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ASSESSMENT Subjective Loss of Appetite Objective Poor Skin Turgor Dry skin Dry mouth Fatigue or weakness Chills

DIAGNOSIS Acute Dehydration due to due to the increased body temperature and sweating PLANNING After 8 hrs of nursing intervention the patient will display improvement on the Objective cues INTERVENTION Monitor and document vital signs Assess skin turgor and mucous membranes for signs of dehydration. Assess color and amount of urine Monitor temperature Promote increase in fluid and electrolyte intake Administer parenteral fluids as ordered RATIONALE To evaluate patient's current health status skin in elderly patients loses its elasticity; therefore skin turgor should be a ssessed over the sternum or on the inner thighs Concentrated urine indicates fluid deficit Febrile states decrease body fluids through perspiration and increased respirat ion To replace loss body fluid Anticipate the need for an IV fluid with immediate infusion of fluids for patien ts with abnormal vital signs. EVALUATION Goal was met. After 8 hrs of nursing intervention the patient displayed improvement on the Objective cues