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When talking to someone be conscious of the other person and not of yourself.

Resist any tendency to get depressed or low spirits. Simulate joy and hapiness until you begin to feel their tonic effects. Keep the mind busy with bright, cheery, merry thoughts and laughter and your fit s of depression will soon take flight. Weapons to fight fear are self-reliance, self-cofidence, calmness, self-possessi on. Find the real truth behind the fear Fear of crowds: 1. On entering a public conveyance, public meeting keep in min this central fact - the attitude of the crowd towards you is simply one of idle curiosity. 2.As you proceed to your seat, control your facial muscles and switch your mind away from thoughts of the crowd. 3. When you are settled in your seat look unobstrusively at one person, avoiding his eyes. Note how hw is dressed and try to sumup what kind of a person he is. After a minute or so shift your gaze and look around you. The short rest will ha ve given you time to compose your self and you will find you can look about with out any sense of discomfort. 4. If you see people are laughing and talking do not be so silly as to imagine t hey are probalbly never wsting a thought on you. Turn your mind away from such f oolish fancies and direct your thoughts into some more profitable channle nad yo ur foolish fears will soon cease to trouble you. Never deal with criticism when under sway of emotion; leave it until you can dea l with it in a calm, collected frame of mind. Practice meeting people with a frank,pleasant agreeable manner, for to do this p roplerly you must of necesstiy turn your mind away rom yourself. Your maner will not appeal to others unless you are thinking of them. This gives life and reali ty to your manner. While you are speakin think solely of what you are speaking. Never give a thought to what the stranger may be thinking of you. While he is sp eaking adopt a keen listening attitude