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NOTE: etong guide na ito ay para sa mga hindi ma install ang addtap_hss_adapter. exe ng maayos.

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Download , install it , reboot from safemode, delete Hotspot Shield folder from its instalation directory C:\Program Files\Hotspot Shield then reboot to normal mode HSS-2.18.exe (for 32bit and 64bit user s)

(note 1: just delete the folder and never uninstall hotspot shield) (note 2: for vista/7 users remember to right click and run as administrator / ch ange compatibility mode into XP mode) (note 3: para sa hindi marunong mag safemode, click nyo lang tong link sa baba) How to start Windows in Safe Mode

after nyo masunod tong guide na ito, continue na kayo STEP 2 sa original post ko