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Lesson Title: Persuasive Techniques in Advertising Part IV Lesson Overview: Students will have a chance to quickly come up with an advertisement for a product. Class/Content Area: Business Grade Level: 9-12 Length: 1 day (1 hr., 20 min. class) Lesson Objectives: Given a product to promote, student will create an advertisement using one of the three mediums in 45 minutes.

Skills Taught/Key Concepts: Application of advertising skills learned. Teamwork, deadlines, DOE Standards/Performance Indicators: Old GDOE Standards Content Standard 1: Basic Principles and Practices: Business, Industry and Govt. 1.HS.8 Demonstrate knowledge in the language of Business. 1.HS.38 Develop, implement and evaluate a marketing (advertising) project.

SAT-10 Alignment Reading Comprehension - Critical Thinking Listening Comprehension Information ESLR Addressed:
__x___ Problem Solver Technologically Literate ___x__ Effective Communicator _____ Responsible Citizens _____

Materials/Resources: Commercial Dig Reflection Questions Handout, Chart paper, markers, colored pencils, paint, Checking for Understanding: Demonstrating, designing Methods of Assessment: Assignment Completion, Discussion Guided Practice: Hands-on Models/Examples n/a

Anticipatory Set: OPEN DISCUSSION

Ask students if they are interested in the Advertising Career. Talk about what kinds of jobs are available in the Advertising. Talk about requirements needed for the job; education, skills, etc.

Instructional Strategy: (Oral Presentation & Worksheet)

I. Discussion: Ask student from Handout (Commercial Dig Reflection Questions) (answers will vary)

II. Group students into teams of 3 or 4 people. A. Tell students they are to work together as an advertising team to come up with an advertisement of their choice for a product _________________________. B. The group may decide to use print, radio, tv commercial, internet ad. 1. Print use chart paper, markers, colored pencil, etc. 2. Radio Create script and say it 3. TV commercial Act it out 4. Internet Use chart paper or use computer (publisher, word, paint, etc.) C. Pass out Handout (Planning your Advertisement) 1. Tell students to use this handout as their guidelines in creating the ad. D. Tell students they have 45 minutes to create the ad. Ads will be presented at the end of the period.

Closing Activity
Discussion. Ask students what were their feelings creating the ad. Ask if they have a clearer understanding of the art and science of creating advertisements.




Other (Field Trip, Contributors/Contacts, References, Additional Resources, Comments, etc.