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FORMS IN THE SECONDARY LEVEL Records and Forms In order to systematize and/or standardize reporting, schools in the Philippines

legally recognized by the DepEd have devised ways to attain this purpose. One of these ways is through printed forms. Public or private educational institutions in the elementary and secondary levels particularly have their own forms that could have facilitate the preparation of reports. A. DepEd Form 1 DepEd Form 1 or Pansarili at Taunang Talaan otherwise known as the School Register is a booklet type of form which on the front cover page contains information such as the name of the school, the school district, and the division where the school is located, the grade/level/class/section and the teachers name. On the inside pages are found the report of pupils names, their attendance and absences, and the reasons for their absences. B. DepEd Form 2 DepEd Form 2 or the Daily Attendance Report, as the name suggests, contains the teachers monthly report on enrolment and attendance. This is prepared and certified true and correct by the teacher. C. DepEd Form 18-A DepEd Form 18A or Report on Secondary Promotions is equivalent to DepEd form 18-E1 and 18-E2 (for the Elementary). In this form, the following are found: Curriculum; School; Municipality; Date (this form is prepared); Curriculum Year and Sections; Name of Students (surname first, arranged alphabetically; Home Address; years in School; Age; Total Number of Days of Attendance in Curriculum Year; Final Rating; Action Taken; Credits Earned and Action Taken (Retain or promoted); Total Age of Students and the Initials of Teachers in spaces at the bottom of the columns headed by the subject taught. This form is accomplished by the teacher adviser and is submitted by the Principal and approved by the Superintendent of Schools. This contains too, the due date of submission to the Division Office. D. DepEd Form 137-A DepEd Form 137-A or the Secondary School Permanent Record (Palagiang Talaan sa Mataas na Paaralan) is a very important and confidential record in terms of specific data regarding to individual pupil. It contains data on academic as well as character building progress of the pupil from First year to Fourth year level. Furthermore, it contains information as to the pupils

eligibility for admission to a particular grade at the end of every school year. Attendance of the pupil is also recorded. A Certificate of Transfer is reflected at the last part of the form. E. DepEd Form 138-A DepEd Form 138-A or the Progress Card is a form which basically reports the academic achievement of the pupil per grading period. It also reveals the status or development of the character of the learner. Other data like the attendance report per month and narrative report are found. A Certificate of Transfer is found on the front page. This form is signed by the teacher and the principal of the school and is given to the parents of the child for their comments at the end of every grading period. Then, it is returned to the respective teachers until the reports for the whole school year are accomplished. This form is then given back to the parents at the end of the school year. Student teachers have to orient themselves with the aforementioned forms as an inevitable experience because whether they like it or not, they have to accomplish some of these as part of practice teaching and actual teaching experience. It would be enriching on their part to know these DepEd forms.