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Recipes for BATH POWDER

Recipe No.1: Black ulavalu powder : 100 gms Methi ppwder : 100 gm Ksturi pasupu/pasupu (turmeric powder) : 100 gm Bavanchalu powder : 100 gm Karakkaya bark powder : 100 gm Gandha kachchuralu ; 100 gm Mix all the powders uniformly and store. Add milk to 1/2 cup powder (sufficient) and grind to paste. Apply thick paste to entire body. After half an hour take bath with warm water. Benefits: Skin spots, stains, itching, bad smell will be eliminated and body glitters. Recipe No.2: Take Jatamamsi, Sugandhi roots powder, good turmeric powder, maanu pasupu, tunga gaddalu, bavanchalu, chengalva kostu, sampenga flowers/ malle poolu in equal proportion. Pound them coarsely and store. Add 50 gms powder to one bucket water overnight and close with lid. Early in the morning filter the water and take bath with the water so that all organs are covered. Benefits: Excess fat reduces, vata, pitta and kapha will be balanced, excess sweating reduces, skin problems are eliminated. Recipe No.3: Seema avisa seds : 100 gm Urad dal : 100 gm (Fry and make powder) Wheat : 100 gm (Fry and make powder) Pippali : 100 gm (Fry and make powder) Cow/'s ghee/naatu aavu ghee : sufficient. Mix all the powders and store. Take sufficient powder and add ghee to form paste. Milk also can be added. Apply to face and body. Take bath after one hour. Use atleast two times a week. Benefits: Roughness of skin, blackness, pricking skin etc will be removed. Recipe No.4: Turmeric : 20 gm, Chinna palleru kaayala podi : 20 gms Mustard powder : 20 gms Tungagaddalu ; 20 gms (dry and make powder) Mudda Karpooram : 20 gm Erra chandanam : 40 gm Clove powder : 40 gm Saara pappu : 40 gm (Fry and pound) Add til oil (nuvvula noone) (little quantity) or warm milk to the

required powder and apply to body by gently massaging. After half an hour take bath. Benefits: Spots, sores, stripes will vanish and skin glows.


Causes: Skin Pigmentation occurs mainly due to the malfunctioning of the endocrine glands and the liver. Skin pigmentation problems occur as either an excessive coloration or darkening of the skin or a loss of color and pigment in the skin, over the entire body or just in patches and spots. Pigmentation is more widespread amongst the middle-aged women. Very few women in younger age suffer from skin problems like pigmentation, and the extent of the problem is minimal with few exceptions. This in fact is related to the endocrinal changes that occur when women reach middle age. The severity of pigmentation problem is associated with several diseases and disorders. So careful investigation is needed for increasing the bodys immunity and purification of Blood. Recipe No.1: Take 10 gms cows ghee and add boil it on SIM flame by adding 10 pepper (miriyaalu). After few minutes remove the pepper from the ghee and use the ghee along with daily food. Benefits: Blood gets purified, body immunity increases and skin related problems are removed. Recipe No.2: Add 1 spoon honey to warm Goats milk and take early in the morning. Benefits: Good relief of skin pigmentation within 40 to 100 days. Recipe No.3: Pachchi pasupu : 100 gm (Make pieces of turmeric sticks, dry them and make fine powder). Maanu pasupu : 100 gm (fine powder) Mangista powder : 100 gms White mustard powder : 100 gms ( Fry mustard lightlyby adding 2 drops ghee and make powder) Kaavirai powder : 100 gms Cows ghee : sufficient Mix all powders, sieve in a fine cloth and store in a bottle. Usage:

Add little ghee to 2 to 3 spoons of above powder and apply to face in the form of thick paste. Let it dry and later wash. Benefits: Pigmentation disappears within 2 to 3 months.


Problem is due to excess heat flowing down the body to the feet. Recipe No.1: i) Chandra bedhana Bhastrika pranayaam: Close right nostril and breathe out through left nostril only ii) Seetali Bhastrika pranayaam : Fold the tongue longitudinally and do Bhastrika pranayam. iii) Seetkari pranayam: Clench the teeth/jaws and do Bhastrika pranayam iv) Apply kaakarakaya paste (bitter gourd) mixed with turmeric to the affected part. Recipe No.2: i) To reduce overheat mix Jeera (fry and make powder), Dhania (fry and make powder), candy sugar equally in powder form. Usage: Take 1/2 spoon - 3 times a day along with water. ii) Aamla powder (usirika powder) mixed with candy sugar powder equally can also be taken thrice a day to reduce overheat. Benefits: The excess heat of stomach reduces and cracks of heel will be healed. Recipe No.3: Ointment: Bees wax (yellow) : 100 gm Saindhava lavanam : 100 gm (fine powder) Guggilam : 100 gm (fine powder) Jaeguru matti : 100 gm (powder) Jaggery : 100 gm (powder) Hone : 50 gm Ghee : 100 gm Pachcha karpuram : 5 gm. Put bees wax in a vessel and heat on SIM flame by adding ghee little by little. Then remove from stove. Cool it and add Saindhava lavanam, jaggery powder, guggilam, Jaeguru matti powder, honey. Mix iall contents uniformly to paste. Store it and apply the ointment to the affected parts of heel. This ointment also works well for cracks in the thighs. Benefits: Heals all cracks within 7 to 20 days. Very effective ointment.

Recipes for PIMPL/ACNE

Recipe No.1: Cherry seeds dal : Pound and make powder and store it. Add little butter little honey and apply paste to the pimples/acne. After surface dries wash. Benefits: Big pimples reduce and vanish even stains are eliminated. Recipe No.2: Dhania : 100 gms, Vasa : 100 gm Sugandhi roots powder : 100 gm Make powders separately and mix them and store. Make paste with milk or water and apply to pimples overnight. Early in the morning wash face. Benefits: All the pimples, stains get eliminated. Recipe No.3: Yoga and other tips for Acne: - Udhyana bandham : 10 to 12 min - Udara chaalanam - Fill with air till cheeks get bulged and release. - Reduce eating oily foods, sweets - Sleep timely - Exercise is a must - Reduce rice when physical work is less. Recipe No.4: i) Crush neem tree sticks and extract juice. Apply to pimples for 15 days. ii) Mix lemon juice 10 drops to rose water 10 drops. Apply to pimples and gently massage. After drying, wash face with warm water in the morning and evening. iii) Rose lehyam to be taken for 15 days orally. iv) Extract gandham from the white part of neem bark and apply to pimples. Whenever you extract bark from the trees apply dung to it for normalising. Recipe No.5: Take gandham from turmeric sticks, sonthi sticks in equal proportion. Apply on pimples for 2 to 3 days daily overnight. Wash face with warm water in the morning. Press out pus if any. Healed within a week. Gently massage the stains with tomato juice overnight. Wash with warm water in the morning. Stains get eliminated. Recipe No.6:

Gandham of turmeric stick, 10 tulasi leaves and one camphor tablet. Make paste apply to pimples overnight. Wash with warm water in the morning. Benefits: Relief from pimples within 10 to 15 days. Recipe No.7: Desi tomato small : 5 nos. Carrot : 1 No. Beet root : half Make juice out of the three. Add little honey or candy sugar and take in the evenings daily. The extract or pulp obtained from the above juice can be mixed with butter and grind. Apply the paste to the pimples or entire face. After one hour wash with warm water. Benefits: Blood gets purified, skin beauty increases, pimples and stains get removed, dark circles below eyes vanish and face will glow. Recipe No.8: Jaaji kaaya, gandham of chandanam Mix both and apply on pimples overnight and wash in the morning. Pimples are gone and stains eliminated. Recipe No.9: Manjista powder : 1 spoon Honey : 1 spoon Apply paste to the affected parts. Recipe No.10: Pippali powder : 3 gm (Fry and powder) 2 spoons Avisa seeds 120 gms Chaaya minapappu powder Add sufficient cow's ghee and grind it. apply paste to the face. Benefits: Pimples, stains and dark circles disappear. Recipe No.11: Tulasi leaves : 10 Nos. Camphor : 1 tab Grind the above with 5 drops water. Apply paste overnight and wash in the morning. Recipe No.12: Aloevera gel with turmeric powder can be applied overnight and wash face in the morning to get relief from pimples/acne and stains.

Recipes for preparation of TOOTH POWDER

Recipe No.1: Take Neem sticks, raavi sticks, banyan tree sticks, Juvvi sticks, Medi sticks, neredu sticks, Maredu sticks, tangedu sticks, nalla Tummi sticks, Uttareni roots, mango sticks, ganuga sticks in equal proportion and dry them and make powder. Take 100 gms of above powder and add 10gm saindhavalavanam. Store and use. Benefits: Bad smell from teeth/mouth, sores, worms in teeth, loosened teeth problem will harden. Recipe No.2: Tella suddha (naamu) : 50gm powder Elaichi seeds powder : 20gm Rock salt or saindhavalavanam: 30 gm Mix the above three and store. Brush morning and night. Benefits: Loosened teeth will harden, scaling, bleeding etc. problems will be eliminated and teeth will become strong. Recipe No.3: Fry 100 gms pamidi or paidi patti seeds in a mud vessel. After the seeds blacken, powder them and store. Benefits: Worms will be removed. Teeth will be cleaned. Use atleast monthly once.

Recipes for TOOTH PAIN

Recipe No.1: If you have pain in the right teeth, pour 4 or 5 drops of uttareni leaves juice in left ear (or vice versa). Open your mouth and worms from paining tooth will come out along with saliva. Recipe No.2: Extract juice out of good quality Hing (Ingua) by rubbuing with lemon juice and warm it lightly. Apply the juice with cotton to the paining tooth. Pain will subside immediately. Recipe No.3: Gargle with salt water teeth pain subsides. Recipe No.4: Apply clove oil with cotton bud on the paining tooth. Pain will subside immediately.

Recipe No.5: Dip cotton bud in onion juice and place it on the paining tooth. Recipe No.6: Placed the crushed part of drumstick tree root on the ailing tooth. Pain will subside. Recipe No.7: Use tooth powder made out of salt, coal, camphor, chalk. Teeth pain subsides. Recipe No.8: Take sonth, pippali, pepper, jaapatri, saindhava lavanam in equal proportion. Add little powder to honey or any oil and brush the teeth. Tooth pain subsides.


Hair baldness arises due to i) Non applictaion of hair oil. ii) Development of excess heat iii) Lack of exercises Recipe No.1: Yoga and exercises: i) Spell out 'Om' for 10 times ii) Sarvangasanam iii) Ushtrasanam iv) Shupta Vajrasanam v) Visualisation exercise: Sit in sukhasana posture, close your eyes and visualise your head portion. Visualise that all the excess heat from your head is dissipated. Visualise locks of silky, shinking hair growth in the bald portion without any bald patches. Do this for 10 minutes daily. Hair regrows. Recipe No.2: Tonsure the entire head and do the following: i) Apply raddish juice with a cotton cloth by stretching the skin where bald is present so that the applied juice enters the blocked roots of the hair. Apply juice round the head and on the patches of hair loss before going to bed. Take bath early in the morning with Ayurvedic shampoo.

ii) Put 2 droops of sesame oil in the nostrils and breathe in. Due to this the closed pores of the root ends of hair that was lost will reopen and hair regrows. iii) Repeat the tonsure process once again after 15 days and apply raddish juice and nose drops as mentioned above. Benefits: Within 3 to 6 months hair regrows again in the bald portions. Recipe No.3: Kalabanda hair oil: Kalabanda gujju : 1/4 kg. Coconut oil : 1/4 kg. Mix the above and boil on SIM flame till oil remains. Before removing from flame add a fistful of maruvam/davanam. Before the leaves turn black, remove from flame, filter and store. Usage: Oil can be used daily. Those having hair problems, the oil should be applied in warm condition to each layer of hair till it soaks into the roots. Benefits: The roots of hair will be strengthened, excess heat in head reduces, nerves will be cooled, dandruff will be eliminated, oiliness in head goes away, itching in head vanishes, hair fall, grey hair, bald head, penukorukudu etc. problems will be solved. Recipe No.4: Jatamamsi : 100 gm Chengalva kostu : 100 gm Black sesame : 100 gm Sugandhaphala roots : 100 gm Tamara ginjalu : 100 gms. Grind all the above to paste with water, add 500 gm naatu cow's ghee and boil on SIM flame till ghee remains. Filter the ghee and store. Usage: Apply this ghee to the head daily or atleast two times a week. Benefits: Baldhead problem will be resolved. Recipe No.5: Tips for Bald head problem: i) Wrap wet cloth around head. Wrap one dry cloth over it and on the top one thikck bed sheet. Excess heat is removed, head gets warmed and the closed roots will re-open.

ii) Apply neem oil or mustard oil by Nasya karma iii) Apply hair oil atleast two times a week. Use Bringraj hair oil or kalbanda hair oil or usirika hairoil or coconut oil till the oil reaches roots. Gently massage and wrap one cloth. Take head bath with soap nut or seeka kaya early in the morning. iv) Soak 5 pieces triphalas (Taanikaaya, usirikaya, karakkaya) over night. Apply the filtered water to head and comb the hair. Hair fall stops and hair regrows. v) Apply onion juice with cotton cloth on the bald patches and gently massage. Take bath after it is dried. vi) Make paste of onion seeds powder by grinding with water. Apply the paste on the bald patches and take bath after it dries. Recipe No.6: Take boorugu jiguru (gum), nela taadi dumpalu and tamara ginjalu in equal proportion, make pieces, dry and make powder and store. Take little powder grind it with water and apply the paste to the bald portion. Wait for one hour and wash. Do this for 2 to 3 times a week till the hair restarts growing.

Recipes for DANDRUFF

Recipe No.1: Coconut oil : 100 gm Lemon juice : 100 gm (filtered) Mix both of above constituents and boil in a mud vessel till the juice evaporates and oil remains (till the bubble formations disappear). Cool it and store in a bottle. Usage: Apply on the head overnight till the scalp is soaked. Take head bath next day morning with Rita/Seekakai but not with shampoo. Benefits: Dandruff is eliminated and hair is protected. Recipe No.2: Red mandara (single petals) flowers : 100gm juice Sesame oil (Nuvvula noone) : 100 gm Black cows urine: 100 gm (Optional) Mix three contents and boil on SIM flame. Filter and store in bottle. Usage: Apply on the head overnight till the scalp is soaked. Take head bath next day morning with Rita/Seekakai but not with shampoo. Benefits: Dandruff eliminates and hair is protected.

Recipe No.3: Make paste of Mandara flowers, black cows urine and black sesame seeds by grinding. Apply paste to head and take bath after one hour. Wash pillow covers, combs after each application of paste. Do not use others combs. Recipe No.4: Fry khus khus and soak in sufficient HOT water for 4 to 5 hours. Apply to the hair in layers. After one hour take bath with Rita/Ayurvedic Shampoo. Recipe No.5: Make powder from Vasa sticks and store. Mix little powder with water make paste and apply to scalp. A little burning sensation may be there. Take bath with Rita powder after 15 to 30 min. take head bath as above once a week. Benefits: Old Dandruff will be completely eliminated.

Recipes for HAIR LOSS

Recipe No.1: Yogasanas for hair loss: 1)Sarvangasanam 2) Matsyasana Recipe No.2: Take Jaaji leaves (sanna jaaji or vira jaaji) and flowers equally and add cows urine (naatu aavu mootram). Grind to paste and apply to hair in layers. Apply with the feeling that my hair will regrow. Wait for one hour before bath. People with Kapha prakruti should take bath in the afternoon. Perform the above at least once in a week. Recipe No.3: Hairfall due to paenu korukudu: Drumsticks (nela munakkayalu), Nela vamkayalu and nela tomato roots in equal proportion. Make paste out of three varieties of roots and apply to scalp. If dry, fruits of above are available in the market. Make powder and mix with water to make paste before applying to scalp. Recipe No.4: Sugandha hair oil for hair fall and loss of hair in patches: Raddish juice : 100 gm Gunta galagara aaku juice: 100 gm Onion juice : 100 gm

Podina juice : 100 gm Palleru juice : 100 gm Sesame oil (Nuvvula noone) : 500 gm Mix all the above and buil till the juice evaporates and oil remains. Store in glass bottle. Usage: Every day in the night apply warm oil and rub oil where patches are lost with the thoughts that my hair is regrowing in that part. Recipe No.5: Kesa soundarya tailamu: Good quality coconut oil : 1 lt Usiri rasamu (goose berry juice) : 1 lt Guntagalagara aaku : 1 lt. (juice extracted without mixing water) Aakupatri (Biryani aaku) : 50 gm Paste of Tungagaddalu : 50 gm + Vattivellu 50 gm + Gandh kachchuralu : 50 gm + Maruvam/davanam : 50 gm (Make paste by adding water or milk) Soak all the above constituents for 24 hours and boil on SIM flame till oil remains. Filter and store in a bottle. Apply to hair atleast thrice in a week. Benefits: Ample Hair growth in bunches. Recipe for AYURVEDIC SHAMPOO Recipe No.1: Rita powder (kunkudukayala podi) : 100 gm Seekakaya powder : 100 gm Usirika powder : 100 gm Maaredu fruits powder (or paste) : 100 gm Mix all of them and store. Usage: Soak 3 spoonfuls powder for gents or 6 spoonfuls for ladies in hot water for 3 to 4 hours. Add one lemons juice and mix with a spoon. Apply the liquid paste to the head by massaging and after waiting for 5 min take bath. Follow the procedure once a week for 8 weeks. Benefits: Hair will grow strong and shiny.

Recipes for GREY HAIR

Recipe No.1: Usiri powder (Gooseberry) : 100 gm Black Sesame (Nalla nuvvulu): 100 gm Dry the above constituents, fry and make powder Guntagalagara aaku : 100 gm (dried)

Candy sugar powder : 100 gm Usage: Mix all the above constituents. Take 1/4th to spoon daily. Children can take with milk and candy sugar powder. Benefits: Teeth will strengthen, all parts of body will be rejuvenated, dhaatu strength increases, hair turns black within 3 to 4 months. Recipe No.2: Soak dry usirika powder overnight. Make paste to consistency and apply tohair. Wait for half an hour and take bath. Hair will blacken. Recipe No.3: Soak a handful of dry or fresh gooseberry (usirika) overnight. Remove water and fry the pieces lightly in cows ghee. Usage: Take them with food or even directly two to three times in a day. Benefits: Mouth, teeth will strengthen, juice when chewn will enter blood, gives strength to all body parts, enters head improves memory and hair blackens. Recipe No.4: Make powder of karakkaya, Taanikaaya and Usirikaaya 100 gm each (only bark or top part) and sieve it in a fine cloth. Add milk to 1 or 2 spoons powder in a china bowl and make paste to consistency. Apply paste to hair and wait for one hour before bath. Do not use shampoo. For Kapha Prakruti people apply in the afternoon and take bath. Then expose hair to Saambraani smoke.


Recipe No.1: Add one spoon honey in one cup warm water and gargle. Bad smell of mouth is eliminated. Gargle with sesame oil in the morning. Benefits: Teeth, gums, tongue, jaws will strengthen, tongue sores will not be there. Enamel of teeth will be protected. Recipe No.2: Elaichi seeds : 30 gm (Yalukala vittanalu) Salt crystals : 60 gm (kallu uppu) Chalk powder : 60 gm Grind all the three together and use it as a tooth powder daily. Benefits: Scaling problem of teeth is eliminated and teeth will shine. Recipe No.3:

Take equal quantity of guava piece (Jaama kaaya) and patika pieces. Pound them and store. Add two spoons of this powder to one cup of water and boil it to prepare kashaayam. Use this kashaayam in warm condition to gargle. Benefits: All teeth will shine by gargling with above kashaayam daily. Recipe No.4: Prepare bhasmam of banbo (after drying) by frying it. Brush the teeth daily with the above powder. Benefits: Scaling problem will be removed and teeth will shine. Recipe No.5: Top skin of pomogranate : 350 gm Ponginchina patika : 80 gm Akkalakarra : 70 gm Dry rose petals : 70 gm Maachi kayalu : 80 gm Make powder of all the above, sieve and store. Brush the teeth with this powder daily. Benefits: Scaling (even old scaling) of teeth will be eliminated and teeth will shine. Recipe No.6: Prepare powder of equal weight of sonthi, pippali, pepper, japatri, saindhavalavanam and store. Add a little powder to honey or oil and brush without touching lips Benefits: Teeth will be clean, become stronger, scales will be eliminated.


This problem arises due to improper blood circulation and improper functioning of Liver and Pancreas. Recipe No.1: Yogasanas: i) Sarvangasana ii) Matsyasana iii) Shupta Vajrasana iv) Chakrasana v) Activation of Agna and Throat chakra Take breakfast/meals before 10 A.M. and after 8 PM in the night. Sleep before 10 PM and wake up by 4 AM. Recipe No.2: Kiss miss (dry grapes) : 32 Nos. Anjeer : 2 Nos. Kharjuir :2 Nos.

Soak the above in one glass water overnight and take early in the morning. Benefits: Blood quantity increases, circulation improves. Evenings: Tomato : 2Nos Carrot : 1 No. Beet root : half Make juice of above and add candy sugar. Benefits: Blood quantity increases and wanted hair grows. Recipe No.3: Gunta galagara aku : 100gms Usirika : 100 gms Black til :100 gms Atimadhuram : 100 gms Add 1600 gm water and prepare kashaayam till 400 gms remains. Filter it and add 400 gms til oil (nuvvula noone), boil it on SIM till the oil remains. Apply oil one hour before bath or before sleep to the parts where hair needs to grow (moustache, beard). Can apply for head also.