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Individual Activity



with Twitch at the Science and Industry Museum

1. Which of these worked to help Twitch get on top of the box? pencil ___________yes___________ sandwich_______kindof-- fell alseep at the top___________ tower______no way-- it fell on top of Twitch___________ green triangle______no, too steep_____ 2. More _____distance___ lets you use less ___force___to do the same amount of __work____. 3. An inclined plane is a __flat___ surface with one edge raised _higher___ than the other. 4. Do all inclined planes look alike?___no__ Is a staircase an inclined plane? ___yes___ 6. I have to move the _____fulcrum____ in order to change where Twitch is launched. 7. A lever is a _simple machine__ used for _raising____ or moving weights, centered on a ____fulcrum______, or turning point. 8. Moving the fulcrum changes the amount of __force_____ it takes to raise the load. 9. Is a shovel a lever? ____yes___ 10. If so, where, or what is, the fulcrum? _the person holding it_____


Individual Activity

Simple Machines Video Inclined Planes Watch the movie. Then, use what you learn to complete this page.

Match the following terms to their meaning:

inclined plane screw pitch ramp spiral staircase difference between the thread of a screw

Fill in the blanks: What did they use to build the pyramids a long time ago? ___ramps/ inclined plane__ Latin derived word for sloping: ______inclined_______ Latin derived word for flat: ___plane____________ Draw an example of an inclined plane below:

Draw an example of an inclined plane that would use less work to go up than than the one you drew above:

MACHINE MISSION: Part 3 MAKE A(N) __________________ Observe...


Individual Activity

What materials could you think of that might be useful in building your simple machine? Make a prediction... The best way to arrange my materials to make a _______________________ would look like this: Draw a picture in the box below.

Procedure Build your simple machine just like in your picture. Test it out! Try rolling a sphere or a cylinder down your inclined plane. OR Try launching a cotton ball from you lever a whole 6 inches. Results I think it ( did / did not ) work because: _____________________________________________________________________________


MACHINE MISSION: Part 4 Choice #1

Individual Activity

second of the SIMPLE MACHINES GAME with Twitch at the Science and Industry Museum

11. What wheels did you try first? (circle one) cookies 12. Did it work? yes What happened? I was able to stop in time.... larger wheels did not give me control of my stopping. Why do you think you got the results you did? I think the size of the wheel determines the amount of work done. What will you try next? 13. A _wheel-and-axle______ is a moveable simple machine with a ________________ point in the center. 14. Another example of a wheel-and-axle is a ___steering wheel__________. 15. A pulley is a simple machine with one or more _grooved____ wheels connected by a __rope____. 16. Using more rope means__force spread among more distance_______________________________. 17. Covering more distance means _____using less force___________________. 18. True or false, some elevators are run by pulleys. __true______ CONCLUSIONS: Simple machines trade _force_____________ for _distance_______ when doing work. The more __distance____, the less __force___ needed. 16 block button rocket-ship pin

MACHINE MISSION: Part 4 Choice #2

Individual Activity

FLOWCHART Show what you find while you go through The House and The Tool Shed.


Team Activity

SIMPLE MACHINES IN OUR SCHOOL COMMUNITY What We Saw Type of Simple Machine Specifically, the work this machine does

I think that people use ______________________________ the most out of all of the simple machines. I think the ________________________ is the most useful, because_____________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________________________________________________ _ __________________________________________________________________________________________ _

MACHINE MISSION: Part 6 Inventors Toolbox

Team Activity

Use the Inventors Toolbox website to explore some design and construction ideas. Start you plan for your compound machine.

What is your machine going to do? Some materials we might use/need are:

Drawing of what it may look like:

Step 1: ________________________________________________________________________ Step 2: ________________________________________________________________________ Step 3: ________________________________________________________________________ Step 4: ________________________________________________________________________


Step 5: ________________________________________________________________________

MACHINE MISSION: Part 7 Choice #1 MACHINE THINKQUEST Name the simple machines that make up scissors:

Team Activity

Name the simple machines that make up a bike:


MACHINE MISSION: Part 7 Choice # 2 Project Treehouse online quiz Equation for WORK:

Team Activity

a scalar quantity that can be described as the product of a force times the distance through which it acts, and it is called the work of the force

What is a mechanical advantage? a measure of the force amplification achieved by using a tool, mechanical device or machine system. Efficiency = ( work output/ work input ) x 100

The mechanical advantage of a wedge is determined by: dividing the length of the slope by the thickness of the widest end

Whats a windlass? A device used to hoist objects with rope or cable