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Week One Discussion Questions It is crucial for a manager to know and understand the fair employment laws.

What can you do to create a supportive environment in which your employees understand these laws? Which communication strategies would you recommend? To create a supportive environment for employees to understand the fair employment laws, a manager should begin with a good, solid orientation or training that introduces all the fair employment laws and also produce copies of these laws for each employee. This is the communication strategy that is recommended and also using posters around the workplace that lists the laws as well is a good communication strategy. What is the best way to ensure that an organization is complying with employment laws? Explain your answer. The best way to ensure that an organization is complying with employment laws is to require mandatory tests that test the knowledge of the employment laws or new/changed laws. There are many online tests and resources available to make sure that employment laws are understood and followed correctly. How can an organization ensure they are complying with employment law? What resources might they use to validate their compliance? An organization can ensure they are complying with employment laws by having routine audits. Also an auditing tool can be used by an inside manager to validate the companys compliance at all times. This can be used before the true audit is done by an outside auditor. The results can then be used to see where the company stands in comparison to other companies and also make improvements to the areas that are weak. What is a difference in a union and nonunion organization? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each organization type? Provide an example of a union organization and of a nonunion organization. The difference between a union and nonunion is that the union is advanced in that the interests of its members are protected. The advantage of a union is that it generally improves the social and economic conditions of the worker. Another advantage is that it serves as a negotiation between the employer and the union itself. A nonunion does not have these privileges of negotiation. However, a huge disadvantage of the union is that everyone has different interests and all interests cannot possibly be met between the employer and the union members. This is what sometimes can lead to a strike in a union organization. An example of a union is General Motors and Railroad workers. An example of a good nonunion organization is IBM. Reference Cascio, W. F. (2010). Managing human resources: Productivity, quality of work life,

profits (8th ed.) New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.