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Figure 1 Lecher Antenna

Cost of the one day Workshop: 120.00 including instruction manual and training dvd
This is designed to make it easier than ever to learn how to use the Lecher Antenna. We aim to ensure all participants have a practical working knowledge of the Lecher Antenna when they complete the workshop. It is a mandatory training for practitioners but can be done at any time during the training process.

What you will learn

By the end of this workshop you will know how to hold the lecher Antenna; detect a response and test products resonating at the human cellular frequency. In addition you will be able to: Understand and explain the principles underpinning the Lecher Antenna Have an introductory level knowledge of Ernst Lecher and the development of the Antenna How it differs from dowsing tools Be able to measure your own and another persons main energy fields

Restore field alignment around a person Use the antenna to stimulate, tonify and sedate acupuncture points. Lift the energy in a room so that it is vibrating more robustly Set the measurements on the antenna to check both cosmic and telluric (earth) energy fields in human subjects.

The teaching consists of a PowerPoint, video presentation and 45 page manual. Practice demonstrations and your active participation. The Lecher Antenna can be used to select, or check: the compatibility of any treatment applied the synergy amongst the various medications or regulators prescribed the value of any food supplement or vitamin the precise dosage required to achieve optimal results Hereditary It can isolate different organs and systems in the body Measure the presence of exobiological and Environmental disturbances Psychological tensions Geopathic Ambient and relational aggressions Organ blockage Infections Evolutionary pathologies Mental or glandular imbalances Surface disorders Lymphatic failures Cell and tissue vibratory levels Ecological sensitivities and allergies Stimulate meridian points and diffuse pain due to excess energy As well as measuring body field imbalances, the Antenna can analyze the energetic Qualities of animal vegetal, mineral and all objects in or around the human body and which can influence the health of the body and mind.

Investment: 120.00
The Lecher Antenna is an Energetic diagnostic tool which can be used for multiple testing and checking environmental as well as animal and human energy fields It is used to identify and correct health imbalances, environmental aggressions and nutritional needs and most importantly help you to select personalised treatment programmes for your self or your client. Use the Lecher Antenna to measure energy fields in and around the body

Restore balance and harmony into cells, glands, organs and systems in The body Assess and correct different environmental aggressions, such as radio waves, electric substations and cell phone emissions Measure the effect of different ecological substances on your health Detect and eliminate problems caused by Geopathic tensions, such as Hartmann lines or underground caverns Harmonize incompatible energy fields that disrupt relationships. Use it for 21st Century Feng Shui or Modern Vastu, to treat new forms of aggression from electric, electron-magnetic waves and space telecommunications that can seriously undermine the quality of your life For precise engineering projects, establish the best locations, materials etc for the well being of the structure, its purpose and overall harmony Applications: Using the Lecher Antenna you can measure the quality of the following products:Food items Medications Soap and perfumes Cosmetics Supplements Clothing Jewellery Structures Organic bodies Cells Water Etc . Diagnosis and Healing The Lecher Antenna can be used for energy diagnosis and healing. You can use the Antenna to find out if something is beneficial or harmful to your energy And you can find the precise solutions to suit you.


Graphology; It is possible to check the vibration rate of handwriting and determine the personality much like charting an astrological profile. Identifying Geopathic aggressions; Geopathic wave emanations arise from the earth and can have damaging effects on health Use the LA to identify and perform simple remedial techniques to eliminate their negative impact on health. 21stCentury Feng Shui ~ The LA can be used to find the best layout for furniture and the colours to use in your workplace or home. It can also be used to correct the spin of negative energies and promote a more harmonious atmosphere in a house or office. Developing engineering projects; The LA is used to locate source points and underground obstacles such as water pipes or caverns, Hartmann lines or gases like radon that might negatively impact any construction or event in an area. Check for random radio waves, microwaves, cell phones etc and find lasting solutions with the LA. Health ~ Identify imbalances due to hereditary or genetic influences and restore connections in the body s electrical circuitry that create a bias towards

certain problems and that aren t resolved by allopathic medicine Distance Healing: Move beyond time and space to get accurate energy reading on your subjects/ begin healing at a distance Treat the cause of problems not just the symptoms And much more Quantum Change is a distributor of the ACMOS Lecher Antenna. In our opinion this is the best instrument available at this time. It is sturdy and precise and although other similar products are available at a lower price we would urge you to check the quality of other Lecher Antennae against the unique advantages of the one we supply. (ACMOS This is a form of Bioenergetics developed in France by Rene Naccachian) The Lecher Antenna is basis of the work undertaken by Quantum Change Quantum Change provides training in Bioenergetics and Cymatics Bio-Resonance for people interested in learning about Quantum healing methods and advanced complementary medicine) The Price: Lecher Antenna, mass and coil plus Starter manual 285. plus shipping The manual can be purchased separately for 40 and includes a complimentary DVD Shipping Arrangements: Once payment is confirmed the product will de dispatched to your address. Cost of shipping to your address will be determined at the point of despatch and you will be notified before the item is posted. You can pay through Pay Pal or bank transfer. If you prefer, we will send you a payment request through Pay Pal and you can pay using a credit card by logging on to your Pay Pal account and sending money to Alternatively ask your bank to make a transfer of funds (Bank Transfer) or use Western Union. In either of these cases please email us and we will forward the account details for payment as soon as we get your request. On receipt of payment we will confirm dispatch the Lecher Antenna. Please allow up to 10 days for delivery. We offer training in BIOREALIGNMENT Protocols for total well being. The basics: - Global- Pathos and Environment (electro magnetic science) Intermediate: DNA and BRAIN STATE Protocols (Quantum Physics) Advanced: - Elevation: Relationship harmonisation; Habitat and Trans Spatial balancing. Each workshop is 2 or 3 consecutive days. On completion of the third workshop participants are awarded an attendance certificate and have the opportunity to complete a written examination to be awarded a Practitioners certificate. Follow up training is available in specialised themes for those who want to know more: Anti Aging Mental health: Acupuncture Stimulation: Distance treatments Habitat harmonisation and others For information about certification in BIOREALIGNEMNT contact 185 Court Oak Road

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