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Through continious research Nipro aims at offering patients around the world the best renal care. Nipro is one of the largest manufacturers of dialyzers in the world, but understands that the dialysis machine is the heart of the treatment.
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Nipro has a proud history of both challenging the technological limits and creating innovative solutions that improve renal care every day.
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This means being continuously aware of the many challenges that dialysis clinics face today and in the future.

Identifying these challenges and integrating them into our product design is part of our ongoing commitment to ensure we continue to answer all your clinical needs.

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The Surdial 55Plus is an easy to use dialysis machine offering patients the best renal replacement therapy to increase their well being and quality of life.

It is a cost-efficient machine that combines proven technology with new advanced features for improved treatment.

With its color LCD touch screen, operating this machine is easy. The turnable and clear display gives you a good overview of your treatment data.




Touch Panel Design

Treatment screens are designed to be easy to use and are integrated. Treatment parameters can be changed via the touch panel Dimension (cm) Weight Power Supply Water Supply

Technical Specifications
29(W)x42(D)x136,5(H) AC 230V/AC 110V 10% Max. Consumption: 2000VA Temperature: 17~30C (4C~30C with Heat Exchanger) Pressure: 0.05MPa to 0.74MPa Quantity: 900ml or more Quality: AAMI standard Acetate and Bicarbonate Dialysis Sequential UF Single Needle (Single Pump) UF & Conductivity Profile Touch Screen Self-Check Back-up Battery Volumetric Control (by Ceramic pump) UF rate: 0, 0.10 to 5.00L/hr Accuracy: 30g/hr 130 to 200 mmol/l (A: 50 to 125 mmol/l) 300 to 700ml/min (Max. 800ml/min with factory option) 32.0C to 39.0C 30 to 500ml/min Delivery Range: 0.1 to 9.9 ml/hr Syringe Size: 10, 20 and 30ml Stop Program is available Ultrasonic Sensor Min. 0.3l (at Qb=200ml/min) -500 to 500mmHg -500 to 500mmHg Water Rinse Chemical Rinse (disinfection) Acid Rinse Hot Citric disinfection (factory option) Auto Rinse programs Optical Sensor

Touchscreen Panel

The color touchscreen enables easy operation of the menus.

Syringe Pump

Allows infusion of heparin or prescription drugs during dialysis. Purge infusion, bolus infusion and programmed infusion are possible.



Air Bubble Detector

Detects air bubbles in the bloodlines and is activated automatically during each session.

Sodium, Bicarbonate and UF profiles are built in features. When using profiling for Sodium, Bicarbonate and UF, 6 options can be stored and selected respectively.

UF Control Conductivity Range

Blood Pump

2 roller arms stabilize the bloodflow.


Maintenance and conductivity settings have been protected by password to prevent accidental misoperation.

Dialysis Flow Range (Qd) Dialysate Temperature Blood Pump Rate (Qb) Syringe Pump Bubble Detector Venous Pressure Sensor Arterial Pressure Sensor Rinse Program


Most common rinse and desinfection methods are available. Various rinse programs can be set daily and weekly.

Blood Leak Detector OPTIONAL UNITS

Automatic blood pressure monitor unit Acid Rinse port unit CF flashing unit Hot Citric disinfection & Dialysis Flow range (Qd) 800ml/min (factory option) Heat Exchanger unit (factory option) Bicarbonate powder cartridge system (factory option) Support of dialysis stock solution tank