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Plot Pyramid

Romeo and Juliet

Plot Pyramid
Act III: Crisis or Turning Point
Tybalt kills Mercutio; Romeo kills
Tybalt; Prince banishes Romeo from
Verona; Capulet will allow Paris to
marry Juliet; Romeo and Juliet
spend night together; Juliet refuses
Act IV: Falling Action
Act II: Rising Action Juliet and Friar Lawrence come up
Balcony scene: Romeo with a plan for Juliet to escape
and Juliet promise to marriage to Paris; Juliet tells
marry; Friar lawrence Capulet she will not marry Paris;
helps Romeo plan a Juliet drinks poison on her wedding
secret wedding; nurse night; nurse finds Juliet “dead”
Act V: Final Climax/Resolution
Act I: Exposition Romeo learns Juliet is dead; Friar
Street fighting between Lawrence finds out Romeo never
Capulets and Montagues; got word of the plan; Romeo kills
Romeo loves Rosaline; Juliet Paris at Juliet’s tomb, then kills
to marry Paris; Romeo and himself with poison; Juliet wakes
Juliet meet at party and fall up and stabs herself; families end