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Being Present and Connecting with Women Notes

I. What is Presence? a. Being grounded b. Being in your body (not in your head) c. In the moment - Not thinking about what to do or say d. Connecting in a deep way through emotional intensity e. Genuine/Honest f. Showing a vulnerable side - put down your shields and tell her how you feel g. Showing strength - Nothing cant phase you

II. Why Do You Need to Be Present? a. Grounded men are more attractive than men who are not grounded b. Women connect through emotions and feeling your presence c. Do you want to be natural or a social robot? d. Women can see through the lines and can sense your agenda e. Women can sense when youre sincere - Like the salesman that just wants your money f. Women will feel safe with you g. Your energy is more important than your words

III. How do you become more grounded? a. Do activities that use your body - Sports, Exercise, Yoga b. Do activities that get you out of your head - Yoga, Meditation, Music c. Stop using other PUAs material and rehearsed lines d. Avoid over-learning and becoming a keyboard jokey - Get out there and have real experiences with people

IV. Examples of Being Grounded a. Good actor VS Bad actor b. Fireman/Policeman c. Rock star on stage d. Pro athlete during the game e. Watch movies with attractive males to see examples of groundedness

V. How to Get Out of Your Own Head a. Focus on your breathing b. Feel your body c. 3 second rule d. Talk to everyone - When you walk into a venue talk to someone within 60 seconds (doesnt matter what you say just say something)

VI. Routines VS Natural a. PUA Routines are like training wheels (you want to stop using them as soon as possible) b. Use your own routines and stories c. Be congruent d. YOU DONT NEED ROUTINES (in fact, in many cases they can hold you back from real success)

VII. Energy and State a. Fun - Music, friends, hi five b. Talkative - Talk to everyone not just hot chicks c. Masculine - Living your purpose - Grounded/unshaken - Strength (not physical) d. Live an interesting and exciting life

VIII. Managing Tension a. Women Love Tension, Men Hate It b. Women test to see how grounded you are c. Tension = Attraction d. Introduce the Tension e. Be Bold and take risks f. Its all about subtleties, Subcommunication and body language Maintaining eye contact

Being unmoved and unshaken Not showing nervousness with things get tense

IX. Exercises a. Notice men whom appear grounded and ungrounded b. Feel your body - Walk on your heels - Slow down your movements - Be aware of your body parts - Feel your energy traveling downwards c. Focus on your breathing

X. Resources a. The Way of the Superior Man by David Dieda b. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle c. Inner Confidence with Robbie Kramer

XI. Assignments a. Read either The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida or The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. If youve already read both of these books, then pick one and re-read it. b. Meditate before you go out to clear your mind and calm yourself. c. 7 approaches no pick up lines, canned openers or canned routines. Use the 3-second rule on each approach (dont wait more than 3 seconds to approach a girl that youve spotted). d. Rule: always do 1 approach before you order a drink. e. Get honest feedback if any girl dismisses you before I leave your life forever I want you to be completely honest with me and dont worry I can take it, why did you dismiss me?

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