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Which metal is always found in free state in nature-Gold. Bauxite is an ore of-Aluminum.

. Material used for bleaching pulp is-Sodium Hypo -chlori Which gas is leaked in Bhopal gas tragedy-Methyl Isocyanides. The chemical name of table salt is-Sodium Chloride. Chemical name of Vitamin C is Ascorbic Acid. Bone is used as fertilizer because it contains the plant nutrient-Phosphorus. Baking soda is-Sodium Bicarbonat. Plaster of Paris is made from-Gypsum. Which element is common in all acids-Hydrogen. Which element is common in all organic compounds is -Chlorine. What is the function of Green leaves in plants Photosynthesis. Which is largest Gland in human body Liver Which is largest Organ in human body Skin Which is longest Bone in human body Femur Which Gland is called the master Gland Pituitary How many Bones in adult human body 206 How many Bones in childs body 300 What is the temperature of normal human body 36.9C. Which is the helps in clotting in blood Vitamin K. Total volume of blood in normal adult human body 5-6iiters. Red blood corpuscles(RBC)are formed in the bone marrow The largest part of the human brain is the cerebrum What is main component of the bone and teeth Calcium Phosphate The main constituent of hemoglobin is Transport Oxygen The main function of Hemoglobin is - Transport Oxygen. Malaraia is a disease which effect the Spleen Leukemia is a disease of the Blood.

Rickets is a disease of the Bones. ECG is used for the diagnosis of ailments of Heart. Food is normally digested in the Small intestines. The main function of the kidney is To remove waste product from body The human cells contains 46 Chromosomes Acquired immune-deficiency syndrome(AIDS)is caused by Virus The light with the longest wave length in the visible spectrum is Red. In the electric bulb, the gas used is Inert. Centigrade and Fahrenheit scales resemble at ( 40C). Study of insects is called Entomology. The inner layer of the skin is called Dermis Nucleus of an atom has Neutrons and Protons Marsh gas is Methane In fireworks the green flame is produced because of Barium Nuclear fission is caused by the impact Neutron Atom Bomb is based on principal of Nuclear Fission. Glass is made from the mixture of Sand and Salt. Permanent hardness of water may be removed by the addition of Sodium Carbonate. P.V.C is obtained by the polymerization of Vinylchtoride The pursuit form of iron is Cast Iron The element found on the surface of the moon is Titanium One joule is equivalent to-10 ergs The most efficient engine is Electric Wisdom teeth normally grow during the age of- 17- 30 years The yellow colures of urine is due to the presence of Urochrome. Life of RVC in human blood is of 120 days. How many teeth are known as milk teeth in human beings 20. Colure of the skin due to presence of -Melanin

Bile juice secreted by -Lactro meter The smallest cell in the human body are Blood cells. Food is mainly digested in small intestine. The number of ribs in human body is 24 The smallest bone in the human body is Stirrup Total number of bones in human skill are- 30 The hitting element in an electric iron is made of Tungsten. A nuclear reactor uses as fuel Uranium. The Velocity of light was first measured by Roemer. The purity of milk is checked by Lactro meter. The hottest part of the flame lies in its Non luminous Zone. The first life came on this earth In Water An object weights maximum in Vacuum Which is the semiconductor Silicon Ic Chips for Computers are usually made of Silicon A device used for converting AC into DC is called-Rectifier. The volume Urine produced in an adult human every 24 hours is-1.5Liters. The average Gestation period of Sheep is 150 days. The Smallest possible unit of a comical compounds is Molecule The Vitamin which contains Cobalt is B12 The first metal to used by man was Copper All acid essentially contain the element Hydrogen The main active continent of tea and coffee is Caffeine. Pencil lead is made up of Graphite. The human body contains the maximum amount of water.

Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti was registered as a society on 15 August 1950


Who was the Chairman of the first Indian Education Commission Sir John Hunter Who organizes the National Talent Search Competitive Test N.C.E.R.T. When was Central Advisory Board of Education set up 1956 Navodaya Vidyalayas have been set up In Rural Areas The programme Gyan Vani is broadcasted by AIR When was N.C.E.R.T. Established 2nd Oct. 1971 In 1936-37 who submitted the report on technical Education Abbot Who conducts the admission test for Novdaya Vidyalayas N.C.E.R.T. Who was the chairperson of Wardha Scheme Zakir Hussain National law school of India is situated at Bangalor A.I.C.T.E. stands for All India Council of Technical Education In which year University Grants Commission Act was passed 1956 A.D. The central Institude of Indian Languages is located at Mysore Which Organization was established during Bengal Partition National Council of Education Which was the first University to be opened in Britishers time ? Calcutta University To whom did Lord Macaulay present the famous Macaulays minute ? Lord Bentinck In which year C.B.S.E. set up open school ? 1985 What was the other name for hunter commission Indian Education Commission What amount was sanctioned by Charter Act of 1813 to be spent on education ? One Lakh Reshtriya Sanskrit Sansthan has its head quarters at New Delhi Which is the first open University of India ? Indira Gandhi open University New Delhi What is the Minimum qualification requird to appear in any examination of the Open University ? No Minimum qulification Regional College of Education for the Northern region is located at Ajmer Where is situated the Regional College of Education for the eastem region ? Bhuvaneshwar Where is Regional College of Education for Western region ? Ujjain Regional College of Education for the Southern region is at Mysore

The Regional Colleges of Education were set up by the N.C.E.R.T. with the co-operation of Planning Commission of India Generally the medium of instruction in Public School is English The famous Doon Public School is located at Dehra Dun The famous Doon Public School Bishop Cotton is situated at Shimla The famous Lawrence Public School is at Sanawar The famous Shivaji Public School is at Pune The famous Air Force Central School is situated at Delhi Cantt Tamil Nadu has a Sainik School at Amrauathinagar The Sainik School in Orissa is at Bhuvaneshwar The Sainik School in Karnataka is at Bijapur Gandhi had which Educational Degree ? Law Gandhi got his law Degree from England Where did Gandhi as a teacher ? South Africa Who said A cowardly teacher cannot make his students valiant ? M.K. Gandhi Effective teaching is a function of -Teachers methodology What should be the attitude of the teacher towards school authorities ? Cordial The attitude of teacher towards new idea should be Receptive Teachers should be made accountable for Teaching An excellent teacher must be Good guide As a teacher, you are never supposed to be angry I am a human and can also be angry What is your Prime duty as a teacher ? To help the student in understanding Physical and Social Environment What is the best Quality of the teacher ? good human subject being The enthusiastic teachers generally ? involve the students in learningteaching process A teacher has better chances of succeeding if ? he is properly trained for the profession Does the teachers enjoy the freedom to make their syllabus flexible ? False A good teacher can overcome the defects of ? System A quality teacher always reaches the school ? Before the morning assembly is over

Why you want to make teaching as a career ? it make you eligible for the profession in ten months Generally a good number of students do not like to go to the class rooms because- the curriculum is dull What is attitude feeling A good teacher priority in school is his students Peoples attitude towards teaching is becoming positive because perceiving teaching as a profession Who can be creative teacher- develop thinking ability among the students Among the students faith in the human values can be generated through Moral Education If as teacher you give too much liberty to students what will be result indiscipline in the class room If some one does not agree with you what will you do polite explain your view point to him As a teacher what means of recreation will you like to prefer literary magazines and news papers A teacher always learns and he learns from Students What enhances the status and respect of a teacher community service Why a teacher fails in maintaining discipline in the class because he lacks consistency in his approach to discipline What type behavior is expected from a teacher in the class room calm, dignified and composed Why a teacher should be lover of sports it encourages the students to take part in sports