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3-2692677851 261225 3-3479302341

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278287 3-4407187261

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286129 3-3695781451

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11931285, 9413883

291312 3-4887324041

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294224 3-4903156131

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6272085 , 7230160 QA2 7226660,6902249,67613 85 QA2




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When we transfer hours from one project to other project, the burden cost is showing us positive even though the hours are negative for adjusted expenditures When trying to import approve timecards to Projects,We are getting the error 'NO_ASSIGNMENT

The invoices with Invoice# ZH74FB and Invoice# ZH785M are not picked up by PRC: Interface Supplier Costs. Project 57726 has an invoice# 173365 which was credited (invoice# 174056). But funding inquiry screen is still showing invoice amount as $4,282.21, it should be 0. While importing my timecard into Oracle it copied all data correctly into the fields and displayed it but closing the operation by clicking on Recalculate, Save or continue ended in a timeout. Only after drastically reducing the number of lines from 42 to 20 made the import worked well. PRC: Transaction Import program is not picking the approved timecards for some employees. And, for some employees, some of their approved timecards are imported to PA but some are not.

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Vijay : We are testing on the issue and will update you soon... Oracle: suggested to apply the patch 6902249 and 6761385. but it is not applied till now. Rounaq : we are waiting for approval

Rounaq :- We are still awaiting on approvals to apply the patch in our test instance.

Previous issue get solved.but when the instance is going to be clone, we should run the patch again.

Oracle wants some output file, but no responce from our side

Oracle wants some output file, but no responce from our side

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we are waiting for approval

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