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Paper Botany part 1

Time:10 min SECTION A(MCQS)
Q.1 Attempt all questions from this section: i) Plant like proctoctista is. a) Algae b) Fungi c) Protozoa.


ii) Rod shaped Bacteria are called. a) Baciili iii) Nostoc belong to kingdom a) Plantae b) Monera c) Protista b) Cocci c) Spiral

iv) In Chlorella, the chloroplast is. a) Cup shaped b) Band shaped c) Spiral shaped

v) The smallest basic unit if classification is known. a) Species b) Genus c) Family

vi) Which organelles release energy: a) Ribosome vii) All viruses are. a) Parasitic b) Saprophitic c) Carnivores b) Mitochondria c) Chloroplast

viii) Poliomyelitis is caused by a virus known as. a) Poliovirus ix) Cell wall is found in. a) plant cell b) animal cell c) bacterial cell b) Retrovirus c) Rhabdovirus

x) The number of chromosome in human being is. a) 42 b) 44 c) 46

SECTION B (Short Answers Questions)

T.MARKS:20 Q.2) Attempt any ten questions from this section:

1) Asexual reproduction in phytophthora? 2) Discuss Hepatitis briefly or draw labeled diagram of bacteria? 3) Difference between RNA & DNA.?

4) Classify bacteria on the basis of shapes. 5) Economic importance of bacteria. 6) Taxonomic position of euglena. 7) What are the immunization and vaccination? 8) Write symptoms and nature of AIDS. 9) Write the function of nucleus. 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) Write the difference between osmosis and diffusion. Write a note on mitochondria. Write a note on endoplasmic reticulum Write 3 economic importance of chlorella Write a note on slim mold.

SECTION C( Detailed Answers Questions)

T.MARKS:10 Q3)

Attempt any two questions from this sections Define life cycle in ulva, with diagram?


Define viral diseases in human? Define the floral character, floral formula and floral diagram of family


rosaceae or solanaceae?