Jupiter+ Saturn
X esdt :The native is an engineet.
4st Comb. (1 )1sthouse + Aties
(2 )1sthouse + Mats
znd Comb.:(1 )1sthlluse+ Sututn.Venus,Mars
(2 )1st house + Moon * Satutn,
Venus, Mats (3 ) 1Mats + Sat. *
Venus (4 )1 Mars+ Moon @ Satuxn,
Venus,M ats
Result tThe nztive is an England tetutned engineer.
1st Comb.:
.(1 )Beneic Marsfrom'mallc..
2nd Comb.:(1 ) 1 Metcury + Capticotn
(: )1 Mar '+ Sat.
Kesult :Thel'nativer
'isan e% ineer.'
1st Comb :(1)Beneic Marsfrom maleEc.
2nd Comb.:Ni1
,esult :The native is un engineer.
Comb.:(1 )1sthouse+ Scorpio (2 )1Mazs
exalted.(3)1sthouse+ Mars@Jupiter
2nd Comb.:(1) 1 Mats Capticotn
Result :The native is un engineer.
An engineet :Take down the birth charts end
m ake yourself m ore sure.
(See Exzmple Section :Page83j
41 )1 + Marsot hissign orMarsexzted.
(2 )6 + MatsothisSignor6thLozd:ordebilitated.
f3),6 + 1stlotd or Mars or6th Lotd inMars
sign or ,?ot debilitzted, if Satutn is the
1st lord,then 6 + Mars.
A doctor, dentist,vaidyl, hakim naturopath or a
sutseIObserve and understand thebitth cltartsand
read below.
(SeeExample Section)Pzge84)
1st Comb.k(1)1 Jupiter + A'ties
2nd Comb.t(1 )6th house + Mats
3td Comb.:(1 )6th house + 1 Jupiter
Result :The native is a doctor.He is M .B;B.S.
1st Connb. (1)1Sthouse + Aries
2nd Comb. (1)6th lord s
3rd Comb.:(1 )6tb lord %
Result The native is a doptor.
1St Comb.:(1 )1sthouse+ Mats
2nd Comb.:( 1 )6th house + M ars
3rd Conpb.:Nil
Result :The native is a doctot.
1st Comb.: 1 1 Sun + Scorpio
2nd Comb.:(1 6th house Mats
(2 )6 Satutn + Atits
(3 )6th Saturn debilitatedl
3rd Comb.:(1 )6 Saturn + Aries
(2 )6 Sst.debilitvted,
Result :The native is z doctor.
. lço.018-1,6
1stp Comb
1 , :(1)1 Saturn # Mars.,

2ûd Comb.:(1)6 Mercuty + Mats

3td Comb.:(1).6Metcury + Mszs.(Satuznhimself
isthe 1stlord).
Result :The native isa doctot.
1st Comb.:(1)1Sthouse + Mzts
2nd Comb.:(1)6th house + Scorpio
3td Comb.:(1)6th house + Scotpio
Result :The native is a doctoz but wotks in
the reseazch depattment.
A doctor, dentist, vaidya, hake ,naturopath
or a nurse :Take dowh the bitth chloq and mak.
yourself m ore sure.
(See Example Section:Page 85)
No. 19,20 nutses. No.21,22 naturopaths.No.
23 vaidyû.

(Producetand dcalet of colouts,medicines,salt,
coal znd mineral oils, a ptinter, doctot, vaidya,
chemicalznalizer,mine wotker, Stone bteaker, mine
, 'j.
ownerot a technologist.)
(1 + Mztsot his sign ot mclefc Mars : ot
debilitated ot benefc frot
ù malefc.
Living on m inetals :Obsetve and undetstand the
birth chuts and read belkw.
No.96G 1
1stComb,:(1)1Sthouse + Mars'
Result :The nztive .is interested largely in chemical
compunies.He isKgstuzbhaiShetl:.
1stCotùb.:(1)Vtnus + Mats* Jupitet
Resulr :The native is a chemist.
1stComb. 1) 1Jupi ter Scozpio
9ResultkThe native hzd been t? Amezica and deeply
studied iechnology.
1StComb. (1)1st house + Aties
(2 )1Sthouse + Mats
Result tThe nativt is a dealet of salts and gains
millions of zupees.
No 32û
1stComb.:(1 )1sthouse + Mazs
Result :The nztive is a dealerof mineral oil.
1stComb.:(1)1Stbouse+ Mars
Result :The nstive is the ownet ofY medicalstott.
Living on m inetals :Take down the bitth chax:
and make youtselfmote sute.
(SeeExample Section:Pzge 87J
No.1. The ngtive ha$ passed the technogoly
rxams in higher chss. : compounder.
,N dealer of land, bricks, tiles,cement,sand or
stones : Take down the bitth charts and
m ake yourself more sure.
(Business ofMats:Matsisthe son ofeartln)
(1)1 + Marsor his sign.
(SeeExample Section:Page87)

(Business ofMars)
41)1 Mûxsot his sign ot malefc Muts
debilitated or beneic fzom maleic.
j2 )1 + Moon orSatuzn othetor hiS sign.
Living on electricity : Obsetve an4 understand
the birth chatts and zead below.
(See Example Section :Pûge 88)
1st Comb.:(1 )BeneNc Matsftom mal efc
2nd Comb. :(1) 1st house + Satutn
(2 ) 1Mezcuty + Sztutn
Xesult :The native is an electticzlengineez.
1st Comb. (1)1st house + Mzts
2në Comb.:(1) 1$thouse+ Satutn 2 )1Venus
+ Cancet
Xesult :The native isan electticalengineer.
1St Comb.:(1 )Malefc Mars aspected one-siëtê
br Jupitetchanged to beneic.
2nd Comb.:(1 )1 Metcuty + Saturn
Result:The native is a wireless inventot.
1st Comb. (1)1st house + Mats
2nd Comb.:(1 )1Sthouse + Sat.@ Mars
(2)1JuP.+ Slt.
Result The nutive is the Directoz of powct station.
1St Comb.:(1) 1st house + Mzts * Sat. Ju?.
(2 )1 Jup.+ M ars @ Sat.
2nd Comb. (1) 1sthouse+ M oon *Murs, Sat. Ju?.
(2)1 Jup.+ Moon.M:tS,Saturn(3)1St
house+ Szt.* Jup. (4)1 Jup.+ Sat.
Result :The native is an electrical engineet.
1St Comb. (1)1 Satutn + Mats
2nd Comb. (1) 1sthouse-hCspr.(2)1'Sat.+ Aqù.
Result :The nativeownsa zadio repaiting Shoj.
Living on elecG city :'Take down the birth charts
and m ake youtself m ore sute.
(SeeExample Section :Page 89)
No.3.A zsellet of gtamophones,elrctticAlequip-
mepts and a radio tepuiter. No. 4. An agent of
dectzical equipments. No. 6 A welder.Rest of tl ae
hotoscopes aze of,electricaletgineets.
(Business ofMats)
(Wartiots, leadezs, commandet-in-chief, feld-
=ztshzls, bombardiets, police supezintendents, :it
Pilots, motor dtivers, naval captains, wtestlets,
politicians,revolutionlists and zebels.)
(1 )1 + MatsotSaturn othissign.
(2 )6 + Mats ot Situtn othissign.
Living risky life :Obsetve and undetstand the
birth charts and read below.
!See Example Section:Page90)
1StComb. (1)1 Saturn+ Aries (2)1 Satutn+ M ats
(3)1 + Aquurius
2nd Comb. (1)6 Moon Mats
Result tThe nztive isa commandet.
.stComb. (1) 1sthouse+Mars (2) 1Venus-hMars
2nd Comb,:( 1)6Jup.+ Mats(2)6Juy.+ Aties
Aesult The nutive at the risk of h1s own life
fought with the powetful nation. He is
Mahstm: Gandhi.
1stComb.:(1)1 Mer.+ Mats (2)1Met.+ Capr.
(3) 1 Metcuzy + Sztutn * Jupitet
2nd Comb.;(1)6th house+ Scotpio

(2) 6 Mazs+ Szt.(3)6Mats+ Aquatius

Result:The native has zlso fought with the povet-
1st Comb.:(1)Jup.+ Aties (2)1 Jup.+Satux
2nd Comb.:(1)6th house + Mats (2)6 Sun >
Satutn (3)6 Sun + Capticozn
Result The native driveshiSown czrin bigcity.
1St Comp. (1)1sthouse+Aqu. (2)1 Sat.+ Mzr!
(3)1sthouse + Mats
(4) 1sthouse + Sat.@ Mats
2nd Comb, (1)6th housr+Sat.(2)6thhouse+Mats.
(3)6 Moon-hScozpio
Result :The native is a dzivet.
1st Comb. 1 )1sthouse + Mzts
2nd Comb. 1 )5t h house + Mzts(2 )6t.hhouse
+ Szt.* Moon (3 )6 Venus + Szt..
Result )The native zisked his life by travelling 1.
cats and aetoplanes.
Living risky life :Take do= ie bi% chartsln4. '
m ake youtself m ore suie.
(See ExampleSection :Pages91,92.)
No.1.Subzsh Chandta Bose. No.2. Unknown.
No.3 Colonel.No.4. Service in ziz line. No. 5..
Unknown.No.6.S.K.Pztil.No.7. Amzithlsheth.
No.8.Dr. Gadgil.No.'9.Kaisat.No. 10. Colonel.
Ghose.No.14.Roosevelt.No.15.Shiy>ji. No. 16.
Gokhle.No.17.A police oëcet.No. 18.Stalin.No.
19.M ussolini.No.20.Khet.No.21.Vinoba Bhave.
No.22.Unknown.No.23.A national tevolutionary.
No.24. Mavlankar.No.25.Mao-Tse-tung. No. 26.
Unknown.No.27.Sit Eisenhower.
(business ofMars)
(1) 1+ Mats otbis sign.
(2)1 h Jupiteto: his sign.
(1)1 + Matsot his Sign.
(2)1+ Jupiter oz his Sign.
(3)1+ Venusot'Moon orScorpio.
A Scientist ot an inventor:Observeand undexstand
the birth chazts and tead below,
(See Example Section:Page 93)
1St Comb.:(1) 1 Jupiter+ Aties
2nd Comb.:(1)1Sthouse+ Pisces
Result :Thenative isintetested in science.He isB.Sc.
No.1 0-4
1st Comb.:(
.1)1 Venus+ Mérs (2)Mzrs'exzlteë
znd Comb.:(1) 1st house+ Jupitet
Result:The'nztiveisintezested intScience.Heis B.Sc.
1st Comb.:(1) 1Sthouse + Mzts
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse+ Jupitet @Mats
Result:Thenztiveisintezestedin science.HeisM .Sc.
Comb.:(1)1 Metcury + Matj(Matsisbeneic
(2)1 Metcuty + Scotpio
2nd Comb.:(1)1Metcury + Jcpitet*Mats
3td Comb.:(1)1 Metcuzy + Scozpio
Result :The native was an inventot.
1st Comb.:(1)1 Svtutn + Mûts
%d Comb.:(1)1 Satutn + Jupitet* Mzts
3td Comb.:(1)1 Szturn + Venas @ Mzts
Result:The native waS an inventot of scouting

1st Comb.:(1)1sthouse+MAts(2)1Jup.+Aties
2nd Comb. (1)1sthouse+ Pisces
(2)1sthouse+ Jup.* Mars
3:d Comb.:(1)1Sthouse + Venus
Result :The native waSthe inventot of India and
was well-known in Russia.
A scientist or an inventor :Take down the birth
chatts and m ake youtself m ore sure.
(See Example Section :Pzge84.)
No.13.Jzgdish Chandta Bose.No.14.lNewton.
No.15.Shott hand inventot. No.16.Boggy body
IBusiness of Mats & SaturnJ
(1)1 + Ma'SorMoonorSaturnorhiSorhezSign.
(2 )1 + Mars ot Saturn oz hiS Silrlt.
(3 )6 q- Alztsothissign.
A gtezt coutage and activeness is tequited in
sports.Mats and Saturn ate the signiécatots ofthe
6th house.They zre feztlessjActive, coutageous and
ofbold natute.RemembetthatSztutn isnotzn enemy
of Mats butMats is an enemy to Sstutn. Hence on
thi!ptinciple,Mûts is wholly powetfulzndvictotious.
The combinationsof the Moon and Mzts,btings
Activity in the nutive and iflotd of the 6th house
is exzlted ot ofû degzee,then the native takes mote
inttzestin spotts.
(2% )
A sportplayet:Observe and undetstand the bie
chazts and read below.
(See Example Section:Pzge95.J
1St Comb.:(1)1stbouse+ Mzrs
(2)1sthouse + Moon
2nd Comb. (1)1Sthouse+ Mzrs (2)1st house
+ Satutn
3rd Comb, (1)6th house + Mzzs
Result :The native h:S gained good fame in cticket.
Comb.:(1)1sthouse+ Mats(2)1Sun CFhlzrs
(3)1sthouse+ Moon(4)1Sun+ Alooa
2nd Comb. (1)1sthouse+ Mats(2)1Sun FF àlzts N
3rd Comb:(1)6 Sstuzn + Mats
Result :The native isq well-known top tanking
cricketer.He is L,Bradman.
1st Comb. (1)1Sthouse + Cancer
(2)1 Moon + Mzts @ JUP.
znd Comb. (1)1 Moon + Mats * Jup.
(2) 1St house + Sat.
3td Comb. (1)6 Jupitet+ Mars
Result The#nztive is well-known as a b:dminton
phyet.He isNand Kumaz Natekat.
1st Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Msts(2)1Sun+Moox
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse+ M ars (2)1sthouse+ Sat-
3rd Comb.: (1)6 Satuzn + M ars
(2)6th house + Mars*Sat.
Result The native is famous as : tennis playet.
A sport player:Take down the birth charts and!
make yourself m ore sute
(See Example Section:Page95)
N o. 4. Tennis expett, The twin btothet of'
No. 048G .No. 5. A G ood cricketet. He isDevedhat.
15. B. COM ; M . CO M ;
Econom ist, Chartered Account
antot a.
n A'
(Business ofMetcury)
1 M ercury or hissign ofmaleic M ercuty% or
debilitated or beneûc from mzleic.
(2 )1 + Satuzn orVenusothissign.
(3 )1 + JupiterorVenusorhissign.
M etcuty iszn econom ist,abank,Chattetedaccoun-.
tantand expezt in uccounting andmoney calculations.
B.Com .;M .Com -;Econom ist,Chartered Accountant:
or an A ctury Observe and undezstand the bleh.
charts and tead below .
(See Example Section :Page96.),
N o. 042-1
1st Comb.:(1 )1 Moon + Vitgo
(2 )Mllefc Mezcuty combust.
:2nd Comb.:(1 )1 Moon + Satutn.
3rd Comb.: Ni1
.xesult :The native is B. Com.; and setves in an
insurance company.
1st Comb. (1)1St house Metcuty
2ndComb.:(1 )1Sthouse + Sat.*Mercuzy
(2 )1 Jup.+ Tzutus
3td Comb.:(1)1sthouse + Pisces
(2 )1JuP.+ Tûutus
Result :The native is M . Com.; and is the high
oëcet in one oftheCigatettesmanufacturing
COmPO y.
1st Comb. (1) 1Venus + Metcuty
2ndComb.:(1 )1Sthouse + Libra (2 ) 1Venus
Jupitet (3 )1Sthouse + Satuzn
3zd Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Libta (2)1Venus+Jup.

Result t The native is an zccountûnt.

! I
? No.042-4
1st Comb.:, (1) 1Mars+ Vitgo.
2nd Cvmb.:(1)1 Mats+ Szt.(2)1sthouse+venus.
3rd Comb. (1)1stbouse+Jup.$)1sthouse+ venus.
.Res ult :The nativt is B.Com,;:nd setves h bank.
. 1st Comb.:(1) 1sthouse + Vkgo.
2nd Comb.:(1)1st housev Sat.(2)Mer.+ Taurus-
3td Comb.:(1)1Sthouse + Jup.* Sat.
(2)1Mez.+ Tautus.
Result :Thenativeisacletk in an insutancecompany.
1St Comb.:(1)1sthouse + Gemini
2nd Comb.:(1 )1st house + Venus
3rd Comb.:(1 )1st house + V enus
(2 )1sthouse + Jupiter.
Result The nztive had won noble ptize in mzthe-

B.Com;M .Com .; Economist. Chartered

Accountant.orActury :Takedown thebirth
charts and m ake yourself m ore sute.
(See Example Section:Pages97,98.)
No.21.A munzget in bank.No.22,25, 26 &'
27 serve in bank. No.24,29 :re the inspectots in.
bank, No. 32. An oëcet in bank. 23. W aS the.
managing Ditector of aL$n insurance compzny.No.28.
An accountznt.No.30. An economist.'No. 31. A
cletk in insutance company.
1 + M ercury ot hi$ sign or mzledc Metcuty+.
or debilitated ot benelic.from malefc. '
(2)1 + Jupiteto:hisSign.
An Astrologer :Obsetve and underm nd the birth
charts and read below.
(Ste Example Section :Page 99.)
1St Comb.:(1) 1sthouse+ Mercuty
(2) 1 Sun + Vitgo
2nd Comb. (1)1st house + Jup.
(2)1 8un + Jup.*Szt.
Result :The native is z good asttologet and has
written books on astrology.
1st Comb. (1)Malefc Metcuty combust changed
to beneûc.
2nd Comb.:(t) 1Stlnouse + Jupitet.
Result :The nztive i! a good astrologet :nd l
written many books on zstrology.
No. 03-13
1st Comb.:(1)1st house + Met.
(2)1 Sat. + Met.@ Jup-y.Mzts
2nd Comb.:(1)1 Sat.+ Jup.
(2) 1st hopse + Jup.@ Szt.
Aesult :The native is an astrologet :nd haswtitten
books on uttology as wellaS heisan editot
of amonthly ssttological magzzine.
1st .comb.:(1)1sthouse + Mercuty
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse + Jupiter
,esult:Tht native isan astrologer. He isgood zt
mathematical section than ptediction Side.
1st Comb t(1)1$thouse+ Gemi ni
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse+ Jup.
(2)1 Met.+ Jup.* Moon
Result:The native took deep intetestin zstrology.
He was the foundet ofBombay Asttological
1St Comb.:(1)1Venus+ Metcury@Jupi ter,satum
2nd Comb.)(1)1Venus + Sagittarius
(2)1Venus+ Jup.* Sat.
Result :The native was a famousastxologetand had
ained much teputation ' fot Starting the
monthly asttlogicalmagazine.
Ax Astrologet :Take down the bivth chatts and
make yourself more sure.
(See Exzmple Section:Pzgt 1*.)
(Business ofJupiterorVenus)
(1)1 + JupitetotVenusothissign.
The nztives of such combination hw e an inclina-
tion of Sezvice, htnce thty pass a dependent life.
Jupitezis a teacher of Godsand teachesin a citj
while Venus is a teacher of devils and teaches in z
village;in generslb0th do the same job ofteaching.
Ptofesgor, Teacher ot an Educational Inspector:
Observe and undetstand the bitth chatts and .
read below
(See Exzmple Section:Page 101)
1St Comb.:(1 )Asc.+ Slgi.(2 )Asc. + Jup.
Result tThe native is interested in the business i
Jupitet.He isintetested in educztion. '
Comb. 1 )Asc.+ Jupiter (Theplanetwhich
aspects ispowetful.)
Result :The native is interested in education as well
as in cburm, the businiss of Ssturn snê
Asttology. He haS bbtained good popularitr
in a11the three.
't 9
1st Comb-':(1 )1 Men-hpisces (2)1 Mer.+Ju?.,

Asc.+ 'Jupittz;',
Result :The native is.intetested in the educatioànl
ûeld znd.,
$saptiacipalq N fore thûthe w:s
un Edaçationqllnspector.
No.0,1-16I l
1St Comb.:(1)Asc.+Tautus(2)1.venus+Jup. .
Result The native took intetest in the educaionvl
feld.Passed hisB.Sc.B.T. and joi ned in
ene of the commercizl contructor's irm.He
was a vety clever teachet.
1St Comb.:(1)Asc.+ Jupitet(2)1Mats+ Librz
Result tThe native is a teacher.
1St Comb.:(1 )Asc.+ Pisces
Result ) The native isalady teacher.
A Professor,Teachet,or an EducationalInspector:
Takedown thebirth charts;m akeyourselfmore sure.
tSeeExample Section :Page 102j
(1)1 + Jupiter orlnis sign.
(2)Asc.+ Sun,Moon otM1tSoz his ot het Siga
ot zsc.without:nr planetatr combination.
(3)1stLotd + Sun,Moon,Mars,Metcuty, Jupitqr
oz 1st lotd in lnis oz her Sign without :ny
planetaty combination.
Ifthe above combinAtion lazve been formed
native's birth chart,he becomes a broker,commissicc
kl nt,expottet or an impotter. The combination uf
del ndentlife is also tequited with the above secocë
u d the third combinztion in such bitth clutts. Evtc
then ifthiscombinution isnotcomplete,it does not
m atter as agent itself'means dependent on complny,
for he scts accozding to the rules of the Comp:ny.
Such natives get their uims fulflled either iv
business or setvice bvan otatoty,ûuency oflanguages
petsonzlity and intellegence.
A broket, com m ission agent, exportet or an
importer:Observe and undetstand the bitth chatts
and zead below
(See Example Section.:Page 103.j
1st Comb. (1)1sthouse+Jup.(2) 1Mars+Ju?.
2nd Comb.:(1)1st house Moon
3td Comb.:(1)1 Mats > Jupite:
Result :The native is a Shate bzoket.

Comb-,p(1)1$thouse+ Jup.*Sat
(2)1Vepus + Pisces
'd Co
('1)1stHouse+ Nfazs
3td Comb.t(1)1 Venus, + Moon
Result :The native is an importer.
N o 066-4
1st Comb- :(1)1sthouse + Jupitet
2nd Comb. :(1) 1st house + Mats
3zd Comb. :(1) 1 M ercury + Sun
Result : The native is an insurance agent.
pfo. 066-8
1st Com' o* (1 ) 1st house + Sagittarius
2nd Comb. (1) 1st house Mars
(2 ) 1st house + M oon
3zd Comb.t(.
1) 1Jupitet+ Mars
Result The native isan agentofmill-gin naachinery.
1St Comb.'
:(1)1st house+ Jupitet
2nd Comb. (1) 1sthouse + M ars
3nd Comb. (1) 1 Mars + Leo
Result The native is an agent for m ill chemicals.
N o.066.3
1st Comb.:(1)1 Satutn + Jupiter
2nd Comb. :N i1
3rd Comb.:(1) 1 Satutn + Jupitet
Result :The native is a shaze btoker.
A btoker,com m ission agent,exporter oran im portet:
T ake dow n the bitth chatts and m ake yourseb
m ore Sute.
(SeeExvmple Section tPage 104.J
A Confecdonez :Take down the bilh charts ae
m ake youtselfmote sute.
(BusinessofJupiter:Jupitezrepresents life.J
A Confectioner
(1)1 + Jupiteror hissign.
,1 + Marsorhissign.
(SeeExampleSection :Page104.)
(1)1 + JupiterorhiSSign.
(2)1 + MzrsOthiSsign.
(3)1 Moon otVenusorhetothfs sign.
A good wtitet tequires the imagination ofthe
Moon,PhnningofMarsandthep 'erseveranceofJupiter.
Hence,in thenative'sbitth chatt,ifJupitet,themool
or mazs hzve fotm ed the tehtion to asc.or 1stlozd
1y conlunction,opposition orsspect,then the native
becomesawtitet,joutnûlist,phy wtiterotanovelist
and the atchitect ofsociety.
A writer, journalist, play writer and novelist:
obsewe and undetstand the birth chatts and
read below.
(See ExampleSection :Pzge 105.I
1st Comb.:(1)1 Venus+ Jupher
2nd Comb.:(1) 1sthouse + Mars
3rd Comb.:(1) 1sthouse+ Tautus(2)1sthouse
+ Moon (3)1Venus+ Cancet.
Result :The nztive wzs one of the greatest writers,
novelistszndplaywziters.HeisBernatd Shaw.
1it Comb. 1sthouse+ Jup. (2) Venus + Jt1P.
2nd Comb. (1)1sthouse+Mats(2)1Venus+Mats
:zd Comb. (1) 1Sthouse+ Libra
(2)1sthouse+ Venus.
Result :The native was a gteat writer and through
his books he planted the Seeds of culture to
the citizens of Indiz.Heis MahatmaGandhi.
No.0* 9
1st Comb.t(1) 1 Sun + Sagittatius
2nd Comb.:(1 )1 Sun + Mars
3td Comb.: Nil
Result :The native was a wtiter.She isAustin.
1st Comb,. :(1)1st house + Jupiter

2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Mats (2)1 Moon+Azies

3td Comb.:(1)1sthouse + Gncez
Result :Thenztivewasawritez.HeisNrushih Kelkez.
1st Comb.:(1) 1sthouse+pisces(2)1sthouse+lup.
2nd Comb.:(1)1Sthouse+Murs(2)1 Jup.+Scor.
3td Comb. (1)1 Jup.+ Venus
(2)1sthouse + Venus* Jup.
Result )The nztive is : famous writet. He is
KanaiyalalM unshi.
1St Comb.:(1 )1sthouse + Jupitet
2nd Comb.:(1) 1Sthouse + Mats
3td Comb,:( 1 /
) 1st house + Moon
Result:The nativewasawzitet.He isJohnRuskin..
A writer,journalist,play wtitet and novelist:
Take down thebitth chartsand m ake yourself'
m oêe Sute.
(See Exzmple Section :Pages 1û6,107)
(1 )1 + JupitetotVenusothiSSign.
(1 )1 + Mats or Sûturn orhis sign.
lmetested in Government setvice : Obsetve an&
undetstand the bitth charts and mad below.
(SeeExample Section W ge 108.)
No. 1
1st Comb.:(1) 1Sun+Jup.-(2)1sthouse+Jup.*Mats
(3) 1 Sun + Scotpio
Result:The nztive is : Goveznment setvant.
1St Comb.:(1)1st
#house + Jupiter.
, . z,
2nd Comb.:(1) 1 Mer.+ Scor.
'(2)1 Mer.+ Mkrs
Result :The nztive is a Govetnment servant.
1St Comb.: )1st house Taurus
2 ) 1sthouse + Jup.* Mzts,Sztutn
2nd Comb. 1) 1sthouse + Sat.
2 )1st house Mars@ Sat.
Result :The native is a Government setvant.He is
an EducationalInspector.
1St Comb. (1)1sthouse+venus(2)tsthouse+lup.
(3)1 Moon + Tzuzus
2nd Comb.:(1 1stàouse + Mats
(2 )1Moon + Saturn
Result The native isa GovetnmentSetvant. He is
a State Ttsnspott lnspectot.
1St Connb.:(1)1Mars+lwibra(2)1Mats+Jup.*Sat.
(3)1 Mars + Venus@ Saturn.
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse+ Scop.(2)1Mzrs+ Sat.
Result :The native isa Government servant. He is
an Income-tax oëcez.
1st Comb.:(1 )1sthouse + Vtnus
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse + Capzicom
Result 1The native is a Govetnment setvant.
lmerested in Government serdce: Take down the
bi% chlrtg and m ake youreelfm ol' e sure.
(See Example Section:Page 109)
(1)1 + Jupiter ot his sign otexalted.
(2 ) 1 + Mars ot his sign orexalted.
If the asc.ot 1st lord comes in rehtion with
Jupiterand Mats or if they ate exalted, then the
native becomes a social worket. His life sets an
example to the humznbeings.
Sueh nztives ate genetzlly have thecharacteristics
ofJupitez.They ate bestowed with the powet and
the determination of Mats to fght agzinst povetty,
ignoxance,tolead asimplenon-addicting life,thitst fot
knowledge,the inclination of to do ot die fot thc
welfzte ofthe poots and to obsetve the ptinciples
despite obstacles lnd enduzances.
Batif Matsis weAk,then the native is mettly
iniuenced with the chazacter of Jupitet i. e.he
becomesa teachez and passes his life in that pezsuit.
A social worker:Obseae u d undetstand the
bi% charts and read below.
(SeeExampleSection:Page 110)
No.< 5
1st Comb.:(1)1Sthouse+Mats(2)1Venus+ Mats
2nd Comb.:(1)1Sthouse+ Jup.(2)1Venus+lup.
Result The native was z gtezt social worket.
Thousands of people zwaited to Clrry Out
his wozds. He encoutzged the poots and
made them courageous. For the welfare
of the people,he has often gone to prison.
He is Mkhatma Gandhi.
1st Comb.:( 1 )1st'
house + Mars
2nd Comb.:(1 )1sthouse + Sagittatius
Result :The native is a greatszint. He is Vinoba
Bhave.He,with his Land Donztion M ove-
ment gave away millionsofacres ofhnd to
the poors. He is consideted to be a great
socialworker of India.
No *3-18
1st Comb.:(1 1sthouse + Mazs
2nd Comb.:(1 )1 Venus + Jupiter
Regult :The native was the Socialleader of lndia.
He is Gopal Ktishna Gokhle.
1st Vomb.:(1 )1sthouse + Mats
2nd Comb.:(1 )1sthouse + Szgittarius
(2 )1sthouse + Jup.
Result :The nutive wss well-known :nd liked by
the citizens of lndia as a socizl leadet as
wellas he was the President of India. He
1st Comb.:(1)1Sthouse+M ars (2)1Mer.+Mats
2nd Comb :(1) 1 Mer.-hsagi. (2) Jupitet exslted.
Result The native has endured vatious troubles:nd
obstacles in giving Social duties. He is
1st èomb. (1 )1sthouse + Scotpio
2nd Comb.:t1 )1sthouse + Jupitet
Result :The nutive wasthe social wotkez of India
and duting hiS Social duties,he had often
gone to jail.He wasthe chief Minister of
Bombay Stûte.He is Khet.
A socialwotker:Take down the bletb charts and
m ake yourself mote sute.
(SeeExample Section :Page 111.)
(Buslaess ofVenus1
(1)1 + Venus or àloon ot his or het sign.
(2 )1 lrenus,Metcuty otJupitetot his sign.
zk classicaltnusic singer ot a phye :Obsea eaa4
undetstlpd le birth chatts and tead bdow.
(See Example Section : Page 112 )
1st Comb. (1)1sthouseM-Moon(2)1Mars+Cancer
2nd Comb.:(1) 1sthouse+Jup.(2)1 Mzrs-hJupiter
Result :The native is a chssical singer.
N 046-2
1st Comb.:(1)1 Satutn+venus (2)1 Szt.+Moon
Result :The native is a sweetclassicalsingez.He is
Gajznznda Valve.
1st Comb.:(1)1Sthouse+Moon*Jupiter
2nd Comb. (1)1 Sun+Venus(2)1 Sun+pisces
(3)1sthouse+Jup.(4)1 Sun-hMetcuzy
Result :The native isa classicalsinger.HeisVidbya
Sagar Putushottam,
1st Comb.:(1)1sthouse+venus
(2)1st huose+ Moon * Sat, Mars
2nd Comb.:(1)lsthouse+Sagi.(2)1sthouse+venus
(3)1sthouse-hMercuty * Srturn, Mats
Result :The nztive isa classical singet ss wellZS an
actot.He isRajhansa.(Balgandharvel
1st Comb.:(1)1 Sun+Venus
2nd Comb.:(1) 1 Sun+vvnus(2)1Sun+Gemini
Result :The native is : chssicûl singer. He
Govind Navreker.
Comb. (1)1sthouse+cancet(2)1Sthouse-hMoon
(3) 1sthouse+venus.
2nd Comb. (1) 1Sthouse+Venus(2)1Sthouse+Jup.
(3) 1Moon+Sagi.(2) 1 Moon+ Met.
Result The nztive is a chssiczl singer.
h classicalm usic singet or a player :Take down
the birth charts and m ake youtself mote sure.
(See Exumple Section :113,114 )


(Business ofVenus)
(1)1 + Venus or Saturn or his sign.
The natives of Venus and Satutn zte ofthe
hclination to become tich quickly without any
endeavouts ot pains.H, ence they atechiedy intezested
in speculation and consequently tuin theit lives.
A speculatot oragam bler:Observeand understand
the bieb charts and read below.
(See ExampleSection Pzge:115.)
1st Comb.:(1) 1sthouse + Venus (2) 1sthouse
+ Sat.(3)1Moon + Aquztius.
Result :The native'
is intetested in Fotwaxd-mazket.
1stComb.:(1)1 Mats+ Satum
Result :The native is interested in Fotward-market.
1st Comb.:(1) 1Mzrs+ Capticorn
Result :The native dezls in Fetwatd business in
No. 033-21
1st Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Tautus(2)1sthouse+ Sat-
Result :The nutive deals in Fotwatd business in
1st Comb.:(1) 1Sthouse+ Tauzus
Result :The native isinterested in Fotward-matket.
1st Comb.:(1)1sthouse+ Sat.(2)1Mûrs: Sat.
Result :The native is a big dralez in Forward
business in cotton mazket.
A speculator ot a gambler:Take down the biri
charts and make yourself more sute.
(See Example Section:Pages 116,117.)
Interested in the business ofoi1:Take down the
bitth chatts and m ake yourself m ore sure.
(1)1+ Venusor hisSign.
(See EzampleSection)Page 117.)
IBusinessofSaturn )
(Wotkshop ownets,dealetsofnnetalothatdwares,
machine zunners, technicians, tailors, bhck-smiths,
(1)1+ Saturn on hissign.
(2)1 + MazsozMoon orthesign Aries, Cancer,
Libta ot Capticorn.
Living on m achinety :Observe and understand
the bitth charts and read below.
(SeeExzmple Section:Page 118.)
1St Comb.:(1) 1Sthouse+ Saturn
2nd Comb.:(1)1Sthouse+Scor.(2)1sthouse+sfats
Result: The native owns one of the biggest caz
ptoducing wotkshops.Hsis HentyFotd.
1st Comb.t(1)1stbouse+satutn
2nd Comb.:(1) 1sthouse+Mars

Result :The m tive is an adventurous petson.The

people d England take gteat ptide in using
his ptoductsfrom hiShuge wozkshop.
No. 010-11
1st Comb.: (1) 1 Jupi
2nd Comb. :(1)1sthouse+ Moon(2)1sthouseZ-MatS
(3)1 Jupiter+Capticorn
Result :The native is intezested in selling mill
No. 010-12
1st Comb.:(1 )1sthouse + Aqaarius
2nd Comb.:(2 )1 Saturn + Libra
Result tThe native is a machznical engineer and is
interested in machinery.
1st Comb.:(1)1Sthouse+ Saturn
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Mars( 2)lsthouse+Cancer
Result :The native is the organizet and takes great
interest in vatious mills and chem icals
ptoducing factories.HeisKasturbhaiLalbhai.
1st Comb.:(1)1Sthouse+Satutn
2nd Comb. (1)1Sthouse+Libta(2)1Sthouse+sfats
Result:The native isexpett in tunning a machine
of daily news paper. He is notintetested
in anything except machinery !
Li#ing on m achinety:Take down thebirth chaxs
and m ake yourself more sure.
(SeeExample Section:Page119 )
No'9.A huit dtesser.No.10, 11, Tailors. No.
15.A deslet of hatdwates. No. 17. An ownet of
ûour mill.No.23.W orksin machinery workshop.
Rest ofthe NoS.ate either workshop owners or
wotk in the workshops.
A printert Take down the birth charts and make
youzself m ore sure.
(Businessof Saturn )
(1 1 + Saturn ot hiS Sign.
(2 1 + Mars or his sign.
i + JupitetorVenusothis sign.
(3 '
(See Example Section:Pûge 12û J
A contractot :Take down bitth chartsand
m ake yourself m ore sute.
gBusinessofSsturn :Saturn isthesigniicatotofriskl
A contractor
(1 )1 Saturn or hisSign.
(2 )1 + MatsorhiS Sign.
(3 )1 + Mercuty ozhiSsign.
(SeeExample Section:Page12û )
An insurance agent tTake down the biuh
chals and nlake youtsel naote sure.
An insurance agent
(1)1 + Saturn orhissign.
(2 )1 + A1ztSorhiSsign.
(3 )1 + JupiterorVenusothiSsign.
(see Exzmple Section :Page120 )
IBusiness ofSatmn )
vision,HiS otiginality or to getdivine power.ln the
same way some people wotship Goddess with a.desite
to attain divinepowet.Suchpeopleinsteadofbecoming
: devotees to God, wotship Goddess oz they take
interest in Spititualism and get success in obtaining
mystic powet and with tbeitSectetmysticpowetozby
spiritualism, fascinate people.Such people ate only
interested in achieving mystic power and display itto
the public.M ostly Such people have theinclination to
manifesttheir tecbnique of spizitualism nOt by the
meansoftlnei: knowledge butby theizspititualpowez.
(1) 1+ Saturn ot bis Sign.
Satutn is of obstinate nature,hencetbeabsence
oftbe combination 1+MzrsMil1do.)
(3)l+Moon otMoon+Satutn oz hisothezsign.
An aspizant(ascetic),yogi, jugglet, spiritualistct
uevoted to mystic science,Obsetve and underst
the bixh chatts and read below .
(SteExample Section : Page 121.)
1St Comb.:(1)1moon+Satutn
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Mazs
3zd Connb.:(1)Saturn+ Moon
Result :Trte native,allofa sudden
i , waS engtossez
n perfotming teligious tites and became a
disciple ofGoddess.He isAurobindoGhose.
1St Comb. (1)1Jup.+Szt.(2)1Stbouse+Sct.*Ju? .
2nd Comb. (1)1 Jupitet+Aties (2) Jup.+ Mzts
(3) 1sthouse+Mâtsllupitet
3td Comb. (1)Moon+satutn (2)Cancet+Saturn
Result :The native is intezested in obtuining mystic
powet.He is : disciple :nd the wozslli?pez
ofAutobindo Ghose.
1st Comb.:(1)1sthouse+ Aquatius
2nd Comb. (1) Szturn-hMgrs
3td Comb.:(1)Cancet+Saturn
Result :The native being LL,B., is well-known
as spititualist.
1St Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Satutn*Mars
znd Comb.:(1)1sthouse-hM uts
3td Comb. (1)Cancer+Satutn
Result:ThenativewaSknownasa<M agneticHeuler'
and claimed to avoid the miseties of tht
poots and people h1d faith in hispowcr.

1St Comb. (1)1Jupiter+Satutn*Mats
2nd Comb. (1)1Jupiter+lfars(2)llupitet+Scotpio
3td Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Moon
Result The nztive waSwell-known usthepossessoz
ot mystic power.
(2)1Mars+ Satutn*Moon
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Aties(2)1sthouse+Mats
3td Comb.:(1)1Sthouse+Moon@Mars
Result:The nztive is a disciple and the wotshipper
of Autobindo Chose.
An aspirant(ascetic),yogi, jugglet, spiritualistor

devoted to mystic science :Takeldownthe birth

charts and make yourselfm ore sure.
.SeeExûmpk Section :Page 122 )
Education - Knowledge
Education ot knowledge is essentialforthe uplifi
of a humanbeing.
The nztives who have education ot knowlezl
generally rule over the illetetates :nd uneducatei.
They live their lives on intellegence while the
labourezs live theit lives by theit physicalefotts anë
carty out the otderszccording to the insttuctions of
the educated people.
Whût is the difetence between : managet anë :
peon? W hutis the diFetence between a metcbunt =4
a coolie? Whatis the difetentbetween a mill-owner
and labourets?
To-day, evety individual undetstands that, to
lead a well,ptosperous and a huppy life, he must
attain a higher stzndard of education. Some of the
nâtivesdueto theitpoverty ot other circumstu ceî
ate fozced to give up theiz studies and considtr
themselves as unfottunate ones.
Education - Knowledge
(1)5th house+5 (exce/tSatutn) ot Sun, M ooh.
(2)5th Lotd+ 5 (exceptSAtutn) or sun, Moony
3td house ot 11th house (except
Cvpzicorn or Aquarius), if M sts
is the lord of the 5th house,in any
house.if Saturnisthelotd ofthe 5th
house,then Satutn+ Sun,Moon,Mats
otJupitetorhisothersign (except
in the 6th,8th or12th house).
(3)Jupiter+ 5 (exceptSaturn)or Sun, Moon or
Mats ot his or het sign ot Szgittatius,
Pisces exceptin 6th,8th or 12th house.
(4)1sthouse t 5 except Saturn)or Sun, Moon,

his orher sign.
(5)1stLord + 5 (ot5 + 1stlord)otSun,Moony
Mats,Metcuty,JupiterorVenus ot
hiSorhersign (exceptin the6th,
8th or 12th house)or benlc Mazs
in any sign.
(from matric passed to undergraduate).
BtneNc Combinations.
(1)5 + 5 (exceptSztutn)ot Sun,Moon, Matsot
Jupitçtor hisothetsign.
(2)Jupitex+ 5ot Sun, Moon or Mztso:hisot
her sign oz in Sagittatius or pisces.
exceptin the 6,8 ot 12th house.
(>')1 + 5 (/ 5 + 1 ) ot Sun, Mats, Metcurr,
JvpltetotVenusothis sign.
M aleNc Combinations.
(4)5 + Sztutn ot 5th locd in the 6th,8th or12th
house ot* or debilitated or in the siga
of Satutn.
+ maleûc ot Satutn or 1Stlotd in the 6th,
8th or 12th house ot:ot debiliuted or ia
the sign of Sstutn.
Bene:c Com binations.
(1)5 + 5 (except Satutn)orSun,Moon,Matsot
Jupitet othiSorhersign.
(2)1+ 5 (or5+ 1)otSun,Moon,Mats?Metcuzrj
JupiterorVenus orhisorhetslgn.
M aleic Com binations.
8tahturn orlotd ofthe 5th house in the$h,
or 12th or * or debilitated ot in the slgn
of Saturn.
(4)1+malefcot Sztutn otlotd the6th,
8th or 12 house oz : or debilitated ot in tht
sign of Satutn
(upto Std.V1I)
Bene:c Com binations.
(1)5+5 (exceptSatutn)ot Sun, Moon, mats or
Jupiterorhisorher Sign.
M aleNc Com binations.
(2)5+ Satutn or5th lozd inthe 6th,8th ot12th dr%
or debilitated ot in the sign of Samtn.
(3)Jupiter+Satutn ozin the 6th,8th or 12th house
ot + debilitated or in the sign ofSaturn.
(4)1+npaledc ot Satutn otlord of the asc,in the
6th,8th ot 12 house or $:or debilitated or in
the sign of Szturn.
(upto Std.IV )
M aleNc Combinations.
(1)5vSaturn orlord ofthe 5th house in the 6th,
8th ot 12th ot ,
tot debilitated or in the sign
of Satutn.
(2)Jupitet-hSaturn o: inthe6th,8thot12thhouseot
xtot debilitated orin the Sign ofSatutn.
(3)1+mzleic otSututn orlotd the6th,
8th on 12th house or% ot debilitattdor in the
sign of Satutn.
Ifone has a11theaboveûvecombinationsofcom-
pletestudyin hisothetbitth chatt,heo:sheisabletodo
complete study and if thete is any defect in combinu-
tions,then his othezeducaticn willtemain incomplete.
Fot this we shallobsetve the following bitth chatts.
But before observing the bitth churts, the
following particulatsare to be noted.
lf Saturn comes in telation with zsc. orlotd of
the aSc.,then the nutive refusesto take education or
knowledye, Such native, due to obstinzte nztute,
temaing lllitezate.
The exalted planetdoes not requite any relation
to its own house i.e.if the lotd of the 5th house
(exceptSatum )isexzlted in :ny birth chatt,itisto
be undezstood thatthe telation of the lotd ofthe
5th house with the 5th house is cuused.
M oteovez it is to be noted thzt if the lord of
the 5th houseis of 0 degree,i.e.hehascompleted29
ot 30 degrees,he is considered to be is
also to be noted thatthe planets Situattd in the 6th,
8th ot 12th house or debilitzted,ate also consideted
to be weak.
Education-Knowledge,N ativesofCom plete Study;
Observe and undetstand the bitth chatts and
zead below.
(See Example Section:Page 123)
1st Comb.:(1)5thhouse+Pisces(2)5thhouse+Moon
(3)5th house+lup.(4)5thhouse+Msts
2nd Comb.:(1)5Jup.exalted.(2)5Jup.+9th house
3td Comb.:(1)Jupitet+ 9th house (2)Jup. exzlted.
4th Comb.:(1) 1sthouse+Scorpio(2)1sthouse+Jup.
(3)1sthouse+Mars(4)1sthouse+ 5Jup.
5th Comb.:(1)5th house + 1 Mats
Result : The native is B.A.LL.B.
Comb.:(1)5th house + Scotpio
d Comb.:(1)5 Maxs + 4 quzdrant.
3zd Comb-:(1)Jupiter + Leo (2)Jupiter 2
4th Comb.:(1)1Stbouse + Czncer
5th Comb.:(1)1 Moon + Vitgo
Result :The native is B,Com.with foreigndegtees.
1st Comb.;(1)5th house + Leo
2nd Comb.:(1)5 Sun + Pisces(2)5 Sun + Jupiter
(3)5 Sun + Mats
3td Comb.: Ni1
4th Comb.t(1)1Sthouse'+ Aries
5th Comb.:(1)1 Mzrs+ szgi.(2)1 Mats+9 ttine
Result :The native is M .A.;Ph.D.
1St Comb.:(1)5th house+Leo (2)5th house+JuP..
(3)5th house+ Mzts
2nd Comb.1(1)5 Sun + lûth house
3td '
Comb. (1)Jupitet+5th houle (2)Jupiter+Leo
4th Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Aties(2)1Sthouse+Jup.
(3)1$thouse+Mats* Jupiter
51 Comb.1(1)1Mzrs+Jupite:
R- .lt :The native is B.A.znd hasbeento ovetseas
two to th= times.
1st Comb.:(1)5thhouse+Scot.(2)5thhouse+Sun
(322 1
2nd Comb.:(1)5Mars+ Cancer(2)5Mars+1sthous:
3rd Comb, (1)Jupiter+Leo (2)Jupiter+2ndhouse
(3)Jupitet-hSan @ Satutn
4th Connb.:(1)1Sthouse+5Mats(2)1sthouse+ Cancer
5th Comb.: Ni1
Result :The native is Nf.A.; Ph.D .
N o.36-16
Comb. (1)5th bouse+lup.(2)5th house+ Sun
lMats,Jup.(3)5th house+ Marsmlupiter
2nd Comb.)(1)5 Metcuty+Cancet(2) 5Met.+Jup.
(3)5 Met.-l-Marsllup.(4)5 Mer.+Sun
3rd Comb. (1)Jupiter.
f.Mzrs (2)Jupitet+ Sun*.
(3)Jupiter+pisces(4)Jupiter+ 11
4th Com. (1)1sthouse+Tzutus (2) 1st house+
Jup.*Sat.(3)1st house+ St'n*Mats,
Jupiter,Saturn (4)1$thouse+Msts*lup.
5th Comb.:(1)1Venus+5thhouse(2)1Venus+ Jup.
(3)1 Venus+Matsllup.(2) 1 Venus+
Sun @ Mazs,Jup.
Result :The native is B.A.B.T.
Education-Knowledge :The native: of Complete
Study. Take down the birth chatts and m ake
yourself m ore sure.
(SeeExample Section :Pages124,125.)
No.4.M .B.B.S. No,5.LL.B. No. 6. Solicitor-
No. 7. B.E. N o. 8. Solicitor. No. 9: LL.B' .
No.10.LL.B.No.11.LL.B. No.12.M .B.B. S-
No. 13.Complete Study. No.14.Solicitor. No. 15.
LL.B.No.16.B.A.No.17.M .I.LL.B.No.18.B.E.
No.19.F.R.C,S. No.20.Batristot. No.21.M.A.
Ph.D . No. 22.B.A. No. 23. Complete Study.
No.24. Bastistot.No.25.M .A.B.T.No.26.B.A.
No.27.Complete Stud. No.28.B A. No.29.B. E.
No.30.Bzrristot. No.31.B.E.No.32.B.A.B,T.
No.33.B.A.B.T.No.34.Solicitot.No.35.M.A.B T.
No.36.B.A.No.37.B.E. No.38.M.A.No.39.
Complete Study No.4û.A gteatengineet, No.41.
LL.B. No.42.B.A. No.43.B.A.Tech. No.44-
Doctot.No.45.M .Com.No-46.Batzistor. No.47.
F.R.C. No.48.M .B.B. S.


(From Matriculate to undezGraduate)
Sometimes due to domesticrezsons,cettzin natives.
hzve to lezve theit educûtion unwillingly and latter
on if specisl eFotts ate made, they c:n complete
theit education.
Education-Knowledge :Nativesoflncompletestudy.
Obsetve and undergtand the bi% chaxs and
read below.
(See Example Section:Pzge 126.)
1st Comb.:(1)sthhouse+Pisces(2)5thhouse+ 5Jup.
(3)5th house+ sun
2nd Comb. (1)5Jup. 5thhouse(2)5Jup.+ Pisces
(3)5 Jupitet+ Sun
3rd Comb. ( 1)1sthouse+5Jup.(2)1sthouse+ Sun
(3)1Sthouse+Moon(4)1sthouse+ Scor.
4th Comb. (1)5thhouse -!-Sat.(2)5JuP.+ S:t
5th Comb. (1)1sthouse + Sat.*lup.(2)1 Mars +
Sat.*Jup.t3)1Mars debilitated.
X esult :The native is LL.B.failed.
No.118 %
1st Comb. (1) 5Saturn + Sagi ttatius
2nd Comb. (1)Jupitet-hscotpiot2' )Jupitez+3tdhouse
3rd Comb. (1)1sthouse + M oon ( ,2)1 sthouse-hSun
(3)1Mercuzy + Moon (4)1Mer.+ Sun
4th Comb. (1)5th house+capticozn.

5th Comb. (1)1sthouse+Sat. (2)1 Mezcuty+ Sat.

Result )The aative isIntet Riled.
1st Comb.:(1)5th house+5 Venus
2nd Comb.:(1)Jupiter+ Sun
Ad Comb.:(1)1 Samrnm Sun (2)1 sat.+Jupite:
4th Comb.t.Ni1
5th Comb. (1)1stM use+Czpzicotn(2)1Sztutn+ 12
Aesult :The native is matzic m ssed.
1St Comb. (1)5 Satutn+Moon
2nd Comb. (1)Jupitet+Scerpio(2)Jup.+3td house
3rd Comtn. (1)1sthouse+sun (2)1Sthouse+Mer.
4th Connb.:(1)5th house+Capticotn
5th Comb.:(1)1Sthouse-hMats (2) 1Met-+Mats.
Result :The native i! mattic passed.
No. 70
1St Comb. Ni1
2nd Conab. (1)Jupi ter+Sun 's2)Jugitet+scot?io
3rd Comb, (1)1Sthousez t-vitgo (2) Mer.+Ju?-
(3)1 Mezcury+Sun
4th Comb. (1)5t h house+Capticorn
5th Comb.:Ni1
Result The native hasstudied upto lnter.
1st Comb. Nil
2nd Comb-:(1)Jupitex+lzeo
a. (1)1$thouse+ Taurus(2)1Venus+Sua
3ri Coml
4th Comb. (1)5Metcutyl
5th Comb. Ni1
Result :Ttne native ismattic ?a$Svd.
Take down the birth chatts and make yourself
m ote Stue.
ESeeExûmplesecion :Pége 127.)
(from std. VIIIto matricfailed) Education-
Knowledge :N ativesofFairStudy :O bsetve
and understand the birth charts and
read below.
gSeeExample Section :Page 128.)
N o.86-1
1St Comb. (1)5th house+lup. (2)5 Venus+ 8un
(3)5th house+Moon
2nd Comb. (1)1sthouse+Jup.(2)1sthouse+Muts
(3)1 Venus+ sun
3rd Comb. (1)5 Metcuty+ 6 (
4th Comb. (1)1 Venus+6
nûs studied upto std.X .
Result :The nztive l
1st Comb. ( 1)5tlahouse+Moon(2)5thhouse>Mats
(3)5th house+Jupket* Mats
2nd Comb. (
1)1St house+Scot.(2)1sthouse+lup.
3td Comb.:(1)5thhouse+Sûturn * Mats
4th Comb.:(1)1Mats+Saturn
Result The nltive has studied upto std.X.
1St Comb.:(i)5thhouse4-Scot.(2)5thhouse+Jup.
(3) 1sthouse+venus
3rd Comb. (1)5 (Matsl
4th Com b. :(1)1Moon- h8 (2)1 M oon + Aquarius
(3)1 Moon+Satutn
Result : The native hAs studied upto std. X.
llo. 33-3
1st Comb. N i1
2nd Comb. (1)1sthouse+Moon (2)1sthouse+Sun
3nd Comb, (1)5 Venus-h8
4th Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Cap.(2) 1st houseH-Sat.
Result : The native has studied upto std. IX.
No. 33-20
1st Comb. (1)5th house+ 5 V enus
2nd Coaab. (1)1 Satucn+lupiter
3rd Conlb. ( 1)5th housem Sututnwvenus, M ercury.
(2)5 Venus+ Saturn
4th Comb. (1)1sthouse-hCapt. (2) 1 Sat-+Aqu.
Result : The native lus studied upto Std.IX .
N o. 89-5
1st Comb. (1)5th house+ Sagi.(2)5thhouse+Jup.
2nd Comb. (1)1sthouse+Leo
3zd Comb.:(1)5th house+Sat.(2)5 JuP.+ Sat.
4th Comb. : N i1
Result :The native has studied upto std.lX.
E ducation-Knowledge : N atives ofPait Studp Take
down the birth charts and m ake yourselfm ore sute.
ISeeExample Section: Page 129.1
Bducation-Knowledge :Natives of Ordinary Study.
Obsetve and undetstand the bixth charts
and read below.
(SeeExample Section:Page 13û.)
1st Comb. (1)5 Venus+ Sun (2)5Venus+Mars
2nd Comb. Ni1
3td Ccmb.:(1)Jupitetvv
4th Comb. (1)1sthouse+Capricorn (2) 1 Sat.+6
Result :The nltive ha$ studied upto std.VI.
No. 90-7
1st Comb. (1)5th house Scotpio
2nd Comb.:( 1)5th house + Szturn
3rd Comb. (1 )Jupiter 12
4th Comb. (1)1 Moon + Satutn
Result The native has studied upto Std.VII.
No. 90-6
1st Comb. (1 5th house + M oon
2nd Conlb. 1 5th house Capticotn
(2 )5th house + Sat.
3zd Comb. (1)Jupitet 12
4th Comb. (1)1 maleic Mats
(2 ) 1 Metcuty + Szt.
Result The native bas Studied upto std.V.
No. 32-1
1st Comb.:5th house + Sagittarius
(2 )5thhouse+Jup.(3)5Jup.+ Leo.
2nd Connb.:(1)5 Jupiter + Sat.
(2 )5th house + Sat.@Jup.
3td Connb. (1;Jupiter + Satutn
4th Comb.:(1 )1sthouse+ Szt.(2 )1 Sun:+ 12
Result : The nztive hzsstudied upto std.VII.
1St Comb. (1)5th house+Cancet(2)5Moon+
Pisces (3 )5 Moon + Mats (4 )5
Moon + Jup.@ Msts
2nd Comb.:(1 )5 Moon + Saturn.Jupitet,Mars
3rd Comb. (1 )Ju?itet + Satutn
4th Comb.t(1),1 Jup.+ Sat,
(2 )1sthouse + Szt.@ Jup.
Result The native has studied upto std.Vl1
1St Comb.1(1 )5th house + Moont2)5th house
+ hlûrs (3)5 Jup.+ 1sthouse (4)
$ 5th house + Jup.(5)5thhouse+ Sun
2nd Comb. (1)5th house+Sat.(2)5 Jup.+ Sat..
3rd Comb. (1)Jupi tet Satuzn
4th Comb. (1)1sthouse + Sat urn
Result The nûtive has smdied upto std. 5!11.
Education-Knowledge.'N atives,ofOrdinaq Study.
Take down the bitth charts and m ake yourself '
m ore Sure.
(SreExample Section :Pzge 131.)
(upto Std. 1V.)
Education- Know ledge :Illitetacy to Prim ary Study.
Obsezve and understand the birth charts and read
below .
gSee Eximple Section :Page 132.)
No. 3t5
1st Comb. (1 )5 Mercury
2nd Cotrb. (1 )Jupiter, '
3td Comb. (1 )1sthouse-l -Aqu.#2)1sthouse+Sun
Result The native is notable to read and wtite.
1st Comb. 1 )5th house + Szturn
2nd Com b. N i1
3td Comb. (1 )1sthoase + Sat.@ hfoon
(2 )1 Mars*
Result :The native lnas not studied.
No. 13-5
1st Com b. : (1 )5t 14house + Capricoxn
2ndComb. :(1)Jupi ter+ Aquatius(2)Jupite:+ 6
3td Com b. :(1 )1sthouse+ Sat.(2)1 Metcuzy+ 12
Result : The native has not studied.
N o. 37-2
1st Comb.:(t )5 Venas %
2nê Comb.)(.1 )t'
.Jupiter *'
3rd Comb.:( 1 )1sthouse+ sat. (2) 1M ercury+sût.
R esult :Th'
e'nativehasstudieb ' ùpto std. 1V.
N o. 29-8
1st '
Comb- z Nil
znd Comb. (1 )Jupitet + Saturn
3rd Com'
b.4(1 )1st lnouse+sat.(2) 1 Venus+ 12
( 3 ) 1Venus + Sat.* Jupiter.
Result J The native has studied up to std. 1V.
No. 13-11
4St Comb.:(1 )5Venus + Sat.
(2 )5th house + Sat.. Jup.
.nd Comb-:(1)Jupiter + Capticotn
(2 )JUP.+ Saturn
3rd G mb. ( 1 ) 1sthouse + Capricorn
(2 ) 1st house + Saturn
Result J The native is not able to study due to his
, mind-
1Continued k1A
chaptetEighth tegardingcbildren.)
Chapter Fourth :Ninth H ouse
)Native m ulti-m illionaite or m illionaire.
Today in this materiulistic zge,the entite humaa
life D OVCS On the pivot of nnoney. In Asttology tàe
Ninth lnouse is considered to be vezy importantasa,
House ofwealth,House of fottune.
The ptogtess oflife is shaped into tl aree main
parts.The nztive's body,knowledge and fortune, Of.
the above thtee Patts,themostimpottantisfottune,c,s
thete i! a provetb,I'Unfortunate lnas no huppiness.'w
If the native is lame,but is tich, theze will be no
cause for his unsatisfaction: if he illiterate or
lacks in Senses,also tbere will be no cuuse fot his
unsatisfâction,if he is wealthy. but ifhe is quite
healthy and leatned but luckless in evety eFozts,i.c.
if the 9th house is weak in his bitth chatt.
he will evet zemuin unsatisfed, will pass his
days in despait and miseries. Hence tl ne House of
fottune is the main key ofhuman life.
W e shall,fot the present study the bitth charts
of fortunate :nd unfottunzte ones and then later oa
study the time ofthe tesults tequited in ptedictions.
Thete ate fouttypesoffottunzte natives (male,
(4)Elected Ministers.
For ul1tbis,it is speciallc required obsetve
the House of fortune.M oteover a great enterptise in
'business cnd itscompetitlon is tequired, hence tbe
3rd house or the position of Mats is to be obsetved
and ftom the 6th house,whethet the native willbe
successfulorend in fsilute in bisbusiness competition
and from the 12th house, whetber he will be in
position ofloss or debtot not isalsoto beobserved.
Kings mostly depend upon their fortune and
'POWCCS, So their 9tlnhouse to be obsezved and fot
their bteak ofpowet,tbeir 1st and 10th houses are
to be obsetved,which isknown asthebteak ofpowet.
Dictators in criticalcizcumstances,Suddenly man-
ouver :nd get possession of the powets,so theit 6th,
9th and 10th housesure to be observtd andfot tbeit

break of powet the 1St :nd 10th houses :te to be

observed,which is known us the break of powet.
Ministets :re elected.They are leatned, adventu-
tous,valorous, foitunzte ûnd constant wotkets; so
theit 3td,5th,9th and 10th housesareto beobserved

and ftom tlne 1st and 10th houses their bzesk of

power is czused.
The com binations offottune :Combinations of the
natives of m ulti-m illionaire, m illionaite or a m an
w orth million or thousands.
I1)9th house+ 9th Lord (except Sûtutn) ot Sun,
Moon,Matsot Jupiter othisothet
sign or Aqucrius in the 9th house.
(2)9th lozd + 9th house (exceptSaturn) or SAm.
M oon,M arsotJupi terorinquadtant
or trine in orthe 3td house (except
Saturn'sSign) if Mazs is the 91
Lord,anywhere,if 9th Sutuzn, then
9 Saturn + Sun or Jupiter or ia
hiS sign (except the (tb, 8th or
12th house).
(3)1Sthouse+ 9 (except Saturn) ot Sun,Moons
MarsotJupiter othis othet sign.
(411stLotd + 9ot9 + 1StLotd ot1stLotd+ Sun,
Moon,Mats,or Jupiter ot his or
het sign,except in the 6th, 8th or
12th.Mats in any house.
(5) 3 (exceptSatuzn) ot MatsotMoon ifnot
3 ozMarsotMoon + 1 (exceptSatutn). ,
If one has a11tbe above ive combinations,he is
eithet Dulti-millionaire or millionaize but if theze k
a slightdefect,he is man ofthousands.Fot this, we
shallobsetve Some ofthe given birth chatts.
Before obsetving the bitth charts, the patticuhm
given below are also to be noted.
If Satuzn is zelated to the ascendznt ot lord of
the'ascendant,he (satuzn)conttols the native znd.
instead ofthe native becoming a multi-millionaite or
millionaite,he is compelled to seek employmentan*
in tbis way through the service, collects few
thousands. This combination is known as the
i forme
ombi dioninof:
nat nzt
ent biri
fhno such combinûtion
chatt, itiscalled
us combination ofindependent.Hencewhile observing
the combinutions of fortune, the combinations of
independent life are also to be looked.
As the combinations offortune are
itS break of fortune are alto caused.Batat ptesentwe
shallkeepourselveswithin limitofthc ptopetsubject
and not involve ourselves in the breuk of the
combinations,justconcentrate oatmind,whethetthe
combinations of multi-ml 'llionaire ate fotmed oz not
with the above ;ve combinations. Itis notnecessûty
at ptesent to obsetve how the nztiveshave lost theit
wealth due to the bteak of fortune combination,but
this willbe read in the htet chapter.
Tlne exalted planet does not require any relation
to its own house,i.e.ifthelord of the 9th house is
exalted in any bitth chatt,itis to b: understood that
the relation of tbe lord of the 9th house with the
9th house is cuused.
M ozeovet, it is to be noted thztifthe lord of
the 9th house ot the phnetreluted to that house is
of 0 degree, i.e.he is complete 29 or 30 degrees,
being ineFective,cannotform anycombinationswith zny
Planetothouseby conjunction,opposition oraspect.
N adve-M ulti-millionaire or M illionaire :Obsewe
and understand the bieh charts and read below.
(See Example Section Page 133)
1st Comb.:(1)9thhouse+ Sun (2)9thhouse+9Moon

znd Comb.:(1)9 Moon + Sun (2)9 Moon + 3

3td Comb.:(1) 1SthousemScorpio (2)1Sthouse+Mats
4th Comb.:(1)1stLotd + Leo
th Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Scorpio(2)1sthouse-hMats
Result :The native waS one of the zichestman
ofthe wotld.He is Henty Fotd.
No. 157-4
1st Comb.:(1)9tb l'
zouse + Moon
2nd Comb.:(1)9 Jupiter+ Sun(2)9 Jupitet+ i'Iats
3rd Comb.:(1)1Sthouse-hCancer(2)1Sthouse+Mazs
(3)1sthouse+lupiter* Satuzn
(4)1sthouse+ Sun @ Jupitez,Szturn
4th Comb.:(1)1 Moon + 9
5tb Comb.:(1) 1Sthouse + Mars (2) Moon + 3
Result The native is a multi-millionzire.Heis:
1st Comb.:(1) 9t
h hous e+ Jupi tet(,
2)9thhouse+ Maxs
2nd Comb.:(1)9Moon+Scorpio (2)9Moon+Jupitet
3rd Comb.:1sthouse+Scotpio (2)1sthouse+9Moon
4th Comb.:(1) 1Mzrs+ 9 * Jupitet
(2)9 Moon+l Mats* Jupitet,Satutn.
3th Comb.:(1) 1sthouse + Scotpio
(2)1sthouse + Mars@ Jupitet, Satuzn.
Xesult :The native is a well-known millionaire.
No. 157-11
1st Conib.:(1)9th house Mars
(2 )9th house + Jup.* Murs
2nd Comb. (1 )9 Sat. + Leo (2)9 Sat + Jup.
3rd Comb. (1 )1Sthouse + Sun
(2 )1sthouse + Moon
4th Connb. Nil.(Venusisi
n the 12th house)
5th Connb. (1 )3Moon + 1sthouse
(2 )1stVenus + Aties
Result:The nativebecamemillionaireattheageof28,
1St Comb.:(1)9th house Sagittarius
2nd Comb. (1 )9 Jup.exûl
ted (2)9Jup,+ Muts
3rd Comb. (1 )1sthouse + Azies(2)1Sthouse
+ Mzrs(3)1stbouse + Jupitet (4)
1sthouse+ Sun (5)1Sthouse+lloon
4th Comb. (1 )1 Mars + 9 Jupitet
5th Comb. (1 )1sthouse + Aties (2) 1sthouse
+ Mzts(3)1sthouse + Moon
Xesult:Even though the nativebeing a bazzister, yet
he is a businessman and a millionaite.
1st Comb.:J(1)?thhouse+ Aties(2)9th house +
uplte:(3)9th house + Msrs (4)9th
hoase + Sun * M azs
2ndComb.:(1)9 Mats+ Sun
3td Comb.:(1)Nil.(1StLozd+ Moonlbutismaleûc)
4th Comb.:(1)1 Sun + 9 Mars
5:h Comb.:(1)1 Sun + Mats(2)Asc.+ 3 Venus
Result:The native is a millionaire :nd u gteat
NativeM ulti-m illionaite orMillionaire;Take dows
the birth charts and m ake yourself m ore sure.
(See Example Section:Pages134 to 141)
No.21.MzlefcM ztsbeing in lnisown signifcating
house,is changed into benefc :nd during his owa
time(period)withhiSownbusinessthenativehad eutned'
a 1ot Jlence it proves tl
pat,maleûc being in hi$own
signiûcûting house,iS changed into benefc:nd mzkes
the natiee prospetous.
No.28.Even though the 9th Lord is in the
8th bouse, the native is a millionaite because the
combinztion offortuoe has given him wealth.
No.38,59 :nd 60 are dependent millionûires.
The bizth chatts ate of Indian :1m stars.
The com binafions ofunexpected wealth.
Having :11the above :ve combinations, if the
native has following udditional combinvtions of
unexpected wealth in his bitth chatt,he is beneûte;
thtough unexpected wezlth in inhetitance,Ptize Bonâ
ot Lottety.
(1,2,3,4,5 )accotding :$above.
(6 )1or9 + Moon
(7 ) 1 + Venus or Suturn oz Virgo,Cvpricota
or Aquatius aSC.
No.:25. The native being adopted :1lofa sudden,
was multi-m,illionaite in no time.
No. 126. The native is inberiten with the sum of
Rs. 1û million from his mûtetnal grsnd
No.127. The native has won Rs.7,000 in football
No.128. The natyive is inherited with Rs. 70,000
from hiS wife.
No.129. The native bas zeceived a large amount'
from his wife.
No.130. The native had unexpectedly won prize.
No. 131. The native has received the sum of
Rs.25,000 ftom his wife.
No.132. The native has won Rs. 50,* 0 in ctoss
No. 133. The nztive haS teceived Rs.1 million from.
his wife.
No.134. The native has received Rs,3mzion from
his wife.
No. 135. The native haS teceived Rs. 10,1 0 from.
his wife.
1 (a)The combinations of multi-millionglro
or m illionaix in speculadon.
(1,2,3,4,5)accozding asabove.
t'6 )1 + Szturn or VenusothiS sign.
(7 ) 1sthouse + MarsothiSsignot 1stLotd
in the sign of M ats ot aspected one-sided by M ars.
Ifone has a11the above seven combinations in
his birth chart, he becomës multi-millionuire in
speculations and if one connbination is fotmed from
lrstund second and ifone from thitd and fourth :nd
éfth,sixth and seventh com binations, he instead of
becoming multi-millionaite is nnillionaire.
A native of multi-m illionake or m illionai > rs in
speculation :Obsetve and undetstand the birth
charts and read below
(SeeExample Section:Page 142)
1st Comb.:9th house + Jupiter (2)9th house
Moon*Jup.(3)9thhouse+ Mûts@Jupitet
2nd Comb.:(1)9Mercuty-hSun exûlted (2)9Mercuty
+ 4 quzdtunt
3rd Comb.:(1) 1Sthouse + Jupitet (2)1sthouse +
Moon*Jup.(3)1sthouse+ Mars@Jupitet
4th Comb.:(1) 1Saturn + Scotpio (2)1 Satutn +
Jup.@ Venus
(3)1Saturn + Moon @Juyitet,Venus
(4) 1 Satutn + Mazs* Juplter,Venus
5th Comb.:(1)1sthouse + 3 Jup.(2)1sthouse
Mpts* Jup.(3)1Sthouse+ Moon cJup.
(4)1Sat.+3Jup.(5)1Sat-+Mzts * Jup.
($ 1Sat.+ Moon*Jup.(7)1Sat.+ Scot.
6th Comb,:(1)1sthouse+cup.(2)1 satll.
rn+ Venus,
(3b1st hous
e Satur
(4) 1stlnouse + Venus * Sat.
Comb.:(1)1sthouse + Mars@ Jup.
(2)1 Saturll+ Scorpio
(3)1 Sztuzn + Mars@ Jupiter,Venus
Result :The native earns thousands
Comb.:(1)9th house+Sagittarius (2)9th house
+ JUP.(3)9th house + Mats
2nd Comb.:(1)9 Jupiter+ Mzts (2)9 Jupitet + 9
(3)9 Jupitez+ Leo (4)9Jupitez+5trine
Comb.:(1)1st house+Aries (2)1sthouse+9Jupt
(3)1sthouse+slars* Jupiter
4th Comb.:(1)1 M ars + 9
5tb Comb.:(1)1st house + Aties
(2)1sthouse+ Mars* Jup.
6th Comb.:(1)1Sthouse+Sat.(2)1Murs+Tauzus.
7th Comb.:(1)1sthouse+ Aries
(2)1sthouse+ Murs* Jup.
Result: The nstive earns hundteds of rupees ia
Speculations.Sooetiwes he expetiences diëx
culties butnot much.
Comb.:(1)?th house+ G ncet ('
2)9th house
+ Mzts (3) 9th house+ Sun *Jup-
(4)9th house+ Jup.
Qnd Comb. (1)9 Moon exalted
(2)9 Moon 7 quadrant.
.3:d Comb.:(1)Asc.+ Moon (2)Asc. Sun *
Jupiter(3)Asc.+Jup.(4)ASc.+ Scot.
4th Comb.:(1)1 Mats+ Jup.(2)1 Mars+ Sun
* Jupitet(3)1Mars+ 9th house.
.5th Comb.:(1)Asc.+ Scorpio (2)Asc.+ Moon.
16th Comb.:(1)Asc.+ Venus (2)Asc.+ Sat.*
Jupiter(3)1 Mars+ Saturn * Jupitet.
*7th Comb.:(1)Asc. + Scorpio.
Aesult :The native eatns in speculations.
tko. 33-21
1st Com b.: Nil.
2nd Comb. (1)9 Saturn + Mars (2)9 Sat.-hlup.

(3)9 Satutn -hLeo.

3td Comb.:(1) 1sthouse + Mars.

4th Comb.:(1)1 Venus+ Moon (2) 1 Venus


exalted (3)1 Venus + Plsces.

5th Comb. (1)1sthouse+Mars(2)1Venus+ M oon.
.6th Comb. (1)1st house+ Tau.(2)1sthouse+ Sat.
7th Comb. (1)1sthouse+ M ars.
Result: The native had eazned m illionsin speculations.
A nadve of m ulti-m illionaire ot m illionaire in
lpeculation :Take down the birth chatts and
m ake yourself > ote sure.
(See Example Section :Page 142 )
2.(a) A Break ofwealtb; Multi-millionaire,
M illgonaireyKings,Queens, Dictators qnd Elected
M inisters.
..W e have sighted the G oddess of W calth. i. e.
we have got sumcient wealtb, but will she ever stay
in our house as long as we live or will she creep
gw. through our doorsand windows? ''Such typeof
questions are asked by m any natives. In shott the
m eaning of such questions are, we have got the
oom binationsof wealtb, butis there any break of that
zom bination ?Hence theAstrologers have not only to
study the conabinations of wealth but also about
their breaks.
The break of wealth are caused in two ways,
Erst the desttuction of wealth and secondly the native
kaving the worldly O kirs and becoming a saint,which
is also called the combination of saint. W e shall
study here only the bteak of fortune.
A Break of wealth:M ulti-m illionairs,M llliona-
ire,Kings, Queens,Dictators and Elected M lnisters.
(1)9th house+ Satutn ormalefc orhissign in the
9th house oz 9th Lord in the 6th,
8th or 12th (without the relation of
anyplanet)or debilitatedorOdegree.
I2)1sthouse + Saturn ormalefcor hissign in the (except1st house + Sun.
in the6th,8th or 12th or dbbilitated
ot û degree.
Please remembez thztMzrs Stops the break of
fortune, i,e,if there ure Such breaks of fottune,
MArs keeging hinyself independent, aspects the 1st
house or is Situated in the 1St house,the native doe:
not expezience any bteak of wealth.
Thecomb,of wealth issttong umong the ftiendly.
planets and the bzeak of W ealth becomes slight witb
them,But if the comb. ofbreak of W ea1th is done'
by the enemy planets,then the tesult ofthis bteak of
W ea1th turns outto be very disastrous one.
Jf the plunets which form the combinations sre.
debilitated,the combination offortune is considered
to be weak The lives of Such native zze fullofups'
und downs,tlyey have to pass thtough mzny hopes
und despairs and are unable to obtain the desired.
zesults. 4
Now we,,4l1all look at the N#th charts of1
successful com binltions of fotiune :nd the bteqk.
of fottunv so that we can have the clearidea of itu
A native of bteak o! wealth: Obsetve and
understand thè bitth chutts ahd zead below.
(See Exatple Section :Pajè143,144 )
ltisto V nded thàt tl nète must be both thel
combinatiO s ofbteuk ofwealth and the natives who
have not got these two combinations, do not
expetience break of wealth.
The following birth chatts are the combination
of fortune and we have looked their combinations
befotehand, so hete only its break of fortune remains
to be obsetved.
No. 166-2
1stComb.:Ni1(here there is asc. + Saturn, but
M ars have aspected one-sided the asc.
and stopped thebteak ofwealth)
Result The native has nevet experienced any bteak
of wealth in his life.
N o. 157-6
1st Comb. : Ni1
2nd Comb.: N il
Result : The native has not expezienced any brezk
of wealth in his life.
N o. 165-2
1st Comb. :N i1
R esult :Thè native has nevet experienced any break
of wealth in his life.
No. 157-5
1st Comb. :N i1
2ndComb.:Ni1(Here there is asc.+ Saturn,but
M ars hàve aspected one-sided the asc.
and stopped the break ofwealth.)
Result :The native has not expetienced any break
of wealth in his W e.
1St Comb- Ni1(Here tbereisa comb. of Jupiter
+ 12, but the ssgect of the Sun and
Mars, Saturn have stopped the break of
wezlth acd the position of 9 Moon
is very powezful.)
2nd Comb. Ni1(Here tbete isasc.+ Satutn,but
M ats hsve stopged the bzeak of wealth.
Result :The native l ncs not experienced any break
of wealth in his life.
1st Conlb.:Ni1(Heretbeteis9 + Satutn butSuturn
isbeneic.He (Saturn)cannotform the
bteak of weûlth because he is one-
sided zspected by Mars. Satuln also
2nd Comb.:Ni1(Hete theteisasc.+ malefcMoon
but Moon is the ftiend of 1st Sun and
Saturn is benefc in this bitth cl
Result :The nstive lnas not expetienced zny bteak
of wedth and thete isno possibility ofsuch.
A native ofbteak ofwealth :obsewe>nd understand
1e.bllh charts and re* G low.
IS= Enmple Section :Page 14t)
No. 168-3
1st Comb.:(1)91 house+ Sztutn t2)9Satutn + 3
znd Comb.:(1)Ni1(Here the 1st Lord + Malefc
Marsis notproper.)
'xesult :The native M d lesthis kingdom by falling
ù: love with a dancez ûnd had experienced
break of w>lth.
No. 169-3
1St Comb. (1)9th bouse+ Saturn (2)9th l
maleic Venus(3)9 jun + 6.
cnd comb, (1)1sthouse + Sztutn (2)1Sthouse+
maledc Venus.
Xesult The 'native had donethe businessof maieic
Venus i.e.tunning oi1mill,lost millions of
* es in ittad was ruined.
No. 169-8
1st Comb. (1)9th house msleEc àloon (2)1st
house + R tutn * Moon.
2nd Comh. (1)Asc.+ Saturn.
Result Thenativehad obtained large sum of money
than expect/ ,but had losta1l.He had
expetienced a gteat bteak of wealth.
Comb.4 (1)'
1st ' 9th* % + Saturn (2)9Jupiter+ 9
(3)9 Jupitu + Aquatius.
'znd C= b.:(1) 1st house + Samtn (2)1st house
+ > licMercuty.(3)1Moon+ Satutn
> * :T1 M i ve has lost hisctpiulin sgeculztion.
He ispzssing :iS days in poverty. HeLlaas
exm ri=cezla ,gzea bzeak of wmlth.,
No.169-7 '

1st Comb. (1)9 Venusdebilitated (2)9 Venus+p

2nd Comb.:(1) 1sthouse+ Aquarius (2)1sthonst'
+ rnaleicMoon (3)1sthouse+ Satutc
Result Thenativehad lostmillionsof rupees aaëj
wasa debtot ofRs.15 million.Tlne nutiveg
had experienced a greztbteak ofwealth. t
No.169-10 1
1St Comb. ç
1)9th house + Satuzn (2)9 Sun $ p
2nd Comb.:(1)1Jupitet+ 6 (2)1stbouse+ Moot
Result : The native haS lost bis money aswellasl yis.
P ropetti
e s.He is put i
nto gr eat di
mc ult
i es.
He l nas expezieneed a good bzeûk of wealtà.
A native ofbreak ofwealth:Takedown the birthj
charts and m ake yourself more sure. 1
(See Example Section Fgge 145) !

2.(b)A Bteak ofWea1th :A Bteak ofFortune

jin specuhtion.)
Nowu-days peopleate exttemely uttructed towutis
speculation matkets.Sometimespeople quickly become
millionaites, but lives of many people are zuined in
speculztion mutkets.Thete is a provezb.%<Tbe motu
a gamblet loses,the mote be plays''.Hence he tries
to tecove: the loss and fnally zuins bimself. Only.
tben he undertakes pt concentzates kis npind ic
anothet pursuiy.
Now 1et us come to the point. W e know that
. tl
ne Speculation is the business of Ssturn and Venus.
Jfa combination of 1 + Satutn or Venus is formed
jn a nutive's bitth chatt, he is inclined towatds
speculetion and gannblings and according tc their
nature, Satutn and Venus bting despait and ruin etc.
in hiSlife.Fot allthis the nature ofSaturn or Venus
is solely responsible.
Saturn signifes, i:ercules, gaguntic cupacity and
muchine.H e is a huge producer as well zs thick-
lneaded, illtierate and gambler. He wishes to be
millionaite witbout any eforts. Besides thut he is
ignorant,devilish and manifests death.We cln huve
dezrunderstanding by observing tlte fstesand lives
ofdespetate speculators, who moved according to
.the natute of Suturn otVcnus.
Moreover, the powerfulphnets like the Sun,the
Moon,Mars,and Jupitet zte the enemies ofSatuzn.
These powerfulplanets tuin the native who tzies to
actaccording to the natute of Saturn or Venus,i.e.
the Sun, the Moon, Mars :nd Jupiter being the
enemiesof Saturn und Venus and victotious,anativt
who lives his life bvsed on Saturn otVenus,specially
experiejxce such bzeak of wealth.
A nativeofbreakofwealth (in speculation):Take
down the birth chattsandm akçyourselfmoresure.
ISee Example Section :Puge 146)
No. 31 4û,41,42 and 49. The natives l uyt)
lost millions of tupees in speculztion and testhpk
lost thouscnds. i
N o.34.The lord of the 9th house isSatutn szt$
siruated in the 9th house,stillthenative,instud4,,
experiencingagoodfortune,had,to sellhisotnamect
to pay loss in speculation and became penniless.

3.(a) A native withoutwealth ot a native of'
m isfortune.
(Livicg lower standatd oflife)
If s combination of wealth is not fotmed kl t
one's birth chartand if only two of the followiq
combinations havv betn fotmed;such natives ure of:
unfortunate and they lpave to experience fnanck
diëculties scatcity of moaey aad unemploymtnt. ,
The eatives with a bteak of fottune, at cettniypr
degzee should be consideted as the. nûtives 9f:
misfortune. Few out of these tvmaia in otdinur
condition.W hen,tbry are tuinvd, they shed teatso:
theit pastlife and subsqc ntly live like the nztivw
of misfoxtuae.
A nasivp W tkout Fea1th ot a > ttve of misfoxpp,%
(1)9th house + Satutn ot hiS sign or maleic oz
9th Lotd in the 6th,8th ot 12th (withoutthe
relation of:ny benedc plaet)oz# ordebilitated.
g2)1sthouse + Suturn orlaissignotmalefc(except
theJth, 8th or 12th oz debilitatedozof % degtee.
A native without wealth or a native of mis-
fortune:Obsetve and undetstand the birth charts
and read below.
(SeeExample Section :Page 147 )
1st Comb. (1)9th house+ Szturn (2)9Venus+ 8
(3)9 Venus debilitated
(4)9th house + maledcMoon.
2ndComb.:t1)1sthoase+ Aquatius(2)1Sat.+ 12
(3)1 Saturn + Capricotn
(4)1Sthouse + malefc Moon
Result :Out of the above ûve combinations ol
fortune,the native haS three ofthem in his
birth churt,butthereisabteakofthesecombi-
tions by Satum :nd malefcMoon.Moteovet
Saturn being the 1stLord :nd in theCapti-
cotn sign and in the 12thhouse, hetsatum)
hinders the desire in nztiveto make the best
use ofcombinations offortune. The nztive
hûs to undetgo many diëcultks in eatning
his daily bzead.
llo. 175-24
1st Comb. (1)9th house + Satnrn (2)9 Venus+z
(3)9 Venus + Satutn
N d Comb. (1 )Asc. + malefc Mzts
(2 ) 1 Mer.+ mzleûc Sun
Result : Thete is no ftst and second combinûtion
except third, fourth und fftb of the :ve
combinations. But Mats and Sun huve
cancelled these tbree combinations. The
native earnsRS. 60/- month :nd passes
his life with diëculties.
1st Comb. (1) 9 Mercury 280
2nd Comb. (1)1sthouse+Capticorn (2) 1 Satutn:
Result :Out of the Nve combinations of fortune,
not a Single combination bas been formed
in the nztivt's bitth chart. The signifcatot
offortune,the Sun and Jupitez are in the
6th, !th houses tespectively. Mats is ofû
degtee.The native maintains hiS life with
the income ofRs.6û/- a month and passes
his life with diëculties.
1st Comb. (1 )9th house + Sututn @ Jup.
(2 )9 Mats Sat. (3 )9 Mats+ 8
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse+ Sat.(2 )1 JuP.+ Szt.
Result :Al1 the fve combinations of fottune h:s
been formed in the native's bitth chart, but
Satutn has cuncelled them and creuted his
powerfulefect on the native by zs?ecting
one-sided asc. and the 1st Lord. Saturn
being in the Capticotn is powetful. The
native earns only Rs.6û/- a month with
great diëculties.
No. 175-26
1St '
Comb.:(1)9th house+capticozn (2)9th house
+ Sat.(3)9 Saturn + Czpticorn
2nd Comb.t(1)1stkouse+ Satutn * Moon,Jupitet
Result The fve combinations of fortune has been
fotmed in the native's bltth chzrt, but
Satutn hzs cancelled them cl1.The 1st Lord
being in the house of Saturn, the native
acts accotding to tlae ideas of Sûtutn, The
native earnsonlyRs.1ûû/- a month.
N ote :Though the 9th Lotd Satutn being in the
9th houst,still the foztune of the native
does not rise,hence it proves that Satutn
cunnot fotm any combination of fortune.
No. 175-25
1st Comb.:(1)9 Moon + 8
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Ssturn (2)1 Mzts+sat.
Result :Theze ute thtee combinationsofthe ;ve in
the natives birth chart, but Saturn àa&
-cancelled them a1!.1St Lord Mats is in tàe
house of Venusis also notgood.The native
earns only one rupee a day.
A native withoutwealth or a nativeof misfortune:
Take down the birth chazt and make yourself
nlore sure.
gSee Example Section:Pages148-149)
The hotoscopes of women have also been
included, who hzve to live their lives undet the
income of Rs. 100. '
No. 8. A hotoscope of: woman dead by starvation.
No. 9. A horoscope of a poor native.
No.10. Her husband dtserted hez and she had to
maintain the Rmily.
A hozoscope of: nztiveofmisfottune.Mazs
and Jupiterare debilitzted.
No.23. A hotoscope of a native of misfottunm
Venus,the 9th Lord aspect the 9th ,house
fzom the 3rd h' ouse, still the native had
3.(b )A native without wealth or a native of
mie ttune :
(Nutive passing theitlivesinunemplomeat state)
Some natives,due to the bteak of' wealth zte so
much confounded'that they lose the attkude of mind
towatds business or services and consequently dsy br
day decrease theit capital. The rusons ate failure h.
big business znd winding up of it ot disability to
undettake big businessbutcsnnotado, the smallet'
one or disliking of services or possessing gov sums.
but have no gutts to unieztake the businesssthiaking
himselfto be vety clevet,do notprefer smqll etjobs
und cunnot get the hi gher job or becûuse of his
unfvithfulness ot ttezchety otundezt:king of wtong
adventutes oz loss ofptestige zre umble to obtain
any service orjob ot tunning away of life-pattner-
or life-pzttcez's death.Cetuin natives have to pass
theitlives unemployed,which isknown zs<blockûdeia
business oz service or income.' These citcumstances
are created due to the bteak of wezlth combination
:nd tlne natives are undertheinûuenceofsuch btezks-
An unemployed native without wea1th or an
unem ployed native of misfortune: Take down the.
bizth chatts and m ake youtselfm ore sure.
(See Example Section :Page 150 1
Humenbehgs,exert tbxoughout theit lives for
#ood fortuae.A pzovetb says <dUnfottunate haS no
happiness''.Every native sttuggles &y and nightfor
the szke of wezlth,and also ti es ? special'cate of
not being thevictim ofbreak ofwealth and misfortune
in his life.For this,now we slnallSctutinise diferent
bitth chatts based on the ptevious given tuble of
TtansitPlanetazy Period, ut which time whicln sott
.of result is given.
Thetime(period)ofbenehc result of fortune
Obsetve and understand the birth charts and
read below.
(See Example Section :Page 151.)
N o.162-19 ln asc. Vitgo, the 1st Lord Mercuty
gives the native tl
nousands of rl
apees at
the age of 45.
No.332 In asc.Sagitturius,JupiterandexûltedSun
give the native : good amount at the
age of 36-37.
No.3û1 ln asc. Gemini, the maleic Mzts is
one-sided zspected by Jupitet thtough
Saturn,so Mats and Jupitet give the
native millions of tupees attlae ageof42.
'llo.157-11 In asc.Tautus,Mars gives benefc result
at the age of 28. The 1Ft Lotd is in
Mats house.M zts aspects the 9th house.
N o.162-5 The Moon,lozd of the 9th house and
Mats,lord the 1st house h:s made the
native multi-millionsire ut the age of
40 and 42.
No.165-1 Atthe uge of42,i
n the time (petiod/
of Jupiter und Mzts the native had
become king and bad experienced a
combinztion offottnne.
The time (period) of misfortune.
(SeeExample Section :Puge152.)
No.033-9 The nutive gets z mzlefc result of the
Moon and Jupitetattheageof32.
No.033-17 The Sun and Jupiter give the malefc
resultin theirtime (petiod)at the age.
of 36.
No.033-23 ln asc.Aries,M ercuzy and Saturn gives
maleûc resultut the age of 30 and 60-
Hencein tbis way the native gets maleEc
result atthe age of 60 and 61.
No.033-27 The M oon and Mzrs give malefc tesult
at the age of 4û. 1st Lotd is in the
Satutn's house,henke the Moon gets a.
support ftom M zrs,the lord ofthe 12th.
so tbe native,atthe age of40,loses his,
money in Speculation.
No.169-7 The Moon and M azs give maleic tesult
attheage of 56/57 (MatJ gives tesult
2 yts& 4 months).9th Lozd is in the
8th house. Saturn sspects the M oonp
hence the native is losing millionsand i&
in debtof sciDons.
N o. 169-9 Mxrs gives a greatlossct the age of 49.
The 9th Lord is Satutn and is in the
6th house.
'The time (period)ofbeneic '
and maledc tesult
,of fortune tTake down the birth cM tts and m ake
yourself m ote sute.
(SeeExzmple Section :Page 153.)
Benefc Result
N o.1. A lsme gitl, at the age of 21 mûttied u
multi-millionaite boy and her fortune was
changed ul1ofa Sudden.
N o.2. The native at tlqe age of 21 l:zd efttned
Rs.13,000 in one day.
.No. The native at the ageof36 & 37 had earned
millions of tupees.
.NO.4. The na tive eztned wellat theageof 32 & 36.
.N O.5. The nstive eatned one million tupees at tlpe
age of 21 & 22.
N O.6. The native had earned 4 million tupees ût
the age of28.
No.7. The native had eamed Rs. 75,600 at tht
age of 28.
Z;G 8. The nzdve ha4 eztsed v=l1 at the age of
30 dt 50.
M de:t R- lt
SeeE=mple Section Page 154.)
Chaptet Fifth !Tenth House
W ho arecalled the nativesofPowetandH onouz?
W hat is the limit ofPower and Honour?
Those persons who command,order orruleover
the people and people always awaittheir ordersand
?ct immediately according to their orders,are said to
betherativesofPower and Honour,i.e. enjoying
the Royalpower.
A certain petson who employsa sezvantand gets
hk work by otdeting him isnot. said to be a nnun of
Powet and Honour.W e shallcall PetSOnSof Power
under whom thete aze twenty petsons ormote.Such
Ministers,ChiefJustices, Managers,Pzincipals, Head
M astets, Supetintendents, Supetvisots,Editots, Huge
vorkshop ownets and gteat business men.
& native ofPower,Position and Honout:The
com b.of Power,Positiop and H onour
(1)10th house + 10th lord (exceptSatutn)orSun,
Mooy,Mats otJupitet ot his or
her slgn.
(2)10th Lord lotbhouse (exceptSaturn)otSun,
Moon, Mats, or Jupiter or in
Quzdrant,trineor3rd house(except
Saturn's sign) 10th Mars in any
house,if 10th Saturn then Satutn+
SunorJupitetorin hissign(except
in the 6th,8th or 12th house).
(3j 1Sthouse 10 (except Saturn)or Sun,Moots
Mar orJupiter orhis orherskn.
I4j 1St Lord 10(exceptSaturn)(or10+1stlorë)
orSun,Moon,Mzts orJupiteror
hisother sign except in the 6tk
8th, ot 12th.Alats in Rny house.
(5) 9th house + 9th lord (exceptSaturn) or Sun,
Mpon,Mazsor Jupitez or hiSot
het sign.
Those persons who l âave a11the above combins
tions in hiS bitth chatt, ate Sure to he the nutivesof
Powcr ard Honour ûnd ifone connbination is formeè
from frst znd second and one from third and fourth,
then Such natives4 beconle tbe nutives of Powet:ni
Honour of lowez grude.
A powerfulfottune is clso requited for a native
ofPowet :nd Honour, otherwise it would be just
lske a supetvisor of hundred luboutets with cettais
authority, getting ? slight higher pay than thosp
labourers.Hencethec6mbinAtion ofPowet ûnd H onour
do zequite the combinations of fottune.
W e shzll now obsezve the lnotoscopes of those
hatives in whom a11tkbese 6ve cobinztions ate foupd.
Before obsetving the horoscopes,the purticulurs
given below should be keptin mind.
lf Saturn is tehted to asc.oz lotd of the :sc..
such nativesbecomedependentand hzve to serve.They
also enjoy the powet and honour,butit should be
noted thzt thepowet and honour, of indejendent
personsare mozevaluablethan thoseofdependentones.
Besides considering the combinationsof Power
and Honour,we bave to considet the cancelhtion of
these combinztions. Butatptesent we shall keep
outselves in limit ofthe subject:nd not i nvolve
outselves in the czuse of bzeaks.Let us concentrlte
whethet a nztivç isable to attain the power oz not
and then latet on we shallstudy the break of Powet
and honour.
The exalted planetdoes not require the relytion
ofits own bouse ozits signzcatinghouse.Ifthelotd
of the 10th house is exalted,lt is to be undetstood
that itS relation with the 1û house is caused.Aswell
as exalted malefcplanet is notconsidered as defective
one.Moteovet the lozd of the 10 house ot a planet
telated to the 10th house is of 29 or 30 degtees,
being ine:kctive, cannot give any result as wellas
cannotfotm anycombination byconjunction,opposition
or zspect wkh the 10 house.
A native of Power Position and Honour The
Com b. of Power, Position and H onour
Observe and undezstand the bitth
charts and read below
(See Exatnple Section :Page 155)
! i.
(3)10 house+Mats.
2ndComb!:(1)10 J/P.+Mats
(2)t0 Jnpitet+Moon * Mats.
3rdComb. (1) 1sthouse+Pisces(2)1sthouse+lup.
. Moon * Mars,Jupiter.

4thComb.:(1)Jup.+Mars(2)1 Jup.+Nfoon*Muts
5thComb.:t(1)9th house+ Scor.
Result :The
i y
native wasa highetoëcet in Bank and
mahy awkited his orders.
1st()orcb.:#41)lotb house+10'Mo= (2)10th House
+Spn (3)10thbouse+Mars(4)10thhouse
+JuP.* Mzrs #
2ndComb. (1)10Moon+ 10thhouse (
J)10 Moon+
Sun (3)10?Moon+Mars (4)10 Moon+
JLP.* Xa:S.
hd Comb.:N' il
4ah Comb.:'N il
5thComb. (1)9th house+ Murs(2)9th house+Jup.
(3)9th house+Mer.
Result )The Native possesses a higher position in
one of the well-known banks.
1stComb.:(1)10th house+Aties (2)10th house+
Jup. (3)10th house+1û Mats (4)10th
house+ M oon * M zts.
:(1)10 Marsexalted (2)10Murs+Afoon.
3zd comb-c (1) 1st house+ 1 Moon (2) 1sthouse+

DR:IS exalt/ (3) 1sthouse + Jupiter *

Satuzn, M aa.
4th Com'
b c(1)1 Moon+ 1sthouse(2)1Moon+Mats
(3)1 Moon Jupiter* Saturn,Msrs
5th Comb.:(1)9th heuse + Suh
'esuh :The nnzive isx high oëcer.
No- 26
lstComb.c(1)1:@th house+1ûMars42)10th house+
Jup-@%t.(3)16th hcusem Sun*lup. Sat.
2ndComb.:(1) t0 Mars+10th house (2)10 M/rs
Jupo@sat.(3)10 Mars+ Sun*lup.,Saturn
3zd Comb.:(1)1sthoux + Cancer
4th Comb.:(1)1 Moon + 3rd house
5th .
comb.:(1)gth lxouse + Pisces
(2#9th bouse + 1 Moon
Re- h c The nAtive isconsidered to be a millionaire.
H'mdrz sef pee le awak his order.
No. t61-13
1stComb-t (1)10th Youse + Pisces
2ndComb.:(1)10Jupitet+ Sun
3zdCnmlx :(1)1st house + 19'Jupitet
(2)lx loux + Sun
4th Comb.:(1)10th hoyse'
+ 1 Mercuty'
5th Comb.:(1)9th house+ Sun (2)9th'house+
Result:Thenativew:sa millionaite, had a hkk
reputation 5n society cnd wus a mun of
great powet. He is Amtitlal Setl
No. 57-1
1stComb.:(1)10th house + Leo (2)19th housr
+ M ars
2ndComb.:(1) 1û Sun + Cancet (2)1@.Sun+ 9tk
house (3)1û Sun + 9 Moon
3zd Comb. (1)ktsc.#F 1 Alzrs
4thComb. (1) 1Mars+ L* (2)Mars+ loth house
5thComb.:(1)9thhouse+ Sunt2)9thhouse+ Moo.
Result : The native waS a multi-millionaire ani z
gtezt industriulist.He is Fhnry Fgtd.
A native of power; position and 'Ionèur :The
com b.of power, position and H onour:'Take dowa
fNe bilh charts and maake youtself m ote sure.
(See Example Section :Pàges 156,157.1

W e have studied the combinztions ofPowet ûnd
Honour.Now .we shall see witln which combinatio.
ofphnets the nstiyesbecome Kings,Queens,Electe:
M inistets ot Dictators.
In the questionsofKings,Queens,ElectedMini-
sters or Dictatots, below combinations are tequired
1 addition.
The comb.ofKings,Queens, Elected Mlnisters
and Dictatots
Kingsand Queens
(1,2,3,4,5)According to thecomb.
ofPowet and Honour.
6 + M ats or 6th lotd exalted.
Elected M inistets
(1,2,3,4.5)According to thecomb.
of Power and Honout.
+ Mars (7)6 + Mats
D ictators
41)10th house + Satuzn ofhis sign.

(2)10th Lozd + Saturn or his sign

Lord 0 degtee.
(3)1sthouse + aturn or hiS sign or asc.Libta.
stLord + Satutn or Venus or his sign.
;(4) 1

(5)6 + Marsor asc.Libra.

Kingsand Queensrequirethe conttol ovet the
people,hence the combination of 6 + Mats isalso
Elected Ministets must be adventuzous to win
the afection of the people,hence tbey zequire the
çcombination 3 + M ars and to maintain theit powers
4he combination of 6 + Mars is also necessaty,

Dictators requite the combinztions 1to7 to have

the complete control by force over the people.
Kings, Queens, Elected Ministets,and Dictatorx
Observe the birth chatts and read bebw.
(See Example Section Page 1581
1st Comb. (1)10thhouse+ Mars(2)10thhouse>
Moon * Mars(3) lûth house + Jupitet
2nd Comb.:(1) 10 Saturn of0 degzee.
3rd Comb.:(1)1$thouse+Mars(2)1sthouse+Mona
4th Comb. (1)1Venus+ Mats( 2)1Venus+ Mooy
5th Comb. Ni1
6th Comb.:(1)6 Venus + M zts
Result The native was tbe king of Sweden.
1st Comb.:(1)lûth house+ Jupiter
(2) 10th house + Mats @JUP..
2nd Comb. (1)10 Sun + Sagittatius.
3rd Comb. (1)1sthouse+ Mats
(2) 1sthouse+ Scozpioh
4th Comb. (1)1 Mazs+ Scotpi o
(2)1 Msts+ 1sthouse:
5th Comb. (1)9th house+ Cancerk
6th Comb. (1)6th house+ Aties.
Result :The native was a king.
1st Comb.:(1)10th house+ Leo
(2)10th house + Sun.
2nd Comb. (1)10 Sun + 10th house.
3rd Comb. (1)1sthouse + Scomi o
(2)1sthouse + Jup.
4th Comb. (1) 1Mzts+ 12th house.
5th Comb.:(1)9th house + Czncer
(2)9th house + Jup.
6th Comb. (1)3rd house + Mcrs.
7th Comb.:(1)6thhouse+Mars(2)6thhouse+ Aries
Result The native w:s an elected Ministez of Bom-
bay province.He is kher.
1st Comb. (1)10th house + Mzts(2) 10th house
+ Aries (3)10th house + Jupiter
2nd Comb.:(1)1û Mars + 3rd house
3rd Comb.:(1) 1sthouse + Moon
4th Comb. (1)1 Moon + 1sthouse
5th Comb. (1)9thhouse+pisces(2)9thhouse+Mats
6th Comb. (1)3td house + Mars
7th Comb, (1)6th house + Mars
Result :The native was an elected ptime Ministet.
N o.151-5
1st Comb.:(1)lûth house + Satutn
2nd Comb. (1)1û Vênus@
3td Comb.: f
1)1sthouse+ Capticorn
(2) 1sthouse Sat.* Moon.
4th Comb. (1) 1 Saturn + Li bra
5th Comb. (1)6thhouse+Murs( 2)6M etcuty+ hlzrs
Result :The native is Dictator.Heis M ao-Tse-tung.
1st Comb.:(1) lûth house + Sztum
2nd Comb.:(1) 10 Moon + Saturn
3td Comb. (1)1sthouse + Sztutn*Moon,Muts,
M ez.or Venus.
4th Comb. (1) 1 Venus + Satutn
5th Comb.:(1)ASc.Libm
Result: The native was Dictatot.He is Hitlet.
Kings,Queens,Elected Ministers and Dictators:
Take down the bitth charts and m ake yourself
m ore Sure.
(SeeExample Section:Pûge 159,160,161.)
Elected M inisters
41.Mr.Motatji Desai 49.M t.Ktislwa M enon.
42.Pzesidentof Ftance. 5û.Raj
endta pzasad.
43.M r.RasiklulPatikh. 51.Ptesidentof Ftance.
G . SitAnthony Eden. 52.President of France,
45.Pzesidentof Austmlia. 53.Eloyd George.
46.Mr.Ttuman. 54.Clement Atley
47.Mz.Kennedy. 55.Eisenhowet.
48.M t.Roosevelt.
56.MztshalTito. 58.Nspoleon 60.Mussolini
57.Kaiser 59.Stalin 61.GenerzlFtancko.
As the combinatious of powet are formed in
tbe birth charts of Some natives, so their
breaks ure also sometimes caused. Such natives
witness ups znd downs in their lives.
Accotding to the ubove ststed principles, those
Persons in whose birth chsrts the break ofPOWC: is
caused, they experience breûk ofpowez, position and
honour.Such nztivesexperiencethebrezk ofpowerdue
to treacheries or because ofundertaking wtong enter-
Prise in business ox due to other reasons.
W hen a millionaire becomes poot,he experiences
not only the break of fottune butalso the break of
power,position and honour because he will l nuve no
servants to carry out hiS orders.
The break of Pow er,Posidon or H onour
(1)10th house+Saturn othisSign ormalefcorlord
ofthe 10th house is in 6th, 8th or
12 house (without the relation of
any planet)orisofs otdebilitated.
(2) 1st house+ Szturn ofhissign ormaleic(except
1st house + Sun, Moon,Mars or
Jupiter)otlord ofthe 1st house in
6th,8th or 12th houseor is of + or
Please remembtt that Mars stoy the brezk of
Positjon and honour,i.e.ii'the breuk of powet hu
been caused according to the above principles butif
Mzrs being independent,zspects the 1st house ot is
situated in the1sthouse,thenativedoesnotaxpeticnce
any break of power.
The combitutionofpowerisstrongamongftiendly
plansts and the break ofpower becomes Slight with
them.But if the combinution of power is fbtmed by
enemy planets,then the xesult ofthis combinztion of
power is weak and the bteak ofPo>er turns Out to
be very diszstetous.
The bteak of Powet:Natives with the break
of power, Position and Honout. Obsetve and
understand the birth charts and tezd below.
(SeeExample Section :Page 162.)
Itis to be noted thatboth the above nqentioned
combinztions ate requited fot the bzok of powet.
The nûtive who hasnotgottheabovecombinationsin
hisbitth chattdoesnotsuferftom thebtezk ofpowet
1st Comb.:(1)lûth house+ Sat.(2) 1û Venus+12,
znd Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Capr.(2)1sthouse+ Sat.
Result:The native waS a Minister of cextain stzte.
But due to hiS illegal undettakings he was
fotced to leave his high post, he waS also
involved in a ctiminzl czse.
N o.68-7
Comb.: )10th house + Cap.
(2 ) 10th house + Maleic Mercurp
2nd Comb.:(t )1st house + Saturn @ Mars
Result :The native wûs chief Minister ofa Sute-
He Nzas forced to resign allofa sv den.
Comb.:(1) 10th house+ Saturn
(2) 10thhouse + malefcMetcury.
2nd Comb.:(1) 1st house + Sat.* Mats
(2)1sthouse+maleicMer.,* Sat.Mars-
R esult The native was a high omcet. After a lon:
strvice, at the age of 40, due to cettsin
disputes with the highet oëcu, he was.
compelled to leave thzt high post.
tlo. 170-4
1st Comb. :(1)10th house Saturn
2nd Comb.:(1)1Sthouse Aquarius
(2)1sthouse + S:t
Result The nztive lost his powery di> ity andt
honout due to othet's mistake.
1st Comb.:(1 ) h house + Sat.
(2 ) lùth bouse + Aquarius
2nd Comb.:(1) 1St lozd Venus + 6
Result :The native was debtor due to speculation.
He lost his car and at last to escape froa
the creditots,he left his home as well as
lço. 170-1
1st Comb.:(1 )10th house + Saturn
2nd Comb.:(2 ) 1 Mercury + Saturn
'Result The native lost millions of rupees and had
to sutrender himself to poverty.
A native with the break of Power, Position
and H onour.Take down thebitth chatts and m ake
w urselfm ore sure.
(See Example Section:Pages163)

4.The time (period)of beneNc and malefc result

of Power,H onour and Position : Observe and
understand the birth charts and read below.
(See Example Section :Page 164 )
BeneNc Result
No.170-6 The native's yeatsftom 28 to 42 were
ofcontinuous zise and he gzined much honour
qnd dignity.The position ofthe native's Moon,M zrs
znd Jupitetgave laim a constantrise in their yeats.

He did nothad any do cultie! in Metcuty's 35 to 49

yeazs because M ercuty being in his own signifcating
.4th house,the break of maleic iscaused.
No.170-5 The native becamethe Ptime Ministet
nfIndia atthe age of57.In thebitth chatt, thelûth
lord is Mars and is situzted in the 3rd bouse sspects.
the lûth house,hence tbe nûtive gets behefc tesult
in the time of Mars. .
lko.152-10 ln the years of Saturn and the Sunp
at 45, the nutive achieved great power by their
conjunction and opposition. The combination of'
powet is complete in th: birth chart.He is Hitlet.
M alehc Result
No. 151-3 The native was a bigh oëcer and is
tbe years of malefc Mats, ut 68, he h:d to tua
away leaving his powet.
No.97 From the yezrs32 to * , the native had:
to Jeave hiS power duzing tbe yeuts of the Mooa
and Venus.Look at tbe condition ofmalefc Moon,
und Venus in thezscendentSugittztius.
No.152-10 The powets gained by thenvtives zt
45,ended a11ofa sudden in hiS 66th yelr and he
had to commit Suicide. In this birth chart,Jupi ter
being mûlefc, aspects Mars one-sided causing the
break of powet. Hence tbe native being defeated in
war in his 56th year, ends his life by commiting'
suiciée.He is Hitlet.
The time (petiod) of beneEc xnd maleNctesult
Power,H onour and Position :Take down the
bitth chals and make youtselfmoresute.
(See Exzmple Section :Page 165 )
Every native is keen and anxious to know his
happiness of fzthet;because when a native loses hi$
fatherly happinessin his child-bood,he is consideted

4o bet sn unfortunate one and people pity him.

Looking to the condition of the 10th house, its
.lord :nd the Sun, signikasoz of the 10th house,
,(Th e Sun isfather)the time of fatherly happiness
cAn be ascertai
, ,
The combinations of Fatherly happiness.
1)10th house + 10 (excmtVenus ot Saturn)oz
Sun,Moon,Metcuty orJupiterorhi$orhetsign.
12)10th Lord 10th hoase (exceptVenusorSuturn)
otSun. Moon' , Metcuzy or Jupiteror hisor
het sign.
tl3)sun + 10 (exceptVenusot Saturn)orMoon,
M ercuzy .orJupiterorhis or her sign ozsign
Leo.(' thisLeo should notbe in 6,8 or12th.)
(4)lûth house + Saturn or Venus oz his sign
oz malesc.
k(5)lûth Lord + Saturn or Venus or hisSign oz
me ûc ot in 6th.
, 8th oz 1Ah ot#ot debilitzted.
6)Sux + Satutn orVenusor hiS sign otmslefc
- ia 6th,8tlsoz'12th ox % ot debilitated.
If thereate three ofthe above combinsdons,û
:native fzom each O mbination getsten l-earsoffathetly
k:ppiness and if there is cn absence of fourtb, ûfth
.or the sixth combination,evcn then, a natiee from
'each combinadon gets ten years offztberly hzppiness.
In this wap anativegets60yearsoffatberlyhappiness.
1.lftbe S> Metcury otJupitçr isin the sign
of Taurus,Libza,G pzicorn oz Aquuius,he cannot
fosm any combination of fathetly happiness.
2.Venus had left his fathez and mother, hence
the combination of 1 + Venus is considered zs
devoid offatherly and motherly happiness- He hûd
enjoyed hispzrently happiness in young age only
(up to 15years).
3.Satutn is without mother and father,hencein
the ascendant of Czrieorn and Aquarius,if there is

u combination of 10+ Saturn. the native does not

u perience fathetly happiness.
The Fatherly happiness and its time :Observe and
understand the birth chu s and read below.
gSee Example Section :Page166 )
1st Comb.:(1)10th housv+lup.but bei ng in
Taum s cannotfozm any com b.
2nd Comb.:(1)Satutn+ Sun,butbei ng in Aqu-
arius cannotform any comb.
3zd Comb.:(1)Sun + Metcury, but bei ng ia
Aquariuscannotfotm any comb.
4th Cam b.: (1)10th house+ceti corn
5th Comb.:(1)10 Saturn+ Aquarivs
6th Comb.:(1) Sun+Aquarius X
T X,
Resûlt :The hativegetscomplete failurein thematter
of fathezly happiness.Heh:d losthisfathetly
happiness in childhood.
1St Comb.:Ni1'
2ndComb.:(1)10 Saturn+virgo
3rdComb.:(1) Sun+Metcuty (2) Sun+Moon
exalted 1:
4tlnComb.1(1)10 Saturn+Capricorn
5thComb.:(1)10 Saturn+6 #
étbComb.:(1)Nil, hete maleic Moon being
exalted,the Sun is not afected. 1û
Totzl 36
Result :The native obtains An otdinary happiness
in tbe mutter of fatberly happiness. He got
31 yeats of fatherly happiness.
:St Connb. :(1)Ni 1
2nd Comb.: 4 1)Ni1(Venus is+)
3rd Comb. (1)Sunf + lup.(2)Sùn+Moon
4th Comb.:(1)lûth house + Libra
5th Comb. :(1)1û Venus +
6th Comb. (1)Sun + 8
Result :The native obtains failute in the matterof
fatherly happiness. He received 9 years of
fatherly happiness.
No. 175-5
1st Comb. :(1)10th house + Leo 10
2nd Comb.:(1) 10 Sun + Mer.Cancer 10
3rd Com b.:(1)Sun + Mer.Cancer 10
4th Comb.:Ni1 10
5th Comb.:(t)10Sun + Satutn X
6th Comb. (1)Sun Saturn X
Total 40
Result The nutive obtains a good success in the
mattet of fatherly happiness.Heh:s obtained
35 years of futherly lnappiness.
N o.177-8
1st Comb.:Ni1(Thereis10th house+10
Alars but being in Tuum s,
cannotfotm any comb.)
2nd Comb. :Ni1
3rd Connb. Ni1(ThereisSun + Jupiter.
but being in Aquarius,clnnot
fotm any comb.)
4th Connb.:(1) 10th house + Saturn
5th Connb.t(1)10sfars+ Taurus,Saturn
6th Comb. (1)Sun Aquatius
Resuh :The birth chzttis of usc. Aquatius. Satutn
is situated in the 'loth house, So in all the
way,tlne native obtains complete failute in
the matter of fathezly happiness.Hel:as lost
his fzthetly lnappiness in child-hood.
Here the asc.isofLibra.Satutn aspects tbe lozd
of the asc.:nd through him aspects theasc.Moteovet
Sstutn is related to the 10th house, l nence the
nztive cannot obtam fatherly hûppiness. Tlne position
ofthe Sun, Jupitetund theMoon, the lotd ofthe
lûth housebeing quite good,eventlten, thenative was
able to obtuin only 1û yezrs of fûthe:ly happiness.
The Fatherly happinessadd itstime Take down
the bitth charts and make yourself m ore sure.
(See Example Section ) Page 167)
Chapter Sixth tFourth House
We hAve learnttheimpoztanceof1st, 5th :nd tbe
9th house.Besides tbatthe 4th house is also of gtezt
impottcnce. Those persons who are foztunate to have
the huppinessofhouseand vebicle,:redeinitelytelattd
to the 9th house and if the 4tb house is weak, there
atises some suspecions regstding tlne 9th house,hence
minute obsetvation of the 4th house is nacessaty.
The com bs. ofH ouse
I1)4th'house + 4 (exceptSatutn)or Sun,Moon,
Mazs,Jupiterorhisorhersi gn.
I2)Imtd,ofthe4th house + 4 (exceptSaturn)or
Sun,Moow MzrsorJupiterorinquadrant,
ttine or3rd house (exceptSatutn's sign).
lfM ars is the lozd ofthe 4th house, then
ilt1ny houx . If Saturn isthe lord of tke
4th house,then Saturn + M ercuryorAloon
orin hisorhersign. (except6th,8th or
12th house.
)Lord of the 1St house+ 4 or4 1stLozd
(exceptSuturn)or1stlord + Sun,Moon,
Mzrs, orJupiterorhisorherSign except
in 6th,8th or 12th.Marsin any house.)
f5)9th house 9 (exceptSaturn)orSun, Moon,
MzzsotJupitez orhis or her sign.
lf thete are a1lthe above :ve combinations in
one's bizthchatt,thenltiveobtzins?highetstandztdof
kzppinessof house and vehicle and if there is one
combination from the ftst:nd second and one com-
bination from tbitdqs
nz foutth,tlnen thenative obtains
an x dinaty standard ofhappinessofhouseand vehicle.
To obtain the higher standztd of huppiness of
house and vehicle the fortune must be sounda'other-
wise one who gotsthe hua iness ofhouse and ifthe

condition of that house is poor ot merely ahutjthem

Such hoppiness of house has no meaning. Henc: foy
the higher standatd of happiness of housq tkt:
conmbinations of fortune ate also requited.
The com bs. of Vehicle.
(1,2,3,4,5)accozding to the comb.ofhouse,
(6)1ot4 or 9 + Moon orCancer.
(7)1 tasc-or lotd ofthe asc )+ Aries..Cencets
Libta ot Czpzicom or Moon.
The native with happiness ofH ouse and Vehiclec
Obsezve the birth chatts and xead below.
(See Example Section :Page 168:)
No. 79-4
Comb. (,
(3)4th house + Mars
2nd Comb. (1)4Moon+Sun(2)4Moon+Wqusdtacy
3rd Comb. (1)1sthouse+4 Moon (2) 1st house1
+Jup.(5)1Sthouse+ Sun
4th Comb. (1)Mazs+Jup.( 2)4th bouse+ Mats
5th Comb. 9th house+ Szgi. ( 2)9,th Jbp.exalted
Result: The native owns besutiful houses.
The combs.of Vehicle
6th Comb. (1 )1sthouse + Moon
(2 )4th house Cancet
7th Comb. ( 1) 1$thoust + Aries
(2 )1 Mars Copticotm.
Iesult:The nativeenjoysthehappinessofvehicle.
1st Comb. (1)1$thouse+cancer(2)4thhouse+Sun.
2nd Comb.:(1)4Moon+Mzrs *Sat.

(2)4Moon+Jup. * Mazs,Szturn.
3td Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Aries(2)1stbouse+JuP.
(3)1sthouse + 5IUrS* Jupitet
4th Comb. (1)1 Mars + Jupi
(2)4 Moon + sfars* Sat.
5th Comb. (1)9thhousemSagitt.(2)9thhouse+lup.
(3)9th house + Mars
Result :The nztive possess a beautifulbunglow.
The com bs.of Vehicle
6th Comb.:(1)4th house + Cancer
'7th Comb.:(1)1sthouse'+ Arie!
Result)The native enjoysthe lnappinessofvehicle.
1st Comb. (1)4thhouse+Mars( 2)4thhouse+ Jup.
2nd Comb. (1)4Venus+ Sagitt.(2)4Venus+ Sun
(3)4 Venus+ Jup.(4)4Venus+ Mats
3td Comb. (1)1Sthouse+Cancer(2)1sthouse+Murs
(3)1sthouse + Jup.* Szt.
(4) 1Sthouse + Sun @Jup.Satutn.
4th Comb. Nil

5th Comb.:(1)9th house + 1Moon

Aesult :The native owns beautifulhouses.
The combs.ofVehicle
6th Comb.:(1 19th house + Moon
(2 ) 1sthouse + Cancer
7th Comb.:(1) 1sthousc + Cancer
Result:Thenative enjoysthehappinessof vehicks.
1st Comb. (1)4th hoase ztVenus
2nd Comb. (1)4 Venus 4th house
(2 )4 Venus + 4 quadtant.
3td Comb. (1) 1sthouse Moon
4th Comb. (1) Moon Cancet
5th Comb. (1) 9th house + Mats
Result The native owns beûutifulhouses.
The com bs.of Vehicle
6th Comb. (1)lsthouse+Cancet( 2)lstllouse+Mooa
/th Comb. (1)1sthouse+Moon(2)1Sthousemcancet
Result : The nativeenjoys the happiness of mauy
1st Comb. k1)4thhouse+ Sun (2)4thhouse+Mooc
* Sat,(3)4th house+ Jupiter* Satutu.
2nd Comb. (1)4Venus+ Mats(2)4Venus+ 5tri nt
3rd Comb. (1)1sthouse+Moon(2)1sthouse+ Juz.
4th Comb.:(1) 1 Moon + Jup.
(2)4th house + 1 Moon * Sût.
5th Comb.:(1)9th lnotlse + 9 Jup.
(2)9th house + Moon * Sat.
Result :The native enj
The Com bs.of Vehicle
6th Comb. (1) 1sthouse + Cancez
/2) 1sthouse Moon
7th Comb. (1)1Sthouse + Czncez
(2)1 Moon + Czpricorn
Result Thenutiveenjoysthe huppinessof vehi
1st Comb. (1)4th house + 4 Jup.
(2)4thhouse+ Moon(mûleic)*Jupittt.
2nd Comb. (1)4 Jup. Cancer
(2)4Jup. Moon(maleûc)
3rd Comb. (1)1sthouse Sagi tt.
(2)1sthouse + Sun @ Sat..
4th Comb. (1)1 Jup. Cancer(exal ted)
(2)1 Jup. Moon (malefc)
5th Comb. (1)9th house + Mars
Result :The native enjoysthe happinessofhouse.
The com bs.ofvehicle
6th Comb.:(1)Jup.+ Cuncer(2)4 Jup.+ Cancer
7th Comb.:(1)1 Jupitet + CAncet
Result Thenative enjoysthe happhessof vehicle.
The natives with happiness of House and Vehicle:
Take down the bilh charts and m ake
yourselfm ore sure.
(SeeExample Section :Pages 169,170,171,172)
As in the bitth cbatts of certain natives, the
combinations of house and vehicle zre fotmed, so
btezk of house and vehicle ate also cuused.Such
natives expetience rise as wellas fallin tbeitlives.
V accozding to the above principles, the combi-
nations of house and vehicle have been fotmed :n2
if according to the below combinations the bteak Qf
happiness ofhouse and vehiclehave ulso been caused,
then the nztives ofsuchexpetience thebteak ofhouse
ûnd vehicle.We Shsllnow obsetve the btezk ofllouse
:nd vehicle.
The bteak of House and Vehicle.
4th house ot lord of the 4th house + Sutuzn,
Venus or his sign in the 4t14 house ot
lotd of tht 4th house in 6th, 8th ot
12th(withoutthetelationofany planet)
ot * ot debiliuted.
(2)1Sthouse or lotd of the 1st house + saturn,
Venus o: his sign ot in tbe 1st house
or malefc (except 1st house + Sun,
Moon,MazsorJupitet)oz lotd of the
1st house in 6tb,8th ot 12th ot # or
(3)Moon + Satuzn, Venus ot his sign in the 4th
house ot malefc or tlne Moon in 6th,
8th or 12th house (withoutthe relation
of any planet.ï
The natives with the bteak ofHouse and Vehicle:
Observe and understand the birth charts and
read below.
(SeeExample Section :Page173)
W ith the ubove two combinations,the breuk of
bouse is caused and with the three combinations
one who owns a vehicle,then the break of vehicleis
caused.One who has notgotsuch combinutionsin his
bitth chart,the break ofhouseotvehicleisnotczused.
1st Comb.:(1)4 Moon + Capticorn
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse+ Sautn (2)1 Mats+Libra
3td Conab.:No vehicle.
Result :The native had sold his house due to debt.
N o.130
1St Comb.:(1)4th house Czpricotn
(2)4th house + Venus
(3)4 Saturn 6
2nd Comb.:(1)1Venus + Capticom

' (2)1Sthouse + Libm

3td Comb.:No vehicle.
Result :The native had losthishouse And ornaments
for the suke ofhisson'smarrizgewith pomp.
1st Comb.:(1)4tb house + Capticotn
(214th house + Szt,
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse+sat.(2) 1sthouse+ Libtz
3rd Cornb. :No vehicle.
Result :Even though the native being well educatei,
Puts himself in great trouble by ttying to,
be rich quicllly.He cqnnot do any setvice
nor any business.Most ofhis life has been
passed in unennployment.He dislikes smaller.
jobs and doesnotgethigher one. Heis:.
debtor, cunning and wrongdoer.Many cases.
have been fled against him.
1St Comb. (1)4 Moon w Tauzus
2nd Comb. (1)1sthouse+ Sat.(2)1st house+
Venus(3) 1Mzrs ,
3rd Comb. (1)Moon + Tautus
Result The native was involved in debt due te,
luxutious living and lnad to sell hiS house.
He even lost hishorse-cattiage.
1st Comb. (1)4thhouse+ Sat.*Mazs(2)4Mars,
+ Sat.(3)4th house+ Venus
2nd Comb. (1)1 Sun + Tauzus
3zd Comb. (1)Moon + Sûtutn
Result :The native had to sell his two cats due to
debts and had to live in tented house. H:
is a debtoz andan insolvent.
1st Comb.:(1)4thhouse+ Ce.(2)4Sat.+ Libtm
2nd Comb :(1)1sthouse+ Libru(2)1Sthouse+ Szt.
Srd Comb.:(1)Moon + Cupticorn
Result The native bas losthiscar.He is not able'
to live in his own house nor is able to get
thehousetentsundbasto liveinatentedhouse.
The natives with the bteak ofH ouse and Vehicle :
Take down the birth chatts and mA e yoursef
m ore Sure.
(SeeExample Section :Page 174,175.)
No.1. The native has ruined himself in speculations,
and sold his houses.
No.2. The native sold hiS houses utthe age of48.
No.3/4 Thenative'shousesweresold due to debt.
No.5.The native ruined himselfin Speculation and.
sold houses.
No.6/7/8.The native'shouse wassold.
No. 9.The native sold hi$house at the age of 14.
No.10.The native has mottgaed his house.
No.11.The native sold two housesatthe age of2T.
No. 12,The native has sold hiS house at the age of
27 and is tezdy to sellanother one
No.13.The native's two houses were sold.
No.14. The nutive wunts to sdlhouse due to debt..
No.15. The nutive lived by selling his houses.
Petsons living in theitown houses should not Le
consideted as rich men beczuse z poor man can also
'pass his life in a smallmud shott one lives
hislifezccording to one's fortune.One czn live in a
splendidly built bouse whileunothercan live in a nlud
house.One livesin hisfathet's orgrzndfathet's lpouse
.or h iS own house or lives in : tented house insteûd
,ofhis ovk11 house outside the native place due to
business ot setvice.W e shallcatefully obsetve such
combinations and study them one byone.W e Shallat
ptesent only think about the natives passing thek
lives in theit own houses.
The natives living in theirown houses.
4I1)4th house+ Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercuty ot
Jupitetor hiSor het Sign.
(2)Lotd of the 4th house + Sun, Moon, Mats,
The natives living in theit own houses:Obsetve
' and uhderxtand the birth charts and teûd below.
(See Exzmple section:Page 176)
1st Comb. (1)4th house+ Jup.
(2)4th house+ Moon
2nd Comb. (1)
,4 Sat.+ Pisces(2)4 Slt.+ Mzts
(3)4 Sat. + Sun (4)4 Sût.+ '
Result:The native passed his life in his own house.
1stComb.:(1)4th house + Sagitt.(2)4th house'
+ Jup.(3)4th house + Mars (4)4th
house + Sun * Sst. (5)4th house
M excury * Satum .
Result :The native passes hiS life in his own housc-
N o.441
1st Comb.:(1)4th house + Jupiter
znd Comb.:(1)4Venus+M:rs(2)4Venus+Aries.
Result :Thenstivehadpassedhislifeinhisownhouse.
N o.166
1St Comb.:(1)4th house + Sagitt.(2)4th house.
+ Sun (3)4th house+ Mars (4)4th
house+ Moon (5)4thhouse+ Metcuzy'
2nd Comb. (1)4 Jupiter+ Gncer
Result :Thenativehzdpassed hislifei
n hisownhouse..
lst Comb.:(1)4th house+ Cuncer
2nd Comb,:(1)4 Moon + Sun (2)4 Moon +
Mercuzy (3)4 Moon + Jup. (4)4.
Moon + Mars* Jup.
Result The native passes hiSlife in hisown house.
Comb.:(1)4th bousr + Virgo (2) 4th house
+ Sun (3)4th house+ Mezcury
2nd Comb. (1)4Mercuzy+pisces(2)4Mer.+Sun.
Result The native passes hislife in h
s own housqy
T he natives living in theirownhouseskTakedown
the birth charts and m ake yourself m ore sute.
(SeeExamjle Section :Page 177.)
Ifthere isno combination of happinessof house
otthe l uppinessof vehicle in one's birth chatt an2
if the following combinutions have been formed,the
nutive iswithout house.Hedoesnot possess his cwn
house and has to PISShislife in the tented house.
A native wgthout house
'(1)4th house+ SatuznjVenusotlnisSignormalefc.
(2)Lotd oftbe4th lnouse + Saturn,Venusothis
sign or nnalefc ot lord of tl
ne4th house in 6th
8th ot 12th ot * otdebilitated.
A native withouthouse 1Obsetve and undetstand
the bitth chatts and read below.
(See Exvmple Section :Page i78 )
lst Comb.:(1)4Venus+ Capticotn(2)Venus+ 12
2nd Comb.:(114th house*
+ Taurus
Result:The native doesnotposSess his own house.
lst Comb.:(1)4th house + Aquarius
2nd comb.:(1)4 Sztutn + Venus* Jup.,Msrso
Result :The nztive does notpossess hisown house.
No.IM l
1st Comb.:(1)4th house + Tzurus
2nd Comb.:(1)4 Venus + 8 (2) Venusdebilitated-
Result :The native does nct possesshis own house.
No. 386
4st Comb.:(1)4th house + msleEcMûrs
2nd Comb.:(1)4 Mercuzy Venus
Result :The native doesnot possess his own house.
A native withouthouse :Take down the bixh
fharts and m ake yourself m ore sure.
(See Example Section :Pzge 178)
(Including happinessoffriends, pattnership
and desired trznsfet.)
N/e have learnt from the 4th kouse, the connbi-
ratiocs ofhappiness of house, happinesg ofvehicle,
living in own houses or living in rented houses etc.
Now we shallthink mote ovet the most impottant
topic of the human life, <Happy und Peaceful mind.'
The 4th house means a house of hzppiness and
pezce.The signiûcatorof the 4th house is the M oon,
vho is considezed asthegivet of hzppinessand pesce.
The hûppiness of friends, pattnership, transfer to
desired place vlso included in the 4th house.
Who are C:lled the natives of happiness an:
peaceful mind ? W ho are called the nutives of
unhzppiness und restless mind ?
Tbe entite happiness and peace of lwman lifeis
based on his own inclination of mind :nd Soul.If
One#S m ind and soul ûtezlwzys cheetful,heiscounted
in the gtoup of people of bappiness :nd one whnsr àl
mind and soul are unpleasant,gl ,o omy,despaiteâ any
restless, he is counted in the group of peoplecf
unhe piness and restless mind.
The natives experiencing Peace and happiness.
Livmg in a fair house und freely maintciniug
himself with the existing necessities.
2.Maintaining himself as wellas his family with
suëcient income.
3.Keeping himselfûwzy from debts.
4 Keeping himself away from Rmily disputer
and enjoying huppy married life.
5.Jteeping himselfaway from dzinks,debzuches'
amblângs or extrlvûgûnce.
6. Keeping himselfawûy ftom criminalnatuze or
coutt litigations.
Keeping himself away ftom wzong deeds or
nzves as not to cause uny peaceless mind.
The natives expetiencing peace and happiness.
gIncluding hzppinessoffriends,pzttnetshi?,
znd desited.jausfœ
(1j4th house+ 4th lotd (except VenusotSaturn)
or SunaMoon,Mats,Mercuzy, Jupiter or
his or her sign.
(2J4th Lord+ 4th house (exceptVenusorSsmtn).
oz Sun,Moon,Mats,Mercury otJupitetor
hiS ot her sign or 4th lord exalted.
(3)Moon + 4 (except Venuso: Saurn) ot4 +
M oon ot Moon + Sun, Mats, M etcuzy,
(4) 1 (asc.orlord oftheasc.)+ 4 (exceptVenus
or Saturn)or Sun, Moon,Mats, Mercuty
orJupiterothisozhersign. '
The natives expetiencing peace and happiness :.
(including the happiness of M ends, paM etship,
desired transfet).Obseweandunde- and le bixh' .
charts and tead below.
Those natives having a11 the four combinations
in theiz birth cbatts,expetknce theitlives with com-
plete bappiness and peacdulmind. Those with thzee
combinations,experio ce gov L ppiness znd peaceful
mind, those with two combinztinns, cpetience fair
happiness %p: poY nl miM ' = d those with only
one combH ticw expetience o/lmvty bxpphos = d'

1st Comb. (1)4th house + Jup.(2)4t1

n house
+ Aloon
2nd Comb. (1)4 Sun + '
Gemini (2)4 Sun +
Moon (3)Sun + Jup.(4) Sun+Met.
3td Comb. (1)Moon + 4Sun(4)4thhouse+ Mcon
(3)Moon + Jup.(4)Moon + Sagittarius
4th Comb. (1)Venus+ Mats (
2)1Venus+ Aries
(3) 1Venus+ Jup.(4)1Venus+ Mooc
Result :Tlne native expeziences happinels :në
peaceful cnind.
1st Comb.:(1)4thhouse+Jup.(2)4t1nhouse+Gemini
2nd Comb. (1)4Mercuty+ Sun (2)4Mercury+Moon
(3)4 Metcuty + Mats
3rd Comb. (1).
M oon + Mars (2)Moon + Sun
(3)Moon + 4 Mercury
4th Comb. (1)1sthouse+Pisces(2)1Sthouse+Jup
Result :The nati d
vel expericences happiness c:ë
wk ,
1 t
lst:Comb.:;(1)4th house'+ Mzts
(3)4th bouse +'Jup'
. @ Mazs
4th house'+ Moon * Jup,Mzts.
znd Comb. :2(1)4 Venus+ Mercul (2)4Venus+ Sun
(3)4 Venus + Leo
3td Comb.:(1)Moon + Jup.(2)Moon+sagi ttarius
#th Comb.: (
1)1stbouse+ Jup.t2)1sthouse+ Sun
(3)1sthouse + Moon * Jupiter.
Aesult :The native experiences he phess und
t Comb. : (1)4th house + Cancer
2nd Comb.:(1)4 Moon + Mars(2)4 Moon + Sun
3:d Comb. (1)Moon Mars(2)Moon + Sun
(3)Moon exalted.
#th Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Aries(2) 1sthouse+lup.
(3)1 Mats + Moon (4)1Mars+ Sun
Result :The native expetinces huppinessand peaceful

1st Comb.:(1)4th house + Scorpio
znd Comb.:(1) 4 Mats + Jup. (2)4 Mars
Sun (3)4 Mats + Virgo
3td Comb.:(1)Moon + Leo
A:h Comb
: . :(1)1sthouse + Moon (2)1st house
+ Mer. (3),1 Sun + 4 Mars
(4)'1 Sun + Jup.(5)1'Sun + Mer.
(4)1Sun + Vitgo
ee lt4 The ' nltlve .expetiences hfappi
R' ness and
e' hl k
peaceM mH .
1st Comb.:(1)4th house + Gemi
2nd Comb. :(1)4Mer.+ Sun (2)4Met.+ Mooa
(3)4 Mercuty + Mats
3td Comb.:(1)Moon + 4 Mer. (2)Moon + Mats
(3)Moon + Sun.
Comb.:(1) 1st house + Mats * Sat., Jupiter
(2) 1sthouse+Moon*Mats,Satutn,Ju?.
Result :The nztive expetiehces hzppiness é:d
peaceful mind.
The nativesexperiencing peace and happiness:
transfer). Obsetve and understand thebitth charts
and'tead below.
(See Example Section Pages18û,181.)
(Including ppinos of,ftiendsi partnetship,
ot undeéted ttansfer.l
The natives ofunhappiness gnd peaceless m ind :
1.Diëculties in getting : house to lead ?
pezcefullife and unuble to obtain existlg necessitks.
2.M aintaining himgelf as wtllas.his family with
gteatdiëcultiejwith inkuëckntlcome otupabk tp
stay with fzmily.
3.Himself being a grezt debtor.
4.Familydisputesanddishatmonywith lifepzttnet.
5.Himself being dtunkatd,debauclnerous,gamblet
mr extravagant.
6.Himself being of criminalnatute :nd hatassed
by court litigations.
7.Undettakings of wtong deeds oti1lbebaviouts
'causing anxieties.
The natives ofUnhappiness and Restless mlnd.
(lncluding unhappiness offxiends, pattnezship,
disliked otundesited ttansfer.q
11)4th house+SaturnotVenusozhissignotmalefc.

(2)Lord ofthe 4th house+ Saturn ozVenusozhis
sign ot maleNc ot in 6th, 8th or 12th house ot
$ ot debilitvted.
:13)Moon + Sstum otVenusorhissign otmalefc
oz in 6th,8th ot 12th house or % oz debilitated.
(4)1 (asc.otlotd oftheasc.) + Satutn otVenus
othjs sign orlord ofthe 6th, 8th ot
12th house ot * or debilitœted.
The natives ofUnahappinessand Restlessmind :
(lncluding uhhappinessofftiends, pattnership,
disliked orundvsired transfet.hObsewe and
undetstand thebizth chattsand read below.
(S:tExampleSection Page182)
No. 2G 4
1st Comb.:(1)4th house+ Venns
(2)4th house + Szt.* Mûts
2nd Comb.:(1)4 Muts + Saturn
3rd Comb.:(1)Moon + Saturn (2)maleic Moon
4th Comb.:(1)1Sun + Taurus(2)1 Sun + Venus
Result :The native had experienced a great dealof'
unhappiness and peuceless mind due to the
failure in business.
No. 24-6
1$t Comb.:(1)4thhouse+Libra (2)4thhouse+Satp,
2nd Comb-:(1)4 Venus + Saturn * Jupitet
3rd Comb.:(1)Moon debilitated
4th Comb.:(1) 1sthouse + Sûtutn
Result :The nctive hzd losthiS moneyin speculation,
and had to sold hishouseand had expetiencel.
unhappiness ûnd peaceless mind.
No.* 3
1st Comb. (1)4th house+ Venus * Jupiter,Mool
2nd Comb. (1)4 Moon + Cvpticotn
(2)4 Moon + Venus* Jup.
3rd Comb. (1)Moon + Cupticotn
(2)Moon + Venus*Jup.
4th Comb.:(1)1 Mats Libr:
Result The native wasexpetiencing :greatunhzpr
iness and pe:celess mind.
No. 34
1st Comb.:(1)4th house+Cap.(2)4th house+Sât.
2nd Comb.:(1)4Sztutn + Venus@MatsyJupitet,
3rd Comb.:(1)Moon Satutn
4th Comb.:(1)1sthouse Libr:
Result t The native is expetiencing unbappiness and
pezceless mind iue to debt.
1St Comb. (1)4th house+Libra (2)4thhouse+Sat.
2nd Comb. (1)4 Venus + Cupticotn
3rd Comb.:(1)Moon + Aquatius (2)Moon + 8
4th Comb. (1)1Sthouse+Venus(211sthouse+ Sat.
Result The nutive being wealthy,cteated interestin
speculations and w:s tuined. He passes his
life fullof unhappiness.
1St Comb. (1)4th house + Capti com
2nd Comb. (1)4 Satutn + Libt:
3rd Comb. :( 1)Moon + Cayricotn
4th Comb. (1)1sthouse+Llbta ( 2) 1sthouse+Sat.
Result :The native h:d tense vtmosphete in f:mily
due to his own bad charzctet.Hi$ wife was
1)nwilling ttltzlk with him.
The natives of Unhappiness and Reetless mind
(including unhappiness of friends, paM ership,
disllked or undesired t
bitl chaxs and m ake yourself more sure.
(seeEzvmple Section:Pzges183,184)
7.The time (period) ofbeneEcand maleNctesult
of H ouse,Vehicle,Staying in own house or rented
house, W ithout house, Peace, Happiness aad
Transfer Obsetve and undetstand the bitth
charts and read below
(See Example Section :Page
BeneNc Result
No.139.Jupitetistlnelord of the 4th bouse.
ln the 6ûth yeatofJupitet,thenativebuildsu houst.
No.253.satutn is the lotd of the 4th house,
hence he cannot give lnouse. Duzing the petiod of
the M oon,the nûtive builta beautiful house at the
age of 40.Look at the horoscope No. 130 and tead
itsdesctiptions.W e c:n see ftom the hozoscope, the
majozpattplayed by the Moon in the 4th house.
No.359.Venus is the lotd of the 4th house,
He is aspected one-sided by Mars :nd is in the lûth
house of M ats.Hence the native builds z house in
the time of Muts.
M alvfc Results :
No.207 Mzzs is the lozd of the 4th house with
the Sun, Venvt and Samtn.Hete Saturn is the lozd
ofthe Att.The nativeisignotûm.The Sun is mûlefc.
Samtn is with Venus.n e nztive had lost hi$ house
in timt (pe od)of Mats, Jupitet, ât the ûge of
42.Heze tht Moon cahnot give beneûc tesult because
the native's attitude of mind is mean.
No.130.Saturn is the lotd of the 4th house,
which is in (th house. The M ercuty and Venus
situated in the 4th house cannot increase house, but
the nutive at the age of 36, 44 and 48, in time
(period)ofJupitexand Sututn,has sold his houses.
The reason is thatthe native being of mean ûttitude
snd possessing the natute of Venus, Jupi terhas
acted as malefc.
No.233.Look at the opposite given bizth chatt
and see itssimilarity.Only thedifetenceoftheMoon !
One zchieves a house while another losesthe houses.
The time (period)ofbeneNc and maleNc result
ofH ouse,Vehicle, Staying in own house ot
rented h
'ouse,W ithouthouse,Peace,Happiness
and Ttansfer :Take down the birth chatts
and m ake yourself more sute.
(See Example Section :Pzge 186)
Bene:c Result
No. 1.The nztivebuildsahouseattheageof23/24.
No, 2.The native builds a house ut the :geof48.
No. 3.The nztive builds a house ûtthe ageof 40.
No. 5.The nAtive builds a decent house at36.
No. 6.The native owned : cat zt the 1ge of41.
No. 7.The nvtive buys â house ût the age of3û.
No. 9.The native owned : c:zvt the zgt of 35.
M alehc Result
No. 1û.The native's estste w:S auctioned at48.
No. 12. The native sold hisproperties ut the ageof49;
N o. 14 The native left hi$ lrouse at 27 dae tl
Peaceless atmosphere.
N o.15.The nativesold histwo catsandwasbankrupt.
N o. 16. The native left his house at 24, due to
peaceless atmosphere.
No. 18. The native experienced peaceless mind in his,
24 and 32 years
No. 20. The native sellsbis house at 14 and his
ornam ents at 28.
No.21. The native sells his house at 27.
No.22. The native sells his house at16-
No.23.The native sellshis ûeld :nd house at the
age of 36 and 44.
Every hum an being is anxious to know his ytars
ofhappiness of mothez. W hen a native loses his
m otherly happiness in cbild-hood, he is considered as
unfortunate one and people look at him with pity.
The condition of m otherly happiness is indicated
ftom the 4th house, its lotd and the signiûcatot.
Moon.(The Moon ismother.)
The combs.ofM otherly happiness.
(1)4thhouse+ 4th Lord (exceptSzturn orVenus)
ozSun, Moon, Mtrcuc ot Jupiter
ot his ot htt sign.
(2)Lord ofthe4th house + 4th house (except
Saturn ot Venus) or Sun, Moon.
Metcury orJupiterotki
(3)Moon + 4 (except Saturn orVenus) o: Sunp
het sign or Cancer. (This si>
Cancet sbould notbe in 6tby 8th or
12th house.)
(4)4thhouse+ Szturn otVenusothissignormalefc-
(5)Lord ofthe4th house + Satutn or Venus or
hiS sign or nnzleic ot lotd of the
4th house in 6th,8th oz 12th house
ot % oz debilitated.
(6)Moon Satutn orVenusotlaisSign ormaleûc
ot the Moon in 6th, 8th ot 12th
house or $ ot debilitated.
If thete zte thxee of the zbove combinations,a
nutive from euch combination getsten yeazsofmothezly
h ppiness and iftheze is an absence of foutth, ffth
:nd thesixthcombinations,eventhen : nztivefrom evch
combination getsten yeatsof mothetly happiness.
1. lf the Sun, M oon, Metcury ot Jupitet
is in the sign Taums,Libra,Czpricorn oz Aquatius,
he cznnotfotm :nycombination ofmothetlyhappiness.
2-Venus hai left his fzthet and mother, hence
the combinztion of 1+ Venus is destitute of mothetly
hppiness.Helwsenjoyed pattntly hppiness upto
hisyoung age only.(16 yeats)
3.Saturn is without fatherand mothet.Hencein
the ascendants of Capricon and Aquarius, if the

combination of4 + Saturn is fotmed,then the native

isnotable to enjoy hiSmothetly happiness.
The combs.of M otherly happiness:Obsewe and
understand the birth chatts and read below .
(See Example Section :Page 187 )
No. 77-1

1st Comb.:Ni1(Moon and Jupiter ate in

the4thhouse,butbeing in Libta,
cannotform any.comb.)
2nd Comb.tNi1(4 Venus+ Moon,Jupitet
but being in Libza cannotform
any comb.)
3td Comb.:Ni1(Moon+Jupitet,but being

inLibtacsnnotftom any comb.)

4th Comb.:(1)4th house + Libta
5th Comb.:(1)4Venus+Aquarius(2)4Venus
+ Sat.(3)4 Vvnus + 8
4th Comb. (1)Moon+Libta
Totzl X
Result :The nztivehad enjoyed only thzee
yeats of mothetly happiness.
1st Comb.:(1)4th honse + Moon * Mars 10
(405 )
2nd Comb.: N i1
3rd Com b. (1)Moon+ Sagi tt.(2) Moon+lup.10)
4th 'Com b, (1)4th house+ capzicorn x
5th Com b. (1)4Sat.+ Libt:(2)4Sat.+Venusx
6th Com b.:(1)Moon + Sat. x
(2)Moon + Venus* Sat.
Total 20,
Result : Thenativeenj oyed16yearsofmothetly
happiness according to the rule no.2.
N o.77-4
1st Colr13, (1) 4th house + Gemini 10'
2nd Com b. (1)4Met.+Cancer( 2)4Mer.+ Sun 10.
3td Comb. (1)Moon Jupitet 10,
4th Com b. (1)4th house + Venus
5th Com b. N i1 10'
6th Comb. Ni 1(The Moon is exalted) 10
Total 50'
Result The native had eojoyed 46 yeat.s of
motlwzly happiness.
1st Comb.: (1) 4th house + Vitgo
(2)4th house + Moon 10'
2nd Comb. (1)4Met-+ Sun (2b4Met.+Jup.,
(3)4 Metcuty + Leo 10
3zd Comb. (1)Mobn + 4th house 10.
4th Comb.:(1)4th house + Saturn x
5th Comb.tNi1 11
6th Comb.:(1)Moon + Satutn

Total 40
Result : Being 1st house + V enus and 4th
house + Saturn in the birth chart,
the ngtive had enjoyed onl
y 13 years
of m otherly happiness.
No 18-9
1st Comb. (1)4th house + M oon
2nd Com b. N il
3rd Com b. (1) M oon 4th house
(2)M oon exalted.
#th Comb. (1)4th house + Sat.
(2)4th house + Tauzus.
5th Com b. (1)4 Venus + A quatius
6th Com b. (1) M oon Satutn X
Total 2U
A esult :Being 1sthouse + Aquatius,V enus
and 4th hoase + Satuzn in the
birth chatt, the native had enjoyed
only 9 yeztsofmothetly happiness.
N o. 78-5
1st Comb. (1)4th house + 10
znd ,Coi b. t1)4 Moon + Sun
(2),4 Mooa,+ Jup.
3:d Comb.:(1) Moon + Spn
(2)Mbon + Jup.
4th :Comb.:(1)4th house + Satutn

.th Comb.:(1)4 Moon + Safuzn

6th Comb.:(1)Moon + Saturn
, X
Total 30
Result :Being 1 + Venus and 4 + Satutn,
:nd the M oon,lotd of the 4th
housein Càpzicozn, thenative bad
enjoyed only 18 years ofmotherly
The M otherly happiness and its time :Take down
the birth charts and m ake yourself more sute.
tSeeExample Section :Pzge 188)
Chapter Sevehth :'rhitd H ouse
The human nztute is full of zdventures and
our s.Those who ate fond of adventutesand victo-
zies, shine outvt the sligbest oppoytunity.
RealAdventutesaze of two types:(1)business
enterpzise orinduittialadventuze (2)war adventute,
whete the politicians :nd leadets Aze ,mojtly needed.
W e $ha1lthink ovet b0th the typej of advrntutes.
. ''
. Real Adventuter.'
11) 3 + 3 otMatsotMoon ,,',,
( .; ,
, .t:+,,
M oonzif-
(3J 6 + Mzrsorhissign or lotd of 6th houst
exulted or * ot debilitated.
(4) 9th house1.Sun,Moon,MarsotJupiter ot his
ot her sign.
A man of realenterprise and advenm te ) Observe
and understand the birth chals and >ad below.
(See Example Section Page 189 )
A Business entetprise
1St Comb. (1)3tdhouse+ Moon(2)3Met.+ Mus
(3)3 Mep.+ Scozpio
2nd Connb. :(1)1Moon + 3zdhouse ( 2)1sthouse+
3) 1st house + Cancer
M ars (
3rd Comb. (1)6t h house + Mazs* Sat.
(2)6Jup.+ Mars*Saturn,Sun
4th Comb. t1) 9th house + M oon
(2)9th house + Pisces
Result:The native is z gtezt business Adventuter.
He h:s obtaintd a good nvme in India vs
wellas in ovezseas.He is Kastutbhai Sheth.
1st Comb.:,'
(1)3rd '
house + Mo=
znd Comb.:.(1)1jthouse+scor.(2)1$thous:+ Mârj F
3td '
Comb.:(1)6th house + Aries
4th Comb.:(1)91 .ho.%e,
+.C:> r(2)9thhouse+Sun
(3)9th house+ Mpoh
: T:e .
ne ve was,
x e mftbe l te st busine
industtivlists.Risingfrom zn otdinaryposidon
with his business valours he had fzscinzted
the wotld by Producing <<One cat in one
minute''!He is Henty Fotd.
1st Comb. (1)3rd house + Cancet
2nd Comb. (1)1sthouse + 3 exzlted Moon
(2)1 Venus Aties
3rd Comb.t(1)6 Venus + Aties
4th Comb.t(1)9th house Mars
Result :The nztive is a millionaize businessmzn
expetiencing constant tise.
1st Comb. (1)3td hcust + Mats
2nd Comb. :(1)1sthouse+cancettz)1sthouse+Moon
3rd Comb. (1)6th house + Mats
4th Comb. (1)9thhouse+pi sces(2)9thhouse+Muts
Result :Tl ne native h:d plunged lnimself into poli-
ticalfeld :nd fought fot independtnce.He
had become Ptime Ministet of lndh. He is
1st Comb.:(1) house + M oon
(2)3rd house + exzlted Mvts
(3)3 Sun + exzlted M zts * Moon
2nd Comb.:(1)1 Metcuty + exalted Mzts.
3rd Comb.:(1)6th house + Scorpio
(2)6th laouse + Mqrs* Jupiter
(3)6 Marsexalted.
4th Comb.:(1)9th house + Sun
(2)9th house + Moon
(3)9th house + Mats * Moon
(4)9th house + Jup.* Mars,Moon.
Result : The nativv has plunged himself into
politicalEeld and fought for Independ-
ence. Lûtez on he becam e tqe Finance
N o.043-4
Comb.:(1)3 Venus M ars
(2)3'Venus + sloon * Alars.
2nd Comb.:(1)1 Sun Mazs
(2)1 Sun + Moon * M ats.
3rd Comb. (1) 6thhouse + Mazs(2)6Sat.+ Azies
(3)6 Sat.debilitated.
4th Comb. (1)9* bovse+Aties(2)9thhouse+lup.
Result : The native was beloved Presideut of
America.He is Roosevelt.
A M ap of reqlenterprise and adventure :Take
aogp the ,
b1ee charts and m akeypurselfm oresure.
g$=kExalplo Section :Pkges 190, 191.J
No.>'.S.K.Patil. No.37.PtesidentofFrlnce.
No.27.Amr ithlSheth. No.38.Anthony Eden.
No.% ,RasiklalParikh. No.39.President of
No.B .Tilak Australia.
No.%.Shivaji. No.4û.Ttuman.
No.31.MahatmzGandhi. No.41.Stalin.
No.32.Kher. No.42.PresidentofFxance.
No.33.KrishnaM enon. No.43 Mao-Tse-tung.
No.34.Rajendta Pmsad No.44.Lloyd George.
No-35.SayajiRao. No.45.Ptime ministet.
No.36.Rana Pratap. No.46.Eisenhower.


Thete :re cettzin natives who knowingly or
unknoq'ingly lttempt zn unzeal entetptise or
vëventures and hence they lose the sympathy and
afection of the society.Due to theitunteal entezpzise
.oza dventutes,thty gte distvputed od ptople look
ztthem with contempt.They become victimsofcoutt
Thete z:e ûve tlpes of unteal entetptise ot
zdventute:- (1)theft, plunder, treachezy, mutdet,
fght,thttateninAs ot suicide.(2)doing speculation
ot Smugglingtobecome'aquickmillionaire.(3)Nling
cases ot Nghting in coutt without :ny ability and
Su:erdefeutandtetteat.(4)Misusing ofothtt'sweal
andinvolvingintodimculties.(5)To sttengtheaotl
toincreasehisownpowetandpositi on,manoeuvet yj
resulting into failures and loss of previous'powtt:
and position.
A M an ofunteal enterptise and adventure.
(1 )3 + Satutn orVenus orhiSsign ot maleûc.
(2 j1 + Satutn orhissign ot maleûcorasc.Liba.
(3)6 + Saturn othissign ormaleic. l
h M an of unrealenterptise and adventure;Obsetn
and undetstand the birth charts an4 tead below.
(See Example Section : Pzge192)
1sd Comb.:(1) 3rdhouse+ Sat.(2)3rdhouse+ Lik:
(3)3rd house + mzlefc Moon
2ndComb.:(1) 1 Sun + Sztutn
3td Comb.:(1)6th house Czpti corn
(2)6th house Svt.
Result kThe native whetevez iv setvict st>ls :c1
disctedits the person wbo might hve
zecommended him.
1stComb.:(1)3td house + mzlrfcMoon
2ndComb,:( 1 )1st house + Aquvzius
3td Comb.:(1 )6thhouse + samrn
Resuit:The native being ctiminalhad gone to jzil.
1stComb. (1 )3 Moon + Aquarius
(2 )3 Moon + Sat.*Mats
2ndComb.:(1 )1 Venus + Sat.
2 )1sthouse + Sat.@M:ts,Sun
3rd Comb : 1 )6 Venus + Satutn
Rgsult :The native was a mutdeter and was lnznged
atthe age of 2û.
1st Comb.: 1 )3 Mars + malefc Sun
(2 )3td house male:c Sun *M zts.
(3 )3td house + maleic Mars
2ndComb.:(1 )1sthouse + Sat.
(2 )1 Mercuty + maleéc Sun
(3 ) 1 Metcury + malefc Mars
3rd Comb (1 )6th house + Aquarius
Result The nztive wzs: ievolutionist,hsd blown
bomb and wAs hznged.
1stComb.:( 1 3tdhouse + Skt.llupitez,Mats
(2 3 exalted Msts + S1t*lupitet
ld Comb.:(1 1 M etcuty + Capticotn
(2 1 Met.+ Szt.*Jup.
3td Comb.:(1 6th house + Szt.*JUP.
(2 6Mvts+ Szt.@lupiter.
Result :The nAtive w:s the Finance M inister ht .
due to his unzealadventure he lost hi$ post,
1St Comb :(1)3rdhouse+ Aquarius(2)Sgt.+ Liba
(3)3 Sat.+ malefc Venus.
2ndComb :(1) 1 Jup.+malefcMoon (2)1Jup-+szt.
3td Comb :(1)6 Venus+ Saturn
Result:The nztive was the D . efence M inister cf
India but due to hiS tkilutes in fulNlicg
his duties, was fotced to resign. He is
Krishna Menon.
A man ofunreal enterprise and adventute :Take
down the birth chattsand makeyourselfmotesute.
(See Example Section:Puges 193.194.195.)
54.Minister of Utter Pzadesh. 58.RAsiklalP:tikk
55.Subash Chandra Bose. 59.Napoleon.
56.PtithvimjChauhan. 60.Hitler.
57.Kviset. 61.M ussolini.

Today in thisatomic and cuckzt age,the wotli
has become smzllez,It wasconsideted thlt to move
tound the wotld w:s vs good as plunging into fte,
and while ,doing so, mzny zdmèntutets hlve mtf
theit duth.But to d:y zftet .constant :nd hbotious
eyorts znd experiments, mankind lyas succeeded in
moving round the world in only 4 to 5 days!
Tiae ezrth is tound which was fotmerly to
be imagined,can to day be experienced and seen with
ourown nalced eyes.
Every human being,by natute hasaspecialquest
:nd desire to ttavel tound the world to achieve
ceytain practiculexpetiences and doing So,muny had
metobstecles and sufeted. Such examples can be
zead in histoty.
A question c:n be put,x'Why : humln being is
botn in this world ?''For an atgument one would
say,to manifest God or to wotshi? Him, but going
thtough tlle llistoty pages a m:n comes aS an unit,
born to cteate something in this wotld. Billions of
people were botn ûnd hzve died in this wotld and
each had played 1tSPlttwellto add new ideas in
cteation znd devetopment.Some hâve builthuge 1û8
stotied building,somebtidges,some lovememozivllike
TajMahzl,some bezutiful temples and some even'
discovering themostusefulmadicinelikePO icillin.n e
earth,segarated patt ftom the Sun,was once, mcttlr
: burning globe butto dc itisentitelycbanged.Manp '.
huge stezmets moves in the ocean. Many huge and
belutifuicities h ve been etected on the bvrren hnd.
W ho ute the cteatots of such novelties?
T hen a child is botn,he knows his pztt to Le
pkyed in thisworld.M ozeover,Nztute has made him
more cutious znd he mzkes constznt efotts to fn2
un oppottunity to .add somtthing in the creation of
world.These efotts ate quite petsonal one. some
eazning millions of tupees build schools in theit
memoty :nd pass sway. some build abeautifulhouses
on hill-tops :nd die leaving behind theit cteations.
Hence what pûtt isplayed by Asttology in the
human being's existence :nd hiS pzogress,isnow only
left to be observed.
Human being always desizes to lezve behind him
kis creation and wishes thatit should be unpartelled
:nd the most powetful one.Hence in otdet to create
he knows thzt he requites : highet standard of
knowledge.W hattvezsutpzising and Rscinatlgcreation
he sees,he intends to have in his own hnd :nd h:s
ajhup deske to ltave behind hismemory fozeverin
thls wozld.
Fot this,one rtquires foteign tzavels and theit
expetiences.Many educated as wella$ youngstets :sk
tbe Asttologers, '<1 bvve a sttong desireto tmvelin
foreign countties.will1 be able to do so ?''Otdinaty
Astzologvtscan G rdly answer this question cvrtectly.
TNe questions which weze hatdly zsked to the
Astzologers, now pouz in zbundznce :nd one of
them is thatoffozeign ttzvel.
According to the above reasons,weshallobsetve
how the combinztions of foteign travel areformed in
z bitth chatt.Befote this we shall obsezve cettain
Principles of astrology.
The 3td house in a bitth chutt is consideted to
be house ofadventure and foteign travel. Mar!isthe
'signifcator of that house. The Moon is also a
ttavellet.Hence if the condition of the 3td house,
.or i ts lord and of M ars is sound in any birth chatt,
then the native gets powet ofadventute and foteign
ttsvel.But thztdoes not mean that he wishes to
undettake sucln attempts but lnis mind is solely
testonsible fot this. lfthe 1st house and 3td house
'lte telated to ezch other, then the cutiosity fot a
foreign travelarisesin the native mind. Hence tbe
zelvtion ofthe 3td houst,its lord ot the signiicztoz
Mztswith thezscendantby coniunction ot opposition
is quite nectssazy,so if thereaze two ofthe following
combinztions in one's bizth ch tt, then he ttzvels
Foteign Tmvvl
(1)3+3 otMzt$orMoon orhisothetSign.
(2)1+3 ozMzzsotMoon.(ot3otMzrsotMoon+ 1)
Now we shall observe few hotoscopes of the
'nztives who h ve zltekdy tzavelled in fotein countties
.vnd see how it5 combinations :te fotmed.
A natives of Foreign Travel :Observe and
understand the bitth charts and read below.
(See Example Section :Page 196)
1stComb.:(1)3rd house+Mars(2)3 Sat.+Mars
2ndComb.:(1) 1Sthouse+s'
fars* Jup.
(2)1Jup.+ Mars.
Result:The native is a greattraveller.Heis always:
moving,though he isû businessman,
1st Comb.: 3td house+Moon (2)3 Met.+MArs
2nd Comb.:(1)1st house+cancet ( 2)1st house+
Mats(3)1 Moon-h3rd house.
Result The native hasoften travelled in foreigc
1st Comb.:(1)3 svt.+ Aries
(2)3zd house+ M oon *Jup.
2ndComb.:(1)1st house+ Scotpio
(2)1st'house+ Mv s
ResulttTke natsve h1d gone to Amexic: with gtezt
dio ujti..
).j, ,'
;, No.55-6
@ ,
copb 4(1)ïd house + Mats* Jup.
(4 3 Venus + Mats* Jupitev.
2ndCom b :(1) 1sthouse + 3Venus(2)1st house +
M ats* Jup.(3) 1 Jupi
tet+ Mars.
Resalt: The nutive h:d been toEnghnd. TheM oos
also fotms many combinutions.)
llo. 55-7
1st Comb :(1) 3rd house + Mats*Sat.
: (2)3rd house + Moon
2ndComb :1St house + M ats,
Result ) Ti ne native had twice been to Africa during
diflicult citcum stances.
N o.67-1
1st Comb :(1)3rd house+ Mazs.
2ndCotnb :(1) 1 Saturn+ Cancer
Result:Tlle native llas often ttavelled ovetseas and
has Altmost travelled the world,
A native ofForeign Travel: Take down the
birth chutts and m ake yourselfm ore sure.
(See Example Section tPages 197,198, 199 & 200.J
ln cettain bitth clnzttsthecombinvtions of foteign
ttzvels :te not fotmed, bence the native isnot able
to ttavel qbt- d while in ceztain bitth chxtts th:
combin:tions of fozeign trâvelc: N
n be seen, but the
nztive does nottrzvel. Theregsonfot this is thatthe
break of foteign ttavelhas been caustd in thenative's
b/tth chatt.Hence aswz look forthe com binations
of foteign ttavel ks breaks should also be obsetved.
lf such bzeaks ate left aside without being checked,
the native willengtoss himselfin happines of foreign
travel,but later on if the native is notable to go to
foteign countries,he willbe disheartened
The break of Foreign Ttavel.
(1 )3 otMats + Sztutn ot malefc.

( 2 )1 + Satutn ormaleic.
Note ) Ifthere is 1 + Mzts *nd 1 + Satutn,
then this Satutn cannot break the com binations of
foreign ttavelas M ats is victotious over Satutn.
N ow we shallobsezve few bitth charts of the
nltives who have not tmvelled foreign countties :nd
ate not in a position to travel.
The foteign tzivelsate caused in t<o wiys.Fitst,
thete mc notbe any combinvtion offoteign ttavel
And secondly thete may be the combinvtions, butit
might have been cancelled by 3 ot Mats + Satutn ot
mdefc and 1 + Satutn ot malefc.
Now we shzllobsezveboththetypeofbitthchatts.
T:! b4eak ofFotelgn Travel:Oberve and undeo
, m nd the bllh ch- : and te:4 below.
(SeeEvpmple Section :Pvge201.)
The foreign travel.
1stComb. (1)3 Metcuty + Mars
(2)3 Mercuty Scorpio
2ndComb.)(1)1stbouse Aties
(2)1sthouse Mzts* Sat.
The break of foreign travel.
1stComb.:(1)3Mezcuty+ Sat.(2)Mzrs+Aquatius;
)Mats + Saurn
2ndComb.:(1)1 Murs + Sat.(2)1sthouse4-Sat.
Result :The nztive hzs the combinûtions of foteign,
ttuvelbut there being a bteak of fozeignf
travel,he willnot be uble to travel.
The foteign travel.
1stComb.)(1l3td bouse + Mats(2)3rd house +
CAncer(3;3td house+ Moon * Jupitets.
2ndComb.:(1)1Vtnus+ Aries(2)1Venus+ Mnts
(3) 1Vtnus + Moon @ Jupittt
The break'
'of foteign travel.
1stComb.:(1)3:d house + satuzn
2ndComb.:(1)1sthouse + Sztutn
Aesult :The natgve has tbe combinAtions of foreign
ttavelbut theze being a bteak ofcom-
binations,he willnot be ûble to ttavel.
The foreign travel.
4stComb.:(1)3zd house + Mats* Sat.
(2)3 J1)p. + Mûts* Sat.
2sdComb.t(1)1sthouse + Mats

(2)1Venus+ Mvts*Szt;Jup.
The break of foreig'
n ttavtl.
1$tComb.:(1)3tdhouse + Sat (2)3 Jup.+ Sat.
(3)Mats + Sztutn
2ndComb.:(1)1sthouse + Sat.(2)1 Venus+ Sat,
A esult :The native has the combinztionsof foteign
tmvilbut thete being z bzeak of foteign
ttavel,he willnotbe zble to trzvel.
No. 32
The foreign travel
1st Comb. :(1)3rd house+Mats (2)Mer.+ Scorpio
znd Comb.:(1) 1sthouse+ Czncez(2)1Moon+Azies
(3)1Moon + Mzts '
The bteak of foreign tmvel

1st Comb.:(1 )3 Merçuzy + Sztum
2nd Comb.:(2 )t1 Moon + saturn
Result The native has the combinations of foreign
tzavelbuttheze being a bteak of foreign
ttavel,he villnotbe zble to travel. Ilete,
Satutn ofAquarius being in the 8th house
is Vety PoWerful. M oreover Saturn being
aspected one-sided by Jupitet, the ûspect of
Jupiter has no efect as tequited, because
Jupiterissituated in the 12th house.
The foreign travel
1st Comb. (1)3rd house+Mars (2) 3td house+
Moon * Mats
2nd Comb. (1)1 Jupiter Aties.
The btelk of foteign ttavel
1st Comb.:(1)3Venus+Sat. (2) 3 Venus+Capr.
(3)3 Venus+maledc Sun (4) Mats+
2nd Comb,
, (1)1Jup.+Satutn(2)1Jup.+ mal/c
Sun * Szt.
aesult :The nutiv: has the combinztiona offoteign
tzavel but tbere being a bzekk offoreign
ttavel,1ae willnot be able to ttzvel.
No. 6
The foreign travel
1st Comb-':(1)3Jup.#-Aties(2)3zd'.house-hMoon
(3)3zd house+Mezs* Mèon
2nd Comb.:(1)1stbouse+Jupiter
The break of fotelgn travel
Comb.:(1)3Jup.+ Sat.(
2nd Comb.:( 1) 1st house + Sat.* Jup.
(2 ) 1 Venus + Sat.
Result : The native has the com binations of foteigc
tzavel but there being abteak ofthe foteip
ttavel,he will not be able to ttavel.

5.The Time(petiod)ofRealentetptise,adventute
Unreal entetprise, adventure and foteign travel.
Now we shallthink ovez tbe time (period) of
the result of the 3td house,i. e. zeal entezptise,
sdventure--unreal enterptise, adventuze :nd the
foreign ttavel.
Thetime(petiod )ofRealentemrise,adventure,
Unfeal vnterprisey adventute and tbxign travel:
Obsetve and undetstand i e bieb chatt: and
tead below .
(See Example Section :Page 202,)
Real Adventuter..
No.157-1 The sign Clpticom being in the 3td house,
the nztive,at the :ge of 30, entetptises
to set a workshop of motot cgr ggainst
hk fathez's wish. He h:d f:scinzted the
wotld by ptoducinga car in a minute.He
is Henry Ford.
No,70-8 The nativeat the ageof 21/22,in three
instalmentyh:d eatned mpees one million.
Um eal Adventuters.
No.69-29 On 39-11-1948,the native, at the :ge of
38,undertakes one ofthe greatest 0ne>S
adventute to ccutdet a gtekt man of the
wotld ûnd w:s hanged in his39th yeût.
No.69-21 The nRtivein thetime(peti od)ofMetcuty,
at the age of 5û, undettzkes An unteal
adventure :nd putting his nation and
himself into ttouble, stthe :ge of 55,
commits suicide.He is Hitler,
Foteign Travel
No.69-18. In the time (peri od)ofthe Moon :nd
Jupitez,the nvtive at theageof 23/24,
tmvels to foteign country foz educztion.
Lozd ofthe 5th house is1 theJupitet's
house, Jupiterisin the3tdhouse and
the M oon;lord of the also in the
3td house.
No.67-.15. In thetime(petiod)ofMetcuty,thenative
zt the zge of 25,travels to Americ: with
her llusbznd.'lt'w:$ on her bitthdar,
22-7-1957 $1ne stazted foz Ametica.
The time (period)ofRealenterptise, adventute-
Unreal enterprlse, adventute and Foreign
travel )Take down the bitth charts
and make youtself m ote éure.
(SeeExzmpleSection :Ppges203,204,2û5)


Evety human being wishts the lnappiness of his
b/others because they could be helpful to him in
ctiticalcircumstances. Sometimes weSeeincidents like
quarrels,disputesand enmityberween brotl nezs,cteating
tense ata:osphete in the '
family. Hence the hap?iness
and unhappiness ofbzothets plays an impoztant pazt
in the human life.
(a)The Brothetly Happiness.
(1)3zdhouse+ Sun,Moon,MarsorJupiterorhis
ot het sign.
(2)Lotd of-the 3td houst+ Sun, Moon, Mazs,
(3)Mqzs+ Suh,Moon,Mazs,MercuryozJupitet
ot hi$ oz her sign.
(b)The brothetly UO apyine:s.
(1)&d hovse+ Venusot Sztutn oz maleûcotbis
(c)Lotd ofthe 3td house + Venus ot Svtutn or
maleic or his sign or in the 6th,
8th oz 12th or * or debilitated.
f3)yiars + VenusotSaturn othissign ot malefc
or . ot debilitated.
The natives of Brothetly HappinesstOb.erve and
understand the blrth charts and tead below.
(See Exzmple Section :Page 206.)
Brotherly Happiness:
1st Comb.:(1)3td house + M a'rs @ Szt.
(2)3rd house + Sun @ MatS,Skt.
(3)3td house + Jup.* Mûts,Sat.
2nd Comb.:(1)3 Venus b
3td Comb.:(1)Mvts + Sun (2)Mzzs+ Jupiter.
Result)Thenztive enjoysthe btothetly happintss,
No. 166
lstComb.t(4 )3td house + scotpio
(2 )3rd house + JuP.
zndComb.:(1 )3 M:r$ + Vitgo
3td Comb.: (1 )Mzrs + Vitgo
Result :The nvtive enjoys tbt bxothetly hepiness.
No.1 7
lstComb.1(1)3td house + JUP.
2ndComb.:(1)3 Sat. + Canct
(2 )3 sat.+ Mer.
3zdComb.:(1 )Mars + Moon'
(2 )Mats+ Jup.
Result :The native enjoysthe btotherly happiness.
Brotherly Unhappiness :
1stComb.:(1 )3td house + Cap.
(2 )3rdhouse + Sat,
2ndComb.:(1 )3 Saturn himself.
3rd Comb.:(1 )Mars + Venus.
Result :The native has not gotgood relation with
No.2* 2
1stComb.:(1 )3zd house + Satutn
2nd Comb,: Ni1
3tdComb.:(1) M:ts + Szturn
Result:The nztive hasnotgot goQ telztion with?
his of Libta. Venus
znd Satutn atewithoutthebtotherlyhzppiness.
1st Cohb.'
t(1)3:d housè+Svtuth
2nd Comb.:(1)3 Mus+ Venus(Marsismvlefc).
3zd Comb.:(1).Mzrs+Vepus (M:ts,i$qtakfq)
Rrsgtt :The nztive has not got good tehtion with
Take down tbe birth chatts and make
yourself more sure.
(see Example Section :Page2û7)
Itis : deep desite of: human being to know
the happinessof how many btothersand sistets.Ifa
nztive hûve two to thtee daughtets znd when the
zaughtets gtow u?, they alwzys desite to have at
kast one btothet. Some of them even petfozm
rdigiousobsezvznces for having bzothets.Butif God
has notgiven them any btothers, they zte woztied
gsto who would help them in theitunhuppiness :nd
Befote leatning how mzny btothets:nd sistets z
nxive hzs,the > tive ha$ to think ovezthelimitztign
ofbrothetly aM sistetly hzppiness.
The death ofzny bzothet or sistet befote seven
isnotconsidertd zsz bzothezly ot sistetly happiness.
lf the totalis of thtee btothets. then it could
be szid thzt the'nztive h:s two btothets.Hence
tctozding to this mle,the following chart indicates
how many brothets and sistets a nvtive willhzve.
& o o I. o . l
< w*a* i l ,p
w > + + + + + + !'<
U< X o o o o = o
1 -,-.--- l c
u = ' & m o o o < o t
-o oa )
= .x . +
w + + + + + +
Amx - n -
!o = o c
- - -*- *** ****e* -* * ** w#--- ' ''' .
.+ o ' o 'o & = l=
'-, i &, &
>yQ' + + + ,y
1+ + + +
* * o o o '= = o o
# l...,.
--,-..- .... a..........,.,....>
. m
-17. .
:: o . o k
:. o o to .

m- 1
1 +
: 4
. 1- l
= >*
d . + + #+ '+
< s < rr o o
o l= o = !o
C O ( O OWej
A *=
*8 * o .9 o lo o v- jo
..: y.a 1 $
Q <-yoœ' ..
+ .j l
r+ + + u-
m - -w.'
.- -ww.e.--..- w-ee .--*- -
1 - I- o o
- E '' t''' m- -- .- ---*
> . o m - i= = e o
=Q + + + l+ +
k*, +
U o o o o o c o
. ww w- - ew

oa. V - o i= = >->>>>
; *. + + + + + + +
- * e - - . m
- - - q%- #

. > .
j <
8 +
u o x
p o
w : '>
p a
m g a
* 2 : > > > x*
N z c:n know the total of btotbers and sisters
ftom the 3td house,itslozd :nd Mzts,the égnl
of the 3zd bouse.
If the Sun or Mars is telated to the 3td house
orto th' alord,ofthe 3rdhousebyconjunction,OPPO-
sition ot aspect,each planet gives only one btothet
or a Sister.Mars otthe Sun being aware of the dië-
culties of the excessive btothers ûnd sistets, keeps
conttolovet the numbet.
Saturn obiectsthe birth ofa btotheri.e.he is
maleNc fot the brother and not for the sistets.
Btothers and Sisters :Observe and understand the
bitth charts and tead below.
($ee Example Section :Page298,)
1st Comb :(1)3td house+Jup.($brotbet) (bqing
3Mer.+ Sun,Mazs)= 1 bzother. . Z

2ndComb :3 Metcury + Mzts (1btothet)+ Sun

(1btothet)+ Tsutus=2btothets& 3sistezà.
3tdComb :(1'SignidcatotMazs+Sun= (lbtother)+
Mezcuty(1bzothet)+ Moon(1sistet)=
; btothvts & 1sistez.',
Re.ult:The nAtive hœs 4 brothets :nd 5 sistets.
1St Comb :(1)3rd house+ Mercvty = 3.sistets
2ndComb :(2)3Szt.+ Aquarius,Sun = 0 btotàet.
3zd Comb :(1)MatS* = 0 brothet.
Result:The native ha$no brothet and 3 sistets.
1St Comb :(1)3rdhouse+Moon= (1sisterl+lup,.suc
(1btothez)= 1sister,1brother.
2ndComb :(1)3Metcu#+Moon=(1sistet)+Jup.=
(1bzothet)= 1sistet,1btothet.
3tdComb.:(1)Mats+ Libta = 9 brother.
Result :The native h:$ 2 btothtts and 2 sisttts.

1stComb.:(1)3tdhouse+ Jup.(1brothet)+ Met.

(1 sistez)+ Sun (1brothet.
)= 2
brothets & 1 sistet.
2ndComb.:(1)3 Mvrs+ Libzz,Szturn = 0 btothet.

3tdComb.:(1)Mvts + Libm,szturn = û btothez.

Reeult :The nztive haS 2 btothets knd 1 sistet.

No.2* 1
1$tComb.:(1)3td house Sltutn = û btothet.
2ndComb.:(1)3 Jupiter + Clp. Mzz$ (û btothez)
+ Cap;Moon (1sistet.)= 1sistet.
3td G mb.:Mits M oon sistez.
Result : The native has 2 sistets and no brothers.
1stComb.: (1)3rd house + Moon (1 sister)+ Mats
. Jup; Sat. (1 btother) = 1sister,
1 brothet.

zndComb.:(1)3 Jupiter + Mats = 1 btothet.

3tdComb.:(1)V ars of Cancet = 1 sister.
Result : The native has 2 bzothezs and 2 sistezs.
The Brothers and Sisters t Take down the birth
charts and m ake yourself m ore sure.
(SeeExample section :Pages209,210.)
Chapter Eighth :Seventh H ouse
Tbe asttologets m ust know bow to fnd out
whether the given l
aotoscope is of amaleorafemale.
Tbisisconsidered to bequite a,toughjob.Hencethe
astzologets,when ptepzting : birth chatt,in ordet to
ascertain whethtt the bittln chartis of : male or:
female,adjustthe Nzvamansu to odd (M a1e)ot evea
(fennale)even by changing the time of birth and this
tzick enables tlwm to know imnltdiately whethetthe
native is male orfemze.Thistechniqueimpressesthe
people gzçatly, but the astrologets themselves know
their weakness qaitt well.
Now 1et uscocae to the point.
The Sun,Marsand Jupiterindicate male genier
Szturn,Venus and M oon indicate female gender.Ah
independent Mezcuty indicates male gender. M etcutr
with Satum ozVenusindicatesfemalegenderand with
the Sun,Mats:nd Jupitetindicatezmale gender.
lt is to be noted th t the planets of male sign
i.e.the Sun,Mats :nd Jupitet ate moze powetful
ud victotiousthan thephnetsoffemale sign.(except
the Moon) Itis also to be noted thztthe planets
which aspectsthe house otaphnet is mote powetful.
The M oon is loved und honouted by evec
phnet.Henceotherplanets allow hezto actaccotding
to her desite. if there is comhinafion of7+ Moon
the native is female even if thetc Ate othet comoina-
tion of male sex.ln the slmewc tbe signs zulçd by
:nd 12 ate considered to be male signsand 4,2,1.
1û cnd 11 as female signs. Gemini sign is to be
understood AS male while Virgo aS female.
The com binations ofM ale
(1)7th house + Sun,MarsotJupitetot hissign.
(2 )7th Lord + Sun,Mats,Jupiterothissign.
The com blnations QfFemale
(1)7th house+Moon,Venns,Metcuty otSayutn ot
her ot his sigs.
(2)7th Lotd+Moon,Metcuty,Venus ot Sztutn or
het ox his sign.
M ale :
M ale :Obsetve and understand the biO
chatts aud teAd below
1st Cvms,:(1)7th house+Jupitct* satutn
Result :The nztive is male.
1st Comb.t(1)7th house+Scorpio
(2) 7th house+Mats
2nd Comb.:(1)7 Mkts>Aties
Aesult :The native is male.
1St Comb.:(1)7th house+Gemini
2nd Comb.:(1)7 Mexeury+ Sun
Result :The native is male.
1st Comb.:(1)7th house+Jup.
(2)7thhouse+Mzts* Szt.Venus,Moon.
2nd Comb. :7 Saturnm Mzrs
Reeult :The native is mvle.
Comb.:(1)7th house+Aties(2)7thhouse+Jup.
2ndComb. (1)6Mzzs4.Leo (2)Mlts+Jup.
Regult )The nltive is m:e
1st Comb.t(1)7thhouse+Aties(2)7thhoust+lup.
(3)7th house+Snn
2ndG mb.:(1)7 Mars+Leo (2)7Mats+Jupiter
(3)7Mzts+su: * Jupitet
Result t The native is male.
M ale kTake down the birth charts and m ake
yourselfm ore sute.
(SeeExample Section :Page 212.)
Fem ale 1
Female :Observe an4 understand the birt:
chatt: and read below.
(See Exzmple Section :Page 213.)
1st Comb.:('
t)7th house + Cancet
2nd Comb.:(1)7 Moon-hAquatius
(2)7 Moon+ 1 Satutn
Itesult :The Seventh house of femaleiswithout1ny
zsgect ofthe PlAnet. Hence the aspect of
Mats,JupitetOvertheMoo*n h:sno efect.
The zspect of Saturn,the lotd of the asc.
over tbe Moon indicltesfemale.
1st Comb::(1)7th house + Moon
2nd Comb.:(1)7 Moon + Tauzus
Result:'The nvtive is femzle.The Moon in the 7tb
house clearly indicvtes fem:le.
1st Comb. t i1)7th house + 'Sututn
2nd Comb.:(1)7 Met.+Gnce: ( 2)7Mez.+Moon
A esult :The native is female.Theze is An uspect d'
M azs ovet Saturn, but M ats is in female
sign. hence M zrs cannot cbange the native
into fem ale.
No. 126-14
1st Comb.:(1)7th house + Cancez
(2)7th house + Mezcuzy
2nd Comb.:(1)7Moon+Tautus(2)7Moon+ Venus
Result The nltive is fem ale. M ats and Jupi
aspects the 7th house, but they donot
)ectM oon.
N o. 126-6
4stComb.:(1)7th house + M oon (2)7th house+
Vanus(3)7th house+ Satuzn *Venus
2ndComb.:(1J7 Jupiter + Scotjnio (male)
Result The nativeisfemale,beczuse Jupiter nevet
go against the M oon.
1stComb.:(1)7th house + Szgittazius(m?1e)
2ndComb.:(1)7 Jupitet + Sztutn

A4sult:Thenative is female beczuse Jupiter, the

7th Lotd is lspected one-sided by Satutn.
rem ale :TA e dow n the bltth charte and
m ake youreelf m ote sute.
(See Bxlmple Section tPage 214.)
The *bezuty of bteasts istbe natute's gift:nd
ornzment of a womvn. The wel
l-developed btezsts
brings out the womanhood, impress znd add
Petsonality to the woman, vtttacts the opposite sex
and results in hvppy mztriage,
The beauty of bzeats is indicated from the 4th
:nd the 10th houses. The Moon is the Signifcatot of
the 4th house znd Venus is the Signifcatoz of love;
lwnce if Venus of the Moon ot the 4th Lord comes
in relation with the 4th house ot the lûth house,tbe
womanhood is mote imptessive.
W om anhood :The beauty of bteasts :
( 1)4th house + 4 otMoon orVtnus
(2 )10th house + 10 orMoon otVenus
wom anhood :The beauty of breasts.Observe and
understând the birth chvtts and read below.
(See Exzmple Sectlon :Pzge215.)
1stComb.:(1)4th houst + Libm
2ndComb.:(2 ) 10th house + 1ûMzts
Result :The nztivt is fullof bezuty öfbzezsts.
1stComb,:(1)'4th'house + Czncer
2ndComb.:(1)10 Svtum + exdtd Venus
Result :The nativè isfullof beauty of bzeasts.
W omanhood:The beauty of breasts.Take dowa
the birth charts and m ake youtself more sure:

(See Example Section:Page 215.)



A child is botn and gmdually it gtows UP fzom
childlqood to youth and atthis age he otshezequizes
a life partnez.Natute slso creates ûn urge in him ot
het to become father ot mothet,bence duting youth.
he ot slaesearch for a life-paztner.
The çom binationsof matzied love:
( )1+ 7 (exceptMercug ot Sztuzn) ot Venus
ot M oon ifnot 7 ot M oon ot Venus + 1,if
not, 1 + .btnefc planet zelattd to the 7tà
llouse or its Lozd (except Mezcury or Satutn
oz his sign).
(2 )7th houseqc7 (rxeepthletcuyy ot Sztutn)ot
sienus p? hloon ot beneic texceptsfetcuty zt

Saturn othissign)otthe 7fh Lozd exalteë.

Natives expetlencing m vttied love :Obsezve and
undetstlnd thç bitth cha,s = d read below.
(See E>mple Section kiPzge216.)
1St Comb :(1)1st house + Taurus
2ndcomb :(1)7t1ahouse+7Mars(2)7th+house+Moon
Result :The native hRd m attied at the age of 24.
N o.219
1st Comb.: 1)1 Mats+Moon (2)1M lts+Venus
(3)1 Mats+Cancet
2nd Comb.t(1h7th house+ Libta
Result :The nztive had martied in young age.
N o.211
1st Ctlnnb.:(1)1sthouse+Cancer
(2)1sthouse+ Moon
2nd Comb.:(1)7th ltouse-hMoon
Result :The nt
ttive lnad married atthe matured age.
N o.130
1st Conpb.:(1)1sthouse+Libta(2)1sthouse+Mooa
2nd Comb.:(1)7th house+Moon
Result :The native h:d m kttiad at 14.
Natives experiencing martied love : Take down
the birth chatts and m ake youtselfm ore sure.
(See Exvmple Section :Pzge216J
gHallpy znd Unl
nappy lnurried Jife)
(Only forIndians)
Usually happy or unhappy matriage is founk 'lout
by zeferting to the tahleof mattiage and tlpc pot gitioc
of Alurs in birth claarts of tbe malc and female.
Following these ptinciples,a m:n and û Won3:11mlrtyy
butAftet Sometitne, thev l nuve disputes, quatrels,
disharmony and pain of love in npatrivd life. Hence
the question arises wllcte tlte actuallnistake is done?
On tbe whole the science of cstrologl'is conpglete
but the ltnowledge of l âuman beings iF inconlpletc.
lt is necessary to cûst û,searcl'
plight on tlpeir lllistakes
and investigate tlneit defects.
Foz the solution of this dc to dky questicc,
strictly adhering myself to tbe ptinciples of aFttology,
I statted a deep study ttnd observctions.Consequently
certain impottantprinciples were sotted out.
Evety asttologerknows thAtwithoutuhotoscope,
tlne ptediction based only on tàe M oon placed in
cettain stg:, Gan nevet be cotrect. Applying the satne
pttswiple,kptedictions given tegûtding mazrkge,llasez
only on the M oon cAn nevet be correct.Fot instance,
ceztain inan named Mt.X is a millionaite while
anotlaet person with tbe Szmc name is struggling t bz
dIjstence1 A woman enjoys tl
te full martied love
fzom her nlûrriag' e up to lner death wlqile anothtr
wsth the Svme nûme is a widow !

M oteovet the ptedictlon giveu regarding

bjessed love when the Moon is mzle:c amounts to
zidiculing the scienct of a sttology.
Accozding to the principles of zsttology, the
àkssed love-happy mattied life can be uscertained
fzom the 7th house ofa birth chart, its Lord and
venus,the significatot.Notonly tl pese ptinciples :re
distegsrded in ûpplying fot tloth the sbove metbods,
butthey are also reiccted.
According to the chart of friendship, Mazshqs
so esmity with Venus, the signifcztor of the 7th
youse,so itis as goed as bteaking tl:e ptinciplesof
zstrology to Say that h/
latsis maleiicfotthe7thlaouse.
Afars in sanskrit means' benefcial or welfare.
Thisname is given becûuse of his chatactetistics.
Butaccotding to Ptesent wrong method Msts i$
spoken AS zn evilplanet wbicln JS against hiscbaza-
ctezistics.Thisisno bettez then bteaking tLe ptinciples
sztutn is the si
gnificatozof6,8,:nd 12t1ahouses,
signi:cator ofdisezses,loss,debt, intttest:nd death.
Jn Shotthe is the signi6mtotof deatl n. Moteovet he
is impotent, loveless and withoutlife partner. Hexe
the action of zsttologers in plqcing sueh plactt
(Satutn),againstMarsand expecting a ftuitfulresnlt
ofblessed martied love is entirely unscientifc.
Moreovet the maleûc planets in the bitth chatt,
which are considered to bting misezies and sottows
are nottûken into ûccount anywbete. The ptesect
astrologets leûve aside such important fuct wàiltt
considering the Suitability oftwo petsonsfotmattizgt.
If lotd of tbe 7th houseisin 6,8 or 12tb laonst,
ot Venus,the signifcatot of the 7th house i! in (,:
8 ot 12tb bouse or the malefc of the bitth ckattis
telated to the 7th house ot 7th Lotd,or Venus, its
bz conjunction, opposition ot uspeet et
7th Lord is'-*2
ïebitituted ate mujot factots whkà
indicate unhappy mattied life. lf ptoper attentlon is
not given to such connbinations the tesult tutns ent
to be dtastic and the natives ate mzde to sufer pin
.ofl ove.
Ifthe majotfactotsofunhappiness:renotfoucl
in bitth clnâtts ofu couple,they passa huppy muryitd
life even ifthe table of mattiAge h sed'only on Sip
ofthe Moon does not adjust. On the otbet hand
even ifthe table of mAttiage bzsed only on the Sip
ofthe Moon doesldjustwith Matsstillthe muzied
life passes unhappily and sottowfully.
Now observe the following bitth chatts. Thete
Ae num.eroussuch birth chatts in our collection but
apue t
o t
,he shortage of space and keeping undet the
limjtofthe subject,only few bitth cl
nztts ate given
lyere zs exannpleg.
Matvied according to the adjustment of the
table ofmarriage (based on only the sign of the
Moon)butthe wife took divotce!
Husband 3 5 2 6 5 8 6 2 12
Tife 4 11 12
Mattied accotding to the zdjustment of the
uble ofmartiage (based on only the sign of the
Moon)butcould notenjoy the married life!
Husband 't 5 7 6 1 1
Tife 6 4 8 5 7
Husbznd 12 11 9 7 7 4
T ife 7 5 5 2: 10 11

r Matrieuaccotding to the adjustmem of tht

l wbleofmazziage (based on onlythesign of th
r,M*n)butthe wife does notgo to the husband ,
H usband 6 9 10 5 9 6
W ife 5 1 8 6 8* 10 11
Married according to the adjustment of the.
table ofmarriage (based on only the sign ofthe,
Moon )butthe wife became widow !
Asc.Sun Moon h' farsMer.Jup.Venus Sst.Ralw
W ife 1 4 4 6 4 5 5* 10
Thetable ofmatriage (notbased on the sig:
ofthe Moon )stillthenativemarried and achieved
blessed m artied love !
Husband 4 4 11 7 4 5 3 10 16
W ife 11 12 9,
Hete,could the happinessofblessed marziedlovt
be said to be due to M ars? H ete M ars is benefcio
case of husband while malefc in case of wife.
N ow we sball study thotoughly, how a nativr.
with whichcombinationsenjoyshis mattied life,basedt
on the ptinciples of asttology.
Before obtaining the thorough knowledgc lbout
blessed matried love, itbecomes quite necessazy to
know its nnezning Erst. '
Blessednlartied lovenlcans-blessedloveofhusband
snd wffe.Both should beofgoodclaarzctet,agreeuble,
loving each otber, shating togethez happinev and
sorrows, l keling petplexed and uneasy when one of
them is out,loving znd cating fotchildren with al1
the possibility and avoiding zlldisputesznd quarrels.
Blessed love nlcans:love ofRomeo andJuliet,e:ch
one evereutly to die foz tbe other.
TheMoon isalovet,RomeoandJuliet,pzlsionxte
but vittuous.
Venus is also a lovet, but his lov: is mean, of
lowerstandard :$l)tissensuq lustfulaad of loose
Murs is coutageous,victorious,fcatless :nd iu2
of self-conidence with go-ahead spitit. Hence the
conhbinztion of 1 + Mars indicates lov: maztiage;the
combination of 1+ SAtutn otVenus indicûtesintvtczstq
- mattiage. ln czFe of combination of 1 + Sun ot.
Jupiter, the mzrtiage takesplace with full mutual
unierstûniing and co-opetztion of the pztents.
ta)The combinations ofBlessed married love:
(1)7th house+ Moon,Sun,Mzrs otJupitetothet
or his Fign.
(2)7thLord + Moon,Sun,MarsozJupitetothet
or his sign.
(3)Venus+ Moon,Stln,MatsorJupiterorhetot
his sign.
(b)The combinations ofLove martiagf):
(1)1 + Nloon otherSign.
(2)1+ Mzrs orhi$sign.
(3)7+ Moon othet lign.
(c)The combinations oflntetcastemz-iage:
(1,2,3)zs the above combs.oflovc tnartiûge.
(4) 1 + Satutn otVenusot hissign.
5. (a)Blessed married love tObsetve and
undetstand the bitth chaxs and tead below.
(See Example Section :Page217).
M ale :
No. 118-1
1st Comb.:(1 )7th house + Mzts
2ndComb.:(1)7 Satutn + Moon
3td Comb.: Ni1(Venus: )
xesult:The nativehaSmattied an educated (B.A.)
and a beautiful womûn. He has obtained a
supet blessed martied love.
1St Comb. (1)7t lnhouse Scotpio
2nd Connb. (1h7 Mats + Azi es (2)7 Mats+ Jup.
(3) Mats Afoon
3rd Comb. r1)Vellus -h Mars(2)Venus Moon
(3)Venus+ Jupiter
Result:The native has marriei un agreeable woman
and obtained Super blessed mattied love.
No.116 1
1st Comb.:(1)7th house + Jupiter
2nd Comb.:(1)7Mercuty+Leo (2)7Metcuty-hSun
(3)7 Mercuty + l Vats
3td Comb. (1)Venus+ Moon *Saturn (Saturn is

Result:The native haS msttied An agreeable, well
mvnneted :nd abeautifulwomzn :nd obtained
bestblessed martied love.
Fem ale :
1st Comb.:(1)7th house+Mars(2)7th house+ Sun
2nd Comb.)(1)7 Szturn+Czncet(2)7 saturn+Muzs
(3)7 Svturn+Sun
3rd Comb,:t1)Venus+Sagittarius (2)k-trtus+lup..
(3)Venus + à'
Iars *Jup.
(4)Venus + Sult* s'fars,Jup.
Result :The native hasm arried a quiet,educated axd.
an agreeable person.
1st Comb.:(1)7t14ltouse.
t3) 7th llouse+ sloon
2nd Comb,:(1)7 Jup.+ Sagi.(2)7Jtlp.->Moon.
3rd Comb.:(1)Venus+Leo (2hVenus + Jup.
.3)Venus + hlats.
Result : The native ltad mazried a well educatcd m:h
and enjoyed superblessed married love.
N o. 117-5
1st Comb. :(1) 7th house + Moon
2nd Comb.:(1)7 Satutn + Leo
3td Comb.:(1)Venus + Jup.(2)Vesus + Sun
Resyzlt :The native has married an educated petson
and enjoyed blessed matthge love.
Blessed m atried love :Take down the bitth chatts
aad m ake youtself m ox sure.
(SeeExample Section :Plges 218,219 )
5 (b) Blessed matried love :Love matriagev
Observe and undetstand the bitth chatts
and read below .
(See Example Section:Puge 220 J
One who lnûs a11 the combinutions of love
marrjage in hi9 bitth chatt,goes in forJove mâttiage
and ifthecombinationsofblessed martied lovearezlso'
Present,his love martiagelasts with suceessothetwise
ends in failure.
1st Connb.:(1) 1Sthouse + Moon
2nd Comb.:(1)7th house + Moon
3td Comb.:(1)1sthouse + Aties
Result :The native has done love mstriage whieh
wu$quite û successful one.
1st Comb.:(1)1sthouse + Moon
2nd Comb.:(1)7th housn + Moon
3rd Comb. (1) 1sthouse' +Aties(2)1sthouse+ M ars
Result tThe native had done love mzttiage which
w a$ qui
te : Successful one.
1st Comb.:(1)1 Venus + Moon * Jlpilet
2nd Comb.:(1)7 Muts + Moon
3td Comb.:(1)1+Venu$+ Mzts(2)1Venus+ Atiel
Result : The native h:d done love nnartiage which
was quite a successful one.
Blessed m arried love :Love m arriage.Take down
the birth chatts and m ake yourself m ote sure.
(SeeExannple Section :Page 221)
Observe and und
'erstand the birth below .
(SeeExumple Section :Page 2201
No. 534
1st Comb.:(1) 1st house + Mzts
2nd Comb.;(1)7th house+Mats (2)7 Moon+ Mzts
Reeult :The nativelnad doneintetcastelovemâtriage.
1st Comb.:(1)1sthouse+ Mars
2nd Comb.t(1)7th house + Mats
R esult :The native had doneintetcvstelovem artizge.
1st Comb.1(1)1 Sat urn + Mats
2nd Com b.)(1)7 Moon + Mats*lupitez
Result : The native hûddone inteteastelovem zrtiage.
Bleseed love :lntetcaste love m auiage.TA edown
the bi:th chart: and m ake youtself m ote sure.
(SeeExample Section :Pagt 221.)
Every humanbeing desiresand dreams to live a
bettez and ptospetous life. Butsometimes al1 his.
dteams are tuined ûnd sbattered. One would hardly
énd : man who isnotanxiousto livean ideal,hûppy'
gnd blessed mutried life.
There :re ;ve types of pain oflove.
(a)No martiagetakes?hceutthesuitzbleage
or are not ableto ;nd a pzopetlife patter in pzopet'
tinle.Such nativesûze called,<Nativesoflztemarriage'.

) W hilecettainnczivesatest'ccessfulingetting
life partner bLttheit mazried life isnot happy due
to certain teasons Such as difetence of opinion, the
busbcnd is debaucherousy drunkard, hottempered.
quarrelsome,weak,stcingztdistsntglace fotbusiness
or sezvice,unable to give ot take divotce ot the life.
Pûrtnetis ignotant ofmartied love ot the wife does
notgive co-opetztion or go neat him otvice vezsa.
Such nûtives:te called as tNaives expetiencing pzin
of love in marzied life.'
(c)Cettûin nvtives do matty, but ah eatly
ëezth of the life plttner czusts widowhood or pain,
(d )Thete zre cexain nztiveswho arenotuLk
to ntarzy in their'youth butmzrty lAtc i e.aftet tl
'age of 40 with great diëculties. Sucl) natives atc
'called dnatives deprived of married lavc'.
(e)W hilethete arecettzin natives who nevet
matry in their life due to onc reason or the anothet
:nd aze not zble to get tlte mztticd love. Eithet tl
husband is impotent or the wife gets and impotent
husband. Such natives zze cclled, 'N atives of
rimpossibility ofmattied love'. is to be noted that if the berieiic
planets ate in the signs of Cûpticorn, Aqucrius,
Geminiot Virgo, they cannotform any conhbination
,of mu ctied love eithet with tlne or lcrtiof
't he 7th house or Venur.
2.The combination of 7th house + Saturn ot
M etcury causes disputes ot quattelot diference of
.opinion in mattied life.
3.The beneûc plsnets aspected one-sided by
Satutn cznnotform tbe combinûtion of mazried love.
4.Venusis sn enemy ofJupitet and th:Sun,
hence if they are 1St Lotd :nd if they art in tlle
house ofVenus, Tautt )s otLibta thc nztive can not
.obuia the tequized matried love.
5.The nativeswith thecombination of 7+ h/rnus
Asd 7+ Afars aze ûlso Seen expetiencing pain oflove.
Tlais is bccause hlars gentrally goes againstVenus.
(a)Pain oflove :Nativesoflatematriagv
(1)1 + Satutn otRletcury6ihissizn.
jg)7 + SztuznotMetcuzyozhissignoz7thLord+or
debilitated or in 6th,8th ot 12th house.
(3)Venus+Satutn otMercuryorhisSign orvenus
# or debilitated o?in 2nd,6th,8thor 12th house.
(b)Pain oflove : NativesExperiencing
pain of love in married life
(j)1+Satuzn otàlcrcurr,orhissignormalefcMars

)7+ Satutn or hlercury or l
' 7iS Sign ot nnalefc
Mars ot 7tl)Lortl$.otdebilitated or in 6tl:, 2th
ot 12th house.
(3)Venus+Satuxn orMercuzy othissign otVenus

: otin 6th,8th or 12th house.

(e)Pain oflove :Widowhood
(1)1sthouse+ Capr.or lqu.ot 1stLotd + Capt.

Aquztius ozVixgo otGeminiot1stLozdzsgected

one-sided by Satutnoz 1st Lotd $:or debilitated.
42)7th house + Capricorn orAquatiu!ot7th Lord
+ Capticorn,Aquatius,Virgo or Geminior the
7th Lotd aspected one-sided by Satutn ot 7th
Lotd * ot debilitûted otin the 2ni,6th, 8th ot
12tb house.
(3)Venus+capticorn,Aquarius,Virgo otGeminiot
Venus + Saturn ot M ercuty ot Venus #cr
debilitzted or in tlle 2nd,6th,8th or 12th Lousr
ot the sign Capricorn, Aquariusin the 7th house.
(d )Pain oflove :Natives withoutmattied love:
(1? 1sthouse+Saturn orMercuty orhis sign.
(2)1stLotd + Slturn otMetcuty othissignot.>ot
(3)7thllouse+Saturn or Metcuty or llis sign or
malefc Mats.
(4)7th Lotd+Suturn orMetcury or hissign ot$tcr
delhilituted ot in tbe 2nï (th,8th or 12th house.
(5)Venus + Ssturn otNletcuty ot hissign oz4.ot
debilitated or in the 2nd, 6th,8th or
12th lnouse.
(:)Pain oflove :Natives ofimpossibility of
m atried love.
1st house + Satutn o: M ercuty or his sign or
1st Lord in t1 4e sign of Fztutn ot
M etcuty ot ûsptcted one-sideï by
(2)7th house+ Saturn otMetcury othi$sign ct
maleûc M ats.
7th Lord + Capticotn,Aquatius,VitgoozGemini
ot aspected one-sidedby Saturn or the
(4)Venus+ Czpricorn Aquarius,Vkgo or Gemini
o: Venus + Saturn ot Venus in the
6th,8th or 12th house otVenus # or
the sigu Capticorn, Aquzrius in the
7th house.
:.(a)Pgin oflove :Natives oflate martiage:
obsetve and unnerstand the birth charts
and tead below.
ExampleSection :Pagc2Q.)
1stccmb.:(1) 1sthouse+ Capt.(2)1 Sat.+ Mer.
2ndComb.:(1)7th house+ Saturn (2)7th house+
Mer.wsat.(3)7Moon + Vitgo
3rd Comb.:(1)Venus Gemini( 2)Venus+ 6
Result :The native had ex?erienceddiëcultks in the
muttetof marziage.He had notmzrtied up
to the ûge of36.
15t Comb.:(1)1 Moon+vitgo (2)1Moon+satura
2ndComb.t(1)7th house+capr.(2)7 Sat.+ Vitgo
3tdConab.:(1)Venus+ Mezcury
t :Tbe n:tivehad experienced diëculties ictlu
mktter of matriage. He lqad not matried uj
to the age of 36.
No. 2-7
1st Comb.:(1)1sthouse+ Satutn (2) 1sthouse+Me.
2nd Comb.:(1)7th house+Mer. (2)7th house+sat.
(3)7 Mars -y Gemini
3rd Comb.:(1)Venus + 8
Result:The nAtive is male'
.He isnotable to matty.
1st Comb.:(1) 1 stoon + Aquarius
2nd Comb.:(1)7thhouse+capricorn (2)7Sat-+Vitgo
(3)7 Satuzn + hletcuty
3td Comb.:(1)Venus+ Vitgo (2)Venus+ MercutF
(3)Venus+ Szturn
Result:The native is a wonlan. She is Ph.D . sàe
w:S experiencing diëculties in the mattet of
mzrti/ e.
1st Comb.:(1)1sthouse + Capticorn
(2) 1sthouse + Satuzn
2% Comb.:(1)7Moon+ Satutn (2)7Moondebilit:tti.
3rd Comb.:(1)Venus+ Aquarius (2) Venus + 2
lesult:The native is a wom an. She is B. A .She
was experiencing dië culties for marrizge. In
the end she nnarried a person 6 yearsyounger
than her.
No. 57-4
jst comb.:(1) 1 Sun + Virgo (2)1 Sun + Satutn
cnd comb.:(1)7tbhouse+Aquarius(2)7Sat.+Wrgo
3td G mb.:(1)Venus + Satutn
aesult:The native isa wom an. She was expetiencing
dim culties fotm arriage. She was able to marzy
at the age of 34.
paia of love :N atives of late m atriage.Take down
he bitth chaXs and make yourselfmore sute.
,see Example Section :Pages223,224,225).
Unabled to m atry at the given age :
Age Age Age
No. 3.- 37 N o.18.- 30 No.40.- 32
No. 6.- 31
N o. 7.- 26 lço.26.-- 28 N o, 44. - 28
No 8.- 35 lço.35.-- 28 N o. 53. - 32
No. 9.- 28 tlo.36 -- 32 N o.56.- 31
No 10.- 26 llo.38,-- 45 No.60. - 32
No.17.- 30 kko.39.-- 26 No 61. - 30
No.3,6,9, 10.17,19,26,30,M ,34,35,43xj
55 ate the hotoscopes of women.
No.34.The woman's engzgement wastwktl
bzoken and she is not able to marry.

6.(b)Pain oflovetNatives experiencing Painqf

love in m arried life. Obsetve and underst:nd tk
birth charts and read below.
(See Example Section :Pzge 226.):
Comb.:(t) 1sthouse + Metcuty
2nd 'Comb :(1)7th house + Metjuty (2)7Mals.#
3zd Comb.:(1)Venus + 8
Result :The native does not like hiS wife ashek
not able to get themutzied lovt of hiswisà
fzom het.Havingillegaltehtion withanotkl
woman,he is experiencing pain of love,
No. 119
1stcomb.:(1)1stboùse+ SAt.(2)1Moon + Aqqit
2ndComb. (1) 7thhouse+ Czpt.(2)7th house-Fs:t.
3:d Comb.t(1) Venus Metcuzy
Result :Tht native ha$ desetted his wife.. Het
experiencing pain of love.
jstComb. (1)1st house + Vitgo (2)1 Mercuty
+ Capticotn (3)1Metcuty + Satutn
2cëComb.:(1)7 JuP.+ Capr.(2)7Jupiter+ Sat.
3td Comb. (1)Venus + Capri cotn (2)Venus +
Metcuty (3)Venus + Saturn
Result:The nutive,llarassedbythe itstwife,mlttied
Second time at 37,but she w:s found
Pain oflove.
1st Comb.:(1)1 Sun + Vitgo
2n2comb.:(1)7th llouse + Aquarius(2)7Satutn
+ Czpricorn (3)7 Satutn -
34 Comb.:(1)Venusl
#Result )The native has notgotgood telation with
the husbvnd.Sheisexperiencingpainoflove.
2n2Comb.:(1)7th house + Sztutn
t 3tdCnmb.:(1)Venus + 6
> sult :The nztive hasnotgot good rehtion with
het husband.8heisexperiencing pain oflove.
1st Comb.:Ni1
2nd Comb.:(1)7thhouse+ Gemini(2)7Mer.& $
(3)7 Metcury + Saturn
3rd Comb.:(1)Venus %
Result tThe nztive is : mattied woman and she k
in love with another person.She i'
to getthc mzttied love of her wish. skek
experiencing pain of love.
Pain of love tNatives expetiencing pain nt
love in martied life. Take down the bitth
charts and m ake yourselfm ore sure.
(See Example Section :Pages227,228,229k)

6.(,c)Pain oflove )Widowhood.Observe ax(

undetstand the bltth charts and read below.
(See Example Section :Page 239.)
No 41
1st Comb.t(1)1 M:r$aspected one-sidedbysztuta
2nd Comb.:(1)7 Venus + 8
3td Comb.:(1)Vtnus + 8
Result tThe native h:d beçome : widowet wt 26.
1st Comb.:(1)1 Moon + 'Vitgo
2nd Comb.:(1)7th Lo/ is Satum himself.
3zd Conâb.:(1)Venusisaspectvdont-édtdbySatutn.
Resuit lThe native had become widowerat 26.
15t Comb. :(1)1stLotd isSaturn himself.
2nd Comb,:(1)7 Moon + Aquari us
3rd Comb.:(1)Venus + Satutn
Result :The native hâd become widower at24.
1st Comb.:(1)1 Venus + Gemini
2nd Comb,:(1)7 Mkrs + Aquzrius
3td Comb.:(1)Venus + Gemini
Result :The native had beconhe widow st 14.
1St Cocjb.:(1)1Marsisaspectedone-sidedbySatutn.
3td Comb.:(1)Venusisuspectedone-sidedbySatutn.
Result : The native hzd become widow at 22.
1st Comb.:(1)1 MAts + Cpticom
2nd Comb.:(1)7 Venus + Cupticorn
3td Comb.:Venug + Czpricotn
Result : The nztive had become widow at 25.
6.(c)Pain of love tWldowhood. Obsetve ani
understand the bihh charts and tead below.
(seeExzmple Fection :Pzges 231,2321

6.(d)Pain oflove :Natives withoutmatried

love. Observe and understand the bitth charts
aqd read below.
(See Exzmple Section :17ûge 233).
No. 21
1st Comb.:(1)1sthouse+ Mezcuty (2k'
2nd Comb.;(1)1 Moon+Aquatius(2)1 Moon + 8
3td Comb.:(1)7th house + Czpticotn
(2)7th house + Mercury
4th Conlb.:(1)7 Satutn is himself
5th Comb.:(1)Venus+ Capricorn (2)Venus+ Mer.
Result:The native is not able to marty.
1st Comb.:(1)1sthouse + Sztuzn
2nd Codb.:(1)1 Sun -!-Vitgo (2) 1 Sun+ MetotF
3td Comb.:(1)7th house + Aquatius
(2)7th house Sat.* Venus
41 Comb.:(1)7 SAturc ishimself
5th Comb.:(1)Venus + Satum
ResultkThe native is not able to muty.
No. 264
1$t Comb.:(1)1Sthouse + Vitgo
2ndComb.:(1)1 Mercury+Aquarius(2)1Mez.+ 6
3yd Comb.:(1)7th house+ Saturn
4th Comb.:(1)7 Jupitet-hAquarius (2)7 Jupitet+6
5th Comb.)(1) Venus + Satutn
Result:Thenative is notable to nnaxty.
No. 25
1st Comb.:(1)1sthouse + Sat* Jup.
(2)1sthouse+ Mercuty,* Satutn,JuP.
2nd Comb.:(1)1 Venus+Capricozn (2)1Ven.+Met.
(3)1 Venus+Saturn
3td Comb.:(1)7tb house+Sat. (2)7th house+Met.
4th Comb.:(1)7Mats + Aquarius
5th Comb.:(1)Venus Capr.(2)Venus + Met.
(3)Venus + Saturn
Result:The native isnotzble to matty.
1st Comb.:(1)1sthouse+ Aquzxius .
2nd Comb.t(1)1 Saturn is himself. HeteSaturn iï

of : hence he is inefective.
3td Comb.:(1)7th house + Metcuty * Mats
(2)7th house + malefcMoon
4th Comb.:(1)7 Sun + Mercuty
5th Comb.:(1)Venus
Result :The native is not able to matry.
1st Comb. (1) 1stl wuse + Slturn
2nd Comb.: (1) 1 Jup. 8 ( 2)1Jup.+ Mer.
3rd Comb. (1)7th house+Vitgo (2)7thhouse+sat.
4th Comb. (1)7 M ercury + 8th house
5th Comb.:(1)Venus Saturn
Result kTl
ne native is notzblc to mztry.
Pain of love :N atives withoutm arried love.Take
down the bitth chattsand m akeyoutselfmoresute.
(SeeExample Section :Page 234.
6.(e)Pain of love tNatives ofim possibility of'
m arried love. Obsetve and understand the
bitth chatts and read below.
(See Exttmple Section :Pagt 235)
1st Comb.:(1)1St house + Saturn
2nd Comb.:(1)7th house + Szturn
3rd Comb.:(1)7Venus+vkgo (2)7 Venus + 6
4th Comb.:(1)Venus + Vkgo (2) Venus + 6
Result: The native is impotentstillhe is mattied.
HeisnotabletoenjoymAttitd love.
1st Comb.(1) 1Jupittr + Satutn
2nd Comb.(1)7th house + Vixgo
3td Comb.(1)7 M ercury + Satuzn
4th Comb.(1)Venus + 8(2)Venus Satuzn
Result :The nktive isimpotent $ti11be is mgzried-
The Moon being in the 1Sthouse, l ne is.
Passionate and became impotent due to
mastetbation. He is not able to enjor
matried love.
lço. 113
1st Comb.:(1)1stlpouse + Saturn
2nd Comb.:(1)7th house Gemini (2)7th house
+ Sztuzn
3rd Comb.:(1)7 Mer.+ Vitgo (2)7 Met.+ Sat.
4th Comb.:(1)Venus + Vkgo (2)Venus+ Sltutn
Result :Tipe native is impotent:nd without martied
love.He is unzware ofthe matried love.
1st Comb. :(1)1$thouse + Aquvti us
2nd Comb. Ni 1
3td Comb. :(1)7 Sun + Vit '
go (2)7Sun + 8
4th Comb. : (
1)Ve nus + Virgo (2)Venus + 8
Result :The nûtivt is impotent :nd without martied
love.He ig unawsre ofthe matried love.
1st Comb.:(1)1 Mzts+ Vitgo
2ndComb.:(1)7th house + Svtutn

3rd Comb.:(1)7 Venus+ 8

4th Comb.:(1)Venus + 8
Result :The native isz beautifulwoman,17ut she is
1st Comb.:(1)1Jupitet + Aqcarius
2nd Comb. (1)7th house + Gemini
3td Comb. (1)7 Metcuty + 6
4th Comb. (1)Venus 1
Result: Thenativeisimpotentand iswithoutmattkd
love.He is unawate of the mvttkd love.
Pain of love tN atives oflm possibility of maried
love.Take down the bitth chatts and m ake
yourself more sure.
(SeeExample Section )h ge236.)
Nos.163,166,169,170and 172arethehotoscopes
of maztied impotents, test of tht hotoscopek ate
of impotent. z hozoscope of A marzied womzn.
Het husband is impotent. a mlttkd pttson but dut to htzzt
disease he is withoutmztried love.
The humsn life is entitety bzsed on theiniuence.
ofthe planets. He leads his life by the induence or
Position of the planets in hishotoscope. The entire
futute i.e.the Dectee of Fate, is wzitten, in his.
hotoscope by the willof God, Hence whatevet evil
zcts aze done by the native,the zsttologer does not
feelhappy or sortowful, buthe remaining impatthk
sticks himself to the principlesof' asttology.
The M oon is the Symbolof passion. Ifasc,Ot
lotd ofthe asc.i s telRted to tlne Moon by conjunc-
tion or opposition, the nûtives become passionute.
Such natives are fond ofsexualpleasure.They cannot
keep controlovet tbeit mind.They uze lustful.
Same is tlne case with Venus. He is also,
Passionate and sensual. Hence the relation of Venus
with the asc. or lozd of the asc,,mâkes the natives.
sensualand passionate.
M ars is commzndet-in-chief:nd coutageousone.
butbeing sepamted ftom thelife paztner otthe lovery,
is witbout chzrûctet ûnd debaucherous.
Even though a nûtiv: may be passionate butif
he hûs no courage he willhasitate to go on the puth
of debûuchety. Natives who go on the wrong puth.
tequites tht combination of 1 + Mats.
Moteover,in a horoscope,if M ars is not relateë
to tl
ae 7th house or itS Lôrd,the native isaeptaway
ftom Such thoughts. Hence the combination of
7 + Mzrs makes z man debzuchetous.
Satutn isthe man of Street,foot path dweiler,
. despezate i.e.he is witlaout life pattner,impotentot
the habitofmzstuzbation.Hencewith thecombication
.of 1 + M oon oz Venas in a nztive's bitth chûttucd
ifthereate combinationsof1+ Sûtutnand7 + Sûtutn
.instead of7 + Matg the native pmctices mzstutbction
and tuins his hezlth, mind etc. and i. n the enë
becomes impotent.
Now we $h:llpzuse htre to think. why does
native move astzay on tlle pûth of debzuchery? Does
heotshelike it? Doesnot ipisot 1:erconsciencebite?
The main reason for tkis ig the ignorance of-life
pzttnet's mattied love aFaits. W hen a person does
'not getstaisfzction of his wish from hi$ life pattnet,
he zemains unsûtisded znd Stzuggles outside to Nlsl
his desire ofmzrtied love, i. e. he tries to move
towztds'dtbzuchtry. This ptoves thvt b' efort one
'm zzzies petfect knowledge of svtisfying the life
'pzttnet is necessaty.Lack of knowledge in mazritd
wl ove gfaks,tuins the lives of the couple.
Hezeânotbezqv-stionmzyztise,bow to understûnd
the standvtdofimaginvtionofindividukl'smztriedlove?
Fot this it becom es necessaty to know the
stzength of the 7th èlouse.If a wife gets 5Z mote
than the husband, they live a lnappy m arried life with
success.W e tequest out readers to read out book
.Bjtth Chatt, its connbinations and the strengyh of
4he H ouse in percentage'.
Paln of love :N atives of Passion and debauchety.
(1)1 + Moon orVenusor het orhissign.
(2)1 + Marsorhissign.
(3)7 + Mars or hi$ sign.
#ain of love : N atives of Passion and debauchery.
o bsetve and understand the birth charts and
read below
(See Excmple Section :Page237.)
No. 123-11
1st Cosab.:(1)1sthouse+Tautus(2)1sthouse+ Moon
2nd Comb.)(1)1sthouse+Mats (2)1Venus+ Aries
3zd Comb.:(1)7thhouse+ Scot (2)7thhouse+sfars
Result :The nativeis : vetydebzucheous person.So
flt he l
nas done hundreds ofsexualtelations
with otbetwomtn.Hedrs not cazz even
if his wife is ptesent.
1st Comb.:(1)1 Sun + Moon * satum
2nd Comb.:(2)1Sun + Mars*Jupitet,Satutn
3td Comb.:(1)7thhouse+h'
fhe native spends majot portion of ki;
income in debauchety.
Comb.) (1)1st house + hioon
2nd Comb. :(1)1$t house + Mzrs
3fd Comb.:(1)7th house + Murs
Result :The nztive befote his death prepared : Wil
thûta1l his wealth should be given to ài s
kept insteûd of hiswife!
llo. 124-3

1st Comb.:(1)1!thouse+Libza(2)1sthouse+Vencr
2nd Comb.:(1)1$thouse>Mvrs (2) 1 VenusiMvts
3rd Comb.:(1)7th house+Aties(2)7thhouse-hMzts h

Result t The nûtive is : womzn. She pzssed Ltt

whole married life in dtbAuchtty in suck
a wzy thpthetown husbznd h:d not the
slighest doubt of the deeds.
N o. 124-7
1st Comb 1(1) 1 Saturn + Moon
2nd Comb.:(1) 1sthouse+Mazs (2) 1 Sat.+ Scotpio
3td Comb.: (1) 7th house + M ars
Result : The native due to het debauchetous life.
wasthelezding wom an in a mystetiousmurdez.
N o. 124-1

1st Comb.:(1) 1st house + Libra

(2)1sthouse + Moon
2nd Comb.:(1)1 Venus + Mats
com b. :(1)7th house + Aries
3td .
Result : The native wasvery sensualand adebauche-
zous wom an. She had sexualrelztion with
a1l sotts of petsons.

pain of love : N atives of Passion and debauchety :

Tske dow n the birth cbarts and m ake yourself
m ore eure.

(See Example Section :Pages338,239.)

8.FREE FRO5I 17AlN ()i7L(. )VE : DIVOREE
It is tlëe ncturc of zl1 tllc llunpaltlaeingsto btin?
ln end to diëculties. Sometinpcs Nvl pen his owc
calculations o wrcng,l7e wakes ftom tlle slve? :në
puts cn eatnest eiorts to recch buck tl:e same 2oa1
of prcspcrity.Tbe Same arplies to the pain oflove.
Human beings marty to obtûin lnlessetlmattiti
love and lsfe, But d' ue t() one reason or tlle otl:et,
tbere may zrise unexpectctl cvents to cause all tlyt
rniheties and pain of love. The NnclStcp tcl cen to
ovetconac sucl: pain, is a divorce or remarriagc. Ic
bricf divorce or remarriagc btingF an cnd of paic
of love and llrings lyopes ofc blesFcd married Iove.
To get release fron: tlye pûin of lf 74'e meat-
,s to
get support ftom th
le vict
or ious pl
ûne t
s , li
ke the Snn,
tlne Moon,Mctsand Jupiter.Mars :nd theMoon ate
thc lovcz of fteeiom, whereûs the Sun brightecstht
humzn life.
The diëculties and obstacles crtated in nyûttiei
love by M ezcury and Szturn ate put to an eni by
thehelp oftheSur,theMoon,MarscndJupitet.Bct
this pain of love c:n be ended only if the bentic
Planets ztc nat in tl
ne 3rd, 6th, 10th or 1ltltsign.
M ars is'not efected by the maleûc efect cf tllesigng
capricotn,ot Aquatius. Mats of tllis sign cûn avoii
the gftla of love.
Tl ae pain of love is created from the 1st and tbe
.yth houses. Hence the telation of thesebeneécplanets
.wjth the 7th house, IS qul te necessary to cvoid such
ip:in of' love.
' The Sun, the M oon and Mars can remove the
M aleéc efect of Saturn and the M oon can 1em OVC
4he malefc eFect of M etcury powetfully because they
.:rC victotious and endmies cf Satutn and M ezcuty.
Pain :The com binations of Dlvorce or
(1 )1st house
Moon, Sunj Matsot Jupitet ot
her orhissign.or1stLord+M ooly,
y 2 )7thhouse Moon, Sun, MûtsorJupiter ot
herot hissignot7thLord+ Aloon,
Tree from Pain of love :Divorce or Rem arriage.
obsetve and understand the birth charts and
read below.
(see Example SectionkPage 240).
No. 18
4st Comb.:(1)1sthouse-hCvnces(2)1sthouse4.Mats
(3)1sthouse + Jupitez
2nd'Comb.:t1)7tb ltouse+ Jup.* Sat.
t2) 7th house+ Mats @ Jup.Sat.
ne native At 24, took divotce and Set
hinaself fret ftom the pain of love.
1st Comb.(1) 1 Saturn hlars
2nd Comb.(1)7 Sun + hfûts
Result : The native taking divorce released his pai
of love.
1st Comb.:Nil.1st l'aord Satutn is,p
2nd Comb,:7tl .thouse + Cancet
Result: The nûtive is awoman. She zelitved hetsrlf
fsom pain of loveby meansoftkking dixoxt
ftom bet husband.
1st Comb. (1)1sztutn Jupiter
2nd Comb.:(1)7th house + Leo f
Result The nztive,to bring an end of hetwidowel
pzin of love,did a second mktthge.
1st Com. (1)1sthouse+Jup.(2)1st house+Mats.
2nd Comb.:(1)7th house + Mzts
Result :The nvtive to bting vn end of het widowel
pain of love,mvtried thrice.
1st Comb.:(1) 15thouse + Mooh (2) 1$thouse4.
M:t$(9) 1Mats + Moon
(1)7th bouse + M:t$ (2)7 V> si
Muzs (3)7 Venus + M4on
Aesult :The native is : woman- She married #fout
times to bring an end ofhez pain of love.
yree from Pain of love :Divorce or Remazriage.
Take down the bltth charts and make youxself
m oêe Sure.
jSee Exannple Section :Pages241,242.)
No.3 and 5,at the age of 26,No.6 zt the age
No.9 atthe age of30 and No.14 at the uge
of41,took divotce.
No. 2, 4, 8,12, 13,14snd 15 ate tlnehoroscopes
of women And rest of the hotoscopes ate ofmen.
Now we shalltlnink ovetthe time (petiod) of
matziage and widowhood, which isalso seen fronn the
'7th house.
Thedme (petiod)ofmarriageand widowhood:
Obsewe and understand the birth chatts and
tkad below.
tSet Exqmple Sectioq :Pag:243,
M artiage :
No.413.Matsis the7th Lotd.Thenativemarziet
atthe age of21.
No.425.Mars is the 7th Lotd, buthe is, weqk
and debilitated.The native ofasc.Taurus eonttmgtk
thebeneûcresultofJupiter.Here the native mattiek
in hiS 33/34th yeur in tlyetimet)f Mars. T1
combination of 7 -i - Satuzn is double. Satutn k
Gemini is powetful. Ti :e native in the fitst totatbc
of Satutn is not able to marty.
No.3 The combination of 7th house + Mooc,
and Jfats. the native marriesat27/28 in the tim:
W idowhnod :
No.413 The native in the ttme (petiod)of
Jupitet,at42 becomes widowet:nd isnot :b1e t;
marty again.
No.128-5 The native is a womzn. $he becamt
widow at25t1
7yeatin the time (period)of Sztutn,
7th Lord Venus is in tht houseofSatuzn with Satutn.
No.212 The native in the timv (petiod)nf
maleûc Mats at 35 :nd 41,became widowet.Oksetve
the position of the makûc M ats in the hotosco?e.
The tim e ( eriod) ofMattiage and Widowhond.
Take down the birth charts and m ake yoursdf
m ote Sure.

ChapterNinth :Fifth Housr (Cont.)

Tl qe study ofûstrology thtows c.dood oflight
On the question of children, ''How many sons :nd
ëaugl :tezs will1llcve?'' isthequestionusked bymany
natives to tbe asttologets. Those wbo bave notgot
claildren creconsidered to beunfortunateinttneSociety.
Befote learcing ilow nlany sonsand daugbters a
native will l pave,one haS to think ovex t8e limitatiov
ofthe happinessof Sons and daughtets.
The dezth ofa son or zdaughtetbefore 7 yeats
shouli not be consideted as giving happiness to
the native.
The combinations of Sons and Daughters
laeo Cancer AtiesTuutusGeminiSagitt.Capri.
Scorpio Libra Virg.)PiscesAquz.
S.J). S.D.S.D. S.D.S.D.S.D.S.D.
Sun 1 + û 0+ û 1+ û 0+ ûû+ 0 1+ ûû+ û
Moon 0+ 1 0+ 5 9+ 1 0+ 3û+ û 0+ 5 0+ 0
Mzts 1+ 0 0+ 1 1+ û û+ 10+ 0 1+ û û+ 0
Mercutylt+ û û .
j-û 1t+û û + 3 û + û lt+0 û + 3
Ju?iter1+ ()5$+0 1+ 0 3t+ 0 0+ 05+ 0û+ 0
Venus û+ 1 0+ 3 û + 1 û + 3 û + 5 0 + 5 û + 3
Satutn û + 0 0+5:û+t
- - eAe * W*#
0 0 >3Aû+ û û+ 0 0+ 0
tMercuryCombust, tlupiteraspectingtbe5th house
çivesxhe above sons.
*saturn as the 5th Lord gives the above daughters.
Wt can know the total fot sons :nd daughtets
fzom the5thhouse,itsLotdûndJupiter,theSigniécatot
ofthe 5th house.
If the Sun oz Mats is related to the 5th houst
oz 5th Lotd byconj unction,oppositionoraspect,tlck
planetgives only oneson oronedaughter.M arsortàe
Sun being awzte of thediëcultiesofexessive childtec
keepsthe controlover the numbet.
Fatutn objectsforthe birth ofa son i.e.tne is
rnaleic fot the son and not for the daughter. Hetein
the rehtion of Saturn with the 5th house ot lotd of
the 5th house is considered to be mzleic fot sQ;$j
butnot for dzughtezs.
M ozeover befote answering the question llow
many Sonsand dkughtets a nztive will have, clne
should know whethez the nvtive is matried ot not?
Doeshe stay with his life pzttne: ot not? W itbout
union one cannothave childzen.
By obsetving the bitth chatt of fathet, tàt
hgpphes! 6f sons:nd daughters should beconsidereë.
lfa autive desires to hAve mote then two ot three
wives,the totglofsonsand daughtetsbytheobservicy
$ht bizth chltt ofth: ptesent wife would not tally
:nd hence the doabtis t/sed in the ngtive's minz
with the impression thzt the wife would dit etc.
Henct tht considtmtion of sons znd daughttzsisonly
possible thtough the obsetvation of the Rthet's bitth
chazt,The name of the fathet isalways written after
the chzistian namv of a son ot a daughter,hence the
obsezvation of the fathet's birth cbattismote cozrect.
1. Children :Natives having Sons.Observe and
understand the birth charts and read below
(See Example Section :Puge 247.)
5th house Comb. Nil.
5th Lord Comb. (1)5 Moon + Jupitet Son
Signifcatoz Jup. : Nil.
Reslzlt tThe native hAs got the happiness of 1 son.
5tl1house Comb. (1)5th house + Met.combust =
5th Lozd Comb.: Ni1 (1 Son.
signifcatot Jup, (1)1Jupitet+ Leo = 1Son.

Result : The nvtiv: has got the hzppiness of 2 Sons.

5th houseComb.:(1)5th house + Tautus,Jup.
* M ats = 3 Sons.
k2) 5 house+ Virgo @ Mzts= Ni1
5th Lortl Comb. (1)5 Jup. + Tzurus Nil.
Signiicûtor Jup.;(1)Jup.+ Tauzus= Nil.
Result The nztive ha$ got the l
nappiness of 3Sons.
No. 426
5th house Comb.:(1)5th house+laeo,Jup.=1 Son.
5th Lotd Comb.t(1)5 Sun + Sagittazius = 1Son
(2)5 Sun Jupitet = 1 Son.
(3)5 Sun + Met,com.= 1Son.
Signiscator Jup.:(1)Jupiter + Leo = 1 Son
Result :The native laûs got thc lappiness of 5 Sons-
5th bouse Comb.:(1)5t17house+ Sun (The Sun is
r2)5th lpouFe + Jup. = 1 Son.
g1nLord Cotnb :(1)5 Sat Mars.= 1 Son.
(2)5 Sûtutn 4-Leo,Jup =1Son..
SigniEcator Ju?.:(1)Jupitet 4.Leo = 1 Son.
Result : The nltive haS gotthe happiness of 5 sons.
5th house Comb.: Ni1
5th Lotd Comb.:(1)5 Jupi tet + Mars = 1 Son.
SigniEcatot Jup.:(1)Jupiter + M ats = 1 Son.
Result : The native has got the hûppiness of 2 sons.
Children :Nltives having Sons.Take down the
bitth charts and make youtselfm ore sure.
(SeeExample Section:Page 248)
2. Childten :Nativeshaving daughtets.Observe
and undetstand the bi% chatts and read below.
(see Example Section :Pzge 249l
5th bouse Comb.: Nil.
5th Lotd Comb.:(1)5 Mars+ Cancer= 1 daughter.
Signiicatot Jup. Ni1
Result :Thenativeha$gottl
No. 93-7
n house Comb.: Nil.
)Lord Comb.:(1)5Met.with Sun + Taurus=1
signihcator Jup.:(1)Jup.+AriesVenus=1 daughter
Resuit:Tt Aenativehasgotthehzpginessof2daughters.
5th house Comb.: Hil.
:Lotd Comb.:(1)5 Sun + Libza Moon
signifcator Jup. Nil.
Result Thenativehlsgotthehepinessof3daughtets.
5th house Comb.:(1)5thlpouse+venus=1daughtet
(2)5th house+Moon=1dzugbter
5th Lotd Comb.:5 Jupitet+ Venus= 1 dûughtet.
Signiûcatot Jup. Jupit
er + Venus 1dzughter.
Result :M ats zspects the 5th house, hence ezch
planetgives one dzughter. The nztive has
gotthe happinessof4 daughters.
5th house Comb.) Nil.
5th Lotd Comb.:(1)5 Venus#Moûn.5 dzugktets.
signifcztoz Jup.: Nil.
Result :Thenztivehasgotthehappinessofsdaughtets.
5th house Comb. (1)5th house Mooo * Jup.
= 1 daughtet
Lozd house (1)5 Jupiter+Moonrm1duuglpttt
(2)5 Jupitet+cancer= 1daughttt
Signifcvtor Jup.:(1 Jupiter+ Cuncet=1 daughtet
(2)Jupitet + Moon=1 daughtez
Result :Thenztiveb:sgotthehappinessofsdaughtets.
JupiterofCancetdoesnotgiveone daughtet,
buthete being Jupitet+ Moon,thecombi-
nation of dûughtet is powetful.
Children :N atives having daughtets.Take down
the bkth chatts and m ake youtselfm ote sute.
(See Example Section :Pzge 250 )
3.Children :N atives Sons having and daughtets.
Obeetve and undtrstand the birth chatts
O d read below.
($tt Exzmple Section :Pagt251 )
No. 93-3
5th bouse Comb. Ni1
5th Lord Comb.:(1)5Moon + Jup.= 1Son
(2)5 Moon + Leo = 1daughtet
Signi&ztot Jup.:Ni1
Result k The native has gotthe happinqss of 1 son
:nd 1 daughtei.
5th lnouse Comb (1)5th
5th Lord Comb. (1)5Mars+ Li bt: = 1daughter
Signifcator Jup. (1)Julniter + Leo = 1 Son
Result The native bas gotthe happiness of2 sons,
and 1 dzughter.
nbouse Comb.:(1)5thhouse+ Mars= 1Son
(2)5th house + Jup.= 1 Son.
(3)5th house+Moon=1daughtet
5th Lord Comb. (1)5 MârS+Moon= 1daughtet
Signiscator Jup. (1)Jupiter+Moon=1daughtet
Result The native hzsgotthe hzppinessof2 sons.
and 3 daughters.
5th lqouse Comb.:(1)5th house + Mzts= 1Son
(2)5th house + Sun=l Son.
(3)5th house+venu'
5th Lord Comb. (1)5 Sat.+ M1t$= 1 Son
(2)5 Sat,.
hSun : Mats= 1soa
(3)5 Szt.+Vtnus=1 daughtet
Signifcator Jup.: Ni1(Jupitetisdebilitated)
Result The native h:s got the hzppiness of 4 sons
And 2 dAugbters.
5th lpcluse Comb.:(1)5thhouse+Jup.= 1Son
(2)5th houst+ Mvts= 1Son.
(486 J
(3)5th house+venus=ldauyltet.
(4)5th l'
nLotd Comb.:(1)5 Jupiter+venus= 1 dauglytet
Signiicvtor Jup.:(1)Jupiter+ Venug= 1daughtet
Result :The nûtive has got the lzzppiness of2 sot:s
and 4 daughters.
5th boude Comb. (1)5tbhouse-hJup .Mzts=1Son
(2) 5t1)heuse+Mars=1 $on
5th Lord Comb.:(1)5 'Nfercuty+ 8un= 1 Son tyi
2)5 Metcuty (withoutthe 8un)
+ Taurus= 1 tlzughtet.
Signifcutor Jup. Jupiter Aties Venus
Result Here Mats of Geminiaspecteclone-sided by
gives 1 son.Thenativehûsgotthehappine3s
of 3 sonsand 2 daughters.
ldren :N adve having Sons and daughtets.
Take down the bitth chztts and m ake
yourselfm ote sure.
(See Example Section :Page 252.)
4.Children tNatives hlving no Sons.
The com binations ofbaving no Sons.
(1)5th house + Saturn oz M etcuty or his sign.
(2)5th Lotd,+ Saturn or M etcuty ot hi$ sign otic
6th, 8th or 12th house ot
(3)Jupiter Saturn ozMercutyorbis jign or
6th, 8th ot 12th house or
' Saturn orMercuty othiSsign,
chjldren :Natives having no Sons.Observeand
understand the birth charts and read below.
(See Example Section :Page 253.)
1st Connln. (1)5th house + Gemini
2nd Cotnb. ( 1)5-sletcuty + Vitgo
3zd Comb.:(1)Jupitet Satuzn
4th Comb. (1)7 Sun Virgo
Result The nûtive hc$gota1ltl nefoutcombinations
in hiS birth chaft.He has gGtno sons.
1$t Comb. (1)5th house + Capticorn
2nd Comb. (1)5 Satllrn + Aquatius
3rd Comb. (1)Jupitet+ Gemini
4th Comb. (1)7Ju?iter+ Gemini
Result tThe nztivû bas gotal1thefoutcombinatioss
in hi$birth cl
nvtt.He lnasgQtno sons.
No. 91-7
1st Comb,:41)5th house + Satutn
2n2 Comb.:(1)5 MAt9+ 6
3td Comb.t(1)Jupiter+ Satutn
4th Comb.:(1)7th house + Aquatius
(2)7 Satutn + Vitgo
Result :The native haS got:11thefourcombinztiocs
in hi9 bittb clqktt.He 1
)as got no sons.
1$t Comb.)(! )5tla house + Aquûrius
2nd Comb 5 saturn + Gemini
3rd Comb Jupiter + Aquzrius
4th Comb.:(1)7 Mars + saturn,Mezcury
Result :Tht native has gota11the foutcombinatiocs
in lqis bitth chzrt.He ha$ got no sons.
1st Comb. (1#5th house + Aquzrius
2nd Comb. ( 1)Satutn himself is the 5th Lord.
3td Conpb. (1)Jupittt Aquatius
4th Comb. (137 Murs + Gemini
Result The aative has gotûl1the foutcombinatbcs
in l
4is birth chûtt.He thAs got no Sons.
1st Comb.:(1)5th house + Virgo
2nd Comb. (1)5 M etcury*
3zd Comb,: (1)Jupitey+ Szt uzn
4th Comb, (1)7th house + Svtutn
Result The ' nativehz$ no sons.
Children':N atives having no Snns.Take down the
bitth chatts and m zke youtselfmote sure.
(SeeExampltSection :Pzgt 254)
5.Childten Natives having no daughters.
The combinations of having no daughters :
(1) thhouse+ M oonotVenusotwithouthetofkissign.
(2)5thLord+ MoonotVenusotwithouthetorhissigm
(3)Jupitet+ MoonotVenusorwithouthetothissign.
(4)7thLotd + without the sign of Tautus,Cancez
ot Libta.
5.children :N atives he ing no daughters.Obseae
and undetstand the birth lhlex and >ad belom
(See Example Section :Page255 )
1St Comb. (1)5th house Jupitet
2nd Comb. (1)5 Venus + Scotpi
3zd Comb. (1)Jupitet+ Vizgo
4th Comb. (1)7 Moon + At'
Result :The nztive h:sno dzughtets.
1st Comb.:(1)5th house + Leo
2nd Comb.:(1)5 Venus + Scotpio
3rd Comb.:(1)lu, pitet + scomio
4th Comb.:(1)7 Venus + Scotpi o
Result t The native h:s no daughtets.
No. 95-3
1st Comb.:(1)5th hoast + Vitgo
yd Comb.1(1)5 Metcuty + Aties
3td Comb. (1)Jupitet+ Aties
4th Comb. (1)7 Mats + Scorpio
Result :The native hasno daughters.
No. 87-10
1St Comb. (1)5th house + Jupiter
2ndComb.:(1)5 Moon + Mats
3rd Comb.:(1)Jupiter + Sccrpio
4th Comb.t(1)7 Metcuty + Gemini
Result :The native has no dzughters.
N o.68
1st Comb. (1)5th house + Gemini
2nd Comb.:(1)5 Mercuzy+
3rd Comb.:(1)Jupitez+ Aties
4th Comb.:(1)7 Sun + Leo
Result:The native hœs no dauglntets.
.N o. 91-2.
1st Comb.; (1)5th hbuse + Geminl
2nd Comb.:/1)Ah Mezcuzy Vi zgo
3zd Comb.:(1)Jupiter + Scozpio
4th Comb. (1)7 Sun + Vkgo
Result :The native bas %- no daugbttrs.
childzen :Nativeshaving no daughters.Take down
the bitth chatts.and make yourselfm ore Sme..
(SeeExgmple Stction :PAge 256.)
6.Childxen )N adve. kaving ho lssues.
Thtzeaze cettak m tivtswho tlnnmughly enjoy
thehappinessofmaztk: iife,stiz thty aze without
childzen.The reasx 'for this is,tbzt dthet. the man
lacksin sperm or wife has no ovum. This is quite
,tZSF to undetstand in tlais scientifc age. Now-a-days
themajotstepsaretaken to stoptheexcessive births.
Thile there are cettain nztives who are nstutully
operated !This is also to be undexstood in the case
'o fwomen.
Hence we can have a clezx undetstanding that
the <<combination of no issue''isa11due to.defects
in the 7th bouse.
The com b'inations ofhaving no issue:
41)7th house + Saturn ot Metcuty oz hiSsign.
,( 2)7th Lord + Saturn otM etcury oz lais sign.
(3)5th house or5th Lord + Sat.orMet.ot hissfgn.
childten :Natives having no issues.Observeand
undetstand the bitth charts and tead below.
(SeeExample Section :Pzge257.)
1St Comb.)(1)7th house + Metcury
2nd Comb.:(1)7 M::s + Satutn

3td Comb.:(1)5th house + Metcuty

Result tThe nltivt iswithout child.

1st Comb.:(1)7th houst + satuzn * Moony.Sun
2nd'Comb.:(1)7 Mats + Gemini
. 3td Comb.:(1)5th house + Vitgo.
. Result :The native is withoutchild.
1st Comb. (1)7th house + Gemi ni
2nd Comb, (1)7 Mezcuty + Saturn * Mats
3rd Comb. (1)5th house + Satuzn
(2)5 Mars + Saturn
Result :The native is without child.
1st Comb.: (1)7th house + Gemi ni
2nd Comb.:(1)7 Metcuty is himselfand isit ttb
6th house.(Note thatthe7t h honsr
is without plznetzry combinations.
3td Comb.:(1)5Mats+ Gemini
Result :Tht native is without child.
1st Comb.:(1)7th houst + M ezcury
2nd Comb.:(1)7thLord Jupitez + Aqugti
3zd Comb.:(1)5 Venus + Gemini,M etcuq
Result :The nztive is without child.
1st Comb.:(1)7th house + Virgo,Satutn
2ndComb.:(1)7 Metcug + Gemini
3zd Comb. (1)5th house + Svtum
Re:ult :The nztive is without child.
children :N ative: hzvihg no i-ues. Take dno
the bkth chgrt: and make you>elf m ote :ua.
chapter Tenth :Second House
In this materialisticage,evetyhuïanbeingisseen
votried zbout wealth.Hiswotties:re increzsed moze
nz mote as the standatdof living gzows highet :nd
àighet d:y by day.W hen a peTson is wottied about
the shoztage of money,one bzs to refer to his 2nd
honse in the birth chatt
People-businessmen tootdinaty petsons-steseen,
voiding the worries of wealth, by upplying the
mcthod of 'Bottow ftom Petet to pzy Paul.' Such
?etsons experiencing wotties of wealth come undet
the induence of the 2nd house, which is known as
èehouse of <Botrow ftom Peter to PRyPau1.'
Sometimes : petson eaxnsa 1otand saves, but
vhen he is wottied dûy ztAd nightzbouthis wealth,
he tzkes a spechlcate thzt theobtained wealth isnot
ment kvishly oz unnecessatily, he is called a,stingy
pttson.Foz this,the 2nd house is obsetved which is
:1So known as the house of ïGteed znd worties of
80th the type ofpersons, poor as well as rich
:tewottied Aboutwealth.Sometimesaperson enjoys
qulte z hvppy Rmily life but when the question of
wealth atises, the fAmily unity btezks and fzmily
quartelsund disputes begin. Fot the solution of tki
mattetthe 2nd house should be obsezved which isalso
known as the houseof <Family quatttlsand disp tesj:
(a)The combinations offree from wottiescf
wealth ot fam ily quatrels.
1)2nd house Sun,Moon, Mars orJupitet or
hisor her sign'
(2 )2nd Lotd Sun,Moon, Mzrs otJupitet or
bis ot het sign or 2nd Lotd k:
(3 )1st house Sun,Moon,Mars otJupitetnt
the asc of hi$ ot her sign.
(b)The combinationsofexpetiencing worrie:tf
wealth othm ily quattels.
(1 )2nd house ot the2nd Lord + Satutn otVecus
oz hi$ sign ozmvle:cor the 2n1
Lotd in 2nd, 6th,8th ot 12tb
house ot2 ?F 2 (exctpt Jupitet).
(2 1$thouse ot1stIaotd ?F Svtutn or Venus .
hissign ot2n; Lord or maleit
6th,8th ot 12th house.
Free ftom wotries of wealth ot fam lly quaral::
Obsetve gnd undetstand the bkth chatts
an4 te* below.
($ee Example Svction :Page 259.J
Ftee from wottio ofwealth
1St Comb.:(1)2nd house + Sagittatius
(2)2nd house + Mars
(3)2nd house + Jupitet* Mats
2nd Comb. k(1)2nd J#upiter is himself. (Jupiteris
tbe desttoyetofwottiesofweûlthznd
family quartels)
3rdComb.:(1)1sthouse+ Scotpio
(2) 1$thouse+ Jupitet
Result :The native is ftee ftom wotties'
-Yf wealth.
Comb. (1)2nd house + Jupit et
(2)2nd house + Mats
2ni Comb. (1)2 Sat.+ Jupittt
(2)2 sat. Mzzs@ Jupitet
3td Comb. (1) 1sthouse + Mxts
Result )The native isfzee ft
om wozrksof wedth.
1$t Comb. (1)2nd house+ Ati es
(2)2nd house+ Jupitet
2nd Comb. (1)2 Mvo + Moon
(2)2 Mlts+ Jupiter* Nioon
3ti Comb. (1)1sthouse + Pisces
Result :The nûtive is free ftom woztiesof wealth.
Ftee from worties of fam ily quarzels.
1st Comb. (1)2nd house + Jupitet
2nd Comb. (1)2Sun+ Svgi ttatiusQ)2 Sun+ Jupittt
3zd Comb. (1) 1sthouse + Czncet
Result The nûtive is fzee fzom worries of
1st Comb.:(1)2nd house + Jupiter* SRtutn
(2)2nd house + Mzts@ Sztazn
zndComb. (1)2satutn+Mzts(2)2satazn+Jupittt
3td Comb.:(1 )1Sthouse + Sagittztius (2)1st
house + Jup.(3)1$thouse + Mkts
Result tThe native is ftee ftom wotzies of famil
1st Cpmb.: (1)2nd house + M:t$
2nd Cpmb.:(1)2 Vtnus + Scotpio
3td Comb.:(1)1$thouse + Aties (2)1sthouseY
Muts (
3)1sthouse+ Juyitet
Reault )The native isfteeftom wotnes o% Rmily
Ftee ftom wottie: of wealth ot fam ily quuttls:
Take down the birth chart: and m ake yourst:
m Dre eute.
(SeeExzmplt stction :Pagt260)
Bxpetiencing worries ofwealth o:famlly quattels:
observe and understand the birth charts
and read below.
(See Example Section:Page261)
Experiencing wotties of wealth :
Comb.:(1)2 Sun Libza q
(2)2nd house + maleic M et.@ M ats
2nd Comb.:(1)1 Moon + Satuzn (2)1 Moon+ 12
Result :The native being millionaite worries deeply
about wealth.
1st Comb.)(1)2nd house + Saturn
(2)2 Metcuty + Aquatius
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthoust+ Tautus(2)1 Venus+12
Result )The nRtive alwayszunsin shottageof wealth.
He is wozried about wealth.
pko. 2-2
1st Comb. :(1)2nd house + SAt.* Mars,JuP.
(2)2nd house + Tautus
(3)2 Venus + Satutn
znd Comb, (1b1sthouse+Venus(
2)1sthouse+ Sat.
(3)1 Mazs + Satatn
Reaalt Tt
ae aatige is a.leays worried aboat wealth.
Experiencing worties of family quartels:
No. 2-5
1st Comb.:(1)2nd house + Saturn
2nd Comb. (1) lsth housc + Aquarius
(2)1 Sat-+capricorn (3) 1 Saturn + 12
Result ) The native is helplessdue to family quzttels.
1st Com b.: (1) 2 Mûts + Szturn
2nd Com b.t (1)1sthouse + Libt:
(2) 1.Venus + Capticotn
Result :The native is considered to be thecteztet of
Rmily quatrels by swallowing his btothet's
N o. 413
1st Comb.: (t) 2nd house+2 M zzs (2)2 Muts+ 4
(3)2 Mats + Taurus
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Libtz (2)1st house+ Szt.
Resuk ;The native's px petty is swvllowed by his
btotlwt so he is expetiencingfamily quktzels.
Expetiencing wo=its of wealth o: fam lly quartelq.
Take down the bi% chatts and make youreelf
m /re :ute.
(Set Examplm Section:Pagt262)
Chapter Eleventh :Eleventh llouse
Sometimesduting the coutse ofhuman life, one
eztns enough of wealth whilesometimesonthasevezy
right to getpossession ofhiS moneyozptoperts but
he isnot able to possess it in duetimewhich lateton
becomestlpequestion ofwottiestopooras wdlas rich.
A person who does not get* hiS money fot his
labouz ot service,is then wozzied about his income
problem.In the same way evea a ml 'llionaize busine-
ssman when he invests a11his capitalozhis capiulis
blocked in ctedit,he is wottied aboutthe zetutn of
money blocked in ctedit,othezwiseduetotheblockade
in citculation of money oz dnance, he wodd bt
teatly efected in business.
Ftom the zbove emmple,wtcAn guessthztpoots
and rich both have the circumstances atised about
worties ofincome.
Eleventh house is consideted to % the house of
wotzies of income ûnd money citcuktion, telease ot
teturn of the invested capitalin ptopettime.
(a)The combinationsoffteefmm wo=ie:ot
Citculation ofmoney
(1)11th house or 11th Lotd + sun,Moon,Mztsot'
jupitezozhisorhetsign ot 11th
Lotd in its own signi:cating housr
(except Saturn, Venus) ot of :
ot debilitated.
e' #2)1St honse Sun,Moon,MatsotJupitetotLis
or het sign.
(b)The combinationsofexperiencing worries
about income or citculation of money.
(1 )11th house ox 11th Lotd + Saturn ot Vet
or hissign or maleic or 11th Lotd
in 6th,8th, 11th ot 12tb house ot
11 + 11.
' (2 )1st house or1StLotd sztutn ot Venus
oz his sign ot 11th Lotd ot makfc
oz 1stLozd in 6th, 8th ot 11th
(exceptJupiter)ot 12th house.
rtee from woxtles abdut income or drculadon ûf
m*ney :Obsewe and undeotzhd the bilh Chatt:
and read below.
(SeeExample section:h ge263)
1st Comb.:(1)11Metcuzy + Sun
ld Comb. (1)1st house + Scorpio
(2)1sthouse + Mzts
. Result :The nAtiveisfteeftom.woztkszboutincome.
1st Comb.:(1) lltb house + MAts * Metcut'
(2)11Venus+Sun (3)11Vtnus+Jup.
(4) 11Venus Mats* Sat.
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse + Cancer
(2)1sthouse + Mzts
Result :Thenztiveisfteeftom worries aboutincome-
Comb. ( 1)11th house + San
(2)11 Metcuty + Jup.@ Sat.
(3)11 Metcuzy + Mars* Jupiter, Sat.
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse + Scotpio
Result :Thenztiveisfteeftom wottksabout incomt.
1st Comb. (1)11th house+lup. (2)11Mer.+sus
(3)11 Mttcury+Leo (4)11Mer.+Mats.
(5)11 Mercury+Jupitet* Mars
2nd Comb.:(.1)1sthouse + Scotpio
(2)1$thouse + Mzts(3)1MatS+Jup.
(4)1sthouse + Jup.* Mars
Result The nativeisfzeeftom wottiesaboutincome-
1st Comb.: Ni1
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse + Atks(2)1$t house +
Sun (3)1sthoust + Moon (4)lst'
house + Jupitet (5) 1st house +
Mus (6)1Mzxs + Jupite:
Result :The nztiveisfzeeftom wottiesvboutincome..
1$t Comb. (1)11Metcuty + Len
2nd Comb.:(1)1 hlars + Sun
Result :The native isfreeftom worriesûboutinccme,
rree from wotties aboutincom e or circulation nf
m oney : Take down the birth Charts and m ake
youzself m ore sure.
(See Example Section :Page 264.)
Expetiendng wotties about income o: citculatioh
of money k Observe and understand the bitth
Chatts and read below.
'See Example Section :Psge 265,)
No. 11-1
1st Comb.:(1) 11th house + Sltutn (2)11th house
+ Venus.(3)11th Lotd+ Capricntu
(4) 11th Lord + Venus (5) 11th
Lozd + Sâtura (6) 11th house
2nd Comb. (1)1 Afvt: 9- Szturn (2)1 Mvts +
Venus (3) 1Mvrs + 11 Metcury
(4)1 M zts 1.1
Xeqplt The aatix is zng entofspeculztion mazket.
He istxpetie chg worries aboutincome.
, kjj-zk
1st Comb'' ï
.'z (
1)t1th house Venus
(2)11Ju/ittr+ Szturn
2% H .:(1)1sthous.+ Tzums
(2)1sthouse+ svmtn,
Result t The nztive h:s given a11his savings to one
of lais zelativesand heisexpetiencing worries
zbout it.
Comb. (1)11thhouse+ Saturn (2)11Jupitet+
Capticozn (3) 11 Jupitet + 12
2nd Comb.:(1) 1sthouse + Aquazius
Result t The nvtive h:d blockade in business and
citculation of money.
1st Comb. (1)11th house + Satutn * Jupiter
42)11th house + Venus* Jupiter
2nd Comb.:(1)1 Sun + Venus(2)t Sun,+ Sazurn
Result :The native laad blockade in business due to
citculation of money.
' No. 11-5 i
1st Comb.:(1)11Sun+6 (2)11Sun+Satuzn*Mars
2ndComb.:(1)1sthouse+ satutn.
Resit :The nvtîve hzd,blockade in business ëue to
impropet citculution ofmoney.
No. 11-6
1St Comb.:(1)11'Metcuzy + Satutn
2ndComb.:(1)1Sun + Taurus(2)1Sun+ Venus
Resultz Tne nztive did not demand his money in
business znd 'eontinued the Eitcuktion of
Chapter Twelfth :Twelfth H ouse
'sipall 1 getproft in the undettAken business?'
4ShallI get success in my new business ot loseic
it?'etc.ate the puzzling questions asked by moy
peogle to the ûstrologets.The only petsons to satisfy
such znxieties :te the zstrologets,but thty canhatëly
answer cortectly these questions.The combinatiotscf
4Freefrom wortksotexpetiencingworties aboutdebt,
loss,interestotexpenses'isthehead lightofasttology.
If a native has the combinktion of millionaire au
also tlae combinztion of debt,lossortxtmvvgvnct,h
would enjoy hi3 happiness of wevlth fot z shott
peziod only.Hence the combination of fxet fzox
wozrks or expetkncing wotties vbout debt,losq
intexest or txpenses, phys vn imN xgntpatth fit
human lift.
Loss in the ftststzge ofdtbt.A mvn loses ki$
ney and hence tecome;: debtot.
Thtxe :re cetfain natives1.the socidy wlm e
dçbtots,,mzking loss in busintss, p:y ltezest ot
.e comespendtktifyan4fnzllysuftrbcvustofshottûgt
of money and disczeditthemselves. '
Thile fi
aete are cettain natives who ate w8llto
do in inance but due to a sudden!loss, sufet ?gteat
dezl.Butthey can be back in the szme position by
the benefc combinAtions in his bitth chatt If they
have the combination ofdebt,loss interestand spend-
thtiftness in theit bitth cbatt,they are bound to sufet
Now we $h:11study the bitth qt natts of certain
natives who ate fzee ftom the wotties of debt, loss,
intetest or expenses. i
(a) The combinationsoffree ftom worrse:of
debt,loss,interest or expenses.
(1)12thhouse-hSun, Moon,MatsorJupiter othis
or her sign.
(2)12thLord+ Sun,Moon,M ats ot Jupiterot his
or her sign ot the 12th Lotd in his
OWn signihcAting houFe. (except
(3)19t house>Sun,Monn, MAts otJupitetorhis
ot hez sign.
(b )The combination:ofupetiexcingworties
about debt,loss,interest, insolvency ,
ot expenses
(1)12tl)llouseot 12th l.otd + Satum otVenusot.
bis sign or malesc 6tthe''12th Lozd
in ft1,,8th ot,
'12th house.
(2) house ot 1st Lord + Sûturn orVenusct
hiSsign or12th Lord ormalefcot1st
Lord in the 6th, 8th or 12th bovst,
Free fzcm wotties abcut debt, loss, interestct
expenses : Take down the bitth charts aad
(See Example Section :l7age266.)
No. 8
1st Comb. (1)12th house Cancet
2nd Comb (1) 12 Moon + Leo
5zd Comb. (1) 1sthouse -h Moon
Result :Here tlne M oon is malefc and isrelateé to
the 1st house, Still the nutivt is frre ftûm
worries sbout iebt,loss,inttrestotexpecsts.
b. (1)12t14house + Pisces
(2)12th l'
Touse + Mars * Jup.
I3)12th house + Jupitezexalted.
2nd Comb. !t) 12Ju?.exzfted (2) 12 Jup.+ Mats
3cd Comb. (1)1$thouse + Azies(2) 1st houst >
M :r$ t3) + Jup.* Mars (4)1st
house+ Moon (5)1sthous:+ Stm.
Result :Tht nAtive isfree from wotries aboutiebt,
loss,intetest oz expenses.
1st Comb.:(1)12th houst+ Llzts(2) 12thl
Moon(3)12th hnuse+Jupitet*Moon.
2në Comb.:t1) 12 Saturn
3rg comb.:(1)1Stbouse Pisces.
aesult :Tbe native is free from wotries about debt,
loss,interestcr expenses.
1St Comb. (1)12th house+Jupiter(2)12thhouse+
Sun (3) 12th house+Marg* Sat. Sun
cnd Comb.:(1)12 hler.+ Sun (2)12 Met.= Sagi.
3zd Comb. (1)1Sthouse+ Cancet
(2)1Stllouse+ Mars.
>. u1t The native isfree from wotties about, debt,
loss,interestot expenses.
,1st Comb. (1)12th house + Jupi ter
2nd Comb. (1) 12 Venusdebilitzted
#3td Comb. (1)1Sthouse+ Scor.(2)1sthouseq-Mats
Xesult The native is ftee ftom wottkszbout debt,
loss,intezest ot CXPCnSCS.
4st Comb.:(1) 12th house + Sagittzti us
2nd Comb. (1)12 Jupi-+ Moon (
2) 12 JuPi.+Mars
3td Comb. (1)1sthouse + Jup. (2) 1sthouse +
Moot4*lup. 3) 1sthouse>Mats*lupitet
Xesult :The nAtivt is fxee from worties About debt,
loss, intertstotexpenses.
Ftee from wouie: about 4ebt,loss, interest or
expenses :Take down the bitth chatts and m.
yourself m ore sute.
(See Exzmple Section :Page 267 )
Expetiencing wotties about debt, loss, imerests,
insolvency ot expenses : Observe and understaaql
the birth chatts and read below.
(See Example Section Page 268.)
1st Comb.: (1)12thhouse+12JuP.(2)12thhonsei
2nd Comb. (1)1sthouse+ Sat.(2)1sthouse+Vecns
(3)1Mars+ Szt.(4)1Mûrg+Vtnus@Szt.
Result The nAtive lyas passed most of his life icl
wotties of debt,hzs lostptestigeknd soldàù.
fotefathet's propetties onc by one.
1St Comb. (1)12sun+ Szt.*Mazs (2)12Sun+Mats
2nd Comb.:(1)1$thouse+malefcMzts( 2)1$thoust:
sst.(3)1 Met.+ Mzrs (4) 1 Met.+ht-
Result )The nztive w:s : debtot :nd spendthtift.
1st Comb.:(t)12thhouse+ Capt.(2)12thhouse+Szt.
2nd Comb.:(1)1$t houseq-Aqugtius.
Result :The nztive zt the :ge of 30, h:d lostone
million tupees.
No. 12-2
comb.:(1) 12th house+ Venus.(2)12th house+
Sat.* Venus.
2nd Comb.:(1) 1 Jup.+ 8 (2)1Jup.+maleûc Moon.
Re:ult :The native had lost his cat, house :nd
wealth by falling in lovewith anotherwoman
gnd was unemployed.
1st Comb. (1) 1
2 t
h house+ Sat.(2)12 Mazs+Sat,
#2nd Comb. (1)1sthouse+ Sat.*Mazst2)1Vvnus:8
(3) 1 Venus+,Saturn*MazS,Jupitet.
Result The native h:d to liquidzte.
No. 12-4
1st Comb.:(1) 12th house + Szt.* Mats
(2)12 Jup.+ Sat.
2ndComb.:(1)1$thouse + Sat,* Ju?.
(2) 1 Mazs + Szturn
Rmvult tThe nvtive had to liquidute.
w peritncing worties about debt, loss, interest,
iasolvency or expeneest Tpke down the birth
chatt: an4 m akv youtself mote svre.
(Sx Examplt section Pages269,270)271,272.)

Obsetve tht following bkth chAtts with the
abovetesultgiven duting the time (period)ofsatuut
or mzleûc.
Moreover there are certain nativeswbose9thàousr,
is badly aspected and hence they h:d to sufet itr.
resultfot the.whole life. Such nûtives sufetmLCY'
in the above tesults given during the time (petbi)
of Svturn or tnaleûc based on tlne Trknsit Phnetzty.
Time (Period).
insolvency o: expenses: Obsetve ?nd understaal;
the birth chatts and read below.
(SeeExamplt Section:Pzge273 )
No. 12-11 The :$ of Aquktius.Tht lotd of1st
house and the 12th house,is Saturn.Tàt.
nûtive duting thtttime (period) ofSatum
h:d lost million tupees.
No. 12-12 The :sc isofLeo.TheM oonznd Sltutc
:te the malefcs in the bitth chvtt, Tàt.
nztive had lost :11his wevlth in hi$#,.
55 ûnd 56th year.
No. 12-13 The Asc.isof Capricorn. The 1st Lotl'
is Saturn.Sztuzn ir thick heâded,illitext:'
:nd stuborn, The nztive in the time
(petiod)ofthe Moon, by Adopting tkb.
businessofthe Moon,movie Rm$, bst'
50 thousund tupees zt the zgeof24.The
planets plvced in tht 6th houseofabiitk.
(511 )
chzrtAre considered to be wtak.They
:re telated to Slturn asthey :te in the
suturn's signiûclting house.HenceSztura
chooses the business ofthe Moon makes
the native to lose his capital in movie
N0. The native was ieeply worried zbout his
debtin his63:d yeatin thetime(petiodj
of M ats.
No. 12-15 The native hûd a constant debtin his 2%
to 38th yezr.The zsc.isof Gemini.The
1st Lotd Mercury isin the 12th house.
Mats is maleic in the :$c. Thete is an
aspect of Saturn ovet the M=S. The
nAtive w:sin debtin thetime (period)
of Mzxs,M ezcuzy znd the Sun.
No. 12-16 The of Tautus. Saum situattd
in the lûth house aspects Mars and the
12th lnonse. Svturn situzted in the lûtit
house fozcesthe nativetoleavethe place.
1st Lotd Venus isin the 8th house.The
nvtive v:$ fntced to liquidate in hi$45th thetime(pezi ozhofSzturn.
Thetime(period) nf worties about debt,loss,
iqterestinsolvency otexpenees :Take down the
birth chatts and mgke yourself '
.more sute.
(See Exzmple section:Page274.)
chaptet TM rteen )'Sixth H ouse
The sixth house govetns enemies.At present vr
shallbnly think abeut enemies.If there is z combi-
nation of 1+ 6 oz 1 + Szturn znd 6 + saturn in tàe
native's bitth clnztt,the nativeh:sto fkce enenly,wat,
court,competition (business).
Enemies means wat,victoty,teztot otfezr,Thtst
wozds h ve the tehtion with the 6th house.If we
think of wat:nd victozy,tLe meaning ofz11theûbove
votds willbe cleariftd in these two wotdF.
Victoty meznscontzoloverenemits.T hete isthe
rxd of such victoty?Is itin h ttle-itld.spott-felds,
couttsoz business'compttition? W e shzll think hete
about foutdifezent typts of victoty :nd defeuts.
MA:S is victozious wbile Szturn is defezted one.
Jf M:t$is telvted with the 1stAttz the 6th housesin
the bitth chatt,the nvtlve genetzlly kchltvts victoq
vheteas if Samtn i$ ielated with tht 1$t :nd tl w #th
houses,tbe native expetiences fvilutes:nd defevts.
The sun,theï M oon,
M:t$ :nd Jupi ter zteQg
1he side ,of Gods znd att victorious while Mercuts
Vtnusind Satutn ateon theside of devils = i zrt
defeated ont, Jupitet ëoes not btlitve in wAt
and enmhy.
Now we slavllobsttve the bitth ch rts of grea
w rtiots of the world,lgkeRoosevelt,Stzlin,Churchill
od Also of those grtat people,likeM:hatmz Gandhi,
JzwzhatlalNehtu, hforarji DesaiorRajendra Blbu,
who fought against the powetful British Empize
vjthoutcarting any weapon in theit lpands :nd also
ohserve the birth chzrts of sportsmvn :nd of those
vào fougbtin court's casts witlnvictory.
The com bingtions of enemies,wzr,coutt cases or
budnvss compethion.
+ 6(exctptJupiter)or Skturn othi$ sign.
The com binations ofvictol :
(2)1sthouse+Sun,Mxn,M:r$(this phnet should
notbe m:lefc)ot the:$c. of hisot
htr sign.
43)1St Lord+Sun,Moon,MkrsQrJupiter(thisplanet
should notbe mzlefc) othis othet
sign (theLord ofthis$kn shouldnot
be vn enemy to th: 1stLotd).
(4)6thhouse+ Sun,Moon orMus(thisphnrtshould
notbe mvlefc) ot his oz her sign
(txctllentif6th houst+Mvrs).
(5)6th Lord+Sun,Moon ozMu$fthisplânet$h6u1d
notbt mzlefc)otin his othèr sip
oz the 6tb Lotd + ordtbiliuted or i:
tntmy's houst(tzœpt i: &h,8th oz
12th * pR).
(6) Saturn+Sun, hlooa or 51at$ otsztutn $$nr
debiliuted oc in enem,'s house i.e.ia
the sign Aties,Cancer,Leo otScorpi o
(exceptin the 6th,8th ot 12thhoust).
'fone'gets :11tl.e cbove six combinations of
victory,achievesvictory:nd if less thvn six,heobtlics
less success in propottion,i.e. it:11 depends upon
the number of combination one gets in his bitth
chatt. ln zddition to these ûve combinltions, the
combination of6+ M krs is excellent because Mvts
related to the 6th house actsa$ the signihcatotoftkt
6th ipouse zlso. '
Getting victory over enemiesin wat,couttcaees
otbusinesscompetidon :Obsetve and understand
the birth charts and re:4 below.
(See Example Section Page 275)
1$t Comb.:(1) 1 Sun+f (2)1 sun+ Szturn
(3)1 sun+Clpticozn.
2nd Comb,:(1)1sthouse+Leo.
3td Comb. (1)1 Sun+MAts.
4th Comb.:(1)6tb house+$un (2k6thhouse+ Mvts
5th Comb.:(1)6 Satcrn + Aties (dtbilitvted)
6th Comb.:(1) Satatn + Aties(debilitaed)
Result The native, duting his Pz esidtntshj of
America, fought fot 6 ytzts :nd vchseved
victozy.The vnemiescould nothzrm Amtticv.
l'le is l'rrsident Roosevelt.
No, 99-4
1$t Conyl? f1) 1Sun Aquzri us
2nd Coml).:(11 1$thoure+Leo (2)19thouse+Sun
31.0 Cotnl). (1)1$thouse+4 Sun(31ecomb.of1+ 1
is pf lwetful)
'ltt) (:lltïtl). (1)6tI) ltouse+ 51:rs
5tln Gomb. (116 SAturn + Sun * Jupitee
6tb Comb.)(1)Sztutn Sun *Jupiter
Result Titt nztiv: had pAst mostofhk lsfe in wkt.
From Anordinvry posstion,grvduallyhegvklned
teputztion,foughtvnd terzorisez th: enemiess
kchieved victories :nd bec:me : king.He is
1$t Comb. Ni1
2nd Comb. (1)1sthouse + Moon
3zd Comb. (1)1 Moon + Clncet'
4th Comb. t(1)6thhoust+ M:r$
5th Comb. (1)6Jup.+ Mvrs.
6t1: Comb (1)s:turn + M:r$*Jupiter
Rtvult The nltive vA$ the Pzimiet of lndh foz 17
yezts. Thtevts :nd wktsftom tl enemies
could not shgke his will, ptegressed the
vltious zctivities of Indi: :nd gkintd'wotld
wide teputktion.HeisJvvzhktlglNehzu.
1St Comb. (1)6 Jupi tez%
2nd Gomb. (1) 1sthouse + hfats
3td Comb. (1) 1 Venus + Mzts
4th Comb. (1)6th house + Sun
5th Comb. (1)6 Jupi ter*
6th Comb. (1) Satuzn Scorpio
Result The nztivt wzs z m:n ofdetetminztion, He
foughtAgzinst the stitish Empite without
czttying any wevpon, Achieved victoty 1nd
set ftee 40 czotes oflndiûns from bondzge.
1st Comb.:(1)1$thouse + Saturn
2nd Comb. (1)1sthouse + Mzts
3td Comb. (1)1 Moon exzlted
4th Comb.:(1) Ni1
5thEomb. (1)6Ju?.+Sun(2)6Jup.+Mzts*s:t.
4th Comb. (1)#Svtuzn + Mzts
Result :The nztivt h d spent mvny ytlts in w:t of
Icdependence of lndiz. Ht vbolished the
zuling ofkingsin Indiv.Hekttton btcvme
the Home Ministtz of lndk. He is szzdv
1$t Comb.:(1)1Mrt.+CApt.(2)1M#r.+Szt.*Jup.
2nd Comb.: Nil
3zë Comb.:(1) 1 Metcuty + MAtsezal
4th Comb.)(1)6th house + Scorpi
(2)6th houst + Mkt$. Jup.
5th Comb. (t)6 Mzrsex:lted himself.
6th Conll', Nil
Result There is no 6th ctlntbicution in this bittb
chArt. The nativt hkd spentmany yors in
war of Indtpendtnce of Inik.He later
on klcclmt the Finahce Ministet. Ht is
Getting victoty ûver ehomlt8 in War, Coutt cases
ût business campetitlon :TAkt down the bitth
chart: :nd mgke yourstlfmoa sure.
(Fce llxzt
mplc Set-tion :plgts276 to 278,)
No.1.S.K. Patil No.8.Khet
Nn.3.RasiklklP:rikl) No.9.Mecon
Nc.4.Balgangztlhzr Tilak No.10.Vinoba Bhave
No.5.(lokllle No,11'
No.6.Stalin No.12,Mavlankat
No.7.Cllutcltill No.14.Rzna PtAtvp.
No.2 And No.13 zte tht unkovn victorious.
Ctrtain nvtives $ufe:sftom tnemks,wzt, cbûhs.
'ot c
ompttition vbile tbem 1re certqin nvtives who
themselves iuviteenemies,war,coutts,or competitions
which eithet ends in victozy ()t (lefezt. They ute
themselves teztotised by suc'
: invitations and lqad to
lezve tl
ne tielï.Exgm?lescan behzveoî Kaiser,Hitler,
Mussolini,MktshalTojo etc.We s17u11 think here of
those persons tertotised and defeatetlby enemies.waz,

Thecombinationsofenem ies,war,court,com petition
(business)and deftat:
The com blnations ofdefeat ;
(2)1 + Satutn orhissign ottlle asc.laibta..
(3)1sthouseor 1stLord + 6.
(4)3otMars+Sat.ozllissignotsfvrsv /otdebilitated.
Getting defeat by enemies in wat, cûutt cases Qt petition :Obsetve and understand the
birth chatts and tead below.
(SeeExzmple Section :Pzge 297.)
1st Comb.:(1)1 Venus+ Sat.(2)Asc.+ S:t4Venus.
2nd Comb.: 1) 1Sthoust+Libm (2)1$thouse+sa.
* Venus,M ats (3) 1 Venus+ Szt
3td Comb. (1)1sthouse+6Jup.* Vtnus
(2)1Venus + 6 Jupiier.
4te Comb. (1)Mzrs + Sztutn.
A esult Th: nztive ttied hi$ bestto gain vlctory in
the w:r butwv$ defezttd :nd hgd to commit
suicide.l-le is llitlttr,
1st Comb (1) 1+ 6 hlats.
2nd Comb. (1)1$thouhe,>bat.*Jup-,Vtnus,sler.
&i Comb. (1)1St house + 6 J'fars
4th Comb. (1)3 8un Szturn
Result :The nztive httd Ftarted the First W orld W ar
and w:s defevtekl. He is Kaiser.
1st Comb. (1)1Jupi tet+6(2)1Jupitet-hsvtutn
2n8Comb. tt)1Jupiter+ Saturn
3ri Comb. (1)1Jupiter-h 6
4tà Comb.)(1)3s(lbouse Aqu.(2)hf1rs+ Aqu.
Result :The native being llrzve,stlll ht w:$ killtd
in the bvttle-fielt!.He is Ti?u Sultvn.
1st Comb.:(1)1 Moon+6 (2) 1Moon+ Sztutn
2në Comb.:(1)1 sloon + Svturn
3td Comb. (1)1Moon+6 (2)1sthouse+fJupitet
4th Comb.t(1)3rdhouse+Svt.(2)Matsdebiliuted.
Result The nztive lezving z sizt tlpe bzttle of
lndtpendence, suddenly diverted towazds
emzncipktion.He is Auzobindo Ghose.
1$t Comb.:(1)1Mzrs+6 (2)1$thouse+Skt..Mzrs
(520 i
3zd Comb (1)1st1stlyouse+6 MAts
4th Comb. (1)MArs.+Sût.(2)3td houst+Cupticntc.
Result The native w:s defeated in coutt litigatix
znd was greatly efected.
1st Comb. (1)1 lv lars Sat. (2)1st house + sat.
2nd Colnb. (1)1sthouse9iSat.( 2) 1 Mlrs+ Sltpm
3rd Comb. (1)1sthouse+6 Mvts
4th Comb. (1)MArs+ Saturn t2) 3rd house+C,?t.
Result Tbe nativepatticipûted in starting tbe Secnaë
W otld W at, but tLt situution lleing uncom
ttollûble,he lost his mentllpowet :nd was
killed.l-le is Afussolini.
Getting deftat enem ies in war, coutt ca es or
business com petition :Take down the birth chals
and make yout self mote sure.
(SeeExzmple Section;Page 289 )
A $tlnt native gtvdually gtows up, hv inctezso
his efortsfot mote income u d ptogresses k1:>z tn
tiz buginess.But At thistime dutiny tht trûnszction
of money,if he commits : ,slight mistvke,he willbe
victimized by treachec ancl put himself into much
lt is nof only that û petson is victimgzei l )y
ttezchety in'money hvttergbut':1$0 in other m ys.
Teshzllobrttve few bitth cbzrtsofthis subject
Tlw com bination: of victlm lzed by trtzchery :
tousef'r 1$tlzozd+Jupittrorhi$ sign.
(2)1sthouse or 1st lyord+ 6 ot Sqturn
pousef'r 1stlpord-bvenusortlle 1stlaord tn
tllcsign Venus (1n the zsc.ofTgurus
zntl I.ibrz. 1st house or 1$tLord Venus
+ Saturn).
g)6+6 orSzturn orhis sign.
Nztive..victimized by tteachtry tOb:ttve :nd
undetstand the birth charts and >ad below.
$te Ex:mplt Section :Pvge 28t
No. 244
1St Comb. (1)1Sun+lupi tet
2n8 Comb. 4 1) 1st1
house+ Sâturn
(2)1st house+ 6 Saturn
8ri Comb. (1)1$tltouse+ Vtnus* S:tern
4ti)Gomb.:(1)6th housq+G pricorn
Result tThe nvtive was victkmizez by thezchetr in
ttvcszctlon of R$.1,75,0* which were not
1st Comb. :1$tl pouse+Ju?.(2)1M,etcuc+Jqp.
2c1 Comb.:1sthoase+6 Mvrs(2)M,ercury+Sztuta
3$d Comb 1 M ercury+venus
4th Comb. :6M:t$+s:turn *Jupi tet
Rusult:Tl:e nztive was viqtitlhizey 1
7y trtûcllery.His
businessw:s almostclosed '.
1st Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Pisces/2)1Stlyouscu-Ju?,
2ndComb.:(1)1Jup.+ Szt.
(2)1$t house+ Scturn.* hfats,:,14)f
3zd Coml
).:(1)1Jupiter+ Venus
(2) 1st lnouse + Venus4 lupiter.
4th Comb.:6th house + Sztutn.
Result:The nutive wa$ victltnized by treachlety,
becameptagnentAntlput ljerselfin diiliculties.
lst Cotnb.:(1)1sthouse+lisces(2)1sthoure+Jup.
2nd Comb.:(1)1Jupiter+SAt.*Mzts
(2)1$thouse+ Saturn*hlarstJupitcr.
3td Comb.:(1)1sthouse+Vtnus(2)1Jup-+Venus.
4th Comb.:(1)6 Sun + Sztutn.
Rtsult :The native du: to ovttconfdence wa$victi-
mized by ttevcbezy :nd lost his honout.
1st Comb.:(1)1sthouse + Jupiter
2ndComb. (1)1stàouse+Sat.(2)1Ventls+ Sat.
3rd Comb. (1)1st houst+sgt.(2)1 Venus+ Sat.
4th Cpmb.:(1)6th house + Svtutn

Result:The nztiveh:d collectedlarge sum ofmoney

with diëcultiesbt'ttlt:qmountw:$swzllowei
byhi$,yvphew :nd w:$ victimizei by trea-
g 1:c had difllculties in getting
dzily bre/ .
Nf, 20()-4
tst Comb.:(1)1 Venus + Pgsccs
JndComb.:(1)1stlyous: + Szturn
(2)1 Ventls + 6 Venus
3td Coml).)(1'1sthottse .h Saturn
4th Comb.:
. Nil. ('rlle rth llouse is powerful
becuure 1st fmrd zn8 the 6t1: l'a
are tllt.sAnle).
plt :Htte thete istuFslebetween th:planetVenus
:nd Faturn Ft udent :nd teacller). 7'l )e
ttzcher keeping faith in hisstudentgkve tl ne
zmount for Safc deposit, lput the student
nlisapproptiatell the sutn :nd victimized the
ttvchtt.Consequentlytlletevcher w:$ tbrown
into povetty.
Nativo vlctlmlzed by treachtry tTake down the
birth chart: and m gke yourqelfm Qre sute.
tSteEsvmpltSection ;Pkge282.223)
Tbe human life is zlso victimized by ttezchety.
Tàisisjudgei by tl
yeplvnets occupying ot Aspecting
the 8th house, which will be delt in the coming
chpter cvmed 'Death by trezchery.'
(524 I
Thete :re various types of disease. The numbet.
of combinationsindicates numbetofdiseasts.ButLetez,
we shallonly observc the important diseases and its.
Note : Al1the combinations ()feAcl4 disease mustbe
thete,othetwise there willno such diselse.
1.Patalysis 2.Polio
(1)1 Satutn othis Sign.
(2)6 ot 8 + Saturn othissign.
(3)1 + 8 or Sûtutn's Sign otthe 1stLotd in 6tk.
t debilitated oy the 1st Lntz
8th ot 12th or * o,
Mzts in Geminiot Virgtl-
(1)1 + Saturn ofhissign.
(2)M:t$ + Satutn oz Mercuzy oz Mzts in Gemici'
ot Vitgo * or debilitaed.
(3)1 6 ot8 sign ofSlturn ot 1stlord in (tk,
8th ot 12thor # otdebilitated ot 1stLntz
Mvts in Geminiot Virgo.
(4)Xoon + satutn ot his sign.
4. W hitt-leptosy :
(1)1 > SAtutn pt his sign.
(2)6 + Satutn othis sign,
(3)Mzts+ satutn orMetcuc orMztsjn Gtminiot
Vitgo ot+ordebilitzttdxo:t+ malehcMat$..
5.A:thm a:
,(1)1 + Szturn orhi$ sign.
, (2)1 -F Moon othersign.
,( 3)1 + Mglefic or the 1stlord in thesignofSzturn
or in 6th,8th f)t 12th ot: or debi3itktei.
'(1)l + s:turn or his sign.
(?)8 + Sktufn or in his sign or mâlefic.
.3)Mzt$+ Saturn otMtrcuty othi$ $ign ot M:r$:

or debilit:ted or 1 + mzlefit M1t$.

(1)1 q- Svtutn orMercuty orhi$ sign.
(2)1 + mzleûc or1stlord in 6th.8th ot12th ûr#
or debilitzttd or the :$c. Capticom
(3)Mvts+ sktur: or Mercury or his sign ot M :r$.
otdtbilitâtttl or tbe :$c. Ckpricotn ot
Aquvrius or 1+ mgle:c M:r$.
8.Sm vllv x :
'(1)1 + htutn or his s'gn.
(2)1 + M vrcury or hi$ sign oz mvlefc or 1$t lozd
in 6th,8th or 12th o:jn thesig, Czptlcom
or Aquvtius,
9.Typhol: t
41)1 + 6 ot 1st lord in 6th, 3th ot 17th oi#

o: debilitvttd,
(52( j
(2)1 + maleicot Szturn or 1$ 6tà,.8thQt-
12th ot * er iebilitattd.
10.Operatioa t
(1)1 Sat.ozmalefc or1stlordin6th.8th ot12tk.
(2)1 ozSaturn + Marsorhis sign.('for successfnl,
11.Tubetculosis :
(1)1 Sûtutn or nnaltfic or 1$t lord in 6th,8tk,
or 12th ot * or debilitAted.or in the sigh,
ofCupricorn or Aquarius.
(2)1ot Satutn + Moon orMoon zspected one-sidei
by Satutn or Moon in the signof Cvpticotc,
or Aquarius.
(3)Mkts + Satutn ot his sign ot 4.or debilitated,
12.Piles :
(1) 1 + Satutn ot1stIaotd in 6th, 8th ot 12th ot
* or debilituted cr in the sign Capticotn ût
Aquatius or the :$c.Tzutus ot Libtv.
(2)7 otVenus + Sktutn or malefc ot Venus*'
oz debilitated or 7 + Vtnus :nd Mvts.
13.H ysteria :
(1)1 + Moon orVtnnsothutot his sign.
(2)7 saturn oz M etcuty ot hi$ sign.
14.H em ia :
(1)1 + Sztutn ormzlefcot sztutn's sign otthet
1st Lotd in 6th,8t1
4 oz 12th.
(2) + Satutlt('r'Nftrt-tlt);or
' 1:13sign t)r7th Lord
%.ortlttthilitûtrd or in 6tl),8th or 12th.
)Vrnus + SAturn ot Ntercury crhi$$1gn ot $:ot
tlelhilitzted or in 6t1?,sth f-
)r 12t1
15.H ydro- le :
Satttrn or nhkletil- or Saturn's hign o: '
l.ord in 6th,8tl)or 12t1:.
(2) -t->'zturn or Mercuty or his slgn.
(3) or Vtnus + Moon or his or ller sign or
mal tûc Moon.
16.H eart-ttouble :
(1)1 Satutn orllissign.
(2)10 + Saturtlorhis sign.
(1)1 Szturn or his sign.
(2)7 Fûturn or his sign.
18.Dlzbete: :
(1)7 Mercuty or his sign or tlpe gsc, Geminior
VirgoorMkrsaspectedone-sldedby satuy?
orM:r$iqthesign ofGeminiot Vizgo or
: ordtbilltvted.
(2)7 Mzrs or Satutn othi$sign.
(1)1 + Szturn otMetcury orbissign.
(2)1 + Mârsorhissign.
(3)M:r$ + Metcury ormaleicMoon othis ozhez
signotMvr! *ordebilitzted otmvlrfcMi2$.
20. Meningiti. :
(1)1 + Moon othex sign.
(2)1 + Sâtum or hissign ormaledc.
(3)Moon -F Satutn orhis sign.
21.Ttouble or weakness of bones ot teeth:
(1) Sun + Szturn or his sign otSun in 6ttl.8th
oz 12th ot mAleûc Sun.
21. Blood-ptessure :
(1)Mars + Satum orhis sign ot in (letnini ot
Vizgo or mzlefc M:t$.
(2)1 Mgts
23.bladdet-stont :
(1)Mzts Szturn otbi$sign orGeminiozViqo
oz malefc Mzts.
(2)7 otVenus + Mvrs
24.Diëculties of
i Thyroid gland::
(1)1 + Moon orMezcuzy orherot hissign.
(2)1 + Fatum ozMercuty ormklefc Moon.
Diseases-sicknessk Obsetve and understand
le bllh chart: and read below.
tsee Example Sectlon:Pkge284 to287.)
No. 6-1
1st Comb. (1?1 M:ts + Svturn * M oon
2nd Comb. (1)6th house+Skt.(
2)6 Mkts+Szt,4
Mooc(3)8th houst+svturn * Moon
Yd Comb. (1)1Mv> + 8 (2)1Mgzs + Gtmiti
Resit :The nvtive h:d suftzed pvt:lysis.
No. 6-2
1St Comb. (1)1sthouse + Aquati us
2nd Comb. (1)6th 1 ,t
ouse+Sut.(2)8th house+ Sat-k
3zd Comb. (1)1 Szturn + 6
Result :The native had sufered polio,
1st Comb. (1)1st house + Satutn
2nd Comb.:(1)Mats+ Sût.(2'hlvrsqphltz.e Satutn
3td Comb.:(1)1sthouse-i -8 Venus
(2)1Jup.+!Venus* Szt.
4th Comb. (1)Moon+ Saturn
Result The nutive wasSufeting ftom leprosy.
1st Comb. (1)1sthouse + Czpticotn
(13) 1sthouse + Satutn
2nd Comb. (1)6th house + Szmrn * M:tS
3zd Comb.)(1)Mazs + SAtutn
Result :The native was sufezing fzom white-leprosy.
1st Comb. (1)1$t house + Svt.' (2)
$1Mer.+ Capr.
2nd Comb. (1)1$thouse Moon
3td Comb. (1)1 Mdtcuzy + 8
(1)1$thouse 1 maleàcMats
Result Thenaive *ék suséting from zstàG .
1$t Comb.t(1) 1sthoùse + sztûtn
2nd Comb. (1)8th heuFr + Sztutn
(2)8th house + mvleGd Sun
3rd Comb.:(1)Mars + Aquztius
Result :The native had sufered cancet
1St Comb.:(1)1 Jupiter + Gemini
2nd Comb. (1)1Jupite: + Venus
3rd Comb. t1) Mars + Gemini
Result :The native bûd tlyc pain ofappendicitis.
1st Comb.:(1) 1sthouse+ Sûturn * Mars
2nd Comb.:(2) 1st house.
eMercury * Ntzrs
Result :The native had sufered small-poz.
1st Comb.:(1) 1Mzrs +.6
2nd Comb.:(1)1 Mats + 6
Result :The native lûd sufered typhoid.
1st Comb.:(1)1Venus + Jupiter
2nd Comb.:(1) Svtvrn + Mzrs
Result :The nktive h:d to undetgo vn opetvtion
No, 6-11
1st Comb. (1)1 Mar$+Svturn (2)1 Mzts mzlesc
2nd Comb. (1)1 Mzrs + Czncer
3td Comb. (1)M:t$+ Satutn (2ïM:t$ debilit:ted.
Result The nvtive had sufered tubetculosis.
No. 6-12
Conlb.:(1)1$thouge + Libm
2nd Comb.:(1)Venus+Capricozn (2)7Mzts+Sst..
Result :The nztive h1d sufered piles.
No. /-13
Moon * Sut.(3) 1st house + Venus
2nd Comb.)(1)7th bouse+ Aquazius
Result :The native had Sufered hysteria.
No. 6-14
1st Comb.)(1)1sthousehSatutn(2) 1Sun+Sûtutn
2ndComb. (1)7thhouse+ Sat./2)7thhouse+Aqut.
3rd Comb.:(1)Venus + Vizgo
Result The native had thc tzouble ofhetnia.
No. 6-15
1st Comb.(1)1Met.+Sat.(2)1sthouse-hmalefcMazs
2nd Comb.(1)7 Ju?itet+Slturn (2)7 Jupker+Met.
3td Comb.(1)7th house + Moon
Result:The native h:d sufeted hydrocele.
No. 6-16
1st Comb.:(1)1$thouse + Saturn
2nd Comb.:(t)lûth house + Czpticorn
(2)'10th house+Szturn
Result:The nqtive had heztt-tzouble.
1st Comb.. :(
1)'.sthouse.#.Saturn (2)1Mzt5+S:t.
2nd Comb.:(1)7th house+Saturn
Result :The nztive h:d gas-ttoublt.
1st Comb.:(1)Marsaspected one-sided by svturc
2nd Comb.:(1)7 Venus + Czpricorn
Result : The native w:s sufezihg ftom diabetes.
1st Comb. (1)1sthousemSatutn (2)Mzts+Gemini
2nd Comb.:(1,
)1$thouse + Mzrs
3zd Comb.:(1)Mats + Gemini
Result tThe nvtive w:s suâh ing ftom epilepsy.
1St (1) 1st house + Moon @ Mvts
(2)1Jupitet + Moon
2nd Comb.:(1)1st house Szt. * Moon
(2)1 Jupitet+ Satutn
)rd Comb. (1)Moon + Sztatn (2)mvlefc Moon
Result The native hAd sufeted meningitis.
1st Comb. (1) Sun + Satutn (2)Sun + 6
Result :The nztive had thetroubleofbonesznd teeth.
1st Comb.:(t)MAts+ Gemini(2)mzlehc Mvts
2nd G mb. (1)1jthouse + Mkrt
Result tThe nltive w:s sufètllîg from the w6irlij
of blood-prexsux.
1st Comb. (1)Mér$+ Gtmini(2)mvlchc Mvrs
znd Comb.:(1)7th house1.Mtrs(2)Venùs,+ M:8
Result:The native w:s sufeting the pain of stone
in bhddtr.
1st Comb.:(1)1 '
Mats + Vitgo
2nd Comb.:(1)Maleûc Metcuty
Result k Thc native remained short due to the
weakness ofthytoid glands.
Diseases-sickness :Take dow n the bitth charts
and mG e yourself m ore suze.
(SteExample Section :Pages 288 to 298.J
5.Lam e, cut handed, deaf, lm nch-back, weakness
ofeyes ot blind orweakness ofbrain or m ad.
Lame )
(1)1 SAturn o:hissign otmvlticoz1stLotd in
6tb,8th ot 12th.
(2)Rgght '
foot:6 + Saturn oz his Sign ot malefc or
in the sign ofmvleic.
(3)Lvftfoot :8 + Sgtutn ozhissknozmaleicotin
tht sign of malefc:
Cut handed :
Saturn ot his sign ot mzledc ot 1st lotd in
6th,8th oz 12th.
42)Rightbznd:3 + Sztutn othissign otmileEc or
in tbe sign of mzlefc.
t5% )
(3)Lefthand:11 + Sztuzn ot his sign ot maleûc ûr
in the sign of mzltNc.
3.Dumb :
(Tlnosenâtives who are dumb zte also deaf,
kence dumbs:re the sanqt sorts of deafs.)
(1)1 + Szturn orhissign ot malelic or 1st Lotè
in 6tb,8th or 12th.
42)Righte:t:3+ Szturn orhissigy:ot male:c ot
his sign.
,3,Lefteat:11+ Saturn othis sign ormaleic ot
his sign.
4.H unch-back :
(1)1 + Szturn othis sign ormûlefcor1stlaortlin
the sign of malesc,
Satutn ot his sign or maleflc or loth Lutë
in the sign of malcfic.
43)4 + Slturn or his sign or mkleHc or 4th Lord
in the sign of mulefc.
#4) Sun + Sktutn ot hissign otmaleficorin it$sign
oz in 6th,8th ot 12th or * or debilitated
ot in the sign ofVenusoz Venus otSatutn
in Leo Qt Leo in (tb,8th or 12th house.
Tieakness ofeyes or blindnegs :
41)1 + Sztutn or hi$ sign ot maleûc ot 1stLord
in 6tb,8th ot 12th.
42)Rilteye)2 + Sztutn ot Venus or hi$ sign or
mzltic ot hi$ sign.
f3)Lefteye:12 + Satutn ot Venusot his sign or
maleic othis sign.
W eakness of brain ot madness :
41)1$thouse + Szturn or his sign.
42)1stLord 4-Sztutn or his sign ot the 1stLord in

4 or 12th ot ' A ot debilitated.
(3)Sun + Saturn othissign ot 1StLord in 6th, 8th
ov 12th ot * o: debilituted,
tame,cut-handed, deaf.hunch-back,weakness of
ofeyes or blind or weakness of brain ot mad. :
Obsetve and understvnd the bitth chartand
read below.
(8ee Example Section:Pûge299.)
ENote The tesultofthe below combinati on is
notgiven,ifthe Sun, the sfoon, Mats or, Jupitetis
zelated to the 1$t house by conjunction,opposi
tion ot
uspect:nd also this planet sbould notbethe Lotd of
the 6th,8th or 12th house.)
1st Comb. (1) 1 Mtts + 6
2nd Comb. Ri jhtfoot:(1)6Metcuty Satutn
3td Comb. N11
Result The native's right foot wasweak.
No. 6-26
1$t Comb. (1)1Sthous: + sRturn
2nd Comb. Ni1
3z2 Comb. Lefthznd :(1)11th houst + Sautn.
Result :The nativi's left lpand was fractured.
1St Comb, (1)1stlaouse+capticorn
2nd Comb. :Ni1
3rd Comb,:Leftezt:(1)1ltl)house + saturn
Result :The nzyive's ltft ear was weak.
Comb.:(1) 1 M ûzs in Gemitpi (in tht sisn ni
male:c M etcury'.
2nd Comb. (1)19th house4, czpzi. (2)lûth houk+
ùt.(3) 10th house+ Metcuty
3td Comb. (1)4th house+Metçury (2)4th house+
SAturn (3)4 Moon+ Gqmini
4th Ccmb. (1)Sun+Gemini(2)Leo+venus
Resplt The nAtive wûs huncb-bzck.
1st Comb. (1)1 Mgzs + Szturn
2nd Comb. Rigt.teye (1/2nd house+ Sat,
(2)2nd house+ T:utus.
# (3)znd house+ Venus.
3td Comb. Ltft tye:(1)12 Jup.+ Aquv.
(2) 12 Jup.# szt.
Result :The native had become blind in childhoni.
1st Comb.:(1) 1st house : Svturn
2nd Comb. Ni1
3t8 Comb. Ni1
gesult :The native's mind had become unsteady.
Lm e,cuthanded,deas hunch-back,weaknessof
çyes or blind ot weakness of btain ot mad :Tak.
tlpwnthe bitth chartsand make youzselfm ore :ute.
(see Example Section :Pages 30û to 303)
by ensm ieq,diseases al4 lame,cut hapded,
hunch-back,del,btind an4 ma4.
(:ee ExAmple Section :Page304)
W at No. 6-31.The of Aquzzivs. Murs
aspects the 6t1
4 lnouse.The native'patticipgting wzry
became Ptesident of chin: at tht :ge of 56.He is
Victory :6-32.Th: of Lto.The Sun zt
63 is to give tesult.At 63:d yot,the nvtive obtzins
victory in Secohd T orld T :t.He is Roosevelt.':
Defeat kNo.6-33. T% Asc. is of) ,dobm.r, The
nvtivc is dtfeated in war in .his 56,h z#C%t. Ht is
Victlm oftreachee tNo.6G - Thv.,
Gemini.M zr: is ,i. mq
. .
le:c.The nvtiye
' $1
! jaj.
is ri
j't r -t.
ctim izrd by.
j .r,).j,,.,j,j
tteAchvty in pvtt ne
n his 42nd yr u!
** lù ,

Cvpc'r :'N, p.6-35.. Th: ' u c.j.,1-p, of,Lvo.Tke

TLe Moon is mvltiyc.T, he1stL<4?i!t,.,; .wevk,, T,,he,
native dies by cancer in his 6ûth yecr. Tlyis vvr,t
happens during the J'ears ot-Sûturn.
% 'dll-pox :No.6-46. The ttFC, I *S4 Tzutur.
Sszutn Aspects tlpe 1st house.The nâtive h:d soal'l-
POX ct the 2geof8.
Patllysis tNo.6-36.Observe the birtb chtt
No.6-1 given 11 ) Chapter 13/4. The nztive
xttzcked by parâlysis in l'és 35 to 38th yests.Mkrsis
malegc in tlne bitth chzx.saturn Aspectsthe 1$t lpnuse
and Mzrs.Tt qe nktive sul rs the attack ofpzralysisin
the time (Period)ofhmrn.
Leprosy :Obletve the birth chkrtNo.64 given
in Chpter13/4.Thezsc.isof Czpricozn. Tlz Snn
is mvleft.The xtive in the time (period) of th his 36th year, sufers leprosy.
Astkmm :Obsvtv4 tlyt bitth chattNo,
h ptet j3/4.The :sc.isofGemini. MAtgjsmalritj
Theo tiv:.,
u& ts a4thmq in Mar$21x 7>r.
A, idd: :Obscve the birth chvtt No.6-7
giez h Cb> : 13/4. The tvtivt :1 pzin .
vppendicitis in bis 3ûth yezr :nd in 31st yeu t4
rndetge kh e er'@p:.
Ayphold tObsttvetl
in cbzptey13/4.Thea$c.isofAries.1$tLotd i$in
k$ oe' $d4''h- se.Metcuty i$ mvle&.Thenvtivel
suTtttd ty k.#7is''
.i$ :1-6 Jw rs.
A emtion :Obsetve the bitth clnltt No. 6-9
#iven in '
J'he asc ls of Taurus.The
nitive had to undeqo ûn operation in lqis30/31St
T>r.The vspect of Sun ovet Szturn and Mats form
le combination of 1 + Satutn. Hence the native
àad to undergo zn oyeration in time (petiod) of
saturn.Jupiterbeing *cannotgipetesult.
Tubetculosis :Observe 4he birth cl
aattNo. 6-11
ven in Chapter 13/4 The ofArits.Metcuty
igmallc.Thenztivediedby T.B.inhis54/55thyeat.
P11> :Obsetve tbe bitth ç14att No. 6-12 yivvn
inClaaptet 13/4. The zsc. isof Libra. Tht disease
statted in his 25th yeat.The l$tLotd is ip the sign
fuptkètn :nd sâtuin zspectstbe 7th Lotd Mzts.
H ernia & Heax-ttnuble:ln thesameabovebirth
ih:rt,the native in his32nd yeat had the trouble of
hetni: :nd in hi5 41st yezz h:d the hezrt-trouble.
Lam e :Obsttve the bitth chvztNo.6-25 given
inChvptet13/5. The zsc.isofAties.The native's
zightfoot w:s weaken in h1s 11-12th ye:t due to
typhoid.M ttcuty is mâleûc. This hzppencd in the
time (period)ofMzrs:nd notin Mezcuty.
Cut-handed tObserve the bitth chattNn. 6-26
tiven in Chptet13/5.TbeAsc.isofAties.Thenaive
in his 52nd yevt b1d lost bis hand due to accident.
neaf:Obsetve the bizth chart No. 6-27.givcx
in Chaptet13/5.Thenative hadthe painin eatsfrom
childhood and his eats w ere weaken.
Blind :O bsetve the bitth chattN o.6-29 givev
in Chaptet 13/5.The nati ve l osthisboth eycsin his
5th and 10th yeats.
M ad O bservt tlae bitth chattNo.6-30 given in)
Chaptet13/5.The zsc.isof Leo.The native's miud.
becam t unsteady in his 40th yezt.
Thetime(petiod)ofwar,victoty,defeat,annoyed by.
enemles,diseases and lam e, cut-handedy huach-
back,deaf,blind and m ad.Take down tie bixh .

chart axd m ake youtself m o- sute.

(See Example Section :Pages 305 to 309.),
Chapter Fouxeenth :Elghth Houee
The consideration ofa nxtive'slongevityisavery
diëculttask.One c:n hardly getsuccess in it. Even
tàen we Sballhere have: Specialstudyofthissubject.
'since tlne bitth upto dezth,amanfghtszgainst deuth.
Hence thete is tussle lhetween the 1stLotd and the
Lotds of6th,8th,ûnd 12thhouses.Hereinonewho is
Powerful,naturally wins.
Saturn is devil,cruel,thick-headed and the signi-#
:cator ofdevth.He is the signiicatot of6tb,8tb :nd
12th houses. He is known as 'Lord of Death'in
astzology. ,
So the considetation of longevity is taken
from saturn,tht malefcs :nd 6th, 8th :nd 12th
The considetvtion of longevityisalsotzken ftom
:he 1$t house,1$tLord :nd tbeSun,the SigniNcatot of
1sthouse.lfthe position of 1$t house,its Lozd and
tht Sun i$sound in :bittb chvtt, the native enjoys
long life,with tbe condition tbzt there should be no
intezfetence of the mvlefc plznetot Sztutn or 6,8
ùt12th houses.
Tht phnetwho is tbe lotd of 6th,8th or 12th
M use .
ppd not tht lord of the ttice oz quvdrvst,is
(542 J
considertd as 'naaleûc'p which c:n be followed fmx
the following asc.tzble.Saturn should be considetel
as maleNc in al1the bitttn chztts.
* #<q* *eœ

A sc. A ries Tautus l

,Gem jni;
'cancez Leo vi**>to
M alic M er. Venus+ M ars l 1 M er. M oon Mvfs
- e.
6 m 9KriF*1 uw.,
G. x p:
. wgv pf.: yt%d
A sc. Libm s cozpiolsagitt.1capri.aqua. pisces
M aleûcVenus+ M ezcury Venus,iSun M oon Veavr
Moon.j j .
The natutûl ftiendship of the phnets 1s Also
usefulin considering longevity.For instance, SAturn,
Venus :nd M etcuty wotk in one gtoup and M1t$,
the Moon, the Sun and lupi ter wotk in unother
gtOuP. 80th the groups behvve with ekch othet o
enem ies,while M vts,the Sun,the M oon :nd Ju?it et
fght fot the beneft of the humvn life.
The child's longevity should not beconsidtted a$
soon as it is botn, because for tbe period of tvù
yeàrs,thete semzins the mzleic eFectof Satutn, tvt1
signiEcatot is z wise step to considerih
locgevlty of a chlld whtn lt completes two yezts.
Sometimesone combinvtion of sbort llf: :1$0
causes child's death;while thete :re cettain chilite:
*- xy
e * Nëf*%H#*I
7*;% /'h
. 8?4 M# ? 7 (7
# lh the A:u.l'auru::nd Libra, tht l:t, 6th & 8*
Lord '
N ihg Venas,hereJoplter t:tvpl.ted by Venuw,
hving one 0: t*0 combinatipns Qfshozt kfe,'sti' l
theycrosstwo yegts.TLe comidemtign of longevity
ofsuch chiidzen is only ziviszble fotthe asttologers,
vàen they crcss two ymts. EvO puents think tl yis
considezation asthe fak o> .
The com binationsoflongevity:
(1)13thouse+ Sun,Moon,Mào oz Jupitez (tbis
plzntt should be bentic, not the
lotd ofthe 8th houseznd an enemy
to the 1stLotd)ot tbe asc. ofhis
othet sign.
(1)1$tLotd + Sun, Moon, Mats oz Jupittt(this
plvnetshould be benefc,notthe lotd
ofthe 8th hqtuse :nd znenemy to the
Lozd ortipe 1stLordin theslgn Arks
oz Scozpb.
(3)Sun+Moon,MzzsozJupiter(this plznetshould
be benefc, not tàe lotd of the 8th
house)otin thesign Leo orin $h4
sign Aties oz Scotpio oz in 1,3,4,7,
9 oz lûth bouse.
@)Sztuzn>Snn Moon,MktsorJupitet (this pknet
hould be benefc,cotthe loid '
s' ofth4
8th house)ot#ot de:hîlitated or i'
the sign Azie,C?'
otk 12ththoidd)..
rtxc+ jn 6th,8th'
(5)Mzkfc+Sun.Moon,MzT$orJupitet(this pkttt
should bt bentic,not th4 lotd ofth
sth bouse)or$,or debilitated.
MaleNc combinations k
(6)1sthouse8-malefc ot8th Lord otS:tutn ot àis
sign o:+otzn enemy planet in tlleksc.
47)1stLotd mvlefc oz 8th lzotd or Saturn ot kis
b -

sign oz :or debilitvted or in 6t11, 8tL

ot 12th houst ot 1st Loti ic
tnemy's house.
(8)Sun .
F mvl
efc ot Satutn ot hi$ sign or#ot
debilitzted otin 6th,8th or12th l aonst
oz in tbe sign of Sztutn ot Venus,
(9)satuzn>8tb Lotd oz malefic oz in the signof
svturn or in 6th,2th ot 12th house,
1 1 8th Lotd o: Saturn or hi$ sign otic
. 6th,8th oz 12th house.
h :tm ction:t
1.lf the :$ telvted to tht 1st Lotd,it dûes
nottequize tht htlp of :ny othetbepefccombinqtbn, considezing it vs:beneiccombin:tion,shouli
be givtn 1û yevts.
2.Whentvttthete :tetwo ,:1e& $, evch $1:0718
be sivtn 5 ytvts.
k- ,,,3.Ftom the above combinvfions,if4he 7th oi
the 1û,th combintt/ons :tt formed in v birth chvtt,
thechild dies eatly,and in the'7th combination, ifthe
1stLozd is.aspected one-sidedby.satuzn,th8powetful
o mbination of death is fotmed.'1n the same wzy, if
the maleic is Aspected by Satutn and ifit is tehted
to asc.or the 1st Lord,the same result is given.
4.In the :$c.Virgo And Pisces, the Sun should
motonly be tuken û$ malefic beczuse the Sun is the
ftiend of tl
nesetwo lotds,MercutyandJupi ter,wheteas
in the zsc.Ckpricotn,the Sun is tuken as malefc fot
he isthe enemy ofthe 1stLotd,Saturn,
5.lf the 1st Lord ASPCCtSthe asc. then he does
mottequite tht help of Any othetbeneNccombination.
H: isconsideted Aspowetful(except Satutn),Should
be given 10 yeArs.
lfthe plknet is in it$ own signiicating house,
itfotgets a11zbouttke enmity.Fotinstant,1heMoon
isthe enemy ofM evcuty butifthe Moon' is situated
in het 4th signidcvting house,then tht Moon Should
notbe considtted :$ enemy of Metcuty.The szme
tule zpplies with restof the plznets.

(Longevity between û to 5 yeArs)
Hum zn-bting and Longevlty-Deal in o ildhood.
Obxew e o d underm hd le bleb chg-
and z> d below.
(S* Ex:mple Section :hge31û.)
BeneNc Gomb. Yrs. M lleâc Comb. Ytqk
(191St house# Leo 10 (6)Ni1 lo
(2) Ni1 x (7)1 Sun+Moon,
Sat.* Moon
Ni1 (8)Sun+Moon,Szt.
* 51oon
(4)Ni1fslatsis (9)Satutn + 12
(5)Ni1'Sun is (10)Malesc
debilitated) Saturn
TotzlYt$. 2:
Result :The birth chztt is of 4short life.' Ther: 1te
7th 1nd loth combinûtions,The nAtive livd
for 1 yrât only.
(1) 1+ Scorpio 10 (6)1sthouse#svt.*M:t$,
Jupitet x
(2) Ni1 (7) 1M vts+Aquzrius,Szt.x
(3) Ni1 x (8)sun+mlleic Mtmuty x
(4) Nil. x (9) Ni1 1$
(5)Metcuty: Sun 10 (1û) Nil 1û'
,, '.rot
:1 Yrs. *'
Reeuk ')The * tb ehzx is of 'medium life'.h)t1$t
Lotd Mazs is asycted x e-sided by Satuta
znd ht.i$ in tht sign of Swtum . T1w nztive
coulz live only for 6 months.
Benesc Comb. lrrs. Maleâc Comb. YtK .
(1)1sthouse Leo 1û (6)Ni1 to'
(2) Ni1 (7 )1 VenusiAquariusx
(3) Ni1 (8)Sun# Satuzn
(d.) Ni1 (9)Satum +8Jup.
(5) Ni 1 (1û)Moon1Czpticorn
TotalYrs. 20'
Result: The bitth clutt is of<shortlife'.Theteis.
7th combinztiûn.The n:tivt lived only fot.
15 dzys.
(1)Ni1(Moon isthe x (6)1sthouselsztutn
enemy ofVenus) (7)1Venusécapzicozn
(2) Ni1 % (8)SunAsaturn
(3)Sun:M:t$,JuP. 1û (9)Venus#Capricorn x
(4)Sét.#Jup.Mvts, 1û (1û))u?.1Ssz
Total Yts. 20.
Kesult :Th4 bkth chattis nf <shortlift'. Th te ue
7th :nd lûth combinations. The native had
livd fot 1 SCR'.
No.131-3 ,t:,)
(1)Ni1(Moon istht x (6)1!tbwseYMoon %
entmrofVenus) (7) Ni1 10
42) N i1 (8) Sun+slturn x
(3) N J1 (9)Ni1 6

(4) Ni1 (10)Maleûc Mats+lz x
(5) N il
TotzlYrs. 29
Result : The birtb chûrtis of .short life'. Thete k
10th combination. The nûtive gets 20 yevts
oflongevity.The native died at tlae end of
9th m onth.
Beneâc Com b. Y rs. M alefc Com b. Yts.
(1)Ni1(Moon isthe (6)1sthoust+ sfoon
enemy of Met.)
(2)1 Metcuzy+Sun 10 (7) 1 tntmy's
house. x
(3) Ni1 (8) Nil 1û
j4)Ni1(Matsis mde- (9)SAtutn-l
-Mvts,8 x
ted one-sidtd by
(5)Mvts+Jup,Lto 10 (10)Mats+ Sztum
Totzl Yzs. 39
Re.ult :The bitth cbktt of <shozt life'. Thete :ze
7th and 10th tombinltlons.The nltive liveë
only foz 21 dvys.
H um an-being and Longevity-m ah in childhood.
Take down tbe bitth charts and m akc
your:elf m ore sure.
(See Example Section :Page311)

(Longevity between 6 to 30 yeazs.)
H um an-belng and Longevity-shottllfe tO bserve
and understand the blrth chaxsand read below.
( See Emample Section :Page 312..)
N o. 132-2
Benefc Com b. Yrs. M eleEc Com b. Yts.
(1)Ni1(Moon istbe (6)1sthouse+Saturn x
enem y ofVenus) (7) Ni1 10,
(2b1 Venus+ Scorpio 10 (8)Sun+sat-,8Jup.6 x'
(3)Ni1(Jup. is 8th x (9)Saturn+8Jupiter x
Lotd) (10)Jupitet+Satuzn
(4) Ni1 x
(5) Ni1 x Total Yac 20-.
Result The bitth chkrt is'of :short life'. Theze is
no 7tH'colbination. Th: nativé livid forz
14 years. '
. ? lfù. 132-5 ,r'. ,%
; .r
(1)1st hoùse -FJ2up
-*',. l $
e' 0 (6) 1sthous-Mo
. kJo
z n,sa
j2) ' Ni1'-' x (7)1
: house) x.
. (3h Ni1 % (8#$un : Vtnus
-(4)SatutnAMazs,Jup.10 (9)SAtutn +Moon
(5)Moon1Mats,Jup.10 (19)Moon>Saturn
(Venus> Sun) (no comb.ofVenus)5
TotalYts. 35
Result :Tlpe birth chztt is of .sbortlife'.Thereute
7th and lûth combinzticns. The native iiez
attlle :g: of16 byitowning.Obsrrve hex,
ye Moon is maleûc.
Beneât Conzb. Yrs. M ale:c Com b. Yfs.
.f1) 1stLouse > Tu: .lû
- (6)1$thouse>Czpticotn x
td.lû (7)1$tLotd Sztum x
(3) Ni1 x (8)sun 4.Sztutn x
@)Satufn j.1 5un 10 (9) Nil 1û
.(5) Ni1 x (1û)Mlllcsun:Szturn X
@Result The birth thzh isof.jhojtlife'.n ete:tt
7th :nd the lûth comblnvtlons. '
The native
1im 4 fot18 yevts.
No. 12-11
. (1:)12,hove YA* % (6jA$c,#szt.*M :z$
M:t$,Jupitet. 10 (7)1Mats4.S:t,3C:?.x
(2)1 Mlrs:Jupitet 1û
(3) Ni1 2
x 4
suius x,
(4) Nil x ttû)MitcuryAAquatiusx
'(5)As i.'
#Svt.*Mvtj 1û.
Totvl Yz$.39
Aesult tThe bitth cbzrtisoî tshortlife'.There are
o 7th and tbe 1@h combinations. The
native had lived for 1û yeats.Comparebirth
c17urtNo.26 with thisone.
N o. 132-25
BeneEc Comb. Yrs. M aleNc Comb. Yrs.
(1)1sthouse+Scotpio 1û (6)Asc.+sat.@Jup.
42)1 Mats+Moon 10 (7)1 Mats1 Szt.Met x
(3)Ni1 X (8)Sun>Capricorn x
@)Satutn+Jupiter 0 1 (9) Satutn#Metcuty
(5)Alercury FM ûts 19
TetalYvs. 40
Aesult :The birth chart is of<Shortlife'.There ûre
also 7th :nd the 10th combinations. The
aztive died by dtowning atthe age of27.
/ ft

(1) N; X ('6)1sthouse1Suturnx
f2) Nil X (7)1 Mercuty% X
43)Sun exzlted 10 (8)Sunexalted+8
(4) N.
't (9) Ni1 10
45) Nit (10) N2'' 1.
4t, t

l k-
-. -fTt
, ,0
T% Nzth cl rt is,of 'shortlife'. Thçrçq.
Result t, is
7th combination :nd not lûth #combinvtion.
Te nztivediedztthvagtofz8bytakingpoisoa.
Hum an-being and Longevity-shortlife :Take4qwa
the birth chatts and make yourself more sure.
(Longtvity between 31to5()yeats)
Hum an-being and Longevity-Medium life:Obseae
and undetstand the bitth chztts and tead belnw.
Benehc Conpb. lrts. M aleft Com b. Ytgt
(1)1$t,house+svgitt. 10 (6)1$thouse#venns x
(2) Xil x (7)1Jupiter>Moon X
(3)Sunfupiter 1() (8)Sun>Aquatius X
(4) Ni1 (9)sztutn:8 X.
(5)MoonAlupitet (10) Ni1 1:
Tot:lYt$. *
Result :The bitth chvtt is of 'medium life.' Thte
is Also 7th combination.The native dieë by
itovnlg ât the :ge of32. '
(1)Ni1 x (6)1s t house#Mes X i
(2)1stLotd#svn 1û (7)1$t Lord112 X' ,

(3)sunAlup,Moon 19 (8 )sun#12, '

Nutus X
4) Saurn dpbi
ed 10 (9)Ni1 1p
45) Nil (10)Mkts#svtum
T<d Y>. *
Result :The bitth chatt is of <medium life'.Thete
ate 7th and 1û combinations.The nativew:s
hanged zt 39.
No. 133-11
Benehc Com b. lrts. M aleEc Comb. Yrs.
t1)1St hous e-hLeo 10 (6)1st house+ Satutn
(2) Ni l (7) Ni1 10
(3) Ni 1 (8) Nil 10
(4) Ni1 (9) Ni1 1û
(5) Ni l (1û)Ma l
eic Moo n + 1
TotalYts. 40
Result :The bitth chûtt is of <medium life'. There
isno 7th combinztion.The native,commited
suicide at40.
No. 133-14
(1)1sthouse+Leo 1û (6)1st laouse+Sat. X
4Lord)x C) Ni1
(2)Nil(Jup.is8t1 1:
(3)Nil(Jup.iS8thLotd)x (8)1 Sun+ 8Jupitez X
(4) Ni1 x (9) Nil 10' ,
(5)Moon>4 (beneûc) 1û (1û) N11
Totgl Yts. 5:
qmedium .
Result The bitth chûtt is of'z 1:,e'k,,
ate7th =d 19th t
commited suicide
(1)1Sthouse+Azies 1: .
(6) # Ni1 '

(2) Ni1 x '(7)14V#:s+Sat

I # #
i .
10 (8)$un+Capricotn v
tn$l+ uqt
-otp., 'û t9)Sat.
1 $
à n -F8
ur :
1û(10)slercuty>capticrlrn :

'3 TotàlYtï- 50
kesuli:Th'i bitth
t i
soi x
mi diùm flf!e
-' Tlptt'e
arC 7th::nd lût h cômbi
nations The nativtj
died i: zit etush at 49. He is Subaih
Chandh Bose. i i
Not 13!-22
bene:! com
b. Yrs. M alehc com b.
,. yt$.
(1') , Yi1 (6
,)1sthouse+ Sat. x
(2)Nii(Sunisthé (7) Ni1 1û
enemy ofS:t.) x
(3)Sun : Mars 10 (8)Sun + 12 X
(4)Sat.# Atiys 10 (9) Nij tû
(5) Ni1 9 (1û) Ni1 jû
$?, lrottlhrts. 59
Result:Thebiqh châqtis of'medium lifp'. Theze
:se no 7th :nd lûth combinations.Thtnktiv:
dkd :1 5û.
Hu- ànd L4ngevlty - M edlum llfe :T1#
'e ihx#à'àh'
d VkkeyöuidàlfMoresute.
(o )fbpy Lpr:
:1$ getk-
èen 51to70ye:rs)

. ' C1* $ '
je yt4bei
# / a.
ndA L'
'.onee vitv - Lons l
fe> -

and ûnlers t'

nd th1f
e bW
irth '
,art#, a'
1.. ,s),9u
nd read below .
(See Example Section :Page 316)
No. 134-7 k .1( k:
BeneNc Com b. Com b. M aleNc Com b. lfS.
(9 1sthouse+Mats (6)1sth1out s 10
e+Capz, X
(4 1 jaturn+ Mats 10
(7) Satutn himself. X
43)Sun+ Jupiter (8,)Sun+8 10 Y
(4 Satutn+yats (9) Ni1 10 10
(5)Sun+Jupiter (10)Sun. i.8 10 X

' l'
)aJlYts 69 .

l e bizth ihjt
a !i!4ofj*lo
iey. Thejz.
, .-y z ),y.
7th an'
d lûth combinoatlonsj.The
- hktivedied
in sin'
Nt s
zth yeat'.
' No.
l 1sthouse+.)Sun t0? (
û) XiI 10
. p
'# 1 Mriae.t
'' ,s
' Le
i' tt'
t* i
. (à
)1Mjt js
'.Mer.F )
43 Sun+ 1jihoûse 1l01 1)) :il i.
0 '

, y K1
l (l.u.y
F .e1 j
irj X& ?)
s ,
,. rq
tltl .
f5) M1 X 10)ATezcuryï Saturn X
Totzl Yrs. 50
kt/ .t. g
pesult : T
u bitth chatt is.
of <lonz life .Thete re
t t,
hln >j.1;
mb t:tt
/:?3 'hI. ' %1f1. k)t-t
J1 16h.
p J.t
, se
at 95 in the perlod of mzlefc Saturn
nnd M etcuzy.
BeneNc Conab Yrs. M aleNc Comb. Yrs-
(J)1st house:slars, 10 (6)Ni1(M:r$& Sat-ate1:
Sun,Jup-,s'foon intlepcndentfrom
(2)1 Venus : N '
lcrs. tlt4c ttnotller)
oon (7) 1 Venuslsaturn
SunAMats, Jtlp', 1
(p (8)Sun:stttutn
lloon (9)Sûturnyvenus.
(4)SaturnAsun,Mzts,1û Mzts
Jupiter (1û)Venuslsaturn
Jupitet,M' eon TotalYr3. 6û'
Result:Tl)t bittl)chûttis of 'long life', Thtte, gte.
7th and lûtb cotllbinûtions. The nstive
committed sukide in Mzts 56tt '1yeat. He
is Hitler.
(1)1SthouseAlup.Sun10 (6) Nil 1p'
(2)1 Metcuty:Moon 1û (7)Ni1(withMoon) 1û.
(3) 1 xi1 x (à)Sun:czpticotn X
(4)SztutnAsun 1û (9)Sztutn.fcvpricotn x
(5) Ni1 x (1û) Ni1 1û,
TotvlYt$. 6û,
Resulf:Tht t
pitth chattisof'longlift'.Thvt: is7th:
cotpbinztion. The
nktive commited suicid:
Beneûc Com b. Yrs. M alefc Comb. Yzs
tl1)1stlnouse+ Jup. 10 (6)1sthouselsat.wlup.x
,(2) 1 Mer.+4thhouse10 (7) Ni1 10
(3)Sun + Jupitet 10 (8)Spn + Satutn
(4 )Sat.+Sun,Jup. 10 (9)Ni1(Mcrsbenefc)
(5)Mats+ Sun,Jup.10 (10)Mars+ Saturn

Total YrS. 70
Result :The llirth chaxt js of <long life'. Thete is
no 7th colnbination. The native died at64.
(1 1sthouse+Leo, (6)1st house> Saturn x
Jupiter,Mats 10
(2) Ni1 (7) Ni1 10
(3) Ni1 x (8) Ni1 10
(4)Sat.+ Mats,Jup,10 (9) Ni1(
Sa t.i
s as
one-sided by Jup.)10
#5)Moon + Nlars 10 (10) Ni1 10
Total Yrs. 70
Result :The bitth chztt is of tlong life'. Thete ate
no 7tb and 10th combinations. The native
died at67 in the petiod of Saturn.
H um an-being and Longevity-tong life :Take down
zhe bitth chatt: and m ake yourqelf m ote sute.
(SeeExzmpleSection :Page317.)
.zover 71 ye:ts )
4 --'
' evjt4
'''--'- '
Jng> llfe:gbsrq.
'j p
ajnd understan.d the blrth cha
rts and
14$ 1'
(See Examyle Section :h ge 318 1 ('
* No.135-1
BeneNc Comb. Yrs M. a
lesc Com b. Yrs,
(1) Ni1 (
61 Nkj jj
(2)1 51e:.-1
-Jup-, (7)1MetcurylAquatiusx
(3)Sun+1()Jupiter 10 (8) Nil 1:
(4)$at.>Jup,,Sun 1û (9)Svturn #-6 X
(5)Mltgdebilitated. '
t0 (10) Nil 1q
Result:Thebitth chatti sof <verylong life'.Tiy
native clied ût 71 in the Lfûrs periol
(1)1sthouse4.Jup, 10 (6)l>Moon * Saturn 9,
(2)1 sunllsthouse 10 (7)1 Sun -FMoon

(3)S:n 1 1sthouse 10 (8)sun > Moon y

@)8:tutq 4.Spn 1û (/)Nil(S:t.iscombust)1û
1û (10)Ni1(jat.iscombust
, )1û
-- j
Result :Thr
bittln1 chAztis of
j .4
<very l
ong 'life'. The
nitlve iied zt72 in theperisd' oftheMonm
. .
$* #
Be:!pe7#tc Co m
jz)''f #?. Y?.
# Mlàe
zâ#6?P'' YP'
' 1)1st-' h'
o nse 1 Ua l
j? l
û (
i) Yi$ 10
) MoonlAties , lûth 19
' taOUSC l
(3) Sun > Leo 10 (8)Ni1(Mez.iscombusl)10
(4) Xi1 x (j)SaturnY 6 k
i* #
uty4.Sun 10 (10) Ni1 10
Tk tal Yts. 80
5 ek *
Result The biz
th c
hsazt i
S of T
. et
y l
ong life-' The
mative d
ed a
d?75 in'the
w pe
od' of Me *t
anè Satutn.HezethetstLozd koop,ls in
the sigà'ofMars atid she-is'p
(1 1Sthouse1 Pisces (6) lklil
M oop 10
(2)1 JuPlous
Y1 Wh (7)Ni1(Saturp,Vrnps
e 10 :re uspected by
Jup.Mao) 10
# Fi1 (l) kil 19
uprvepup, 10 (2)ia,
cuc '
(5)Venus1Julpitez ï0 (10)Venps1 .'iyuzn x
? s5
, .x.g(j*/ # ,.. ,. .

TotalYzs. .
Result:T.llç bixk çbgttisof.vezy long Xe'.The
nativedied at81$n the petiodoftheSun.
N o. 135-12
f1)1Sthouse + M oon (6)Ni1(Szturn isin
(exalted),M :ts 10 tlhesignofScotpio)1û
(2) N i1 (7) Ni1 1û
(3)Sun Cancer 10 (8) Ni1 1û
(4)Saturn +.Scorpio 10 (9) Nil 1q
(5)Jupiter-1.Mkts 10 :10)Jupitcr 12 X
TotalYrs. 89
Result :The birth chart is of tvety long lifc'.The
nûtive died at 83 in tlle Period of'
No- 135-13
ç111St house + M oon #6)Nil(Sat.+ Mars,
exzlted,Jupiter 1 0 no eHkctofS'at.) 1û
42)1 Venus+ Aries 10 (7)1 Venus + 12
(3)Sun -h 1sthouse 10 (8)Sun + Satut'n X
(4) Saturn + Mars 10 (9) Ni1 1û
(5)Jup,+ 9th house 10 (10) Ni1 1û
Totzl Yts. 89
Result :The bitth chart is of tvery long life'. Tl
native died zt 84 in the period of Mzts.
Herein Jupitezis in his own signiiclting
9th house, is powerful:nd bene6c.
Human-being and Longevlty -9e% long life:Take
4own tht bitth chatts and m lkeyoureelfm ore sute.
(See Example Section Plge 319.1
(1)1+ Satuzn otCApticotn,AquaziusotLibta
42)1+6 or8 otmaleéc or1stLord :or debilitated.
43)8+8 oz Satutn otinissign otmaleic.
(a) A death by treachery :
(11Moon+Saturn orbissign'
(2)Moon+Marsor hissign.
(b) A death by poison,:re,wster or machine k
A death by poison or :re :
(1)Mars+Saturn othis sign otMats aspected one-
sided by Satutn ot Msrs maleicor
Mûrs in,8th ot.12th ot in thesign
42)8+Mzrsor hiSsign.
A death in watet :
(1)Moon+mvleûc otMoon+suturn
(2) 8+Moon orhersign.
A death by m achine :
(1)1+8 ot Saturn
(2) Mats+Satutn ozMetcuty ozhissign ot Mzts%
ot debilitated ot malefc,
(e)An accidentby machihe butescapefrom it1
(1)1+ Sun,Moon,Mus)JupiterothisorherSign.
,,u,n, sfqo:
n,Mars krJu)py
-ter or hisQt
het sign
(c) A death by suicide )
(1)3orMats+ Sat
krk'ury orhis sig
(2)1+Moon or51ûts t).. -
(d)Fine,jail,execution orttansportation
(1)3 otMats+Saturn,slescuryo1 :hissignotmaleéc.
(2) 1+8 otmuletic.
Death iscauscd it:two wttys-Na(turglland unpAt1u(v.qg
' .

idesth iscuused 1)yt- k1)death by

treaclcery.(2)de-uth by'poison.(. 5)deuth by ûccident

(4)iezth by suiclzeand (5)deatltby lail, executioc
ottrcnspoztAtion.(Jailortransportation is slso oce
sott of death as the victim is shifted fRt from tLe
univetseby theGovetnment.Consequently,therelative s

consldered tbisasone sortofdeath ofhim ).

(a)Death by treachery:
An unnaturaldeAuwm afh by tteaçhery :Observe.
aad understand the birth chzrtsand rea4 belvw,
(SeeExappl r $ yt
yj ,b hsj:Ppgt)2û to323.1
' ko 143-1
1st Cqmb. (
()1sthouse+Libr: (2z 1Venus+Libyj
1 .
2nd Comî. 1)1st1
(3) 1sthouè + 8 Venus.
3td Cpmb. (1)8th houst+ Slyuzn.
4t1.hf Comb
l'I.. (1)Mçqp + S
5tk .n
1 5.%,. t))Mogp+,M?t$*Jvpittt.
*5û,) )
Result :The nytive died an unnatuml .deûth by '
r$f* t2Jt' ' * .e,.'''.J
trelchety. He'*
1s h' Iahatma Gandhili.
.. h .-a'
Nok 143-5
1st Comb.:(1) 1Mars + Ai6 S aturnî.
2nd Comb.:(1) 1 Vats+ h'' oeuse
3td Comb :(1)8th hous1e+ A
rn(2)8M er.+* Aqu,
4h Comb :(1)Moon + Saturn
5tb comb.*@ &'i1
Rv sult :The na
tive di
!#i e
.d an
..' j unns
t7 : deat'
treaclaery.He waSgiven poison. 41J
llo. 143-
1st Comb.t(1)1 Mars + Satutn
2nd Comb. (1)1 k> 'ts + 8 Metcury
3rd Comb.:(1) tl' house
+ S,at.Q)
** -
'v '
8 M ercuzy+ Sat,

4th Comb. (J)Mqon+ Sqtutn*M. ?.'

zts,M,etçuzp jy,p
5th Comb. (1)Moon + M ars
Result :Tl ne native died ap unnatural deat'
h by
ttezchety.The native wa$mutdetvd.
An unnaural death-Death by tteachety : Take
down the birthchaxsandmakeyourielfZoresute'
(SeeExample Section tPzge320.)

'' btr ?
1r s
. f
''i , t e 9.irth ch. ):.
' .vlfmp
'j '
,, ,p.:P
ctio g>.
Death by poison :
1St Comb, (1)1 Mars + Szttlrn
2nd Comb.:#1)Alats + 8th house
3td Comb.:(1)8tl1ho3lse-hSzt.(2)8 Nlct-.>Aquatius
4th Comb. (1)Mal'sktspuk-teClotle-sided l)y Satutn
(2)Atars -1 8 (3)Mzrs + Gemini
5th Comb.t(1)8 -1-.M'
Result :'
fhe native wûs given poisfm and l)e ëiei
by it.
No. 144 .
1$t Comb.t(1) 1sthotTse + Satutn
2nd Comb,:(1)1sthousc 6 Sat.
(2)1 Mercug debilitattd.
3td Comb.t(1)8th bouse #.malcûc Sun
4th Comb (1)Matsisnpalttic.
5th Comb.:(1)8th house 4-Arltr
Result The native died by poison
No.8-4 .
tst Comb.t(1)1sthouse + Aqultius
2nd Comb.t(1) 1 SAt urn+6 (2)1Satutn-hMoon
3td Comb.:(1)3th house + 8 Mercury* Mzts,Szt.
(2)8th house+ sat.(3)8Met.+Sztuzn
(4)8th house + mvleûc Moon * Sztutn
(5)8Metcuzy + Moon * Satarn
4th Comb.:(1)Mazs + satutn
5th Comb.:(1)8Mercury+ Mat;(2)8Met.+Aties,
(3)8th house+ Mztî* Suturn
Result )The native died by ûte.
Death in watet :
1st Comb.:(1)1$t house + Libra
(2)1Venus+ Sûtutn @ Moon
2nd Comb,:(1)1Venus + 8 Venus
3td Comb.:(1)8 Venus.+ Saturn @ Moon
a Comb. (1)Moon + Sztuzn
5th Comb. (1)8 Venus + Moon
Result tThe nutive.died by dtowning at 16.
1st Comb.:(1)tst'l
house-hsût.(2)1Mer.+ Sztutm.
2nd Comb. (1)1Metcury' debilitated.
3td Comb. (1)8th'house+ Capii
4th Comb. (ï)Moon maleicMvts
5th Comb.:(1)8th house + Moon
Result tThe native died by dzöwhing at14.
N o.8-3
1st Comb. (1)1Stlhouse+ $Satvm
2nd Comb. (1)1àthouse + $8Mo
' ? on , ,
3rd Comb. (1)8th house,#
um (2)81 house+
8,Moop (3), yMoon + Sltvp,
4th Comb. (1'Moon+Slt,.,
.) (2)Th ,r.Moon js'makéc
. comb.:(1)8tbhùu 'se'-.
Result The$:nat
'ike tlied at 16 by dtowning.
Death by $ ma lèhinèx t
1st Comb.: (1)1 Venus+ Sût.(2)1sthouse+ Sat utn.
Jupiter (3)1sthouse + laibtz.
2nd Comb. (1)1sthouse+ 6Jup.(2)1vehus-ypvetks
hlmself.(3)1sthotîàk# 8Vtnus*sctutn.
3zd Comb. (1)8Vent:s + Sâtt
4th Comb. (1)1 Veâks+ 8 Ve 'n)
(?)1sthoûsk + 8Vcnus .Saturn,Ju?ç.
5th Comb. (1)Mv'
ts+ Szttirn.
Result Thé nktive 8%d i: aix crush kt47.
)st,çomb.:(1)lj! house+Libtz (2)1 Venus+Aqc.
2nd Comb.:(1) , 1.Venus+ 8 Vtnushimself.
3rd Comb.:(1)8t1 ).house+Svtutn (2)8Venus+Aqu.
4th Comb.:(1) 1Venus + 8 Vtnushimstl f.
5th Comb. (1)Mvts + Mexcuty.
Result The ngtive w:: shot dtzd by ttvolvet.
No. 8-6:
q %# à
1st Comb.:(1)î ist h p
f1ë use+ j Li
4y (
f3h1kinuj+ skturn.
2ndComb.:(tj'10 #e
'us+6>' ffp
# Ju
*spt.j ,3)1V' ékkk+ 8Venudllfmse-'
3,d c'
'jjou$NsgyN 'uuy.
i< j
, .ji ,r9 4 ' z ,4
4th Comb.:(1)1Vénu's!-h8Ve
4 nùs
qj l
) A
FF 8 lTenus4 Saturn.
5th Coiub.:(1JMa
rs+ Sktutn.
xeszlt:Tht native diedAbymotozcataccident.

An accident by m achine but escape from it:

N o. 144-25
1st Comb. (1) 1 Mer. + Sat. (2/1Mer.+ Czpf.
2nd Comb. (1)1Myrcuq+6 Sàtztà
3rd Co/b, (1)8th hous'
em 8 MIS@ Jupit/r
4th Comb.:(1)Mer.-hSat.(2)Mit.
5th Comb :(1bMzleic Mars
6th Comb.:(1)Mercury+ Sén

7th Comb. (1)8 Mats#Jùp.(2)8th lyousp+lup.

8th Comb.:(t)Saturn+ Sun

Result :The nativew:ssavedevent'

h theboiler
blewed. ,..t k
, I
1st Comb- g)
t house+Libtz
2 )
- (1)1 Venu.s .
+8?' Venus'
nd Comb.*
* .+)j. ..#?>.'j .vk ! j)
2)'tsthouse+ 6 up.

3rd Comb.* (1)8t '

h hoùs fe+
* (
1) 1 J l
-s h
'ke + #s
' ,
4th Comb. *

5th Comb- (
* ,,
@ 1 ,,
+. S,,à
öth Comb.*(1.)
jt. )j
y, : r
- .
jk ae
1 Trejh
' :

7th Comb.:(1)8th house+Nloon * 8at

(2)8th housc-
hSut:* Sat.
8tb Comb :(1)Saturn+ Sul:(2) Saturn+ Moon
Result :Thc native was savcd froln car accitlent.
No. 144.-32
1st Comb. (1)1 hlars. -hztqtltttius
2nd Cotnl'. (1) 1 l
.-8 Nlcrs hinlself.
3td Cotub. (1)8 Xlats.. / Aquatius
(2)8t14llouse .
i.8 Mkrs* Skt.
4th Comb. (1)1Mkrs+8Mqrs( 2)1Mats-FAquatks
5th Comb. (1) Mzts1 Aquzri
(th Comb,:(1)1Sthonse+ Jup.(2)1Mzrs +Ju?.
7th Comb. (1)8th house+ Nloon
8th Comb. (1)Svturn + Jupiter * Mûrs
Result : The nztive was saved from fktel motorc:r
An unnatutaldeath - Death by poieon, hre,water
ot m achine:Take down the blrth charts and
m ake yourself m ote eure.
(See Example Section Pzge 321.)
No. 11 :nd 13 died by tiie shot.
No.12 died in :ir ctush.
Nn.14 died in tzam's zcciïent.
No.15 died An uinututvldtvth.
No.16 ditd in txplosion of bomb.
No.17 died due to butsticg of gâ$ tube.
No. 20 saved from water accident.
No.22 stutnbled but saved with muchdiëculties.
N o.25 Saved ftom eatth-quake.
No.31 saved from ire.
No.18, 19, 21, 22,23, 24, 26,27,28,29 and
30were savedfrom thezccidentofmachinety.

(c)Death by sulcide :
An unnatural death - Death by suicide Observe
and understand the birth charts and read below
(See Example Section Page 322 1
1st Comb. (1)1$tiouse+Satutn
2nd Comb, (1)1sthouse+6 .
3rd Connb (1)8th house+Saturn
4th Comb. (1)3rd house+ Libra(2)3rd house
7 Venus
5th comb.:(1)iStbouse + Mats(2)1st house +
M oon * M ats
Result : Tlpe nativecommited suicideduetoIde spaired
! i
life. ;

1$i Conlb (1)1sthouse+Libta (2)1st house+Sat.
@ Sun, Venus(
3)1 Venus+Samrn'
2nd Comb.:(1)'1Venus+ 8 Venushimself.r(2),
Venus 6 Jup. (3)1sf houser ,+
6 Jupitet* Vecus
3rd Comb.:(1)8 Venus + Saturn
4tb Comb.:(1)>lars.hSctttry,(2)h'lcts4.1 venus
5th Conpl
). (1) 1stlouse+ Nlgrs(281Venus+Mzt s
(3)1 Venus 1 sloon * JuP.
louse1 5I()oï)* #

pesult:'.I'he '
native llad connnlited stlit-it
1St Cotnb.)1 Nloon 4.Sâtun)
2nd Comb. (1) 1 Moon + 8 Sûturn
3zc1 Comb. (1) 8tl) lltluse + Aqucrit)s
(2)8th l
yfluse#-Fct.* 51o()n
4th Comb. (1)3td house 1 ttpale6c ' slercury
5th Comb. (1)1$tltouse + stcrs(2)1stllouse:Cvn.
Re:ult The nktive commifed suicide llue to t '
in wat. He is Hitler.
,An unna tutzldeath - Dezth by suicide tTakednwn
tbe bitth chatts and make yourself more sure.
(SeeExvmple Section : lhgt 324 to 326.)

(d)Fine,jail,execution or transpolation
Thete Aze certvin n:tives wlto undettgke unreal
ldvente e :a/ :re.'vxtested by tlhe Governmct.
Constqaee they :zt punished by fsne, jûil ot
txcutix 'J4i1i$ ,vlso cunstïtxd t'n be A sott nf
dtlth fozfht timekKog. Hence it i$ srllted to tlpe
$th houst.
The combinations of untealadventut: ate similàt
to tbose given in the 3td house. B' '
atthese wrong
doets, when zrtested, ate either Iite , jviled, ot
executed.Now we shvllstudy zboutit.
An unnatutaldeath-Death by Nne,jail,executioa
ot ttanspottation : Obsetve and undetstand the
birth charts and tead below '
(See Exumple Section:Page323.)
No. 69-3
1st Comb. (1)1sthouse+ Aquatius
2nd Comb. (1) 1Satutn 4.8 Metcuty
3td Comb. (1)8th house> 8 Metcuzy*Mzrs
4th Comb. (1)3zd house+ maleûc Moon
5th Comb. (1) 1 Satutn + 8 Mercuty
Result:The native h:d goneIto jail.
1st Comb. (1)1 Vedus+ Samth
2nd Comb. (1)1 Venùs+ 8
3td Comb. (1)8th höuse+ S:turh
4th Comb. (1)3 Moon # Aquxrius
(2)Màt64.Sât.(aspeeted onezsidkd)
(3)3 Mooh #'Sztur: + '
5,b Co
' *b.ft)1 Vehùs+ 8 d
Result :The nvtive#âj:murddèr.Hd w:sexecutrd.
No J9-2(
1st Connb.:(1) 1stfpouse+ SAturn
(2)1 M ercury 1 Aquarius
2nd Comb.:(1)1sthouse+8 Sat.(2)1 Venus#.sat,
* Mars(3J1 Venus+ 6 Mzrs
3rd Comb. (1)8th house-FCzpzit-orn
4th Comb.:(1)Mvrs> Sztntn (aspected onc-sideë)
5th Cotmb.:(1)1st I louse + 8 Saturn
Result:The native had gone to iail.
No. 69-34
1$t Comb. (1) 1sthouse-F saturn
nd Comb.: (1)1 Metcuty .
> Malefic Mzrs
3zd Comb. (1)8