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Section 4 Noah's Friends

Ark-Builder 1-
God bless you as you begin your
Noah's Friends Journeyman
Who was noah?
The story of Noah can be read in Genesis 6:1 - 9:17.
Have someone read it to you. ______ Reader'
Reader'ss Int.
Let’s Start
Remember these things about Noah:
B He obeyed what God told him to Building!
B God told Noah to make a big boat
called an ark.
B Noah, his family, and the animals If we are going to build we have to have our
were safe in the ark. tools. Bring each TOOL for the next 3 weeks.
Leader Check
B All of the earth was covered with Your Tools ! Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
B The Rainbow was God's promise that Yourself!
he would never flood the whole
earth again. Your Bible!
Leader’s Signature Date Builder Sheet!

Extra Credit Leader’

Leader s Initial ________ Date _______
For extra bonus Ark points, memorize all Bible verses in the Ark
Builder sheet that you have not yet quoted. Psalm 119:16b I will not forget thy word.
☺ # ___ Start Building Total points
☺ # ___ Building What We Know for extra
☺ # ___ Building With Mom & Dad credit _________________________________________________
Leader’s Signature Date
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Section 2 Section 3

Who is God? Do this section with your mom or dad. Then

have them sign it before your leader does.
God is the Creator of the whole world
and everything in it. ______ Ldr. Initial ______ Date We should talk to people in ways that show we
love God.
Hebrews 3:4b
...but he that built all things is God. Memorize these rules for talking

BI say “Please” when I ask for something

God also made you! ______ Ldr. Initial ______ Date I want.
B I say “thank you” when someone is kind
Psalm 100:3a to me.
Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is B I say “I’m sorry” when I have done wrong,
he that hath made us, or hurt someone.
{Please encourage your child to obey these rules regulary}
Because God made you, He loves you
very much, and wants you to live with Him _________________________________________
forever! ______ Ldr. Initial ______ Date
Parent s Signature Date

John 17:3a
Ephesians 4:32a
And this is life eternal, that they
might know thee the only true God, And be ye kind one to

_________________________________________________ _________________________________________________
Leader’s Signature Date Leader’s Signature Date

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