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FREQUENTLY USED TERMS IN ISO AUDITS 1.1 HACCP: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points 1.

2 HYGIENE: This encompasses the entire gambit of good hygiene and sanitation process of the production areas, equipment, production methods & process adopted, personal hygiene of the food handlers, food handling apparatus. 1.3 FOOD HANDLERS: Any person or group of persons coming in direct contact with the food items, raw materials used in preparation, preparation and processing of the food, packing operations etc. 1.4 PREREQUISITE PROGRAMME [PRP]: Basic conditions and activities those are necessary to maintain hygienic conditions through out the food chain to ensure food safety. 1.4 OPERATIONAL PREREQUISITE PROGRAMME [OPRP]: Identified during Hazard analysis in order to control the likelihood of introducing food safety hazards. 1.5 CRITICAL CONTROL POINT [CCP]: Step at which control can be applied to eliminate or control the hazard to acceptable limit 1.6 FOOD SAFETY TEAM LEADER [FSTL]: A person with sufficient knowledge, education and experience vested with the executive powers 1.7 CRITICAL LIMIT: Criterion which determines /separates acceptability from unacceptable

1.8 ALARM LIMIT: A limit which is acceptable but if unchecked may become unsafe 1.9 TARGET VALUE: Desired level of food safety 1.10 CORRECTION: Action to eliminate detected nonconformity 1.11 CORRECTIVE ACTION: Action to eliminate the cause of detected non conformity 1.12 CAPA: Corrective And Preventive Action

1.13 Validation: Validation is the process of obtaining evidence that the intended end requirement is comprehensively met through a series of tests and trials 1.14 Verification: Confirmation with objective evidence that specified requirements have been fulfilled.