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Dear Parents , In our new unit, How We Express Ourselves, we plan to guide the students in an e xploration of their own

cultural identity as it is reflected in the Arts. We wou ld like to present a range of samples and artifacts from across the community to help us recognize and appreciate the many different ways we use the Arts to exp ress culture and identity. It would be very helpful for us to have a variety of national costumes, artifact s and crafts that represent the children s backgrounds and unique experiences. If y ou have any items that would represent your child s cultural identity (and which you would be willing to share with the class for a few days) please send them to sc hool during the week of 28th November. We will make sure they are handled with care. Also if you are able to come to share a story or legend, or explain a celebration from your culture, please let us know. Our unit goes from now until January 20th . Thank you for your support! Kind regards, Y2 Team