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~ The Rediscovery of Telsa's Radiant Energy Machine ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tariel Kapanadze is another person on this planet who has taken seriously the claims of Nikola Tesla. His research into Nikola Tesla's patents and notes on high frequency, high power systems has led him to copy and reproduce the 'Tesla wireless effect'. In the next drawings and notes you will see just how simple this is according to Tesla's experiments and that you too can do what Tesla, Mr. Kapanadze, Don Smith, Dollard, and a myriad of others around the world have done. Remember: This in no way violates any so-called laws of physics. This is physics the way Nikola Tesla saw physics thru the eyes of real experiments and real results, NOT the diluted mathematical theories of today that keep everyone stupified and in the dark!

In the next 3 drawings is the basics of how to get the Tesla wireless effect to power loads and self power the system. It is called,

TESLA'S RADIANT ONE WIRE SYSYTEM: (or, Transmission of electricity thru the natural medium)

In drawing #1 is Tesla's basic setup. You take a hollow tube with many turns of wire on it and a capacitance on both ends to make a high voltage secondary transformer.

Next you take a heavy coil of wire connected to a power source of whatever voltage/amperage and whatever frequency and wrap it around the secondary, let's say 3 turns.

This will impose the primary's voltage and frequency onto the secondary and depending on how many turns are on the secondary the voltage will climb and the amperage will drop accordingly. So far this is the regular Tesla coil you are taught to build in school. The capacitance on the ends are: One is the toroid or ball usually on top of the coil and the other end is the earth (the earth is a huge capacitor).

What they don't tell you is that you can wrap an identical 3 turn 'primary' coil around the secondary (in opposite phase) and hook it to a load (resistance) like a light or motor as in the drawing 1. All you are doing is dropping the voltage and power back down to equal the input on the secondary. Whatever the original source of power will drive (lights, motors)-- the second primary, or third coil will drive. This is called an 'open' system and the second law of thermodynamics need not apply because it is designed only for 'closed' systems. Broken symmetry (open non-thermodynamic power systems) was proven in the 1950's and given a nobel prize in physics to Dr. Lee. So skeptics please go and learn what an open system is before showing how ignorant you are about the real workings of the universe.

This is what drawing 1 would look like in real life in one type of configuration:

Now imagine if you put 4 Secondary primaries around the secondary? What do you think would happen? Do you think you could power loads at four times the input? Kapanadze did. Or, what if you got rid of the toroid or sphere at

the top of the coil and used a large capacitor in its place and used it instead to drive your loads? (Don Smith did) Possible? Absolutely! Tesla proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt with his experiments and actual use. In drawing #2 is Tesla's basic setup again except this time the second primary is grounded and seperate to 'receive' the power thru the agitated earth capacitance. If the coil in the second primary is the same or 'tuned' (in opposite phase) to the original primary it will produce the same power or a little more because the equation is: (pi / 2) * the speed of light! This is Tesla's wireless power at it's basic denominator similar to drawing 1. Imagine using 4 or 10 secondary primaries? Can you power loads at 4 or 10 times the input without diminishing the input? Heck yeah! This is the preliminary to drawing #3.

In drawing #3 is Tesla's triumph in overunity. The primary setup on the left sets the tone for what the secondary setup on the right is going to accomplish. (Imagine if you took the thin wire secondary out of the right side and looped the thick wire over left side secondary, you would have drawing #1) If the input to the primary setup is 120v @ 60hz , 2turns on the thick primary wire and the secondary thin wire is let's say 50 turns this would give you (60v * 50turns) = 3000v (if using a flat Telsa bifilar spiral coil you can square the result for massive voltage/frequency gain). If the secondary setup is identical to the primary setup except opposite phase, the secondary thin wires become the primary and the thick 2 turns primary becomes the secondary to power loads at 120v @ 60hz. You can have as many setups on the right and not diminish the primary single output on the left! This is true overunity! You can then use a setup from the right since this an open system to power the primary once it is operating at full power.

This is a real world Scenario of what was just written:

Going overunity:
(notice the opposite phases)

Tesla said that you had to put the 'node' as near the ground as possible. That means that you are not trying to radiate sparks from the top of the coil. It means that you are radiating 5% of the power from the coil and driving 95% of the power to ground. You accomplish this by having a small capacitance on the coil and using the earth as a huge capacitance. This is how Tesla 'tuned' his system to the earth resonance. (This is why you have to ground the Kapanadze/Don Smith systems for power output thru the load)

(Diagram of Tesla's wireless system drawn by himself for R.U.J (Robert Underwood Johnson) Aug. 14, 1907)

These are just setups based on the first drawing....simple huh? Back to Kapanadze now that we have settled that....
What Tariel Kapanadze has done is very similar to what we just discussed. Except he has just changed the parameters and engineering a little using resonance to complete the picture. (Resonance is everything in a Tesla system) He has taken a Tesla coil secondary first, wound it on a ferrite tube, and agitated it with a high frequency/high

voltage supply (instead of the primary). (This is what the feeble spark gap drives) In the mean time imposing on it a 50hz signal with another coil wrapped around it and then using yet another coil wrapped around it that he has 'tuned' to 220v to drive his loads and then using the grounding in the earth as his 'capacitance'. It's as simple as that. This is why he can loop back to a stepdown transformer from 220v to 24/12v to drive his input and and circuits after the initial start because this is an open system and the primary part of the circuit doesn't 'see' the coil of 220v or its load to drag it down as in ordinary 'closed' systems. He has agitated the ambient background with his secondary high voltage coil and is collecting it (220v) with his primary coil wrapped around the secondary. His frequency coil is wrapped around the secondary and set at 50hz. He gets his amperage because of the earth grounding. Simple. Tesla's sketch on how simple it really is.

How much simpler do you need to have before your eyes to 'get it'? High skrool physics has taught you how to waste energy and that you have to buy it from somewhere, Tesla taught us how to produce it from the ambient background in unlimited quantities with simple stuff that could be found in a barn. Which one will you prefer? Self powering and ending the grip of the middleman at the power company, or continue paying for it and wasting all your hard earned pay? It's up to you.

WARNING!!! Build these projects at your own risk! We are not responsible for errors in the plans, diagrams, or instructions and other peoples opinions on these projects! Some of these projects deal with very high voltages!! If you are not familiar with high voltages/amps we recommend that you seek the services of a qualified licensed professional to help you! High voltages can kill in an instant so be safe and learn all that you can about high voltage safety before attempting these projects! This website is for information/entertainment purposes only. Copywrite 2011

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