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Notes Viboothi Prayoham Arul sadhanangal things which absorb mantra sakthi Whether we call a policeman by his name

his name or by his no. it has the same effect. Similarly, chanting short mantras has the same effect as a big song. Everybody has immense power within him. Just like an elephant does not know its strength and keeps obeying its mahout, we dont realize that power. That power can be brought out by yoga sadana or mantra sadana. Eat sathvic food for more effect Chant mantra in mind not orally mind is more effective Preparatory phase Nadi sudhdhi pranayama close right nostril with right thumb let out fully through left nostril breath in through left let out through right breath in through right let out through left that completes one cycle Repeat six times first week Seven times second week Reach 12 times in sixth week not more than 12 Dont do on empty stomach dont do after eating food - drink a little milk before doing Avoid non-veg (including fish) Use moderate salt, moderate spice Nadi sudhdhi purifies blood Bio-electricity increases Health and vitality increases Always melt ghee and use Dilute butter milk and use Butter is good fresh Om chanting Om is called pranav mantra. There are many pranav mantra, not just one Hreem is called Shakti pranavam Om is for mind, Hreem is for body Sunday surya - sowram Monday sivam - saivam Tuesday shakti - saktam Wednesday vishnu - vaishnavam Thursday - Ganesha Friday Muruga Kaumara Saturday sastha, saneeswaran no good deeds on this day Sidhdha who is? one who controls panchaboothas Na earth Ma - water

Si- agni Va- vayu Ya - akash Always ya comes last in all mantras

Saiva mantras Om na ma si va ya chanting achieves pancha bootha related objectives Om si va ya na ma forties our sukshma body aavi udal Om si va ya si va Om si va si va highest form all temples display si va si va 12 times si va si va = 108 potri chanting Si va Si va increases bio-magnetism and takes the man into higher spiritual plane. Normal grahasta shall not chant that. Then what to do? Chant Om Si va Si va Om - It has removed obstacles, people got what they deserved to get Om Si va ya va Si very powerful when all is lost chant 1 lakh times iruthalai Si mantram fiery body can erupt nullifies billi sunyam eval Vaishnava mantras Om Namo Narayanaya for saints Om Hari Hari Om for a grahasta Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Namah to get what was lost somebody is enjoying what belongs to us Dhruva was chanting Om Namo Narayana Naradha told him this is for moksha First amma then ayya namah parvati pathaye followed hara hara mahadeva Islamiya mantra Muhaideen andavar mantra Him chant 108 times morning and 108 times in evening Sakala karya sidhdhi ya huzur Christian mantra In hoc signo vinces - HIS (In this sign conquer" ) selvam advised an amulet of a cross with these words below to be kept with them when they attempted a task. They succeeded.

Budhdha mantras Budhdham saranam etc is for moksha Hum Hung for grahasta Jain mantra Jains discovered swastika Swastika turning right side gives prosperity Swastika turning left destroys enemies The mirror-image forms are often described as: From wikipedia * left-facing and right-facing;

* clockwise and counterclockwise; * left-hand and right-hand. Left-facing and right-facing are used mostly consistently referring to the upper arm of an upright swastika facing either to the viewers left () or right (). The other two descriptions are ambiguous as it is unclear whether they refer to the arms as leading or being dragged or whether their bending is viewed outward or inward. However, clockwise usually refers to the right-facing swastika. The terms are used inconsistently (sometimes even by the same writer), which is confusing and may obfuscate an important point, that the rotation of the swastika may have symbolic relevance, although little is known about this symbolic relevance. Less ambiguous terms might be clockwise-pointing and counterclockwise-pointing. Mantra is not clear at 36:00 min Morning hold 3 banana in hand and chant 108 times morning and again in evening. Next day give it to cow (6 bananas) do it for 40 days all your wishes fulfilled

Devatha mantra Ashta ganapathi dhyanam (8 sidhdhis) Om kli ang ung elephant will chase (in dreams) as you keep chanting it =============
Mantras Education "Om sreem hreem kleem kamalatharani mahalakshimi swaha" "Om hreem klim vidya rajaya metha thatchana moorthaye namaha" Sickness "Om sreem hreem klim kamala tharani nityapustayai namaha" 'Om Thanvanthariye namaha" "Om Aswini devathayai namaha Wealth :"Om sreem sriyai namaha" "Om sreem sriyai kubera lakshimiyai namaha"

These mantras were blesses by His Holiness Swami Bramma Sri Sivananda

"Om sreem sriyai kubera lakshimyai kamalatharinyai simha vahinyai swaha" "Om astalakshimyai namaha.. Om kuberaya namaha" Evil Forces "Om om sivaya namaha" "Om aiyum kliyum saivum sivaya namaha" "Om aim hreem klim chamundayai viche" Navagraha "Om Navagrahaya vasi vasi sivayasi swaha" "Om Satguru navagraha sadhagaya swaha" Eye diseases "Om sreem hreem kleem kamaltarani netrayai swaha" Karya siddhi "Om aam hreem hrom hegi parameswariye vaa" Good relation with husband "Om sreem hreem kleem kamalatarani yasyaayai namaha" Satya Narayana pooja- done on full moon days. "Om Sree satya narayanaya namaha" Anchaneyar mantra "Om satguru rama baktha anchaneyaya sadhagaya swaha" Ganapathi mantra "Om kli ang ung siva siva athi ganapathi vaa vaa sarvam vasya nama" Rogam "Om kabala kabala rudri puthalva va va aiyanariya va swaha"

"Om vala subramanya mahadevi putra swami va swaha" Siva mantra "Om rang ring yanama siva sarva papa nivaraniyame" "Om jwala mugi ma ma ratcha ratcha swaha" Mantra for Amvasya Pitru Pooja 1. Om Vasu Rupaya Namaha 2. Om Rudra Rupaya Namaha 3. Om Atidya Rupaya Namaha 4. Om Namo Narayanaya Namaha 5. Om Hari Narayanaya Namaha 6. OM Shiva Sankara Namaha 7. Om Rang Ring Yanama Siva Sarva Paaba Nivaraniyame- Om Jwalamugi Mama Ratcha Ratcha Swaha ============= Varahi upasana lion may chase in dreams Nandeeswarar dhyanam (nandi denotes our nose ) ang ring sing sim siva chant 1 lakh times Balasubramaniyar dhyanam Om Kli Sim Bala Bairavar Kli Ang Kli Ang Karna Bhairavar Mantra om krim kagarna vidhye mama karna vivaram anugraha vidhye aadita anahata vartamanam mama karne vadha vadha swaha - voices will be heard in the ear it will be like police radio lots of voices - chattering. Think of a question and keep the sanghu in right ear and listen you will get answers Agastiyar mandra vaal Om hreem mohi mohi Om hreem vasi vasi Om hreem sthambaya sthambaya selvam got into trouble with this Om hreem aakarshaya aakarshya