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IMO Model Course 6.09 Batch 64, October 17 to 24 2011 Standing (L-R) Maria Salvacion L. Belotendos, Kristine B.

Jalog, Eva L. Alcantara, Eric P. Miso, Kenneth Joy D. Cataraja, Paul Joseph M. Estrera, Rolando D. Palilan, Jose Jonald Y. Echeveria, Redemptor P. Ladica, Tom P. Racaza, Danilo S. Galvez, Arnold T. Dacuno, Roel C. Hubayan, Mark Anthony Y. Badiang, Edwin S. Tolentino, Pepito D. Sinodlay, Cesar M. Minoza, Nesto B. Ong, Manuel F. Suganob, Norman L. Anas, Kenneth P. Iran, Julius Conato, Maria Luisa M. Yrastorza, Andres D. Jamila, Adrian C. Ranido Seated (L-R) Belinda S. Tagolimot, Aquarius E. Reyes, John R. Jaromahum, Elena Avedillo Cruz, Emiliano E. Duran, Flordeliza T. Martin, Pierre Angelie M. Batara, Sheryl B. Dela Cruz, Kristina P. Garridos Capitol University, College of Maritime Education enhanced the teaching skills of its faculty by inviting the Development Academy of the Philippines to conduct a seminar on IMO Model Course 6.09 last 17 to 24 October 2011 at the Mock Bridge. The course is designed to equip maritime instructors with
the knowledge and skills on principles and theories of learning and teaching, teaching methodologies, presentation skills, assessment of learning, and classroom management. It also aims to develop positive attitudes towards teaching and learning and enhance understanding of IMO and its contribution to training of the Filipino seafarers. The seminar conducted was in compliance of the University to the STCW 78 as amended 2010 Particularly Regulation I/6 of the Conventions and Section A I/6 of the code. Regulation I/6 states that every party shall ensure that those responsible for the training and assessment of competence of seafarers, as required under the convention are appropriately qualified in accordance with the provisions of section A-I/6 of the STCW code for the type and level of training or assessment involved. Source: STCW 1978 as amended 2010 STCW Convention Regulation I/6 The course was facilitated and headed by its Project Manager, Flordeliza T. Martin together with the faculty and resource persons of the Development Academy of the Philippines namely Capt. Michael B. Cuanzon Maritime Consultant, Dr Cristina Mencias Consultant, Ms Elena Avedillo-Cruz

Managing Director, Ms Maria Esperanza B. Rasco Consultant, Ms Pierre Angelie M. Batara Technical Staff, Ms Sheryl B. Dela Cruz Technical Staff The CME faculties that were present are 2/M Mark Anthony Y. Badiang, 2/M Jose Jonald Y. Echeveria, C/E Danilo S. Galvez, 3/E Roel C. Hubayan, 2/M Kenneth P. Iran, 2/M Andres D. Jamila, C/M John R. Jaromahum, 2/M Romeo B. Minoza Jr., Phd, Capt Nestor B. Ong, 3/E Ronaldo D. Palilan, Capt Tom P. Racaza, 2/M Manuel F. Suganob, and 2/M Edwin S. Tolentino. Faculties from various departments were also invited to attend the said seminar. They are Eva L. Alcantara, Norman L. Anas, Maria Salvacion L. Belotendos, Kenneth Joy D. Cataraja, Arnold T. Dacuno, Paul Joseph M. Estrera, Cristina P. Garridos, Kristine B. Jalog, Redemptor P. Ladica, Dr Eric P. Miso, Adrian C. Ranido, Aquarius E. Reyes, Pepito D. Sinodlay, Belinda S. Tagolimot, and Maria Luisa M. Yrastorza.

The seminar was concluded with a simple graduation ceremony wherein the elected President of the IMO MC 6.09 Batch 64, C/M John R. Jaromahum gave a unique opening remarks and Dr Luvismin S. Aves delivered a very inspiring message to the participants. Dr. Aves awarded a copy of the certificates to the participants together with the Superintendent of CME and the Managing Director of the Development academy of the Philippines. It was a solemn evening. Everyone was both happy and a little bit emotional. It was in this activity that the faculty became closer. With the camaraderie and skills obtained from this course by the participants, the cadets of Capitol University, College of Maritime Education will surely have an edge next school year.