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4 The MARVEL Experience 65 Events

4 SAGA: The Story Game 68 Adventure Design
5 What’s in the Box? 76 Startup Adventure: “Shakedown”
5 Using the Rules 83 The Mandates of Villainy
6 Roleplaying the MARVEL Way 88 Running a Series
93 Nonlinear Story Hooks
8 MARVEL Heroes
8 Anatomy of a Hero 96 Adapting a Hero
8 Names 96 Names and Images
8 Images 97 Ability Scores
10 Abilities 99 Edge and Hand Size
12 Edge and Hand Size 100 Ability Codes and Skills
12 Skills 102 Powers and Equipment
12 Powers and Equipment 104 Callings
14 Calling 107 Hindrances
14 Hindrances 111 Personality
14 Personality 111 History
14 History
112 Appendix One: Skills
16 Action 112 Strength Skills
16 Getting Ready for Action 114 Ability Skills
17 The Hand of Fate 116 Intellect Skills
8 Performing an Action 118 Willpower Skills
26 Opposes Actions
28 Hero vs. Hero 120 Appendix Two: Powers
29 Special Circumstances 120 Stunts
121 Limits
30 Clobberin’ Time! 122 Power Sources
30 Exchanges 123 Equipment
32 Step One: Opening Moves 125 Power Terminology
34 Step Two: Actions 126 Power Descriptions
36 Step Three: Counteractions
37 Step Four: Results Appendix Three:
40 Step Five: Closing Moves Creating Your Own Hero
42 A Sample Exchange 193 Hero Creation Sequence
195 Modeling a Hero
44 Superheroism 198 Hero Templates
44 Hero Qualities
46 A Day in the Life 200 Appendix Four: Conversions
50 Contradictions of Heroism 200 MARVEL SUPER DICE
54 Self-improvement The Original MARVEL SUPER HEROES
56 Narration 204 Toy Biz Action Figures
57 Narrating a MARVEL Adventure
58 Narrating Actions 206 Index
62 Running a Fight

THE MARVEL EXPERIENCE All the games in the SAGA family emphasize story
The Marvel Universe! Its very name conjures images and character development over random chance and
of epic battles, star-spanning adventure, and ease of play over a system of complicated rules.
terrifying villain y. The Marvel Universe is composed SAGA games are for players who feel passionately
not of neutrons and protons, but an infinite panoply of about their game settings – and the Marvel Super
love and tragedy, triumph and rage. Mankind’s abilities Heroes Adventure Game is for the Marvel Maniac in
are stretched to unseen limits by gamma radiation and you!
alien technology. And heroism – true, unadulterated
heroism – shines brighter than the largest star in the
galaxy. All this gives us the most compelling collection
of legends since Arthur and Beowulf. It is the Marvel
Universe, and it is awe-inspiring.

And now it’s yours.

The Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game gives you

the tools to make your own legends, as epic as any
found in the World’s Greatest Comics. For the span of
one afternoon, Captain America or She-Hulk or
Wolverine can be right there in your living room –
saving the world at your command.

So how do you get into this no-holds-barred game?

Well, start by reading this chapter.

It explains exactly what the Marvel Super Heroes

Adventure Game is, and how you go about playing it.
And it gives you a your through the rest of the box,
showing what part each piece plays in your upcoming
adventures. So get ready, True Believer, because the
mighty Marvel Universe waits!


The Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game is the

second in the family of games featuring the SAGA
game rules.

This “storytelling” system was created to capture the

flavor, feeling, and themes of the bestselling
Dragonlance® Novels in an elegant, easy-to-learn
roleplaying game: the Dragonlance: Fifth Age®
Dramatic Adventure Game. However, we soon
recognized that the game’s flexibility made it well-
suited for other settings, particularly those in which
plot, theme, and characters are key – such as the
Marvel Universe.

The Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game features

the standard SAGA action resolution system, in which
you can accomplish anything from small tasks to great
feats using the cards of the Fate Deck. At the same
time, this book introduces some new concepts to the
SAGA game rules, to adapt the system for roleplaying
super heroes.

without careful consideration from the Narrator.
APPENDIX THREE: Spending too many points on Edge is going to leave

CREATING YOUR OWN very few for buying other abilities, as well.

HERO • Edge: Edge 1 for free, 10 Hero Points for +1

You creation rules in the Marvel Super Heroes
Adventure Game are based on a random hand of STEP FOUR: ABILITIES
cards drawn from the Fate Deck. While it tends to
yield reasonably balanced heroes, it can create Assign Hero Points to your four abilities (Strength,
feelings of disappointment in players who get less Agility, Intellect, and Willpower). Each point in an
favorable hands than others, or end up with cards ability costs 1 Hero Point. Heroes cannot have any
that do not support their hero concept. The Reed ability greater than 20, and Narrators may wish to
Richards Guide to Everything also presents a restrict hero abilities in other ways at the start of
completely random system for hero creation. This can the game, such as “no more than one ability greater
yield some interesting characters, but may still leave than 10”, or “no more than 35 points in abilities total”.
some players frustrated.
• Abilities: 1 Hero Point per point in each
For a third alternative, we can take a page (or two) ability.
from point-based character creation systems like
Hero Games' Champions or Steve Jackson Games' STEP FIVE: SKILLS
GURPS, without sacrificing the simplicity and
elegance of the Marvel game system. This option uses Choose skills for you. Each skill costs 1 Hero Point,
a system of "Hero Points" where every player starts Master-Class skills cost 4 Hero Points, and World-
with the same number of points and customizes their Class skills cost 8 Hero Points each. You can have up
hero as desired. Players start out with a pool of 55 to four skills for each ability (unless you are a Genius
Hero Points to spend on creating their hero. or Master in a particular area, in which case you can
Narrators may provide a smaller or larger amount of ignore this restriction, see the Marvel Game Book
Hero Points for games of different power levels. and The Ultimate Skills Guide for more information).

STEP ONE: ORIGIN • Skill: 1 Hero Point.

• Master-Class Skill: 4 Hero Points.
First, come up with a concept for you: a name, type of • World-Class Skill: 8 Hero Points.
powers, a costume, background, and origin. Make sure • Genius or Mastery: 1 Hero Point.
you fit in with the sort of adventures the Narrator
plans on doing. For example, if your Narrator is
running adventures about a team of young mutants
like Generation X, then you shouldn't be a middle-
Choose powers for you (see The Ultimate Powers
aged scientist without a very good reason. Clear your
Guide for more information). Each point of power
concept with the Narrator and get to work.
Intensity costs 1 Hero Point. Each stunt also costs 1
Hero Point. If you add a Limit to a power, reduce its
cost by 2 Hero Points (but never to less than 1).

Choose a Calling for you based on your decisions in

• Powers: 1 Hero Point per point of intensity in
Step One.
each power.
• Power Stunt: 1 Hero Point.
• Power Limit: -2 Hero Point cost (minimum
cost of 1 Hero Point).
You starts out with an Edge of 1 and a Hand Size of 3
for free. You can increase your Edge for 10 Hero STEP SEVEN: HINDRANCES
Points per +1 to Edge and Hand Size. Most heroes
should not start out with an Edge greater than 2,
You may choose to give you up to two Hindrances (see
although it's up to the Narrator. Heroes with an Edge
The Ultimate Powers Guide for more information).
of 4 are very rare; heroes shouldn't have Edge 4
Each Hindrance gives you an additional 5 Hero Points

to spend elsewhere. More than two Hindrances is not working with computers (Amanda Deckard was a
allowed, except with the permission of the Narrator. computer programmer, and Bitstream is a computer).
So he gives her Computers skill for 1 Hero Point,
• Hindrance: +5 Hero Points. leaving 25.

STEP EIGHT: APPROVAL Step Six: For Bitstream's powers, Andy chooses
Computer Link 10 and Electrical Control 14, for 24
Total up your values and check your math. Run you Hero Points. With one Hero Point left, he chooses the
past the Narrator for approval and make whatever Absorption stunt of Electrical Control for Bitstream.
changes he or she requires, and then you're ready to He wants to get a couple more power stunts, so he
play! decides to apply the Non-Generative Limit to
Bitstream's Electrical Control: she can manipulate
existing electricity, but not create it. That gives him
2 more Hero Points to spend, and he uses them to give
Bitstream the Lightning Speed stunt for Electrical
Let's create a new hero. We'll use Bitstream, a Control and the Multiple Machines stunt for Computer
character from my Guardians series. Link.

Step One: Andy has worked out Bitstream's concept: Step Seven: Andy chooses not to give Bitstream any
Amanda Deckard was a computer scientist developing Hindrances, since he had enough Hero Points and they
a neural AI program. She was attacked by villains who don't really fit his concept of her. If he did, he could
wanted to steal her work and left for dead. The gain some additional Hero Points to spend.
artificial intelligence inhabited her body and assumed
her identity, using its abilities to control electricity
Step Eight: Andy shows his finished Hero Sheet to
and interface with other computers to track down the
the Narrator, who approves the write-up, and
villains and fight crime.
Bitstream is ready to make her debut in the Marvel
Step Two: Andy looks at the list of Callings in the
Game Book and decides "Vestige of Humanity" suits
Bitstream perfectly, since she is technically a
computer program trying to learn what it means to be
human. Narrators can modify the point system given above as
needed to suit their own games. The easiest way is by
changing the amount of Hero Points players get at the
Step Three: Andy decides to leave Bitstream's Edge
beginning of the game. 55 Hero Points tends to
at 1 for now. She's not an experienced hero, and he'll
produce starting characters around the power level of
need the Hero Points elsewhere.
the New Warriors, the Thunderbolts, and other
"rookie" heroes in the Marvel Universe. 60-65 points
Step Four: Bitstream is very intelligent (she is a can produce Avengers- or Fantastic Four-level heroes.
computer, after all) so Andy gives her an Intellect of Fewer points (say 45) are good for inexperienced
10. She also has incredible fast reflexes (again, that heroes with only one main power, like the mutants
computer response time) so he gives her an Agility of from Generation X.
10 as well. She's not especially strong, so a Strength
of 4 is sufficient, and her Willpower is only slightly
The Narrator can also set spending caps for
above average, so he goes with a 5 there, for a total
particular steps in the process, such as limiting you to
of 29 Hero Points spent on abilities, leaving him with
no more than Edge 1 or 2, no more than X points for
abilities, or X points for powers. You can disallow the
purchasing of any abilities you don't want in the game
Step Five: Bitstream's Intellect of 10 already makes (such as particular powers) or that you don't want at
her good at most things involving the Intellect. The the start of the game, such as World-Class skills.
one area Andy wants her to be really good at is


Why are you a hero? Okay, it is a pretty cool job, but Examples: Giant-Man, Mister Fantastic, Moondragon,
you still have to have a reason for being a hero. Stingray
That's where your calling comes in.
Each calling has four cards which relate to it in the You seek publicity for personal accomplishments.
standard Fate Deck. In some cases, a hero may seem Only the adulation of the people will satisfy this
to have more than one calling (like Wolverine, who individual’s longings.
sometimes seems to fit in the Vengeance or Soldier Examples: Human Torch, Luke Cage, She-Hulk,
callings). In these cases, pick the calling that best Wonder Man
fits you at this point in your career.
Four callings are villainous and are marked with an You are overwhelmed by desire for wealth. Even
asterisk (*). These callings - Demolisher, Greed, when great wealth is achieved, more must be gained.
Vengeance, and World Domination - give a powerful Examples: Electro, Kingpin, Rhino, Taskmaster
"freedom": the freedom from moral responsibility.
The Narrator may require an occasional Willpower GUARDIAN
action before allowing heroes to commit acts that You desire to protect beloved persons or places.
run counter to their callings. This includes but is not Threats to those loved ones trigger the strongest
limited to theft, use of crippling force, and especially responses in this individual.
murder. (Of course, super heroes can break and Examples: Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Invisible
enter into a super-villain's lair without performing Woman, Phoenix
this action, though the law still frowns upon it.)
The callings are: You stand for a cause for which he or she would
gladly die. Challenges to these beliefs provoke strong
ADVENTURER reactions from this individual.
You seek to recapture a spirit of adventure that Examples: Captain America, Cyclops, Professor X,
humanity has lost. He or she will go to often Sabra
foolhardy lengths to revitalize this hedonistic,
adventuresome spirit. INVESTIGATOR
Examples: Hawkeye, Hercules, Nightcrawler, Wasp You love unraveling human mysteries, whether of
crime, science, psychiatry, or another field of
ANIMAL NATURE inquiry. It is especially satisfying when that work
You have a savage side that must be kept in check. helps others.
He or she must struggle to control these feelings, or Examples: Beast, Black Widow, Doc Samson, Forge
give in and lose control.
Examples: Morbius, Tigra, Werewolf, Wolverine MAJESTY
You lead a people and acts as the preserver of their
DEMOLISHER* interests. Personal power is wielded for their
You cause destruction for destruction's sake. benefit.
Demonstration of raw power causes a sense of pride, Examples: Black Bolt, Black Panther, Clea, Namor
no matter what the cost.
Examples: Absorbing Man, Juggernaut, Sabretooth MENTOR
You act to encourage responsibility and competence
EXEMPLAR among your charges. Testing the students' abilities
You feel he or she symbolizes a race, class, historical is a high priority.
legacy, or subgroup that needs greater visibility. He Examples: Agatha Harkness, Banshee, Stick, White
or she seeks a high profile, but not personal Queen
Examples: Black Knight, Captain Britain, Falcon, Thor. OUTCAST
You are hated or feared for some quality, possibly a
EXPLORER mutant power or past allegiance. He or she may want
You devote your life to the discovery of new ideas to be left alone, or will only ally with those who are
and environments. He or she believes that free of the bias.
theoretical is often as powerful as the practical. Examples: Hulk, Nate Grey, Polaris, Quicksilver

You seek self-perfection or freedom from inner You aren't fully human, but envy the full emotions of
demons. He or she may suffer inner conflicts, or others. The closer you can get to human, the happier
overcomes them and keeps spiritually balanced. he or she is.
Examples: Iron Fist, Moon Knight, Shang-Chi, Examples: Adam Warlock, Warbird, Machine Man,
Wolfsbane Vision


You live to protect innocents from harm, regardless You want dominion over as many people as possible.
of whom or where they are. Seeing folks in danger Resistance to your will can trigger violent responses.
brings out in you an overwhelming desire to lend a Examples: Annihilus, Doctor Doom, Leader,
hand. Magneto
Examples: Archangel, Colossus, Shadowcat, Storm
REPENTANT You recklessly pursue the life of a super-being with
You act to gain redemption for past sins. Only the wide-eyed joy of youth. Such an individual is
through the doing of good deeds can you feel at least bored easily, and not good at listening to
partially cleansed. instructions.
Examples: Ant-Man, Elektra, Gambit, Silver Surfer Examples: Cannonball, Jubilee, Kymaera, Meltdown

You are saddled with undesired powers, but feels he
or she must act selflessly. He or she may grab
normalcy if it comes along, but otherwise will
Examples: Iceman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Thing

You prizes following or giving orders unless it
conflicts with your moral code. He or she may fight
for money or duty, but ultimately fights for personal
Examples: Bishop, Cable, Nick Fury, Silver Sable

You act because of a hedonistic desire for danger
and risk. Events that heighten your adrenaline are
highly prized.
Examples: Black Cat, Nova, Psylocke, Sersi

You cannot control your powers without monitoring.
This may overcome your sense of reason and force
actions he or she would regret.
Examples: Franklin Richards, Havoc, Rogue, Scarlet

VENGEANCE* Nothing gets called a hindrance if it helps you, pal. A

You seek revenge against someone for some real or hero with a hindrance suffers major penalties in the
imagined slight. Any sacrifice to gain the vengeance game. If you play someone with a hindrance, you must
is acceptable. follow the rules, no matter how much you might not
Examples: The Green Goblin, Loki, Super-Skrull, want to. And that'll be a lot of the time. But hey,
Venom think of it this way: It'll build character.

In fact, it's impossible to have a trivial hindrance.

You can't choose Physically Disabled and then say

you've got a bunion on your toes. You can't choose Bruiser
Obsessive and say you're nuts about Elvis. And if Burnout
you're Fatally Vulnerable to Cyanide--well, geez, we Contender
all are. It's got to mean something to you. Destitute
Fatally Vulnerable
But it can't overwhelm you or they won't be Frenzied
interesting. Xavier is fascinating because he Genetically Unstable
struggles for peace from his wheelchair, not because Grounded
he complains about it. Make the hindrance a key Guilt Ridden
element of you, but not the only element. Hatred
Actions to resist the effects of hindrance are always Karma
desperate Willpower actions. Succeeding in this Kid
action allows a contingent action that is temporarily Lightweight
free of the effects of the hindrance. Monstrous
Characters with hindrances never succeed in Naïve
resisting a hindrance unless there is a good story Nemesis
reason. Non-Corporal
Most Hindrances that you could imagine fitting you Panicky
should be found below, but in the case that it isn’t Phobic
below are some tips to creating your own. Of course, Physically Disabled
the Narrator has final say over whether he or she Possessed
will accept it or not. Programmable
Hindrances generally cause one or more scores to fall Susceptible
to 0 in certain situations. The first thing to then Transformative
determine is in what situations you see you being Triggered Powerless
limited. Uncreative
For example, let’s say the doctor’s have told you that Unregenerate
you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, meaning that you Vulnerable
couldn’t handle certain types of foods. To translate
this to the game, you might write:

You suffer a paralyzing addiction to some harmful
substance or source. Lack of the substance for a day
drops Willpower to 0 until the substance is
IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME administered. If a chance to get the substance
Whenever you eat anything spicy or with foreign arises, you must make a desperate Willpower action
herbs, draw a card. If the aura is neutral or or seize the opportunity at once. There are also
negative, you are reduced to 0 cards for an aura crippling long-term effects to addiction, but they're
duration, having to desperately get to a restroom. beyond the province of a game.
After the aura duration has passed draw another Examples: Cloak (life energy), Iron Man (alcohol),
card and continue to do so each aura duration until a Morbius (blood)
positive aura is gained.
You have lost most of your memories and cannot
recall who, when or where they’re from. Trying to
recall information or Intellect skills he or she once
knew is a Daunting Willpower action. If the action
fails, you cannot use any Intellect skills, but can try
Bad Press

again at another time. With assistance, enough has even the simplest of necessities, even food and
information on hand, or with the Concentration skill, shelter. Moreover, he has no job and for various
the difficulty can be reduced one level. reasons seems unemployable. You have 0 Willpower
Examples: Wolverine for all Wealth actions.
Examples: Cloak & Dagger, the Morlocks, Vermin
You have a bad reputation that causes others, FATALLY VULNERABLE
including law enforcement agencies and other heroes, You suffer damage from the touch or absence of a
to mistake him for a villain. Your Willpower is common substance. After enough exposure or
considered 0 when attempting to use persuasion deprivation, he or she will die. You have 0 defense
against anyone without firsthand experience of your against the source of damage, and will lose one card
good deeds. (or 5 health) per exchange of contact. During
Examples: None given exposure, you may not heal wounds regardless of
powers or the aura on the Narrator's card. Once no
BRUISER longer exposed to or deprived of the substance, you
You couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, but will heal normally but if you drop to 0 cards while under
level it if he or she does. When you try a physical the effect of the hindrance, you dies. Fatally
attack, he or she must use Agility rather than vulnerable characters are killed at 0 Health if in
strength when determining the action score. This contact with source.
changes the attack's trump suit to Agility as well. If Examples: Dracula (sunlight, running water), Attuma
you hits, calculate damage normally based on your (lack of water)
Strength score. You must have a minimum of 11
Strength and a maximum of 4 Agility to possess the FRENZIED
Bruiser hindrance. You lose control in battle, falling into a killing rage,
Examples: Hulk, Juggernaut, Rhino which can endanger allies. If the frenzy takes hold,
he or she won't accept surrender and will fight to
BURNOUT the death. You have 0 Intellect, and must succeed in
Using your powers burns out your body, draining 1 a desperate Willpower action in any exchange where
point of Strength permanently each hour until the there are still conscious foes to fight. Once in the
body dies at 0 Strength. This hindrance is usually frenzy, you cannot stop attacking, pull punches, or do
only possessed by those who can switch bodies or anything to lessen damage: only by making a new
regain the loss by some other means (otherwise they desperate Willpower action can you quell the rage. If
don't last for very long, or they almost never use anyone restrains you, you must make a desperate
their powers). Willpower action to avoid making that individual the
Examples: None given target of your next attack. A Frenzied character
never succeeds in those actions.
DEPRESSION Examples: Wolverine, Venom
You suffer from clinical depression. For everyday of
game time, draw a narrator’s card. If it is negative, GENETICALLY UNSTABLE
your Intelligence and Willpower is 0. If you were You are a clone or mutant, and their DNA is not
depressed on the previous day, draw two cards and entirely stable, leading to unpredictable, painful and
pick the worst. random (if temporary) mutations. In stressful
Examples: None given situations, the narrator draws a card. If the draw is
negative, their DNA goes into spasm. You will have
CONTENDER physical stats reduced to two for the duration of the
You are renowned for an ability, skill, or power and attack (except for purposes of taking damage) or
both heroes and villains wish to test their own skill may be increased wildly, depending on the mutations.
against your own. To take this hindrance you must Whatever happens, you can only take very limited
have a skill at World Class, an ability score of 11+, or actions for aura duration. Any power may be
a power intensity of 11 or higher. increased or decreased by the value of the narrator
Examples: Hulk (Strength), Quicksilver (Lightning card, or disappear completely. If their powers are
Speed), Hawkeye (Archery) increased they must make a daunting Willpower
check to control them. At Narrator's discretion,
DESTITUTE they can develop a related or totally new power with
You have no possessions except the clothing on his the loss of the original. This can become permanent
back and perhaps his weapons. You cannot assume he

at narrator's discretion, but generally all changes KID
are only temporary. You are under 13. Beyond the obvious disadvantages
Examples: None given (can't drive, can't vote, can't reach the top shelf),
you have a 0 intellect action. This hindrance is
GROUNDED ignored if he or she has a skill that reduces
You're stuck somewhere for good. The place cannot difficulty for the purpose of that action.
be where the game normally takes place. You are only Examples: Franklin Richards, most of Power Pack
allowed to be away from the place for a few hours at
a time, and will be instantly transported back by the LIGHTWEIGHT
place itself or by someone performing a fairly You are superhumanly strong, but have little impact
common action when that time has passed. when he or she strikes a foe. When you succeed at a
Examples: Captain Britain (England) physical attack, Strength is 0 for totaling damage.
Thus, the Strength score can affect only whether
GUILT-RIDDEN the attack succeeds, not damage. Cards are used
You are plagued by guilt over a past failure, usually normal for figuring damage. You hero must have an
involving death or serious injury. Whenever he or she 11+ Strength to have the lightweight hindrance.
is placed in a similar situation, you falls to 0 in all Examples: Loki, Enchantress
ability scores.
Examples: Giant-Man (making sentient robots), MONSTROUS
Rogue (absorbing memories) You don’t look remotely human, or is so disfigured
that normal humans (those with 0 edge) run in fear
HATRED on sight. You have 0 Willpower when trying to
You have a consuming hatred for something (not just convince someone with an edge of 0 not to flee.
a single person). He or she will go far to find the Those with the Monstrous hindrance needn't make
object of revulsion and destroy it. If you don’t rush actions against other' Monstrous appearances.
to obliterate the object of antipathy upon Examples: Man-Thing, Nightcrawler
encountering it, he or she is reduced to 0 in all
abilities. NAïVE
Examples: Bastion (mutants), Punisher (criminals), You are innocent of the ways of society. He or she
Man-Thing (fear) trust in the inherent goodness of all creatures and
assumes that all others do as well. You have 0 ability
INACCURATE scores for making and dodging surprise attacks, you
You cannot aim – at least, not as well as most people. must always declare your actions first.
When you make a ranged attack, you cannot play Examples: Longshot, Silver Surfer
cards until after you succeed in an attack. Thus,
cardplay is treated like a variable damage bonus, not NEMESIS
assisting in the attack. You have an enemy that may turn up at any time to
Examples: None given specifically harass him or her that has a personal
vendetta against you, which is not easily resolved.
KARMA Examples: Mister Fantastic (Doctor Doom), Spider-
You follow the golden rule: Do unto others, as you Man (Green Goblin)
would have them do unto you. This is because of
Karma's rule of three: whatever you send out, you NON-CORPOREAL
shall receive three times over. Anytime you attack, You do not have a physical body. This reduces your
you gain the hindrance of Unlucky for an aura Strength and Agility to 0 unless he or she is in
duration afterwards. If anyone attacks you, for an mental control of a real body. This hindrance does
aura duration afterwards, that character gain the not provide this control, however. While non-
Unlucky Hindrance. “Automatic” attacks, such as corporeal, you cannot be affected by physical
damage inflicted by a force field with feedback or attacks.
by quills when someone attacks you do not count as Examples: Proteus, Shadowking
“attacks” for the purpose of this Hindrance. Only
attacks that you caused by his actions bring about OBSESSIVE
the Unlucky Factor. You have a consuming passion for something or
Examples: None given someone, and strive to satisfy this desire. If you
don’t rush to the object of desire upon encountering
it, he or she is reduced to 0 in all abilities.

Examples Arcade (games), Kraven (hunting) contamination.

You are without fear, but not in a good way. Failing to Pyrophobia 0 in all Abilities
believe he or she can be harmed, you won't use full involving fire.
abilities and weapons until things get very bleak. Any
Examples: Dracula (garlic), Mole Man (sunlight)
card you play with a value of 7+ is treated as a 0 of
that suit and you can't declare pushes. This
hindrance vanishes when you are reduced to 2 or
fewer cards (or below 10 health).
Examples: The Leader, Ultron

You can't distinguish minor threats from major ones,
and acts impulsively without husbanding resources.
Any card you play of 4 or less is treated as if it were
a 0 of that suit; Edge cards still apply, but they have
0 value. Cards pulled off the deck after you play
trump count as full value. Panicky characters gain no
value from Narrator draws of 4 or less.
You suffer a physical misfortune that makes common
Examples: Songbird (Screaming Mimi), Toad
actions, such as seeing or walking, difficult to
perform. (A disability corrected by a power, such as
Daredevil's radar-offset blindness, is not a
You are terrified of something, and will flee the
hindrance.) This Hindrance reduces an ability to 0 in
dread object. If you don’t freeze up or run away
certain situations:
from the object of fear upon encountering it, he or
she is reduced to 0 in all four abilities.
actions involving the
Acrophobia 0 in all Abilities when
missing limb(s).
in you may get injury
from falling, Blind 0 Agility in fights.
generally anything Cannot make or dodge
higher than 10 feet. unseen surprise
Aquaphobia 0 in all Abilities when attacks.
there is a potential Deaf 0 Agility for actions
of drowning, such as involving actions from
being in the ocean, behind and surprise.
lake, river, or even a Mute 0 Willpower for
bathtub. actions involving
Arachnophobia 0 in all Abilities when speech.
around spiders, not Paralyzed 0 Agility in fights and
necessarily people movement.
with spider-like
Claustrophobia 0 in all Abilities when Even if cured, you suffer a long period of
in an enclosed space, adjustment. He or she can't have a score in the
including elevators, affected ability greater than the number of months
closets, and since losing the disability.
phonebooths. Examples: Rick Jones (unable to walk), Alicia
Cynophobia 0 in all Abilities Masters (blind)
involving dogs or
You have at some point in the past been exposed to
Mysophobia 0 in all Abilities
involving disease, malignant forces of evil. These can be astral,
demonic or whatever. Everyday or whenever under
germs, or
stress the victim must make a daunting willpower

check opposed by the Willpower of whatever what occurs while transformed. If you're playing a
possesses you or be taken under the influence of the Transformed hero, you lose control while changed.
possessing entity. The details of what this entity is The Narrator may ask you to continue playing, but
and what it wants should be left to the narrator. The has final say over your actions.
entity can possess you purely to torment him by Examples: Hulk, Werewolf, Puck, Ghost Rider
making him see or hear things that aren't there, or
may be a full possession of you. While possessed you TRIGGERED POWERLESS
have only as much control as the possessing entity You lose all of your powers when within firing
allows him to have. If the entity wishes the distance of an object or material--or when separated
character to do something totally against his nature from it. If you're playing a Triggered- Powerless
he can make a challenging Willpower (Willpower) test hero, all affected powers are reduced to 0 intensity
to regain control, but only if he didn't make some and the loss of all special features when this occurs.
sort of pact with the possessing force. This can occur if you are a high-tech hero, and loses
Examples: None given your equipment. If the condition is rectified, powers
return at intensity 1 per exchange, or when the
PROGRAMMABLE equipment is restored. This hindrance can only be
You can be reprogrammed easily (probably even chosen if you have a power of at least 10 intensity.
remotely), changing your Calling to Soldier and losing Examples: Annihilus (loss of cosmic control rod),
control of your actions. If your programming Dracula (stake through the heart)
changes, the Narrator can choose to direct your
actions. You still perform the actions and choose UNCREATIVE
cards to play. If the Narrator thinks you are not You cannot come up with strategies in fights. This
following the directions, he or she can substitute the gives you 0 Intellect in fights. In addition, you always
Narrator card for your cardplay. respond with the simplest and most apparently logical
Examples: None given actions regardless of consequences. The Narrator
can direct your actions if he or she believes you're
SCHIZOPHRENIC considering the consequences of your decisions too
During stressful events or during isolation, draw a closely.
Narrator's card for the afflicted player. If it is a Examples: None given
negative aura, you hear a random number of voices
talking to them. They usually say unpleasant things UNLUCKY
and generally torment the victim. These voices are You are plagued by bad luck. When you will be
experienced as totally real, and the player should affected by the Narrator's draw (for example, if
react as if they are real, and they are telling the you are wounded and would regain cards on a positive
truth. As time goes on, these voices will get more draw), the Narrator draws two cards and applies the
frequent and nastier. A psionic with psychiatry or worst. Characters with the Unlucky hindrance also
psychology can make a unfathomable (willpower) cause this effect, with the card applied being the
check to see if they can correct it. one worst for that character.
(Anyone else attempting to cure it makes an If individuals on both sides of a conflict have this
Impossible (Willpower) test.) Though the effects can hindrance, they cancel each other out.
be lessened through medication, this leads to the Examples: Spider-Man, Rick Jones
hindrance Addicted.
Examples: None given UNREGENERATE
You do not heal as normal beings do, and cannot
SUSCEPTIBLE restore health until healed or repaired. This is
You are especially vulnerable to a single form of usually because you are a machine, cyborg, robot, etc.
common attack, such as mind control, fire, or cold. If but is occasionally the result of a diseased humanoid.
you're playing a Susceptible hero, you have 0 defense You do not gain back cards lost to damage on a
against such an attack. positive Narrator draw, but does regain cards lost to
Examples: Iceman (fire), Namor (dehydration) a push. Robots without this Hindrance are considered
to have a basic “self-repair” program and those with
TRANSFORMATIVE Regeneration to have an advanced repair program.
A common occurrence causes your personality to be Characters with this Hindrance cannot gain
subsumed by a persona that you finds repulsive. A Regeneration and vice versa.
desperate willpower action must be made every Examples: None given
exchange to avoid the change. You may not remember

VULNERABLE defensibly, these skills may raise the difficulty of a
You have superhuman strength, but are not foe's actions.
superhumanly resistant to injury. For purposes of
defense, use half your Strength score (rounded Some heroes have excelled further than most people
down) instead of his full strength score. In order to at a skill and are considered to be Master-Class. A
take this hindrance you must have Strength 11 or hero with a Master-Class skill gets the standard
greater. This Hindrance may be selected for a piece reduction in the difficulty rating for actions involving
of technology; if so, use your natural defense score that skill – and something more. Any action involving
for defense (you gain no defensive bonus because of a Master-Class skill also receives a trump bonus with
the armor, even if it boosts his strength score). two different suits instead of the standard one.
Examples: None given Strength and Agility Skills can trump with both
Strength and Agility suits, while Intellect and
Willpower Skills can trump with both Intellect and
ABILITY SCORES Willpower suits. Moreover, if the bonus card is of
the base suit that would ordinarily be trump for the
You'll need to give you scores in the four abilities: action, you may draw the next card from the deck,
Strength, Agility, Intellect, and Willpower. Each and continue until he or she flips a card that isn’t
ability tracks on a scale of 0 to 30, where 30 is - base trump.
well, it's out there. Most heroes have ability scores
between 3 and 9 with one ability score possibly Heroes who are World-class in a skill (denoted in the
reaching 10 or higher. No hero can have a base ability roster books by underlining) automatically get trump
of 0 or 1. The mortal body can't handle scores above when using the skill. In other words, any card laid
20 for any sustained length of time, so generally down (except Doom) trumps, and if the bonus card is
heroes can't have base abilities above 20. of the base suit that would ordinarily be trump for
the action, you may draw the next card as well.

AGILITY Now you'll decide how well-trained you are at using
your abilities. Each of the four main ability scores
INTELLECT needs an alphabetical Ability Code next to it. If you
Intellect is the measurement of one's analytical have devoted your life to the pectoral presses and
abilities, problem-solving skills, and logic. While it triathlons, he or she will be very good at using
covers the ability to learn, a high intellect does not Strength. That said, you might not have had time to
necessarily prove one to be knowledgeable - merely become a science-obsessed bookworm like, say,
that they are capable of learning. Giant-Man. It's all in the priorities.

WILLPOWER Start by considering the skills and talents you think

you should have. Keep in mind special tactics like
throwing objects and ricocheting beams off walls.
Write down skills and talents from the list below,
SKILLS & TALENTS and then decide your ability codes. The codes - A, B,
C, D, E, F and X - tell you how many skills and talents
you have in each ability. A skill reduces difficulty in
Skills are fields of expertise that anyone can master, an action testing its ability for that purpose only. For
given enough time and natural aptitude. Talents are example, Archery helps with Agility actions using
inherent knacks or abilities that one has picked up bows, while Dimensional Geography aids Intellect
through experience. actions concerning other realities.

Heroes are assumed to know basic skills at their base As a general rule, heroes will not have more than one
ability scores. But while anyone can throw a club, “A Code”, and even the exceptional ones rarely have
drive, read, and intimidate a thug at their Strength, more than two.
Agility, Intellect, and Willpower scores, taking the
skill shows a true ability to do those actions. Skills You generally can tell how many skills a hero has in
lower the difficulty of any related action, or if used each ability by the code next to the ability score.
The closer the ability code is to the front of the

alphabet, the more skills it provides. An ability code
cannot get higher than an A, so generally, four skills
are the most a hero can have in ability.

Code Rating Number of Skills

A Savant 6
B Genius 5
C Expert 4
D Professional 3
E Student 2
F Beginner 1
X Unskilled 0

In exceptional cases, heroes are world-class in one

skill, meaning that they are one of the very best in
the world. Just being amazingly good doesn't cut it;
even Olympic gold medals don't get you this laurel. If
a hero is world-class at one skill, he or she always
gets trump when performing an action that uses that
skill. This is noted on you sheet by underlining the
skill, such as Hawkeye's Archery skill.

The skills below are fully detailed in the Skills

appendix. You're not limited to these skills, however.
If you want to make up a new skill, make sure it's not
too powerful, and then go ahead and create it. Just
remember you will require the approval of your
Narrator before you can use it during play. When
deciding what ability a new skill relates to, consider
these categories: Strength skills involve power and
stamina, Agility skills involve speed and reflex,
Intellect skills involve reason and knowledge, and
Willpower skills involve influence and sensation.

Narrator-Option: "Default Skills": The Ability

Codes are supposed to reflect level of familiar-
ity with everything having to do with that Ability.
To that end, the Narrator might modify a Task's
Difficulty for cases in which the Hero does not
have the pertinent skill AND plays in Trump for
the relevant Ability:

Code Difficulty Modifier

A 4
B 3
C 2
D 1
E 0
F 0
X 0

(Italics denote Weapon Proficiencies, Arts, and Sciences)


Atlantean Weapons Acrobatics Aeronautics Animal Handling
Axes Aerial Combat Archeology Appraise
Boxing Archery Architecture Art
Climbing Artillery Biochemistry Assessment
Clubs Athletics Biology Concentration
Excessive Force Biking Bionics Cooking
Garrotes Boarding Chemistry Criminal Organizations
Hammers Boomerangs Chronology Damage Control
Jumping Brachiation Computers Diplomacy
Knives Cinematic Combat Criminology Finance
Lifting Construction Cryptography Foreign Language
Martial Arts Weapons Demolitions Dimensional Geography Gaming
Natural Weapons Disguise Electronics Hometown Advantage
Shields Driving Energy Control Impersonation
Spears Equestrian Espionage Intimidation
Stunning Escape Artistry Genetics Journalism
Swimming Flinging Geology Law Enforcement
Swords Gadgetry Guerrilla Warfare Leadership
Whips Improvisational Weapons History Lip Reading
Wrestling Juggling Law Manipulation
Kinesthesia Linguistics Meditation
Lockpicking Lore Mental Control
Marksmanship Mathematics Mesmerism
Martial Arts Mechanics Military
Mecha Piloting Medicine Observation
Piloting Metallurgy Performing
Repair Meteorology Photography
Running Mythology Seafaring
Skating Occult Survival
Sleight of Hand Oceanography Taunting
Slings Philosophy Teaching
Stealth Physics Terrorism Tactics
Underwater Combat Psychiatry Torture Methodology
Zero-Gravity Movement Radiology Tracking
Robotics Writing
Security Systems
Studied Opponent
Time Machinery
Weapon Systems


Gift Wrapping Ambidexterity Common Sense Animal Empathy
Hyper-Breath Blind Fighting Intuition Attractive
Immunity Contingent Attack Lightning Calculator Direction Sense
Longevity Double Jointed Photographic Memory Light Sleeper
Sonic Slam Fast Exit Speed Reader Night Vision
Super Ballplaying Ricochet Time Sense Perfect Pitch
Weather Sense


A character may take any of these skill suites This dedication to general skills gives you a broad
provided that he meets the requirements (below). base of skills to draw upon and applies only if you
Having multiple skill suites is normally not possible, have Agility of 8 or higher, with an ability code of A
but certain powers (such as Hypersavant) and and an X code in all of the other abilities. This allows
advanced technologies or training may allow this. It you to start with up to eight skills, from ANY
is up to the narrator whether or not multiple skill category. A Jack of all Trades has no limit to their
suites will be allowed and even if so, you must still number of skills, but may not become World Class in
meet the minimum requirements for that skill suite. any of them.

In order to be a genius in more than one ability, the
This dedication to the art of combat over all other
character cannot have any powers that are not
pursuits applies only if you have Strength of 8 or
granted by equipment. In that case, these options
higher, with an ability code of A, and an X code in all
may be available:
of the other abilities. This allows you to start with
up to eight Strength or Agility skills with the words
weapon proficiency in their descriptions. A Weapon
Master has no limit to their number of skills, as long This hero is strong in both body and spirit. You may
as all of them are weapon proficiencies. start with eight Strength and/or Willpower skills.
You must have a score of at least 8 and an A code in
SCIENTIFIC GENIUS both abilities, and X codes in the other two. There is
no limit to the number of skills you can have as long
This dedication to science over all other pursuits
as they all come from these abilities.
applies only if you have an Intellect of 8 or more and
Intellect code of A, and X code in all other abilities.
This allows you to start with up to eight Intellect
skills with the word science in their descriptions. The complete and total investment of ones' self to
Scientific Geniuses have no limit to their number of the martial arts. A martial artist must have scores
skills, as long as all of them have the word science in of at least 8 and A codes in Agility and Willpower
their descriptions. and X codes in Strength and Intellect. You may then
start with up to eight skills from the following list:
ARTISTIC PRODIGY Acrobatics, Athletics, Blind Fighting, Contingent
Attack, Double Jointed, Escape Artistry, Fast Exit,
This dedication to the arts over all other pursuits
Flinging, Juggling, Martial Arts, Intimidation,
applies only if you have a Willpower of 8 or more and
Meditation, Observation, Resist Domination, Survival,
Willpower code of A, and X code in all other abilities.
Taunting, and Trance. There is no limit to number of
This allows you to start with up to eight Intellect
skills you can have as long as they're all from this
and/or Willpower skills with the word art in their
descriptions. Artistic Prodigies have no limit to their
number of skills, as long as all of them are arts.
MASTER BUILDER If you have two suitable skills for the same action
You are one of those rare people who can both (such as Swords and Martial Arts Weapons), only one
conceive of and create marvelous things. You must applies.
have at least an 8 and A codes in Strength and
Intellect, and X's in Agility and Willpower. You may
start with eight skills from these two abilities, and ATLANTEAN WEAPONS
has no limit on number of skills as long as they all Exemplars: Namor
come from these two. A catchall for tridents, nets, and other weapons
typically used by underwater races like the
OPERATIVE Atlanteans.
You are capable of handling any situation. If you have
an 8 or higher and an A code in both Agility and AXES
Intellect, and X codes in Strength and Willpower, he Exemplars:
may start with any 8 Agility or Intellect Skills. The weapon proficiency of battle axes, hatchets, and
There is no limit to the number of skills you may other chopping weapons. You can reduce the
possess, as long as they are from those two abilities. difficulty rating when striking with a battle axe,
logging, or throwing a hatchet.
This dedication to expression over all other pursuits BOXING
applies only if the character has both an Intellect Exemplars: Captain America, Cyclops, Mike Tyson
and Willpower of 8 or more with both codes of A, The sweet science. Boxing applies only if you uses
and an X code in Strength and Agility. This allows you your fists (gloved or bare) to attack. If you declare
to start with up to eight Intellect and/or Willpower it, you can divide your total action score between two
skills. Renaissance men and women have no limit to fist attacks, the second being a contingent attack.
their number of skills, as long as all of them are
Intellect and/or Willpower skills. CLIMBING
Exemplars: Nightcrawler, Spider-Man
WEAPONMASTER Scaling vertical surfaces. You can reduce the
This dedication to weapons use over all other difficulty rating when resisting wind and acrophobia
pursuits applies only if the character has both a while scaling buildings, trees, cliffs, and other
Strength and an Agility of 8 or more, both with vertical challenges. You may be skilled in using
codes of A, and an X code in Intellect and Willpower. mountaineering and spelunking gear as well as
This allows you to start with up to eight skills from grappling hooks.
this list: Archery, Artillery, Axes, Boomerangs,
Clubs, Contingent Attack, Flinging, Garrotes, CLUBS
Hammers, Juggling, Knives, Marksmanship, Martial Exemplars: Daredevil
Arts Weapons, Ricochet, Shields, Slings, Spears, The weapon proficiency of attacking with blunt
Swords, and Whips. Weaponmasters have no limit to objects. Anything from a blackjack to a telephone
their number of skills, as long as all of them are on pole assuming you can lift it. You can reduce the
this list or related to this list. difficulty rating when throwing the club or staff.


The character is good at everything. This requires a Exemplars:
minimum of 8 in all four abilities and A codes in all of When you are about to get hurt, he or she at least
them. The character can have any number of skills. knows how to not get hurt as bad. Techniques include
methods for landing from a fall, controlled breathing,
and reflexology.


These skills use Strength as the action ability. Exemplars: Punisher, Wolverine, Sabretooth
Strength skills are related to physical might, This skill lets you inflict bloody damage when using
stamina, hand-to-hand fighting, and resisting damage. fists, claws, teeth, or any other natural attack. If
you reduce a foe to 0 cards or 0 Health this way, the NATURAL WEAPONS
foe goes comatose. These actions - bites, eye gouges, Exemplars: Wolverine, Sabertooth
kidney punches, and so on - are generally frowned The weapon proficiency for any weapons that are
upon in hero circles. part of your body such as claws, quills, horns, a tail,
fangs, and the like.
Exemplars: Agent 47 SHIELDS
The weapon proficiency of strangling cords, piano Exemplars: Captain America
wires, and even barehanded choking. If you wounds The weapon proficiency of defending oneself from
the target, he or she may make a contingent action attack. Normally defensive, shields can also be
to begin strangulation. This is an average Strength thrown. A shield can either absorb its defense bonus
action. If it succeeds and the target does not in damage from one attack or to inflict its bonus in
damage you, you inflicts 4 damage points on each damage for one attack in a single exchange, but not
exchange thereafter, assuming the strangulation both.
continues. The stranglehold remains in effect until
either you lets go or suffer damage from the target. SPEARS
The weapon proficiency of long, sharp, and painful
Exemplars: Steel, Thor pole weapons. You can use this skill for throwing or
The weapon proficiency of using objects for pounding stabbing with javelins, tent poles and anything else
things into other things. You can reduce the shaft-like.
difficulty rating for throwing hammers, plus
carpentry and other such actions. STUNNING
The weapon proficiency of hitting someone with a
Exemplars: stunning blow that is opposed by Willpower instead
Jumping, whether standing, running, high, triple, or of Strength. However, the difficulty of the attack is
even pole-vaulting. You can reduce the difficulty raised by one level (from Easy to Average, for
when jumping or trying to lessen damage from example).
jumping downwards (that is, a planned and controlled
fall). This skill generally gives your character the SWIMMING
equivalent of Leaping at an intensity equal to
Exemplars: Namor
Strength divided by four (rounded down).
The skill of moving in water. This includes diving
techniques, the use of scuba diving equipment,
knowledge of water related dangers, and the ability
Exemplars: Riddick to hold your breath for up to five minutes. When
The weapon proficiency of using objects that are determining stamina and swimming speed, the
small, sharp and easily concealed, from daggers to difficulty is one level less.
hypodermics. You can reduce the difficulty rating for
throwing knives and wielding them. SWORDS
Exemplars: Deadpool, Shatterstar, Silver Samurai
The weapon proficiency of any long-bladed weapon,
Exemplars: Superman from an epee to a scythe. If you chooses not to
You are skilled at lifting heavy weights. It is an attack, he or she may parry with a sword, adding the
Average Strength action to carry a heavy weight, sword's damage bonus to Agility when dodging.
and an Easy Strength action to merely pick it up.
Exemplars: Indiana Jones, Omega Red
Exemplars: Elektra The weapon proficiency of anything that's cracked
The weapon proficiency for any martial arts weapon, to inflict damage on or entangle a target. This skill
a catchall for the shuriken, sai, nunchaku, oriental lets you snag an object that's within firing distance
swords and daggers, including the katana and on an average strength (agility) action. If this is an
opponent, the whip entangles the opponent as a highest Agility of the team members to attempt the
contingent action. The opponent can make an average action.
Strength (strength) action to break free on the next
exchange. ATHLETICS
WRESTLING Playing a sport(s), including, but not limited to,
Exemplars: baseball, basketball, cricket, football, jai alai,
The gentle art of holding on and never letting go. lacrosse, rugby, soccer, softball, tennis, various
This skill can be used only if you are using bare track & field events, and volleyball. You also have
hands. If you damages the target, he or she may knowledge of injuries and first aid and may make a
make a contingent attempt to hold on. This is an Challenging Agility action to restore a card or the
average Strength action (or the same action to avoid value of a random card in Health to someone who fell
this, if the wrestler is a character). If the hold unconscious during the previous exchange.
succeeds, the same damage is dealt the next
exchange, and can't be dodged. The contingent hold BIKING
action must succeed every exchange, or it is broken. Exemplars: Ghost Rider, Lance Armstrong
The skill of balancing a two or three wheeled, from a
bicycle to a motorcycle, vehicle across various
These skills use Agility as the action ability. Agility BOARDING
skills are related to movement, speed, digital Exemplars: Kelly Slater, Silver Surfer, Tony Hawk
manipulation, throwing, firing and reflexes. If you This skill encompasses the use of skateboards,
have two suitable skills for the same action (such as surfboards, snowboards, wakeboards, and other
Aerial Combat and Acrobatics), only one applies. modes of travel dependent on an object underneath
both feet requiring balance.

Exemplars: Aeon Flux, Daredevil, Nightcrawler Exemplars:
Gymnastic movement. You can tumble, swing from The weapon proficiency of small objects that are
ropes, walk across thin beams, and leap through thrown to inflict damage and then somehow return to
windows. You may reduce the difficulty rating when the thrower's hand. A hero with this skill can catch
trying to lessen damage from falls and dodging your boomerang without fear of damage.
attacks, if you have sufficient room to move
acrobatically. BRACHIATION
Exemplars: Daredevil, Spider-Man
You possesses a skill of swinging from tree branch to
Exemplars: Green Goblin, Spider-Man tree branch (or lamppost, street light, etc.) similar
Fighting in the sky. You may use Agility instead of to an ape. You can also do a contingent attack with
Strength to attack while flying. The Hero can use his legs while hanging or brachiating between
Agility instead of Intellect for declaration order objects.
during aerial combat.
Exemplars: Hawkeye From the swashbuckling feats of Errol Flynn to the
The weapon proficiency of any sort of projectile over the top combat in modern blockbusters,
weapon that fires arrows. Hollywood heroes have developed a group of
nonstandard combat tricks, and so has you. Sliding
ARTILLERY down the banisters, swinging from chandelier chains,
Exemplars: and the like are all a level of difficulty lower for you.
The weapon proficiency of really big guns.
Artillerists tend to work in groups, but use the
CONSTRUCTION the creation of any item if a suitable item is available
Exemplars: for dismantling.
Building things. When trying to construct a familiar
object, you may reduce the difficulty rating to avoid IMPROVISATIONAL WEAPONS
making mistakes. Exemplars:
You have a knack for turning any object into a useful
DEMOLITIONS weapon. Frying pans, rubber bands, books, chairs,
Exemplars: TVs, rolling pins, dumb bells, ladders, etc. all become
Blowing things up with volatile explosives, generally useful and potent weapons in your hands. Anytime you
smaller than a cruise missile. make any kind of offensive attack with a non-
standard weapon or object the difficulty is lowered
DISGUISE by one level. The damage bonus of said object is
determined by the Narrator.
Making yourself or others look like someone or
something else using props, clothing, wigs, and make-
up. For more permanent disguises, see the Medicine Exemplars:
skill for plastic surgery. Disguise also lowers the This skill allows you to keep several different items
difficulty involving appearances for powers such as moving in the air simultaneously. The most obvious
Animal Form, Imitation, and Shapeshifting. use for juggling is to entertain people, but due to the
intense coordination and concentration required, this
DRIVING skill also allows you to catch and redirect objects
thrown at him or her.
Exemplars: Frank Martin, Human Torch
Piloting any land-bound vehicle with four or more
wheels, from a car to an eighteen-wheeler. You have
an understanding of street layouts, traffic patterns, Exemplars: Mystique
maneuverability through and around various weather The use of all body-altering powers with an Agility
trump suit, plus a general sense of balance, body
conditions and terrain types.
position, and motion, including: Additional Limbs, Animal
Form, Blending, Body Transformation, Density Control,
Elongation, Imitation, Phasing, Plasticity, Prehensile
Exemplars: Lone Ranger Feet, Prehensile Hair, Shapeshifting, Size Alteration,
Riding horses and other four legged beast, with or Spinning, and Two-Dimensionality.
without wings. You can use your Agility to control the
mount and perform tricks (see Animal Handling). LOCKPICKING
Exemplars: Gambit
ESCAPE ARTISTRY Opening locks of all sorts. You can also reduce the
Exemplars: difficulty in securing locks and making locks and keys.
Getting out of dangerous places. You can reduce the
difficulty rating to squeeze through ultra-narrow MARKSMANSHIP
corridors, squirm out of ropes, and undo handcuffs Exemplars: Cable, Punisher
from behind. The weapon proficiency of modern personal firearms
of all types - handguns, rifles, shotguns, submachine
FLINGING guns, including laser, stun, and concussion varieties.
Exemplars: Bullseye, Gambit
The weapon proficiency of throwing any easily hefted MARTIAL ARTS
object (though "easily” varies from hero to hero). Exemplars: Shatterstar, Wolverine
This skill can turn playing cards and feathers into You may use Agility instead of Strength to attack.
lethal projectiles and is good for tossing grenades. This changes the attack's trump suit to Agility as
well. You also can reduce the difficulty rating to
GADGETRY reduce damage from falling. If you don't attack, he
Exemplars: Forge or she can reduce the difficulty rating to catch any
Disassembling something mechanical in order to make thrown object that can be lifted by you, negating
something else. This skill reduces the difficulty of impact damage.
PILOTING Fighting underwater. You may use Agility instead of
Strength to attack while underwater. You can use
Exemplars: Thing
Agility instead of Intellect for declaration order during
Working knowledge of most 20th century aircraft.
underwater combat. In addition, when trying to dodge
Even in a small spaceship, you have an intuitive
attacks, under water, you may reduce the difficulty
understanding of which flashing light is the
rating by one.
accelerator and which is the brake.
Exemplars: Thing
The skill of moving and performing actions in a null-
Repair and modification of items, but not the building
gravity environment.
of new items.

Exemplars: Flash, Quicksilver
These skills use intellect as the action ability.
The ability to run at a fast speed. When determining
Intellect skills are related to knowledge, reason,
stamina while running, the difficulty is one level less.
invention, science, energy manipulation and logic. If
you have two suitable skills for the same action (such
as Robotics and Mechanics), only one applies.
Piloting any water-bound vehicle, from a jet-ski to an
ocean liner. You can reduce the difficulty rating to AERONAUTICS
avoid rapids, spot land, build rafts, and other life-
Exemplars: Thing
saving tasks while on water.
The science of flight. You know about wind velocity,
aerodynamics, speed control, and the harsh effects
of gravity.
Exemplars: Wayne Gretzky
Twirling and dashing with wheels or blades on or ARCHAEOLOGY
under your feet. This also covers the use of
Exemplars: Indiana Jones, Lara Croft
The science of ancient treasures. You know a great
deal about paleontology, historical records, and
ancient sites.
The art of stage magic. You can make small items ARCHITECTURE
appear and disappear by a combination of
misdirection and swift, fluid gestures. You can also
The art of designing and recognizing designs of
use this skill to pick someone's pocket by making an
building and other large structures.
average Agility (Intellect) action.

Exemplars: Karnak
The art of assessing the difficulty of many tasks and
The weapon proficiency of anything spun to inflict
judge the abilities of others. If you take a full
damage, from a staff sling to a bull-roarer.
exchange to analyze a person or task, you can learn
the difficulty of a task or one ability score or
intensity of an individual.
Exemplars: Nightcrawler, Wolverine
The skill of moving without notice. To move ASTRONOMY
undetected past someone, it is an Easy Agility
Exemplars: Silver Surfer
(Willpower) action.
The science of the stars. You can use this skill to
plot a course through the solar system.
Exemplars: Namor
Exemplars: Exemplars: Doctor Strange, Mister Fantastic
The science of life processes of plants and animals. The science of leaving this plane of existence. You
You know about drugs, organic poisons, and diseases have cataloged alternate realities and new
of all types. dimensions.

Exemplars: Exemplars: Senator Kelly
The science of living creatures. You understand The art of oration and political strategy. You can
animal and plant taxonomy, can predict the behavior reduce the difficulty rating to influence others to
of unknown species, and know what eats what. your views. This skill aids in dealing with the
Specialties include ichthyology (fish) and ornithology complexities of bureaucracy.
(birds), among many others.
BIONICS Exemplars:
Exemplars: Iron Man The science of the relationships between man and
The science of replacing living tissue with mechanical other organisms and their physical and/or social
constructs. You can fashion artificial limbs, environments. This skill also includes the science of
prosthetic wings, mechanical organs, and cybernetic geography – the study of the earth, its natural
Intellect-altering tools. resources and features, and the distribution of life
across the planet. These disciplines frequently focus
CHEMISTRY on the detrimental effects of human civilization on
Exemplars: the environment and advocate prevention methods
The science of chemicals. You can develop new and the conservation of natural resources.
formulas, develop antidotes for inorganic poisons,
and identify chemicals by smell, touch, and taste. ELECTRONICS
Exemplars: Doctor Doom, Iron Man, Mister Fantastic
The science of electricity. You can analyze and build
CHRONOLOGY electronic devices, from as small as a vacuum tube to
Exemplars: Calendar Man as large as a power plant.
The science of time. You can judge the age of
creatures, plants, buildings, and objects by clues ENERGY CONTROL
from the skeleton, skin, or material. Exemplars: Magneto, Silver Surfer
The use of any Intellect-base Control power,
COMPUTERS including the use of Energy Blasts.
Exemplars: Arcade
The science of electronic intelligence. You can ESPIONAGE
program computers, design computer-run equipment, Exemplars: Aeon Flux, Black Widow, Nick Fury
and control-- to a certain extent-- artificial The art of spying. An espionage-trained hero can
intelligence. notice small clues, operate spy equipment, and tell
when someone is on your trail.
CRIMINOLOGY Synergy: Stealth
Exemplars: Batman
The science of the criminal mind. You can find clues GENETICS
at crime scenes, analyze patterns of criminal Exemplars: Magneto, Mister Sinister, Professor X
behavior, and guess where crimes will occur. The science of genes. You understand mutations, the
effects of radiation on cellular matter, and even new
CRYPTOGRAPHY life forms.
Exemplars: Batman
The art of codes. You are particularly good at GEOLOGY
analyzing, solving, and making codes and other Exemplars: Mole Man
The science of the earth. You comprehend volcanic etc.) You then have a basic grasp of nearly all of that
activity, the geology of the surrounding land, and culture's knowledge.
types of rocks and minerals. He or she may also use
equipment for finding oil and predicting earthquakes. MATHEMATICS
GUERRILLA WARFARE The science of the measurement, properties, and
Exemplars: relationships of quantities, using numbers and
The skill of fighting a stronger group of opponents symbols, geometry, and various abstract constructs.
through use of sabotage, ambush, and subterfuge. he Mathematics is very broadly divided into
use of this skill lowers the difficulty for you and foundations, algebra, analysis, geometry, and applied
allies in performing such activities as long as a plan is mathematics.
devised before the attack, with all members acting
following the prior planned strategy, and the plan MECHANICS
being an irregular mode of warfare. With such Exemplars: Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus
conditions imposed on the use of this skill, the The science of machinery. You have an intuitive
Narrator must approve each use of this skill as to understanding of how inorganic parts come together
whether or not the bonus is granted. to make machines work.

Exemplars: Exemplars:
The science and art of humanity's past. You know of The science of health. You know complex medical
lessons from past events that may have an impact on procedures, from first aid to surgery. You may make
the modern day. If you are transported back in time, a first aid average Intellect action to restore a card
he or she can pass for a native of the past time or the value of a random card in Health to a
period. combatant who fell unconscious during the previous
exchange. You also can perform medical treatments
JOURNALISM that help heal serious wounds, but these
Exemplars: Superman ministrations cannot take place during fights.
The art of reporting. You have skill with access to
many sources of information. If a hero with this skill METALLURGY
makes a challenging action, he or she can find out Exemplars:
pretty much anything that's at least semi-public The science of metals and their properties at both
knowledge within a day. the bulk and atomic levels. You know how to extract
metals from their ores, purify and alloy metals, and
LAW create useful objects from metals.
Exemplars: Daredevil, Judge Dredd, She-Hulk
The working of the legal system. You have an METEOROLOGY
extensive background in the law of the United Exemplars: Storm
States or some other jurisdiction. He or she may The science of atmospheric phenomena, especially
reduce the difficulty rating for a client who is in weather and weather conditions. This also decreases
danger of being convicted of a crime. the difficulty level of certain applications of the Air
Control, Flight, and Weather Control powers.
Exemplars: MYTHOLOGY
The science of words. You can understand at least Exemplars: Thor, Loki
the basics of any terrestrial language, and may The art of studying of classical myths, which may
reduce the difficulty rating to comprehend even seem all too real in a world where Thor, Hercules,
alien languages. and Dracula walk the earth.

Exemplars: Exemplars: Dr. Strange, Scarlet Witch
The science of studying a culture. You must pick a
group of people to study (Incans, Deviants, Kree,
The art of mythical practices. You learn of magical The science of human interaction. A hero with this
societies, antiquities, runes, and forgotten lore. This skill can predict how a person or group of people will
skill reduces the difficulty of Magic, Magic Control, react to an event with some accuracy. If you do not
and Spirit Control powers. attack in an exchange, he or she can always launch an
undeclared contingent action.
Exemplars: Namor SPACE CRAFT
The science of the seas. You know how currents Exemplars: Mister Fantastic
work, the complexities of depth, the patterns of The science of building space transports. You
marine life, and the dangers of pollution to the understand how spaceships work and how to repair
ecosystems. them.


Exemplars: Socrates Exemplars: Taskmaster
The science and art of debating the nature of things, Due to extensive study of an individual, and training
generally the fundamental beliefs as they come to be in the proper techniques for combating them, you
conceptualized and formulated based on logical may reduce the difficulty of an action when dealing
reasoning rather than empirical methods. It with their Studied Opponent.
compromises logic, ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics,
and epistemology. This skill also includes theology, SUPER-PHYSIOLOGY
the study of the nature of God, His relationship with Exemplars: Mister Sinister, Apocalypse
humanity and with the world, and religious truths. The science of super powers. This specialized skill
allows you to gage a super-being's power intensities
PHYSICS and work to reduce or enhance those power levels
Exemplars: Giant Man, Stephen Hawking over time.
The science of physical laws. You understand spatial
geometry, flight, light and sound, and the motions of TACTICS
planets and stars. Exemplars: Captain America
The art of strategy and tactics. If you take a full
PSYCHIATRY exchange to analyze an ongoing or anticipated combat
Exemplars: Professor X situation and are able to share insights with allies,
The science of the human mind. You can tell if an you and all allies gain a +4 to all actions in their first
individual is under mental control. You may be able to exchange and a +2 to all actions in their second
heal emotional scars and fractured psyches, given exchange. Not all allies need to attack at the same
time. time to gain this benefit some may hold themselves
in reserve and still receive the bonuses on their first
RADIOLOGY exchange, rather than on the exchange that others
Exemplars: Hulk, Spider-Man first engage in combat.
The science of radiation. You understand the
different kinds of radiation, including its careful TIME MACHINERY
handling and the dangers of its effects on humans. Exemplars: Doctor Doom
The science of time travel. Another rare skill, this
ROBOTICS allows the construction of machines that allow
Exemplars: Doctor Doom, Ultron transport through time.
The science of robots. You can make and dismantle
unintelligent servitors with complex programming. A TRIVIA
hero with this skill can even rewire a robot Exemplars: Ken Jennings
programmed for evil into one with only servile A mishmash of specialized knowledge. You have one
intentions (temporarily, at least). or more subjects in which he or she is an
acknowledged expert. This can be anything: old
SOCIOLOGY movies, military history, sports, rock music, comic
Exemplars: Professor X books, you name it.
Exemplars: Iron Man, Doctor Doom Exemplars: Punisher
The science of complex weaponry. You can build and You have an understanding of the inner workings of
dismantle high-powered guns and guidance systems. gangs, prisons, and mafia type organizations. He or
she may have been undercover or have had been a
part of such an organization at one point in life. Use
of this skill includes an understanding of the ranking
WILLPOWER SKILLS system, criminal leadership, and how to keep safe
when dealing with people of these organizations.
These skills use Willpower as the action ability.
Willpower skills are related to control of individuals,
emotions, persuasion, artistry, mental youghness, and
magic. If you have two suitable skills for the same Exemplars:
action (such as Mesmerism and Leadership), only one You are skilled at assessing disasters and working
applies. quickly and effectively to prevent further damage,
such as putting out fires, keeping ceilings from
caving in, and plugging holes in watercraft.
The art of training animals to perform tricks. You Exemplars:
may reduce the difficulty rating to teach a trick You are never lost, always knowing where north is,
that an animal is capable of, such as attacking, and can orienteer easily without any external cues.
fetching, guarding, jumping, stealing, and so forth.
APPRAISE Exemplars: Donald Trump, Kingpin
Exemplars: The art of capitalism at its finest. Willpower may be
The art of distinguishing an antique from old junk. used in all business dealings.
You identify individual items and their estimated
market value. FOREIGN LANGUAGE
ART The ability to speak, read, and write a language other
Exemplars: than a native one. This skill may be taken multiple
The art of creating works of art, either for personal times, each time for a new language to converse in.
gratification or for sale to others. This includes
painting, sculpting, and graphics, among other GAMING
disciplines. Exemplars: Arcade, Gambit, Gamemaster
Playing games, including, but not limited to, board,
CONCENTRATION card, computer, dice, strategy, and tabletop games.
Exemplars: Doctor Strange This skill also covers gambling.
You are particularly good at focusing their mind,
enabling them to accomplish such actions as making HOMETOWN ADVANTAGE
calculations under pressure, or eavesdropping on a Exemplars: Batman (Gotham)
conversation in a busy room. You know the quickest routes, safest places, and
most undetectable hiding spaces within his city. This
COOKING effect does not work inside any building unless he
Exemplars: has intimate knowledge of its layout (Narrator
The art of mixing ingredients to create a meal. You discretion). You must specify one city in which this
can cook meals from American to Italian, French to skill applies. You can gain this skill multiple times,
Indonesian. The higher skill you have in this, the each applying to a new city.
easier the meal is to make, the better it tastes, and
he or she is able to cut a couple corners in time and IMPERSONATION
ingredients without sacrificing taste. Exemplars: Morph, Mystique
This skill enables you to impersonate another MENTAL CONTROL
individual or type of individual by giving similar Exemplars: Professor X
responses, walk, gestures, appearance, as well as The use of all non-sensory powers that have
their vocal resemblance. You must have at least a Willpower trump suits.
rudimentary knowledge of the person or type that he
or she is impersonating. Use of this skill reduces the MESMERISM
difficulty of Animal Form, Imitation, and
Shapeshifting powers.
The art of low-grade mind control. If you succeed in
an average Willpower (Willpower) action, he or she
can gain information and implant post-hypnotic
Exemplars: Wolverine suggestions. Thralls won't act counter to their own
The art of terrifying someone into doing or saying desires. A hypnotic command fades a few hours after
what you want. You perform an average Willpower it is give.
(willpower) action against an individual to reveal, or
go along with, what you desires …at least temporarily. MILITARY

Exemplars: Captain America, Nick Fury, Punisher

You may reduce the difficulty rating to lead troops
Exemplars: Judge Dredd, Savage Dragon or understand a military commander's strategies.
Cops, robbers, and other interested parties. In
addition to familiarity with police agencies, you may OBSERVATION
legally carry a firearm and make arrests if active in
Exemplars: Daredevil, Uatu the Watcher
law enforcement.
The art using of all sensory powers with Willpower
trump suits, plus a general ability to tell when
something is interesting or out of place.
Exemplars: Captain America
The art of keeping a team together and focused on PERFORMING
goals. If you completes an average Willpower action,
all allied heroes’ gain +1 on all actions. But once this
The art of acting, singing, dancing, mime,
inspiration is triggered, if you leaves the scene or
broadcasting, striptease, or any other form of
blacks out, all allies suffer -1 on all actions until you
performance entertainment. You can attempt an
average Willpower (Willpower) action to distract
someone from your intentions for one exchange.
Exemplars: Echo PHOTOGRAPHY
The skill of understanding conversations even when
Exemplars: Spider-Man
the speaker cannot be heard, as long as his mouth
The art of photography for fun or profit. You can
can be clearly viewed.
reduce the difficulty rating for any action involving a
still or motion picture camera.
Exemplars: Loki, Mystique RESEARCH
The art of getting people to do what you want
without letting them know it. This includes scheming,
The ability to use databases, libraries, and other
seduction, and other such machinations.
storehouses of information to find facts. You not
only know how to get the information, but also where
to look for it in the most expeditious form.
Exemplars: Doctor Strange
The art concentration so intense that it focuses RESIST DOMINATION
mental powers. You may reduce the difficulty rating
of any Willpower-based action if he or she spends
The art of keeping one's mind free from outside
one exchange meditating first.
interference. This skill reduces the difficulty of an
action, by one level, to resist mind control, hypnosis,
intimidation, torture, and other things that and then doesn't need to try further actions unless
subjugate one's will. there is a chance of losing the track. Distractions,
such as rivers, perfume, factories, crowds, and so
SURVIVAL forth, require new actions.
Exemplars: Wolverine
Dealing with the rigors of outdoor life. You can use WRITING
this skill any time he or she is faced with natural Exemplars:
challenges, such as frigid cold, desert heat, The art of expressing oneself in, um, one's, well, you
starvation, and loss of direction. know. You can reduce the difficulty rating when
writing persuasive fiction or non-fiction.
Exemplars: Spider-Man
The art of cracking wise in combat to the detriment TALENTS
of easily irritated opponents. If you spends at least Narrators can differentiate between skills (learned
one exchange talking up a storm (and you must do so abilities) and talents (inherent knacks or abilities). In
for you), he or she may attempt an average this case, characters may have up to four skills and
Willpower (Willpower) action to cause an opponent to four talents per ability (or the Narrator may choose
attack you with your bare fists or another to limit heroes to a combinations of no more than
instantaneous attack. If so enraged, the opponent four skills/talents per Ability). Talents cost the
cannot make surprise attacks or use any skill modify same as skills and can only be Master- or World-
the difficulty of the attack. Class if they require an action. Some sample talents
are described here. Narrators may wish to expand
TEACHING this list in games focusing on characters without
Exemplars: Professor X, Taskmaster powers.
The art of passing on one's wisdom to others. If
another hero is interested in using a response bonus
to gain a skill, a teacher who knows that skill can help STRENGTH TALENTS
that hero gain it.
Exemplars: Thing, Hulk, Juggernaut
Exemplars: The weapon proficiency of taking long pieces of
The skill of systematically using (or threatening to metal and wrapping them around foes. Requires
use) force of violence against the public to intimidate Strength of 15. Sometimes it is easier to capture a
and coerce the government, often for ideological or villain than to beat them into the ground, effectively
political reasons. This skill also covers techniques in immobilizing them. It takes one exchange for you to
counter-terrorism, including international laws turn a nearby vehicle, lamppost, or structure into
dealing with terrorists. appropriate metal "ribbons," (a Superhuman Strength
action). On the next exchange, you can Gift Wrap
TORTURE METHODOLOGY your target (a Challenging Strength (Agility) action).
Exemplars: You can wrap up several villains at a time if they are
The art of “persuasion”. Often possessed more by close together, but suffer a -1 penalty to his action
villains than heroes, the art of torture methodology score for each additional target. Unless they're
is exacting excruciating physical or mental pain on a strong enough to break through metal (material
victim to gain information …or just because. You are strength 12 to 14), they aren’t going anywhere.
skilled in torture instruments, sensitive areas of the
anatomy, and chemical aids. Victims may make an HYPER-BREATH
average Willpower (Willpower) check to resist the Exemplars: Hulk
suffering. Blowing really hard to knock people over. This feat
can be performed only by those with a 13+ strength.
TRACKING You must make an average strength action, and those
Exemplars: Wolverine whom you succeeds against are knocked back and lose
The art of following prey through any environs. You their action for the exchange.
may reduce the difficulty rating to catch the track,
IMMUNITY exchange, making one of them contingent. Cards can
Exemplars: None be played to each attack.
You are Invulnerable to the effects of one specific
poison or disease. DOUBLE JOINTED
LONGEVITY You can bend your limbs and joints far more than
Exemplars: Wolverine most people. He or she can fit into any space equal to
You are extremely long lived, but do not show any half their height and width and actions involving
appreciable signs of aging. No matter how old he or flexibility (like Escape Artistry) are one level easier.
she is, he or she always looks and feels like a person
half their age. FAST EXIT
Exemplars: Quicksilver, Spider-Man, Wolverine
SONIC SLAM You can attack physically and move to firing distance
Exemplars: Hulk before any foe can complete an action that affects
Smashing the ground or one's fist together to you. But make sure you've properly analyzed the
produce a sound wave. This feat can be performed situation, because if even one of the opponents has
only by those with an 11+ strength. You must make an an Intellect higher then your Agility, he or she can
average strength action, and those whom you redirect actions toward you, and he or she can't
succeeds against are disoriented, losing their action dodge any of them. If both combatants have the
for the exchange. Fast Exit skill, the benefits of the skill are
effectively cancelled out for both combatants. The
skill is also effectively cancelled if the opponent has
SUPER BALLPLAYING a super-speed power, such as Lightning Speed or
Flight (if in flight), with a higher Intensity than the
Exemplars: Thing
character's Agility.
The weapon proficiency of taking a long, heavy object
(like a tree or bus) and swinging it at foes. This feat
can be performed only by those with an 13+
Strength. You must make an Average Strength Exemplars: Captain America, Cyclops
action, and those you succeed against are The weapon proficiency of bouncing of a weapon off
disoriented, losing their action for the exchange. one target and into another. A hero using a ricochet
can target two individuals with a single throw, halving
the action score for each. The second target is hit as
contingent action. If you desires, he or she also may
AGILITY TALENTS ricochet the weapon back into your hand. A second
use of this skill is to launch a surprise attack by
AMBIDEXTERITY bouncing a weapon off something behind the target;
Exemplars: Beast this makes the attack contingent but reduces its
You can use tools and weapons with either hand at no difficulty. This skill can be used with some powers,
penalty. Normally, using your off-hand increases the such as Energy Blast and Web-Slinging.
penalty another level. For example, if shooting a clay
pigeon from 50 yards away were average difficulty,
using your off-hand would be daunting.
You can counterattack in hand to hand combat with
Exemplars: Doctor Doom
no negative modifiers for being unable to see your
An amazing skill which allows you to remember
opponent, provided they attack you first.
anything he or she seen or learned. A successful
average Intellect action requires the Narrator to
repeat anything you might have come across (if the
Exemplars: Narrator can remember it).
You can divide your Agility and pre-cardplay
modifiers between two Agility-based attacks each
COMMON SENSE may not necessarily do what you ask them to. Actions
Exemplars: involving animals are one level easier for you.
You always look before you leap; the Narrator must
give you warning whenever you're about to do ATTRACTIVE
something particularly foolish, even if there are no Exemplars:
perceptible clues present. He doesn't have to specify You are very good looking; people stop and stare at
the danger, just that "this might not be a smart you when you pass, and you are generally surrounded
idea..." by admirers. Willpower actions involving your looks
are one level easier for you.
You have an uncanny feel for hunches; the Narrator Exemplars:
can have you make an Intellect action whenever he You are never lost, always know where north is, and
thinks you might get a hunch, even if there are no can orient yourself easily without any external cues.
perceptible clues present.
LIGHTNING CALCULATOR You wake instantly from even the lightest touch or
Exemplars: smallest sound (no action required).
You can do complex mathematical operations in your
head without using any aids. NIGHT VISION
MUSICAL TALENT You can see normally in all but absolute darkness.
You always know if something's in tune, and all POPULARITY
musically related actions are one level easier for you. Exemplars: Captain America, Superman
The character is extremely revered by the public.
SPEED READING The difficulty of any persuasion attempt is made at
Exemplars: one degree less than normal. If the character has a
This skill allows you to read at an incredible rate of secret identity, this advantage only applies to the
speed, as well as retain and comprehend more of one that is popular (usually youic identity).
what is read. You can read one page of any normal
text in three seconds (you can read a 200 page book TRANCE
in 10 minutes) and you effectively gains Photographic Exemplars: Doctor Strange
Memory for information read. Meditation so deep that the outside world seems to
slip away. You may enter a trance that slows body
TIME SENSE functions to such level that he or she may be
Exemplars: assumed dead (Make an average Willpower
You always know what time it is, and how much time (Intellect) action to fool observers). A hero in a
has elapsed between the present and the last time trance reduces the need for food and water to
you checked. minimal level, and may heal serious wounds in days.

Animals like you; they will never harm or attack you Most heroes have some form of superpowers or
unless severely provoked. You always seem to attract specialized equipment. To figure out what you have,
whatever animals are common to the area, and they compare you to other heroes in the Roster Book and
will immediately gravitate to your side, although they scan the alphabetical list of powers below.
Regardless of where it comes from, a power is rated If you know of any limits to your powers - for
much like an ability. Each has an intensity which runs example, Nightcrawler's Blending power works only in
from 0 to 30, just like ability scores. The two are the dark - record them under each power. In order
roughly equivalent; that is, an intensity 15 telekinetic to be considered a limit, the condition must at least
can move things just as well as someone with 15 halve the number of circumstances that the power
Strength - though from across the room, of course. can be used, or halve its effectiveness in all
situations. See the Limits in front of the Powers
Take a look at the chart below to judge your appendix on page 121, or under each power listing.
intensity for each power you have. Ordinary weapons Remember that you should create your own limits for
and armors have damage bonuses instead (such as you if you don't find the appropriate one listed here.
+4). These damage bonuses are never more than +10
(and only very rarely above +7).
Intensity Examples A hero's powers can come from any one of a hundred
0 Normal humans with superpowers different sources, but a few categories appear with
1 Professor X's hover chair’s flight amazing regularity. Individual powers are not linked
Sub-Mariner's flight, Nightcrawler's to sources; any power can come from any source
wall-crawling approved by the Narrator.
Nightcrawler's teleportation,
Magneto's telepathy
Tigra's lightning speed, Luke Cage's DESIGN
regeneration A hero may be an artificial being (a robot, android,
Doctor Doom's magic, Cable's synthezoid, golem, etc.) designed to possess certain
7-8 telekinesis, Invisible Woman's abilities. As a general rule, artificial beings have Life
invisibility Support, and may be Invulnerable to some things
Ant-Man's Insect Control, Gambit's that affect living beings (like disease and poison, for
9-10 example).
explosions, Vision's solar blast
Phoenix's telekinesis, Giant-Man's size
alteration, Iceman's cold control
Archangel's flight, Spider-Man's wall- Many heroes gain some or all of their powers from
13-14 amazing equipment they wield, from magical swords
crawling, Storm's weather control
to suits of powered armor.
Doctor Strange's magic, Wolverine's
regeneration, Professor X's telepathy
Quicksilver's speed, Human Torch's
17-18 Some heroes acquire their powers through hard work
fire control, Magneto's magnetism
and study. This generally includes the arts of Magic.
Hulk's resistance to most things, Silver
19-20 Learned powers can be improved through study and
Surfer's cosmic energy control
are usually vulnerable to amnesia.
She-Hulk's leaping, Electro's resistance
to electricity
26-30 Hulk's Leaping, Galactus' energy control
A power can be passed from parent to child. Such
powers manifest as a dominant family trait and are
surprisingly hard to ditch. If you gain powers this
STUNTS way, the history built into such a power usually makes
Each power may have one or more stunts you can you easy to find, and comparisons to your
perform. Check the power listing, and if you know you progenitors, favorable or unfavorable, will be legion.
can do a stunt, write it down. If you don't see a stunt
listed, make up a name for the stunt and record it. MAGIC
Record the stunts under the power, and use the
Heroes may be imbued with powers from a magical
intensity and trump suit of the power.
source (an ancient artifact or spell) or they may be
magical beings like spirits, demons, or undead.
Magical powers are vulnerable to things like Magic
Control to some degree. POWER CODES
This is an entirely optional rule that the narrator
may introduce into stories. The powers generally
A mutant hero manifests genetically derived traits make no mention of Power Codes and thus can be
not possessed by either parent, usually at puberty. used perfectly well without having them.
Mutation has increased dramatically with the dawn
of the nuclear age, along with fear of mutants. The power intensity is a measure of a hero’s raw
Mutations can be tracked by mutant-locating powers power and in many cases it is an indicator of the
and are vulnerable to some nullification devices. capabilities and limitations of that hero’s powers.
Mutation can also be induced after birth by a wide However, some heroes have a power that is far
variety of things, from cosmic rays to the bite of a weaker than someone else with the same power, yet
radioactive spider. they are able to use that power with far greater skill
and finesse. To represent this, powers have an
POSSESSION optional extra called Power Codes. Like skill codes
Some beings and devices grant powers by taking they are represented by the power Intensity
control of an individual. The host gains the powers of followed by a letter, rated A to X.
the possessor in exchange for your mind. Possession
can be uncovered by mind scans, and neutralized by Power Code Effect
exorcism. X Normal Power
D +1 Stunt
Many beings and devices can imbue people with B +2 Stunt and difficulties lowered by 1 level.
permanent powers. Of course, sometimes those same A +3 Stunts and difficulties lowered by 2 levels.
beings can also take away the powers they've
granted, and such power often comes with a price- Additionally, if a power is made available as a stunt
tag attached. of another power, such as Flight being gained as a
stunt of Telekinesis, normally that power is limited
RACIAL to the basic power only with none of its stunts.
However, if you have a power code of B then he or
Heroes from other races and species may have
she can gain up to two stunts of that power as
certain inherent abilities. These are usually easy to
additional stunts. At Power Code A there is no limit
spot, but difficult to nullify. Humans come with no
to the number of stunts that can be gained from the
special traits except our galaxy-renowned
stunt of a power without having to take that power
indomitable spirit and creativity. See Alien Heroes in
Reed Richards Guide to Everything for more details.

1.Absorption 15.Body 28.Digging 43.Energy Blast
2.Adaptation Transformation 29.Dimension Control 44.Energy Conversion
3.Additional Limbs 16.Body Weapon 30.Dimensional Travel 45.Energy Reflection
4.Additional Sensors 17.Chi 31.Disintegration 46.Energy Sheath
5.Affliction 18.Cold Control 32.Dream Control 47.Enhanced Senses
6.Air Control 19.Combat Mastery 33.Duplication 48.Ensnarement
7.Alchemy 20.Computer Link 34.Earth Control 49.Environmental
8.Alter Limbs 21.Corrosion 35.Earthquake Awareness
9.Animal Control 22.Cosmic Awareness 36.Electrical Control 50.ESP
10.Animal Form 23.Cosmic Energy 37.Elongation 51.Evolution
11.Animation Control 38.Emotion Control 52.Fire Control
12.Astral Projection 24.Danger Sense 39.Empathy 53.Flight
13.Blending 25.Darkforce Control 40.Empowerment 54.Force Field
14.Body Armor 26.Density Control 41.Endurance 55.Friction Control
27.Detection 42.Energy Absorption 56.Gem Focus
57.Gestalt 92.Plasticity 127.Water-Breathing
58.Gravity Control 93.Poison 128.Water Control
59.Hellfire Control 94.Possession 129.Weapon Creation
60.Hyper-Invention 95.Postcognition 130.Weather Control
61.Hyper-Linguistics 96.Power 131.Web-Slinging
62.Hyper-Savant Amplification
63.Hypnosis 97.Power Duplication
64.Illusion 98.Power Theft
65.Image Summoning 99.Precognition
66.Imitation 100.Protected Senses
67.Immortality 101.Psychic Blast
68.Immovable 102.Radar Sense
69.Invisibility 103.Radiation Control
70.Invulnerability 104.Reality Control
71.Kinetic Control 105.Regeneration
72.Leaping 106.Resistance
73.Life Control 107.Shadow Control
74.Life Drain 108.Shapeshifting
75.Life Support 109.Size Alteration
76.Light Control 110.Sonar
77.Lightning Speed 111.Sonic Control
78.Luck Control 112.Spatial Control
79.Magic 113.Spinning
80.Magnetic Control 114.Spirit Control
81.Mind Control 115.Stun Blast
82.Mind Shield 116.Swimming
83.Nemesis 117.Telekinesis
84.Nullification 118.Telepathy
85.Object Duplication 119.Teleportation
86.Paralysis 120.Time Control
87.Perceive Weakness 121.Time Travel
88.Phasing 122.Transformation
89.Pheromones 123.Transmutation
90.Photographic 124.Ultimate Skill
Reflexes 125.Vibration Control
91.Plant Control 126.Wall-Crawling
When part of a suit of powered armor or other piece
Intensity Example of equipment, Ability Boost usually just raises your
X See Relevant Ability Score Benchmark ability score to the intensity level while the
equipment is active.

Unique Trait—Transference Boost: You can drain an-

ABILITY BOOST other one of your Abilities and apply those
Trump Suit: Willpower points toward the Ability Boost.
Exemplars: Hulk, Iron Fist Limit—Certain Limbs Only: Only the actions involving
Related Powers: Chi, Power Amplification the certain limbs of your, such as your legs or
Power Skill: None arms, benefit from the improved ability score.
Limit—Emotion-Linked: You have to be feeling a par-
Ability Boost allows immediate self-improvement in a ticular emotion (anger, love, hate, fear, etc.) in
single ability score (chosen in advance). This power order to use Ability Boost.
adds its intensity in points to that ability score, up Stunt—Empowerment: You can boost an ability of an-
to a maximum of 20. This effect lasts for an aura other to a maximum of your Ability Boost in-
duration. After the duration, the score drops back tensity, or to 20, whichever is less.
to its original level, regardless of the effect that Stunt—Beyond Mortal Boost: You may boost up to a
causes it. maximum total of 25 in the boosted ability.
Stunt—Cosmic Boost: There is no limit to how high total score of 20. The heightened Strength
you can boost. You must have the Stunt, Beyond lasts for an aura duration, and then drops to
Mortal Boost, before taking this Stunt. normal.
Stunt—Dual Boost: You can boost two abilities at Stunt—Absorption Conversion: You transform the
once, each limited by the power's intensity absorbed energy or force into another kind of
total. Usually, the two abilities are either both damage-causing effect. Usually, this is the same
physical or mental, but this is not always the energy as was inflicted upon you, but this is not
case. always the case.
Stunt—Extensive Boosting: Your boosting lasts for Stunt—Absorption Flight: Damage is not only ab-
as long as he or she wants it to. The boosted sorbed, but is used to grant you Flight for an
ability doesn't return to normal until the boost- aura duration at the intensity of the damage
ing hero wills it. absorbed.
Stunt—Master Blow: You can channel energy into one Stunt—Absorption Healing: Damage is not only ab-
single powerful attack. Your ability returns to sorbed, but it can be used to restore your
normal after releasing the channeled energy. health. This requires one exchange fully de-
Stunt—Power Boost: You may boost the intensity of voted to healing after the damage-causing ef-
one of your powers in addition to an ability. fect is absorbed. For every 10 wounds ab-
Stunt—Siphoned Boost: By touching another, you can sorbed, the player redraws one lost card, up to
steal their Strength and add this number to no more than your base Hand Size. (Characters
your own for an aura duration. Make an easy Si- gain one-half the absorbed damage in Health,
phon (Agility) attack with Willpower acting as up to their maximums.)
the defense. You cannot bring the victim to a Stunt—Absorption Magnet: You can absorb energy
score of less than 0, nor can it exceed your own from anywhere up to firing distance away. You
ability score by more than this power’s intens- absorb up to the Absorption intensity of the
ity. If reduced to Strength 0, the victim falls appropriate energy, reducing the intensity of
unconscious but is otherwise unhurt and the the energy proportionally. This reduces the
lost Strength returns at the rate of one point damage to people and objects by the intensity
per hour. in the case of energies such as Electricity, Fire
Stunt—Total Boost: You can boost all of your abilit- and Radiation. The energy absorbed will arc
ies at once, each limited by the power’s intens- through the intervening space and into you as if
ity total. You must have the Stunt, Dual Boost, directed by the appropriate Control power, al-
before taking this Stunt. though without any of the stunts of the Control
power except Absorption.

Trump Suit: Strength ADAPTATION
Exemplars: Sebastian Shaw, Strong Guy, Sunspot Trump Suit: Strength
Related Powers: Energy Conversion, Energy Exemplars: Mantis, Husk
Reflection Related Powers: Life Support, Shapeshifting
Power Skill: None Power Skill: None

You can absorb a certain form of damage (examples Adaptation physically changes your body to suit
include fire damage, cold damage, or kinetic hostile environments. After an exchange during
damage). Absorption of different damage types which you must concentrate, he or she can effect a
must be chosen separately. Any attacks made in the change in physical aspects such as looks, skin, lung
specified mode inflict no damage up to the intensity capacity, and resistance to natural damage sources.
of the Absorption. Damage totals greater than the You can adapt to the strength of an alien planet's
power's intensity is suffered as if the Absorption natives or to breathing methane atmospheres. The
were additional defense. power adapts to environments, not situations; a hero
can't grow wings if pushed off a cliff, but can grow
Stunt—Absorption Boost: This is a specialized form gills when plunged into water. Similarly, you will gain
of Absorption that allows you to convert energy no resistance to being struck, but may gain
into Strength. You still absorb up to the power- Resistance to Fire if among the Lava Men. Maximum
's intensity in energy of whatever form, but resistance’s are at the power's intensity and last for
also temporarily enhances your own body with days or weeks at a time.
it. Your Strength score increases by a number
of points equal to the power's intensity up to a
Stunt—Body-change: You are able to assume any sol- Stunt—Detachable: Your extra limbs can detach and
id form while Adaptation is in effect. The solid still be controlled at up to firing distance. You
form gains whatever benefits of the substance can feel sensations with these limbs even if
as if it were Body Transformation. they aren't attached.
Stunt—Instant Adaptation: Your body adapts to new Stunt—Elongation: Your limbs can extend as if they
conditions automatically, without any need to had Elongation.
concentrate. Stunt—Fine Manipulation: You can perform very fine
Stunt—Life Support: While using this power, you manipulation with your Additional Limbs. This
gain the benefits of Life Support 15 and does- stunt is useful for doing things like typing, op-
n't have to breathe, eat or sleep. erating controls or even picking locks.
Stunt—Nemesis: Your body adapts by generating su- Stunt—Rapid Assembly: Using multiple limbs you can
per powers to help survive the situations. If quickly and remotely assemble any device he or
thrown from a cliff, you might gain Teleporta- she could normally build. This stunt requires an
tion or Flight. Powers gain this way end once average Intellect action to create the device in
conditions are again deemed safe (so he or she one exchange. The materials to make the device
may teleport to safety, but cannot teleport must all be present within firing distance.
after which). The Narrator has a say in what Stunt—Regenerative: Your additional limb can re-
powers are used per situation. grow at a faster-than-normal regenerative rate,
Stunt—Situational Adaptation: An average Adapta- like a lizard's tail.
tion action allows you to consciously adapt your Stunt—Seven League Strides: You can cross firing
body to a situation. Without the physical needs distance in one exchange and still take an ac-
to make such a change (such as in preparation tion.
for an attack), it takes a full exchange to ef- Stunt—Telescopic Attack: You can make a surprise
fect such a forced alteration. Willed Adapta- physical attack at firing distance. This can work
tions last while you concentrate on them. only if you aren't in a fight at the time he or
Stunt—Zip-healing: You can instantly restore him or she tries this stunt.
yourself to full health, but this power cannot be
used again for 24 hours.
Trump Suit: Willpower
ADDITIONAL LIMBS Exemplars: Doctor Strange's Eye of Agamotto
Trump Suit: Agility Related Powers: Enhanced Senses
Exemplars: Spiral, Doctor Octopus, Nightcrawler Power Skill: Observation
Related Powers: Flight (Wings)
Power Skill: None By physically growing, attaching, or altering
additional sensory organs, such as eyes, you
You have an additional arm, leg, tentacle or automatically gains one Enhanced Sense power.
prehensile tail. Extra arms allow you to lift multiple
objects at once, while an extra pair of legs makes Limit—Sensory Overload: When using this additional
you a centaur, allowing a kick attack. A prehensile sense, another sense (chosen when taking this
tentacle or tail can be used with your normal agility power) is lessened if used. This also prevents
score, allowing quick movement through trees, vines, the use of skills such as Observation with the
poles and wires. You can make one additional physical deadened sense.
attack with the additional limbs. This additional Stunt—Protected Senses: Your additional sensor is
attack is a contingent action, with the Strength protected.
score of the new limb equal to its intensity. Other Stunt—Wandering Eye (or Ear or Whatever): Your
logical contingent actions can be performed, such as additional sensor can move on its own and trans-
lifting multiple objects. mit information back as if using the equivalent
of ESP.
Stunt—Constriction: Your limbs can perform a hold
as a contingent action after an undodged at-
tack. This attempt requires an average AFFLICTION
Strength (Additional Limbs) action to break Trump Suit: Intellect
free, or the next exchange's attack cannot be Exemplars: Brood Queen, Mojo, Pestilence
dodged. The victim can try this escape every Related Powers: Corrosion, Poison
exchange, but it costs an action. Power Skill: None
You can inflict horrible diseases by making an easy AIR CONTROL
Affliction (Strength) action. These diseases may Trump Suit: Intellect
start immediately or have a prolonged onset time, at Exemplars: Storm, Crystal
your choice. Once the disease sets in, it attacks the Related Powers: Weather Control
victim with its intensity in damage points every Power Skill: None
exchange. If the victim falls to 0 cards or 0 health,
he or she drops into a coma. Someone with the You may manipulate air and winds. You may also use
Medicine skill can keep the victim from suffering air as a distance weapon, inflicting up to the power's
damage or dying as long as he or she makes an easy intensity in damage with hurricane-like winds. Any
Intellect action to do so every day, opposed by the form of Force Field repels this attack. You may also
intensity of the disease. generate winds of intensity strength.

Limit—Toxic: You give off disease at all times and Stunt—Air Elementals: You can create beings of
cannot cure them. This can either cause damage pure air, with Strength and Agility scores equal
equal to the power's intensity to all within to the power's intensity. It requires a full ex-
striking distance, or cause disease as above. If change to create each elemental. While you are
you are in a containment suit, this limit is con- creating an elemental, none of your other ele-
trolled. mentals can do anything. A maximum of one be-
Stunt—Aging: You can accelerate the aging process. ing may be created per point of intensity. You
This disease can advance the victim forward a must concentrate to control these beings; if
number of years equal to the power's intensity, you falls unconscious, they dissipate at the end
or multiply the subject's aging rate by the in- of that exchange. These creatures suffer
tensity (i.e. the subject ages the intensity in double intensity damage from earth attacks.
years per actual year). You cannot kill the sub- Stunt—Air Shield: You may create shields of wind up
ject with this power, but can make the subject to the power's intensity in force that serve as
old and feeble. an equal defense against physical attacks. This
Stunt—Age Reversal: You can decelerate a target's can entirely block any wind attack.
aging process. This disease can subtract a num- Stunt—Air Sphere: You can manipulate air pressure
ber of years equal to the power's intensity, or to create a sphere of breathable air so that a
divide the subjects aging rate by the intensity number of people up to the power’s intensity
(i.e. subject ages one year only after the pas- can breathe easily. This sphere offers Resist-
sage of a number of years equal to the intens- ance to Gases, including Pheromones.
ity). You cannot kill the subject with this power, Stunt—Create Air: You can create breathable air at
but can drop him or her back to the moment of normal atmospheric pressure. This stunt may al-
birth. low you to refresh the air in sealed environ-
Stunt—Alien Implant: You can implant an alien egg. ments.
You make an average Affliction (Agility) action Stunt—Downdraft: You can flatten targets with a
and if any damage gets through defense, the blast of air. You performs an average Air Con-
egg is implanted. One the exchange after the trol (Strength) attack on each individual below,
implantation, the egg hatches as a contingent and if successful, the target loses an action.
action; this will inflict its intensity in damage or One action score is generated for the attack,
take over the victim's mind. Anyone with Regen- though individual Strengths will vary the diffi-
eration can fight off these implants by making culty.
an average Regeneration (Affliction) action. Stunt—Flight: You gain Flight.
Stunt—Disease Remission: You can arrest any dis- Stunt—Hyper-Breath: You can blow air so hard that
ease by making an average Affliction action, op- it knocks people over. You must make an average
posed by the disease's intensity. Air Control (Strength) attack on each individual
Stunt—Mind Rot: You can choose to infect a victim in the area, and if successful against a victim,
with a mind-rotting disease. Instead of causing that victim loses an action. One action score is
damage upon onset, it reduces the victim's In- made for the attack, though individual
tellect up to the intensity of Affliction. Strengths will vary the difficulty.
Stunt— Slow Recovery: Your afflictions cannot be Stunt—Poison Gas: You can generate a cloud of pois-
healed in the normal manner. Cards or Health onous gas, causing damage equal to the power’s
return only after a week or more of rest. intensity to all within firing distance. This stunt
is identical to the Poison stunt.
Stunt—Pressure Control: You can influence existing
weather phenomena. At most, he or she can
push a developing storm in some desired direc- Limit—One Element Only: You can only make one ele-
tion, or blow a bank of fog out of an area, both mental change, such as affecting only metals or
by succeeding at an average Air Control action, only being able to change lead into gold.
opposed by the intensity of the weather condi- Limit—Temporary Transmutation: The changes last
tion. You cannot create these weather condi- for an aura duration only.
tions however. Stunt—Animation: You gain Animation over objects
Stunt—Resistance to Cold: You gain Resistance to composed mostly of one element.
Cold. Stunt—Choking: You can blanket an area with chok-
Stunt—Resistance to Pressure: You gain Resistance ing gas, or change all the oxygen in an enclosed
to Pressure. This protects against vertigo and room to nitrogen. This inflicts the power's in-
other such forms of disorientation. tensity in damage each exchange after the
Stunt—Smokescreen: You can blanket an area with first to anyone in the area, or to one individual.
blinding, choking smoke. The visibility of every- Stunt—Create Potion: You can confer Alchemy into a
one within firing distance is reduced to striking liquid to be bottled and used at a later time. Po-
distance. You can make an average Air Control tions take effect as a contingent action.
(Strength) action to rob everyone in the smoke Stunt—Disguise: By manipulating elements, you can
of an action; one action score is generated for transform youro appearance as if he or she had
everyone, though differing Strengths will cause Plasticity. This provides none of the other char-
the difficulty numbers to vary from target to acteristics of Plasticity.
target. Stunt—Dust Cloud: You can kick up dust to reduce
Stunt—Tornado: You can generate a tornado that in- visible striking distance. This cloud affects
flicts damage equal to the power's intensity everyone within firing distance.
upon anyone within firing distance. You must Stunt—Elemental Animation: You gain the stunts Air
make an average Air Control action to control Elementals, Earth Creatures, Fire Elementals
the tornado each exchange; if this control is and Water Elementals, listed under their re-
ever lost, the tornado acts randomly for one spective control powers. It requires a full ex-
exchange and then dissipates. If you are trying change to create each elemental. While you are
to control an existing tornado, he or she can creating an elemental, none of your other ele-
make an average Air Control action, opposed by mentals can do anything. A maximum of one be-
the intensity of the storm. ing may be created per point of intensity. You
Stunt—Vacuum: You can destroy air, resulting in a must concentrate to control these beings; if
loud clap as air rushes to fill the newly created you falls unconscious, the beings dissipate at
space. Everyone within striking distance must the end of that exchange. These creatures
make an average Strength (Air Control) action have Strength and Agility scores equal to the
or lose an action and suffer deafness for an power's intensity, and last as long as you con-
aura duration. In a sealed environment, there is centrate on them. Once you ceases concentra-
no clap, but all air is lost causing everyone with- tion or falls unconscious, the elementals col-
in the area to begin to suffocate. lapse at the end of the exchange.
Stunt—Explosion: By changing an element into
plutonium or some such, you cause an explosion
ALCHEMY that inflicts the power's intensity in damage to
Trump Suit: Intellect everyone within firing distance.
Exemplars: Diablo, Alchemy
Related Powers: Transmutation
Power Skill: Chemistry ALTER LIMBS
Trump Suit: Agility
You can change any single element into another pure Exemplars: Apocalypse
element, assuming a maximum material strength Related Powers: Body Transformation, Plasticity,
equal to the power's intensity. The power requires Shapeshifting
an easy Alchemy action to work, which is usually only Power Skill: None
an issue when opposed by the Agility of someone
trying to move the element (or perhaps someone who You may convert your limbs into different
is a moving element, such as the 107 members of the mechanical forms. At its most basic level, this power
Elements of Doom.) This power offers a veritable can transform your limbs into a variety of melee
periodic table of power stunts, a few of which are weapons, whether blades, clubs, maces, morning
listed below. stars and so on. By making an average Alter Limbs
(Agility) action, your limbs can be changed into
mechanized forms, anything from useful machinery Power Skill: Animal Handling
such as drills, screwdrivers, or lifting forks, to
motorized weaponry such as chainsaws, pneumatic You can talk to the animals and influence their
hammers, or even assault cannons and mini-guns. All actions. Most animals can't really speak, but
melee weapons, whether ancient or motorized, cause communicate by verbal and non-verbal signals. This
damage at anything within striking distance with power cannot be used to control humans.
ancient having a damage bonus maximum of +7. To control the actions of an animal, you must
Motorized and ranged weapons have a bonus of up to succeed with an easy Animal Control (Willpower)
+10 or do damage equal to this power's intensity action. If successful, you dictate the animal's
(whichever is greater). Note that weapons like actions as long as you concentrate on the control.
chainsaws may do considerable collateral damage as The Animal Handling skill reduces this action's
well. To fire projectiles from a gun-like weapon, you difficulty by one level for a hero.
can either use conventional ammunition, of any type,
or create ammunition from your own body, which Limit—One Animal Type Only: You can only affect
causes you to lose one point of health each exchange one type of animal such as birds, reptiles, or
that this is done. This follows the usual rules for aquatic animals. Alternately, you can affect only
ranged combat and causes damage equal to the one animal, which becomes your companion.
intensity of this power plus any extra effects from Stunt—Animal Summoning: You can conjure one or
special ammo types. You may only fire energy bolts if more types of animals, to a maximum of one per
he or she already has some form of the Energy point of intensity.
Blast, but firing an energy blast from a gun-like limb Stunt—Animal Telepathy: You can read the minds of
increases your usual firing range by about 50%. animals (such as they are), as if he or she had
Note: Motorized forms do not use any fuel or Telepathy at 1 intensity.
combustion in any way. The movement of small, Stunt—Basal Ganglia Control: You can control the ba-
complex parts is due to a highly specialized and sic brain cells of any creature descended from
localized form of telekinesis. Also, while Alter Limbs an animal that you can control. By making an av-
is in effect, the changed limbs have a material erage Animal Control (Willpower) action, you
strength equal to this power's intensity. can cut off the victim's ability to breathe or
move, at a loss of one card (or 5 health points)
Limit—Masochistic: You loses one point of health on per exchange. If you fails in this action on any
EVERY exchange that a motorized limb is used, exchange, the victim immediately recovers, un-
regardless of its actual function. less unconscious.
Limit—Simple Forms Only: You can only transform Stunt—Memory Dredge: You can make a controlled
your limbs into non-mechanized forms. animal recall anything it has sensed.
Stunt—Shield Arms: You can form your hand and
forearm (one or both) into a medium sized
shield. The shield is can be used to block or ANIMAL FORM
parry incoming attacks. The shield has Body Ar- Trump Suit: Agility
mor equal to the Alter Limbs intensity. Exemplars: Wolfsbane, Man-Wolf
Stunt—Elongation: You gain Elongation, but only your Related Powers: Shapeshifting
limbs. Power Skill: None
Stunt—Locomotion: You can transform your feet
(and/or hands for travel on all fours) into You can transform into any normal animal or any
wheels (or roller blades, roller skates or any human-animal hybrid. You are assumed to be in
other small wheels) or small tank treads and so control of these transformations and retains your
on. Motorized versions give you Lightning speed normal Intellect and Willpower, unless he or she has
at intensity equal to half the intensity of this the Transformative Hindrance. The change requires
power. a full exchange to occur, whether from human to
Stunt—Unbreakable: While your limbs are altered, animal or vice versa. You cannot attempt any actions
they cannot be damaged or broken. When not during that exchange.
changed, they are treated as normal. See Critters in the Roster Book for minimum
statistics of animals. Your intensity must be at least
equal to the minimum in each ability. For human-
ANIMAL CONTROL animal hybrids, Strength, Agility or both may be
Trump Suit: Willpower raised to the intensity. Hybrid forms are humanoid
Exemplars: The Falcon, Moonstar, Ant-Man in all but cosmetic features (fur, snout, tail, and so
Related Powers: Empathy, Plant Control forth), though you gain all natural physical attacks,
senses, and movement as well, although the total
intensity of the animal powers must not exceed the You may cause inanimate solid objects to move and
Animal Form intensity. You uses your own Willpower attack at mental command. These can be striking
and Intellect for skill-based actions. Most animals distance or firing distance attacks. An object's
have ability codes of X, though some have skills such properties are based on its form. Swords slash,
as Tracking. boulders tumble, and ropes ensnare. All use the
animator's power intensity as their Agility and
Limit— Cannot Speak: You cannot speak normally in Strength scores. If you ceases concentration, the
animal form and can only make animal noises. object collapses at the end of the exchange.
Limit—One Animal Type Only: You can only become
one type of animal such as a falcon, a wolf, or a Limit—One Object Only: You can animate only one
fish. type of object, such as ropes or juggling balls.
Limit—Human Feature: While in Animal Form, wheth- Stunt—Gas Animation: Your powers work on the air
er normal animal or hybrid, you retain a human and other gases.
feature such as human hands or feet or even Stunt—Limited Sentience: You imbue the animated
head. This means that any animal powers that objects with 1 Intellect and Willpower.
you would normally have related to the body The objects can remember sights and sounds, repeat
part, such as claws with hands or teeth and en- messages, and fetch objects, but otherwise are
hanced senses for a head, will not be available. rock dumb.
Stunt—Animal Control: You gain Animal Control over Stunt—Liquid Animation: Your power works on li-
animals related to your form while in the trans- quids.
formed state. Stunt—Necromancy: you can animate dead bodies
Stunt—Instincts: You instinctively can use skills with a mockery of life. The skeletons and zom-
commonly possessed by the shapeshifted anim- bies so created have Strength and Agility
al. For example, if you turned into a wolf he or scores equal to what they had in life, but 0 In-
she may gain Tracking, an eagle may gain Obser- tellect, Willpower, and Edge. If an animated
vation. Skills to be gained this way are decided corpse is missing parts such as legs or arms, it
upon by the Narrator. may not be able to do all actions. (This is not
Stunt—Partial Form: You can transform parts of raising the Dead - see Immortality for that)
your body while other parts remain human. You Stunt—Object Swarm: You animate many small ob-
gain whatever animal powers associated with jects, pummeling all chosen targets as if the
the changed body part or parts. items were thrown. You makes one challenging
Stunt—Otherworldly Forms: You are not limited to Animation (Agility) action for all affected, or an
real world, Earth based creatures. He or she average Animation (Agility) action if focusing all
may transform into creatures from mythology, the objects on one target.
beings seen in a movie, alien beasts en- Stunt—Sentience: Objects imbued with sentience
countered, or even animals read about. can learn, remember details, and may show
Stunt—Rapid Shift: You can transform instantly into artistic talents. Objects may be imbued with
whatever forms he or she is capable of. any combination of Intellect and Willpower up
Stunt—Swarm Form: You can transform into a multi- to your intensity in Animation. This stunt re-
tude of tiny animals that can be controlled like quires the Limited Sentience stunt.
your normal body. You can attack as a swarm at
intensity equal to this power, and gains the be-
nefit of any additional animal powers the swarm ASTRAL PROJECTION
may have. You are also very hard to injure due Trump Suit: Willpower
to the difficulty in killing or harming a swarm of Exemplars: Professor X, Doctor Strange
animals and gains Resistance to Physical Damage Related Powers: Detection (Astral), Dimensional
at half the Animal Form intensity against Travel, Phasing
sources of damage that do not have an area ef- Power Skill: None
You may separate your astral form and travel
throughout this dimension and others. While the
ANIMATION physical body lies dormant, the astral body, a
Trump Suit: Intellect construct of pure thought, travels incredible
Exemplars: Diablo, Sersi, Black Talon distances at great speed. The astral body has 0
Related Powers: Earth Control, Telekinesis Strength and cannot affect objects in the real
Power Skill: Art world. You in astral form may observe actions in the
'normal' world, and won't be detected by means BLENDING
short of Astral Detection and Telepathy. An astral Trump Suit: Agility
hero is not affected by non-telepathic objects or Exemplars: Nightcrawler, Skrulls
forms of attack, but may be affected by Willpower Related Powers: Imitation, Invisibility
powers. The astral hero may phase through solid Power Skill: Stealth
objects without damaging either hero or object, but
will be stopped by Force Fields. While astral, you can Blending allows you to alter the pigmentation and
travel distances within a few miles without fear of color of your skin (and clothing, if made of unstable
getting lost. Going anywhere else on Earth requires a molecules) to match the surroundings, much like a
random draw from the deck; if the value of the card chameleon. This power acts like invisibility if you
is higher than your power intensity, you gets lost in remains motionless; against special senses and
the astral plane. Getting home can require a electronic detection, you makes an average
daunting Astral Projection action, although most (Blending) Willpower action to keep your body and
Narrators are more inventive than that. Heroes with outline hidden. Blending usually affects only sight, so
10+ intensity in Astral Projection don't have to Enhanced Senses will detect a blending hero with
worry about getting lost, and those with 15+ little difficulty. While compensating for background
intensity can even project their astral form into color shifts, you cannot change distances. If you
space, crossing the universe. While the astral form stop concentrating on the Blending, it ends
is separate, the body remains in a trance. The immediately.
traveler will be aware of damage to the body, and it
is possible for the body to perish while the astral Limit—Darkness Only: The power works only in dark-
form is away. Astral heroes whose bodies die are ness. At long distances and in low light, no one
trapped in astral form. If the astral body is killed can see you.
(such as through psychic battle), the player must Limit—Water Only: This power only works on parts
succeed in a daunting Strength action or your body of the body that are underwater.
will die. Astral heroes may travel to another Stunt—Body Art: Your control of the pigmentation
dimension by making a challenging Willpower action. of the skin allows him or her to create elabor-
While traveling this way, you makes an average ate tattoos and complex designs over the skin
Strength action each exchange. If this action isn't and even animate them however he or she
successful, you loses a card due to exhaustion. wishes.
Stunt—Camouflage Clothes: Your clothes and carried
Limit—Dreaming: You can trigger this power only objects blend as well, regardless of whether
while asleep. If your body is awakened normally, they're made of unstable molecules.
the astral body returns to the physical body. Stunt—Camouflage Others: Anyone you touch can
Stunt—Astral Detection: You can see the forms of also blend into the background. This requires
creatures operating in the astral plane, includ- your complete concentration.
ing ectoplasm of those adepts who can astrally Stunt—Inaromatic: You are undetectable by the
project. This is an automatic ability; the indi- senses of smell or taste by blending with the
vidual can always recognize that an astral form other scents in the surrounding area.
is nearby. An average Astral Projection action Stunt—Inaudibility: You are undetectable by the
determines if you can recognize an astral indi- sense of hearing.
vidual that he or she knows. Stunt—Thermal Camouflage: You are undetectable
Stunt—Dimensional Travel: While projecting as- by thermal imaging, Infra-vision and other
trally, your astral form can cross dimensional methods of detecting a thermal signature.
barriers as if you had Dimensional Travel.
Stunt—Passengers: You can transport up to your
power's intensity in persons into the astral BLINDING
plane. If you gets lost or dies, the passengers
Trump Suit: Intellect
get lost as well.
Exemplars: Quasar, Photon, Dazzler
Stunt—Psychic Blast: You can shoot psychic blasts
Related Powers: Light Control
while in astral form.
Power Skill: Energy Control
Stunt—Tactile Telekinesis: By focusing your mind,
he or she may “pick up” and affect objects
This attack can blind unprotected targets by forcing
while in astral form as an average action. No ac-
chemicals or energy into a victim's visual organs. You
tion using Tactile Telekinesis is automatic; even
need to make a successful easy Blinding (Agility)
picking up a pencil takes great mental effort.
attack to blind a foe. The attack may be dodged, but
if not, the victim is blinded for an aura duration.
Blind individuals have 0 Agility in fights and cannot defense equal to the material strength of the
surprise or avoid surprise attacks. material transformed or the intensity of the power,
whichever is lower. You gain any special functions
Stunt—Blinding Blast: Your Blinding can affect and innate abilities of the transformation material.
everyone within firing distance. If you pushes A hero hurt while transformed suffer normal
this power, he or she cannot see or use Blinding damage. If the transformed body is destroyed, you
again until restored to full Hand Size. may reintegrate yourself if any cards remain in your
Stunt—Remove Blindness: With a touch, you can hand. However, you must reintegrate all of your
eliminate blindness he or she caused. pieces to reform.
Stunt—Resistance to Light: You gain Resistance to
Light, including blindness. Limit—One Form Only: You can transform only into a
very specific type of form, such as steel or
BODY ARMOR Stunt—Alter Ego: You can transform from a normal
Trump Suit: Strength human form into a super-heroic form, in the
Exemplars: Thing, Iron Man, Doctor Doom manner of Bruce Banner into the Hulk or con-
Related Powers: Density Control, Force Field versely, of Thor into Donald Blake. This alter
Power Skill: n/a ego is not the same thing as a secret identity,
but rather is a separate persona, also con-
Every hero has an armor-like defense equal to either trolled by the player. Statistics for the alter
your Strength score or 10 (whichever is lower). ego should be chosen in conjunction with the
Armor defense works in place of the Strength based Narrator. The player draws six cards and as-
defense and subtracts damage from an undodged signs them as normal in the Hero Creation Se-
physical attack and energy attacks. If the defense quence, skipping the Power and Equipment,
is greater than the amount of damage, no damage is Stunts, and Limits steps of the creation se-
suffered. Armor always protects against physical quence.
attacks and blast attacks unless noted in the power Stunt—Body Weaponry: You can transform your
description or the Narrator says otherwise. This limbs into a variety of bladed or bludgeoning
powers intensity relates to the defense bonus that weapons with damage equal to the current Body
it gives, although the human body cannot handle Transformation intensity.
defensive bonuses above +10, and very few exist Stunt—2D Form: You can harmlessly reduce your
above +7. Powered and unpowered armor can be body (and anything non-living being carried or
natural or artificial and is usually expressed as a worn) to a flat, two-dimensional version. To an
total intensity rather than a defense bonus. onlooker you appears to have transformed into
a life-size photograph. You can use the power’s
Stunt—Protected Senses: The armor protects your intensity instead of Strength for defense
senses, gaining Protected Senses up to the in- against physical attacks. You can also slide
tensity of Body Armor. through cracks in solid substances and is invis-
Stunt—Self Repair: The armor repairs itself after ible from a single angle, and virtually so from
being hit. If it is broken, after one exchange it many others.
returns to its full value. Stunt—4D Form: Your body gains an extra dimension
Stunt—Unbreakable: The armor itself cannot be and becomes four-dimensional instead of three-
broken. This doesn't change its defense value, dimensional. Your body appears to be more
so damage can still get through. But the armor vivid, with greater depth of color and perfect
itself is invulnerable. definition, yet paradoxically, seems to be
slightly blurred almost as if vibrating. Your
movements appear to be much more precise and
controlled, almost as if he or she had more time
to think about them, and he or she seems to re-
Trump Suit: Agility act to situations almost before they happen.
Exemplars: Colossus, Grey Gargoyle, Hydro-Man, While in 4D form, you gain the benefits of Time
Photon, Vapor Control, along with the stunt of Chronometric
Related Powers: Energy Sheath, Life Support Detection, and cannot be surprised. In addition,
Power Skill: None you are Invulnerable to any effect that alters
your age in any way and because it is far more
You may convert your own living tissues to other difficult for 3D sources of damage to injure a
materials for an aura duration. A hero in the 4D being, you gain Resistance at this power's
transformed state automatically gains Strength and intensity to all 3-dimensional damage.
Stunt—Energy Form: You transforms into a coherent Related Powers: Additional Limbs, Body Armor
field of energy (which can be shaped like you if Power Skill: Natural Weapons
desired.) He or she gains that form of energy
Control and Flight. While in energy form, you You have natural weapons like claws, sharp teeth,
can voluntarily go to 0 Strength in exchange for horns, or quills (one type for free with the power,
Invulnerability to Kinetics and other physical each additional type is a stunt). Add the intensity of
attacks. You also gains Energy Blast and can ex- your power to your Strength when doing damage in
plode to affect all targets within firing dis- hand to hand combat. The power's intensity refers
tance if he or she suffer the damage as well to the damage bonus of the natural weapon, which
(your defenses and Invulnerability's are ig- can never be more than +10, and very few heroes
nored.) Energy heroes suffer double their have natural weapons above +7. The body weapon has
power's intensity in damage points from attacks a material strength equal to four times its intensity
based on Intellect or substances to which the (with a maximum of 20).
form is vulnerable (such as water in the case of
fire). Limit—Limited Quills: If you have the body weapon
Stunt—Explosive Body: You can explode his body. All of Quills, after attacking with Quills you draw a
individuals within firing distance of the target card. If the aura is negative, you are out of the
suffer the power’s intensity in damage, assum- spiny missiles and needs to wait 24 hours for
ing they do not dodge the blast. It takes an them to fully regenerate.
aura duration for you to reform his body. Stunt—Impalement: If you crosses from firing dis-
Stunt—Gaseous Form: Gas and vapor forms have tance to striking distance in one exchange, he
Flight 1 and can be carried through the air at or she can double the material strength of the
the wind's intensity. You gain Invulnerability to body weapon for damage purposes only.
Kinetics and physical attacks but reduced to However, if the attack is dodged, you strike
Strength 0. Air Control and other wind attacks what's behind the target as a contingent action.
work at double their intensity against you. If If you strike something that is stronger than
your gas is opaque or toxic in some way, you may the horns' material strength in impalement, the
obscure sight or knock out victims. body weapon will break unless you succeed in a
Stunt—Liquid Form: A liquid form allows you to move daunting Body Weapon action.
as a liquid through tight spaces. While in this Stunt—Matter Consumption: If you have the body
form, you have the power's intensity in Resist- weapon of Teeth, he or she can swallow and dis-
ance to Kinetics and physical attacks, but suf- integrate an object bitten with no ill effect.
fer double damage from Heat. You can draw Stunt—Poisoning: Your weapons excrete a poison, do-
your liquid back into the body, but if you are ing Poison damage with a successful attack.
separated into multiple portions of liquid, he or Stunt—Ranged: You can use your natural weapons at
she cannot reform. range.
Stunt—Semisolid Form: You gain Plasticity and may Stunt—Rending: You decreases the intensity of an
mold and shape your body in any way that the opponent’s Body Armor by the intensity of the
semisolid form allows. Thus he or she can elong- Body Weapon. This does not reduce the damage
ate, flow through tiny openings, blast enemies bonus dealt.
with a wave, and reshape your form into virtu- Stunt—Retractable: The body weapon can instantly
ally any object imaginable. You also gains be retracted into your body for concealment.
Strength and defense equal to the power's in- Stunt—Tree of Woe: If you have the body weapon
tensity. of Quills, you can extend your quills or spines
Stunt—Solid Form: You can assume a solid form of out far beyond their normal reach, pinning and
up to the material strength in intensity. So for snaring anything trying to reach you. This acts
example, a hero with intensity 6 solid form can as Ensnarement equal to twice the Quills in-
have a body of lead, which is material strength tensity.
6. He or she replaces your own Strength and Stunt—Unbreakable: Your natural weapon cannot be
Body Armor and other physical qualities with damaged or broken.
those of the form assumed. At intensity 16+, Stunt—Volley: If you have the body weapon of
you gain Life Support 15 while in the solid form. Quills, you can fire volleys of Quills, attacking
normally at up to firing distance. You can also
fire Quills to anchor objects in place, such as a
BODY WEAPON villain's cape.
Trump Suit: Strength
Exemplars: Rhino, Sabretooth, Wolverine
CHI case of bullets and similar projectiles. This
Trump Suit: Willpower stunt only affects physical, aimed kinetic at-
Exemplar: Iron Fist, Shang-Chi tacks. Explosions, kinetic blasts and energy of
Related Powers: Ability Boost any kind are not effected, though an exploding
Power Skill: Martial Arts projectile could be returned before it deton-
Chi allows the user to push his capacity beyond its Stunt—Defensive Stance: The push card is added to
normal limits. Normally, it is gained through martial all defense totals, as per Force Field, for an
arts training. At base, one can achieve feats of aura duration or until you are successfully hit.
strength and finesse with greater success. With Stunt—Delayed Fatigue: Instead of discarding at
additional training, one can perform extraordinary the end of the round, the player may choose to
feats, like catching bullets, disabling foes, leaping wait until the narrator card has a negative aura.
great heights, and other stunts out of a martial arts Stunt—Final Attack: You may keep on fighting, even
flick. With just the base power, Chi comes into after he or she is beaten. Any time you are re-
effect when the user pushes him to the maximum. If duced to zero hand size, the player may draw a
the push card is less then or equal to the Chi rating, card and place it in front of him, face up, and
the user puts the push card face up in front of him, then redraw his entire hand. At the end of the
instead of in the discard. The player then redraws. next round, and the end of every round there-
His action is treated just as a normal push. Then, at after, you must replace the face-up card with a
the end of the round, the player discards cards card from his hand of equal or higher value. The
equal or greater than the value of the push card. original card is discarded, and the player re-
The player then redraws. However, if the discard draws as normal. However, if at any time the
leaves him with no cards, you immediately falls player is not able to replace the card, he imme-
unconscious, as if from injuries, and does not diately falls into a coma state, as if struck
redraw. while unconscious. The same happens if reduced
to zero cards while this stunt is in effect (it
Chi rating in excess of 10 decreases the required may not be used while in effect already). Chi
discard at the end of the round by a like amount, but may be used as normal during this time;
never less then one card. Also, Doom cards used as however, unconsciousness due to Chi usage has
push cards may not have their values reduced by the same consequences as unconsciousness due
high Chi rating. to wounds.
Stunt—Inner Alchemy: Having achieved inner bal-
Chi alone can allow some incredible feats, but stunts ance, your life is greatly extended. You gain
can expand the Chi user’s capabilities. The use of all Resistance to Aging. This Stunt requires a min-
active stunts functions just as above unless imum 10 Willpower.
otherwise indicated. Stunt—Martial Supremacy: You have incredible
fighting ability to such a level of expertise that
Stunt—Ability Boost: The push card is treated as an he or she can fight as if he or she has all appro-
Ability Boost, for one attribute, that lasts for priate skills related to combat. These are not
an aura duration. The player must choose the real skills and do not contribute to skill codes,
attribute affected when this stunt is chosen, but you have such aptitude for combat that he
though it can be purchased more than once. or she fights without any penalty for not having
Stunt—Cosmic Awareness: You gain Cosmic Aware- an appropriate skill.
ness, at Chi's rank. You can also use its insight Stunt—Mighty Leap: The push card is treated as the
ability; however, this is done using a push card. power of Leaping, for one jump only. This can be
Stunt—Danger Sense: You gain Danger Sense, at the used as a defense to avoid an area attack.
rating of Chi. Stunt—Paralyzing Touch: By striking in just the
Stunt—Deflect Blow: You can catch and throw back right place, you can immobilize an opponent.
projectiles, deflect and counter melee strikes, Treat the push card as Paralysis, for one melee
throw an onrushing opponent, or otherwise turn attack only.
an enemies attack back on him. Treat this as Stunt—Shielded Mind: You gain Psi-Screen along
Energy Reflection, except that you must make a with the Protected Life Essence stunt, at your
standard Chi action against the attack, and the Chi intensity.
returned damage is automatic. Alternatively, Stunt—Sense Surroundings: By attuning with the
you can stop the attack without deflecting it; surroundings, you gain a sense of all around him.
the attack simply stop. Difficulty is the action Treat the push card as Radar Sense, lasting an
total of the attack, plus damage bonus, in the aura duration, except that magnetism does not
disrupt it.
Stunt—Stunning Touch: The push card is treated as Stunt—Flash Freeze: You can push the Cold
Stun Blast for one melee attack. Control to the max, hitting all within firing distance
Stunt—Thousand Fists: The push card is treated as with a cold burst equal to the power's intensity.
Lightning Speed, for the purpose of multiple at- Not only does this harm you, but also you can-
tacks only. not use the power until you're restored to full
Hand Size.
Stunt—Ice Missiles: You freezes water droplets to
COLD CONTROL create ice-balls and snowballs that he or she
Trump Suit: Intellect can shoot up to firing distance. These missiles
Exemplars: Iceman, Blizzard cause damage equal to the power's intensity,
Related Powers: Weather Control while snowball missiles inflict half that.
Power Skill: None Stunt—Ice Patch: You can create slick patches of
ice. Those walking over the area must make av-
Heroes with Cold Control can shift temperature erage Agility (Cold Control) actions to avoid
downward in a nearby area. You can drop the falling and losing an action.
temperature roughly 10 degrees Fahrenheit per Stunt—Ice Ramps: You skate on ramps of ice that
point of intensity; a hero with a 20 intensity can allow Flight 1 while in firing distance of the
thus make a 50 degrees room into a -150 degrees ground. You cannot make quick turns or stop,
room. If the temperature drops below minus 50 but with supports can cause the ramp to rise.
degrees, everyone in the room suffer the power's Ice Ramps aren't permanent and their melting
intensity in damage points after subtracting may cause property damage.
defense. This power can be targeted at one Stunt—Ice Sculpture: You can create statues of ice,
individual if you desires. If you stop concentrating including mirror images. Heroes with the skill of
on controlling the temperature, it rises to normal at Art can lower the difficulty by one level if try-
the end of the exchange. ing to impress others with the sculpture.
Stunt—Ice Shield: You create a shield that can
Limit—Non-Generative: You cannot generate ice, and block multiple attacks with a material strength
the temperature must be below 32 degrees F equal to the power's intensity. Attacks that get
for the power to work. Only if ice of the de- through shatters the shield but don't damage
sired intensity exists can he or she use ice you. You must concentrate to use the shield.
stunts of Cold Control. Stunt—Ice Walls: You can create columns, walls, and
Stunt—Absorption: You gain Absorption (Cold). He other large geometric shapes with material
or she can absorb cold (1 point of cold intensity strength equal to the power's intensity.
per point of power intensity) and can effect- Stunt—Resistance to Cold: You gain Resistance to
ively melt any ice or protect others from cold Cold.
Stunt—Body Armor: The power's intensity can be
used instead of strength for defense. If heat COMBAT MASTERY
or fire hits you, you have no defense and loses Trump Suit: Strength
the Body Armor for an exchange. Exemplars: Neo, Punisher, Shatterstar, Wolverine
Stunt—Cold Fire: You can project a cold flame from Related Powers: Chi, Ultimate Skill
your body. This can be used as a firing distance Power Skill: Relative Strength or Agility Skill
attack causing damage equal to the power's in-
tensity. This power is similar to Fire Control, You are a master of armed and unarmed combat,
but provides none of the stunts (for that, take whether by a natural “feel”, training, or
Fire Control with the Light Only limit). empowerment. Your intensity in Combat Mastery is
Stunt—Cold Waves: You can project pure cold en- added to all actions involving hitting, aiming, or
ergy waves. Non-cold Resistant individuals with- dodging combat-related attacks. Combat Mastery is
in striking distance have the difficulty ratings strictly the movements in combat, and does not
of their actions raised by one level. This stunt include the mental discipline one might gain through
can be used to counteract heat damage. martial arts training.
Stunt—Ensnarement: With an average Cold Control
(Agility) action, you can freeze a foe so that he Combat Mastery is only applicable to skills possessed
or she cannot move. The target may use an ac- by you. Original skill trumps still apply.
tion to make an average Strength (Cold Control)
action to break free; otherwise, he or she will
have to wait till the ice melts away.
Limit—Firearms Only: You are only a master of com- computers, such as those without virtual reality
bat dealing with firearms, such as pistols, capabilities, is a challenging Computer Link ac-
rifles, launcher, and cannons. tion, while the most advanced computers is an
Limit—Melee Only: You are only a master of melee easy action. Various computer safety features
weapons, such as clubs, swords, shields, and may increase the difficulty of such traveling
whips. dramatically. Nevertheless, once “in” the sys-
Limit—Unarmed Only: You are only a master of un- tem, you may break into and read stored date
armed combat, using natural weapons, or skills files. Moreover, heroes with certain scientific
such as Boxing, Martial Arts, and Wrestling. skill, especially Computers, may rapidly repro-
Limit—Studied Opponent: You are only skilled at gram entire computer networks, enhancing the
combating a certain opponent (such as “Mag- system, wiping it clean, or causing it to crash,
neto”) or type of opponent (such as “Fliers”). among other effects. You can project your mind
Stunt—Fighting Style Familiarity: Due to your know- into a virtual reality "inside" a computer or net-
ledge of various fighting styles, all combat ac- work. In cyberspace you interact with computer
tions taken against you are at one level of diffi- programs as if they were physical things and
culty higher. can use Computer Link to influence computers
Stunt—Multiple Opponents: You are skilled at deal- as normally.
ing with multiple attackers at the same time. Stunt—Download: You can transfer your mind into a
Your may divide cardplay among all opponents. machine, animating and controlling it. Your body
Stunt—Powerful Blows: You are not only skilled at remains unconscious. If something happens to
hitting opponents, but hitting them where it your body while in the machine, he or she re-
counts – and hard! You may gain Strength equal mains trapped.
to your intensity in Combat Mastery, to a max- Stunt—Haywire: You can make large numbers of
imum of 20. Strength gained this way only adds electronic objects do crazy things for an aura
to damage dealt, and does not add to defense duration, but can't control the objects' actions
or an ability to lift weight. when doing so.
Stunt—Power Nemesis: When combating opponents Stunt—Machine Animation: Once linked, you can
with super powers, you generate appropriate cause a computer-controlled machine to move
offensive and defensive powers. Powers gener- and perform actions at your behest. If the ma-
ated this way take an aura duration to activate chine cannot move on its own, you can give it a
and are equal to your intensity in Combat Mas- limited ground movement.
tery. Stunt—Mechanical Link: The power may be used on
any machine with a motor, regardless of wheth-
er it has a computer.
COMPUTER LINK Stunt—Multiple Machines: You may extend this
Trump Suit: Intellect power to any number of machines.
Exemplars: Machinesmith, Ultron, Techno
Related Powers: Telepathy
Power Skill: Bionics, Computers, Electronics, CORROSION
Mechanics, or Weapon Systems Trump Suit: Strength
Exemplars: Man-Thing, Styx
You may communicate with and retrieve information Related Powers: Digging, Poison
from computer systems. You must be able to access Power Skill: None
the computer in some way, usually by means of an
implant relayed to a predetermined computer. If You have a corrosive, acidic, or rotting attack that
trying to break into a new computer, compare this causes decay and destruction. If Corrosion gets
intensity to the Intellect score of the computer of through defense, cards lost aren't put into the
mechanical being. This power also allows the discard pile. Instead, they are placed face up in
reprogramming of simple robots, but sentient front of the player of the damaged hero. At the
machines require a challenging Computer Link beginning of each exchange, one card is removed,
(Willpower) action. and that card's value in damage is dealt again to the
target. When the face-up cards are all gone, the
Stunt—Cyberspace Projection: You may separate corrosion is finished. If the corrosive is removed
youro mind from the body and travel before the end of this process, so is the threat of
throughout cyberspace, via any computer con- further damage. Corrosion also can damage objects
nections, whether cables, telephone lines, or by eating away at their material strengths. The
satellites. Traveling through more primitive corrosion inflicts its intensity in damage to the
object, and if any damage gets through the material anywhere within the same universe and known
strength, the additional damage reduces the this information.
material strength by that amount. If this exceeds Stunt—Danger Sense: You gain Danger Sense.
the material strength of the object, it is destroyed. Stunt—Lie Detection: You’re hero can detect when
So if a 14 intensity acid strikes steel (material someone he or she is talking to isn’t being
strength 10), it reduces the steel's material truthful.
strength to 6. Stunt—True Sight: You see the true image of any
object or person, bypassing disguises or con-
Limit—Emotion-Sensitive: Damage is delivered only cealment. The power penetrates any means of
to those living creatures that harbor a particu- hiding something’s true nature, whether physic-
lar emotion, such as fear. al, psychic, illusionary, or magical. This power
Limit—Material-Sensitive: Damage is delivered only may be used on one target at a time.
to a particular type of material, such as wood or Stunt—Weakness Detection: You can look at any be-
flesh. ing, and by performing an average Cosmic
Stunt—Acid Cloud: You can create a corrosive cloud Awareness action can learn any of the being's
or mist that affects everyone within striking limits or hindrances, including diseases and
distance. curses. You can even use this power on yourself.
Stunt—Consumption: Your Corrosion powers resides
in your mouth and digestive tract, allowing con-
sumption virtually anything, limited only by the COSMIC ENERGY CONTROL
size of your mouth. So you can use your Corro- Trump Suit: Intellect
sion to bite off the ends of guns, chew through Exemplars: Galactus, Havoc, Silver Surfer
rope or cable, and so forth. As a side benefit Related Powers: Kinetic Control, Light Control
you're Invulnerable to anything you swallow. Power Skill: Energy Control
Stunt—Corrosive Missile: You can launch the corros-
ive attack at firing distance. If it misses, it will The power cosmic is the most potent force in the
still hit something (usually resolved through a universe. Manipulation of this omnipresent energy is
random dramatic event). difficult, but with mastery comes great power. The
Stunt—Resistance to Corrosion: You gain Resistance basic use of this power is to fire an energy blast at
to Corrosion. the power's intensity.
Heroes toy with the power cosmic at their peril.
Every time this power or any of its stunts are used,
COSMIC AWARENESS your player draws a card. If the value of this card is
Trump Suit: Willpower higher than the power's intensity, you suffer that
Exemplars: Captain Mar-Vell, Ego the Living Planet amount of damage (ignoring all defenses) and cannot
Related Powers: Detection, Danger Sense use this power again for the next exchange.
Power Skill: None
Heroes with 10+ Cosmic Energy Control do not have
You are in tune with the universe and can perceive to draw.
powerful entities and glean information from the
cosmos. Any cosmic-powered being in the same Limit—Plasma Only: You can control only the most
league as the Silver Surfer can be detected within volatile form of cosmic energy, plasma. This lim-
100 miles of you with an average Cosmic Awareness its the stunts available to Absorption.
action. So can any large cosmic disturbance within Stunt—Ability Boost: You gain Ability Boost, with a
the same universe with a challenging Cosmic maximum ability score total of 30.
Awareness action. If your Cosmic Awareness is 10+, Stunt—Absorption: You gain Absorption (Cosmic En-
once per game session you may ask the Narrator a ergy)
yes or no question that he or she must answer Stunt—Alchemy: You gain Alchemy and can trans-
truthfully. This power is not Precognition, however, mute elements but not reshape them.
and does not give you foreknowledge of events. Stunt—Energy Detection: You can detect waves of
Narrators can use this tool to give a player energy. You can identify the general type of en-
awareness of an event critical to the game, even if ergy (X-rays, light, nuclear exhaust, etc) and
you are nowhere near it. can track the energy trail of that specific type.
Faint trails or confusing patterns of energy may
Limit—Location-specific: You knows about the events require challenging or even daunting success.
in only one limited area, though he or she can be Stunt—Energy Gift: Supreme control of this energy
allows you to change the very nature of persons
and objects. You may imbue anyone with energy activated to aid escape. Otherwise this stunt
powers that he or she possesses, but only if the can generate a wide array of effects from a
subject makes a daunting Willpower (Cosmic En- display of strength or agility that you do not
ergy Control) action. If this action fails, the usually possess, to temporarily gaining a power,
subject suffer power intensity damage. such as Phasing or Elongation. However, you
Stunt—Flight: You gain Flight. cannot control how this power manifests and
Stunt—Healing: Using cosmic energy, damage can be may still end up in very awkward situations.
repaired, either for you or another person. You
can repair up to the power's intensity in Health
for a character. A hero draws cards until either DENSITY CONTROL
at full Hand Size or the value of the cards Trump Suit: Agility
drawn equals or exceeds the intensity. Exemplars: Vision, Will o' the Wisp
Stunt—Raising the Dead: You may bring dead mor- Related Powers: Phasing
tals back to life. This stunt requires Cosmic En- Power Skill: None
ergy Control at 20+ intensity.
Stunt—Resistance to Radiation: You gain\ Resistance You can alter your density at will. As density rises, a
to Radiation, including Cosmic Energy. hero automatically gains 1 point of Strength per
Stunt—Starburst: You can push the Cosmic Energy point of density changed. However, a high density
Control to the max, hitting everyone within fir- will slow down you, lowering your Agility in the same
ing distance with an energy burst equal to the proportion. Additionally, if your Strength increases
power's intensity. Not only does this harm you, beyond 10, then he or she gains a defense bonus of
but you cannot use your power until you are re- +1 for every point above 10, to a maximum of +10.
stored to full Hand Size. This stacks with other defense bonuses from other
powers (although this cannot exceed the character
limit). If you reduce density to less than normal, he
DANGER SENSE or she gains Agility, but loses Strength and defense.
Trump Suit: Willpower At 0 Strength, he or she is insubstantial. At 0
Exemplars: Spider-Man, Taskmaster density, you cannot pass through solid objects, but
Related Powers: Cosmic Awareness, Enhanced is immune to physical attacks (though not energy or
Senses, Radar Sense force attacks.) No ability score can drop below 0,
Power Skill: None however. Neither ability score can be raised above
20 with this power, but reaching 20 in one ability
This inherent warning of danger is also called doesn't stop the other ability score from going
Combat Sense- or in the case of its most famous lower. As an example, a hero with Strength 6 and
possessor, Spider-Sense. This power's intensity can Agility 10 has Density Control 10. If he drops his
be used in place of Agility for the purpose of Strength to 0, he can raise his Agility to 20. If he
dodging attacks. A hero with a Danger Sense of reduces his Agility to 0, he can only attain Strength
intensity 5 or more cannot be surprised- that is; you of 16.
get to declare an action in any exchange where
anyone declares a surprise attack on you. This Limit—Higher Density Only: You cannot lower
doesn't reveal the type of the attack, just that one Strength below your base Strength, nor raise
is coming. A Narrator might tell you that there's Agility above your base Agility.
something bad behind the door before you goes in, Limit—Lower Density Only: You cannot lower Agility
but not exactly what it is. below your base Agility, nor raise Strength
above your base Strength.
Stunt—Danger Sense Tracking: You can use a tracer Stunt—Floating: You gain Flight 1 if at density 0.
of some sort that keys into Danger Sense. This Stunt—Phasing: You gain Phasing at the power's in-
imbues the skill of Tracking an individual who tensity if at density 0.
bears such a tracer. Stunt—Remote Density Control: You can use your
Stunt—Instinctive Escape: When under attack, you power on another individual by making an aver-
subconsciously know the most efficient way to age Density Control (Willpower) action. The tar-
escape from the danger. You must relinquish get of the power can choose not to oppose this
control of your body to instincts and as a con- action.
tingent action he or she automatically escapes Stunt—Object Density Control: You can alter the
from the immediate danger. The actual way in density of an object, either making it lighter
which you escapes varies, but if you have any and more insubstantial or making it denser and
powers that would help, they are automatically tougher. If object density is increased, it be-
comes more effective as a weapon and its dam- sometimes a person with such a calling won't be
age bonus is raised by +1 for every point of evil, while sometimes a person with another call-
Density Control in effect. If reduced in dens- ing will. The Narrator gets the final say over
ity, the object is as light as air and if you also whether a person manifests as evil.
has the Phasing stunt, then it too can pass Stunt—Lie Detection: You can detect lies by making
through obstacles. Typically, objects do not an average Detection (Willpower) action. If this
have damage bonuses higher than +7. power is used against a hero, the player may be
Stunt—Phase Disruption: You can phase your hand reluctant to tell another player or the Narrator
inside an opponent or an object, and as a contin- if he or she is lying. If the Narrator thinks the
gent action, make a Disruption attack at an in- player isn't telling the truth, he or she may im-
tensity equal to this power. You also suffer pose a negative response bonus.
damage equal to the target’s Strength or the Stunt—Life Detection: You can tell when living
material strength of the object. creatures are nearby with an average Detection
action. You can declare an action in any ex-
change where a surprise attack is launched.
Trump Suit: Willpower Stunt—Identity Detection: You can somehow (usually
Exemplars: Cerebro, Dr. Strange, Quasar, Sentinels either psionically or magically) detect the true
Related Powers: Enhanced Senses, Telepathy identity or alter ego of a person. The target is
Power Skill: None allowed to resist this using Willpower as an op-
posing action.
You can detect certain kinds of energies. You must Stunt—Illusion Detection: You can ignore illusions
have at least one stunt to use this power. This power with an average Detection action.
is limited to line of sight, unless you also has ESP. Stunt—Invisibility Detection: You can see anything
Typically, you must trigger the Detection to learn if invisible.
something is present; the Narrator isn't required to Stunt—Magic Detection: You can detect magic.
tell you if something shows up unless you ask. When magic is in force around you, he or she
makes a Detection action. An average result in-
Stunt—Astral Detection: You can see the forms of dicates you knows that there is magic in the im-
creatures operating in the astral plane, includ- mediate area. A challenging result means that
ing ectoplasm of those adepts who can astrally you knows who is using the magic. A daunting or
project. This is an automatic ability; the indi- higher result gives the player the type of spell
vidual can always recognize that an astral form of magic involved.
is nearby. An average Detection action determ- Stunt—Mutant Detection: You are attuned to the
ines whether you can recognize an astral indi- specific mental radiation given out by mutants.
vidual that you knows. A challenging Detection action can find a par-
Stunt—Chronometric Detection: You can know the ticular mutant.
peculiar energy signature of each time period, Stunt—Psychic Detection: You are attuned to the
with an average Detection action. You knows exceptional mental radiation in general, and as
what day it is at any moment. such can make an average Detection action to
Stunt—Dimensional Detection: You can detect the detect the use of non-magical paranormal abilit-
energy signature of each dimension, and with an ies including mind-reading, thought-casting,
average Detection action will know when he or mental control, and psychic attacks.
she is on an unfamiliar plane. Stunt—Telelocation: You can locate one or more
Stunt—Direction Sense: You cannot lose your sense known individuals wherever they are, simply by
of direction and can instantly gain a sense of making an average Detection action. Any Mind
where he or she is in relation to the magnetic Control or Telepathy powers can affect the in-
poles or some other marker(s). dividual at the extended distance.
Stunt—Energy Detection: You can detect waves of Stunt—Weakness Detection: You can look at any be-
energy. You can identify the general type of en- ing, and by performing an average Detection ac-
ergy (X-rays, light, nuclear exhaust, etc.) and tion can learn any of the being’s limits or
can track the energy trail of that specific type. hindrances, including diseases and curses. You
Faint trails or confusing patterns of energy may can even use this power on his or yourself.
require challenging or even daunting success.
Stunt—Evil Detection: You can detect evil in persons
and objects. If the target's calling is villainous, DIGGING
you will know. Evil is a complex concept, so Trump Suit: Agility
Exemplars: Armadillo, Vindicator, the Moloids physical objects as if you had Phasing. You gain
Related Powers: Claws, Corrosion the Enhanced Sense of Penetration Vision.
Power Skill: Geology Stunt—5D: You gain Time Control and Time Travel at
your power intensity.
You can move below the ground by digging a tunnel. Stunt—6D: You gain Dimensional Travel at your
He or she moves through earth as if on the surface, power intensity.
slower if digging a tunnel well-supported enough to
allow others to follow (otherwise the tunnel
collapses behind you). You may dig through materials DIMENSIONAL TRAVEL
of a lower material strength than the power's Trump Suit: Intellect
intensity, but not those of a higher material Exemplars: Doctor Strange, Quasar
strength. Related Powers: Darkforce Control, Teleportation
Power Skill: Dimensional Geography
Stunt—Direction Sense: You cannot lose your sense
of direction underground. You can travel to other dimensions. You can pop into
Stunt—Earth Consumption: You actually consume and a random dimension with an easy Dimensional Travel
disintegrate the earth as he or she goes along. action, but must make an average Dimensional Travel
Stunt—Lightning Speed: You gain Lightning Speed action under pressing conditions. A challenging
when digging through the earth. Dimensional Travel action is always required if you
are trying to go to a particular alternate plane,
especially when you are trying to go home. If you
DIMENSION CONTROL possesses Dimensional
Trump Suit: Agility Geography, he or she can use the skill to reduce the
Exemplars: Armadillo, Vindicator, the Moloids difficulty of finding the way home.
Related Powers: Claws, Corrosion Even when you knows where he or she is going, the
Power Skill: Physics dimensional travel is fraught with danger. When you
leaps dimensions, the Narrator draws a random card.
You can change the number of physical dimensions If the value of this card is greater than your
you occupy, altering your physical abilities. You can intensity in Dimensional Travel, you will believe he or
shift from 3D to one other dimensional state and she is in the right place, but in fact is in an alternate
back. Shifting to other dimensions is a stunt for reality. The subtle differences of the new reality
each different dimension. Your abilities are based on will make themselves apparent soon enough. Heroes
the number of dimensions you occupy: with 10+ intensity ignore this draw (including those
with the Dimensional Detection stunt).
Limit—One Dimension: You can only ever assume the
2D, 3D and 4D forms. Limit—One Plane Only: You know how to get to just
Limit—One Direction: You can only add or subtract one dimension and back.
dimensions, not both. Stunt—Pockets to Nowhere: You can create small di-
Stunt—0D: You exist as nothing more than a math- mensional gateways from which he or she can
ematical point in space. You can't move or take draw strange and exotic devices and weaponry.
any actions, but the good news is you're Invis- The devices always appear fantastic and other-
ible and Invulnerable to everything except worldly, and seem to rely on your imagination to
powers that act directly on your mind or spirit. give them form. The devices and weapons grant
Stunt—1D: You're a nearly invisible line (Invisibility powers or stunts appropriate to their function
equal to your intensity). You have 0 Strength, at intensity no greater than that of your Di-
but you can fit through any opening, no matter mensional Travel. You can return the devices to
how small. where they came from, but they will vanish any-
Stunt—2D: You're a flat image of yourself. You can way at the end of the scene.
slip through any crack or opening that accom- Stunt—Dimensional Detection: You can detect the
modates your width, and you have Invisibility energy signature of each dimension, and with an
when viewed from the side. As a stunt you can average Dimensional Travel action will know
develop a Natural Weapon equal to your intens- when he or she is on an unfamiliar plane.
ity, letting you slice through almost anything. Stunt—Gateway: You can open a rift in the universe
Stunt—3D: You have your normal physical abilities. and allow people to step through. Each exchange
Stunt—4D: Your Strength increases by your intens- after the first, you need an average Dimension-
ity (to a maximum of 20) and you can "sidestep" al Travel action to hold the rift open.
Stunt—Summoning: You can teleport other people or Limit—Dreaming: You can only use this power when
objects from other dimensions to your side you're asleep. If you are awakened, your dream
with an average Dimensional Travel (Willpower) body returns to your physical body immediately.
action. Stunt—Astral Projection: You gain Astral Projection,
but only while asleep.
Stunt—Daydreaming: You can enable others to
DISINTEGRATION dream while awake, effectively gaining Illusions
Trump Suit: Intellect at Dream Control’s intensity.
Exemplars: Mandarin, Molecule Man, Sersi Stunt—Dream Travel: You can enter the short-lived
Related Powers: Transmutation pocket dimensions created by a person's
Power Skill: None dreams and nightmares. These dream worlds
are outside the boundaries of normal reality
You can convert inorganic matter into pure energy. and exist solely as a reflection of the dreamer-
This is treated like a normal attack, except it only 's imagination. You have no direct control over
works if the total damage is greater than the the conditions within the dream-world,
material strength of the target. In such cases, the however, you can interact with things in it much
object is destroyed. This destruction occurs at the as you would in the real world. Use Willpower in
end of the exchange. Against sentient but inorganic place of Strength when operating in the dream
matter, Disintegration must not only overcome the world.
target's defense, but must inflict enough damage to Stunt—Hypnosis: You gain Hypnosis.
reduce the target to 0 Health (or 0 cards). In this Stunt—Mental Probe: A Mental Probe is a search for
case, the target vanishes at the end of the a specific image in a person’s mind. You must
exchange. Otherwise, it has no effect. state what you are looking for before beginning
the scan. You must make an average Dream Con-
Limit—Disruption Only: You cannot reduce inorganic trol (Willpower) action, if the target is resist-
matter to pure energy, but can reduce it to ing. In any case, the strain of being probed re-
very small fragments. duces the target’s Intellect and Willpower by 1
Limit—Temporary Disintegration: Anything you disin- for the next 24 hours and the target may not
tegrates will reintegrate after an aura duration. be probed again for that time. A successful
Stunt—Affects Organic: Your Disintegration also Mental Probe will reveal the information known
affects organics. by the individual being probed, strictly limited
Stunt—Disintegration Ray: You can shoot a beam of to that person’s knowledge. In addition, you can
disintegration to firing distance. glean the target’s calling and personality notes.
Stunt—Pinpoint Disintegration: You can destroy Stunt—Prophetic Dreams: You gain Precognition, but
atoms of a target instead of the entire target. only while asleep and dreaming.
If a sentient inorganic creature is targeted, it Stunt—Sleep: You can put someone into a deep sleep
suffer damage equal to the percentage of the for an aura duration with an average Dream
target that is destroyed, rounded down. Control (Willpower) action.
Stunt—Reintegration: You can reintegrate anything Stunt—Sleeping Beauty: You can keep others from
he or she has disintegrated. waking up, effectively paralyzing them. These
actions are resisted by a challenging Dream
Control (Willpower) action.
Stunt—Sleepwalking: You can control the actions of
sleeping individuals, effectively gaining Anima-
tion over anyone asleep, by making an average
Trump Suit: Willpower Animation (Willpower) action.
Exemplars: Dreamqueen, Nightmare
Related Powers: Astral Projection, Emotion Control,
Hypnosis, Illusion, Mind Control
Power Skill: None
Trump Suit: Agility
You have the ability to manipulate dreams. You can Exemplars: Multiple Man, Flashback
control your own dreams, choosing what you dream, Related Powers: Gestalt, Illusion
or more importantly, you can implant images into the Power Skill: None
mind of a sleeping individual as well as wakeful ones,
in much the same fashion as the Illusion and Image You can replicate yourself into exact duplicates for
Summoning powers. an aura duration. Each dupe is an exact copy of you,
with all your skills and powers. However, each
duplicate has an Edge of 0 and a Health of 10. You to you and may even be of a different gender.
don't draw cards for duplicates, but instead mark However, the duplicates share enough similarit-
off Health when they take damage, as if they were ies to be able to pass as siblings or similarly
Narrator controlled characters. It requires an close family regardless of the actual differ-
action to activate this power which creates one ences. Interestingly, the duplicates' scent is
duplicate as a contingent action. Dupes last until you also slightly different, for those able to detect
are knocked unconscious or takes an action to it.
reabsorb them. The duplicates are capable of Stunt—Fusillade Assailants: You can rapidly create
independent action and thought but they have a and reabsorb duplicates while in combat, all
subliminal link with their creator. If a duplicate is feinting and blocking to cause damage to one or
hurt or under attack, the others know of it. more targets. You may divide your ability and
pre-cardplay modifiers among as many attacks
INTENSITY MAXIMUM DUPLICATES as desired, all of which are performed as con-
0-4 1 tingent actions. However, you don't redraw
5-9 2 cards played in these attacks until all attacks
10 – 14 3 are finished. You may also block or counter-at-
15 – 17 5 tack as many people as your cards allow.
18 – 19 10 Stunt—Human Shield: A duplicate is automatically
20 – 24 25 created upon taking any damage that causes a
25 – 29 100 knock back. The duplicate takes all damage
30 Infinite suffered. In other words, a duplicate would
take the damage from a gun shot or an upper-
Duplicates disappear when they wander beyond cut, but not from being burned. If any of your
firing distance. You can absorb duplicates, gaining duplicates are killed, he or she suffer no ill ef-
the duplicate's memory while it was separate. If a fects.
hero absorbs more than one dupe in an exchange or Stunt—Partial Duplication: You are able to create
if a duplicate is killed, the original hero must make a partial duplicates, giving him or her abilities
challenging Willpower action or black out for an aura similar to Additional Limbs/Senses and En-
duration. This power cannot be pushed. hanced Senses. Instead of producing a full du-
plicate, only the limbs or organs desired for du-
Limit—Body Part Requirement: A duplicate is grown plication are created and are added to your
from tissue lost by you. This requires at least a body. This augmentation can produce additional
finger’s worth of flesh, which will be restored limbs, sensory organs, or an additional layer of
upon re-absorption of the duplicate. skin to give the effect of Body Armor. Only
Limit—Future Duplicates: You pull duplicates out of body parts you possess can be duplicated in this
your own future. If a duplicate dies, you must way.
make a successful desperate Willpower action Stunt—Powered Duplicates: Your duplicates have a
or be paralyzed with fear. This continues until power that he ore she doesn't. For example
you succeeds at such an action. they might be energy beings with Body Trans-
Limit—Living Duplicates: The duplicates are alive and formation (Energy Form). The duplicates' power
have their own personalities. They also have the has intensity equal to Duplication.
full Health or Handsize and Edge of the origin- Stunt—Rangeless: Your duplicates are alive and con-
al. If a duplicate dies, your intensity in Duplica- tinue to exist as long as he or she is alive, re-
tion drops by 1. gardless of time, whether he or she is con-
Limit—Independent: The duplicates share a person- scious, or how far away they wander. Each du-
ality distinct from the original, and are some- plicate has an Edge of one but has the same
what different in mannerism and outlook. Each Handsize or Health of the original (if higher),
time a duplicate is created, randomly determine retains the Duplication power and can generate
it’s Calling and even duplicates with the same dupes of its own, so long as the maximum num-
calling as the original will still be slightly differ- ber of duplicates available for you are not ex-
ent. They will still follow the orders of the ori- ceeded.
ginal regardless of their Calling. Stunt—Rapid Duplication: You can create or re-ab-
Limit—Variable Duplicates: Your duplicates do not sorb any number of duplicates, up to the max-
look exactly like him or her. Each duplicate is imum, in one action, with no ill effects.
some form of variation on the original hero, but Stunt—Re-absorption Healing: You can attempt an
may appear up to ten years older or younger, action to reabsorb duplicates for healing. Each
may have different scars, tattoos or hair dupe returns one card.
color/style, may be of an ethnic group different
Stunt—Serial Immortality: If you are killed while he These creatures suffer double intensity dam-
or she has duplicates active, then one of those age from air attacks.
duplicates becomes you. If you had no duplic- Stunt—Earth Flight: You gain Flight 1 by building pil-
ates active, then one is created at the moment lars of earth under your feet. These pillars
of death. This new hero has the full abilities, have a material strength of the power's intens-
hand size, edge and powers of the original. ity. If the pillars topple, you will fall.
Stunt—Shared Senses: You and all your duplicates Stunt—Earthquake: You gain Earthquake.
share the information from their senses. In es- Stunt—Entrapment: You open the earth beneath an
sence, what one of them knows, they all know. opponent's feet or wraps stone around them.
This new information is available at a subcon- This is a normal attack, except that if the at-
scious level and does not interfere with their tack isn't dodged, the target loses the ability
current senses. to move and gains Earth Armor. The target may
use an action on the following exchange or later
to try to break out; this is a challenging
EARTH CONTROL Strength (Earth Control) action, and causes the
Trump Suit: Intellect power's intensity in damage points to the victim
Exemplars: Crystal, Avalanche whether or not it’s successful.
Related Powers: Digging, Earthquake Stunt—Ground Wave: You summon a wave or earth
Power Skill: Geology that flows along the ground. You can ride the
wave to gain Lightning Speed, or use the wave
You can manipulate earth and rock of a material to attack a foe (firing distance or closer) with
strength up to the power's intensity. This ability is an opposed Earth Control action.
limited to naturally occurring material such as stone Stunt—Lava Blast: You fire a lava Energy Blast from
and dirt, and consistent semi-natural material such the ground or your hands.
as asphalt and glass. Radically altered items such as Stunt—Lava Shaping: You can turn any stone in firing
steel alloys, artificially constructed mechanisms distance to molten rock, and then reshape it as
(including computers, guns and vehicles), and living or desired. The molten rock will cool in one ex-
once-living things (such as rubber, wood, and flesh) change, unless you concentrate on keeping it
are beyond the scope of this power. molten. If you attacks a sentient stone
creature (such as a gargoyle) with this power, it
Limit—Grounded: Your intensity is halved if you is an average Earth Control (Strength) attack.
aren't in contact with ground. If you are fur- If a sentient creature is reshaped, the Narrat-
ther than firing distance from the ground, the or decides whether any powers or other charac-
intensity is reduced to 0. teristics are lost or gained.
Stunt—Dust Cloud: You can kick up dust to reduce Stunt—Tremors: You can send multiple tremors
visibility to striking distance. This limit affects through the ground. These don't cause quakes,
everyone within firing distance. but require everyone in firing distance to make
Stunt—Earth Armor: You can pile on Body Armor by an average Agility (Earthquake) action to avoid
causing earth to build up around your body (and falling over and losing an action.
if you want, those he or she is touching). While
doing this, you can't move or attack. Each ex-
change, you may add the value of one random EARTHQUAKE
card as a defense bonus; this card remains face Trump Suit: Intellect
up in front of you until you moves out of the Exemplars: Magma, Rictor
protection. These cards are cumulative, but Related Powers: Digging, Earth Control
once the face-up cards surpass the intensity, no Power Skill: Geology
further cards may be added.
Stunt—Earth Elementals: You creates beings of By disrupting the ground, you wreaks major damage
earth, stone, or rock, with Strength and Agility on persons and property. Quakes are random in their
scores equal to the power's intensity. It re- destruction, ruining entire buildings in some places
quires a full exchange to create each elemental; and leaving others untouched. When you activates a
while you are creating an elemental, none of quake, it goes off as a contingent action later in the
your other elementals can do anything. A max- exchange. Every hero within firing distance
imum of one being may be created per point of (including you) has the opportunity to play a card. If
intensity. You must concentrate to control positive, you sustains no damage. Otherwise, you
these beings; if you falls unconscious, they col- suffer damage equal to the quake's intensity. Every
lapse into rubble at the end of the exchange. character also has a chance to avoid damage, done
by a random draw. Characters who don't draw
positive cards suffer damage equal to the quake's you touches the conductive surface, everyone else
intensity. The Narrator also draws for each major touching it is vulnerable to the attack.
structure within firing distance; if the result is not
positive, the structure is assigned damage equal to Limit—Constant: You always emit electricity, and
the quake's intensity. If this exceeds the material anyone who touches you suffer damage equal to
strength, the structure collapses. the power's intensity.
Limit—Non-conductive: You cannot act as a conduct-
Limit—Runaway Quake: Once you starts the quake, or for electricity from a power source. He or
the natural forces of p late tectonics take over. she can only generate power internally.
The Narrator draws and consults the aura of Limit—Non-generative: You cannot create electricity
the card. If it's negative, the quake extends to or harness small amounts from the environment.
far beyond visual distance and is multiplied in He or she can only manipulate electricity if con-
intensity by the value of the card. You can trig- nected to a power source.
ger this effect voluntarily if desired, though it Stunt—Ability Boost: You gain Strength Boost.
still requires a random draw to see if it works. Stunt—Absorption: Hero gains Electrical Absorp-
This limit can devastate a city or maybe even tion. He or she can absorb electricity up to the
more than that. power's intensity to prevent it from harming
Stunt—Instant Seismology: You know if an area is others or to store it for a touch or another
seismically active and will be alerted the mo- power stunt within aura duration.
ment a quake is triggered. You and everyone he Stunt—Arc Riding: You rides the arcs of electricity
or she alerts, knows that the quake will happen that allow Flight while in firing distance of the
as a contingent action. ground. You cannot make quick turns or stop. If
Stunt—Resistance to Quakes: You gain Resistance to you shorts out, he or she will fall.
Quakes. Stunt—Blow-out: You can push the electricity to the
Stunt—Tremors: You can send multiple tremors max, hitting everyone in firing distance with an
through the ground. These don't cause quakes, electrical burst equal to the power's intensity.
but require everyone in firing distance to make Not only does this harm you, but he or she can-
an average Agility (Earthquake) action to avoid not use your power until you are restored to a
falling over and losing an action. full Hand Size.
Stunt—Brownout: You can blow out all electricity in
firing distance for an aura duration. This stop
ELECTRICITY CONTROL robots, powered armor, and computers from
Trump Suit: Intellect functioning unless they have backup power.
Exemplars: Electro Stunt—Lightning Bolts: You can call lightning from
Related Powers: Weather Control the sky with an Electrical Control action. This
Power Skill: None stunt works only during thunderstorms.
Stunt—Lightning Speed: You gain Lightning Speed by
You can fire bolts of electrical energy of up to the riding lines of electrical potential such as power
power's intensity. However, if the target can touch lines or wiring. If you have Size Alteration, you
you, or touch water or metal in contact with you, this can manipulate the size of your body down to an
power inflicts the damage on you as well. You may electron and cannot lose direction while in this
generate this power internally or draw it from form.
another source, such as exposed overhead power Stunt—Machine Animation: You can cause a machine
lines. In this case, the maximum intensity is equal to to move and attack at your behest. If the ma-
that of the power source. For purposes of this chine can't move on its own, you can give it lim-
power, a household socket would be intensity 4, a ited ground movement.
small turbine might be intensity 10, and a large Stunt—Power Storage: You can store any intensity
generator might be intensity 20. A power plant can of electricity for any length of time. It can be
generate intensity 30. However, if the power meted out all at once or in pieces, dropping the
source's intensity is greater than your intensity in intensity by the amount discharged. This stor-
Electrical Control, each exchange you must make an age takes a full exchange to complete.
easy Willpower action opposed by the source's Stunt—Resistance to Electricity: Resistance to Elec-
intensity. If this action fails, you shorts out and tricity.
falls unconscious. You also may recharge electrical Stunt—Shock Field: You can temporarily charge your
devices and conduct voltage through water and some body or conductive metal with an electrical en-
metal. Copper, iron, and steel are especially ergy charge equal to the power's intensity. The
conductive, while gold and silver are less so. While charge lasts for only an aura duration and re-
leases its charge on touch; if you are charging Limit—One Emotion Only: You can implant only one
your body, it lasts as long as you concentrate. emotion, such as love or anger.
Limit—Reflective Emotion: You can implant only the
emotion he or she feels then.
ELONGATION Limit—Understanding Dependant: Your use of Emo-
Trump Suit: Agility tion Control requires others to hear and under-
Exemplars: Mr. Fantastic, Machine Man, Dr. Octopus stand him or her.
Related Powers: Plasticity Stunt—Broadcastable: You don’t need to be within
Power Skill: None firing distance of your target, instead needing
only a television or radio broadcast to affect
Elongation allows you to extend your body and limbs the target. This is especially effective com-
over a large area. You can sense around corners from bined with Multiple Targets.
a good distance away and pick up objects from Stunt—Confusion: You can instill deep confusion,
across the room. Also, you can make a striking creating indecision and the inability to take ef-
distance attack at firing distance. Targets attacked fective action. The actual individual affect,
by Elongation can attack only the elongated part of however while often powerful, is unpredictable.
you. Coordination is difficult when stretched out. Among other possible reactions, the target of
When using Elongation, any of your ability scores the stunt may simply sit or stand trying to think
that exceed the power's intensity are reduced to things over, begin weeping or laughing uncon-
that intensity. trollably, wander off aimlessly, or attack the
nearest person(s) or object(s) in frustration –
Limit—Slow Retraction: You take a full exchange to as the Narrator determines. Regardless of the
return any extended parts to your normal affect, this deep emotional state will last for an
shape. aura durations after you stop concentrating on
Limit—Strength Reduction: The further you elong- the affect.
ates, the weaker he or she becomes; subtract Stunt—Empathy: You gain Empathy.
the Elongation intensity used from the
Strength of the affected limb. Stunt—Multiple Targets: You can affect any number
Stunt—Seven League Strides: You can cross firing of persons within the sound of your voice. A
distance in one exchange and still take an ac- single action score is generated for all targets,
tion. even though the opposition Willpower may vary
Stunt—Telescopic Attack: You can attempt a sur- the difficulty.
prise physical attack at firing distance. This can Stunt—Prolonged Emotions: Emotions you implanted
only work if you aren't in a fight at the time he can last for longer than an aura duration.
or she triggers this stunt. Though intense feelings will fade, the base
emotion will remain. For example, this can cause
a victim to remain in love with you or suffer
EMOTION CONTROL serious doubt about being a super-villain.
Trump Suit: Willpower Stunt—Resistance to Mental Control: You gain Res-
Exemplars: Enchantress, Hate Monger, Psycho-Man istance to Mental Control, including all powers
Related Powers: Empathy, Mind Control, Pheromones which have a Willpower trump suit.
Power Skill: Manipulation, Psychiatry

You can control the emotions of another by making EMPATHY

an easy Emotion Control (Willpower) action. If this Trump Suit: Willpower
action succeeds, you can implant emotions causing Exemplars: Empath, Topaz
the victim to gibber in fear, be overcome with love, Related Powers: Emotion Control, Telepathy
or feel anything else you want. Robots and non- Power Skill: Manipulation, Psychiatry
human aliens are immune to Emotion Control, but
animals of at least 1 Intellect can be affected. Only Empathy is similar to Telepathy, but registers
one type of emotion may be instilled in a target at a emotions instead of thoughts. An average success
time. Options include fear, hatred, love, respect, (opposed by the target's Willpower if trying to hide
doubt, pleasure, and the like. You must reinforce the your emotions) lets you know the target's emotional
control with another easy Emotion Control state, but not the cause of it. Detecting emotions of
(Willpower) action if the victim is asked to act aliens or robots is at a minimum difficulty of
against your nature. challenging. This power can be blocked by a target
also having the Empathy power, or one under the
effects of Emotion Control. The Empathic hero can
also detect lies by making an easy Empathy
(Willpower) action. If this power is used against a ENDURANCE
hero, the player may be reluctant to tell another Trump Suit: Strength
player or the Narrator whether he or she is lying. If Exemplars:
the Narrator thinks the player isn't telling the Related Powers: Body Armor, Regeneration
truth, he or she certainly is entitled to impose a Power Skill: Running
negative response bonus.
Although you suffer damage normally, he or she
Stunt—Empathic Broadcast: You can broadcast your doesn’t show the effects as readily. Instead of
own emotional state to anyone within firing dis- discarding cards due to damage, place them face up
tance. You may make a challenging Empathy ac- in front of you. You can continue to play and use
tion to broadcast to anywhere in the world. them normally, as if you had your full hand size.
Stunt—Resistance to Mental Control: You gain Res- However, when all of your cards are face up in front
istance to Mental Control, including all powers of you (in other words, your hand is reduced to 0
that have a Willpower trump suit. cards) you become unconscious like anyone else. In
Hero Creation, this power costs 5 points for every
point of Edge you have.
Trump Suit: Intellect Stunt—Chi: You gain Chi at an intensity equal to your
Exemplars: Apocalypse Willpower or 10, whichever is lower.
Related Powers: Cosmic Energy Control Stunt—Mind Shield: You gain Mind Shield.
Power Skill: Genetics, Super-Physiology Stunt—Resistance to Disease: You gain Resistance
to Disease.
You can give other people super-powers by touch, Stunt—Resistance to Poison: You gain Resistance to
granting any power with a total intensity less than Poison.
your Empowerment intensity, lowering the intensity Stunt—Resistance to Pressure: You gain Resistance
by the same amount. The granted powers last as long to Pressure.
as concentrated upon, or for an aura duration Stunt—Resistance to Stunning: You gain Resistance
afterward. You can revoke the granted powers at to Stunning.
any time, returning your Empowerment intensity to
normal. Empowered powers cannot be greater than
intensity 20. ENERGY BLAST
Trump Suit: Intellect
Limit—One Power Type Only: You can only grant cer- Exemplars: Black Widow, Wasp, Ultron
tain types of powers, like only Energy Control Related powers: Most Control powers
powers. Power Skill: Energy Control
Limit—Transferal: The only powers you can grant are
other powers you have, and you lose intensity This power consists of a simple energy blast of a
equal to the amount you grant someone else. non-specified type. You can inflict an attack with a
Limit—Unstable: Any powers you grant automatically standard Energy Blast action. In general you can fire
have the Unstable limit and may go out of con- bolts of energy of a particular type at striking
trol. distance or firing distance as a physical or energy
Stunt—Extensive Empowerment: The empowerment attack. Skills like Ricochet will modify the difficulty
lasts for as long as you wish, or until you res- downward. As a rough guide to the power of an
cind it. Energy Blast, Intensity 5 is roughly the power of an
Stunt—Nullification: You can take powers away as average handgun; Intensity 10 generates damage at
well as grant them, gaining Nullification at Em- a similar level to that of a small grenade; Intensity
powerment’s intensity. Powers weakened or nul- 15 is powerful enough to blow up a tank or armored
lified decrease your intensity by the same car; Intensity 18 is enough to level a large building;
amount. Intensity 20 is sufficient to level a city block;
Stunt—Power Duplication: You can also use Empower- Intensity 21-25 the blast becomes equivalent to the
ment on his or yourself. damage caused by nuclear weapons.
Stunt—Ranged: You can bestow powers at up to fir-
ing distance.
Limit—Touch Only: This parameter limits the attack
Stunt—Rangeless: You can bestow powers to anyone
to striking distance, but also allows your touch
he or she knows of. This does not cross dimen-
attack to carry through conductive materials to
sional barriers.
affect multiple targets. For example, a hero can
affect three assassins with electricity if all are This power provides you with a special form of
standing on a metal girder. Resistance to energy attacks. As long as you takes
Limit—Slow: The blasts move at a slower speed, no other action, any attack of this energy of up to
working as though done as a contingent action. the power's intensity inflicts no damage on you. As a
Stunt—Armor Piercing: Your blast can cut through contingent action, you can reflect the energy back
armor as if it were not there. The Energy Blast at the attacker at full strength. If you are attacked
gains a bonus, similar to the damage bonus of with more energy than he or she can reflect, you
melee weapons, equal to one quarter of this reflects damage equal to this power's intensity and
power’s Intensity (rounded up). This bonus is suffer the rest. Though this is impressive, the bad
subtracted from the Body Armor’s defense bo- news is that you must release the energy that
nus, but is not added to the damage (which is exchange as a contingent action. If not, the energy
based on Intensity as normal). erupts the next exchange causing everyone within
Stunt—Blast Reflection: You gain Energy Reflection firing distance to suffer the full effect of the
for blasts of your chosen type of energy. energy attack. You aren't harmed if this occurs.
Stunt—Explosion: Your blast explodes on contact. All
individuals within firing distance of the target Limit—One Energy Only: You can reflect only one
suffer the power's intensity in damage, assum- form of energy, like Light or Sonics.
ing they do not dodge the blast. Limit—Random Target: You cannot control whom the
reflection will hit. The Narrator performs a
Stunt—Momentum: You can add momentum to ob- random draw and consults the aura. If positive,
jects and make them move as if pushed by you hits the desired target. If negative, the
someone of the power's intensity in strength. Narrator chooses the target. If neutral, assign-
Stunt—Resistance: You gain resistance to the type ing everyone within firing distance a number
of power or energy he uses with this power. chooses a random target and drawing till one of
Stunt—Ricochet: You gain the Ricochet skill, with those numbers comes up.
regard to this power only. Stunt—Power Storage: You can store any intensity
Stunt—Wide Angle Beam: You can project a blast of of energy while concentrating. It can be meted
energy so wide that it affects everyone within out all at once or in pieces, dropping the intens-
firing distance. ity by the amount discharged. Storage takes an
exchange to complete. While you holds energy,
he or she can't absorb energy.
ENERGY CONVERSION Stunt—Riposte: You are able to turn opponent's
Trump Suit: Intellect close combat attacks back against them, caus-
Exemplars: Dazzler ing them to suffer the full effects of their own
Related powers: Absorption, Energy Reflection assault. On a successful easy Energy Reflection
Power Skill: Energy Control (Intellect) action, all attacks made against you
during the exchange are reversed back at each
You can change one form of energy into another attacker that made them as a contingent action.
form. You may do this either at the intensity of The opponents suffer the full effects of their
Energy Conversion or of an intellect power that own attack, ignoring all defenses except Invul-
utilizes either of the energy forms in question. The nerability, although they may still attempt to
forms of energy must be chosen at the outset. The dodge.
converted energy can be pulled from the background
(assuming it's available) or from an attack directed
Trump Suit: Agility
Stunt—Conversion Control: You gain one Control Exemplars: Human Torch
power linked to the convertible forms of en- Related powers: Body Transformation
ergy. This control is only possible when the Power Skill: None
source of the energy is available and converted.
This power allows you to surround your body with
energy. The energy of the sheath can be of any
ENERGY REFLECTION type. This is not Body Transformation, since simply
Trump Suit: Intellect canceling the power cannot destroy the basic
Exemplars: Bishop integrity of the body. The Energy Sheath is a
Related powers: Absorption, Energy Conversion specialized defense that works in place of your
Power Skill: Energy Control natural strength related defense. This defense
applies only when the sheath is active. If an attack
exceeds the power's intensity, you suffer damage
and must make an average Willpower action to Limit—Reduced Sense: In compensation for greater
maintain the Energy Sheath (failure indicates full sensation in one sense, another is reduced dra-
power shutdown for an aura duration.) matically. You are lowered by one difficulty
level on any action involving the reduced sense.
Limit—Constant: You are always surrounded in the Limit—Sensitivity: You suffer attacks against your
Energy Sheath. You cannot return to human senses at a penalty of one level of difficulty.
form at all. Thus, avoiding a Blinding attack is an average
Stunt—Energy Blast: You gain Energy Blast while action for your, rather than easy.
sheathed in energy. Stunt—Astral Detection: You can sense the forms of
Stunt— Energy Control: You gain an Energy Control creatures operating in the astral plane, includ-
power for the energy the sheath is made up of. ing ectoplasm of those adepts who can astrally
Stunt—Flight: You gain Flight while sheathed in en- project. This is an automatic ability; the indi-
ergy. vidual can always recognize that an astral form
Stunt—Life Support: You gain Life Support while is nearby. An average Enhanced Senses action
sheathed in energy. determines if you can recognize an astral indi-
Stunt—Lightning Speed: You gain Lightning Speed vidual that you knows.
while sheathed in energy. Stunt—Circular Vision: You can see 360 degrees
Stunt—Partial Sheath: You can remove the energy around.
sheath from parts of your body. The partially Stunt—Clairaudience: You gain ESP with the Clair-
sheathed hero still retains all abilities and audience Only limit.
stunts to which he or she is normally entitled, Stunt—Clairvoyance: You gain ESP with the Clairvoy-
as long as at least half your body surface is still ance Only limit.
sheathed. Stunt—Dimensional Sense: You can detect the en-
Stunt—Resistance: You gain Resistance to the en- ergy signature of each dimension, and with an
ergy type while sheathed in energy. average Enhanced Senses action know when you
Stunt—Variable Energy: Your Energy Sheath can are on an unfamiliar plane.
shift between different forms of energy. Stunt—Direction Sense: You almost never get lost
and can find your way with an easy Direction
Sense action.
ENHANCED SENSES Stunt—Empathy: You gain Empathy.
Trump Suit: Willpower Stunt—Energy Detection: You can detect waves of
Exemplars: Wolverine, Daredevil, Hawkeye energy. You can identify the general type of en-
Related powers: Detection, Radar Sense ergy (x-rays, light, nuclear exhaust, etc.) with
Power Skill: Observation, Tracking an Enhanced Senses action, and can track the
energy trail of that specific type. Faint trails
At least one of your normal senses of vision, hearing, or confusing patterns of energy may require
smell, touch or taste is amazingly acute. Enhanced challenging or even daunting success.
Hearing allows you to detect very faint sounds on Stunt—Evil Detection: You can detect evil in persons
many frequencies. Enhanced Smell gleans subtle and objects. If the target's calling is villainous
clues by smell. Enhanced Taste allows you to detect (Demolisher, Greed, Vengeance, World Domina-
poisons and even disassemble recipes just by tion), you know it. Evil is a complex concept, so
touching food to the tongue. Enhanced Touch allows sometimes a person with such a calling won't be
you to read and discern fine details by running your evil, while sometimes a person with another call-
hands along an object. And Enhanced Vision lets you ing will. The Narrator gets final say over
see things no normal person could see. Enhanced whether a person detects as evil.
Senses can be used in place of Intellect to avoid Stunt—Identity Detection: You can detect the true
surprise. You will know anyone he or she has met by identity or alter ego of a person with an aver-
applying the sense, and can make an easy Enhanced age Identity Detection (Willpower) action.
Senses action (opposed by the other's relevant Stunt—Illusion Detection: You can ignore illusions
power) to recognize Imitation and Shapeshifting. If with an easy Illusion Detection (Illusion) action.
you are tracking or examining an object, he or she Stunt—Infra-vision: The individual with this ability
can use the power's intensity instead of Willpower can see in the dark, which limits visibility to
or Intellect to gain clues. These extraordinary striking distance. Normal darkness is 1 intens-
senses suffer attacks against them at a penalty of ity; powerful darkness such as the Darkforce
one level of difficulty. Thus Sonics, tear gas, and requires average Enhanced Senses actions, op-
poisons (among other things) can all hurt you more posed by the intensity of the darkness, to de-
than if he or she did not have the enhanced senses. feat.
Stunt—Invisibility Detection: You can see anything mind-reading, thought-casting, mental control,
invisible with an easy Invisibility Detection (In- and psychic attacks.
visibility) action. Stunt—Radar Sense: You gain Radar Sense.
Stunt—Lie Detection: You can detect lies by making Stunt—Spatial Sense: You gain a three-dimensional
an average Enhanced Senses (Willpower) action. picture of the environment around your out to
If this power is used against a hero, the player visual distance through the use of radar, sonar,
may be reluctant to tell another player or the mystical awareness or some similar ability.
Narrator whether he or she is lying. If the Stunt—Sonar: You gain Sonar.
Narrator believes the player isn't telling the Stunt—Telescopic Vision: You can see extremely dis-
truth when asked, he or she certainly is en- tant objects that lie beyond the normal range
titled to impose a negative response bonus. of human sight, viewing anything within sight as
Stunt—Life Detection: You can tell when living if it were very close.
creatures are nearby with an easy Life Detec- Stunt—Time Sense: You can sense the temporal sig-
tion action. You can declare an action in any ex- nature of each time period, with an easy Time
change where a surprise attack is launched. Sense action. Also, you always know what time it
Stunt—Magic Detection: You can detect magic. is at any given moment.
When magic is in force around you, make a Ma- Stunt—True Sight: You see the true image of any
gic Detection action. An easy result indicates object or person, bypassing disguises or con-
you know there is magic in the immediate area. cealment. The power penetrates any means of
A challenging result means you know who is us- hiding the true nature of something, whether
ing the magic. A daunting or higher result tells physical, psychic, illusionary, or magical. This
you the type of spell or magic involved. power may be used only on one target at a time,
Stunt—Microscopic Vision: Your eyes can detect ob- but it's great for finding that secret door to
jects normally too small for normal vision to the villain's lair, or spotting the Shape-shifter
perceive. You can read microfilm without a in the crowd.
mechanical reader or peer into the microscopic Stunt—Ultraviolet Vision: You can see ultraviolet ra-
world of cells and molecules, and even subatom- diation, allowing you to see in the dark as long
ic worlds. as there is some UV light present (such as from
Stunt—Motion Sense: You have the ability to sense the stars).
motion, visible or not, and track a moving object Stunt—Weakness Detection: You can look at any be-
with incredible accuracy. This motion sense be- ing, and by performing an average Weakness
comes more accurate the faster an object is Detection action can learn any limits or
moving but static objects and people cannot be hindrances the being has, including diseases and
sensed. The power intensity can be used instead curses. You can even use this power on yourself.
of Agility to avoid or catch a moving object or If you take a full exchange and make and aver-
can be used to avoid surprise from any attack age Weakness Detection action, opposed by the
that is based on physical motion or moving ob- intensity of the target's defense, you can lower
jects. their defense to 0 against your next attack The
Stunt—Mutant Detection: You are attuned to the Assessment skill lowers the difficulty of this
specific mental wavelengths of mutants. A chal- action to easy. (Note this ability is useless
lenging Mutant Detection action can find a par- against Invulnerability, which has no weakness.).
ticular mutant.
Stunt—Penetration Vision: This power allows you to
see through solid materials like an X-ray. The ENSNAREMENT
intensity of the power indicates the depth in Trump Suit: Agility
feet to which the power can penetrate, as well Exemplars: Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow
as the material strength of the objects that Related powers: Web-Slinging
can be penetrated. Power Skill: None
Stunt—Power Detection: You can detect if someone
has any power with an easy Power Detection ac- You can bind a victim. You must make an easy Agility
tion and what powers they have with a challen- (Agility) action; if undodged, the attack entangles
ging action. the opponent as a contingent action. On the next
Stunt—Protected Senses: You gain Protected exchange and any thereafter, the victim may make
Senses. an average Strength (Ensnarement) action to break
Stunt—Psychic Detection: You are attuned to excep- the hold. Ensnared victims cannot move or take
tional mental radiation in general, and as such other actions until freed.
can make an easy Psychic Detection action to
detect the use of psychic abilities including
Stunt—Adhesion: The ensnaring substance is so causes you damage, as if you were subjected to
sticky that it can adhere whatever it touches to a Stun Blast of equal intensity.
any object. On the next exchange and any Stunt—Weather Control: You gain Weather Control.
thereafter, the victim may make an average
Strength (Ensnarement) action to break out of
the adhesive. ESP
Stunt—Instant Freedom: You can choose to free Trump Suit: Willpower
someone from your ensnarement just by think- Exemplars: Doctor Strange, Morgan Le Fay
ing about it. Related powers: Additional Sensors, Enhanced
Stunt—Multiple Targets: You can hit any number of Senses
targets within firing distance. One action score Power Skill: None
is generated for all targets, even though the
Agility of the victims may vary the individual You can see and hear far away sights and sounds
difficulties. despite intervening distance or barriers. You
Stunt—Net: You can use the power's intensity requires a full exchange to mentally locate the area
rather than Agility for catching falling items or desired. Since this is a mental power and not
people. dependent on you actually receiving visual input or
Stunt—Resistance to Ensnarement: You gain Resist- sound waves, it is not hindered by distance,
ance to Ensnarement at the power's intensity distortion or other factors that might impair
and can wriggle free of most bonds. sensation. If the area is shielded from senses, you
must make an easy ESP action, opposed by the
intensity of the shielding.
Trump Suit: Willpower Limit—Clairaudience Only: You can only hear far
Exemplars: Captain Planet, Swamp Thing places, not see them.
Related powers: Animal Control, Empathy, Plant Limit—Clairvoyance Only: You can only see far
Control, Weather Control places, not hear them.
Power Skill: Observation Limit—Proxy: You can only perceive through the
senses of other people (or animals).
You are "in tune" with the natural environment Stunt—Bestow ESP: You can let anyone see or hear
around you, allowing you to sense things like anything that he or she can sense.
weather, movement, the presence (or absence) of Stunt—Extra-dimensional Reach: You can see and
life, chemical contamination, and so forth, out to hear across dimensions with an average ESP ac-
visual distance by making an easy Environmental tion.
Awareness action. The Narrator may choose to give
you additional information in the form of hints and
clues about your surroundings. At intensity 10+ you EVOLUTION
can ask the Narrator a single yes-or-no question Trump Suit: Intellect
about the environment each game session that he Exemplars:
must answer truthfully. Related powers: Density Control, Gemini
Power Skill: Genetics
Limit—Location Specific: You environmental aware-
ness only works in a particular place or kind of You have the ability to move "backwards" or
terrain (only the British Isles, only forests, only "forwards" along the evolutionary scale at will,
cities, etc.) transforming into either a primitive but physically
Stunt—Animal Control: You gain Mind Control over powerful form, or a supremely mentally advanced,
animals. but relatively weak form. As this is "comic book"
Stunt—Animal Empathy: You gain Empathy with re- evolution and not hard science the exact appearance
gards to animal life that lives primarily by in- of both evolutionary selves is left up to the player
stinct rather than wits. and the Narrator. For example, the primitive may be
Stunt—Plant Control: You gain Plant Control. Neanderthal in appearance or may simply be normal
Stunt—Postcognition: You gain Postcognition when in appearance, although massively built, with very low
dealing with the environment. intelligence and social skills. Conversely, the
Stunt—Precognition: You gain Precognition when advanced form may have an enlarged head and a
dealing with the environment. scrawny body, or may simply be normal looking with a
Stunt—Symbiosis: Your health and well-being is supreme intellect but lacks physical resiliency. You
linked to that of the environment around you. can alter your level of evolution at will and the
Damage to or poisoning of the environment effect lasts until you reverses it. As he or she
evolves, a hero automatically gains 1 point of objects of material strength 2 or less on contact
Intellect and Willpower per point of Evolution and can damage other objects.
changed. However, you loses a portion physical You can also manipulate fire sources, raising them to
development, lowering your Strength in the same the power's intensity or lowering them down to
proportion. At 0 Strength, he or she is barely able intensity 0. You may control a fire by concentrating,
to move under your own power; the physical body has but once the concentration ceases, the fire rages on
atrophied too much to allow much in the way of its own. After some exchanges of uncontrolled
physical action. While super-evolved, you gain one raging, fire creates smoke which reduces visibility to
Intellect or Willpower based power at intensity striking distance and inflicts the power's intensity in
equal to the intensity of the Evolution in effect. You damage even if a target isn't on fire.
may have more than one power, but these must be
bought as separate stunts. As he or she devolves,
you gain Strength and Agility, but loses Intellect by Limit—Blast Only: You cannot control fire other than
the same proportion. You also gains any Strength or using an Energy Blast.
Agility based power at intensity equal to the level of Limit—Collateral Damage: Any time you damages
devolution in effect. You may have more than one someone or something, everyone within striking
power, but these must be bought as separate stunts. distance also sustains the damage.
Intellect score cannot drop below 2 or Strength Limit—Heat Only: You cannot actually manifest or
below 0. No ability score can be raised above 20 control fire, but can control its heat. Damage is
with this power, but reaching 20 in one ability unchanged.
doesn't stop the other ability score from going Limit—Light Only: You cannot generate or control
lower. the heat of the fire, but can control the light it
gives off.
Limit—One Form Only: You can evolve backward or Limit—Max Only: You can blast only at full intensity
forward, not both. and cannot vary the intensity for fine control.
Stunt— Evolve Others: You can cause other living Limit—Non-Generative: You cannot generate fire.
beings to evolve or devolve as long as you con- Only if a fire of the desired intensity exists
centrate for an aura durations by making an av- can he or she use Fire Control.
erage Evolution (Willpower) action. Stunt—Absorption: You gain Absorption (Fire). He or
Stunt— Evolutionary Modification: You can trans- she can absorb up to the power's intensity of
form into different evolutionary forms, varying flame and heat, reducing damage to people and
the abilities of each. So you can choose the bo- objects by the intensity. You can absorb flame
nus abilities of the form each time you trans- only at striking distance unless the intensity is
form. 10 or greater; heroes with higher intensities
Stunt—Evolutionary Summoning: Instead of trans- can absorb flames from up to firing distance.
forming into an evolutionary form, you can sum- Stunt—Blinding: You gain Blinding.
mon them to your side as separate beings as if Stunt—Body Doubles: You can create flaming duplic-
you had Duplication. Each of your evolutionary ates of him or yourself with an average Fire
selves responds to your mental and verbal com- Control action. The maximum number of doubles
mands. Your evolutionary selves may be dis- is equal to the power intensity.
missed at will. Only the fully evolved and fully Stunt—Fireball: You can turn into a ball of fire. This
devolved versions can be summoned in this way. technique projects the damage out to everyone
Stunt— Protoplasm Form: You gain a third evolution- within striking distance. At the beginning of
ary form: a pre-evolutionary protoplasmic blob each exchange this stunt is in use, the player
like an enlarged amoeba. This protoplasmic form must discard one card and not redraw.
has Intellect and Willpower of 1X and Corrosion Stunt—Fire Elementals: You create beings of fire,
and Plasticity equal to your Evolution intensity. with Strength and Agility scores equal to the
power's intensity. It requires a full exchange to
create each elemental; while you are creating an
FIRE CONTROL elemental, none of your other elementals can do
Trump Suit: Intellect anything. A maximum of one being may be cre-
Exemplars: Human Torch, Firelord, Pyro, Sunfire ated per point of intensity. You must concen-
Related powers: Cold Control, Light Control trate to control these beings; if you fall uncon-
Power Skill: Energy Control scious, they wisp away into the air at the end of
the exchange. These creatures suffer double
You can generate and control flame from your own intensity damage from water attacks.
body. He or she can project a fiery Energy Blast to Stunt—Fire Missiles: You can launch existing flames
firing distance at an opponent. The fire destroys as weapons in attacks at firing distance. The
maximum intensity for these missiles is that of only does this harm you, but if means you can-
the existing flame. not use your power until you are restored to full
Stunt—Fire Restraints: You can shape flames into Hand Size.
domes, cages, low-intensity flame blankets, and Stunt—Remove Heat: This is really a modified ver-
handcuffs. You must succeed in an average Fire sion of the Heat Control stunt. You can suck the
Control (Agility) attack to trap an opponent. If heat out of anything, even people and water.
the attack isn't dodged, the opponent suffers Such an attack, if successful, inflicts the power
no damage but is immobilized by heat and flame. intensity in cold damage and freezes all water
The victim can always break free, but will sus- within striking distance.
tain the fire's intensity in damage to do so. Stunt—Smokescreen: You can blanket an area with
Stunt—Fire Shield: You can manipulate flame to blinding, choking smoke. The visibility of every-
form a fiery shield that will inflict the power's one within firing distance is reduced to striking
intensity in damage on those that cross it. The distance. You can make an average Fire Control
shield can be of any shape out to firing dis- (Strength) action to rob everyone in the smoke
tance. If hotter than intensity 6, it will melt of an action; one action score is generated for
lead bullets before they can hit you. everyone though differing Strengths will cause
Stunt—Fire Sword: You can create a sword of fire the difficulty numbers to vary from target to
from your hands to attack someone within target.
striking distance with a Fire Control action. Stunt—Updraft: You can control the ambient heat to
Stunt—Flame Shapes: You creates fiery images and form a hot air updraft. It will buoy or slow the
writes words in the sky in flame. They have an descent of falling objects as if you hoisted
aura duration after you stop concentrating. them with a Strength score equal to the power-
Heroes with the Art skill may lower by one level 's intensity.
the difficulty of persuading people of the im-
age's artistic merit.
Stunt—Flame Whip: With this stunt, you can create FLIGHT
a whip of flame up to 30 feet long. When wiel- Trump Suit: Agility
ded as a melee weapon, it inflicts damage at the Exemplars: Archangel, Gladiator, Iron Man
intensity of this power. Related powers: Teleportation
Stunt—Flight: By projecting fire behind, you gain Power Skill: Aerial Combat
Stunt—Heat Control: You can alter the heat level You have the long-sought ability to fly. Any number
within firing distance by roughly 10 degrees F° of sources - Wings, Gravity Control, Telekinesis,
per point of intensity. A hero with a 20 intens- powered armor, and so on – can bestow this gift. You
ity can thus make a 50 degree room into a 200 can travel up, down or across the atmosphere at up
degree room in one exchange. If the temperat- to the speeds below, and can carry what he or she
ure goes above 120, everyone in the room suf- could normally carry (including one or maybe even
fer the power's intensity in damage after sub- two passengers). Assuming an intensity of 4+, you
tracting defense. This power can be targeted at can cross anywhere within line of sight in one
one individual. exchange. You also can get high enough that anyone
Stunt—Heat Sphere: You form a globe of heat that on the ground cannot reach him or her, even with a
inflicts the power's intensity in damage to any- firing distance attack. The exact speed of flight is
one or anything that comes through. At 6+ in- usually unimportant, unless two heroes are racing
tensity, the sphere melts lead bullets before each other. Intensity 10 is roughly Mach One, the
they can hit. speed of sound. If you goes above intensity 9, he or
Stunt—Heat Wave: You can project heat waves. she will create sonic booms. This causes you and
Non-heat resistant individuals within striking anyone flying with him or her damage equal to the
distance have the difficulty rating of their ac- Flight intensity.
tions raised by one level. This stunt can be used Because of this reason, very few heroes exceed
to counteract cold damage. Mach One. Intensity 20 Flight allows you to cross
Stunt—Illusion: You can form insubstantial images of enormous distances in less than an hour. Intensity
heat as if he or she had illusion. These images 30 Flight allows you to span the world in a minute or
play upon the blurring of vision in hot areas. two. This power won't let you travel through space;
Stunt—Loyal Fire: You are Invulnerable to Fire un- for that, see Space Flight.
der your control.
Stunt—Nova Flame: You can push the fire to the Limit—Gliding: You can only fly downward by catch-
max, hitting everyone in firing distance with a ing the winds.
fire burst equal to the power's intensity. Not
Limit—Levitation: You can only float up in the air. He Power Skill: None
or she can choose to be carried the direction
and speed of the winds. You can create Force fields to ward off damage. In
Limit—Rocket: You can only fly in a straight line, and its basic form, the power with allows you to surround
only for aura duration. your body with a rudimentary energy shield. This
Limit—Wings: You have wings that provide the power requires an action to set up, but the field will
of Flight. The wings are vulnerable, and an protect against attacks in the exchange that it is
aimed shot at a wing will cripple it if the intens- created. The personal Force Field adds it's intensity
ity of the attack is greater than the intensity to defense, subtracting damage from all physical
of your Flight. You take no damage, but lose the attacks. Personal Force Fields require concentration,
ability to fly until the damage heals. Likewise, if though many heroes use equipment that keeps the
the wings are ensnared, he or she is unable to fields running without concentration. Any stunt of
fly. Force Field also requires an action. When the field
Stunt—Ability Boost: You gain Agility Boost when suffer more damage in an attack than its intensity,
flying. it collapses. The excess damage from the attack
Stunt—Aerial Evasion: You can substitute your goes through to you, though natural defense still
Flight intensity for your Agility when dodging subtracts from that damage. The field takes a full
attacks in the air. exchange to recharge.
Stunt—Flying Strike: Your Flight can damage a tar-
get in some way. This might be razor-sharp Limit— Personal Field: You can only create a force
wings, boot jets, a trail of flame or something field around yourself and cannot extend it bey-
similar. You must cross at least one distance in ond striking distance.
the exchange, and can only attack if the target Limit—Shaped: You can only create a field in a single
is within striking distance at the time of the at- shape and size, such as a shield, sphere, or wall,
tack. The attack is an average Strength (Agil- which may not protect the beneficiary from all
ity) action doing damage based on your Flight angles.
intensity. Limit—Visible Field: Your fields are visible to all
Stunt—Life Support: You gain Life Support to air. viewers and cannot be easily used for surprise
Stunt—Mach Control: You do not make sonic booms. attacks. On the plus side, such fields protect
Stunt—Passengers: You can take as many passengers you from Blinding.
as he or she has points of Flight intensity. If Stunt—Energy Bottle: If you successfully defends
you loses concentration, everyone falls. against an enemy attack (see Shield from En-
Stunt—Power Dive: You drop into a free fall to ergy, page 153), he or she can hold the energy
swoop down on prey. You double your speed, but in a force bottle. You can then dispense it on
failure to pull out means he or she will suffer the next exchange (or later if you concentrate)
double the normal wounds from falling. in the direction it was going before.
Stunt—Resistance to Pressure: You gain Resistance Stunt—Entrapment: This stunt allows you to sur-
to Pressure. This protects against vertigo and round others in a field by making an average
other such forms of disorientation. Force Field (Agility) attack. Once entrapped,
Stunt—Whirlwind: By flying in circles very fast, you the victim gains the field's protection but can-
can attempt an average Flight action to gener- not break free unless he or she can break
ate a small tornado. This can carry objects through the field with damage. You can also use
aloft and inflict the power's intensity in damage this power to grab objects at firing distance
to those caught in the wake, if you desires. making an average Force Field (Agility) action
Those in the eye of the storm suffer no dam- to take something out of an opponent's hand.
age. Stunt—Expanded Field: You can project the Force
Stunt—Wing Shield: If you have wings (see below) Field out to firing distance. Anyone within the
you have the option of using them to deflect at- field also gains the added effect of the field,
tacks, by wrapping them around your body, like but neither you nor those protected can dodge
a dodge. Attacks with an intensity less than the attacks from outside it. The failure of a pro-
Wings are deflected, while higher intensity at- jected Force Field results in the field coming
tacks cripple a wing, as described below. down, but those inside are unharmed by that
attack. When it goes down, the wielder must
make a challenging Willpower action or drop to
FORCE FIELD 0 cards (or health).
Trump Suit: Intellect Stunt—Layered Shielding: Your Force Field does not
Exemplars: Invisible Woman, Kang, Doctor Doom collapse when it takes more than its intensity in
Related Powers: Body Armor, Kinetic Control damage.
Stunt—Filter: You can "tune" your force field to al- the field unless they originate inside (i.e., a
low certain things to pass through it while stop- laser beam bounces off, but a sonic hammer
ping others. created inside the field can pound you).
Stunt—Force-flight: You gain Flight 1 by forming a Stunt—Shielding From Magic: Your field provides
column of force and allowing it to topple and defense against all magical attacks and magical
elongate. control, even those powers that attack Will-
Stunt—Force Blades: You can generate blades of power.
force that can easily cut through most sub- Stunt—Shielding From Psionics: Your field gives de-
stances and easily kill the average human. The fense against psychically derived powers.
blades have a damage bonus equal to half the Stunt—Suffocation: You can suffocate a foe by cut-
Force Field intensity, rounded up. ting off air. This requires aiming (see Aiming).
Stunt—Force Bolt: You can create kinetic force mis- If the average Force Field (Agility) attack isn't
siles of the power's intensity, shooting them to dodged, the victim loses a card (or 5 health)
firing distance. per exchange. The field can be broken normally,
Stunt—Force Bubble: if you takes an action to aim but not by the victim.
(see Aiming on page 33), he or she can create a
bubble of force inside a small opening and ex-
pand it to inflict up to the power's intensity in FRICTION CONTROL
damage. This attack can ignore mechanical Body Trump Suit: Intellect
Armor, if the suit has an opening for the attack Exemplars:
to exploit. This stunt cannot be used to harm Related Powers: Kinetic Control
the bodies of living targets. Power Skill: Energy Control
Stunt—Force Cushion: You can form force shapes to
prop others aloft, and absorb up to the power's You can control the strength of friction between
intensity in damage from a fall or crash for all objects, making them sticky or slippery with relation
involved. to each other. You can change the friction of any
Stunt—Force Ram: You can project a beam of force area within firing distance, increasing or decreasing
and maintain it in place. The initial strike in- the difficulty of climbing by the power intensity.
flicts damage like a force bolt, but also knocks You can also create a slippery area that forces
the target back. This can be used to pin targets everyone in it to make an average Agility (Friction
against a wall. While immobilized in this fashion, Control) action to avoid falling down and losing an
you can continue to apply damage to it each ex- action.
change. It takes a daunting Strength (Force
Field) action for a pinned victim to break free. Stunt—Blinding (Ranged, by sticking a person's eye-
Stunt—Force Shapes: You can mold force fields into lids together)
very specific shapes, not just walls and spheres. Stunt—Ensnarement (only to stick people to sur-
Stunt—Remote Field: You can project the Force faces, Adhesion, Instant Freedom)
Field out around anyone or any thing within fir- Stunt—Fire Control (Heat Control only, by con-
ing distance, even if you aren't inside the field. trolling friction heat)
Anyone within the field also gains its affect, Stunt—Resistance (Ensnarement, Friction),
but neither you nor those protected can dodge Stunt—Wall Crawling
attacks from outside the field. The failure of a Stunt—Seizing: You can disable any machine with
projected Force Field results in the force field moving parts within firing distance with an av-
coming down, but those inside are unharmed by erage Friction Control action, seizing up its
that attack. When it goes down, the wielder of moving parts. This works like a Stun Blast
the Force Field must make a challenging Will- against intelligent machines.
power action or drop to 0 cards (or Health).
Stunt—Scatter Blast: You can project scores of tiny
force bubbles at high speed, much like buckshot GESTALT
from a shotgun. Multiple opponents can be tar- Trump Suit: Agility
geted with one blast, but for each additional Exemplars: Collective Man, Thunderiders
target, the intensity of the attack is reduced Related powers: Duplication
by 2. Power Skill: None
Stunt—Shielding From Energy: Your field provides
defense against all energy attacks, not just Gestalt is the merging of two or more heroes'
physical attacks. Exceptions include Sonic En- bodies to form another hero. Youes generally have
ergy and Blinding, though solid or semisolid different personalities and attributes and combine
manifestations of these powers can't penetrate to make a greater whole. The powers of the united
hero may be derived from the separate bodies, or less of distance. If the united form has an in-
manifest themselves only in the united form. All of dependent mind, its components can now com-
the component heroes must come together to municate with it.
generate the united form. You may also join with Stunt—Mind Shift: Control of the united form can
normal animals as well as with people. You can join shift from one individual's mind to another. If
with a number of different creatures equal to the the controlling hero doesn't want to relinquish
power's intensity, and while merged, has all the control, another can try to take over by suc-
powers of those creatures as well as his own. The ceeding in an average Willpower (Willpower) ac-
animals that you can merge with are usually your tion.
companions and are more intelligent and loyal than Stunt—Parasitism: You can merge with any host, will-
usual. Statistics should be created for the ing or otherwise (although a Challenging
individuals (a number of heroes up to the power's (Gestalt) Willpower action must be made for an
intensity) and the united form. It is up to the unwilling subject). The host’s mind is completely
players and the Narrator to decide whether the suppressed and its memories are fully access-
united form has one persona or many, and whether ible as if you had Mind Control. You can remain
the united personality derives from the individuals. in your normal form or can choose to take on
Generally, each ability and power is at the highest of the physical appearance of the host as if using
any of the individuals plus the Gestalt Intensity Imitation (with all Imitation stunts) or Animal
(which is divided amongst the abilities and powers as Form (if the host is an animal).
you wishes), to a maximum of 20. Damage to the Stunt—Remote Merging: You can unite regardless of
separate forms doesn't transfer into the united the distance between the individuals, assuming
form, but damage from the united form will transfer they are all in the same dimension.
into the individuals. If the unified form is wounded Stunt—Resistance to Mental Control: Due to the
at the time of separation, the players of the multiple minds, you gain Resistance to Mental
separate heroes can have a maximum Hand Size Control (including all powers with Willpower
equal to that of the unified form at the time of the Trump suits) while in united form.
separation. Narrator-run characters each suffer Stunt—Self-merging: If you have a power which en-
damage points equal to the number suffered by the ables him or her to generate copies or other
unified force at the time of separation. versions of him or yourself, such as Duplication,
then you are able to merge with them in gestalt
Stunt—Animal Control: If you join with animals, then instead of reabsorbing or reunifying them as
he or she gains Animal Control over the animals normal. All available duplicates or versions must
that go to form the gestalt. be joined with to activate this stunt, but you
Stunt—Collective Body: Your body is formed by a gain all the usual benefits of gestalt.
collection of smaller individual bodies (worms, Stunt—Spirit Gestalt: One or more of the compon-
insects, tiny robots, etc.) that are somehow ents of the gestalt are disembodied beings
linked tightly together both physically and men- (spirits, demons, ghosts, etc.).
tally, like cells working together to form a living
organism. Unlike a normal gestalt, the individual
bodies retain their distinct physical forms and GRAVITY CONTROL
damage to the united form doesn't transfer to Trump Suit: Intellect
the individual forms. Moreover, a Collective Exemplars: Graviton, Vector
Body has all the characteristics of the Semisol- Related powers: Density Control, Kinetic Control
id Form of Body Transformation and can organ- Power Skill: None
ize itself into a human likeness with a challen-
ging Gestalt action, though the visual appear- This power alters the attractive forces of gravity up
ance of the individual bodies does not change. A or down. If you reduce the forces of gravity to 0, all
Collective Body is vulnerable to grappling at- affected individuals gain Leaping. Normal Earth
tacks a successful grappling or wrestling attack gravity (1G) is 10 intensity, so if you can overcome
causes the Collective Body to break apart for that, everyone in firing distance gains Flight 1.
an aura duration. (Many planets have gravities of a different
Stunt—Disguised Gestalt: The united hero can intensity.)
change its appearance to that of any one of the
individuals while maintaining the statistics of If you increases the forces of gravity, either one
the united form. person or all within firing distance have all Strength
Stunt—Gestalt Telepathy: The gestalt gains Tele- and Agility actions penalized by the intensity of the
pathy. Telepathic communication between com- Gravity Control above 10; powers that depend on
ponent minds of the gestalt can occur regard- gravity suffer the same penalty. This can drive
ability scores and opposition scores below zero, Stunt—Resistance to Fire: You gain Resistance to
often eliminating the possibility of fights in the Fire.
area. Stunt—Resistance to Life Drain: You gain Resistance
to Life Drain attacks (including vampirism,
Darkforce Control, and Hellfire Control).
Stunt—Flight: You gain Flight. Stunt—Hellfire Weapons: You can create temporary
Stunt—Gravity Field: By causing objects to drop to weapons of hellfire, such as swords and spears
the ground, you effectively gain a personal that cause Paralysis at the power's intensity.
Force Field. The weapons last as long as you concentrate on
Stunt—Meteorite: You can levitate a large chunk of them.
earth, stone, or some other material to carry Stunt—Weakness: You drain Strength from your vic-
yourself and others aloft, thus gaining Flight tims. The drained Strength regains 1 point
with the Passengers stunt. every time the Narrator draws a card with a
Stunt—Gravimetric Detection: You gain Radar Sense positive aura at the start of an exchange.
by sensing disturbances in the gravimetric field.
Stunt—Strength Boost: You can effectively boost
your Strength to your Gravity Control intensity HYPER-INVENTION
or Strength +1 (whichever is higher) for pur- Trump Suit: Intellect
poses of lifting and throwing things. Exemplars: Cipher, Forge
Stunt—Stun Blast: You gain Stun Blast. Related powers: Animal Control
Stunt—Telekinesis: You gain Telekinesis. Power Skill: None

HELLFIRE CONTROL You can rapidly learn how any piece of technology
Trump Suit: Willpower works or how to duplicate a specific effect by
Exemplars: Ghost Rider, Pluto, Son of Satan constructing a piece of technology. This power can
Related powers: Fire Control, Life Drain, Stun Blast be used in place of Intellect when building
Power Skill: None equipment. The difficulty of new technologies
appears below:
You can summon and control hellfire, also known as
soulfire, a fire-like magical energy capable of Technology Difficulty
causing excruciating pain to living beings through Current human technology Easy
direct stimulation of a person's life force (or soul). Alien humanoid technology Challenging
Hellfire does not physically burn in the sense that Alien non-humanoid technology Desperate
true fire does, but can be perceived by its target as
heat if its wielder wills it. Hellfire inflicts damage
equal to the power's intensity when it hits. Victims HYPERLINGUISTICS
have defense equal to Willpower, not Strength. Trump Suit: Intellect
Exemplars: Cipher
Limit—Hellfire Hostility: Your hellfire is sentient, Related powers: Animal Control
and it doesn't like you. Thus, every time you use Power Skill: Linguistics
this power, you must discard a card, which is
not redrawn. You may rapidly learn any language from sufficient
Stunt—Energy Sheath: You can sheath his or your- exposure through reading, listening or contact. Once
self in hellfire. you masters a language, he or she is fluent in it. This
Stunt—Fire Control: You gain Fire Control, though only works on true languages; Earth animals, with the
you doe not gain the ability to project a fiery possible exception of whales and dolphins, do not
Energy Blast. have such languages. The difficulty of new languages
Stunt—Flight: By projecting hellfire behind him or appears on the chart below (lowered by one level if
her, you gain flight. you have the Linguistics skill):
Stunt—Hellfire Aura: You may form a globe of hell-
fire, which may appear as flames or force, Source Difficulty
which inflicts the power’s intensity in damage to Current human language Easy
anyone that comes through. Archaic human language Average
Stunt—Hellfire Bolt: The attack may be attempted Alien humanoid language Challenging
at firing distance. This includes other stunts Intelligent animal language Daunting
such as Fire Control and Life Drain. Alien non-humanoid language Desperate
Stunt—Life Drain: You gain Life Drain.
Stunt—Animal Communication: You gain Animal Con- Trump Suit: Willpower
trol, but can only communicate with the animals, Exemplars: Mesmero, Ringmaster, Lorelei
not control them. Related powers: Mind Control
Stunt—Inter-language: You can take an exchange to Power Skill: None
create a hybrid language between your own and
the subject's languages, so that both groups You can dominate minds. He or she makes a hypnotic
can understand it. statement, either by voice or telepathy, and then
Stunt—Language Transfer: You can transfer the make an easy Hypnosis (Willpower) action. If
ability to understand a language to anyone. This successful, the subject must attempt a contingent
assumes you have already mastered the lan- action of the hypnotist's choice. This action may be
guage. delayed for any number of exchanges, or may be
contingent on another event occurring (say, the
person's sister arrives). Unlike the skill Mesmerism,
HYPERSAVANT this ability can implant a suggestion that the victim
Trump Suit: Intellect would otherwise not be willing to undertake. The
Exemplars: Cipher, Leader victim goes into a trance and is not aware of your
Related powers: Power Duplication actions while being hypnotized or while enacting the
Power Skill: None instructions of the hypnotist. This power is not the
same as Mind Control. The latter power allows
By concentrating for an exchange and making an continued control, but Hypnosis only allows implanted
average Hypersavant (Intellect) action, you can commands, not long-term influence. If you are
temporarily gain any skill that he or she does not dependent on an item for this power and the item is
already have. Your skill codes remain the same removed, the hypnosis ends.
because he or she only has the extra skill for a
short time. This newly acquired skill disappears Limit—Animal Control: You can only hypnotize the
after an aura duration but you are free to use this minds of animals.
power repeatedly to effectively retain a single skill. Limit—Emotion Control: You can only control emo-
Hypersavant cannot be taken at an Intensity of less tions, not their thoughts or actions.
than 10. Limit—Eye Contact: You must look into the eyes of
your target (limiting your range to firing dis-
Limit—Restricted: You can only gain skills of a spe- tance, at best).
cific type, such as Strength or Intellect based Limit—Marked Thralls: Your thralls suffer some
skills. form of appearance change, such as glowing
Stunt—Dual-Skill: You are able to gain two skills in- eyes or strangely colored skin.
stead of one. Stunt—Addiction: If you use Mind Control on a vic-
Stunt—Enhancement: This stunt enables you can en- tim each day for a week, the victim must make
hance any skill that he or she possesses natur- an average Willpower (Mind Control) action or
ally, to become world class while this power is in gain the Hindrance Addicted to Mind Control.
effect. Only one skill may be enhanced in this While addicted, the victim cannot break out of
manner, and only a natural skill not provided by the Mind Control.
the basic Hypersavant power if intensity is less Stunt—Broadcastable: You don’t need to be within
than 20. firing distance of your target, instead needing
Stunt—Skill Mastery: You may circumvent the usual only a television or radio broadcast to affect
restriction that comes with having one of the the target. This is especially effective com-
skill suits. You may choose two or more of the bined with Multiple Targets.
following - Weapon Master, Jack of all Trades, Stunt—Empathy: You gain Empathy.
Scientific Genius or Artistic Prodigy. However, Stunt—Multiple Targets: You can affect any number
you must have the requisite Ability at 8 or more of persons within the sound of your voice. A
for each skill suit that he or she wishes to take. single action score is generated for each tar-
The skill code for each skill suit taken is con- get, even though the opposition Willpower may
sidered A. This stunt may not be taken without cause the difficulty to vary from target to tar-
first taking Hypersavant at intensity 15+ and it get.
normally replaces the normal Hypersavant Stunt— Telepathic Control: You gain Telepathy, but
power, although at intensity 20+, there is no re- only with your thralls. You can communicate or-
striction. ders telepathically and perceive using your
thrall's senses.
Stunt—Vertigo: You can perform an average Hyp- Stunt—Prolonged Images: Images you create can
nosis (Willpower) attack at firing distance, last for a long time after concentration lapses.
which causes an affected victim to fall to the The image will continue to behave as it was
ground, losing an action. If you makes a second when you ceased concentration. If the image is
successful attack against the victim in the next attacked, it vanishes.
exchange, the victim falls unconscious.

ILLUSION Trump Suit: Willpower
Trump: Willpower Exemplars: Moonstar, Tarot
Exemplars: Mastermind, Mysterio Related powers: Illusion, Animation
Related Powers: Image Summoning Power Skill: None
Power Skill: None
You may animate two-dimensional illustrations,
You can create vivid mental images of sight, sound, causing them to become fully operational, and three-
and other senses. These images don't register on dimensional objects. A hero may animate any
film or in the minds of robots, but can perplex most drawing, even one of your own creation. The
humans. You may cast illusions to firing distance, but animated illustrations have size, abilities and powers
must always be able to see these illusions. The according to what is seen in the picture, but no
caster makes an easy Illusion (Willpower) action to power or ability can exceed the intensity number of
fool all observers into believing the illusion is real; your power. No additional powers can be given to the
one action score is generated for all observers, even animation, unless the illustration shows those powers
though differing Willpower's will alter the in operation. In the hands of a hero with the Art
difficulty. The difficulty can be modified by the Art skill, Image Summoning is a devastating weapon. This
skill. However, the disbelief won't occur until power can animate heroes on a TV screen, opening up
observers have reason to believe the image is false. the possibility of animating monsters from movies,
(If they think that yes, that's a brontosaurus cartoon heroes and anything else you can think of.
walking up Park Avenue, then as far as they are Animated figures last for an aura duration. They
concerned, that is a brontosaurus walking up Park then dissipate, returning to their original location,
Avenue.) Illusions last as long as you concentrate on and may not be animated again for 24 hours. The
them. Illusions inflict no real damage, but if a hero figures also dissipate if they are destroyed.
considers the illusion real, he or she will believe the
damage as well. Illusions cannot cause damage Limit—One Source Only: You can animate drawings
beyond unconsciousness. Illusions may fool heroes, from only one limited source, such as a zoology
but they don't fool nature; an image of a bridge over book or a deck of tarot cards.
a chasm won't suspend a believer in the air. Since Stunt—Dream Summoning: You can produce solid im-
the believability of an image depends on the viewer ages of a person's greatest fear of desire. Un-
no knowing it's only an image, a smart illusion-caster less you uses this stunt on your own mind, the
will keep your power secret, perhaps even claiming to result is unpredictable. If you pulls an image
be something else entirely. Once your identity and from the mind of another player's hero, the
power are known, it's certain that villains who meet Narrator gets a veto on whatever the player
that hero will immediately try to disbelieve any says is your greatest fear or desire.
suspected illusions. Stunt—Living Images: By making a daunting Image
Summoning (Willpower) action, the images that
Limit—One Sense Only: The illusion can only fool one you summon can be given a life of their own. At
sense, such as sight or hearing. This limit makes first the images behave in the way that they
disbelief actions one level easier then normal if would normally do when summoned, but the
some other sensory input is expected. longer they remain "alive", the more that they
Stunt—Broadcastable: You don’t need to be within take on life of their own, growing and develop-
firing distance of the targets, instead needing ing as a living being would. Once created, a par-
only a television or radio broadcast to affect ticular living image is permanent and is only des-
them. troyed if killed (if you are killed, the living im-
Stunt—Dream Warping: You can implant images into ages will remain), although you can still make
the mind of both those who are asleep and the living image vanish, you can summon it again
awake. at will without having to recreate it.
Stunt—Holographic Illusions: Your illusions affect Stunt—Mental Constructs: You can generate solid
machines and sensors as well as living beings. images of anything that he or she can imagine,
from people or monsters, to vehicles and ma-
chines; the Art skill is again useful although not such as Resistance or Life Support are beyond
necessary. the scope of this stunt and cannot be imitated.
Stunt—Prolonged Images: Images you create can Stunt—Imitate Psionic Signature: You can mimic the
last for a long time after concentration lapses. thought pattern and psionic signature of those
The image will continue to behave as it was imitated. When trying to fool someone with
when you ceased concentration. If the image is Telepathy, Empathy, or other mind-reading
attacked, it vanishes. powers, you may use your intensity in Imitation
Stunt—Text Animation: You can animate images in place of Willpower. Furthermore, the diffi-
from descriptive text as if from pictures. culty is Average, instead of Easy.
Stunt—Imitate Retinal Patterns: You can fool scan-
ners of the eye patterns.
IMITATION Stunt—Imitate Scents: You takes on the scent of
Trump Suit: Agility the imitated person. When trying to fool
Exemplars: Morph, Mystique, Chameleon someone with Enhanced Senses (Smell), this re-
Related Powers: Illusion, Shapeshifting quires an average Imitation (Enhanced Senses)
Power Skill: Disguise, Impersonation action.
Stunt—Imitate Voices: You are a perfect vocal mim-
Imitation lets you take on the appearance of other ic and can imitate any voice he or she has heard
humanoids without drastically altering your form. perfectly enough to fool any voice recognition
You can duplicate appearances, voices, and software.
mannerisms of specific individuals (provided he or Stunt—Population: You can create a duplicate of the
she has observed the individual for more then a few imitated person. Your personality remains, and
minutes), but cannot duplicate powers or talents of is controlled by you, unless you have the Imit-
the imitated individual. You makes an easy Imitation ate Personality limit.
(Willpower) action to fool all observers, but Stunt—Power Duplication: You can duplicate the
disbelief doesn't occur until the observer has some powers of the person being imitated, up to your
reason to suspect you aren't who he or she pretends intensity in Imitation or the intensities of the
to be. person being imitated, whichever is lower. For
purposes of this stunt, Strength and Agility
Limit—Identifying Features Only: You must have at count as powers. If both you and the imitated
least one of the Imitation stunts concerned person have the same power, your intensity re-
with identification (Imitate DNA, Fingerprints, mains the same. While you gain the powers of
Retinal Patterns, Scents or Voices). While you the imitated person, he or she also gains all the
can still imitate these features, your appear- limits and power related hindrances as well.
ance does not change in any noticeable way. Stunt—Shared Memory: You gain skills that the per-
Limit—Imitate Personality: You also take on the per- son being imitated possesses, and you can try to
sonality and behavioral traits of the person be- access personal information the person being
ing imitated. You gain any Hindrance the person imitated has by making an Easy Imitation (Will-
being imitated has for as long as you're imitat- power) action. The more personal and secret
ing that person. the information, the harder it is to learn.
Limit—Physical Contact: You must have made physic- Stunt—Quick Shift: You can shift into a number of
al contact with the target to imitate them. different people equal to your Intellect as an
Stunt—Cloning: You can imbue another person with immediate action, at Easy difficulty. You are
an imitated form of your choosing. This new not limited to these choices; these are people
form is permanent unless you recedes it or it is you are more familiar with, either through
nullified. shifting into them so often or knowing them
Stunt—Imitate DNA: Your DNA morphs to look like personally, such as members of your team or
that of the imitated person. common villains.
Stunt—Imitate Fingerprints: You takes on the fin-
gerprints of the imitated person.
Stunt—Imitate Physical Powers: Similar to Power IMMORTALITY
Duplication, only less powerful, you can imitate Trump Suit: Strength
any obvious basic physical power that the imit- Exemplars: Hercules, Black Queen
ated person has. Examples include Additional Related Powers: Invulnerability, Resistance
Limbs, Claws, Teeth, Wings and the like. The Power Skill: n/a
power intensity of these imitated powers is
equal to half the Imitation intensity or a max- You don't age or die in a normal fashion.
imum bonus of +4 where appropriate. Powers
You can still suffer card losses from wounds, but standing or walking, not if running, swimming, or
instead of dying when killed (not just reduced to using other movement based powers like Digging.
unconsciousness), you hovers at zero cards While you seem to weigh many times your weight,
indefinitely. You cannot move or act or speak until he your weight is not a factor in the effectiveness of
or she heals back to one card, so trapping immortals this power – so he or she can still climb ladders, get
underwater or inside volcanoes can keep them out of aboard airplanes, and so forth.
the way for quite a while. Immortal heroes can
slowly regenerate lost body parts; unless your atoms Whenever someone attempts to move you, the action
are spread over a wide area of space, the Immortal is an average (Strength) action, adding your
hero eventually return. At 'death', an Immortal hero intensity in Immovability to the Strength score.
reverts to the scores he or she had upon arriving on
Earth. Immortality is applicable in regards to
Earth's dimension; when extra-dimensional Immortal Stunt—Unstoppable: When you moves in a given dir-
heroes are in their home dimensions, they still don't ection, nothing can stop him or her – not even
age, but can be killed normally in that dimension. when running, swimming, or using other move-
This power costs 10 points in hero creation. Its ment based powers, such as Digging or Flight.
intensity is always 10.

Limit—Limited Lives: You can only "killed" a limited INVISIBILITY

number of times (i.e. 9 lives) before he or she Trump Suit: Intellect
stays dead for good. Exemplars: Invisible Woman, Super-Skrull
Limit— Reincarnation: You can die normally, but your Related Powers: Light Control, Telepathy
spirit travels to another body, either created Power Skill: Stealth
for you or inhabiting someone recently dead.
The new body comes to resemble your own, with You may make your body invisible. This ability
your normal powers and abilities. Becoming "at doesn't negate location by other senses, nor does it
home" in your new body takes the same amount negate location by heat or ultraviolet sources. You
of time it would take for you to heal completely. will still have mass and substance (coating with dust
Stunt—Invulnerability to Disease: You gain Invulner- or paint will reveal your form temporarily, as will fog
ability to Disease. or rain). Your garments or objects don't vanish
Stunt—Invulnerability to Poison: You gain Invulner- unless made of unstable molecules.
ability to Poison. You never have to check whether someone with
Stunt—Raising the Dead: You may bring dead mor- normal eyesight can see him or her. The power's
tals back to life. This power may not be taken intensity is used when something has a beyond
as a stunt without first taking Immortality. ordinary chance to detect you. You must make an
Stunt—Death Healing: You gain Regeneration 5, but easy Invisibility action, opposed by the observer's
this healing only takes place after he or she has relevant power, to defeat all sensory powers and
been "killed" (reduced to 0 Health or cards) and psychic or electronic scanning. Invisible heroes
will only continue until he or she revives. You always show up on film viewed after youes have
can choose to revive as soon as he or she has passed. Your surprise attacks can never be spotted,
healed back to 5 Health or one card, or can re- unless the target has Danger Sense or some other
main "dead" until fully healed. power that limits surprise. All attacks against an
Stunt—Suspended Animation: You can go into a invisible hero at +4 difficulty.
trance so deep that no one can tell if he or she
is alive. You cannot sense anything or take any Limit—Blending: You changes color to blend into the
actions while in this trance. current surroundings rather than becoming in-
visible. This power only works when moving at
slow speeds or standing still.
IMMOVABILITY Limit—Fools Only Creatures: No electronic device
Trump Suit: Strength can be fooled by the Invisibility.
Exemplars: Blob, Juggernaut Limit—Fools Only Machines: You are only invisible to
Related Powers: Invulnerability (Kinetics) machines like cameras and robots. Living things
Power Skill: None can see you normally.
Stunt—Inaromatic: You are undetectable by the
You are virtually immovable; you cannot be lifted, senses of smell or taste.
pushed, thrown, or tripped so long as contact is held Stunt—Inaudibility: You are undetectable by the
with the ground. This power only works when sense of hearing.
Stunt—Intangibility: You are undetectable by touch. • Temperature (including Heat and Cold)
This is not Phasing. • Pressure (including deafness, dizziness,
Stunt—Invisibility Detection: You can see anything sonics and vertigo)
• Radiation (including Cosmic Energy Control)
Stunt—Invisibility Field: Anything within striking
distance of you may be made invisible.
Limit—Achilles Heel: You are immune to all forms of
Stunt—Invisibility to Machines: You cannot be seen
damage from the specified type, except for
by machines or show up on film. This includes
one. For example, he or she may be Invulnerable
sentient robots and computers.
to Kinetics, but not unarmed attacks.
Stunt—Remote Invisibility: You can make one other
Stunt—Invulnerability to Weapons +2 or less: This
person or object invisible from up to firing dis-
special Invulnerability gives you immunity to
tance. Heroes with Invisibility Field can use
weapons with a damage bonus of +2 or less. This
this stunt on multiple targets within striking
power may be taken more than once, each time
distance of one selected target.
costing 10 points in hero creation, and gives an
Stunt—Remove Invisibility: You can cancel Invisibil-
additional +2 to the value below which he or she
ity within firing distance. This usually requires
is invulnerable. For attacks with a damage bonus
an average Invisibility (Invisibility) action.
greater than the Invulnerability value, then the
attack is reduced by this value against you. For
attacks that use power intensities, such as En-
ergy Blast or Corrosion, the value of the Invul-
Trump Suit: Strength
nerability is tripled and subtracted from the in-
Exemplars: Sersi, Gladiator
tensity of the attacking power.
Related Powers: Resistance
Power Skill: None

This power is similar to Resistance, but you are
Trump Suit: Intellect
totally unaffected by the source of damage no
Exemplars: Cannonball, Iron Man
matter who's behind it. Unlike Resistance, which
Related Powers: Absorption, Force Field, Stun Blast
uses stunts to allow accumulation of resistances,
Power Skill: None
each type of Invulnerability is its own power.
This power cannot be taken at an intensity less than
You can generate a blast of kinetic force, the power
10. Each selection of Invulnerability allows you to
behind motion. This is an easy Kinetic Control
choose to be invulnerable to one of the following
(Agility) attack, which inflicts damage like a Stun
Blast. This is treated as if the blast was a normal
blunt weapon attack, as though you had struck the
• Aging (including diseases which destroy
target with a fist. (For purposes of defenses
cells) kinetics aren't 'energy' attacks like fire and
• Corrosion (including all acids and bases) radiation are.) If you varies the attack's intensity,
• Darkness (including Shadow Control and he or she can have fine control over the force of the
Darkforce Control) kinetic damage. For example, if you matches the
• Disease intensity of a cruise missile, the missile may stop in
• Energy (including Electricity, Fire, mid-flight. If the intensity is slightly greater than
Radiation and Cosmic Energy) the missile's intensity, it may be knocked off course.
And if it's much greater than the missile's intensity,
• Ensnarement (including Wrestling Attacks)
the missile may explode in mid-air.
• Fire (including Heat)
• Kinetics (including physical attacks) Limit—Max Only: You can blast only at full intensity
• Life Drain (including Nullification, Power and has no fine control.
Duplication, Theft and Reflection) Stunt—Absorption: You gain Absorption (Kinetic).
• Light (including blindness) You can absorb kinetics on contact; he or she
• Magic (including all magical spells) can reduce damage from physical attacks by
the amount of the absorption.
• Magnetism (including all electronic scans)
Stunt—Energy Reflection: You gain Energy Reflec-
• Mental Control (including all powers which tion (Kinetic). With an average Agility action,
have a Willpower trump suit) you can reflect the power of a physical attack
• Paralysis (including Stunning attacks) back upon the attacker.
• Poison (including Gases, drugs and alcohol) Stunt—Flight: You gain Flight.
Stunt—Force Field: You gain a personal Force Field. LIFE CONTROL
Stunt—Immovability: You cannot be moved from Trump Suit: Intellect
where he or she stands while concentrating on Exemplars: Scramble
staying put. If he or she breaks concentration, Related Powers: Affliction, Immortality, Life Drain,
the immovability ends. Regeneration
Stunt—Momentum: You can add momentum to ob- Power Skill: Biology, Genetics
jects and make them move as if pushed by
someone of the power's intensity in Strength. You have the ability to consciously alter the
Stunt—Repulse Field: You can push out a Force Field physiology of a target, much like the Transmutation
of the power's intensity to firing distance af- power. Moreover, you may physically alter the target
fecting all within the area of effect. in such a way that he or she receives the benefits of
Stunt—Ricochet: You gain the Ricochet skill, with certain body weapons (claws, horns, teeth) or flight
regard to this power only. through gaining wings. These alterations are
Stunt—Wide Angle Beam: You can project a blast of generally permanent, as determined by the
kinetics so wide it affects everyone within fir- Narrator. You may also use this power to disrupt the
ing distance. smooth functioning of the body, causing damage up
to the power’s intensity.

LEAPING Limit—Others Only: You can only affect others, not

Trump Suit: Agility his or yourself.
Exemplars: Beast, Hulk, Toad Limit—Touch: You require touching the target in or-
Related Powers: Flight der to use Life Control.
Power Skill: Jumping Stunt—Adaptation: You gain Adaptation.
Stunt—Aging: You can accelerate the aging process.
Your Hero can leap up, down and far away. The exact This can advance the victim forward a number
distance isn't important, only the general effect. of years equal to the power’s intensity, or mul-
Heroes with up to 10 leaping can jump maybe a few tiply the subject’s aging rate by the intensity
stories, but those with 10+ Leaping can often hurtle (i.e.,. the subject ages the intensity in years per
buildings and lakes. Those with 20+ Leaping can leap actual year). You cannot kill the subject with
several miles at a time. If you don't attack in an this power, but can make the subject old and
exchange, he or she can leap anywhere in sight in one feeble.
exchange. In this case, he or she may use the Stunt—Age Reversal: You can decelerate a target’s
Leaping intensity instead of Agility score for aging process. This stunt can subtract a number
dodging only. of years equal to the power’s intensity, or di-
vide the subject’s aging rate by the intensity
Limit—Up Only: You cannot cross-distances using (i.e., the subject ages one year per intensity in
Leaping. years). You cannot kill the subject with this
Stunt—Double Jump: As a contingent action, you can power, but can drop him or her back to the mo-
make a second jump while in mid-air merely by ment of birth.
the force of his leg’s thrust. Stunt—Disease Remission: You can arrest any dis-
Stunt—Power Slam: You can use Leaping instead of ease by making an average Biophysical Manipula-
Strength when attacking. If the attack is tion action opposed by the Affliction power or
dodged, however, you continue past the target the disease’s intensity.
and probably slams into something on the other Stunt—Grafting: You can perform augmented sur-
side, inflicting the power's intensity, or the ma- gery on a subject, allowing you to operate on,
terial strength of the object, in damage to your dissect, rearrange, and perform transplants
own body. without the need for normal medical techniques
Stunt—Ricochet: You gain the Ricochet skill, with to ensure success. Most often, this power al-
regard to this power only. This allows you to di- lows you to cobble various types of animal life
vide a physical attack between two targets, the together, in the manner of Doctor Franken-
second attack being contingent. You divide stein.
Strength and all pre-cardplay modifiers Stunt—Healing: Using Biophysical Manipulation, you
between the two attacks, rounding down. can repair other people’s wounds. You draws
Stunt—Springing: You may use your Leaping intensity cards until either at full Hand Size or the value
to both avoid and resist damage from falls in- of the cards drawn equal or exceed the intens-
stead of Agility and Strength. ity.
Stunt—Invulnerability to Disease: You gain Invulner-
ability to Disease.
Stunt—Invulnerability to Poison: You gain Invulner- Limit—Multiple Drains: You must bring the victim
ability to Poison. from full Health to 0 Health (or cards) two or
Stunt—Life Drain: You gain Life Drain. more times before the victim dies.
Stunt—Life Line: You can link his life force with Stunt—Ability Drain: Instead of draining Health,
that of another person within striking distance. the attack drains an Ability. The damage is as-
Essentially, this allows you to transfer Fate sessed against the victim's Ability score. The
cards from their hand or Health points to the drained ability regains 1 point every time the
wounded individual. The stunt cannot be used to Narrator draws a card with a positive aura at
exchange cards of higher value than the intens- the start of an exchange. Each Ability is a sep-
ity of the power. arate Stunt — Strength (Weakness), Agility
Stunt—Purification: You can eliminate poisons by (Torpor), Intellect (Brain Drain), and Willpower
making an average Biophysical Manipulation ac- (Psychic Vampirism).
tion opposed by the Poison power or the poison’s Stunt—Draining Bolt: The attack may be attempted
intensity. at firing distance.
Stunt—Sense Alteration: You can deliberately Stunt—Slow Recovery: The draining cannot be
change the manner in which a target either re- healed in the normal manner. Only after a week
ceives sensory stimuli or processes it within the or more of rest will cards or Health return.
brain. The simplest form negates one or more Stunt—Telepathic Control: Till the victim returns to
of the senses, producing instant blindness, full Hand size or Health, you can speak tele-
deafness, numbness, and so on. However, you pathically to him or her and control your actions
could also transfer one type of sensory impulse on an easy Willpower action.
to another sense, allowing the victim to “see” Stunt—Vampiric Rebirth: If you reduce a victim to 0
sounds or “feel” tastes, for example. health, the victim does not die but instead
Stunt—Sleep: You can cause others to fall asleep changes to become a vampiric creature like you.
with a challenging Biophysical Manipulation The victim gains Life Drain and any Strength or
(Willpower) action for an aura duration or Agility based powers that you have, but only at
however long you concentrate. half the intensity of you. The victim also gains
Stunt—Slow Recovery: Damage caused by the power the hindrances of Addicted to Life Energy (or
cannot be healed in the normal manner. Only blood or whatever) and Susceptibility to the
after a week or more of rest will cards or commands of you (Willpower is 0 when trying to
Health return. resist any order given by you). The new vampiric
Stunt—Stun Blast: By causing intense pain, you gain thrall also gains any Susceptible or Fatally Vul-
Stunt Blast. nerable hindrances that you have.
Stunt—Suspended Animation: You can cause others
to go into a trance (as the skill of the same
name) so deep that no one can tell if he or she LIFE SUPPORT
is alive. The target cannot sense anything or Trump Suit: Strength
take any actions while in the trance. Exemplars: Gladiator, Thor, Silver Surfer
Related Powers: Adaptation
Power Skill: None
Trump Suit: Intellect The individual can survive indefinitely without basic
Exemplars: Dracula, Grim Reaper requirements, using the power's intensity as a guide.
Related Powers: Absorption The advantages are cumulative.
Power Skill: None
Intensity The Hero Can Do Without
This is a vampiric touch attack that allows you to 1–4 Mild Temperatures
drain off life energy, either through an energy 5–9 Food
attack or draining blood. You makes an easy Life 10 – 14 Water
Drain (Willpower) attack, with Willpower acting as 15 – 19 Sleep
defense. Against victims who also have Life Drain or 20+ Air
a similar power, such as Power Theft, the victim can
resist the Life Drain attack with their own power’s
intensity. If this defense succeeds, then both Limit—Limited Support: You can survive without one
heroes’ powers are effectively neutralized and may of the things listed above: mild temperatures,
not be used for an aura duration due to the food and water, sleep, or air.
feedback. Limit—Transformation-Linked: You cannot use this
power in your normal form.
Stunt—Adaptation: You gain Adaptation. Stunt—Laser: You can focus light energy into a con-
Stunt—Reformation: You can survive being hacked centrated laser pulse or beam that inflicts the
into many pieces. If the pieces are brought to- power's intensity in damage to one target with-
gether, you can reassemble and regain full Hand in line of site.
Size. Stunt—Lighthouse: You can vary the colors and
Stunt—Suspended Animation: You can go into a brightness of light to create an artful display.
trance so deep that no one can tell if he or she Heroes with the Performance skill may use it to
is alive. You cannot sense anything at take any reduce the difficulty of actions for any artistic
actions while in the trance. performance.
Stunt—Light Body: You become a creature of pure
light. While in light form, you can go to 0
LIGHT CONTROL Strength in exchange for Invulnerability to Kin-
Trump Suit: Intellect etics and other physical attacks. You also gains
Exemplars: Dazzler, Dagger, Jubilee Energy Blast, and can explode to affect all see-
Related Powers: Darkforce Control, Shadow Control, ing targets within firing distance if he or she
Sonic Control sustains damage as well (ignoring all defenses).
Power Skill: Energy Control Light bodies suffer damage equal to double the
power's intensity from attacks based on light
You may generate and manipulate light energy. This control and other such powers.
power at its basic form allows you to send out waves Stunt—Light Knives: You fires knives of light out to
of bright light, causing blinding. You also can use this firing distance with a Light Control action.
power to defeat darkness. You can dispel darkness in Stunt—Light Shapes: You can create semisolid ob-
an enclosed space and provide light at firing distance jects with material strength equal to the
in open space. Shadow Control and Darkness power' intensity and mobile light creatures
Control's Intensities are halved against the light- Strength and Agility scores equal to the power-
controlling hero. The ambient light in a building is 's intensity. You can create one object or
usually Intensity 1, while a street searchlight would creature per point of intensity.
be intensity 5. A laser beam might be intensity 10, Stunt—Light Sword: You can create a sword of light
and a huge spacecraft's light ray might be intensity from your hands to attack someone within
15. striking distance with a Light Control action.
Stunt—Purification: You can eliminate poisons and
Limit—Color Control: You can only control the color short-term diseases by bathing the victim in
of light, including the apparent color (and trans- light (or any other light-based stunt). This has
parency) of objects. This is not quite as useless no effect on long-term diseases like mutations
of a power as it may appear, since you can still and radiation poisoning, but can eliminate the
use your power for stunts like Blinding, Illusion, effects of drugs and colds.
Hypnosis, Invisibility, and Resistance (Light) by Stunt—Resistance to Darkness: You gain Resistance
altering colors. to Darkness (including Shadow Control and
Stunt—Absorption: You gain Absorption (Light). Darkforce).
Stunt—Blinding Blast: You can attack everyone with- Stunt—Resistance to Light: You gain Resistance to
in firing distance. If you pushes this power (see Light and blindness.
Pushing the Limit), he or she cannot see or use Stunt—Darkness: You can black out an area in dark-
Light Control again until restored to full Hand ness, reducing visibility to 0. Modulating the
Size. light in the area downward does this.
Stunt—Fireworks: You can create globules of light Stunt—Strobe: You can make an average Light Con-
that explode, causing damage at the power's in- trol (Willpower) attack to cause a rapid-fire
tensity. modulation of existing light and generated light.
Stunt—Flight: You gain Flight. This causes viewers who succumb to the attack
Stunt—Force Field: You can create personal Force to fall unconscious (no cards or 0 Health) due to
Fields of light. overload.
Stunt—Hypnosis: You gain Hypnosis.
Stunt—Momentum: You can add momentum to ob-
jects and make them move as if pushed by LIGHTNING SPEED
someone of the power's intensity in Strength. Trump Suit: Agility
Stunt—Illusion: You can create visual-only holograms Exemplars: Quicksilver, Northstar and Aurora
as if he or she had Illusion. Related Powers: Flight
Stunt—Invisibility: By bending light around your Power Skill: Fast Exit, Running, Swimming
body, you gain Invisibility.
You can move at an amazing rate of speed. Lightning that acts as a Stun Blast, resisted by Will-
Speed is assumed to apply to ground movement, but power, against an opponent within striking dis-
if you have another movement power (such as tance.
Digging, Flight, Swimming, or Wall- Crawling), Stunt—Passengers: You can take as many passengers
Lightning Speed can apply to it instead. Heroes with as he or she has points of Lightning Speed in-
Lightning Speed can use its intensity instead of tensity. If you lose concentration, everyone ca-
Agility for purposes of dodging attacks or for any reers out of control.
action involving moving fast. Stunt—Phasing: You gain Phasing.
Heroes with Lightning Speed may divide their Stunt—Pinball: By running at high speeds and curling
attacks into a normal attack and one or more into a ball at the last moment, you can ricochet
contingent attacks. The Hero's normal ability score off of multiple targets, much like a pinball. You
and all pre-cardplay modifiers are divided among the can use the Lightning Speed intensity instead
number of attacks, rounded down. If you accelerates of the Strength score when making multiple at-
to a speed higher than your Agility, the difficulty of tacks. This allows you to divide a physical at-
any actions that involve anything except moving are tack into a normal attack and at least one or
increased by the difference between the power more contingent attacks. Your Lightning Speed
intensity and your Agility and divided by four. Again, intensity and all pre-card play modifiers are di-
(Lightning Speed intensity) – (Agility score) / 4. vided among the number of attacks, rounded
While running, you can carry what he or she could down. In addition, by bouncing back and forth
normally carry (including one or maybe even two between objects, such as nearby buildings, you
passengers). You may accelerate to full speed and can ignore up to the power’s intensity in falling
decelerate to a full stop in a single exchange. He or damage; this also grants you Leaping 1.
she can turn at maximum speed without the need for Stunt—Power Slam: You can use the Lightning Speed
an Agility action. Assuming an intensity of 4+, you intensity instead of Strength score when at-
can cross to anywhere within sight in an exchange. tacking. If the attack is dodged, however, you
The exact speed is usually unimportant, unless two continue past the target and probably slam into
heroes are racing each other. Intensity 10 is roughly something on the other side, inflicting damage
Mach One, the speed of sound. If you goes above to your own body equal to the power's intensity.
intensity 9 speed, he or she will create sonic booms. Stunt—Rapid Assembly: You can quickly assemble
This causes you and anyone moving with him or her any device you could normally build. This stunt
damage equal to the Lighting Speed intensity. requires an average Intellect action to create
Because of this reason, very few heroes exceed the device in one exchange. The materials to
Mach One. Intensity 20 Lightning Speed allows you make the device must all be present within fir-
to cross countries in less than an hour. Intensity 30 ing distance.
Lightning Speed allows you span the world in a Stunt—Rapid Disassembly: Conversely, you can also
minute or two. quickly disassemble any device in one exchange
with an average Intellect action.
Limit—Burst Only: You can only blast off in one dir- Stunt—Resistance to Heat: You gain Resistance to
ection, and only for an aura duration. Heat.
Limit—Inaccurate: Heroes using Lightning Speed al- Stunt—Resistance to Pressure: You gain resistance
ways miss in combat or when trying to catch or to Pressure. This stunt isn't necessary to avoid
throw something. damage from running fast.
Limit—Movement Limited: Lightning Speed only ap- Stunt—Running Up Walls: You may run up vertical
plies to one form of movement, whether it is surfaces, even upside down.
running, swimming, climbing, etc. Moreover, this Stunt—Sonic Gale: By stopping short when traveling
limit deprives you of the multiple attacks the speeds of 10+ intensity and making an average
power normally grants. Lightning Speed action, you may create a small
Limit—Rocket: You can only run in a straight line, and sonic boom that is accompanied by a small gale
only for an aura duration. force wind. If the action succeeds, those whom
Stunt—Illusory Duplicates: You can seem to gener- you succeed against are knocked back, lose
ate Duplicates when moving. These duplicates their action for an exchanged, and suffer stun-
count as Illusions. ning damage equal to half the Lightning Speed
Stunt—Invisibility: By vibrating at high speeds, you intensity (rounded down) resisted by Willpower
gain Invisibility while concentrating. as defense.
Stunt—Mach Control: You do not generate sonic Stunt—Spinning Drill: By spinning fast, you drills into
booms. walls of material strength up to the power's in-
Stunt—Micro Sonic Boom: By clapping or snapping tensity.
your fingers you can create a micro-sonic boom
Stunt—Water-walking: You can cross the surface of moved. The victim effectively gains the Unlucky
water as if it were land. Hindrance.
Stunt—Whirlwind: By running in circles very fast, Stunt—Luck Missile: You can fire good luck or bad
you can attempt an average Lightning Speed ac- luck at a target within firing distance.
tion to generate a small tornado. This can carry
objects aloft and inflict up to the power’s in-
tensity in damage to those caught in the wake, MAGIC
if you desires. Those in the eye of the storm Trump Suit: Willpower
suffer no damage. Exemplars: Doctor Strange, Black Queen, Spiral
Related Powers: Nearly All of Them
Power Skill: Occult
Trump Suit: Willpower Magic is the crafting of spells to invoke powerful
Exemplars: Longshot, Domino, Roulette forces. All magic in the Marvel Universe functions in
Related Powers: Reality Warping roughly the same way, regardless of its source--
Power Skill: None innate power, drawn from extra-dimensional sources,
or magical artifact. Magic automatically incurs the
You can alter chances of success, either good or limit of Spell-Focused. That means that to make
bad. This power can be taken only at a minimum magical effects occur, you must cast a spell as your
intensity of 15. Good luck doesn't require an action action, attempting an easy Magic action to do so.
if you have this power. Any time you play a card, you your spell then goes off as a contingent action, and
may flip over the top card of the deck. If you like this is where the more difficult actions will take
the suit and/or value of the card better, you may place. A mage cannot have a Magic intensity higher
use that card instead. Trump triggers off the new than your Willpower (except by use of the Tattoo
card as if it had been played normally. If this power Magic stunt).
is used to affect another being within striking
distance, you must declare this as your action for At intensities 1 to 9, the mage is a mere dabbler,
the exchange. capable of attempting stunts at the power's
Alternatively, you may declare an action to cause intensity, reading magical books, and employing
bad luck to someone within striking distance. You magical items to gain power. Since magic is an
cannot declare any other actions, though you can imprecise "science" and you are a mere novice,
still try to dodge and resist attacks. If the victim's whenever you attempts a spell, the Narrator draws a
player or Narrator plays or draws a card during the card from the deck. If the card is of a higher value
exchange, you draw another card and use that if the than the mage's intensity, the spell fails, and if the
value or trump suit is more advantageous for you. aura of the card is negative, some disaster occurs of
At intensity 20+, you can affect everyone in sight the Narrator's choosing. Obviously, mages of
with Luck Control. You can use an action to affect intensity 10+ have nothing to worry about. Spells
the next exchange's Narrator draw, for purpose of shape magical energy to create an infinite variety of
value or suit only. effects. Spells draw energy from two basic sources:
personal and external. Personal energy spells draw on
Limit—Bad Luck Field: All of your associates suffer the magician's inner reserves of strength. Powers
bad luck whenever this power is declared. For that use personal energies are Astral Projection,
the rest of the exchange, all allies within firing Detection (Magic), ESP, Illusion and Telepathy.
distance suffer bad luck, as above. These spells do not require any special incantations
Limit—Bad Luck Only: You can cause bad luck only, or gestures, only a modicum of concentration on the
not good luck. part of the magician. A magician can cast these
Limit—Good Luck Only: You can cause good luck only, spells even while bound and gagged, or otherwise
not Bad luck. restrained. Personal spells still take place as
Limit—Jinx: All your associates within firing dis- Contingent Actions, as described on page 164 of the
tance suffer bad luck for the rest of the ex- Marvel Game Book. A magician can cast personal
change whenever you use Luck Control. spells without being noticed by making a difficult
Limit—Lucky Guess: You can only use Luck Control on Magic action. All other spells require the magician to
Intellect actions. tap into external sources of energy, either from the
Limit—Others Only: You can only affect the luck of Earth or other dimensions, using names of power,
others. incantations, and gestures to summon and direct the
Stunt—Curse: You can inflict permanent bad luck on energy. The magician must be free to speak and
an opponent with a daunting Luck Control (Will- move in order to cast these spells. A mage who is
power) action that persists until nullified or re- gagged, silenced or bound can only use personal
energies. Some of the more common magical powers for magicians, especially followers of a neutral
are described here, along with the names used to "nature magic" school. Gaia, the Earth Mother,
invoke them. At intensities 1 to 9, you have the as well as many elemental spirits grant power
following stunts available; each attained normally. All over the elements. Most stunts of the various
stunts provide the caster with the listed power, element control powers are available.
within the Spell-Focused limitation Stunt—Empowerment: You are able to invest new
powers of any type into items or beings. An av-
Limit—Creatures Only: You can affect only living erage Magic (Willpower) action results in a suc-
creatures with your magic. This limit cannot be cessful investment of a power for a days time.
taken with the Personal Magic stunt. The intensity of the invested power cannot ex-
Limit—Material-Sensitive: Your Magic cannot func- ceed the Magic intensity, however by reducing
tion in the presence of a common substance, the intensity of the Empowerment, the caster
such as iron or mistletoe. Alternately, it won't makes the Empowerment easier by an equivalent
work if something critical is absent, such as amount. Extending the duration, however, in-
shadows or gold. creases the difficulty of the Empowerment.
Limit—Non-Generative: You have to have an outside This is an extremely powerful stunt and should
source of energy to use Magic. Generally, her- be considered and adjudicated by the Narrator
oes with this limit also have Absorption, either carefully. Furthermore, Narrators are encour-
for Magic or with the Energy Conversion stunt, aged to only grant this power to adversaries
allowing them to convert other energy into such as Loki and Mordred.
power for their Magic. Stunt—Enchanted Aptitude: You can duplicate any
Limit—Ritualistic: Your spells do not take mere ex- non-science Intellect or Willpower linked skill.
change to cast, but instead take hours of in- If you already possess the skill, the difficulty
cantation and possibly even sacrifices. of any related actions may be lowered by one
Limit—Written Magic: You can only cast spells by additional level.
reading them from scrolls and books. Every Stunt—Energy Blast: The standard magical Energy
spell requires at least a full exchange to cast, Blast is taught to most novices as their last line
assuming the scroll or book is in hand and ready of defense. The exact form that the Energy
at the beginning of the exchange. Blast takes depends on the spell used to cast it.
Stunt—Admittance/Lock: The mage can direct en- Each spell creates a very specific Energy Blast
chanted energy at any locked door or container and to create a different type requires a dif-
and it will easily open, no matter how many locks ferent spell.
it has or how big or intricate they are, if the Stunt—Ensnarement: Magicians often use spells to
spell is successful. Conversely, the mage may entrap foes. Some spells provide the Multiple
magically lock a door or container such that it Targets stunt of Ensnarement, trapping all op-
cannot be open by any non-magical force ponents within firing distance, while others en-
(though it may still be broken). Casting both trap only a single target. As with all spells, the
versions of the spell on the same lock nullifies exact stunts available to the power are fixed
both applications of the spell. True mages (Ma- when the spell is learned and to change them
gic 10+) automatically know this spell. requires a different spell.
Stunt—Banishment: This sends a target to another Stunt—Entreaties: These spells request an extra-di-
dimension chosen by the caster, requiring an av- mensional being, artifact, or entity to allow its
erage Magic (Willpower) action. energy to be used by the caster. This requires
Stunt—Dabbler Stunts: Dabblers, mages with in- the caster to call out the name of the being en-
tensity 1 – 9, may only choose from among the treated, usually in some prosaic chant. This
following stunts: Astral Projection, Detection stunt can only be taken by mages of intensity
(Magic), Dimensional Travel, Energy Blast, En- 5+.
snarement, ESP, Flight (Levitation), Force Field, Stunt—Fast Casting: You can perform any of the
Illusion, Life Support, Telekinesis, Telepathy, novice stunts as normal Magic actions rather
Teleportation (Self), Teleportation (Summon- than contingent actions. You must have intens-
ing). Other powers may be available with the ity 10+ to take this stunt.
Narrator’s approval. Stunt—Force Field: Almost all the Force Field
Stunt—Dimensional Travel: Magicians travel between stunts are available, although Shield vs. Magic
dimensions and often deal with beings from oth- is automatic. As with all spells, the exact stunts
er dimensions. Magic makes use of two new available to the power are fixed when the spell
stunts of Dimensional Travel. is learned and to change them requires a dif-
Stunt—Elemental Control: The powers of Air, Earth, ferent spell.
Fire, Water and Weather Control are common
Stunt—Gate: This creates a "door" between two di- ergy Blasts, Elemental Control powers, and so
mensions, allowing travelers to simply step on. The exact type of effect nullified by the
through. Keeping the gate open requires an av- spell is fixed when the spell is learned and to
erage (Magic) action for each exchange beyond change them requires a different spell.
the first. Stunt—Personal Magic: This hero can manipulate
Stunt—Linked to the Land: This is fairly common your own body, changing it and expanding per-
among practitioners of magic but is unusual in sonal abilities at will. You can cast spells to get
that it can be taken by almost any character, powers with Agility and Strength trump suits,
even if they have no access to Magic. Essen- but no others. This type of magic overrides the
tially you are connected to the land and is able main power types available with Magic. This
to draw on its strength, consciously or not, and stunt can be taken only by a true mage (see
this gives a special benefit. You gain 9 points above).
which can be distributed among your attributes Stunt—Rangeless: You can enscorcell anyone he or
or powers, increasing them by one point of in- she can find regardless of distance, often
tensity per point spent, buying a new power through Psychic Detection or ESP.
stunt for each point spent or removing one Lim- Stunt—Resistance to Magic: You gain Resistance to
it per two points spent. These additional points Magic.
must be distributed when this stunt is taken Stunt—Summoning: This allows the caster to bring
and cannot be redistributed later. The down- specific objects and creatures to them, or any
side to this power is that you loses one point of item or being known to the caster.
intensity in all attributes and powers each day Stunt—Tattoo Magic: You have a number of mystical
that you are not in the land or an extra-dimen- tattoos on various parts of your body. Each tat-
sional equivalent. All these lost points are re- too (one for every two points of Magic intensity
gained immediately on return to the land. Ex- you have) enables you to use one of the stunts
amples of land include: Great Britain (England, above without the spell-focused limitation. You
Scotland, Wales and the whole of Ireland), need not actually possess any magical knowledge
North America, South America, Africa and so to use this type of magic, and therefore your
forth. magic rating is not limited by Willpower.
Stunt—Magic Control: You can alter the flow and be- However, every time one of the tattoo stunts is
havior of magic itself, allowing him or her to used, you temporarily loses one point of Will-
change the direction of a cast spell with an av- power. These Willpower points return on the
erage Magic Control (Magic) action, alter the next Positive Narrator draw or at the rate of
effect of a spell with a challenging Magic Con- one point every 6 hours. This type of magic
trol (Magic) action, and change the nature of a overrides the main power types available with
spell with a daunting Magic Control (Magic) ac- Magic.
tion. Stunt—Teleport: Mages can move across the face of
Stunt—Miscellaneous Spells: There are far too many the world in an instant using spells that teleport
other spells to describe them all, but most them. There are several stunts available such as
powers or stunts can be replicated. As with all Gate, Banishment and Summoning (which are
spells, the exact stunts available to the power identical to the Dimensional Travel stunts, but
are fixed when the spell is learned and to are restricted to the caster's current dimen-
change them requires a different spell. At In- sion).
tensity 10 +, you becomes a true mage, and this Stunt—Transmutation: Magic can transform virtually
is where the power rakes off. You knows enough anything. Most are complex spells that require
about Magic to cast a vast array of spells. In three exchanges to cast (any interruption spoils
general, you can affect the outside world in any the spell) and require an average Magic (Will-
number of ways, but not your own body. Magic power) action. More mundanely, magicians use
10 + allows a hero to duplicate any Intellect- or Transmutation to repair broken objects, trans-
Willpower- linked power at the Magic's intens- form their clothes and waterproof their spooky
ity. Also, no spell can give you skills or greater old mansions and towers.
ability scores. This is why sorcerers tend to Stunt—Variant Magic: You can cast spells to get
have lots of lackeys, in the manner that Doctor powers with either Agility and Intellect, Agility
Strange had the Defenders. and Willpower, Strength and Intellect or
Stunt—Nullification: Magic is used to nullify many Strength and Willpower trump suits, but only
things, particularly other magic. Unlike the two trump suits. This type of magic overrides
standard power, the Nullification spell is more the main power types available with Magic. This
specific and can only be used against certain stunt can be taken only by a true mage (see
types of power. Examples include Psionics, En- above).
change. The materials to make the device must
all be present within firing distance.
MAGNETIC CONTROL Stunt—Scrambling: You can scramble non-sentient
Trump Suit: Intellect machines. If attacking a sentient machine with
Exemplars: Magneto, Polaris this power, you need to make an average Mag-
Related Powers: Gravity Control, Telekinesis netic Control (Willpower) action to damage the
Power Skill: None machine. If the machine is reduced to no cards
or 0 Health, it will need reprogramming or a new
You control magnetic lines of force. You can move, power source.
shape, and control metal objects of up to the powers Stunt—Stun Blast: You can use your power to stun
intensity in material strength. This acts as living organic creatures by magnetically disrupt-
Telekinesis, but only for ferrous metal. Ferrous ing their hearts or nervous systems. This is
metals include iron, steel, and adamantium, but not equivalent to Stun Blast.
precious metals like copper and gold. You can repel Stunt—Telekinesis: You gain Telekinesis, affecting
or attract these objects to each other by making an all objects, not just ferrous metals.
easy Magnetic Control action. Heroes with Magnetic
Control can project magnetic force bolts as easy
Magnetic Control (Agility) attack, but cannot do so MIND CONTROL
at striking distance. Trump Suit: Willpower
Exemplars: Karma, Controller, Corruptor, Shadow
Stunt—Animation: You gain Animation. King
Stunt—Direction Sense: By tapping into the Earth's Related Powers: Emotion Control, Hypnosis
magnetic field, you can instantly gain a sense of Power Skill: None
where he or she is in relation to the magnetic
poles. This highly dangerous power allows the total
Stunt—Flight: You gain Flight. overriding of the subconscious mind. The victim's
Stunt—Energy Detection: By tracking fluctuations in personality remains, but you controls your actions.
the magnetic fields, you can detect energy. You You makes an easy Mind Control (Willpower) action
can identify the general type of energy (X-ray, to dominate the victim. If this succeeds, on the next
light, nuclear, exhaust, and so on) with a Mag- exchange you gain control of the victim for as long
netic Control action, and can track the energy as he or she concentrates on this control. The
trail of that specific type. Faint trails or con- attacker and thrall must be within firing distance
fusing patterns of energy may require challen- initially to affect the Mind Control, though they may
ging or even daunting success. separate by miles afterwards. The victim will obey
Stunt—Entrapment: You can warp metal around an only the verbal or telepathic orders of the
opponent with an average Magnetic Control controller. Every time you orders the thrall to do
(Agility) action. If this succeeds, you may something he or she will not normally do, you must
choose to have it cause no damage and merely make an easy Mind Control (Willpower) action to
immobilize the opponent, or to inflict damage reinforce the control. The controlling hero gains
while trying to crush the opponent. access to the victim's memories, but the thrall is
Stunt—Force Field: You gain Force Field. unaware of your actions, knowing only that he or she
Stunt—Manipulate Non-ferrous Metals: Your power has blacked out for a while. If a player hero is
affects non-ferrous metals such as silver, alu- controlled, the player may run you normally, but the
minum, and vibranium. controller must approve all actions. Naturally, the
Stunt—Manipulate Non-metallic Objects: Your controlled hero cannot pass on the information of
power affects non-metals through manipulation your state to others.
of the Earth's magnetic field.
Stunt—Object Swarm: You animate many small ob- Limit—Animal Control: You can only control the
jects, pummeling all chosen targets as if the minds of animals.
items were thrown. You makes one challenging Limit—Emotion Control: You can only control another
Magnetic Control (Intellect) action for all af- person's emotions, not their thoughts or ac-
fected, or an average Magnetic Control (Intel- tions.
lect) action if focusing all the objects on one Limit—Eye Contact: You must look into the eyes of
target. your target (limiting your range to firing dis-
Stunt—Rapid Assembly: You can quickly and re- tance, at best).
motely assemble any device he or she could nor- Limit—Hypnosis: You can issue one command or im-
mally build. This stunt requires an average In- plant a single suggestion, but cannot continually
tellect action to create the device in one ex- control a thrall. It might be a single emotion
(like love or fear), a single action (like "live out Stunt—Possession: This is a specific form of Mind
your repressed desires") or something similar. Control in which all actions of you are assumed
Limit—Marked Thralls: Your thralls suffer some by the controller. The controller is "inside" the
form of appearance change, such as glowing mind of you, and as such controls all actions
eyes or strangely colored skin. without having to give commands. Possession is
Limit—Pheromones: Your Mind Control works only possible against victims with no greater
through scents secreted by your body. Anything Willpower than the attacker's power intensity.
that blocks scent (like an environment suit) pre- In all other ways, this stunt works as Mind Con-
vents the power from working. trol.
Limit—Undead Control: You can only control undead Stunt—Telepathic Control: You gain Telepathy, but
creatures. On the upside, your power affects only with your thralls. You can communicate or-
even undead that are normally Invulnerable to ders telepathically and perceive using your
Mental Powers (like mindless zombies). thrall's senses.
Stunt—Ability Boost: You gain Ability Boost for an Stunt—Transferal: This is the complete transferal
Ability. However, the maximum ability boost is of a victim's consciousness into the body of
equal to the corresponding ability of the thrall. you. This stunt requires a successful daunting
Stunt—Addiction: If you use Mind Control on a vic- Mind Control (Willpower) action to succeed. If
tim each day for a week, the victim must make the transfer fails, the attacker falls uncon-
an average Willpower (Mind Control) action or scious and may not try Transferal again for one
gain the Hindrance Addicted to Mind Control. day. If it succeeds, you and victim trade con-
While addicted, the victim cannot break out of sciousnesses. Each retains your own Intellect,
the Mind Control. Willpower, Edge, mental powers, and skills. Agil-
Stunt—Brainwashing: A mind controller can attempt ity, Strength, and physical powers are swapped.
to brainwash someone rather than control them Stunt—Vertigo: You can make an average Mind Con-
short-term. This stunt requires a daunting Mind trol (Willpower) attack at firing distance, that
Control (Willpower) action. If it succeeds, the causes the affected victim to fall to the
controller can implant certain commands that ground, losing an action. If you make a second
the subject must carry out at a later time. A successful attack against the victim in the next
hero can make a daunting Willpower (Mind Con- exchange, the victim takes damage equal to
trol) action to resist the effects of brainwash- your Mind Control, minus Willpower.
Stunt—Memory Alteration: Similar to Mind-wipe,
except you alter the subject's memories in- MIND SHIELD
stead of erasing them by making a daunting Trump Suit: Willpower
Mind Control (Willpower) action. The subject Exemplars: Professor X, Doctor Strange, Phoenix
can be made to recall things differently from Related Powers: Resistance
how they actually happened. The subject be- Power Skill: None
lieves the memories are real and acts accord-
ingly until the effects are reversed using this This is an inborn resistance to all forms of mental
power. scans and domination. A Psi-Screen adds its
Stunt—Mind-wipe: You can erase the memory of an- intensity as a defense bonus to Willpower for the
other individual. This requires at least five purpose of resisting mental attack, scanning, or
minutes of concentration, followed by a daunt- control. Mind Shield protects against all Mental
ing Mind Control (Willpower) action. If this ac- Powers from the Willpower suit, increasing your
tion fails, you are reduced to one card and can- natural defense by its intensity.
not take actions for the next exchange. If it
succeeds, the subject's memory is erased; this Limit—Trance: You must be in a trance to gain the
doesn't alter ability scores, skills, or powers, benefits of Mind Shield, either through use of
but may change the subject's calling. If the the skill or some other method.
subject is a hero, the player cannot act on Stunt—Mental Aegis: No-one gets a Willpower trump
memories you had prior to the Mind-wipe. against you.
Whenever the memory is restored (either Stunt—Psi-Field: This power may be extended over a
through this stunt or other psychic surgery), number of targets no greater than the intensity
the subject regains all memories. of the power. All targets must be within firing
Stunt—Multiple Targets: You can use Mind Control distance. This Psi-Field lasts for as long as you
on more than one person at a time, up to one concentrate on it.
per point of power intensity.
Stunt—Protected Life Essence: You also gains pro- Stunt—Extensive Nullification: Your nullification
tection from anything that can steal your life works for a long but still temporary period of
energy, such as Life Drain and Power Theft. time. This is the most anyone has been able to
achieve with an innate nullification power,
though some equipment can make this nullifica-
NULLIFICATION tion permanent, such as in the case of anti-
Trump Suit: Intellect mutant inhibitor collars. If a hero loses a power
Exemplars: Leech, Forge's nullifier gun permanently, it would not be unbecoming for
Related Powers: Power Amplification the player to beg your Narrator to restore
Power Skill: None those powers. There's no card mechanic or
lucky draw that will restore the power unless
You remind others that superpowers are just signs the Narrator wants it to happen. Such perman-
reading, "Nullify me." This power can negate the ent power nullification is best left in the hands
innate superhuman abilities of others. To nullify the of the Narrator and used sparingly.
power, you make an easy Nullification action, Stunt—Restoration: You can restore any power that
opposed by the targeted power's intensity; has been nullified.
otherwise, nothing happens. If you succeeds in the
action, the victim's power goes away; it does so
without regard to the effects, so a flying hero would OBJECT DUPLICATION
fall and a sightless hero with radar would suddenly Trump Suit: Intellect
go blind. If successful, power nullification works as a Exemplars: Absorbing Man
contingent action. This usually means the victim Related Powers: Absorption, Body Transformation,
loses your powers at the end of the exchange, when Power Duplication
wounds are assessed. This usually gives the victim Power Skill: None
one chance to respond before the power disappears.
So if you hit a villain with a nullifying beam, the You can duplicate physical properties of material
villain gets a chance to react with the power before objects or concentrated energy, automatically
the nullification takes effect. One chance only, of gaining Strength and defense equal to the material
course, but that might be all the villain needs. strength of the material duplicated for an aura
However, if the villain than wants to flee the scene, duration. The duplicated item's material strength or
he or she had better be able to do so without the energy's intensity cannot exceed your power
power. This delayed effect means that most heroes intensity. If a duplicated object contains energy
who rely on nullification get used to the concept of (such as a furnace or enchanted weapon), the energy
surprise attacks. Also, nullification is temporary, properties may be absorbed as well. Absorbed
lasting for an aura duration. If this period lapse or energy manifests from your body but cannot be
something else makes a lost power return, the power actively manipulated; if you touches a furnace, he or
is restored at the start of the next exchange. This she becomes red-hot and glows with the furnace
occurs before the Narrator's draw and action heat, but cannot create heat blast or otherwise use
declarations. So if you nullified the Human Torch's those energies. Duplicating non-solid materials (such
Fire Control and the nullification wears off, Johnny as water) has a similar effect to Body
can't flame on till the next exchange. Transformation, and you can manipulate your
transformed body in the same way. This power
Limit—One Power Type Only: You can only nullify one doesn't allow control of matter or energy, nor does
type of power, such as Mind Control or Magic. it protect you from damage.
Limit—Power Disruption: Instead of nullifying the
power, you disrupt the power, causing it to go Limit—One Form Only: You can duplicate only a very
out of control as if it had the Unstable limit. If specific type of form, such as wood or electri-
the target uses your powers thereafter in a city.
fight or other tense situation, the aura of the Limit—One Type Only: You can duplicate only matter
Narrator card is read. If neutral or negative, or energy, but not both.
the power goes off at random, possibly harming Stunt—Absorption: While duplicating an object or
innocents or causing collateral damage. substance that contains energy, you gain Ab-
Limit—Self-Nullifying: When using Nullification on sorption against that type of energy equal to
another, there also poses the chance that it will the power intensity.
nullify your own powers temporarily. Stunt—Duplicative Merge: While duplicating an ob-
Stunt—Dampening Field: You can project the nulli- ject or substance, you can actually allow parts
fication to all within firing distance. of his body to merge with the substance, essen-
tially making it part of your own body. You can
manipulate the merged object to a limited ex-
tent, creating improvised weapons or tools, but
you also feel damage to the object while PERCEIVE WEAKNESS
merged. Trump Suit: Intellect
Stunt—Duplicative Shaping: You can adopt the form Exemplars: Karnak
of the object touched into your body, such that Related Powers: Cosmic Awareness
touching a sword gives you a bladelike arm. Power Skill: Assessment
Stunt—Life Support: You gain Life Support at the
power intensity, but only while duplicating a With this power, you can find the weakest point of
substance. any object, creature, or even idea. By performing an
Stunt—Phasing: You gain Phasing, but only through average (Perceive Weakness) action you can learn
duplicated substances and then only if they are any of the target's limits or hindrances, including
entirely composed of the duplicated substance. diseases and curses. You can even use this power on
Stunt—Reformation: You can survive being hacked or him or yourself. This also has considerable use in a
broken into many pieces. If the pieces are conflict situation, by spending at least one exchange
brought together, you can reassemble and re- using the Assessment skill, the target's defense is
gain full Hand Size. reduced by the Perceive Weakness intensity for any
Stunt—Sympathetic Object: You can imbue an ob- attack made by you on the next exchange.
ject, including your clothing, with the duplicat-
ive power, causing it to transform when you do. Stunt—Fighting Style Familiarity: Due to your ability
Stunt—Wall-crawling: You gain Wall-crawling at the to observe the weaknesses in an opponent's
power intensity, but on the duplicated sub- fighting style, all actions taken against you by
stance only. the subject of this power are at one level of
difficulty higher.
Stunt—Flawless: You have Resistance to Analysis,
PARALYSIS gaining your intensity in Perceive Weakness as a
Trump Suit: Intellect defense against another’s Perceive Weakness
Exemplars: Black Crow, Doctor Bong, Mayhem against you as well as a bonus to any actions
Related Powers: Ensnarement, Hypnosis where someone is trying to determine your abil-
Power Skill: None ity scores, power intensities, limits, stunts,
edge, hindrances, skills, calling, or even motives.
You can inflict the inability to move. You makes an Stunt—Nemesis: You mind and body adjusts accord-
easy Paralysis (Willpower) attack, and if not avoided, ing to the foes he or she is facing, creating ap-
the victim is assessed the action score in card loss. propriate powers and abilities. Powers and abil-
However, the cards are placed face up in front of ities created this way activate automatically
the victim's player. When you are reduced to no upon a successful Perceive Weakness action,
cards, he or she cannot move or take actions that and are determined by the Narrator. These
involve any body part other than the mind. If the powers fade after leaving the presence of the
victim is a character, this occurs only if the foe or the threat is gone.
paralysis reduces the character to 0 Health. When
the Narrator's card aura directs that you suffering
partial or full paralysis redraw a card lost from PHASING
wounds, one of the face-up cards is turned over. Trump Suit: Agility
Only when all the cards are face-down do they go Exemplars: Shadowcat, Vision
back into the hand of the player. (Note that this is Related Powers: Density Control
not the effect of the Hindrance called Physically Power Skill: None
Disabled--Paralyzed. For that, See Hindrances.)
Paralyzed beings don't stop aging, but poisons, You can shift the molecules of your body out of
diseases, and other such factors are arrested for phase with those of the surrounding area, allowing
the time of the paralysis. Thus, a poisoned hero you to phase through solid items. While phased, you
actually benefits from being paralyzed. are at 0 Strength and has Invulnerability to physical
and most energy attacks. You remains subject to the
Stunt—Paralysis Bolt: You can shoot a paralysis bolt effects of mental of mental attacks and magic. To
to firing distance. phase through an object, you must make an easy
Stunt—Remove Paralysis: You can restore the move- Phasing action. Phasing through Force Fields is
ment and cards to your paralysis victims. resisted by the intensity of the field. The danger
Stunt—Resistance to Paralysis: You gain Resistance with phasing is that you are out of phase with the
to Paralysis. oxygen he or she needs to breathe. Therefore, the
duration of any given phase may not exceed your Stunt—Scrambling: Your phasing has detrimental ef-
ability to hold your breath. While you could phase fects on electrical currents and electronic
into a wall, that hero would have to leave the wall devices. Phasing through such devices causes
before having to breathe again. Thus, you must make them to malfunction. You must make an average
an easy Strength action to stay in phase. This action Phasing (Willpower) action to avoid damaging
goes up by one level of difficulty every exchange. the machine. Sentient machines must make a
Challenging Willpower actions or go to no cards.
Limit—Body Only: While you can phase, clothes, jew-
elry, weapons, and gear worn or carried do not.
Stunt—Air-walking: You can walk on air with normal PHEROMONES
speed while phased. Trump Suit: Willpower
Exemplars: Mandrill, Purple Girl
Stunt—Astral Detection: you can see the forms of Related Powers: Emotion Control, Empathy
creatures operating in the astral plane, includ- Power Skill: none
ing ectoplasm to those adepts who can astrally
project. This is an automatic ability; the indi- Pheromones are scents secreted by you to stimulate
vidual can always recognize that an astral form the pleasure centers or the fear/flight responses of
is nearby. An average Phasing action determines the brain. When in use, this power causes those
if you can recognize an astral individual that he within firing distance to either be attracted to or
or she knows. repelled by you for an aura duration. Either effect
Stunt—Bio Wrath: You have the power to feed on requires an easy Pheromones (Willpower) action; one
the life energy of living creatures. By making an action score is generated, though differing
easy Phasing (Willpower) attack, you may phase Willpower's will modify the difficulty for each
a portion of your body through the victim drain- target. Attraction causes the target to treat you as
ing their health and replenishing your own. a friend or love, while repulsion means that the
Health drained returns at the normal rate of target can only flee or cower. In either case, the
speed. Health gained cannot exceed your max- victim will respond to you as if your word was law.
imum as determined by your Edge. Resistance to Gases protects against this power,
Stunt—Partial Phasing: You can solidify part of the while heroes with Enhanced Senses (Smell) find this
body while the rest remains phased. effect one level more difficult to resist than normal.
Stunt—Passengers: You can phase other beings or
objects while in touch with them, to a maximum Limit—One Emotion Only: You can cause either
number of phase's equal to the power's intens- pleasure or fear, not both.
ity. You and your passengers must each make an Limit—Touch Only: You can only affect subjects
average Willpower action or suffer 10 damage that he or she touches skin-to-skin.
points from the action. Stunt—Chemical Control: By touching your victim,
Stunt—Phase Cutting: You can attempt a Phasing ac- you can affect their body chemistry in more
tion to attack by taking an object out of phase complex ways. In addition to being able to ac-
and then bringing it into phase inside someone tivate the usual pleasure and fear/flight re-
as a contingent action. sponses, you can use this power to affect the
Stunt—Phase Disruption: You can phase your hand victim as if with Emotion Control or Paralysis at
inside an opponent or an object, and as a contin- the Pheromone Control intensity. All other
gent action, make a Disruption attack at an in- Pheromone Control stunts can be used with this
tensity equal to this power. You also suffer as well.
damage equal to the target’s Strength or the Stunt—Hormonal Addictions: If you reinforce the
material strength of the object. pheromones for week, a victim must make an av-
Stunt—Phase Inversion: You can phase entire sec- erage Willpower (Pheromones) action or gain
tions of matter so things pass through while the Hindrance of Addicted to Pheromones (see
the affected sections remain solid. You can af- Hindrances). While addicted, the victim cannot
fect only nonliving matter, and only what he or break the hold. Such an addiction can usually be
she is touching. For example, you could phase cured with an electrical shock to the brain.
out some of the floor within your area, allowing Stunt—Malodorous: You emit a choking smell. This
an opponent to partially fall through the floor serves as an average Pheromones (Strength) at-
before solidifying it again. tack to everyone within striking distance.
Stunt—Phase Shift: You can phase in, strike, and Stunt—Pheromonal Marking: Your thralls suffer
shift out of phase in one exchange. This allows some form of appearance change, such as glassy
you to use the phasing intensity instead of the eyes or colored pigment.
Agility score when dodging.
Stunt—Prolong Emotions: Emotions you implant can sesses master or world-class skills. These levels
last for far longer than an aura duration. In- may be made permanent by the same rules of
tense feelings will fade, but the base emotion acquiring stunts.
remains, especially in regard to you. Stunt—Multiple Targets: You can duplicate the skills
Stunt—Resistance to Gases: You gain Resistance to of everyone within firing range, subject to the
Gases. usual restrictions of this power, however doing
so is a challenging Photographic Reflexes action.
Stunt—Rangeless: You can duplicate anyone’s powers
PHOTOGRAPHIC REFLEXES that he or she has meet and seen their powers
Trump Suit: Agility in use, whether they are present or not.
Exemplars: Echo, Ronin, Taskmaster Stunt—Rapid Learning: You can duplicate skills in the
Related Powers: Power Duplication, Ultimate Skill same exchange, doing any other action – includ-
Power Skill: Impersonation ing performing the copied skill - as a contingent
Photographic Reflexes is a unique form of Stunt—Speed Boost: You can duplicate the Agility of
photographic memory that ties directly into muscle a target by making an easy Photographic Re-
memory. This ability enables you to watch another flexes action, opposed by the target’s Agility.
person’s physical movements and duplicate them You can also gain the power Lightning Speed
without practice as long as it is physically possible this way.
for any ordinary human to accomplish. This ability is Stunt—Voice Duplication: You can duplicate the
purely dependent on sight, and restricted to physical voice of the target by making an average Photo-
motions. For example, you could copy a virtuoso graphic Reflexes action.
pianist’s performance by watching him play, but
would not gain the ability to read sheet music.
You makes an easy Photographic Reflexes action, PLANT CONTROL
opposed by the target's ability score for the skill Trump Suit: Willpower
being observed to copy. The difficulty is raised from Exemplars: Plantman
easy to average for Master class skills and to Related Powers: Animal Control, Earth Control
challenging for World class skills. You cannot use any Power Skill: Geology
copied skills until the next exchange, as it takes at
least one exchange to observe the target in action. You can command the actions of chlorophyllous
The skill is gained for an aura duration. The skill may plants, granting them temporary powers of their
be gained permanently as a stunt of Photographic own, including movement, growth, and even a
Reflexes, but follows the same rules as acquiring rudimentary intelligence. These abilities exist only
stunts. as long as you concentrate. You cannot control plants
with higher material strength than your power's
Limit—Agility Skills Only: You can only duplicate intensity. You must make an easy Plant Control
Agility-based skills. (Willpower) action to control a sentient plant
Limit—Slow Learner: You can only duplicate skills, or creature; the control lasts only while you
acquiring them through old fashioned learning, concentrate. At intensities over 20, you are in touch
never gaining them as stunts. with the greenery of the world. This gives amazing
Limit—Strength Skills Only: You can only duplicate powers, such as the ability to overwhelm a city in
Strength-based skills. jungle. But at this intensity, you might just learn
Stunt—Adrenaline Boost: You can boost Strength to that the plants resent being controlled.
that of the targets by making an easy Photo-
graphic Reflexes action, opposed by the tar- Limit—Feedback: You have such a strong link with
get’s Strength. You can also gain the power plants that he or she takes damage whenever
Leaping this way. other plants within firing distance take damage.
Stunt—Creative Skills: You can also gain Willpower- Limit—One Plant Type Only: You can affect only one
based skills, in addition to Agility and Strength- general plant type, like trees or flowers.
based skills. Stunt—Bark Skin: You gain a bark-like coating over
Stunt—Fighting Style Familiarity: Due to your ability your skin, which grants Body Armor of ¼ the in-
to copy and adapt to an opponent's fighting tensity of your Plant Control.
style, all actions taken against you by the sub- Stunt—Basal Cell Control: You can control cells of
ject are at one difficulty level higher. any creature descended from a plant. By making
Stunt—Master of Skills: You can improve skills an average Plant Control (Willpower) action, you
already possessed to master or world-class can cut off the victim's ability to extract car-
levels by observing a subject who already pos- bon dioxide or move, at a loss of one card (or 5
Health) per exchange. If you fails to make this server to observer. However, the disbelief
action on any exchange, the victim instantly re- won't occur until the observer has a reason to
covers unless unconscious. believe that a simulacrum isn't a real human.
Stunt—Blending: You gain Blending whenever near Stunt—Plant Teleportation: You can teleport
plants of the same size or greater than him or through plants as if he or she had Teleporta-
her. tion. There must be plants at both the embark-
Stunt—Environmental Awareness: You are "in tune" ation point and the destination.
with the natural environment around him or her, Stunt—Wild Growth: You can accelerate the growth
allowing an ability to sense things like weather, of plants, creating giant specimens. If you have
movement, the presence (or absence) of life, even a seed, a full-grown plant can spring to life
chemical contamination, and so forth, out to in one exchange.
visual distance by making an average Plant Con-
trol action. The Narrator may choose to give
you additional information in the form of hints PLASTICITY
and clues about your surroundings. At intensity Trump Suit: Agility
10+ you can ask the Narrator a single yes-or-no Exemplars: Mister Fantastic, Sandman
question about the environment each game ses- Related Powers: Elongation, Imitation
sion that must be answered truthfully. Power Skill: None
Stunt—Fungus Control: You can command the actions
of mold and fungi, even though they are not Your body is elastic and malleable, allowing it to
proper plants. You thus extend your reach to all bend and stretch. You can use the power's intensity
members of the vegetable kingdom. instead of strength for defense against physical
Stunt—Memory Dredge: You can make a controlled attacks; using this power also grants you the
plant relate the experiences it "witnessed" of Wrestling skill. You can mold your body into shapes
anyone that has touched or come close to it. other than human form, such as turning hands into
Stunt—Plant Elementals: You can command up to the huge hammers.
power's intensity of trees or giant plants, mak-
ing them move and attack as creatures of Limit—Human Form: Your body is elastic, but not
Health, Strength, and defense equal to the malleable. Your body always retains its human
power's intensity. It requires a full exchange to form and he or she does not gain the Wrestling
animate each element; while you are creating an skill.
elemental, none of your other elementals can do Limit—Slow Retraction: You take a full exchange to
anything. A maximum of one being may be cre- return any modified parts to their normal
ated per point of intensity. You must concen- shape.
trate to control them; if you fall unconscious, Stunt—Expansion: Your body can expand out in all
the plants go inert at the end of the exchange. directions, gaining a unique form of Size Altera-
Stunt—Plant Mimicry: You can duplicate the natural tion.
abilities of any plant. Your body does not signi- Stunt—Bouncing: Your elastic form gives Leaping 1
ficantly change, though use of the stunt is of- by "bouncing" along; this also allows you to ig-
ten accompanied by, at the discretion of the nore up to the power's intensity in falling dam-
player and Narrator, the appearance of chloro- age.
phyll in your skin. All duplicated powers are to Stunt—Disguise: You can manipulate your features
be adjudicated by the Narrator, but could in- to take on a disguise. If you don the guise of a
clude Life Support via photosynthesis, Animal specific person, the player will need to make an
Control (Insects only) via various fragrances, average Plasticity (Willpower) action to fool
the Immovability stunt of Kinetic Control via someone who knows the person.
rooting, or Poison, among others. Duplicating Stunt—Hardening: You can harden your skin to raise
the power of a normal plant is an average Plant your Strength to the power's intensity for pur-
Control action, as is using the duplicated power. poses of striking targets.
Duplicating unique or alien plants would be at Stunt—Lock Picking: You can insert a finger into the
least a challenging Plant Control action. keyhole and instantly shape it to the locks in-
Stunt—Plant Simulacra: You can create plant images ternal features. This ability allows you to open
that duplicate living humans. The controller virtually any mechanical lock with a successful
makes an average Plant Control (Willpower) ac- average Plasticity action.
tion to fool all observers into believing the Stunt—Kite Flight: By turning into a kite, you gain
simulacra are human; one action score is gener- Flight, with the limit of Gliding.
ated for all observers, even though differing Stunt—Liquidity: You can force your malleable body
Willpower's will alter the difficulty from ob- through cracks in solid substances and can fully
relax the malleable form and become true liquid increases by one level for each additional aura
while concentrating. duration you remain.
Stunt—Net: You can use the power's intensity While in your thrall's body, you have your normal
rather than Agility for catching falling items or Intellect, Willpower, Edge, Hand Size, Skills, and
people. You suffer no damage from falling ob- powers with Intellect or Willpower trump suits. You
jects of human size or less landing on him or also have the thrall's Strength, Agility and powers
her. with those trump suits. If your thrall is knocked out,
you are automatically ejected from his body. If your
thrall is killed, you die as well.
Trump Suit: Strength Limit—Eye Contact: You must look into the eyes of
Exemplars: Cobra, Death Adder your target, limiting your range to striking dis-
Related Powers: Affliction tance.
Power Skill: None Limit—Marked Thralls: Your thralls suffer some
form of appearance change, such as glowing
You have the ability, natural or artificial, to secrete eyes or strangely colored skin.
a poison that affects the nervous systems of victims Limit—Trance: You must be in a trance to possess
with effectiveness equal to the power's intensity, another individual, whether by use of the
causing one of a variety of effects. You are immune Trance skill or some other method.
to your own poison. If an action is required to deliver Stunt—Life Jumping: If there is someone nearby at
a poison (through claws, say, or touching contact the time of your death, you automatically at-
poison), the poison itself takes effect as a tempt a Possession to whoever is closest.
contingent attack. The poisoner makes an easy Stunt—Mass Possession: You can possess more than
Poison (Strength) action, and if successful, the one victim at a time. This stunt requires the
target suffers the intensity of the poison in damage. stunt Mental Duplication, but does not require
Such a poison can be damaging, paralytic, soporific, that you retain control of your own body.
or intoxicating, at your choice. Stunt—Mental Duplication: Your mind is overlaid
atop of the victim’s, granting control of the vic-
Limit—Toxic: You give off poison at all times. This tim and maintaining control of your body.
effect can cause the power's intensity in dam- Stunt—Prolonged: You can maintain possession of
age to all within striking distance, or it can have the victim for lengthy periods of time. Instead
one of the above effects. If you are in a con- of an increasing difficulty to maintain control
tainment suit, this limit is controlled. each aura duration, the difficulty remains at
Stunt—Poison Gas: You can generate a cloud of pois- average.
onous gas, causing damage equal to the power's
intensity to all within firing distance.
Stunt—Poison Spray: You can spray poison at one POSTCOGNITION
target within firing distance. Trump Suit: Intellect
Stunt—Slow-Acting: The poison works slowly and Exemplars: Longshot, Nate Grey, Snowbird
won't manifest until a predetermined time. Related Powers: Precognition
Power Skill: None

POSSESSION This is the reverse of Precognition but easier to

Trump Suit: Intellect handle, in that the past is fairly immutable.
Exemplars: Doctor Doom, The Ovoids Postcognition works only on items you touches. You
Related Powers: Mind Control makes an action to use the power, the difficulty of
Power Skill: None which depends on the length of time that has passed
since the event in question. This difficulty may be
You have the ability to merge your body with that of lowered if the psychic energy around an object is
another person (or "thrall"), taking over their body strong, such as when a person dies holding it.
and mind. Make an easy Possession (Willpower)
action against a target within visual distance. If TIME DIFFICULTY
successful, your body becomes limp, and you appear PASSED
to be unconscious – your mind, however, takes over Within an hour Easy
your target's body for an aura duration. When the Within a day Average
duration is up it requires an average Possession Within a week Challenging
(Willpower) action to maintain control; the difficulty Within a month Daunting
Within a year Desperate
Further Back Superhuman ously possess. You may grant powers that he or
she possesses by making a Daunting Power Amp-
The Narrator may be somewhat cryptic regarding lification (Intellect) action; the affected being
postcognitive impressions. Quite often important gains that power at an intensity equal to the in-
details are left out in the jumble of past emotions. tensity the Power Amplification is reduced by.
For example, a hero holding a shovel from the 15th You may also grant powers that he or she does
century may get an image of a person burying a not have, although the results tend to be a
treasure in a churchyard, but not necessarily the little more random (on a negative narrator
image of the zombies advancing on the excavator. If draw, the subject gains a random power). This
the Narrator doesn't have anything worked out in power can also be used to grant skills that you
advance, he or she may draw a card and make up a possesses at a cost of two points of Power
past based on the event on the card. Postcognitions Amplification intensity per skill bestowed.
are excellent opportunities for Flashback hooks. There is no limit to the number of powers or
skills that you can bestow, so long as the total
Limit—One Subject Only: Your postcognitive power Power Amplification intensity is not exceeded.
is limited to one object or place, or many ob- Stunt—Enhancement: Instead of amplifying a power
jects related to one person. (or in addition to it), you are able to enhance
Stunt—Memory Dredge: You can make a person re- the subject's ability to use one of your powers.
member anything he or she has seen or other- For every two points that the Power Amplifica-
wise sensed. tion intensity is reduced, the subject gains a
Stunt—Time Tracking: You can use impressions of power stunt that he or she did not normally
the past to guide him or her to important places have, or one limit can be removed. Additionally,
in the object's history. you can enhance any skill that the subject pos-
sesses to become world class while this power is
in effect, at a cost of two points of intensity
POWER AMPLIFICATION per skill so enhanced. There is no limit to the
Trump Suit: Intellect number of powers or skills that you can en-
Exemplars: Cerebro, Loki, Fabian Cortez hance, so long as the total Power Amplification
Related Powers: Power Theft, Power Duplication intensity is not exceeded. The subject's powers
Power Skill: None and skills return to normal when this power
You can concentrate to raise the intensity of other Stunt—Extensive Amping: Your amping lasts for as
being's superpowers. By touching a super being, he long as you want it to. The amped power doesn't
or she transfers a little of your power to the return to normal until the amping hero wills it,
subject. The affected being gains a chosen amount or the time allowed for the amping ends.
of intensity to one power, and the amping hero loses Stunt—Self-Amping: You can amplify one of your
that amount of intensity in Power Amplification. own powers. However, the amped power is only
When you ceases concentration, the amped intensity raised by one point of intensity for every two
shifts back. Powers cannot be raised more then 30 points that the Power Amplification is reduced.
through Power Amplification, nor can it be reduced
to less than 0. If the amount of intensity
transferred is more than the target's Willpower, POWER DUPLICATION
draw a card; if the card's aura is negative, the Trump Suit: Intellect
subject suffer a random negative effect chosen by Exemplars: Synch, Mimic
the Narrator. Examples include randomly blasting Related Powers: Power Theft
everyone in the area, teleporting uncontrollably or Power Skill: None
passing out whenever the power is used.
Where Imitation allows a hero to duplicate
Limit—One Power Type Only: You can amplify only another's appearance, this power lets you copy
one type of power, like ESP or Fire Control. another's basic abilities and powers. This is limited
to innate characteristics, not artificial ones such as
Limit—Unstable: Powers you boost automatically get those provided by technology. You makes an easy
the Unstable limit and may go out of control. Power Duplication action, opposed by the target's
Stunt—Draining: You can both amplify and drain highest ability score or power intensity. If you fails,
powers of others. or if a power or ability exceeds Power Duplication's
Stunt—Empowerment: Instead of amplifying an ex- intensity (10 Intensity Power Duplication against a
isting power, this stunt enables you to actually 16 Strength, for example), the next declare action
grant powers that the subject did not previ- of you using Power Duplication must be a challenging
Willpower action to avoid being knocked unconscious of that species also (with all the natural powers
by the energy backlash. Even if this action succeeds, and abilities, even if you cannot normally duplic-
the maximum duplicated score is equal to your ate these characteristics), or if he or she du-
intensity in Power Duplication. If the power plicates a machine or cyborg, then you will also
succeeds, you gain all the abilities of the opponent, become cybernetic. These changes last until the
though retains any abilities higher than that of the Power Duplication wears off (although any part
opponent (i.e., if you have a 16 Strength and of you that was separated from him or her body
duplicates the powers of someone with 10 Strength, before this point remains permanently trans-
you retain the 16 Strength.) You cannot use any of formed), at which point you returns to normal.
these new characteristics until the next exchange. Stunt—Create Stunt: You gain access to one power
While you wield a power copied from an opponent, stunt that the duplicated subject does not
that opponent can still use the power. Duplicated have.
powers last for an aura duration. Heroes with Power Stunt—Expanded Skills: Whenever you duplicates a
Duplication sometimes take on some physical traits target, he or she can select one of the copied
of the target. This power can never duplicate Edge skills not already possessed and that skill then
or Hand Size. becomes permanent. The appropriate skill code
is improved when the skill is acquired.
Limit—Abilities Only: You can duplicate only basic Stunt—Fighting Style Familiarity: Due to your ability
abilities, not skills or powers. This limit may be to copy and adapt to an opponent's fighting
further limited by reducing the power's influ- style, all actions taken against you by the du-
ence to a single ability. plicated subject are at one level of difficulty
Limit—Limited Power: While duplicating powers, you higher.
also gain all the limits and power related Stunt—Imitation: You take on the appearance of the
hindrances that the target has. subject with whom he or she is mimicking
Limit—Override: Your own abilities, power, and skills powers. For example, if you duplicated Cyclops’
are overridden by those copied from the tar- Energy Blast, you would also look like him while
get, including Power Duplication. None of those duplicating his power.
characteristics can be used until the duplicated Stunt—Mechanical Duplication: You can gain artifi-
ones fade. cial traits in addition to innate ones. This can
Limit—Powers Only: You can duplicate only super- duplicate the powers of robots, computers, and
powers, not skills or abilities. Reducing the num- powered armor, among other items.
ber of powers that can be copied may further Stunt—Multiple Targets: You can duplicate the
restrict this limit. powers, skills and abilities of everyone within
Limit—Skills Only: You can duplicate only skills, not firing range, subject to the usual restrictions
abilities or powers. Reducing the number of of this power, however doing so is a challenging
skills that can be duplicated may further re- Power Duplication action.
strict this limit. Stunt—Rangeless: You can duplicate anyone’s powers
Limit—Vestigial Characteristics: You retain a minor that he or she has meet and seen their powers
physical or mental characteristic of the duplic- in use, whether they are present or not.
ated subject permanently. This characteristic
can be as minor as eye or hair color changing Stunt—Residual Duplication: You can recall the
slightly, or possibly gaining a scar the subject powers of those subjects he or she has previ-
had, or even a small mannerism or other quirk. ously copied will at, even if the character
While these changes are minor, with repeated copied is no longer nearby. You must make a su-
uses of this power over a period of time you will per-human Power Duplication (Intellect) action
be changing and eventually old acquaintances for each individual power that is gained for an
may not immediately recognize him or her. If exchange at the Power Duplication intensity.
you have the Adaptive Genetics stunt, then your You will be subject to the same limits and char-
genetic structure slightly changes to be more acteristics of the copied person's power.
like the duplicated subject as well. Stunt—Permanent Duplication: This power overrides
Stunt—Adaptive Genetics: While duplicating a tar- the normal Power Duplication effect by allowing
get, your body undergoes a change at the ge- you to permanently acquire the copied power of
netic and molecular level to become similar to someone else. You duplicate the subject as nor-
that of the duplicated subject. If duplicating a mal and can choose any one of that person’s
member of the same species, your genetics powers. This process takes longer than normal
don't change, but he or she will gain any unusual and you must spend at least an hour in close
features of the target. If duplicating a member proximity to the person being duplicated. You
of a different race, you will become a member now permanently retain that power and gains all
the associated stunts and limits that the sub- Regardless, all powers and abilities function at the
ject has. You may have up to five of these reduced intensities and scores, and all skills are lost
copied powers, but once he or she has five, in until the power ends. Against victims who also have
order to copy a new power, you must choose one Power Theft or a similar power, such as Life Drain,
of the copied powers to be lost and replaced by the victim can resist the Power Theft attack with
the new power. Using Power Duplication on the their own power’s intensity. If this defense
original person the power was copied is the only succeeds, then both heroes’ powers are effectively
way to restore a replaced power. You cannot neutralized and may not be used for an aura duration
gain additional stunts that the original person due to the feedback. Though effective, this is a
did not have, nor can any limits be removed. The highly dangerous power for a hero to use. When you
exception to this is either Create Stunt (see steal powers, he or she must make a contingent
above) or if the original subject improves their daunting Willpower action to avoid having the mind
power on their own and you then copies the im- of the victim override your own. This is not Mind
proved power. Control, so the victim doesn't get to control your
Stunt—Power Detection: You gain Detection, with actions, but you will certainly be under the control
the stunt Power Detection only. of the Narrator. If you was in contact with the
Stunt—Residual Absorption: You don’t have to be in victim for more than one exchange, you must make a
the target’s presence to duplicate their powers. desperate Willpower action to avoid permanently
You can simply be somewhere they have used draining the victim's mind. If this occurs, anything
their powers recently, witness them on televi- goes. Such a permanent transfer reduces your edge
sion, or something similar. to 0, at least temporarily. Desperate Willpower
actions must be made when you are under stress to
keep the stolen persona from taking control of you.
POWER THEFT This can be dealt with over time, but there will
Trump Suit: Intellect always be mental scars. Heroes with this power
Exemplars: Rogue usually take on some physical characteristics of the
Related Powers: Power Duplication target of the theft. This power can never steal Edge
Power Skill: None or Hand Size.

This risky power allows you to steal super-human Limit—Abilities Only: You can steal only basic abilit-
powers and abilities. Only innate powers and abilities ies, not skills or powers. This limit may be fur-
can be assimilated, as artificial abilities are beyond ther limited by reducing the power's influence
the scope of the power. to only a single ability.
When you touch the target to steal your powers, you Limit—One Target Only: You can only steal the abil-
make an easy Power Theft (Willpower) attack. If the ities of one target at a time. If he or she tries
attack succeeds, the opponent suffers the action to steal from another target before the first
score in damage, minus Willpower. The cards so lost target's powers have faded he or she has to
aren't discarded, but are instead placed face up in make a challenging Willpower action to avoid be-
front of the absorbing hero's player. (If you drain a ing knocked unconscious by the energy backlash.
character's powers, draw from the deck until the Limit—One Type Only: You can only steal the powers
total value is equal to the action score minus of a certain class of targets like animals,
Willpower.) At the beginning of each exchange, one mutants, and so forth.
card is turned face down. When all cards are face Limit—Override: Your own abilities, power, and skills
down, the powers return to the victim, as do all the are overridden by those stolen from the target.
cards or full Health at the time of the draining. None of those characteristics can be used until
If the power succeeds, you gain all the abilities, the stolen traits fade.
Skills, and powers of the opponent, while retaining Limit— Personality Absorption: When you steal
any ability scores higher than those of the opponent powers, make a contingent daunting Willpower
(i.e., if you have 16 Strength and steals the powers action to avoid having the mind of the victim
of someone with 10 Strength, you retain the 16 override your own. If you were in contact with
Strength.) You cannot use any of these new the victim for more than one exchange, make a
characteristics until the next exchange. Unlike with desperate Willpower action as well to avoid per-
Power Duplication, the victim is seriously hurt by the manently draining the victim's mind. A perman-
attack. Not only do cards or Health disappear, but ent transfer reduces your Edge to 0, at least
the victim's powers and ability scores are reduced temporarily. Desperate Willpower actions must
by the intensity of the Power Theft. If this reduces be made when you are under stress to keep the
any ability score to 0, the victim falls unconscious stolen persona from taking control. This can be
and cannot awaken until the cards or Health return.
dealt with over time, but there will always be One Day Challenging
mental scars. One Week Daunting
Limit—Powers Only: You can steal only superpowers, One Month Desperate
not skills or abilities. Reducing the number or One Year Superhuman
type of powers that can be stolen may further More than a year Unfathomabl
restrict this limit. e
Limit—Skills Only: You can steal only skills, not abil-
ities or powers. Reducing the number or type of If successful, the Narrator draws a random card
skills that can be stolen may further restrict and reads the event. (The Narrator may always draw
this limit. a new card if he or she doesn't like the event.) The
Limit—Vestigial Characteristics: You retain a minor Narrator than takes whatever time he or she needs
physical or mental characteristic of the victim to spin a set of circumstances around that event to
permanently. This characteristic can be as satisfy the precognitive attempt, and tells the
minor as eye or hair color changing slightly, or player whatever he or she wants about the future
possibly gaining a scar the subject had, or even event. The Narrator should make sure that it's
a small mannerism or other quirk. While these something he or she can pull off given the situation,
changes are minor, with repeated uses of this though in the Marvel Universe, nothing is ever
power over a period of time you will be changing impossible. Of course, if the event seen is
and eventually old acquaintances may not imme- terrifying, you might not go through with an action
diately recognize you. that leads to it. This is rarely a sure bet. Remember,
Stunt—Imitation: You gain Imitation. This can only you sees the future, not the chain of events that
be used with Power Theft. leads to the future. As an example, a precog wants
Stunt—Mechanical Absorption: You can gain artifi- to know what will happen if she opens the door in a
cial traits in addition to innate ones. This can spaceship. The Narrator draws and gets the event
affect robots, computers, and powered armor, Emergency. He then spins an image of the power
among other items. shutting down and all the airlocks opening. Fearful,
Stunt—Soul Protection: You do not have to worry the player doesn't open the door--- and doesn't see
about permanently absorbing a target's mind in the saboteur on the other side as he whacks away at
the event of a permanent transfer. You keep the system controls with a sledgehammer. Boom! The
the stolen abilities, powers and skills as normal, lights go out and the airlocks open. Guess you just
but the targets mind stays in its own body, al- can't trust those hunches. One final note: Time in
though suffering the usual trauma. You do not the Marvel Universe is quite flexible. Just because
suffer any of the other negative effects of a something doesn't happen quite on your schedule
permanent transfer either. doesn't mean it won't happen. Fair warning.

Limit—Contingent on Truth: Once the power is used,

PRECOGNITION it cannot be used again until the image seen
Trump Suit: Intellect comes true.
Exemplars: Delphi, Destiny, Madame Web Limit—Dreaming: The power manifests itself only in
Related Powers: Danger Sense, Postcognition dreams.
Power Skill: None Limit—Hyper Realistic: The images are so realistic
that you have to make a daunting Willpower ac-
Precognitive individuals, or precogs, can divine tion to stay sane when glimpsing the future.
certainly from the future of an uncertain universe. The Narrator controls your actions until you re-
With all the Marvel Universe's alternate dimensions gain sanity. You can draw one card at the start
and reality warping, a precog can never know if what of each exchange; if you get a positive aura, you
he or she sees will come true, but most bet on it. regain your sanity.
Precognition can be a curse as much as a boon--- Limit—Intermittent: The Narrator chooses when
after all, who wants to foresee their own death? the images appear and what they say, whether
When a hero uses Precognition, you makes an action or not you want this to occur.
based on how far he or she wants to see in the Limit—Object Specific: The power works only on ob-
future. The difficulty is: jects, and you must be touching the object to
read its future.
DISTANCE INTO THE DIFFICULTY Limit—People-Specific: The power works only for
FUTURE divining the future of other people, who must
One Exchange Automatic be in physical contact with the precog.
One minute Easy
One hour Average
Stunt—Danger Sense: If you gets a glimpse of the Stunt—Mind-blowing: You can push (see Pushing to
future that allows deduction of fight actions, the Limit) the blast to the max, hitting every-
the Narrator should award you with a Danger one within firing distance with a psychic burst
Sense at the power's intensity for the ex- of the power's intensity. Not only does this
change. This bonus also applies to anyone you harm you, but it means you cannot use the
can tell about the danger in time. power again until you are restored to full Hand
Stunt—Death Sense: If used on a target and the Size.
Narrator draws a Doom card, then you will Stunt—Mind Shield: You gain Mind Shield.
sense a feeling of impending death about the Stunt—Psychic Detection: You are attuned to excep-
target. If you do nothing to prevent it, that tional mental radiation in general, and as such
person will die within a day. Despite this warn- can make an average Psychic Blast action to de-
ing, you may be unable to save the person any- tect the use of non-magical paranormal abilities
way; some people are meant to die at a certain including mind-reading, thought-casting, mind
time and destiny is not so easily circumvented. control, and psychic attacks.
Stunt—Precognitive Travel: You can teleport to the Stunt—Psychic Weaponry: By focusing mental
site of danger, but always at the time of the powers, you create a weapon of psychic energy.
image seen. This weapon activates with a Psychic Blast ac-
tion, resisted by Willpower as a defense instead
of Strength. Use of psychic weaponry disables
PROTECTED SENSES your other active psionic abilities for an aura
Trump Suit: Strength duration, but doesn't affect mental defenses.
Exemplars: Iron Man, Mole Man Stunt—Psychic Vampirism: Similar to Life Drain, if
Related Powers: Resistance the attack succeeds (usually directed through
Power Skill: None use of Psychic Weaponry) the victim subtracts
your Willpower from the damage. The remaining
One or more senses are protected from attack. You damage is assessed against the victim's Will-
ignore potentially damaging attacks of less than the power. This drained Willpower can be used to
power's intensity. Equipment providing this power restore any Willpower you may have lost or can
must actually cover the sensor, such as polarized be converted into 5 points of Health or one
goggles that prevent sudden blinding, or earplugs card for every three Willpower drained. The
that reduce sonic attacks. victim regains one point of Willpower every
time the Narrator draws a card with a positive
Limit—Transference: When a sense is being protec- aura at the start of an exchange.
ted, another sense is dampened by the same Stunt—Rangeless: You can attack anyone he or she
amount. For example, if you protected against a can find regardless of distance, often through
visual Blinding attack for 5 damage, you would Psychic Detection or ESP.
lose 5 points in hearing as though affected by a Stunt—Sedation: You can make an average Psychic
Sonic attack. Blast (Willpower) attack to cause a person to
Stunt—Bestow Protection: As long as you concen- black out. The person cannot wake up for at
trate, you can protect anyone else's senses in least 15 minutes.
the same way your senses are protected.

PSYCHIC BLAST Trump Suit: Willpower
Trump Suit: Willpower Exemplars: Daredevil, Stick, Iron Man
Exemplars: Professor X, White Queen, Phoenix Related Powers: Enhanced Senses, Sonic Control
Related Powers: Telepathy Power Skill: None`
Power Skill: None
You can gain a three-dimensional picture of your
This power gives you the ability to project psychic environment through the use of electromagnetic
force blasts to visual distance. This is an easy waves. You both emits and senses these waves. He or
Psychic Blast (Willpower) attack. The Willpower of a she can use the power to locate and identify objects
Psychic Blast victim acts as defense against psychic by their electromagnetic echoes. Because of
damage, subtracting its value from the action score sensitivity to electromagnetic waves, magnetic
when damage is assessed. Mind Shields and some attacks negate the Radar Sense for an aura
Force Fields can also lower damage from Psychic duration. Radar can be used instead of intellect to
Blasts. avoid surprise. You will know anyone he or she has
met by applying the sense, and can make an easy
Radar Sense action (opposed by the target's power) into a 200 degree room in one exchange. If the
to recognize Imitation and Shapeshifting. If you are temperature goes above 120 degrees, everyone
tracking or examining an object, he or she can use in the room suffer the power's intensity in
the intensity instead of the Willpower or Intellect damage after subtracting defense This power
scores to gain clues. can be targeted at one individual.

Stunt—Back Attack: You can attack anything in back Stunt—Heat Sphere: You form a globe of heat that
of him or her as well as you could if the target inflicts the power's intensity in damage to any-
were in front. one or anything that comes through. At 6+ in-
tensity, this stunt melts lead bullets before
they can hit.
RADIATION CONTROL Stunt—Mutagenics: You can cause strange reactions
Trump Suit: Intellect in the bodies of mutants and those under the
Exemplars: Firestorm, Radioactive Man, Red effects of radiation. The player draws a card
Guardian when this occurs, and the mutation is positive
Related Powers: Light Control, Sonic Control or negative depending on the aura. If the aura
Power Skill: None is neutral, nothing happens.
Stunt—Radiowave Control: You can control existing
You can control radioactivity, such as microwaves radiowaves, whether AM, FM, or microwaves.
and gamma radiation. You absorb such radiation from You can increase or decrease the radiowaves’
the environment or generates it personally. Radiation strength by this power intensity, alter the fre-
is dangerous force, causing mutations and disease. quency and direction of such waves, and garble
Sometimes, its effects don't show up for years. The transmissions. You can also transmit their voice
most basic application of this power to project a or thoughts like a living radio.
burst of harmful radiation out around you, inflicting
the power's intensity in damage to all within striking
distance. You can also project a bolt of radiation at REALITY CONTROL
one target, making an easy Radiation Control Trump Suit: Willpower
(Agility) action to cause damage. Exemplars: Scarlet Witch, Franklin Richards
Related Powers: Luck Control
Limit—Collateral Damage: Any time you damages Power Skill: Energy Control
someone or something with this power, every-
one within striking distance also suffer the This extremely potent power lets you alter the flow
damage. of reality by allowing improbable, but not impossible,
Limit—Toxic: You give off background radiation at events to occur. At lower intensities this ability
all times. This can either inflict the power's in- allows you to muck about with chancy probabilities,
tensity in damage to all within striking distance, while at higher intensities you can confidently
or cause disease (see Affliction). If you are in a change reality nearly at will. Reality Warping cannot
containment suit, this limit is controlled. be taken at intensity less than 15. Once per
Limit—Unstable: If you are using your powers in a exchange, you can propose a dramatic event to occur
fight or other tense situation, the aura of the within firing distance. In the upper right corner of
Narrator card is read. If negative, you fires an each fate card is an event like Overload or Property
uncontrollable burst of radiation at a randomly Damage. You can pull one of these cards from your
selected person or object. hand, and present it as a dramatic event. You state
Stunt—Absorption: You gain Absorption (Radiation). how the event affects the current situation, using
The radiation can be absorbed before it can do the event's name: "An overload occurs in Cyclops's
damage to others, even if not directed at you. visor, causing him to shoot Colossus," or " The wall
Stunt—Affliction: You gain Affliction, but cannot suffers property damage and cracks apart." The
cure the diseases. Narrator then decides if the event is logical under
Stunt—Blinding: You gain Blinding. the circumstances, and if so, the event occurs, if not
Stunt—Flight: You gain Flight. you are at the mercy of fate. This happens when
Stunt—Force Field: You can create a personal Force your explanation is weak, such as trying to make the
Field. This shield protects against physical and event Cautious Acceptance into a meteor coming
radiation-based attacks. through the roof.
Stunt—Heat Control: You can alter the heat levels Of course, probability is, well, chancy. The Narrator
within firing distance by roughly 10 degrees draws a card when Reality Warping is used, and if
Fahrenheit per point of intensity. A hero with it's from the Doom suit, some additional---and
20 intensity can thus make a 50 degree room usually disastrous---effect occurs. For example, the
overloading visor causes Cyclops to wide-angle beam where they came from, but they will vanish any-
everyone in the room including you, or the wall and way at the end of the scene.
its accompanying supports crack open and collapse Stunt—Spatial Rearrangement: You can break the
the roof. You cannot use this power to affect local space around him or her and rearrange it
response bonuses. like a giant mosaic or jigsaw puzzle. This can
In the hands of a Narrator-run character, this have a myriad of uses, by breaking apart ob-
power allows the Narrator to play a dramatic event jects you gain Disintegration, by twisting the
whenever he or she likes. In the presence of such a space around him or her Force Field is gained,
character, heroes should expect anything and or trapping someone as if with Ensnarement.
everything to occur. The only limit is the imagination and creativity
At Intensity 21 and higher, this power allows you to of you and all powers or stunts gained are at
truly warp reality. You can actually impose new the Reality Warping power intensity.
realities on the current reality, causing earthquakes Stunt—Warp Genetics: You are able to alter the ge-
and inventing cities full of people. The Narrator netic structure of another person. By making a
draw for additional effect is eliminated at this Daunting Intellect (Reality Warping) action, you
intensity. This is an unbelievably powerful ability, can activate the latent genetic mutations within
and is best left in the hands of Narrator-run a person's DNA, essentially turning a normal
characters. person into a mutant. Once a person has been
exposed to this power, the effects become per-
Limit—Destructive Events Only: You can never make manent and they become immune to this power.
anything good happen. This doesn't mean he or This power is most effective on those who are
she can't benefit from the destruction caused currently undergoing puberty, since this is when
by this power, but you couldn't create most mutations become active, although it can
something with it. be used earlier or later in life but this in-
Limit—Objects Only: You can affect only objects creases the difficulty by two levels. If this
and other non-living things with this power. power is used on someone who is already a
Stunt—Event Manipulation: You can actually alter mutant, then you can refine their powers to
and re-write events that have already their peak, gaining additional stunts or removing
happened. Manipulation of past events becomes limits, or restrict the development of powers
increasingly difficult as the area affected and by giving limits or removing stunts. The Narrat-
amount of time that has passed increases. By or has the final say on what effects this power
making a challenging (Willpower) Reality Warp- ultimately has and is best used as a narrator
ing action, you can generate an improbable dra- controlled deus ex machina.
matic effect as normal, but up to an exchange
into the past! If you succeed, the timeline re-
sets with the altered event as part of the new REGENERATION
reality and only you will remember the old Trump Suit: Strength
events. If you tries to affect an event even Exemplars: Wolverine, Deadpool, Sabretooth
further into the past, the difficulty increases Related Powers: Absorption
by one level for every exchange past the first Power Skill: None
that you are trying to reach back by. If you
push while using this power, then he or she can You heal (gains cards back) faster than the normal
reach further back and may go back by an aura human rate, provided he or she isn't injured anew
duration for every two levels of increased diffi- during the Regeneration period. At the intensities
culty. below, you gain a card at the beginning of the
Stunt—Pocket Reality: You can create a pocket real- exchange if the Narrator's draw is:
ity around someone. The individual is subject to
the physical laws and constraints of the new INTENSITY REGENERATES IF NARRATOR’S
mini-universe, but no one else is. DRAW IS:
Stunt—Pockets to Nowhere: You can create small Intensity 0 Positive (normal people)
pocket dimensions from which he or she can Positive, or neutral and less than or equal
Intensity 1-10
draw strange and exotic devices and weaponry. to Regeneration's intensity
The devices always appear fantastic and other- Intensity 11-15 Positive or neutral
worldly, and seem to rely on your imagination to Intensity 16-20 Positive, negative, or neutral (any card)
give them form. The devices and weapons grant All cards regained at the beginning of
powers or stunts appropriate to their function Intensity 21-24
each exchange
at intensity no greater than that of your Real- Intensity 25+ Hero is effectively Invulnerable to every
ity Warping. You can return the devices to
form of damage. may attempt to return the soul to the body
with the body’s wounds healed. This power may
not be taken as a stunt without the stunt Heal-
If you have suffered any serious wounds, he or she
may give up actions in favor of healing. If you suffer
Stunt—Reformation: You can survive being hacked
damage during an exchange in which he or she is
into pieces. If the pieces are brought together,
using this power, Regeneration doesn't function on
he or she can reassemble and regain full Hand
the next exchange. The Regeneration Intensity is
used as a defense against Poison, Disease and other
Stunt—Regrowth: You can regenerate lost limbs and
non-directly damaging effects.
organs as well as other damage.
Stunt—Resurrection: You can regenerate even from
Limit—Achilles Heel: You cannot heal from a certain
being killed.
type of damage or damage to a certain part of
Stunt—Resistance to Aging: Your body constantly
your body, such as the neck or feet.
rejuvenates itself and gives Resistance to Aging
Limit—Darkness Only: This power functions only
at the Regeneration intensity.
when you are in darkness. In daylight or while
lights are on, your Regeneration doesn't work.
Limit—One Type Only: You can only regenerate from
a certain type of damage, such as from fire or
Trump Suit: Strength
kinetic attacks.
Exemplars: Hulk, Thor, Wolverine
Limit—Others Only: Others Only: The power works
Related Powers: Invulnerability
only on others, not you. See Healing below.
Power Skill: None
Limit—Solar: This power functions only when you are
in the sunshine. Inside windowless buildings, in
Resistance powers allow you to ignore certain
darkness, and other similar situations, your Re-
damage. All damage of the specified type up to the
generation doesn't work.
power's intensity is negated. This is treated like
Stunt—Aging Reversal: You can decelerate a tar-
Strength is for defense against physical attacks.
get's aging process. This stunt can subtract a
Unlike Body Armor, this defense bonus is expressed
number of years equal to the power's intensity,
as "plus-a-number," such as +4 --- meaning that
or divide the subject's aging rate by the in-
Resistance negates 4 more damage points over. This
tensity (i.e., the subject age's one year per [in-
power is useless without one or more of the
tensity] years). You cannot kill the subject with
following stunts. For each stunt selected, you gain
this power, but can drop him or her back to the
Resistance to one of the following:
moment of birth.
Stunt—Damage Transfer: You can transfer cards
from one living person to another, draining one
• Aging (including diseases which destroy
person's Hand of Fate to heal another person. cells)
If either subject is a character, 5 Health • Corrosion (including all acids and bases)
equals one card. You may be either subject, or • Darkness (including Shadow Control and
may use this power to transfer damage between Darkforce Control)
two other individuals. If either subject is un- • Disease
willing, you must make an average Regeneration • Energy (including Electricity, Fire,
(Willpower) action for this to work. If either
Radiation and Cosmic Energy)
subject successfully opposes it, you suffer the
• Ensnarement (including Wrestling Attacks)
intended damage without any other effect.
Stunt—Disease Remission: You can arrest any dis- • Fire (including Heat)
ease by making an average Regeneration action • Kinetics (including physical attacks)
opposed by the affliction power or the dis- • Life Drain (including Power Duplication,
ease's intensity. Theft and Reflection)
Stunt—Healing: You can repair other people's • Light (including blindness)
wounds. While you concentrate, the Regenera- • Magic (including all magical spells)
tion power transfers to the subject. You retain
• Magnetism (including all electronic scans)
Regeneration while this occurs.
Stunt—Purification: You can eliminate poisons by • Mental Control (including all powers which
making an average Regeneration action opposed have a Willpower trump suit)
by the Poison power or the poison’s intensity. • Paralysis (including Stunning attacks)
Stunt—Raising the Dead: You may bring dead mor- • Poison (including Gases, drugs and alcohol)
tals back to life. As a Daunting action, he or she • Temperature (including Heat and Cold)
• Pressure (including deafness, dizziness,
sonics and vertigo) SHAPESHIFTING
Trump Suit: Agility
Limit—Limited Resistance: Your Resistance only pro- Exemplars: Skrulls, Hobgoblin of the Imperial Guard
tects you against one thing in a category, such a Related Powers: Imitation
Resistance to Fire or Resistance to a particular Power Skill: None
This power lets you drastically alter your shape to
resemble other objects or beings. You can alter your
SHADOW CONTROL height, weight, build, apparent age, ethnic origin or
Trump Suit: Intellect even gender. You can change his appearance to look
Exemplars: Nightside of the Imperial Guard different but cannot imitate specific people. To fool
Related Powers: Darkforce Control, Light Control others into believing the change is real, you must
Power Skill: Energy Control make an easy Shapeshifting (Willpower) action. This
action only occurs when the person would have some
You can generate and manipulate darkness. This is reason to suspect you aren't what he or she appears
not the same as the Darkforce, a powerful dark to be. You gain obvious physical powers of the form
energy. Instead, you dampens light and plays with chosen such as claws and wings, but not other
shadows. You can black out the area within firing powers (see Power Duplication).
distance. The effects last with concentration, with
light returning to normal on the next exchange once Limit—Objects Only: You’re her can only shapeshift
concentration lapses. You can also use this power to into objects.
target a specific individual with darkness; this Limit—Unconscious Shift: You shapeshifts uncon-
requires an easy Shadow Control (Agility) action to trollably, perhaps when your emotions change.
succeed. Limit—Signature Flaw: You cannot lose a certain
characteristic of your base form, such as skin
Stunt—Absorption: You gain Absorption (Light), us- color or facial appearance.
ing shadows to assimilate light. Stunt—Blunt Weapons: You can change portions of
Stunt—Infra-vision: The individual with this ability your body into improvised weapons that do up to
can see in the dark, which limits visibility to intensity in damage.
striking distance. Normal darkness is Intensity Stunt—Edged Weapons: You can change portions of
1; powerful darkness such as the Darkforce re- her body into edged or stabbing weapons that
quires Average Shadow Control actions, opposed give a damage bonus equal to half the Shape-
by the intensity of the darkness, to defeat. shifting intensity to a maximum of +7.
Stunt—Resistance to Darkness: You gain Resistance Stunt—Elongation: You gain Elongation, but only
to Darkness. when Shapeshifting.
Stunt—Shades: You can reflexively draw low level Stunt—Plasticity: You gain Plasticity, but only when
shadows over your eyes to protect them from Shapeshifting.
blinding lights or other light-based attacks. Stunt—Propulsion: You can gains Flight or Lightning
This defense allows Resistance to Light. Speed up to the intensity in Shapeshifting so
Stunt—Shadow Animation: You can animate any long as he or she is in a form that grants such
shadow within firing distance, giving it abilities abilities (i.e., a jet grants Flight, a car grants
up to your power intensity and allowing it to Lightning Speed, etc.).
move and act independently. Animated shadows Stunt—Size Alteration: You gain Size Alteration,
are Susceptible to light-based attacks. but only when Shapeshifting.
Stunt—Shadow Boxing: You can make someone's
shadow reach up and hit the person, just as if
you had used an intensity-based physical attack. SIZE ALTERATION
Stunt—Shadow Play: You can change the shape and Trump Suit: Agility
size of extant shadows and generate three-di- Exemplars: Wasp, Giant-Man, Atlas (Goliath)
mensional objects and creatures. These shadow Related Powers: Density Control
images have no Strength and are immune to all Power Skill: None
forms of attack save Light Control and other
light generating effects. You may become larger or smaller at will.
Stunt—Shadow Spots: You can fire bursts of dark- Clothes and objects won't change unless made of
ness into foes' eyes, causing Blinding. unstable molecules. You may apply any amount of
intensity up to your maximum when using this power.
If you grow, he or she automatically gains 1 point of
Strength (and thus defense) per intensity point of height and perform a surprise attack using
growth. But large size slows down you, lowering their enlarged Strength with a +8 intensity bo-
Agility in the same proportion. You gain 1 foot in nus. This only works if the hero successfully
height per intensity point used. At intensities of 8 surprises the victim.
or greater, you can cross to firing distance in one Stunt – Power Shrink: If larger than minimum
exchange. If a hero shrinks, you gain Agility at 1 height, the hero can suddenly shrink to a smal-
point per point of intensity, but lose Strength and ler height and perform a surprise dodge using
defense. If a hero drops to 0 Strength, he or she is their shrunken Agility with a +8 intensity bonus.
too small to be seen or targeted by anyone of full This only works if the hero successfully sur-
size. On the down side, you cannot cross distances at prises the victim. Heroes currently at their
0 Strength. You drop 6 inches in height per point of normal or an enlarged size may use their nor-
intensity used, all the way down to a millimeter or mal-sized Agility to perform the prerequisite
two in height. Of course, trivialities such as spiders surprise action (and that surprise action only).
and light breezes become major challenges at this
height; the Narrator is encouraged to play this up
for all it's worth. No ability score can drop below 0, SONAR
however. Once you are at 0 Agility, he or she can Trump Suit: Willpower
still gain Strength to the maximum of your intensity. Exemplars: Banshee
Once at 0 Strength, you can still gain Agility to the Related Powers: Enhanced Senses, Sonic Control
maximum intensity. On earth, no hero can grow more Power Skill: None
than intensity 20, and growth-assisted Strength and
Agility max out at 20 as well. You gain a 3-D picture of the environment through
As an example, a hero with an Agility of 6 and emitting and sensing sonic waves. He or she can
Strength of 10 takes Size Alteration 10. If she locate and identify objects by their sonic echoes.
reduces her Strength to 0, she gets an Agility of 16, Because of sensitivity to sonic waves, sonic attacks
her maximum. If she reduces her Agility to 0, her negate the Sonar for an aura duration. Sonar's
Strength raises to at least 16, to a maximum of 20. intensity can be used in place of Intellect for
avoiding surprise. You will know anyone he or she has
Limit—Growth Only: You can not become smaller met by applying the power, and can make an easy
than your normal size, nor raise Agility through Sonar action, opposed by the relevant power, to
this power. recognize Imitation and Shapeshifting. If you are
Limit—Shrinking Only: You can not become larger tracking or examining an object, he or she can use
than your normal size, nor raise Strength Sonar instead of Willpower or Intellect to gain
through this power. clues.
Limit—Others Only: You can affect only other
people or objects, not your own body. See Im- Stunt—Back Attack: You can attack anything in be-
bue Size Alteration, below. hind him or her as if the target were in front.
Limit—Permanent: You are stuck at either overgrown
or diminutive size and cannot regain normal size.
Obviously, 12-foot and 6- inch heroes don't fool SONIC CONTROL
many people with secret identities. Trump Suit: Intellect
Stunt—Concentrated Strength: While shrinking, you Exemplars: Banshee, Siryn, Klaw, Songbird
retain your normal Strength, whatever the re- Related Powers: Light Control, Sonar
duction in size. Power Skill: Energy Control
Stunt—Dexterous: While growing, you retain your
normal Agility, whatever the level of growth. You can generate and control pressure waves of all
Stunt—Microscopic: Heroes with intensity 12+ Size varieties, amplifying, deadening, and focusing
Alteration can cross the microscopic barrier existing sound and non-audible vibrations at
and enter the Microverse, a subatomic universe different frequencies.
entered by shrinking. Further reductions aren't The basic use of this power is to amplify or reduced
possible once in the Microverse. the ambient sound around you. However, if you
Stunt—Imbue Size Alteration: You may change the raises the sound so that it's overwhelming or cuts
sizes of other living beings. If the target is un- out all the sound in the room, players cannot talk to
willing, you must make an average Size Altera- each other unless they have some form of Telepathy
tion (Willpower) attack to succeed in changing or other communication. Players can talk to the
the victim's size. Narrator, but only if they don't communicate their
Stunt – Power Growth: If smaller than maximum intentions to other players The ambient sound in a
height, the hero can suddenly grow to a larger normal office or park is considered intensity 0, while
a stadium rock concert would be intensity 5. A sonic Stunt—Vertigo: You can perform an average Sonic
boom cause by breaking the sound barrier is Control (Willpower) attack at firing distance,
intensity 10 and a huge explosion might generate which causes an affected victim to fall to the
sound at intensity 15. Additionally, you gain Energy ground, losing an action. If a second successful
Blast by generating a powerful blast of focused attack is made against the victim in the next
sonic waves at a target within firing range. However, exchange, the victim falls unconscious.
the damage done is equal to half the Sonic Control Stunt—Vibro-blade: You can cause blades of various
intensity (rounded up). sorts to vibrate, adding a damage bonus of your
power intensity divided by four to the blade's
Limit—Harmful Frequencies: You can be attacked by normal damage bonus, A blade cannot be en-
certain frequencies of sound. When he or she dowed with a total damage bonus greater than
hears these frequencies, they act as 20 intens- +10.
ity attacks. Sound-dampening vibranium also in- Stunt—Vibro-Smash: By generating high intensity vi-
flicts double the normal intensity in damage brations around your hands, striking with a
against you. physical attack that does damage equal to the
Limit—Loudness Only: You cannot lower the volume intensity in effect.
in an area, just raise it.
Limit—Silence Only: You cannot raise the volume in
an area, just lower it. SPATIAL CONTROL
Stunt—Absorption: You gain Absorption (sound). Trump Suit: Intellect
Stunt—Echo: You can duplicate any sounds, allowing Exemplars:
him or her to mimic voices or other noises. Related Powers: Reality Control, Teleportation
Stunt-Energy Blast (Sonic): You can project a blast Power Skill: None
of concentrated sonic waves at a target within
firing distance. This attack does damage at this Spatial Control allows you to stretch and twist the
power's intensity. dimensions of space. You can lengthen or compress
Stunt-Stun Bolt: You can project a bolt of concen- distances, and warp topography. Spatial Control has
trated sonic waves at a target within firing dis- a minimum intensity of 10.
tance. This attack does stunning damage at this By compressing distances you and others can move
power's intensity. as if you had Lightning Speed equal to your intensity.
Stunt—Force Field: You can erect sonic personal By stretching distances, you can reduce others'
Force Fields at Sonic Control intensity. speed by your intensity. Warping space can cause
Stunt—Hypnosis: You gain Hypnosis. disorientation; anyone within the area affected by
Stunt—Resistance to Noise: You gain Resistance to your power (out to firing distance), must make an
Noise, including sonics and other attacks that easy Agility (Spatial Control) action to avoid losing
cause deafness. an action while they get their bearings. You can
Stunt—Sonic Body: You become a creature of pure cause anyone moving through the affected area to
sound. While in sonic form, you can go to 0 fall (or otherwise collide with a surface while
Strength in exchange for invulnerability to Kin- moving) with an easy Spatial Control (Agility) action.
etics and other physical attacks. You also gains
Energy Blast, and can explode of affect all Stunt—Duplication: By splitting space, you can cre-
hearing targets within firing distance if he or ate a duplicate of his or yourself or of another.
she suffer the damage as well (ignoring all de- Duplicates created this way are considered true
fenses). Sound bodies suffer double the power- duplicates.
's intensity in damage from attacks based on Stunt—Gateway: You can create a gateway between
sonics. two points in space for his or yourself or others
Stunt—Sonic Flight: You gain Flight. to pass through.
Stunt—Sonic Scream: You can attack everyone with- Stunt—Deflection: You can cause ranged attacks to
in firing distance. If you push this power, he or miss their targets with an average Spatial Con-
she cannot use Sonic Control again until re- trol action, opposed by the attacker's Agility or
stored to full Hand Size. intensity.
Stunt—Sonic Vibration: You gain Disintegration, with Stunt—Shaping: You can alter the topography of ob-
the “Disruption Only” limit. jects or even people with an average Spatial
Stunt—Spatial Sense: You gain Sonar. Control action, stretching or shaping them like
Stunt— Ventriloquism: You can throw your voice up clay. Affected objects return to normal when
to visual distance with an average Sonic Control you stop concentrating.
action. Stunt—Spatial Anchor: You can "harden" local space
against certain disruptions, increasing the diffi-
culty of any use of Dimension Control, Dimen- Stunt—Multiple Attacks: You can divide your attack
sional Travel, Spatial Control, or Teleportation into a normal attack and one or more contingent
within visual distance by your intensity. attacks. Your normal ability score and all pre-
Stunt—Spatial Disruption: You can tear a target card play modifiers are divided among the num-
apart by scattering it through space, gaining ber of attacks, rounded down.
Disintegration equal to your Spatial Control. Stunt—Spinning Drill: You can drill into surfaces of
Stunt—Spatial Shock: You can create a spatial material strength up to your power's intensity.
shockwave that does intensity damage to one Stunt—Tornado: You can generate a tornado that in-
target or all targets within firing distance. flicts intensity damage on anyone within firing
distance. You must make an daunting Spinning
action to control the tornado each exchange; if
SPINNING this control is ever lost, the tornado acts ran-
Trump Suit: Strength domly for one exchange and then dissipates.
Exemplars: Superman
Related Powers: Lightning Speed
Power Skill: None SPIRIT CONTROL
Trump Suit: Willpower
You have the ability to rotate your body around its Exemplars:
axis at superhuman speed, and still speak, hear, and Related Powers:
see normally while spinning. This power provides Power Skill: None
three benefits. First, your rapid spinning gives you
Resistance to Ensnarement, including Wrestling You can control spirits, ghosts, and so forth. Make
attacks. Second, the spinning generates a wind an easy Spirit Control (Willpower) action to
screen of the power's intensity that substitutes for dominate a spirit. The spirit's personality and goals
your normal defense against physical and wind remain, but it is unable to resist your commands.
attacks. And third, you can use your power's You and the spirit must be within visual distance
intensity instead of your Strength when attacking. (even if you cannot actually see one another) to
effect Spirit Control, though you may be separated
Limit— Inaccurate: You have no control over the dir- by any distance afterward. The spirit will obey the
ection in which your spinning takes you, and is verbal or telepathic orders of the controller. Every
prone to slam into anything in the way, inflicting time you order a spirit to do something it would not
damage to your own body equal to the power's normally do, you must make an easy Spirit Control
intensity. (Willpower) action to reinforce your control.
Stunt—Air Control: You gain Air Control. Limit—Dreaming: You can use this power only while
Stunt—Circular Vision: You can see all around him or asleep. If you are awakened, any use of Spirit
her when using Spinning. Also, you cannot be Control ends immediately.
surprised during this time. Stunt—Animate Corpse: You can animate any corpse
Stunt—Flight: You gain Flight while Spinning. or skeleton.
Stunt—Lightning Speed: You gain Lightning Speed Stunt—Astral Projection: You gain Astral Projection.
while Spinning. Stunt—Astral Detection: You can detect anyone in
Stunt—Air Ram: You can generate a focused blast of astral form.
air capable knocking people over. Make an aver- Stunt—Life Drain: You gain Life Drain.
age Spinning (Strength) action, if successful Stunt—Power Nullification: You can nullify any Mind
your targets are knocked back and lose their Control or Spirit Control power in use, or as it is
action for the exchange. about to be used.
Stunt—Blade Storm: By throwing a number of small Stunt—Deny Death: You can trap a spirit within a
blades, shurikens, or spikes, you can do the fatally damaged body until there is time to heal
power's intensity plus weapon bonus (generally the body enough that it can contain the spirit
+1 or +2) in damage to all individuals within fir- again with a daunting Spirit Control (Willpower)
ing distance. action. You can keep the spirit trapped only as
Stunt—Blade Whirl: By wielding a small edged long as you concentrate on doing so.
weapon, such as a dagger or sword of some Stunt—Forced Reincarnation: You can place disem-
type, you can use the power's intensity to at- bodied spirits into new bodies. This stunt re-
tack and do the power's intensity plus weapon quires a daunting Spirit Control (Willpower) ac-
damage bonus (generally +2 or +3) in damage tion. If the transfer fails, the spirit suffers
against a single target. damage equal to the power intensity. If it suc-
ceeds, the spirit takes control of the body,
dominating any other consciousness within the
body. The spirit retains its own Intellect, Will-
power, Edge, skills and Intellect- or Willpower- SWIMMING
based powers. The spirit gains the Agility, Trump Suit: Willpower
Strength, and physical powers of the body. Exemplars: Namor
Stunt—Incarnation Awareness: You can remember Related Powers: Digging, Water-breathing
the events of your past lives. Moreover, you can Power Skill: Swimming, Oceanography
send messages to your past incarnations when
they were actually living and receive them from You have the ability to move quickly through the
future incarnations (though not vice versa). You water. Swimming 10 is as fast as a torpedo or a
can recall and contact one past life (starting hydrofoil, while Swimming 20 allows you to cross an
with the most recent and moving sequentially entire ocean in a matter of hours. You can substitute
backwards) for every two points of Intensity. Swimming intensity for Agility when dodging attacks
Stunt—Spirit Storage: You can capture and contain underwater.
disembodied spirits within yourself with a
daunting Spirit Control (Willpower) action. The Stunt—Leaping: You gain Leaping, but only to move
spirits find themselves trapped within a pocket out of water.
dimension somehow connected to you. Moreover, Stunt—Waterspout: You can create a waterspout by
you can communicate freely with the spirits. swimming in tight circles. The spout has a
You are immune to any attempts by the trapped Strength equal to your Swimming intensity for
spirits to possess or dominate you. affecting ships and other waterborne objects.
Stunt—Spirit Summoning: You can summon and con- Stunt—Whirlpool: You can create a whirlpool by
trol the nearest spirit or ghost with a challen- swimming in tight circles. The whirlpool has in-
ging Spirit Control (Willpower) action. tensity Strength for dragging objects down un-
Stunt—Voodoo: Through the use of various repres- der the water.
entative voodoo dolls and with a challenging
Spirit Control (Willpower) action, you can inflict
an attack at your power's intensity on a target. TELEKINESIS
The exact range to the target is unimportant Trump Suit: Intellect
those with intensities below 5 are usually lim- Exemplars: Phoenix, Justice, Nate Grey
ited to a few miles or line of sight, while those Related Powers: Force Field, Animation
above 10 are only limited to the same nation, Power Skill: None
continent, or even planet.
This power allows you to lift and throw objects
without touching them as if he or she had a
STUN BLAST Strength score of the owner's intensity. You can
Trump Suit: Intellect also throw objects with this material strength as
Exemplars: Paladin, Hawkeye well. If you cease concentration on the Telekinesis,
Related Powers: Kinetic Control the objects fall to the ground. This power can be
Power Skill: None used to lift someone, if you make an easy Telekinesis
(Strength) action against the target.
You possesses a weapon, energy bolt, or touch power
that inflicts a stunning attack. Stunning is little Limit—Lack of Fine Control: Your control over your
different than any other form of damage, except telekinesis does not include “fine motor
that it is resisted by Willpower as a defense. control,” leaving him or her limited to brute
Stunning attacks cannot affect those who are force and heavy lifting.
unconscious. Limit—Tactile Telekinesis: You must touch the ob-
ject to move it. This effectively makes the
Stunt—Resistance to Stunning: You gain Resistance power Ability Boost: Strength. Your maximum
to Stunning. combined Ability score is still limited to 20.
Stunt—Stun Bolt: You can shoot the stun blast to Limit—Visible: Your use of Telekinesis is easily vis-
firing distance. ible to all and cannot easily be used for surprise
Stunt—Stun Wave: You can affect everyone within attacks.
firing distance by making an average Stun Blast Stunt—Clothing Change: A telekinetic hero wearing
(Willpower) action. One action score is gener- clothing made of unstable molecules can change
ated for all victims, though differences in Will- the color, style or fit of the clothing with a
power may alter difficulties from target to tar- challenging Telekinesis action. This does not al-
get. ter the clothing's protective value, only its ap-
pearance. Telekinetic heroes may use this stunt unwilling target, the action is opposed by the
to quickly change into their costumes. target's Willpower. If the target is also a telepath,
Stunt—Force-flight: By moving the air under you, he and has greater power intensity than the user,
or she gains Flight. contact is impossible unless the target is willing.
Stunt—Force Bolt: You can create telekinetic force
missiles of the power's intensity, shooting them Limit—Animals Only: You can only use Telepathy on
to firing distance. animals, not people.
Stunt—Force Field: By stiffening the air, you gain a Limit—Domination Susceptible: When using Tele-
personal Force Field of effectiveness equal to pathy, you become increasingly susceptible to
the power's intensity against physical and en- all forms of mental attack, rendering him or her
ergy attacks. unable to trump when defending against such
Stunt—Internal Attack: You can telekinetically at- attacks.
tack a target internally, squeezing the trachea, Limit—Empathy: You can only sense and affect a tar-
a blood vessel or something similar. The attack get’s emotions, not thoughts.
requires a daunting Telekinesis (Strength) ac- Stunt—Disguise: You may broadcast a mental com-
tion and ignores the target's defense, doing In- mand that makes others see them as an incon-
tensity damage directly. A telekinetic might spicuous stranger. Those with a Telepathy in-
also use this stunt to damage machines by af- tensity stronger than the user may see through
fecting their internal parts. the disguise with an Easy Telepathy action.
Stunt—Manipulation: You can perform very fine ma- Stunt—Gestalt: You can function as the coordinator
nipulation with your telekinesis. This stunt is for a telepathic gestalt, the mental combination
useful for doing things like typing, operating of multiple psionic individuals. This works just
controls or even picking locks telekinetically. like the Gestalt. The mental gestalt's combined
Stunt—Object Swarm: You animate many small ob- Telepathy power intensity equals that of the
jects, pummeling all chosen targets as if the most powerful hero in the gestalt, plus that of
items were thrown. You makes one challenging the coordinator (or the next highest character,
Telekinesis (Agility) action for all affected, or if the coordinator is the most powerful). A
and average Telekinesis (Agility) action if fo- telepathic gestalt often has tremendous mental
cusing all the objects on one target. power.
Stunt—Rapid Assembly: You can quickly and re- Stunt—Life Detection: You can tell when living
motely assemble any device he or she could nor- creatures are nearby with an average Telepathy
mally build. This stunt requires an average In- action. You can declare an action in any ex-
tellect action to create the device in one ex- change where a surprise attack is launched.
change. The materials to make the device must Stunt—Mental Probe: A Mental Probe is a search for
all be present within firing distance. a specific image in a person's mind. You must
Stunt—Reflection: You can catch and reflect physic- state what you are looking for before beginning
al weapons (even bullets) back at an attacker the scan. You must make an average Telepathy
with an average Telekinesis action. action opposed by the Willpower of the target,
Stunt—Passengers: You can lift a number of passen- if the target is resisting. In any case, the
gers up to the power's intensity at flight 1. strain of being probed reduces the target's In-
tellect and Willpower by 1 for the next 24
hours, and the target may not be probed again
TELEPATHY for that time. A successful Mental Probe will
Trump Suit: Willpower reveal the information known by the individual
Exemplars: Professor X, Phoenix, Psylocke being probe, strictly limited to that person's
Related Powers: Psychic Blast, Psi-Screen knowledge. In addition, you can glean the tar-
Power Skill: None get's calling and personality notes.
Stunt—Mind Meld: The combination of the tele-
You may establish mind-to-mind communication with path's mind with another mind. This is a total
any other individuals. The telepath may read only sharing of information and a considerable intim-
surface thoughts, but does so without any visual or acy, so it is not entered into lightly. It requires
audible signs. The telepath can sense through the a daunting Telepathy (Willpower) action. The
eyes and ears of the person contacted. He or she telepath and the subject know everything the
may also speak directly into the mind of the person other knows, and it is impossible to lie to each
or persons contacted. Language is never an issue. other while melded.
When trying to make telepathic contact, you must Stunt—Mindscape: The telepath can enter the
make an easy Telepathy action. This action is "world" inside another person's mind and inter-
unopposed if the target is willing. Against an act with the things and people there. This is
most common as a means of mental combat, sim- each other. If anyone blacks out, you must
ilar to astral projection. It can also be used to make a challenging Telepathy action to maintain
"go inside" the mind of an unconscious or co- the link with all other team-mates.
matose person to attempt to bring them out of Stunt—Telelocation: You can locate one or more
it, or to enter the dreams of a sleeping person known individuals wherever they are, simply by
and interact with them. making an average Telepathy action. Any Mind
Stunt—Personal Rapport: This is a permanent tele- Control or Telepathy powers can affect the in-
pathic link between you and another person. It dividual at the extended distance.
requires a daunting Telepathy action to estab- Stunt—Telepathic Illusion: You can place an illusion
lish and the other party must be willing. From directly in the mind of one target. This illusion
then on, each individual can always sense what affects all of the senses as applicable to the il-
the other is feeling and knows immediately if lusion.
the other person is in danger or hurt.
Stunt—Mind Shield: You gain Mind Shield.
Stunt—Psychic Detection: You are attuned to excep- TELEPORTATION
tional mental radiation in general, and as such Trump Suit: Agility
can make an average Telepathy action to detect Exemplars: Nightcrawler, Fatale, Vanisher, Zero
the use of non-magical paranormal abilities in- Related Powers: Astral Projection, ESP
cluding mind-reading, thought-casing, mind con- Power Skill: None
trol, and psychic attacks.
Stunt—Psychic Invisibility: You gain Invisibility, with You can move instantly from point to point without
the Fools Only Creatures limit. physically crossing the distance between. You enters
Stunt—Psychic Projection: You can project either another dimension, moves through that dimension,
their voice – as a sort of “super ventriloquism,” and returns to the original dimension at another
or as an illusory image of their face or even location. Teleportation is disorienting. Each time you
their whole body to communicate with all those teleports, he or she must make an easy
he or she can find, regardless of distance, and Teleportation action. Failure indicates you arrives at
if they can hear or see the projection with nor- the location, but is disoriented by the experience
mal senses (i.e. Daredevil would see the image and may take no action in the following exchange
you was projecting as though he was not blind). although this is ignored by teleporters with intensity
Stunt—Psychic Surgery: You can enter the mind of a of 10+. The teleporting hero may carry something or
willing person and repair psychic damage. By someone you are touching, up to normal Strength
making an average Telepathy action opposed by limits. Those carried by you must make a challenging
the number of damage points, you can restore Strength action or be disoriented for an exchange.
one card (or 5 Health) from damage caused by If the exact layout of the location is not known by
mental attacks. This surgery can also repair the teleporter (even if it has been changed for a
long-term damage, though the difficulty may few minutes), you risks teleporting into a solid
rise if the scar is buried deep. object. The player draws a card, and if the value is
Stunt—Psychic Weaponry: By focusing mental higher than this power's intensity, he or she suffer
powers, you create a weapon of psychic energy. damage equal to the material strength of the object.
This weapon activates with a Psychic Blast ac- If not, you arrives safe and sound. This risk is
tion, resisted by Willpower as a defense instead ignored by teleporters with intensity of 10+, but
of Strength. Use of psychic weaponry disables low-intensity heroes usually won't try to teleport
your other active psionic abilities for an aura into an unfamiliar place. The exact distance of
duration, but doesn't affect mental defenses. teleportation is unimportant. Those with intensities
Stunt—Rangeless: You can communicate with anyone below 5 are usually limited to a few miles or line of
he or she can find regardless of distance, per- sight, while those with 20+ can teleport anywhere in
haps through Psychic Detection or other the universe.
Stunt—Sedation: You can make an average Telepathy Limit—Location-Specific: You can teleport to one
(Willpower) attack to cause a person to black place only.
out. The person cannot wake up for at least 15 Limit—Troubleseeker: You subconsciously sense dan-
minutes. gerous situations within range of the power and
Stunt—Team Link: You can link the minds of a num- automatically teleports to them, whether he or
ber of allies up to the power's intensity. So she wants to or not. You have one exchange of
that all team members are aware of each other- warning as your power begins to activate. You
's actions. You can maintain this contact re- don’t necessarily know what the problem is until
gardless of the subjects' physical proximity to it shows itself.
Stunt—Castling: You can teleport into a solid object the weapon by up to half of the Teleportation
or person, causing the target to be displaced to intensity (by up to a maximum of +5), even if
where you started. This is an average Teleport- this pushes the damage bonus above +10.
ation (Agility) attack which, if undodged, in-
flicts no damage but causes the displacement to
occur as a contingent action. The subject of TIME CONTROL
this effect will lose an action on the next ex- Trump Suit: Intellect
change due to disorientation. Alternatively, you Exemplars: Timeshadow, Tempo
can teleport individual people and objects within Related Powers: Postcognition, Precognition, Time
firing distance with an average Teleportation Travel
(Agility) action, without teleporting yourself. Power Skill: Energy Control
Targets are still subject to possible disorienta-
tion and may be teleported in place in an at- Time Control allows you to alter the flow of time in a
tempt to achieve this effect. very limited manner. You can go back and forth
Stunt—Fusillade: You teleports quickly from place to within a few seconds of time, jumping around to
place, feinting to cause damage to one or more avoid being hurt and seizing the moment. You cannot
targets. You may divide your ability and pre- adjust time outside the boundaries of an exchange,
cardplay modifiers among as many attacks as however. Heroes with Time Control can change their
desired, all of which are performed as contin- declared action after anyone else declares an action.
gent actions after the teleport occurs. If two heroes with Time Control declare at the same
However, you don't redraw cards played in time, their powers cancel out. By slowing down the
these attacks until all attacks are finished. time-stream, you uses the Time Control intensity
Stunt—Gateway: You open a rift in the universe and instead of Agility for purposes of dodging one (and
allow people to step through. Each exchange only one) attack made against you from within firing
after the first, you need an average Teleporta- distance. You must declare which attack he or she is
tion action to hold the rift open. using this power against. Heroes with Time Control
Stunt—Passengers: You can teleport with a number may divide their attack into a normal attack and one
of passengers up to the power's intensity. or more contingent attacks. Your normal ability
Stunt—Quick Turnaround: You can teleport back to score and all pre-cardplay modifiers are divided
where he or she started as a contingent action among the number of attacks, rounded down. Time
to the first teleport. Control can only be selected at a minimum of 10
Stunt—Side-slam: By repeatedly teleporting a short Intensity.
distance every fraction of a second, you gain
Lightning Speed at this power's Intensity with Stunt—Danger Sense: You are able to jump back in
the Burst Only Limit, along with the stunts of time in order to avoid being hurt and to seize
Phasing and Mach Control. the moment. You gain Danger Sense at the
Stunt—Spatial Redirection: If you have a higher power's intensity for the exchange.
Willpower than her opponent, she may displace Stunt—Lightning Speed: You gain Lightning Speed
and redirect an airborne object with a challen- when using Time Control. Furthermore, you gain
ging Teleportation (Agility) action as a contin- the stunts Mach Control, Passengers, and Wa-
gent action. ter-walking.
Stunt—Summoning: You can teleport other persons Stunt—Paralysis: With a touch, you can slow or halt
or objects from remote locations to your side. the flow of time around a target, gaining Para-
If used with ESP and Mind Control, this stunt lysis. This can be used positively, to protect in-
allows the summoning of powerful beings from jured, poisoned, or dying heroes; for this and to
other dimensions. Not that they usually like be- slow time around objects, the effect lasts for a
ing summoned, mind you. number of minutes equal to the power's intens-
Stunt—Teleportation Cutting: You can attempt an ity. You can also use this power in combat to
average Teleportation (Strength) action to at- paralyze an opponent; see the Paralysis power.
tack by displacing portions of an object or foe's Stunt—Postcognition: You gain Postcognition, limited
body; when successful this causes damage equal by the boundaries of Time Control.
to the Teleportation intensity. Stunt—Precognition: You gain Precognition, limited
Stunt—Weapon Displacing: You may channel your by the boundaries of Time Control.
Teleportation into objects, such as melee Stunt—Speed Burst: You can jump forward in time
weapons, with an easy Teleportation (Agility) to cross-distances as if he or she had Lightning
action, allowing weapons to pierce much Speed, from an observer's perspective, that is.
stronger armor than is normally possible. This You gain none of the other powers of Lightning
will temporarily increase the damage bonus of Speed, however.
Stunt—Time-twisting: You can cause hiccups in time erage Time Travel action opposed by their in-
for allies, as long as you concentrate on Time- tensity in Time Travel.
twisting. Only willing individuals who are fully Stunt—Time Tracking: You have a fix on one object
aware of the effect have their actions af- or person, and know when that target is at all
fected by Time-twisting. They gain the ability times.
to divide their attacks as above. Every ex-
change, anyone under the effects of Time-
twisting must make a challenging Willpower ac- TRANSFORMATION
tion or suffer 10 damage points which ignore all Trump Suit: Strength
defenses. Exemplars: Superman
Related Powers:
Power Skill: None
Trump Suit: Intellect You can transform between two different forms
Exemplars: Kang, Doctor Doom, Rama-Tut (your "hero" and "normal" forms) at will. This may be
Related Powers: Time Control as simple as the ability to change your clothes into
Power Skill: Chronology your costume in a flash, or as complex as turning into
an entirely different person. Transforming doesn't
You can travel into the past or future. require an action and happens automatically. This
Needless to say, this is an immensely potent ability, power always has a cost and intensity of 1. If you
and the Narrator who opens this Pandora's Box have the Transformative Hindrance, you get this
should realize that it'll be awfully hard to closes. power for free, but it is not under your control.
That said, time traveling makes for wildly exciting
and unpredictable adventures. Stunt— Costume Change: You can alter what you're
Time is amazingly resilient in the Marvel Universe. wearing into any sort of clothing or costume you
Villains often believe that they can go back in time want, rather than always switching to a particu-
to alter some critical event that will change lar costume.
everything. As far as we know, they're wrong. Than
again, how would we know if they weren't? This
question has baffled chronologists for ages. Without TRANSMUTATION
resolving this question, the Time Travel power gets Trump Suit: Intellect
you to a place that sure looks like the past or the Exemplars: Grey Gargoyle, Molecule Man, Sersi
future. You draw four cards, and if the combined Related Powers: Alchemy, Body Transformation
value exceeds your intensity in Time Travel, you Power Skill: None
appears in a universe that's somehow different than
expected. Regardless of the destination, the time You may convert objects or creatures into other
travel method cannot be used again for at least an forms by touching them. You make an easy
hour. A warning to players: You enter the Transmutation action, opposed by the object's
timestream at their peril. Narrators know that time material strength or the creature's Willpower.
travel is just an excuse to play with reality. You've While transformed, a creature cannot recall what
been warned. has occurred and has the material strength or other
abilities of that object or creature (see Material
Limit—Future Only: You cannot travel farther back Strength and Critters). To transform a creature, its
in time than your starting point. flesh or similar substance must be touched. These
Limit—Past Only: You cannot travel farther forward alterations typically last for days or month or years,
in time than your starting point. as determined by the Narrator. You can use this
Stunt—Chronometric Detection: You can know the power to revert the change target to its normal
peculiar energy signature of each time period, form. In any event, the target regains your normal
with an average Time Travel action. You know form following the transformation, even if pieces
what day it is at any moment. are broken off or dispersed, unless the victim is
Stunt—Passengers: You can take one passenger per completely shattered or otherwise destroyed. At its
point of the power's intensity. If a passenger highest levels of power,
wants to stay in the current time, you have to Transmutation can allow you to create whole castles
make an average Time Travel (Willpower) action and cities.
to force the passenger through time.
Stunt—Redirection: You can redirect other time Limit—Creatures Only: You cannot transform nonliv-
travelers to a different destination with an av- ing objects.
Limit—Form Only: The target retains its basic abilit- that if the attack isn't dodged, the target
ies and powers, unless those powers depend on loses the ability to move. The target may use an
senses or limbs that are no longer present. For action on the following exchange or later to try
example, a villain who transforms the Human to break out; this is a challenging Strength
Torch into a frog will suddenly be facing a flam- (Transmutation) action, and causes the power's
ing frog that flies and shoots fireballs. You intensity in damage points to the victim wheth-
must be able to transform living creatures to er or not it’s successful.
take this limit. Stunt—Permanency: Changes to non-living matter re-
Limit—Objects Only: You cannot transform living main until you reverses them or until reversed
creatures. by someone else with this power.
Limit—One Change Only: You can only make one type Stunt—Rapid Assembly: You can quickly and re-
of change, like turning flesh to stone or men motely assemble any device he or she could nor-
into pigs. mally build. This stunt requires an average In-
Stunt—Air Bubbles: You can create air bubbles so tellect action to create the device in one ex-
that a number of people up to the power's in- change. The materials to make the device must
tensity can survive underwater. all be present within firing distance.
Stunt—Animation: You gain Animation over the Stunt—Rapid Shift: Every exchange, a transformed
transmuted substances, as well as the Liquid creature or objects makes a random change de-
Animation stunt if the transmuted substance is cided upon by the Narrator.
now a liquid. Stunt—Runaway Change: Once you have initiated a
Stunt—Alchemy: You can alter the elemental com- change, he or she can cause it to spread from
position of the transmuted substance, such as the initial point of change and alter everything
turning bullets to water, in addition to altering in its path. This runaway effect is confined to
its form. This stunt cannot create pure ele- the same sort of material as the originally
ments, only compounds and other substances. changed substance (so turning soil to liquid will
Stunt—Create Sculpture: You can create statues of spread but won't affect rock, brick and other
ice, stone or any other substance he or she non-soil connected to it) and all the substance
wishes, including mirror images. Heroes with must be touching. At Intensity 1-10, the range
the skill of Art can lower the difficulty by one of this effect is about 10 meters, at intensity
level if trying to impress others with the sculp- 11-19, the range is firing range and at 20+ the
ture. range is everything within visual distance.
Stunt—Create Shield: You create a shield that can Stunt—Scrambling: You can scramble non-sentient
block multiple attacks with a material strength machines. If attacking a sentient machine with
equal to the power's intensity. Attacks that get this power, you need to make an average Trans-
through shatter the shield but don't damage mutation (Willpower) action to damage the ma-
you. You must concentrate to use the shield. chine. If the machine is reduced to no cards or
Stunt—Create Walls: You can create columns, walls, 0 Health, it will need reprogramming or a new
and other large geometric shapes with material power source.
strength equal to the power's intensity. Stunt—Transmutation Aura: You can affect anything
Stunt—Elemental Animation: You gain the stunts Air entering striking range of you, about six feet
Elementals, Earth Creatures, Fire Elementals radius, without having to touch them.
and Water Elementals as listed under their re- Stunt—Water-walking: By controlling surface ten-
spective control powers. It requires a full ex- sion, you can cross the surface of water as if it
change to create each elemental. While you are were land.
creating an elemental, none of your other ele-
mentals can do anything. A maximum of one be-
ing may be created per point of intensity. You VIBRATION CONTROL
must concentrate to control these beings; if Trump Suit: Intellect
you fall unconscious, the beings dissipate at the Exemplars:
end of that exchange. These creatures have Related Powers:
Strength and Agility scores equal to the power- Power Skill: None
's intensity, and last as long as you concentrate
on them. Once you cease concentration or falls You can generate and control non-audible vibrations
unconscious, the elementals collapse at the end at different frequencies. He or she can fire bolts of
of the exchange. vibratory energy out to firing distance that do
Stunt—Entrapment: You allow the ground beneath an intensity damage, as well as amplify or decrease
opponent's feet or nearby objects to wrap existing vibrations.
around them. This is a normal attack, except
Limit—Amplify/Deaden Only: You can only amplify or WALL CRAWLING
deaden vibrations, not both. Trump Suit: Agility
Limit—Energy Blast: You can only shoot vibratory Exemplars: Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Venom
blasts, and is unable to amplify or deaden exist- Related Powers: Claws, Web-Slinging
ing vibrations. Power Skill: Climbing
Limit—Max Only
Limit—Non-Generative: You cannot generate vibra- You can move along walls and ceilings as if walking on
tions on your own, requiring existing vibrations floors. The intensity indicates how strong the
to activate this power. adhesion is (the mechanism--suction cups, atomic
Stunt—Absorption (vibrations) field suppressors, whatever--is left to the player).
Stunt—Burst You will use the intensity to determine the ability to
Stunt—Digging stick, according to the slipperiness of the surface.
Stunt--Dimensional Travel If the surface is sloped so that it is easier to climb,
Stunt--Disintegration (Disruption only) reduce the difficulty by one level; if sloped so that
Stunt--Earth Control (Earthquake only) it is harder to climb, increase the difficulty by one
Stunt--Enhanced Senses (Sonar) level. A hero with Climbing skill can subtract a level
Stunt—Fight from these difficulties:
Stunt--Force Field
Stunt--Power Nullification (Sonic Control only) Rock with handholds Automatic
Stunt--Resistance (Ensnarement, Noise, Pressure)
Concrete or brickwork Easy
Stunt--Stun Blast
Stunt—Safe Cracking: You can open locks and safes Glass or steel Average
by causing the sensitive mechanisms inside to Surface coated with oil Challenging
vibrate open by making an average Vibration Nonstick surface Daunting
Control action resisted by the difficulty of the Frictionless surface Desperate
Stunt—Scrambling: You can throw machinery out of
kilter by vibrating delicate components. If at- Limit—One Surface Only: You can only climb one
tacking a sentient machine with this power, type of surface.
make an average Vibration Control (Strength) Limit—Traceable: You leave a trail when wall-crawl-
action to damage the machine. If the machine is ing, whether from a sticky slime, an oily
reduced to no cards or 0 Health, it will need to residue, or some other visible mark.
be repaired. Stunt—Claws: You gain the Body Weapon of claws.
Stunt—Tremors: You can send tremors through the This means that anywhere he or she climbs, the
air or ground. These don't cause quakes, but re- surface is likely to be damaged by the claws.
quire everyone in firing distance to make an av- Stunt—Imbue Wall-Crawling: You can permit others
erage Agility (Vibration Control) action to avoid (a number of persons up to the power's intens-
falling over and losing an action. Unsecured ob- ity) to Wall-Crawl as he or she does.
jects can fall and break.
Stunt—Vertigo: You can perform an average Vibra-
tion Control (Willpower) attack at firing dis- WATER BREATHING
tance, which causes an affected victim to fall Trump Suit: Strength
to the ground, losing an action. If you make a Exemplars: Sub-Mariner, Kymaera, any Atlantean
second successful attack against the victim in Related Powers: Life Support, Lighting Speed,
the next exchange, the victim falls unconscious. Water Control
Stunt—Vibro-Blade: You can cause blades of various Power Skill: Swimming
sorts to vibrate, adding a damage bonus of your
power intensity divided by four or the blade's This power lets you breathe water, either through
normal damage bonus, whichever is less. You air tanks, gills, or some such. It allows you to
cannot not endow any blade with a total damage withstand the pressure in great depths of water and
bonus greater than +10. to see underwater as if on land (acting as Telescopic
Stunt—Vibro-Smash: By generating high intensity vi- Vision underwater---see Enhanced Senses). You may
brations around your hands, you can strike with use the Water-breathing intensity to resist
a physical attack that does damage equal to Pressure attacks, including vertigo.
your intensity.
Limit—Air Toxic: You cannot breathe surface air and average Water Control (Agility) action to dam-
gains the Hindrance of Fatally Vulnerable to age targets within firing distance.
Air. Stunt—Water-breathing: You gain Water-breathing.
Stunt—Leaping: You gain Leaping, but only from wa- Stunt—Water-walking: You can cross the surface of
ter to air. water as if it were land.
Stunt—Resistance to Gases: Because of an increased Stunt—Water-creation: You can generate any
ability to hold your breath, you gain Resistance amount of water. However, this water is not
to Gases. created from nothingness, but rather is
Stunt—Resistance to Water: You gain Resistance to brought to your location via a highly specialized
Water. form of teleportation. The actual source of the
Stunt—Swimming: You gain the power of Swimming water can be anywhere in the same dimension.
of an intensity equal to your Water-breathing Stunt—Water Elementals: You create beings of wa-
intensity. ter or other liquids, with Strength and Agility
Stunt-Water-walking: You can cross the surface of scores equal to the power's intensity. It re-
water as if it were land. quires a full exchange to create each elemental;
while creating an elemental, none of your other
elementals can do anything. A maximum of one
WATER CONTROL being may be created per point of intensity. You
Trump Suit: Intellect must concentrate to control these beings; if
Exemplars: Crystal, Water Wizard you falls unconscious, they trickle away at the
Related Powers: Cold Control, Water-breathing end of the exchange. These creatures suffer
Power Skill: Energy Control double intensity damage from fire attacks.

Water Control allows you to control liquids. The

water may be used as a missile weapon, inflicting WEAPON CREATION
damage equal to the power's intensity at firing Trump Suit: Strength
distance. The water also may be used as a shield Exemplars: Angelic Agent (Punisher)
against energy, reducing energy attacks by the Related Powers: Object Duplication, Energy Blasts
intensity of the power. You can also calm or roil Power Skill: None
waters at will. The distance of this aspect of the
power is whatever you can see; though it is always You can create any desired hand-held weapon out of
difficult to control large bodies of water. thin air. The weapon can be of any design, size, or
material, with a maximum material strength of four
Limit—Submersive: You must be submerged in the times your intensity (or 20, whichever is greater).
water he or she wishes to control to use this The weapon can have a damage bonus up to your
power. intensity.
Stunt—Animation: You gain Animation over water
and other liquids. Limit—One Target Only: Your weapons only affect a
Stunt—Air Bubbles: You can create air bubbles so particular type of target (such as magical
that a number of people up to the power's in- creatures); they have no effect against other
tensity can survive underwater. targets, harmlessly passing through them.
Stunt—Dehydration: You can destroy water. You can Limit—One Weapon Only: You can only create a spe-
lower water or use this stunt as an average Wa- cific weapon, such as a handgun, but not a rifle,
ter Control (Strength) attack against humans machine gun, rocket launcher; or a broadsword,
and others mainly composed of water. but not a dagger, katana, scimitar.
Stunt—Drowning: You can choke a victim with water Stunt—Armor Creation: You can create any form of
using an average Water Control (Strength) at- armor out of thin air. The armor can be from
tack. Each exchange this attack affects a vic- any era and any design. This armor is formed as
tim, damage increases by one level. a contingent action at average difficulty. The
Stunt—Fog: You can create Fog as if he or she had armor provides a Body Armor bonus equal to
that aspect of Weather Control. your intensity.
Stunt—Melting: You can melt solid ice. Stunt—Armory: You can create weapons for others,
Stunt—Propulsion: You can use water to speed water with a maximum intensity divided among all the
vehicles, as with Lighting Speed. weapons. In other words, if you had Weapon
Stunt—Tsunami: You makes an average Water Con- Creation at 15 intensity, you could create three
trol action to form existing water into a wave, weapons with a +5 damage bonus.
then as a contingent action can bring it crashing Stunt—Imbue Weapon: You can empower your
down on all within firing distance. You make an weapons with the ability to harm a particular
type of creature or individual, such as demons 20 Intensity can thus make a 50 degree room
or astral projections, which are invulnerable to into a 200 degree room in one exchange. If the
normal weapons. temperature goes above 120 degrees everyone
in the room suffer the intensity in damage
after subtracting defense. This power can be
WEATHER CONTROL targeted at one individual.
Trump Suit: Intellect Stunt—Lighting Bolts: Assuming a storm is present
Exemplars: Storm, Thor you can strike any individual within firing dis-
Related Powers: Air Control tance with a bolt of lighting. This is an average
Power Skill: Meteorology Weather Control (Agility) electrical attack.
Stunt—Resistance to Weather: You gain Resistance
You can manipulate the weather, including winds, to Weather. You aren't resistant to attacks
temperature, precipitation, and even lightning. In its that come from sources other than weather, so
basic form, the power allows you to reduce or you would have Resistance to lighting bolts but
increase weather effects by your power's intensity. not electricity from a transformer station.
He or she can quell a rainstorm, thicken fog, or Stunt—Tsunami: You makes an average Weather
cause lighting to strike randomly. You can predict Control action to form a wave, then as a contin-
the weather with 100 percent accuracy. Weather's gent action can bring it crashing down on all
intensity can dwarf the power of anything on within firing distance. You makes an average
earth---but usually doesn't. Weather should be Weather Control (Agility) action to damage tar-
treated like any other attack or power: Rainstorms gets within firing distance.
don't usually hurt, and even really hot days aren't all
that dangerous. But when a Weather Controlling
hero alters these effects, they become monstrous:
localized hurricane winds, bone-chilling snow,
drenching waves of rain, heat-stroke aplenty. Thus,
you can generally inflict the power's intensity in
damage to all within firing distance. When you cease
concentration, the weather returns to normal.

Limit—Runaway Weather: If you start using Weath-

er Control, the effects will turn disastrous and
uncontrollable on a negative card draw.
Stunt—Arc Riding: You rides arcs of electricity that
allow Flight while in firing distance of the
ground. You cannot make quick turns or stop. If
you shorts out, he or she will fall (see Electric
Stunt—Downdraft: You can flatten targets with a
blast of air. You make an average Weather Con-
trol (Strength) attack on each individual below,
and if successful against an individual, he or she
loses an action. One action score is generated
for the attack, though individual Strengths will
vary the difficulty from target to target.
Stunt—Flight: You gain Flight.
Stunt—Fog Cloud: You can obscure vision to all with-
The Fate Deck is the heart of the Marvel SAGA
in firing distance, reducing vision to striking
distance. The effect of maximum coverage
game system. Players draw a hand of cards from
lasts with your concentration, and disperses the Fate Deck and play them to determine the
during the next exchange. You can also use this success or failure of their heroes' actions while
power to target a specific individual with fog; Narrators draw cards from the Fate Deck to
this requires an average Weather Control (Agil- provide characters with their bonus each round
ity) action to succeed. You can also use this and to get other random results, like dramatic
stunt with snow if he or she desires. events.
Stunt—Heat Control: You can alter the heat levels Each card in the Fate Deck has a value, a suit, an
within firing distance by roughly 10 degrees aura, a dramatic event, a calling, and a character
Fahrenheit per point of intensity. A hero with
listed on it. This allows the deck to be used in a 3- Jubilee (youthful Exuberance/Rookie Mistake)
variety of ways. The values range from 1 to 10, 4+ Archangel (Protector/Help from Above)
with the majority of cards falling in the middle of 4+ Kymaera (youthful Exuberance/Emotional
the range, around 4-6. There are five suits, four Growth)
aligned with the four abilities (Strength, Agility, 4* Morbius (Animal Nature/Something in the
Intellect, and Willpower) and color-coded Green, Sewers)
Red, Blue, and Purple respectively. The fifth suit 4- Falcon (Exemplar/Bigotry)
is the suit of Doom, colored black. Doom cards go 5+ Deadpool (Repentant/Unlikely Heroism)*
into the Narrator's Doom Pool in play (see the 5+ Wasp (Adventurer/Flight of Fancy)
Game Book for more information). 5* Hawkeye (Adventurer/Goons)
Each card has an aura: positive, negative, or 5* Human Torch (Gloryhound/The Press Arrives)
neutral (these are listed below as +, -, or *). 5- Gambit (Repentant/Change of Heart)
These affect durations, recovery, and other 6* Black Cat (Thrill-Seeker/Costume Damage)
factors in the game. Dramatic events can be used 6* Elektra (Repentant/Accidental Revelation)
to liven up action scenes, giving Narrators ideas 6- Quicksilver (Outcast/Xenophobic Hysteria)
for things that can happen, and each dramatic 6- Silver Sable (Soldier/Lack of Support)
event is associated with a particular Calling that 7+ Daredevil (Guardian/Rescue)
responds strongly to it. 7+ Tigra (Animal Nature/Glimmer of Compassion)
Provided below is a breakdown of all the cards in 8* Nightcrawler (Adventurer/Dramatic Entrance)
the Fate Deck, including the four bonus cards 9* Spider-Man (Responsibility of Power/Warning
Wizards of the Coast offered as a special of Danger)
promotion of the game. 21 cards: 6+, 10*, 5-


1* Werewolf (Animal Nature/Scent of Prey) 1+ Iceman (Responsibility of Power/Cry for Help)
2+ Machine Man (Vestige of Humanity/Power 2+ Bishop (Soldier/Target of Opportunity)
Surge) 3* Polaris (Outcast/Attraction of Attention)
3* Sabra (Idealist/Like-Minded Alignment) 3- Havok (Uncontrolled Power/Out of Control)
3- Luke Cage (Gloryhound/Premature Exposure) 4* Black Knight (Exemplar/Link to the Past)
4+ Nova (Thrill-Seeker/Wild Ride) 4* Cable (Soldier/Weapon Cache)
4* Captain Britain (Exemplar/Validation) 4* Shadowcat (Protector/Endangered Innocents)
4* Sersi (Thrill-Seeker/No Restrictions) 4- Cyclops (Idealist/Dismissiveness)
4* Warbird (Vestige of Humanity/Remembrance 5+ Ant-Man (Repentant/Redemption)
of Home) 5+ Impossible Man (Thrill-Seeker/The
5* Black Bolt (Majesty/Commanding Presence) Impossible Occurs)*
5* Rogue (Uncontrolled Power/Overload) 5* Black Widow (Investigator/Compromising
5- Colossus (Protector/Hostage Situation) Information)
5- Ghost Rider (Vengeance/Eternal Torment)* 5* Doc Samson (Investigator/Strong Evidence)
5- Vision (Vestige of Humanity/Energy Flux) 5* Nick Fury (Soldier/Armed Forces)
6+ She-Hulk (Gloryhound/Public Accolades) 6* Black Panther (Majesty/Blow for Freedom)
6* Thing (Responsibility of Power/Emergency) 6* Moondragon (Explorer/Rift)
6* Wonder Man (Gloryhound/Ignored) 6- Forge (Investigator/Setback)
6- Sub-Mariner (Majesty/Refusal of Authority) 6- Stingray (Explorer/Uncharted Waters)
7+ Thor (Exemplar/Hero Worship) 7+ Beast (Investigator/Breakthrough)
7- Hercules (Adventurer/Arduous Labors) 7* Giant-Man (Explorer/Inexplicable
8* Silver Surfer (Repentant/Soul Searching) Disappearance)
9+ Hulk (Outcast/Cautious Acceptance) 8- Iron Man (Responsibility of Power/Too Many
21 cards: 5+, 10*, 6- Crises)
9+ Mister Fantastic (Explorer/New Discovery)
AGILITY (RED/SPIDER-MAN) 21 cards: 6+, 10*, 5-
1* Cannonball (youthful Exuberance/Baptism by
2* Wolfsbane (Peace of Mind/Time to Reflect) 1+ Banshee (Mentor/Team Unity)
3* Meltdown (youthful Exuberance/Explosion)
2- Moon Knight (Peace of Mind/Fractured 4 of each calling, except 5 of Guardian,
Reality) Repentant, Thrill-Seeker, and Vengeance
3* Shang-Chi (Peace of Mind/Manipulation) 4 Bonus cards
3- Psylocke (Thrill-Seeker/Reckless Leap)
4+ Scarlet Witch (Uncontrolled Power/Mastery) Changes
4* Franklin Richards (Uncontrolled Power/Sudden
Transformation) Powers
4* Stick (Mentor/New Disciples)
4* Storm (Protector/Natural Disaster) Claws: This power is now a stunt of a new power
5+ Clea (Majesty/Adulation) called, Body Weapons
5* Adam Warlock (Vestige of
Humanity/Sacrifice) Horns: This power is now a stunt of a new power
5* Invisible Woman (Guardian/Significant Other) called, Body Weapons
5- Lockheed (Guardian/Aliens Exposed)*
5- Wolverine (Animal Nature/Humanity Loss) Teeth: This power is now a stunt of a new power
6+ Iron Fist (Peace of Mind/Transcendence) called, Body Weapons
6* Nate Grey (Outcast/Mistaken Identity)
6- Phoenix (Guardian/Personal Tragedy) Wings: This power and its applicable stunts and
6- White Queen (Mentor/Negative Influence) limits have been condensed into the power, Flight.
7* Agatha Harkness (Mentor/Misguided Soul)
7* Professor X (Idealist/Crisis of Faith)
8+ Captain America (Idealist/Never Say Die)
9* Doctor Strange (Guardian/Safe Haven)
21 cards: 5+, 10, 6-


1- Rhino (Greed/Worthiness)
2- Electro (Greed/Police Sirens)
3+ Kingpin (Greed/Unprotected Valuables)
3- Sabretooth (Demolisher/Collateral Damage)
4+ Green Goblin (Vengeance/Cunning Scheme)
4- Venom (Vengeance/Blinded by Rage)
5+ Taskmaster (Greed/Chance Windfall)
5- Absorbing Man (Demolisher/Hazmat Leak)
6+ Juggernaut (Demolisher/Structural Collapse)
6- Super-Skrull (Vengeance/Betrayal)
7+ Super-Adaptoid (Demolisher/Unstable
7- Leader (World Domination/Mass Panic)
8+ Loki (Vengeance/Retributive Strike)
8- Annihilus (World Domination/Achilles Heel)
9+ Magneto (World Domination/Pyrrhic Victory)
10+ Doctor Doom (World Domination/Blind
16 cards: 8+, 8-


100 cards
21 of each of four main suits, 16 of Doom suit
5 1s, 5 2s, 10 3s, 18 4s, 22 5s, 18 6s, 10 7s, 6 8s,
5 9s, 1 10
Average card value = 5.08
30+, 40*, 30-
24 callings, 4 of which are villainous (Doom)