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Array Functions Regular Expression Functions Date Formatting

array_diff (arr1, arr2 ...) ereg (pattern, str) Y 4 digit year (2008)
array_filter (arr, function) split (pattern, str) y 2 digit year (08)
array_flip (arr) ereg_replace (pattern, replace, str) F Long month (January)
array_intersect (arr1, arr2 ...) preg_grep (pattern, arr) M Short month (Jan)
array_merge (arr1, arr2 ...) preg_match (pattern, str) m Month 4
(01 to 12)
array_pop (arr) preg_match_all (pattern, str, arr) n Month (1 to 12)
array_push (arr, var1, var2 ...) preg_replace (pattern, replace, str) D Short day name (Mon)
array_reverse (arr) preg_split (pattern, str) l Long day name (Monday) (lowercase L)
array_search (needle, arr) d Day 4
(01 to 31)
array_walk (arr, function) j Day (1 to 31)
Regular Expressions Syntax
count (count)
in_array (needle, haystack) ^ Start of string h 12 Hour 4
(01 to 12)
$ End of string g 12 Hour (1 to 12)
. Any single character H 24 Hour 4
(00 to 23)
String Functions
(a|b) a or b G 24 Hour (0 to 23)
crypt (str, salt) (...) Group section i Minutes 4
(00 to 59)
explode (sep, str) [abc] Item in range (a, b or c) s Seconds 4
(00 to 59)
implode (glue, arr) [^abc] Not in range (not a, b or c)
nl2br (str) \s White space w Day of week 1
(0 to 6)
sprintf (frmt, args) a? Zero or one of a z Day of year (0 to 365)
strip_tags (str, allowed_tags) a* Zero or more of a W Week of year 2
(1 to 53)
str_replace (search, replace, str) a*? Zero or more of a, ungreedy t Days in month (28 to 31)
strpos (str, needle) a+ One or more of a
strrev (str) a+? One or more of a, ungreedy a am or pm
strstr (str, needle) a{3} Exactly 3 of a A AM or PM
strtolower (str) a{3,} 3 or more of a B Swatch Internet Time (000 to 999)
strtoupper (str) a{,6} Up to 6 of a S Ordinal Suffix (st, nd, rd, th)
substr (string, start, len) a{3,6} 3 to 6 of a
a{3,6}? 3 to 6 of a, ungreedy T Timezone of machine (GMT)
\ Escape character Z Timezone offset (seconds)
Filesystem Functions
[:punct:] Any punctuation symbol O Difference to GMT (hours) (e.g., +0200)
clearstatcache () [:space:] Any space character I Daylight saving (1 or 0)
copy (source, dest) [:blank:] Space or tab L Leap year (1 or 0)
fclose (handle)
fgets (handle, len) U Seconds since Epoch 3
PCRE Modifiers
file (file) c ISO 8601 (PHP 5)
filemtime (file) i Case-insensitive 2008-07-31T18:30:13+01:00
filesize (file) s Period matches newline r RFC 2822
file_exists (file) m ^ and $ match lines Thu, 31 Jul 2008 18:30:13 +0100
fopen (file, mode) U Ungreedy matching
fread (handle, len) e Evaluate replacement 1. 0 is Sunday, 6 is Saturday.
fwrite (handle, str) x Pattern over several lines
readfile (file) 2. Week that overlaps two years belongs
to year that contains most days of that
Date and Time Functions
week. Hence week number for 1st
fopen() Modes
checkdate (month, day, year) January of a given year can be 53 if
r Read date (format, timestamp) week belongs to previous year.
r+ Read and write, prepend getdate (timestamp) date("W", mktime(0, 0, 0, 12, 8,
w Write, truncate mktime (hr, min, sec, month, day, yr) $year)) always gives correct number of
w+ Read and write, truncate strftime (formatstring, timestamp) weeks in $year.
a Write, append strtotime (str)
a+ Read and write, append time () 3. The Epoch is the 1st January 1970.

Available free from 4. With leading zeroes