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Political Di-stabilization

To be precise in a bit elaborative manner stabilization is defined as: The act of maintaining a level Whereas the politics is defines as The process of making decisions by the choice of people In my point of view these two words are not contra-related. I would like to explain my assertions with a few facts, have you guys ever thought of Death. Let me made you re think Death without life? Yeah that is more pragmatic then the former because youre not going to experience death until youve not lived your life (with the exception of span), no hate without love, no failure without success then we pretty hypothetically have a view of political unrest? Though you agreeing that there was a rest in the past, and it is well said that It is good to stick with the past for a better reason Though counter relating it with the phrase: History repeats it self You can at least have a hope of things approaching towards betterment, because what is today will be past tomorrow. Lets hope for a better future and begin to think with a positive attitude.

Hassan Shahid