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The Multi-Wave Oscillator

The Multi-Wave Oscillator was invented by the brilliant Russian scientist, Georges Lakhovsky, for use in French Clinics in the 1920s and 1930s in Paris! This fascinating rejuvenation technology is available again for experimental use on host of conditions). The heart of the MWO is a powerful, frequency rich, Tesla Coil with dual spark gaps. This allows for fine adjustment on sensitive areas without sacrificing output power!

How it works:
Experimental subject is placed between two special Antennas which radiate a wide spread of electromagnetic frequencies (all at different wavelengths). Every cell in the body is then exposed to its very best correct vibratory frequency! Just as a tuning fork will make a guitar string resonate back to its original tuned note, so will the MWO make every cell in your body vibrate back to its original frequency of youth! (Rejuvenation!)
Use MWO in two different ways! With the antennas or with the Violet Ray Wand, Edgar Cayce style.

Direct stimulation of any part of body: Breast; Prostate (external use) Massaging the feet or sore muscles; Working on problem or painful areas.

Use MWO with the antennas to affect your whole body; or use with Violet Ray Bulb to work on one specific area. Unit is rugged, reliable and built for years of satisfactory service! Experimental use only. ZEPHYR TECHNOLOGY! Ready to begin?
PO Box 55 Bellbrook, Ohio 45305 (937) 429-3847

Price: $3960-

Bruce M. Forrester Jr ZEPHYR TECHNOLOGY! Office: 3490 Clar-Von Drive Beavercreek, Ohio 45430 (937) 429 3847 Office Technology for The New Age SPRING 2009

The Multiple Wave Oscillator

Greetings fellow Independent Researchers and Tesla Coil enthusiasts! Here follows a fascinating compendium on The Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator, an experimental rejuvenation machine invented by the Russian scientist , Georges Lakhovsky, a full generation ago. From the land that gave us the first Sputnik and Pavlovs dog, we find a scientific tradition going back to Peter the Great. When the Bolsheviks seized power in the aftermath of the World War, the upper class Russian scientist Georges Lakhovsky fled his Motherland and settled in the tranquil beauty of Paris. Here he found acceptance needed to continue his work (and his day job was working as a Piano Tuner!) Conferring with the Serbian electrical genius Nikola Tesla (who had by now become an American citizen), Lakhovsky utilized Teslas high frequency resonant transformer (the Tesla Coil) to drive a pair of special concentric ring antennas to expose his clients to a host of oscillating frequencies with outcome of energizing the bodies of his patients to produce a startling rejuvenation effect! We will begin our journey of discovery with a discussion of the seminal work of Bob Beck of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation of Vista California. Bob Beck established a tradition that has served well the aspirations of home experimenters, free energy believers and other New Age Technology entrepreneurs: He published the drawings and schematics so as to allow peer review and duplication of the hardware about which results were being observed. No proprietary circuits or secrets please! If we are onto something good, best to publish as we go lest the fruits of our labor be lost due to opposition from the status quo. Scientist and historian Bob Beck acquired a rare Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator and brought it back to life. Then he published plans and schematics so independent researchers (like yourself) could actually build the circuit and conduct experimental research! This same idea now becomes the philosophy of ZEPHYR TECHNOLOGY! today.

Table of Contents:
1) Introduction to The Multiple Wave Oscillator Info Pack . Pages: 1-6 2) Bob Beck: Original historic article in Journal of Borderland Science, 1965. Pages: 7-17 3) Original articles by Georges Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla describing the MWO. Pages: 18-24 4) George Van Tassel describes Integratron, based upon Lakhovskys theories. Pages: 25-27 5) Technical details of the Zephyr Technology Multiple Wave Oscillator. Pages: 28-34 6) Golden Ratio MWO Antenna Discussion. Pages 35-37 7) Edgar Cayce material describing marvelous properties of Violet Ray Wand. Pages: 38-40 8) A look at the competition, including the VIBE Machine. Pages: 41-44 9) MWO Parts Price List: Page 45

Multi-Wave Oscillator: Frequently Asked Questions

1) How often should I use the Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO)? Answer: Use the MWO every other day for approximately 8 to 12 minutes to
expose the body to the effects of the radiant oscillating theric field produced by the action of the Tesla Coil and special Golden Ratio antennas.

2) How do I use the Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO)? Answer: Simply place yourself in front of the Golden Ratio Antenna and let your
body be exposed to a multiplicity of vibrating frequencies from the output of the Tesla Coil. Additionally, there is a Radiant Energy Field (theric Energy) from the action of the Tesla Coil broadcast through the Golden Ratio MWO Antenna. Just let your body be exposed to this complex set of frequencies and allow each cell and tissue group resonate to its own natural frequency. This resonate action, on a cellular level, is the basis for the theoretical claims of rejuvenation produced by exposure to this bio dynamic theric field. Additionally, subjective sensations of extreme well being have been anecdotally reported using the Golden Ratio Antennas to stimulate the entire body with the MWO. One Antenna may be used (The Radiator Antenna) or two antennas may be used (Both Radiator and passive Resonator)/ When both antennas are used (for strongest effect) the human body actually becomes a part of the circuit; the distributed capacitance between the antennas affects the frequency output: sort of like a self generated feedback circuit.

3) How should I use the Violet Ray Bulb and for how long? Answer: The Violet Ray Bulb Assembly is used to stimulate specific parts of the
body with the special effect of the oscillating field produced by the MWO. The idea is to localize the experimental effect to a specific location such as any single muscle group; the lower back; the trapezoid muscles of the neck; the breast area; various joints of the fingers and hands; the elbow; the knee; the feet Anecdotal effects reported from use of the Violet Ray Bulb Assembly have included relief from pain associated with Arthritis. In the original work conducted by Lakhovsky and others, much attention dealt with malignancy research. The Violet Ray Bulb Assembly may be used every day to directly stimulate various parts of the body with the oscillating theric field transduced through the plasma of Argon gas. Length of exposure: 3 to 12 minutes.

Using the MWO with two antennas for strongest effect

Using Violet Ray Wand for direct stimulation of any part of the body

Golden Ratio MWO Antenna

Produces spread of Tesla Coil Frequencies. Every cell in your body exposed to its Natural Resonant Vibratory Rate. Experimental subjects sits or lays between pair of antennas; and then actually becomes part of the Tesla Coil circuit through Capacitive Loading. BENEFIT: Detoxification effect and Rejuvenation Effect as cells attempt to return to natual vibratory rates: Much like tuning fork brought near a piano string.

PEACHTREE EAR, NOSE & THROA T, P.C. Wil l i a m Ba u e r, M.D. Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery Bruce Forres te r Jr. ZEPHYR TECHNOLOGY! PO Box 55 Bellbrook, Ohio 45305 Dear Mr Forres te r: This is a follow-up letter on one I wrote to you about 10 years ago regarding the Multi- Wave Oscillator. I have continued to use the device regularly since then. As you know, I am a boardcertified Otolaryngologist. I began my medical career in academic medicine at Case Western Reserve Medical School where I wrote several papers on electrical stimulation and pain control. I also wrote a well-accepted paper with theoretical mechanisms for electromagnetic effects on the body with a few clinical case studies called Neuroelectric Medicine. It was at that time I first began using the MWO. The Multi-wave Oscillator has multiple effects on the body that I have found only beneficial. I was originally attracted to it because it got rid of my tennis elbow. I quit playing tennis for six months, used anti-inflammatory medication, and even had steroid injections with no effect. The Multi-Wave Oscillator quickly relieved the pain with just one treatment and with regular treatments relieved it permanently after several weeks. I believe it has effects on the inflammatory response and on infections. I have used it for sinus infections along with antibiotics with very good results. There is new work in the field of microbiology studying biofilms. These are organized colonies of bacteria resistant to antibiotics. An electrical field has been shown to break up these biofilms and force bacteria back into their free floating or planktonic phase, making them susceptible to the body's own defense mechanisms as well as antibiotics. Electromagnetic stimulation also alters blood flow, causing increased oxygen carrying capacity to injured areas. Additionally, it stimulates endorphin production and neurotransmitter output. This may be why there is an effect on mood/ relaxation and energy level. The question of side effects and possible harmful consequences does come up and is a hot issue at this time with cell-phone use and microwave exposure. There is no scientific evidence at this time that links disease to electromagnetic exposure. It may be theoretically possible, but there are contradictory and paradoxical studies reviewed by the FDA that actually shows a decrease in symptoms with electromagnetic exposure in subjects compared to a control population. I, personally, enjoy sitting in the multi-wave oscillator field because of the feeling of well being it gives me. I believe it helps me sleep well. I have used it daily for nearly 10 years. During this time, I have had very few colds. Additionally, I am able to play hard tennis almost every day with little in the way of aches and pains from pulled muscles and sprains. At this time, I am using it only on a few friends and myself. I feel more research should be done, so this device will be easily available to the public. Unfortunately, change is slow. The medical community will eventually come around to this cutting-edge therapy, but it will take time. If this letter will help you, feel free to use it. As I have said before, I feel the Multi-wave Oscillator could take the place of aspirin in the average household some day.


William Bauer MD

Newnan Medical Plaza, 58 Hospital Rd #204, Newnan GA 30263 (770) 253-1139 Peachtree City (770) 631-0004; FAX (770)253-4523 Certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology


Is it possible to restore aging or diseased tissue? Earlier last century Georges Lakhovsky described researches indicating living cells can be energized by applying energy at multiple wavelengths! It has been theorized that every living cell has a specific vibratory rate. When the cell ages or becomes diseased its rate changes. The Multiple Wave Oscillator produces full spectrum of vibratory rates which Lakhovsky believed resonate with cells to restore them to oscillatory equilibrium.

Lakhovskys Original Theory:

Lakhovsky's original work into the subtle forces of nature included the effects of sunspot cycles on plant and animal health, and the nature of malignancy how it appears in clusters over areas which have soils that reflect cosmic radiations! He demonstrated how cells could be returned to a state of health when specific natural or electrical fields were applied in a proper manner. Nikola Tesla provided some interesting electrotherapeutic research and Lakhovsky was introduced to this through Professor D'arsonval. Lakhovsky, a brilliant scientist, combined this knowledge with his original work. The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Handbook
available from Borderland Science: /rifeandtesla.htm

707 445-2247
ISBN 0-945685-03-3

BSRF also carries: The Secret of Life by

Georges Lakhovsky and:

The Waves That Heal

by Mark Clement!

Foundation Article by Bob Beck which appeared in the Journal of Borderland Science. This article gave the instructions on building your own Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator! This historic article by Bob Beck set the stage for countless experimenters to actually build and use Technology for The New Age! Dr. Robert C. Beck Unfortunately, the world has lost a true pioneering spirit. Bob Beck, the inventor of many wonderful tools, passed away Sunday, June 23rd, 2002. His commitment to offering people a chance to "take back your power" was steadfast and strong for many years. He will be missed. THE RUSSIAN LAKHOVSKY REJUVENATION MACHINE By Associate Bob Beck In September, Dr. L. 0. Anderson) Anderson Research Center director and BSR Associate, phoned me about a "marvelous electronic machine" purported to "cure" almost any human ailment. I've looked into dozens of these "modalities" every year; so with extreme skepticism I gathered instruments and took off to check another possible hoax. I found a heavy spark-gap Tesla Coil inside a four-foot cabinet. This console was rigged to circular "antennas" and was partially shielded inside a home-built Faraday cage in the living room of Dr. Andersen's friend. It hadn't functioned in over a decade, and had been given up by some twenty-odd medical instrument repairmen and engineers as unfathomable. The machine, which had no nameplate or other identification, turned out to be a Lakhovsky "Multiple Wave Oscillator", or MWO. Fortunately the present owner had found patents and two books describing its operation. We were able to reconstruct the circuits and after several hours had it operating perfectly. The machine was not a hoax! Lakhovsky did his research prior to World War II and died in 1942. No infringement can be involved in duplicating Lakhovsky's work, since his U.S. Patent #l, 962, 565 expired in 1951 and is in public domain. I have found from the literature, "The Waves That Heal", that Multiple Wave Oscillators are extensively used in hospitals in France, Germany and Italy, and although tested in a New York hospital with fantastic success, MWOs remain practically unknown in the United States. "Waves That Heal" was written by Mark Clements and published by Health Science Press, Kent Cottage, The Brambles) Rustington, Sussex, England, price 6 shill. MDs testing Multiple Wave Oscillators reported up to 98% cures of terminal malignancies, arthritis and other "hopeless" conditions, Case histories were complete with before-and-after photos. Often rejuvenation was demonstrated, not only in human beings but in plants and animals as well! 7

So, on Sept. 18th I designed and built a modern (technologically) MWO based on Nikola Tesla and Lakhovsky's original work and patents. The transistorized instrument fits into a brief case and weighs under 14 Ibs. Experiments with MWO on some eighteen volunteers have demonstrated almost unbelievable results. At this writing, Oct. 20th, every single subject, including myself, reports fantastic gains. My mother, age 72, who has suffered from hypertension and glaucoma for many years, measured absolutely normal blood pressure the morning after her first treatment. And the eye tension, tested by her MD the week following, had dropped to a lower point than in the previous two years. Another woman with a long-standing back condition says she was permanently relieved in one 15 minute exposure. An asthmatic with chronic bronchial complications claims he is now symptom-free after two exposures and her husband with a bad dermatological condition of seven years history appears to be very definitely improved. Perhaps the most dramatic is Mr. N. V. C. who had broken his leg skiing last December. Because of an old polio complication the broken leg had never healed and flesh surrounding the fracture was in a very poor, waxey condition. After one exposure he phoned to say he had regained feeling in the area. The next day we made an "after" photo slide of nearly normal tissue. A friend suffering allergies of long standing says she can now eat anything and her MD admits he was startled by her youthful appearance and new vitalit y. The Lakhovsky literature illustrates many such rejuvenations as an unexpected side effect of malignancy cases (pg. 32 to 40 in book). Subject's wrinkles disappeared along with the tumors ! THEORY OF OPERATION Lakhovsky pointed out that all cells capable of reproduction contain in their neuclei "filaments" of highly conductive material surrounded by insulating media. This filament, which may be the RNA-DNA complex, is always in the form of a spiral or helix in other words, a coil. Therefore, each will react as a tuned circuit if its resonant frequency can be approximated by an external oscillating coil, From Clement's book: The Waves That Heal, Lakhovsky's microscope copy of a living cell. "In the centre is a twisted filament which, possessing self-inductance and capacity, constitutes an oscillating circuit. The similarit y to a short-wave circuit is manifest; the filament shown here oscillates like a coil having a very small number of spirals. " He writes that Lakhovsky wrote: "Every living being emits radiations. " And Clements adds: "the living cell can thus play the part of a transmitter or receiver of exceedingly short radio-electric waves which give rise to high frequency currents in the circuits of the cellular nucleus. " 8

Lakhovsky did not carry this to it's conclusion; however, I postulate that by exciting the neuclei with electromagnetic energy a "charge" can be induced by the long established principle of electromagnetic induction. This demonstrably raises the energy level and perhaps the vitalit y of every cell in the field simultaneously. Since each cell is an individual, and of slightly different physical dimensions, the exciting wavelengths must be multiple, and must span a broad frequency spectrum. Diathermy machines, limited to crystal- controlled single frequencies in the 27. 255 MC region, can do nothing but heat the tissue; and yet this approach, abandoned by Lakhovsky in the 1930s, can still be found in modern "doctors" offices The Electromotive Force (emf) produced by the MWO and induced in the cell nucleus, can raise the cell's metabolic rate by Electrolysis, and perhaps jog the RNA-DNA "memory" and reproductive capabilities to their level at an earlier, younger age, thus the rejuvenation. Even more subtle changes might be postulated, such a magnetic "progression" effects as evidenced by heavy water in magnetic fields. By contrast, any chemical taken into one's system by mouth or by injection -- such as vitamins, food or medicine -- must first be absorbed in proper solution and ratio with unknown trace elements, then be transported by the blood to affected tissue only to be possibly rejected by the target areas. Perhaps in malignancy the emf induced by the MWO raises the vitalit y and memory of marginal cells to normal reproduction levels. In the case of other disease, perhaps cells given higher energy levels can more readily throw off affliction.


The Multiple Wave Oscillator described here radiates a bandwidth of radio frequency energy from the audio frequencies up beyond microwave frequencies. By actual measurement with standard field strength meters, this vast bandwidth of frequencies and harmonics can be shown. In fact, a bluish glow of "brush discharge" surrounds the antenna when operating. A fluorescent lamp held anywhere within several feet of the subject glows brilliantly. Within this multiple-wave range of frequencies, every cell in the body can find its ONE resonant frequency and absorb energy at its own natural wavelength. Obviously the Electrostatic energy cannot penetrate the body. This is known as the "skin effect". However, the Electromagnetic component of the energy can and does permeate and will induce an emf in each cell. It is precisely this energy to which Lakhovsky attributes his almost miraculous "cures" A word of warning, although no deleterious side effects have ever been reported for human reactions, the MWO has input power exceeding 35 watts. It radiates RF interference over a bandpass of 15 Kilocycles to well beyond 250 Megacycles. The Federal Communications Commission has stiff penalties for unlicensed transmitters and radio and TV interference -- not to mention making all your neighbors very unhappy. We operate our machine in a shielded room, and the battery input prevents RF interference from feeding back into power lines.

The deluxe MWO diagrammed here can be built by any intelligent 16-yearold with readily available electronic parts for under $35. I do not plan to build, manufacture, sell or otherwise exploit this device, as my interest is purely in research. Several Associates given this circuit have successfully constructed MWOs. We would certainly like to hear from any BSR Associates who undertake this project, but please do not communicate until after building the unit. Our phone has been ringing off the hook for weeks! I absolutely will not and cannot correspond with individuals over details which any intelligent person should be able to thresh out with his own technical friends. At one stage we had planned constructing a much higher powered unit but the results "with the "portable" are so gratifying that Model Two was shelved. Extensive tests are scheduled with plants and animals, and every effort is being made to remove any element of "suggestion" from results. A physician friend is cooperating with the project by sending a few "problem" patients for tests. It is much too soon, however, to make a finished statement concerning the MWO'S potential. No cures can be claimed even if obviously demonstrated, since our laws are controlled by medical unions forbidding the use of the word except by MDs. But I have satisfied myself with nearly twenty miracles in these few weeks of tests that the MWO might well be the most promising device to come to light in many years. I have one request, however, that no one building this device ever be tempted to charge a fee, donation, or reimbursement of any kind whatsoever for its use. I feel most strongly that any device potentially helpful to suffering humanit y should be available completely free of charge to anyone needing it.

My MWO is built on 11 x 11 1/2 inch plastic panel. Components extend 3 1/2 in. below this, so the unit fits nicely into a small attache case. The 6 volt battery was a Sonotone lifetime Nickel Cadmium unit; however, five war surplus NiCads (1.2 v each) wired in series and costing $1. 95 each would be less expensive. (Available from C & H Sales Co. , 2174 E. Colorado St. , Pasadena, California 91107. ) The Ford Model T coils are still available at Pep Boys stores in California at $4. 69 list. My first unit used a transistorized driver for the Tesla Coil but the Ford coil works equally well, is far cheaper, but has the disadvantage of making a buzzing noise. (Model T Ford coils can be purchased from J. C. Whitney &: Co. , 1917 Archer Ave. , Chicago, III. 60616 at $4. 95 each, 1967 catalog, shipping wt. 2 Ibs. ) The spark gap was made from salvaged tungsten relay contact points about 1/4 in. in diameter. (Chevrolet Six timer points, 1950, do very well. ) The relay spring arm can be tuned by a Nylon 6-32 screw adjusting its natural spring tension. The gap must be carefully tuned for maximum output for every individual, since the subject's absorption seems dependent on his body fluids and weight. Adjust for maximum sparking at random times and intervals between several of the inner antenna rings. The automatic timer, zero to 15 minutes, the meter, the internal battery charger, the RFC circuits, etc. are all simply conveniences and may be left out of the circuit without in any way subtracting from results. By not building in these deluxe features, the entire MWO will cost about $18 for all parts, including the at tache case! Use plastic instead of metal screws around the high-voltage coil. 10

High voltage capacitors cost about 50 cents each at surplus stores, or three for one dollar. (The . 005 mfd - 6000 wv or 6KV Capacitors can be bought for .81 cents each, 1967 catalog, from Allied Radio, 100 N. Western Ave. , Chicago, HI. 60680, p. 291, Part No. 43A5852. ) The Tesla Coil must be hand wound as it is not available commercially. We have determined experimentally that a workable pair of antennas, radiator and resonator, can consist of 16 concentric rings, ranging from an outside diameter of 10 3/4 inches down to 1/2 inch. These were constructed by cementing a one-foot square of Reynolds kitchen aluminum foil to a Il-inch square of thin Formica, or Fibreglass, support. The outline of each set of circles was carefully scribed with a sharpened compass (or razor or Scripto blade attached). By scoring or cutting the aluminum foil was cut through to the plastic backing and the waste area strips pulled away before the cement hardened. Excess cement was removed with a solvent. The gaps were then cut with the razor. Note that gaps are alternated in position each 180 deg. per drawing (on the cover.) This was drawn from an actual antenna and you can set your compass distances for each ring from it. Keep gaps between inner rings narrow to encourage random arcing between the rings. Trim the corners from the gaps of the three or four outside rings to discourage fixed arcing at these places. Also be sure to clean away any bits of foil between rings. These also will cause fixed arcing. In use, the second from the outside ring is connected to the high side of the Tesla secondary, (Refer to "antenna terminal" on Cover drawing. ) This is the radiator coil. The arcing from this ring to the outside ring causes the "shock excitation" of the fourteen other antenna elements. Since each radiator is of different diameter, the array spans a broad, multiple-wave segment of the Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum. The other antenna element, called the Resonator, is connected with a five-foot, high-voltage meter wire to the ground side of the Tesla coil secondary. (Low or Ground or Common).

Multi Wave Oscillator built by Super Science based on the work of Bob Beck. Since Bob Beck published his plans, drawings and circuit schematics; others were able to replicate, reproduce and even improve his orginal work! Zephyr Technology hopes to continue this worthy tradition...




The antenna and resonator are suspended from non-conductive supports about three feet apart, such as wooden chairs with no nails or screws. The subject of the experiment, preferably with all metal removed from his person, including belt buckles, zippers, hooks, fasteners, coins, hairpins, earrings, rings, metal brassiere fasteners, etc., is seated on a wooden or plastic rest between the antenna and resonator (hung vertically, the foil rings toward the subject). Unless the Resonator is powered by a separate Tesla Coil it will not arc. Metal on the subject will produce eddy currents in the field of radio frequencies, reducing their effectiveness. Experiments should last from nine to not over 15 minutes. A fourday interval between experiments is recommended. Four such experiments over 16 days should suffice to demonstrate anything. Warning, two-inch sparks can be drawn from antenna; so keep subject at least three inches away. If touched a mild and harmless sting can be felt. HF effects can be demonstrated in a darkened room by holding a fluorescent lamp anywhere near the subject. The RF energy will cause the lamp to light although no wires are touching it. Field strength measurements read several watts of power from the audio frequency spectrum to beyond 250 megacycles. THE RUSSIAN LAKHOVSKY REJUVENATION MACHINE By Associate Bob Beck THESE PHOTOS were kindly furnished by Associates from their own experimental work with the MWO during 1964-1965

THE RADIANT ENERGY of the MultiWave Oscillator Is obvious in this threeminute time exposure In the dark, of the antenna, with the equipment turned on. Note the brush discharge of etheric energy all along the edge of the outside ring, going three or four Inches. Look at the random arcing between the antenna rings, down to the eighth ring. This antenna received full power by being mounted on the MWO case, directly at the positive end of the Tesla Coil.


THE PRINTED-CIRCUIT ANTENNA foil is glued to an 11-Inch square of l/l6th Inch thick fiberglass. Spray one surface of the plastic with Hobby Shop spray glue and stretch smooth-surfaced kitchen aluminum foil across it. Press the foil on firmly from the center out, smoothing out repeatedly with a soft cloth. Any remaining air bubbles can be released through a small pin hole. The circles are more easily cut if you make a jig with a 16-inch, square of plywood with a headless nail for a center post. Using the antenna pictured on the front cover as a pattern, mark and notch an old ruler or stick where each circular cut is to be made. This marked guide ruler is mounted over the antenna on the plywood jig as shown at right. The foilcovered surface Is then turned clockwise with the left hand against the Scripto blade held firmly In the successive notches by the right hand. Be careful to cut through the foil. If you dont, in lifting the cutouts afterward, you may also lift or tear the rings. If a metal grommet is placed In the terminal hole in the second ring this will prevent the high-frequency arc from burning foil and fiberglass during operation. Copper foil can be used for the printed-circuit antenna rings but deposits build up on it from arcing, wherever it occurs. There is no deposit buildup on aluminum foil.

Three outstanding Men who worked tirelessly to bring this technology to Light: Ed Skilling, inventor of the SuperPro and Photon Sound Beam. Dean Stonier, Founder of Global Sciences Congress. Bob Beutlich, longtime Secretary of the U.S. Psychotronics Association.


115 volt house current into the black leads of the 6 volt transformer, one green lead to the T Coil negative terminal, the other to an SCR 45 amp Diode to make direct current to the Plus terminal of the T Coil. A 12-volt current to the T Coil heats It up and will not increase the spark. Radio Shack's 6.3 volt, 3 amp transformer does very well for a power supply. Wrap 16 turns of insulated hookup wire around the middle of the T Coil and feed to pins 2 and 7 of the IB3 rectifier tube. Feed the plus output of the T Coil Into pin 2 or 7 of the IB3 also. HI-voltage from the top of IB3 toes to Sparkplug. Widen gap of plug to 1/8 Inch or more for maximum output of Secondary coil to Antenna. One 10,000 WVDC (Worki ng Vol ts Direct Current) commercial-type Capacitor, on the plus side, will do very well In this circuit. Capacity can be from .0015 to .005 microfarads. Beck's tunable Tesla Primary called for 20 or more turns of bare wire for his movable contact but experience shows that 16 turns gives the maximum output; experimenters now wind 16 turns of Insulated #19 wire for a Primary and adjust one turn more or less for maximum spark at Plus end of Secondary coil. This is 4 1/4 inches of tight-wound #34 Insulated wire, or 4 3/4 inches of *32 Insulated wire, for 420 turns more or less on a 1 1/4 inch coil form 6 In. long. The Primary Is wound on a 2 or 2 1/2 In. coil form. There should be heavy Insulation between Primary and Secondary to prevent power-loss arcing between Coils. REMEMBER, the goal is a thin blue, or bluewhite spark at least 3/4 inch long at the plus end of the Secondary. When fed into the center hole of the Antenna it should light up like a Christmas tree, with arcing between every ring. Feeding the coil output Into the center hole gives more power to the shorter wave lengths. We get plenty of the longer wave-lengths from other electrical apparatus and from power lines.

This coil would be a good high-frequency power supply for Kirlian Photography.


THE RUSSIAN LAKHOVSKY REJUVENATION MACHINE By Associate Bob Beck THE MASTER APPLIANCE COIL No. 9 (referred to on page 41) makes a good driver for the MWO antenna, shown below at the right, handing on the tip of a brass tube adapter fitted into the light socket of the appliance, and suspended off the edge of a table. Everything is contained in the black bakelite plastic handle. The spark-gap adjustment is on the back end of the handle, not in sight in the photo. Power supply is regular 115 volt alternating current (115 vac) . BELOW, a typical experimental set up, with chair for guinea pig between antenna and resonator

Becks original equipment called for an 18-inch lead wire from the positive end of the Tesla Coil to the antenna. It was found that there was too much loss of power along this wire. The later development shown above has the MWO set upright, with the antenna mounted directly against the positive end of the Tesla Coil in the case. PICTURE NO. 3 is a typical, professional - looking layout of an MWO, neatly packaged for an attache case. A. The five Ni-Cad batteries, 1 1/4 volts each at full power. B. Timer. C. Tesla Coil. D. 115 VAC transformer (for house current operation if desired). E. Spark - gap using modified Chevy Six points. F. Model T Ford Coil. G. Bat tery charger.


Wind 15 or more turns of fairly heavy insulated copper wire around the middle of the Model T Ford Coil. One lead from the winding goes to the Hi-voltage output of the Coil, and to pin 2 or 7 of the I B 3 tube. The other lead goes to the other pin, as only two pins of the tube, 2 and 7, are used in this hookup. The souped-up or rectified voltage is drawn off the top of the tube to the spark gap and condenser.


Ed Skilling is the only one we know of who has stayed in the MWO field or rays for longer than 15 minutes. While testing and adjusting his equipment at his microphone factory several weeks ago he deliberately stayed between the antennas for an hour. At the end of that time he was beginning to feel light-headed and dreamy he thought it a good idea to get out before losing consciousness altogether. An even more spectacular possibility is the Time-Machine effect in connection with rejuvenation. If, as Bob Beck suggested in his article, the MWO tends to take the body cell back down the time-track to a more youthful, more vital period, what would .happen to a person who stayed in the field of the machine for four hours ? Would his vibratory rate be speeded up to where he would disappear completely? Like the hero of H. G. Wells' "Time Machine" Anybody want to try it? It seems, from hints George Van Tassel has been dropping over the years, that his Integratron at Giant Rock, California might do something like this -- if and when he gets it working! As I recall, both George and the Canadian Saucerian, the late W. B. Smith, spoke of the four dimensions of electricity: 1. is the electricity moving in one direction along a copper wire, 2. is the magnetic field around the wire, 3. is the static charge created by the first two effects, and 4. is Time -- or the "tempic field" as Smith called it. The Time Field equates with Space, where consciousness is everywhere present. Seems to me Lakhovsky's Multiple Wave Oscillator is a gadget which gives us the opportunity -- for the first time -- of approaching the Time Field with scientifically acceptable equipment, operating in known frequencies. Remember, that with its circular antennas it operates on the vortex principle. Each individual antenna in the group is a segment of a 60 degree cone. The 1/2 in. gaps, at alternate 180 degree from each other, conform to the alternating principle and give a damped or pulsed wave. Mr Skilling told me he was tired and dragged out after processing dozens of volunteer guinea pigs late Saturday afternoon. Before shutting down the equipment he sat in the nail-less wooden chair between the antennas and gave himself a three minute shot of pulsed waves. Refreshed and revived he looked forward to a good dinner and the full evening program.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have known both Bob Beck and Ed Skilling since 1985 when I met them at the U.S. Psychotronics Association National Conference. Many times at the USPA and Global Sciences Congress, they gave me tips and encouragement in building Multi-Wave Oscillators BMF Jr

Georges Lakhovsky: Inventor of the Multiple Wave Oscillator

(This excellent article is from Tom Brown of )
What Lakhovsky discovered was simply mind boggling: He postulated that all living cells (plants, people, bacteria, parasites, etc.) possess attributes which normally are associated with electronic circuits. These cellular attributes include resistance, capacitance, and inductance. These 3 electrical properties, when properly configured, will cause the recurrent generation or oscillation of high frequency sine waves when sustained by a small, steady supply of outside It's easiest to compare it with energy swinging on a playground swing. As is known a child of the right frequency. This effect long as the parent pushes the swing aas resonance. little at the right moment (the correct 'frequency'), the child will continue to swing high and continuously. In electronics, circuits which generate these recurrent sine waves can be called electromagnetic resonators, but more commonly they are referred to as oscillators. Lakhovsky tells us that not only do all living cells produce and radiate oscillations of very high frequencies, but they also receive and respond to oscillations imposed upon them from outside sources. This outside source of radiation or oscillations are due to cosmic rays which bombard the earth continuously. This stupendous realization, achieved during the golden years of radio, not only led to a new method of use by application of high frequency waves, but broadened appreciation for the newly emerging field of hidden science known as Radionics or Radiathesia. PLANT EXPERIMENTS When these outside sources of oscillations are in sympathy, that is they are exactly the same frequency as that produced by the cell, the strength and vigor of that cell will be reinforced and become stronger. If, on the other hand, these outside frequencies are of a slightly different frequency, rather than reinforce the cell's native oscillations, they might dampen or weaken them, resulting in a loss of vigor and vitalit y for that cell. The cells of disease causing organisms within an infected person, produce different frequencies than that of normal, healthy cells. For people or plants suffering from disease conditions, Lakhovsky found that if he could increase the amplitude (but not the frequency) of the oscillations of healthy cells, this increase would overwhelm and dampen the oscillations produced by the disease causing cells, thus bringing about the demise of the disease causing cells trying to set up shop in the body. If he pumped up the amplitude of the disease causing cells, their oscillations would gain the upper hand and cause the person or plant to become weaker and more ill. Lakhovsky viewed the progression of disease as essentially a bat tle between the resonant oscillations of host cells versus the oscillations emanating from pathogenic organisms.He initially proved his theory using plants.


In December, 1924, he inoculated 10 germanium plants with a plant malignancy that produced tumors. After 30 days, tumors had developed in all of the plants. He took one of the 10 infected plants and simply fashioned a heavy copper wire in a one loop, open-ended coil about 30 cm (12") in diameter around the center of the plant. and held it in place with an ebonite stake.The copper coil acted as an antennae or a tuning coil, collecting and concentrating oscillation energy from extremely high frequency cosmic rays. The diameter of the cooper loop determined which range of frequencies would be captured. He found that the 30 cm loop captured frequencies that fell within the resonant frequency range of the plant's cells. This captured energy reinforced the resonant oscillations naturally produced by the nucleus of the germanium's cells.

This allowed the plant to overwhelm the oscillations of the malignancy cells and destroy the malignancy. The tumors fell off in less than 3 weeks and by 2 months, the plant was thriving. All of the other malignancy-inoculated plants-without the antennae coil- died within 30 days. In his book, Lakhovsky shows pictures of the recovered plant after 2 months, 6 months, and 1 year. Three years later, with the original coil left in place, the plant grew into a very robust specimen Taking his cue from the germanium experiments, Lakhovsky then fashioned loops of copper wire that could be worn around the waist, neck, elbows, wrists, knees, or ankles of people (or animals) and found that (given enough time) much relief of painful symptoms were obtained. These simple coils, worn continuously around certain parts of the body, would invigorate the strength of the human cells and increased the immune response which in turn took care of the offending pathogens. At the time, when news spread of the success achieved with these "Lakhovsky Coils", many Europeans were clamoring to get their own and often had to wait for months due to the backlog (If you're interested, you can make your own Lakhovsky Coils or obtain them ready made from Educate-Yourself ). One of the main reasons why so many people find copper wrist bracelets effective and beneficial is because the bracelet is functioning as a Lakhovsky Coil (it's also providing minute trace amounts of copper to the body, which helps too). To achieve the Lakhovsky effect, it's important that the coil (or bracelet) is "open" and made of copper. Closed rings simply don't work.

Lakhovsky's Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO)

Georges Lakhovsky publication of the English version of The Secret of Life at the very outbreak of World War II went unnoticed and little reviewed, but Lakhovsky's reputation for obtaining dramatic results with his amazing Multi-Wave Oscillator gained world wide attention nevertheless. By 1941, he had made his way to New York, escaping the Nazi occupation of France. Mark Clement, in The Waves that Heal, describes how Lakhovsky was approached by many people and organizations hoping to capitalize on his MWO therapy. A film was made by an " enterprising beautician" which featured several cases following treatment with the MWO that "proved to be both interesting and convincing" .


Lakhovsky was also approached by several hospitals in New York hoping to test his apparatus experimentally. Remarkable results were obtained from a seven week clinical trial performed at a major New York City hospital and that of a prominent Brooklyn urologist in the summer of 1941. Later editions of The Secret of Life detailed many of these cases. What seemed like a promising development in the use of the MWO in America quickly faded after Lakhovsky unexpectedly died in New York in 1942 at the age of 73. His equipment was removed from the hospital and patients were told that the therapy was no longer available. Except for this brief trial in New York, Lakhovsky's work remained completely unknown to the American public. Even the spectacular success of the New York cases were quickly forgotten; an unlikely lapse of memory in the natural scheme of things. It seems that hidden hands were at work when it came to obliterating the memory of Lakhovsky's Multi-Wave Oscillator in America.


The original Multi-Wave Oscillator was designed and built by French engineer, Georges Lakhovsky from the 1920-s to the 1940-s. Lakhovsky viewed the nucleus of the cell with it's "filament strands" as being similar to an electronic oscillating circuit, capable of sending and receiving vibratory information. Lakhovsky believed that every cell in the body has its own rate of internal vibration. He viewed disease or illness as a battle of vibrations between the cells of the body versus viruses and bacteria. If the pathogenic organisms won this vibrational contest, the cells would become energetically weakened and more susceptible to disease. According to Lakhovsky, the way to counter this vibrational attack was to introduce a broad spectrum of RF (radio frequency) harmonic energies into the system and then, through the principle of sympathetic resonance, each cell would pick out exactly the proper frequency needed to reinforce its own internal vibration and the healthy cell would be more resistant to vibrational attack from virus and bacteria. His method of achieving this was by means of his invention that is known today as the MWO.

Read Lakhovsky's theories in his own words from an article published in 1925: EXPERIMENTS WITH ULTRA RADIO FREQUENCIES By Georges Lakhovsky.
Since November, 1923, I have published in various technical and radio publications, several papers in which I explained my theory that the instinct or special feeling, which permits birds to direct themselves in space, is only the results of the emission and reception of rays by living beings. While developing this theory, I explained how thoroughly I was convinced that science will discover, some day, not only the nature of microbes but the radiation which they produce, but also a method of killing disease bacilli within the human body by means of the proper radiations. The researches I have made by means of special apparatus have shown such results, that I believe my theory to be correct. This theory is that life is born from radiations, kept going by radiation and suppressed by any accident producing the destruction of the oscillatory equilibrium, especially by the radiations of certain microbes, which suppress those of the weaker cells. Before going any further in our reasoning, it is necessary, in order to present the facts to the uninitiated reader, to imagine what oscillations really are. 20

The motion of a pendulum will be used for this explanation. When a pendulum is displaced from the position of equilibrium, it moves back and forth producing what are known as synchronous oscillations, until the energy stored is entirely exhausted. By means of a motor, a spring, or an electro-magnet, it is possible to keep the motion of the pendulum of constant amplitude, producing undamped oscillations. If, on the contrary, the source of power is removed, the oscillations die down and it is necessary not only to re-apply the power sustaining the oscillations, but also to furnish additional energy to start the pendulum in motion. This oscillation of a pendulum reproduces exactly what happens in the cells of a living being.

Our organs are composed of cells formed of protoplasm containing various mineral matters and acids, such as iron, chloride, phosphorous, etc. It is by the combination of these elements that the cells detect outside waves and vibrate continuously at a very high frequency, probably higher than the period of X-rays or over all other vibrations known and measured today. The amplitude of cell oscillations must reach a certain value, in order that the organism be strong enough to repulse the destructive vibrations from certain microbes. The astrophysicians are actually carrying out experiments of great interest on the existence of vibrations, which have been called penetration rays and of which the frequency is higher than that of X-rays and of the alpha, beta and gamma rays of radium. Such rays, according to the theory, are produced by the earth itself and some others come from outside space. Accurate measurements have proven the correctness of this theory. Therefore, it is quite permissible to believe that these penetration rays, or at least some of them, produce the vibratory motion of living cells and consequently their life. For instance, let us suppose a cell vibrates at a certain frequency and a microbe vibrates at a different frequency; the microbe begins to fight the cell through radiation, and sickness is started. If the cell cannot repel the stronger vibrations and if the amplitude of its own vibration is forced to decrease, the microbe gains in amplitude and its vibrations begin to decrease and stop those of the cells, bringing on dangerous sickness or death. If, on the contrary, the living cell is started vibrating with the proper amplitude by inside or outside causes, the oscillatory attack is repulsed.


The remedy in my opinion, is not to kill the microbes in contact with the healthy cells, but to reinforce the oscillations of the cell either directly by reinforcing the radio activit y of the blood or in producing on the cells a direct action by means of the proper rays. During January, 1924, I began to build, according to this theory, and with the purpose of therapeutic applications, an apparatus, which I have called the Radio-Cellulo-Oscillator, with the firm belief that the cells vibrating at extremely short wave- lengths would find their own in the Hertzian waves, which have the properties of producing extremely short harmonics. 21

The cell with very weak vibrations, when placed in the field of multiple radiations, finds its own frequency and starts again to oscillate normally through the phenomenon of resonance. This type of vibration are produced by the radio waves which I propose to use, is harmless, unlike those of x-rays and radium. Their application, therefore, does not present any danger for the operator. I exposed in front of my apparatus, during long periods, a certain number of microbes in culture, which developed themselves normally. I, myself, have never felt the effect of these ultra radio frequencies, although I remained for a great many days near the apparatus, during the treatment applied to living cells. It is only when two living beings such as a cell and a microbe, are in contact, that the rays produced by the Radio- Cellulo-Oscillator have any direct effect upon cellular structure. The experiments which I carried out at the Salpetriere Hospital in Paris, in the service and with the collaboration of Prof. Gosset, were made with plants inoculated with malignancy, and the results were described in a paper presented on July 26, last year, before the Biological Society. The text of this paper follows: "One knows that it is possible to produce by inoculation of Bacterium tumefaciens in plants, tumors similar to those of malignancy in animals. One of us obtained experimentally by this method, a great number of tumors. These had various degrees of development. Some of them dry up partially, but do not die entirely until the entire plant or at least the limb bearing the tumor dies. Even removed by surgical methods, these tumors grew again on the sick limb.


"We propose to describe in this paper, the action of electromagnetic waves of very high frequency obtained by means of the Radio Cellulo-Oscillator of George Lakhovsky. This apparatus produces wave-lengths of the order of two meters and less, corresponding to 150 million cycles per second. A first plant was submitted to the effect of the radiation one month after being inoculated with malignancy; at this time small tumors of the size of a cherry stone were visible upon it. This plant was submitted to the rays twice, for three hours each time. During the following days, the tumors continued to grow rapidly in the same ways as those on plants, which had not been submitted to the effect of radiations. However, 16 days after the first treatment, the tumors began to shrink and dry up. A few days later the tumors were entirely dried up and could be very easily detached from the limb of the plant by merely touching them. The drying action of the radio frequency radiations is selective and affects only the sick part of the plant. Even the inside sick tissues were destroyed, although they were next to healthy cells in the center of the limb, showing that the radiations had not affected the healthy parts."


"Another plant was treated in the same way, except that it was exposed 11 times, for three hours each time, to the radiations of the oscillator. Sixteen days after the first exposure the tumors, which were rather large as shown in one of the photographs, began to shrink and dry up and were easily detached from the limb exactly as in the first case. Again in this a case, the healthy parts of the plant were not affected in the least. A third plant exposed to the radiations for nine hours, that is, three treatments of three hours each, was cured in the same manner as the two others. Sixteen plants also inoculated with malignancy, were left without treatment. They have tumors in full activit y, several of which are very large. 22

These experiments show conclusively that plants inoculated with malignancy an be treated and cured by means of the ultra radio frequency vibrations, whereas surgical treatment fails.

"In conclusion I wish to call the attention of the reader to the fact that I have obtained very conclusive results not only with a wavelength of two meters, but with longer and shorter wave-lengths. The main thing is to produce the greatest number of harmonics possible. Such are the results of my researches with plants. At the present time, similar experiments are being carried out with animals and it seems that the effect on animals is the same as on plants. I am highly pleased to present my theory and the results of my work in a scientific review of the United States, this great country, which has always been in the lead in the fight against this terrible sickness, and whose sympathy and help I would greatly appreciate.

Lakhovskys Original Multi-Wave Oscillator

From the book, "Nikola Tesla", published by the Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1956. (In English)

"When a person is subjected to the action of such a coil, the proper adjustments being made, luminous streams are seen in the dark issuing from all parts of the body. These streams are short and of delicate texture when the number of breaks (spark gap) is very great and the action of the device free of any irregularities; but when the number of breaks is small or the action of the device imperfect, long and noisy streams appear which cause some discomfort. The physiological effects produced with apparatus of this kind may be graduated from a hardly perceptible action when the secondary is a great distance from the primary, to a most violent action when both coils are placed at a small distance. In the latter case only a few seconds are sufficient to cause a feeling of warmth over all the body, and soon after the person perspires freely. I have repeatedly, in demonstrations to friends, exposed myself longer to the action of the oscillations, and each time, after the lapse of an hour or so, an immense fatigue, of which it is difficult to give an idea, would take hold of me. It was greater than I experienced on some occasions after the most straining and prolonged bodily exertion. I could scarcely take a step and could keep the eyes open only with the greatest difficulty. I slept soundly afterward, and the after-effect was certainly beneficial, but the medicine was manifestly too strong to be used frequently. 23

Nikola Tesla, Inventor of the high frequency Tesla Coil Resonant Transformer, which is the basic power supply for Lakhovskys MultiWave Oscillator. HIGH FREQUENCY OSCILLATORS FOR ELECTRO-THERAPEUTIC AND OTHER PURPOSES* by Nikola Tesla

Some t h eore t ica l possibi l i t ies offered b y cu r re n ts of ve r y h ig h f reque nc y a n d obser v a t io ns wh ich I cas u a l l y m a de wh i le p u rs u i ng experi m e n ts wi t h a l t e r n a t i n g cu r re n ts, as well a s t he s t i m u l a t i n g in f l u e nce of t he wor k of Her tz a nd of v iews boldl y p u t for t h by Oli v e r Lodge, de t er m i n ed me so me t i m e d u r i n g 1889 to en te r a s ys te m a t ic in v es t i ga t io n of h ig h f requ e nc y p he no me n a , a nd t h e res u l ts soon re ac hed were such as to jus tif y f u r t h er effor ts towa rds p ro v idi ng t h e l abor a to r y wi t h efficien t me a ns for ca r r y i n g on t h e resea rc h i n t h i s pa r t ic u l a r field, wh ich h as p ro ved i tself so fr u i tf u l si nce. As a consequence a l t er n a to rs of specia l design were cons t r uc ted an d v a r io us a r r a n g e me n ts for con v e r t i n g ordi n a r y i n to h ig h freque nc y cu r re n t s perfected, bo t h of wh ich were du l y described a nd a re n ow I ass u me fa m i l i a r . One of t h e ea r l y obser v ed a n d re m a r k ab le fea t u res of th e h ig h f reque nc y cu r re n ts, a n d one w h ich w as ch iefl y of in te res t to t h e p h ys ici a n, was t h ei r app a re n t h a r m lessness wh ich m a de i t possib le to p ass rel a t i v e l y gre a t a mo u n ts of elec t r ic a l energ y t h ro ug h t h e bod y of a person wi t ho u t ca usi ng pa i n or serio us discomfor t. T h is pecu l i a r i t y wh ic h, toge t h e r wi t h o t h e r mos t l y u n l ooked-for proper t i es of t h ese cu r re n ts I had t h e honor to bri n g to t he a t te n t ion of scien t if ic me n fi rs t i n a n a r t icle in a tech n i cal jou r n a l i n Feb ru a r y 1891, a nd i n su bseque n t con t r ib u t io ns to scien t if ic socie t ies, m ade i t a t once e v ide n t, t h a t t h ese cu r re n ts wou ld len d t h e msel v es p a r t icu l a r l y to elect ro-th e r ape u t ic uses. Wi t h reg a rd to t he elect r ica l ac t ions i n gene r a l, a n d b y a n a log y i t wil l seem re ason ab le to infer t h a t t h e p h ysiological effects, howev e r co mp lex, m ig h t be resol v ed i n t h ree cl asses. Firs t t h e s t a t ic a l, t h a t is, such as a re ch iefl y depende n t op t he m ag n i t u de of elect r ica l po te n t i a l; second, t he d y n a m ic a l, t h a t is, those p ri ncip a l l y depen den t on t h e qu a l i t y of elect r ic a l mo v e me n t or cu r re n t ' s st re ng t h t h ro ug h t h e bod y, a n d t h i rd, effects of a dis ti nc t n a t u re d ue to elect r ica l wa v es or oscill a t io ns, t h a t is, i mp u lses in w h ich t h e elect r ica l en erg y is a l te r n a te l y passi ng i n mo re or less r ap id succession t h rou g h t h e s t a t ic a nd d y n a m ic for ms. Most gener a l l y i n p r ac t ice t hese differe n t ac t io ns a re coexis t en t, b u t b y a s u i t a b le select ion of app a r a t us a n d obser v a n ce of condi t io ns t h e experi m e n te r m a y m a ke one or ot he r of t h ese effects predo m i n a t e. T h us he m a y pass t h ro ug h t h e bod y, or a n y p a r t of t he s am e, cu r re n ts of com p a r a t i v e l y l a rge vol u m e u n de r a sm a l l elect r ica l p ress u re, or he m a y s u bject t he bod y to a h ig h elect r ica l p ress u re wh i le t h e cu r re n t is negligib l y s m a l l, or he m a y p u t t h e p a t ien t u n der t h e i nf l u ence of elect r ica l w a v es t r a ns m i t t ed, if desir ed, a t consider ab le dis t a nce t h ro ug h space. W h i le i t re m a i n ed for t h e p h ys ici a n to i n v es t ig a te t h e specific ac tio ns on t h e orga n is m a n d i ndica te p roper me t hods of t re a t m e n t, t h e v a r io us w a ys of app l y i n g t h ese cu r re n ts to th e bod y of a p a t ie n t s ugges ted t h e msel v es re adi l y to t h e elect r ici a n. * Read a t t he ei g h t h a n n u a l m eeti n g of th e A m e ri c a n Elect ro-T he r a pe u ti c Associ a t ion, Buffalo, Ne w York, Septe m be r 1 3 - 1 5 , 1 8 9 8


The Purpose of the Integratron From a paper "The Integratron" by George Van Tassel, Published in The Proceedings of the College of Universal Wisdom, 1950-1978.

T he purpose of the Integratron is to recharge energy into living cell structure, to

bring about longer life with youthful energy. This has been the goal of many people, since Ponce De Leon started looking for the fountain of youth. Our effort here, in this giant machine, is not the first idea of its kind. It is the first time that other research efforts have been brought together and applied simultaneously. The work of Georges Lakhovsky, Dr. George Crile, Barnothy, Oneil, Tesla, Smith, and many others, is being combined by us in a basic research to make the principles work. The only new thing we have added to their research is to make the application of three principles occur instantly and simultaneously.

Lakhovsky's Multiple Wave Oscillator (U.S. Patent Number 1,962,565) was used by
him, in association with many doctors, to correct cellular malfunctions and accumulations, in many patients. His principle is opposite to control of radiation of radio and television transmission. He spread his radiations over a multiple wave, while television and radio confine it to channels and kilocycles to prevent overlap. Lakhovsky used a field in which every tissue, organ, cell, and nerve responded in resonance between 10 cms. and 400 meters. This corresponds to frequencies of 3 to 750,000 millards per second. The harmonics extended from 1 to 300 trillion vibrations per second.

No harmful side effects or aftereffects were ever noted. In his book "The Secret of
Life", first printed in 1939, Lakhovsky detailed the many cases, functions, and results. His Multiple Wave Oscillator took from one application to three weeks of daily applications to achieve its outstanding effects. Our frequency control makes these periods instant in a one shot application. Our basic research is Lakhovsky's side effect of rejuvenation.

Lakhovsky established that "every living cell is essentially dependent on its

nucleus which is the center of oscillations and gives off radiations." By the same token the sun is the center of our solar system, and life could not exist without it giving off radiations that set up oscillations in living matter. Everything on the earth has been proven to react to sun spots and solar prominences. In his book "The Phenomena of Life", printed in 1936, he states, "Electricit y is the energy that drives the organism." He further states, "It is clear that in the second half of life the electrical potential of the elderly patient as a whole or of this or that organ, has been very much reduced and that by so much, the margin of safety has been dangerously diminished."


Nikola Tesla, and others, showed that high voltage static electricity caused
ionization. This causes disassociation of structure and charging of particles in positive and negative polarit y effects. Dr. George Crile, in a fabulous research that he devoted his life to, established that every living cell was a battery, a transducer, and a condenser.

Hugo Fricke, working with Dr. Crile in his laboratory, found that the film which
surrounds red blood cells is on the order of 3/10,000,000 of a centimeter in thickness and that this lipoid structure has an electric capacity of high order, viz., 0.8 microfarad per square centimeter. Dr. Crile further stated, "The unit of structure and of function of the living organism is the cell. Plants and animals are disperse systems of cell suspension. The nucleus of the cell is comparatively acid. The cytoplasm of the cell is comparatively alkaline. The nucleus and the cytoplasm are separated by a semi-permeable membrane. Therefore the cell is a bipolar mechanism or an electric bat tery, the nucleus being the positive element, the cytoplasm the negative element." These cell batteries of the body are what we are planning to charge with the Integratron. Each cell has a capacity like the battery in your car. The human body is composed of over 100 trillion of these cells. Our principle of operation is as simple as applying Lakhovsky's multiple wave oscillation to Barnothy's magnetic fields saturated with Tesla's ionization to charge Dr. George Crile's cell batteries. Our method of control is through a time function of frequency from zero time to infinity. This is our contribution.

Energy principles work on the same basic universal laws, be they atoms, cells, or
solar systems. The wet battery in your car operates on an acid electrolite. The dry battery in your flashlight operates on an alkaline electrolite. The separators in your car battery are a semi-permeable matrix. The DNA structure is a caduceus coiled in opposite directions. The filaments in the nucleus of a cell exhibit coil and plate configuration. These are microscopic electric circuits that work with the cell electric capacity as oscillators. Cilia in the lungs and respiratory tract are antennae that extract radiations from the air and transmit this energy to cells & blood: conveyed throughout body. We are electrical creatures using a biochemical body to exist in a electro-chemical environment. We know that in highly diluted solutions certain chemical compounds are disassociated with the result that electrical charges appear, equal, but of opposite polarities. Sodium chloride for an example is disassociated as sodium with a positive charge and chlorine with a negative charge. The body fluids are a saline electrolite with cells in suspension. Every microscopic part of a cell emits radiations according to the atomic structure of its makeup. Like batteries, cells run down, bodies run down, and the energy loss is manifested as aging. The Bible says Adam lived 930 years; Seth, 912; Enos, 905; Cainan, 910; Jared, 962; and Methuselah, 969 years. Then after these people of the race of Man mated with "the daughters of men" the life span fell off to 120 years according to Genesis 5:5 to 6:3.


After years of Pyramid Generator energy research, there is no question in my

mind that VIPs were brought back from death in the sarcophagus of the King's Chamber. The sarcophagus and the King's Chamber were constructed of granite. Granite, because of its matrix of feldspar, mica, and quartz crystals, exhibits a radiation caused by the pressure of the matrix on the quartz crystals known as the piezo-electric effect. Granite was called "spiritual rock" by the Egyptians because of the auric radiation. The energy generated by a pyramid in a vortex is neither electrical nor magnetic as such. It is composed of "this other energy" which radiates life property effects. The energy is everywhere in a static state, and serves in this respect as an insulator and separator while it remains static. When it is activated by thought, as in a prayer, or by resonance in electromagnetic fields, it reverses its insulating qualities and becomes an infinite conductor.

I t is this energy that will respond to our control in the Integratron and integrate
energy into the cell structure of the body. This is no reason why people today cannot live as long as Methuselah. I am convinced that he used the Great Pyramid to live so long without aging. The DNA configuration, the caduceus coils, the Emerald Tablet principles, and the pyramid vortices, all exhibit a method of life energy activity. We have put in 18 years of endless effort to prolong life without further aging. We are anchored here on dedicated property. We are not going to go anywhere. It is our intention to be able to regenerate our world leaders, our world humanity and defeat "the last enemy to be overcome -- death." It is a thousand times simpler in research than the effort it took to put men on the moon, but we need an ingredient we cannot make and that depends on other humanitarians.


Interior view of the Tesla Coil power supply for the Zephyr Technology Multiple Wave Oscillator.

This Tesla Coil power supply produces over 40 watts of output! It powers a pair of Golden Ratio MWO antennas or the remarkably gentle Violet Ray Bulb Assembly Unit is designed for practitioner use; this means it can be run 8 or more hours a day, 7 days a week without overheating or malfunction! The Dual Spark Gaps have built in governors to limit the output power. (Dont worry folks, there is still plenty!) This is achieved by cutting the length of each nylon tuning bolt for a maximum spark gap distance of 1/8 per gap. With the two air quenched spark gaps in series, there is wonderful sensitivity and range down low! Most Tesla Coil devices form an arc in the spark gap at a certain minimum distance. Once a constant arc is formed in the spark gap, all the harmonics are lost and thus there is little resonance action put out by the Tesla Coil. With the Zephyr Technology system of two fan driven air quenched Spark Gaps in series, unit keeps frequency rich output at very low power for use on sensitve areas! (as with the Violet Ray Wand). Most competition alternative medical units of this type simply use a Neon Sign Transformer as the primary high voltage. This practice results in Tesla Coil output being contaminated with unwanted 60 Hz from the ac power grid (complete with junk frequencies from Nuclear Power).

Some Construction Details of Zephyr Technology Multiple Wave Oscillator:

Detail of the close coupled, mineral oil filled Tesla Coil. Secondary is approx 720 turns of #32 solid enameled copper wire. Primary is 19 turns of #14 stranded, tinned copper wire with soft vinyl insulation. Coil form for secondary is 1 i.d. pvc pipe, schedule 40. Coil form for primary is clear acrylic cast tubing, 2 1/2 outside diameter, seven inches long with 1/4 wall thickness. Connectors are banana jack and plugs. Non toxic mineral oil has a dielectric strength of approx 3 (air is 1). The most technically challenging task in building this coil is the Fill Hole Seal for the liquid mineral oil. Detail of New Close Coupled Primary Winding on Tesla Coil. BENEFIT: Much stronger field strength resulting in stronger Resonance in body of experimental subject! This translates into increased Experimental Rejuvenation and Detoxification... With new Primary Winding, both Radiator and Resonator Antennas are active; encompassing the body with oscillating frequencies.


Call Zephyr Technology! today to order specific subassemblies for build your own projects: (937) 429-3847

Some Construction Details of Zephyr Technology Multiple Wave Oscillator Continued:

Schematic of the 555 Timer/ Darlington Transistor Assembly. This circuit chops the 12 volt power supply to drive the first stage high voltage: a MSD Blaster or Mallory Hot Rod auto coil. This system has a tremendous advantage over a Neon Sign Transformer by eliminating unwanted 60 HZ ripple contamination in the Tesla Coil output!

Following in the tradition of Bob Beck, and heeding the words of Tom Bearden speaking at the USPA Conference in Columbus Ohio: No proprietary circuits please, publish and fully disclose your circuit designs so others may replicate your discoveries The Government can shut down one solitary inventor, but if a hundred or a thousand people all start building these wonderful machines, the Government cannot shut everybody down Zephyr Technology believes this is a good policy!


Detail of the hot rod auto coil fitted with a 45 KV Diode. The high voltage Diode (NTE 510) takes out any remaining ac ripple in the auto coil output. The benefit of this system over the commonly used Neon Sign Transformer (Bergstresser units) is that the Tesla Coil output is free from any junk frequencies (60 Hz) found on the Nuclear generated ac grid. Note the clear vinyl tubing used to wrap all high voltage components for safety and insulation.

Adjustable Tungsten Spark Gap Assembly

Detail of the spark gap assembly. Notice how dual spark gaps are tunable and are equipped with governors to limit output power. Not shown flanking each Nylon Tuning Bolt are two air inlet ports for each spark gap. These air inlet ports are driven by cooling fan in the center of the lid of case. By forcing a rush of air over each sparking gap, the gaps remain quenched and do not form a solid arc or short circuit, which robs the Tesla Coil output of valuable harmonics essential to proper action of the MWO. antennas. Current edition of MWO from Zephyr Technology features Three Spark Gap Assemblies: One Heavy Duty 3/16" Tungsten Rod Fixed Gap for extended operation. Two adjustable Tungsten Gaps for sensitive tuning with the Benefit of achieving Resonance with a variety of "Experimental Subjects"

ZEPHYR TECHNOLOGY! PO Box 55 Bellbrook, Ohio 45305

"Technology for The New Age"

(937) 429 3847 (937) 429 3849 FAX

A MOSFET can be used instead of Darlington Transistor. IRF 3710 from Digi-Key works well in this application. Call (800) 344-4539 to order Part # IRF 3710ND. Hex/Mos N-CH, 100 Volt, 57Amp, TO-220 case.

Use this blank circuit board template to make a printed board for this project. Radio Shack sells a circuit board etching kit; or you can buy a generic or test board and hand wire everything together. In the next diagram, the same board is populated with component parts. Slip a piece of vinyl tubing over shaft of Tuning Pot to prevent accidental shock.

Actual Size

ZEPHYR TECHNOLOGY! PO Box 55 Bellbrook, Ohio 45305

"Technology for The New Age"

(937) 429 3847 (937) 429 3849 FAX

Schematic and Layout of 555 Timer Board:

12 Volt Power Supply should be simple fuse type rather than circuit breaker. High Voltage environment causes malfunctions in voltage regulation schemes. Insure that 12 Volt Supply automatically "Grounds" when unit plugs into wall socket! Insure that case of 12 Volt Power Supply is Grounded!

Use small piece of plywood to mount circuit board. Then install completed assembly into MWO. Mount 50K Tuning Pot on same Heatsink as Transistor or MOSFET. 50K Tuning Pot lets you walk primary frequency between 200 HZ up to approx 1300 HZ. Hot Rod Auto Coil runs cooler at faster frequencies.


Resonator Antenna Jack

Cooling Fan in Lid of Case

Current edition MWO from Zephyr Technology showing Dual Mosfets with both Frequency and "Dwell" Controls (To limit oversaturation and heat build up). Component Discussion: Clockwise from Top: Liquid Filled Tesla Coil 12 Volt, 10 amp Power Supply 555 Timer/MOSFET Assembly with its Primary Frequency Control (and Dwell) Load Resistor: .8 ohm @ 100 Watts Hot Rod Auto Coil and Diode Assembly (45 KV p.i.v.) Two HV Capacitors: 24KV AC @.0125 mfd (Polypropylene Film; multi-mini array of 12 Cornell Dubilier #942C20P15K in series) Ground Bus (MWO must be Grounded!) Dual Air Quenched and Tuneable Spark Gaps. Detail Capacitor Array 34

GOLDEN RATIO Multiple Wave Oscillator Antenna. Use this image as Template to create your own MWO Antenna.

Enlarge Image at Copy Center to suit; then etch yourself or take to circuit board shop.



ZEPHYR TECHNOLOGY! is pleased to announce that the Golden Ratio Multi-Wave Oscillator Antenna designed by Eric Dollard of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation is back in production! These double sided. Gold plated MWO antennas are based on the Golden Proportion as found in living systems in Nature. Using the mathematics of Life, the Golden Proportion or Golden Mean can be observed in the ratio of the vortex in a seashell or in the pattern of leaves swirling upward around their branch. Classical architecture in Greece used the Golden Mean in the symmetrical design of the Parthenon whereby the ratio of the smaller to the larger is the same ratio as the larger is to the whole. Expressed numerically, the Golden Mean or Phi = 1.618 to 1. This apparently living relationship can be derived from the Fibonacci series of numbers (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, . . . ) where each number in the series is the sum of the two preceding numbers and the ratio between them is Phi or 1 to 1.618 Furthermore, the Golden Ratio is found in the pyramid whereby the length of the slant height divided by the length of one side of the base equals 1.618 The ring structure of the Golden Ratio MWO Antenna reflects the proportions so often found in Nature. Conjugate strips on the backside of the antenna capacitively couple the gaps in the rings. This capacitive loading of the Golden Ratio Antenna creates an oscillating virtual antenna (non-existent but functional or "Scalar") that extends out approximately 1.6 times the diameter of the physical antenna! This "Radionic" function of the Golden Ratio MWO Antenna is not dependant upon the high voltage, high frequency stimulation of a driving Tesla Coil to produce a multiplicity of oscillating frequencies at different wavelengths... This has the benefit of allowing use of Golden Ratio Antenna as a Mandala to focus energies in a passive "Radionic" manner.

In this time lapse photo we get a glimpse of the radiated power of the new Jumbo Golden Ratio (16 diameter) MWO antenna! This fascinating (and effective?!) rejuvenation technology is now available again for Experimental Use Only (Arthritis and a host of other degenerative conditions). The heart of the MWO is a powerful, frequency rich, Tesla Coil with dual spark gaps. This allows for fine adjustment on sensitive areas without sacrificing output power!

How it works:
Experimental Use Only subject is placed between two special Antennas which radiate a wide spread of electromagnetic frequencies (all at different wavelengths). Every cell in the body is then exposed to its very best correct vibratory frequency! Just as a tuning fork will make a guitar string resonate back to its original tuned note, so will the MWO try to make every cell in your body vibrate back to its original frequency (of youth?)

Violet Ray Bulb Assembly for The Multi-Wave Oscillator Edgar Cayce praised the effects of the Violet Ray!
Edgar Cayce, one of America's greatest psychics, was able to tap into a higher consciousness (God or the Akashic record) to gain knowledge. He used this psychic power for readings (Such as VIOLET RAY) and to alleviate human suffering. He predicted that in 1958 the U.S. would discover some sort of death ray used in Atlantis (See: Secrets of Cold War Technology by Gerry Vassilitos!) Cayce is one of the main people responsible for our current understanding of Atlantis, including the idea that the Atlantaeans had some sort of Great Crystal. Cayce called the Great Crystal the Tuaoi Stone and said it was a huge cylindrical prism that was used to gather and focus "energy," allowing the Atlantaeans to do all kinds of fantastic things. But they got greedy and stupid, tuned up their Crystal to too high a frequency and set off volcanic disturbances that led to the destruction of that world. ICE AGE!

The Violet Ray device is a plasma of Argon Gas used to transduce frequencies into the human body. When we want to work on just one spot or one experimental area, the Violet Ray Wand is the way to do it. This means we can choose a specific area (prostate, breast, lower back, arthritic joints) and focus our attention where it is needed most! Plasma is a state of matter. Take water for example: we have ice (solid), water (liquid), and steam (gas). There is another state of matter and it is called Plasma. In our little universe, Plasma is the most common state of matter (like the Sun). When substances are excited and driven to a state of plasma, they become radiant and conductive. Thus our glass bulb filled with Argon Gas becomes an ideal Radiator for the Multi-Wave Tesla Coil output. (similar to Beam Tubes for output of Rife Machines) The effect is quite stimulating yet gentle!


Edgar Cayce Readings on The Violet Ray: * Excerpts from: An Edgar Cayce Home Guide; copyright 1982 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation; ISBN 87604-139-X
This Violet Ray Wand was mentioned in the official Edgar Cayce Readings* 825 times ! In the 1930s, Edgar Cayce gave many Life and Health readings from his home in Virginia Beach. In these readings (which have proved to be amazingly accurate), Edgar Cayce often mentioned the effects of stimulation with Violet Ray, which refers to a plasma of Argon Gas becoming conductive and transmitting the many frequencies of a Tesla Coil directly into the body of an experimental subject. The Violet Ray Wand is included as an attachment to the Multi-Wave Oscillator and is used instead of the Golden Ratio MWO antennas.

The experimental subject (or Practitioner) simply presses and moves glass bulb against any specific part of body! The Violet Ray Wand itself is a rugged Pyrex glass bulb in an insulated handle designed to be a sturdy Massage Tool!
Lets take a closer look at what Edgar Cayce said and then realize scope of experiments for Violet Ray Wand included with your Multi-Wave Oscillator from ZEPHYR TECHNOLOGY! Circulation: The primary function of the Violet Ray is to stimulate the superficial circulation. In the process, additional beneficial effects can be achieved. This will make for the abilities of the body to rest better. It will tend to make for strengthening of the body, by the toning of the circulation -as combined with the adjustments that are taken. 1611-2 The body should use the Violet Ray over the whole circulatory system, for five to ten minutes, sufficiently to start the proper elimination . Do that and we will be able to reduce the condition in the throat and over the system by absorption. 4831-2 The Violet Ray provides a stimulation to any portion of the body for greater activity, and by not too much but as using the comb of such a Violet Ray machine through the hair and head, will make for such stimulation as to make more growth of the hair and also a better growth of hair 1120-2 39

And the activities of the Violet Ray are only to make for the electrical rejuvenation of nerve energies that have been depleted through the inactivit y of the whole system of the body. 676-1 The Violet Ray is recommended to overcome these tendencies or to relieve these pressures in the bursae along the joints , along the nerves of the tendons and leaders-superficial activit y to be sure. 888-1 This will give the pick up or the stimulation that is needed for what might be called the recharging of the centers along the cerebrospinal system, so that there is better coordination between the ganglia of the cerebrospinal and the sympathetic nerve system. 1196-17

We would use the hand Violet Ray; this for the nerve forces will aid especially, if it is gradually used across the abdominal area; this given just before the body retires, or when it is prepared for rest, will aid in rest and will aid in relaxing body and stimulating better eliminations. 1553-20

Apply to the body the correct vibrations from The Violet Ray that will give the incentives to the nerve centers to become rejuvenated again. 269-1 As also would the stimulating of the ganglia that are relieved by having the pressures in the spinal segments relieved or released, through the addition of the electrical vibrations from the plain Violet Ray over segments that are changed, which would bring the superficial circulation to such an activity as to cause the flow of the blood supply through same. Thus not only would the distresses in those particular portions be relieved, but the impulse for the circulation through the head and the neck and to the optic forces and to all portions of the face would be such as to improve the functioning of the organs; bringing a nearer normal condition. 679-2

Primary Frequency Controls and Adjustable Spark Gaps mean you can "tune" your MWO (and Violet Ray Wand) to achieve maximum Resonance in Experimental Subject... With Benefit of achieving "Rejuvenation"! 40

A Look at the Competition

1) Gene Koonce of VIBE Technologies. The VIBRATIONAL INTEGRATION BIO-PHOTONIC ENERGIZER or VIBE Machine. The promotional literature states: ..technologies based on the theories of Lakhovsky, Tesla, Rife and Clark Bio-Photonic Light .. increases your inner-connectively [sic] to your DNA, giving it what it needs to heal itself. I observed this device again at 2005 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference in Salt Lake City : the VIBE Machine consists of a well made fixed spark gap Tesla Coil which powers a series of thin vertical glass tubes (from Edmund Scientific), each filled with a different noble gas, or combination of noble gasses. Vertical glass tubes are arranged in Star of David pattern and topped off with a thin copper wire toroid winding around an acrylic core. This unit is capped by a "Sacred Geometry" "Environmental Harmonizer" designed and/or made by Slim Spurling. Overall, the workmanship and attention to detail is outstanding on The Vibe Machine! During his lecture at the USPA Conference in Columbus Ohio, 2003 (which consisted solely and exclusively of testimonial stories describing miraculous and beneficial cures), I raised my hand and asked Gene Koonce to describe how his Tesla Coil circuit worked. Its a Secret was the friendly answer! From simple observation of unit in operation, this device uses 3 neon sign transformers (120 out of phase) connected directly to the ac grid (contaminates the output with unwanted 60 Hz). Device appears to be a fixed spark gap Tesla Coil, 1/4 wave, loose coupled with a pancake style primary winding. The unit is closed architecture which means, despite a nice fruitwood appearance, you cannot see or know for certain, whats inside. This means you're buying "the benefits" not knowing what you're really getting ...

Price: A whopping $17,500- (Yikes!)

2) Mike Brown Solutions: This is a Ralph Bergstresser MWO virtually unchanged since 1965. Notice it has one small, single sided copper antenna, and a Violet Ray Wand using the good General Electric AR-1 bulb. Output power is weak and contaminated with the 60 HZ from the ac power lines. Camshaft style spark gap constantly forms a solid arc resulting in complete loss of harmonics. Price: $97541

A Look at the Competition Continued:

3) Hessel Hoornveld from Holland: This is a slightly updated Ralph Bergstresser Tesla Coil power supply. As with all units of this design, output is basically that of a neon sign transformer (contaminated with unwanted 60 HZ ac from the power lines). Good effort on recreating the cumbersome solid metal rings of the antenna design. Note that it is difficult to space the suspended rings evenly, resulting in lack of harmonics. (Notice how they are out of round!) Unit is a real MWO! Moderately overpriced at: $45004) Bruce Copen Labs in England High qualit y Fruitwood Radionic instrument that bears a cursory resemblance to Multiple Wave Oscillator. There is no Tesla Coil and no output of any kind except Subtle Energy. Price: About $16005) Harmonic Pulser from Sota Instruments This is an Ed Skilling instrument (prolific inventor of the Super-Pro Rife Machine, Photon Sound Beam, and other instruments). The Harmonic Pulser is a small black box powered by a nine volt battery. Whatever features, advantages and benefits attributed to the Harmonic Pulser, it is not a Tesla Coil and resembles the Multi-Wave Oscillator only in name. Price: About $2006) Photon Sound Beam from Transformation Technologies This is another invention from the prolific Ed Skilling that does resemble the Violet Ray Wand of Edgar Cayce fame. Featuring multi-use application, the description continues: The Photon Sound Beam provides a full-harmonic spectrum of bio-available photon energy to meet the body's essential need for direct, holistic photobiotic nutrition Whatever it is, the Photon Sound Beam is not a Multi-Wave Oscillator. Price: $1995-


A Look at the Competition Continued:

7) Various Knockoffs of The Vibe Machine:
A) The Sead 6000 (Subtle Energy Activation Device) $5000- to $8000-. Claiming all benefits accrued to both Lakhovsky and Rife; you get a "poor boy" imitation of the well made VIBE Machine. B) The Novalite 3000: A better attempt to copy The VIBE Machine: $5000- to $8000- (Ralph Suddath here, a good guy!) These "knockoffs" available at: C) The BioCharger: Various Models. Evidently some contention about who invented what and who holds patents for various configurations of The VIBE Machine. Previous called: The Bio-Electric Light Stimulator BELS Machine. U.S. Patent #6,217, 604 (Larry Azure and James David Girard) U.S. Patent #5,908, 444 (Larry Azure) From the their Website: bels-88.html


The BioCharger ADVANCED 1988 Model combines the work of early energy pioneers Tesla, Lahkovsky AND Royal Rife by incorporating an exclusive ne w option: a variable power input control that provides modulation of the output signal and Rife modality treatment benefits to the device. [Sic] Sounds like a Variac to me (ha) Closed architecture, of course; but heres exactly what it is: One 6000 volt Neon Sign Transformer, One .2 mfd HV Capacitor, One Spark Gap and twelve Noble Gas Demonstration Tubes from Edmond Scientific. Claims all benefits and legacy from Tesla, Lakhovsky, Royal Rife and Dinshah P. Ghadiali (Nice work if you can get it!)

Price: $17,500- Same as Vibe Machine (Ouch!)

Like the Vibe, it does have lots of power...but still not a real MWO (because no enclosing antennas to capacitively load subject into actual Tesla Coil Circuit)


A Look at the Competition Continued:

9) Dans Enhancer: From the Dans Enhancer Website: The Molecular Enhancer operates on a very simple principle. It oscillates the cell's subatomic structure to increase its energy-field. This, in turn, charges the total molecular structure of the cell, increasing its energy-field size. The Molecular Enhancer is a multiple-wave oscillator. It saturates the cells of the body with the appropriate resonate energies on which the cells' electro-chemical systems depend (feed) on. WRONG! Dans Enhancer is a 12,000 volt neon sign transformer, two sheets of glass, one sheet of aluminum foil, a small sheet of copper, and a neon bulb. Well made, yes; but still a Neon Sign Transformer: no more and no less. And you get beaucoup 60 Hz in the bargain. Dans Enhancer not Tesla Coil Device; Is NEON SIGN TRANSFORMER... Price: $ 1840- Shipping Extra ($ 120-)

10) Tools for Healing: MWO/MWOHomePage.html

Designed and built by Ed Wahler of Fletcher North Carolina, Ed contacted Zephyr Technology in 2002 for help building his own Multi-Wave Oscillator; and now offers them for sale (Good!). Exactly what Bob Beck and Tom Bearden said all along: The Government can shut down one inventor, but not thousands.. Thus policy of Zephyr Technology (Using Open Architecture) to freely disclose schematics and diagrams has yielded success! From the Tools for Healing Website: The unit we have weighs 55 pounds.

Half that weight is from the power transformer alone - this is a very high-powered device.

Sad to say, above statement reveals NEON SIGN TRANSFORMER lurks within... (Neon Sign Transformer means beaucoup 60 Hz whether you like or not!) Closed architecture, means you cannot see whats in there... (too bad). But I will tell you exactly you get: One Neon Sign Transformer; one spark gap; one capacitor and two Tesla Coils, each driven by the Neon Sign Transformer. No Primary Frequency Adjustment and No Spark Gap Adjustment: i.e. No Way to Tune the MWO for each user (everyone is different due to the distributed Capacitance Load of the human body...)

Price: $ 3249- Plus Shipping: approx $100- extra. This unit is actually a real MWO. 44

Multiple Wave Oscillator Parts Price List:

ZEPHYR TECHNOLOGY! PO Box 55 Bellbrook, Ohio 45305 (937) 429-3847

Complete Multiple Wave Oscillator: $3960 One year warranty on materials and workmanship 90 day money back guarantee on performance and results! Experimental use only

Jumbo Size (16 diameter) Golden Ratio MWO antennas! Designed by Eric Dollard of Borderland Science. These double sided, Heavy Duty, Gold plated, antennas produce a spatial field that reaches out to envelope the subject in an theric field of oscillating vibrations: $180- each; two for $320Liquid Filled Tesla Coil: Close coupled; self healing Liquid Mineral Oil insulation between primary and secondary, with modular connections. This coil has never failed at 160,000 volts of dielectric stress! Coil is approx 8 long and 2 1/2 diameter; features see through clear acrylic (and liquid filled) design. This coil is close coupled and 1/4 wave; BOTH ENDS ARE HIGH VOLTAGE! $560Dual Timer/Mosfet Assembly; chops primary current from 130 cycles per second to approx 1300 cycles: Features dual Mosfets for both "Frequency" and "Dwell" to control "on time" of auto coils to prevent oversaturation. $560Capacitor Assemblies: .0125 mfd @24kvac (that's AC not dc!); These are MMC style capacitors of 12 Cornell Dubilier polypropylene film/foil #942C 20P15K; each Multi- Mini Capacitor array sealed in heavy Vinyl Tubing with wires: ZT MWO takes two assemblies. Two for $560Tungsten Spark Gap Assemblies; mounted on acrylic; with Nylon bolt and nut assembly for adjustment: ZT MWO takes two assemblies. Two for $260-High Voltage Auto Coil/45KV piv Diode Assembly; mounted together in vinyl tubing with HV wires wrapped in vinyl. Features MALLORY or JACOBS Coils. MWO takes two Hot Rod Auto Coil/Diode Assemblies. $190-each Violet Ray Wand with Quartz Glass Bulb (Argon & Neon) housed in heavy PVC safety handle with 6 foot vinyl lead wire. $360-

Bruce M. Forrester Jr and Steve Elswick at the recent Nikola Tesla Energy Science Conference & Exposition in College Park, Maryland. This well attended two day scientific conferrence, hosted by Tom and Jackie Valone of Integrity Research Institute featured both Wireless Electricity and Electrotheraputics.


1) THIS DEVICE IS NOT FOR HEALING OR MEDICAL USE! For experi m e n t a l resea rc h onl y; al l experi me n t a l s ubjects sho u l d be in a t le as t re a son ab l y good he a l t h ! 2) DANGER! HIGH VOLT AGE! Use Cau t io n w he n oper a t i ng t h is Hig h Vol t age Tesl a Coil Power Supp l y Use t h e One Han d Ru le; t h is mea ns: Keep one h a n d i n pocke t whe n adjus t i n g t h e u n i t. MWO MUST BE GROUNDED!


One large black case housing the Tesla Coil Power Supply Two Jumbo 16 Golden Ratio Multi-Wave Oscillator Antennas (One Radiator and One Resonator). One Violet Ray Wand (Argon or Neon Bulb) One Short Insulated Radiator Antenna Wire (TEST WIRE) with clear vinyl sleeve. Use Test Wire to Ground Center Ring Terminal of Radiator Antenna. One 12 long Insulated Resonator Antenna Wire; with clear vinyl sleeve. One High Voltage Discharge Terminal. This is part of the Radiator Antenna Standoff System. Plug Radiator Antenna into High Voltage Jack. One Adjustable Resonator Antenna Stand (in three pieces: Round Oak Base; two PVC pieces, & Heavy rubber band height holder) One Extension cord (three hole kind: MWO must be grounded) One packet of Velcro Strips (to secure antennas into proper position)


Multiple Wave Oscillator

ZEPHYR TECHNOLOGY! PO Box 55 Bellbrook, Ohio 45305

Technology for The New Age

(937) 429 3849 FAX

(937) 429 3847

Multi-Wave Oscillator: A high voltage Tesla Coil device used to expose the
human organism to an theric field and a multiplicity of oscillating frequencies . The idea is to elicit an intense detoxification response on a cellular level as the tissues attempt to resonate, each to their corresponding natural and innate frequency. This device has a powerful legacy, going back to the 1920s, of experimental rejuvenation in a variety of alternative conditions. A Russian migr, Georges Lakhovsky, developed this device in Paris early in the 20th Century as a remarkable rejuvenation device. The Tesla Coil output contains an theric Field considered to have rejuvenation properties. The MWO may be considered: An Experimental Rejuvenation Machine Today, the Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO) is not for any healing or medical use. It is experimental use only on persons who are in reasonably good health. Read Carefully and please sign: I am in reasonably good health and understand the MWO is not for any healing or medical purpose. Should I have or develop a medical or disease condition, I agree to seek and get authorized medical treatment from a licensed physician (Medical Doctor) before attempting any program of experimental use with the MWO. I hold ZEPHYR TECHNOLOGY harmless from any improvement or worsening of my health or condition (Caveat Emptor!)

Cost: $ 3960-; Shipping by United Parcel Service: $37-

Total Cost: $3997-

Lead time: 2 to 3 weeks from pre-paid order. Warranty: One full year on materials and workmanship. 90 Day Refund Privilege for any reason.
25 % Restocking Fee on returns. Referral Program available

Date:____________________ Name:_________________________________________________ Address:_______________________________________________ City, State, Zip__________________________________________ Phone:________________________________________________ Amount enclosed:________________________________________ Visa/MC with exp date: ____________________________________ Signature:____________________________________________

ZEPHYR TECHNOLOGY! PO Box 55 Bellbrook, Ohio 45305 (937) 429-3847 Office Technology for The New Age

Multi-Wave Oscillator
(Tesla Technology Experimenters Kit)
This Technology for the New Age may be similar to that utilized by Flying Saucers We strive to emulate, copy and mimic observed UFO technology as reported to be associated with the human-like UFO occupants known as The Blondes: Multi-Wave Oscillator: A high voltage Tesla Coil device used to expose the human organism to an theric field and a multiplicity of oscillating frequencies. The idea is to elicit an intense detoxification response on a cellular level as the tissues attempt to resonate, each to their corresponding natural and innate frequency. This device has a powerful legacy (going all the way back to the 1920s) of experimental rejuvenation in a variety of alternative conditions. A Russian migr, Georges Lakhovsky, invented and developed this device in Paris early in the 20th Century as a remarkable rejuvenation device. The Tesla Coil output contains an theric or Radiant Energy field independent of any traditional electro-magnetic oscillations. This theric field is the actual Force or Primary Energy (also called Orgone, Chi, Prana, Zero point) and is widely considered to have rejuvenation properties in and of itself.

The Multi-Wave Oscillator is a Rejuvenation Machine

Complete Multi-Wave Oscillator Includes:

High Power Tesla Coil Power Supply (Open Architecture) Two Golden Ratio Antennas with all wires & connectors
Violet Ray Bulb Assembly for direct stimulation of any part of body High Voltage Discharge Terminal on Radiator Antenna. Complete Info Pack and Instruction Booklet detailing the invention, history and use of this instrument complete with experimental protocols. (Easy to set up & use!)

Cost: $3960- Shipping by UPS ground $37 Grand Total: $3997- delivered Delivery time two to three weeks from prepaid order. Visa/Mc accepted


Multi-Wave Oscillator
High voltage Tesla Coil device used to expose human organism to an theric field and multiplicity of oscillating frequencies. The idea is to elicit an intense detoxification response on cellular level as tissues attempt to resonate, each to their corresponding natural and innate frequency. This device has powerful legacy (going back to 1920s) of experimental rejuvenation in variety of alternative conditions. A Russian migr, Georges Lakhovsky, invented and developed this device in Paris as a remarkable rejuvenation device used in the clinics of his day...

How it works:
Experimental Use Only subject is placed between two special Antennas which radiate a wide spread of electromagnetic frequencies (all at different wavelengths). Every cell in the body is then exposed to its very best correct vibratory frequency! Just as a tuning fork will make a guitar string resonate back to its original tuned note, so will the MWO try to make every cell in your body vibrate back to its original frequency (of youth?) This device is a faithful replication of the original Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator using modern electronic components. This device must not be substituted for authorized medical care from a licensed physician.

ZEPHYR TECHNOLOGY! PO Box 55 Bellbrook, Ohio 45305 (937) 429 3847 Office (937) 429 3849 FAX Technology for The New Age 49

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