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0000 MARY JANE BOGMALI, Plaintiff, CRIM CASE NO . 00000000 FOR: RAPE

Versus -

LUCKY BAUTISTA, Accused, x-------------------------------------------x

FORMAL OFFER OF DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE PLAINTIFF by the undersigned counsel and unto this Honorable Court, most respectfully offers in evidence the following documentary exhibits for the above titled case, to wit:

EXHIBITS A accused

DESCRIPTION Judicial affidavit of Plaintiff Ms. Mary Jane Bogmali

PURPOSE/S To prove the fact of that the crime is being committed by the By proving all the allegations.

Barangay clearance dated June 2, 1969 by Brgy. Chairman of Pinagsama Taguig City

To prove the fact the residency of The Plaintiff from the time of the commission of the offense to by the Accused. To prove the fact that the crime is being recorded and notice by the local police authority. To prove that the Plaintiff, upon examining made by the expert witness, was found to be suffering from vaginal laceration, contusion.


Police blotter issued by PO1 Salvador Doro PCP6 Taguig City Medical examination report On Plaintiff prepared and Signed by Dr. Vice Ganda

Judicial affidavit of Ms. Kopkop neighbor of the Plaintiff and witness in Above entitled case

To prove the fact that the crime charge against the accused is true and actually committed by the accused as seen by her.

Aforesaid exhibit are being offered to prove that the crime and accusation against the accused was true and committed at the address indicated to her complaint. WHEREFORE, premises considered, it is most respectfully prayed to this Honorable Court that the foregoing documentary exhibits be admitted for all purposes for which each and all said exhibits were being offered in proving the claims of the complainant/s, and with the formal submission of the aforesaid exhibits coupled with the testimonies of the witnesses who testified thereon. Taguig City, Metro Manila January 20, 2012 ATTY. GERALD JEY LITONG Counsel for Plaintiff

NOTICE The Hon Clerk of Court RTC Branch 69 Taguig City GREETINGS: Please submit the foregoing Formal Offer for the consideration and approval of the Honorable Court immediately upon receipt hereof. ATTY. GERALD JEY LITONG Counsel for Plaintiff

Copy Furnished: Counsel for the Accused


Copies of the foregoing Formal Offer are served upon counsel of the accused and filed with the Court by personal service.

ATTY. GERALD JEY LITONG Counsel for Plaintiff