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Birthday SAMPLE PROGRAM I - ARRIVAL OF GUESTS - Most guests arrive 30 minutes before the actual event, so while the

kids are waiting for the party proper, the following Activities may start at this time :

Activity booths such as Glitter Tattoo / Face Painting / Beads Making / Mini Parlor etc Coloring Pages Food carts such as Ice-cream, hotdogs, popcorns, chocolate fountain etc should be ready to serve by this time

II - INTRODUCTION FROM THE HOST / WELCOMING OF GUESTS III - GRAND ENTRANCE OF THE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATOR WITH PARENTS AND SIBLINGS / SINGING OF HAPPY BIRTHDAY / VERY SHORT BIRTHDAY WISH FROM THE PARENTS / CAKE BLOWING - I recommend that this goes first while the guests are still very attentive. IV - PHOTO OPS / CAKE BLOWING (FAMILY) V - GAMES - (3 - 4 games only / 2 games for Kids / 1 game for adults / 1 adult with kids game) VI - EATING TIME VII - AVP Presentation VIII - ENTERTAINMENT NUMBER / SPECIAL NUMBER IX - ENTERTAINMENT / PUPPET SHOWS / MAGICIAN / VENTRILOQUIST / ETC - If theres none, Games Part 2 X - CANDY PULL OR PINATA / PABITIN (I dont recomment Palayok unless its a Filipiniana Theme) XI - AWARDING OF PRIZES (Best in Costume, Early Bird,etc) XII - GIVING OF LOOTBAGS XIII - THANK YOU MESSAGE Hope this helps..

Tags: birthday party program party party program Posted by jenniferlopezgana at 10:18 pm | permalink Birthday speech template including 8 birthday sample speech topics for the celebrant and 18 ideas for a guest who want to give an birthday anniversary speech. The tone is personal, congratulatory,

lighthearted and sincere. So, come up with nice entertaining birthday thoughts, funny remarks and tell humorous stories or even jokes. The celebrant should be thankful for all attention. Don't be too serious, poke a little fun at yourself. A guest can roast the celebrated person a little bit in a birthday speech. But don't go to far. How far you can go depends on the ambiance of the public speaking occasion. So, it is good to know who is on the birthday guest list: Do they know each other? How close to the celebrant are they?

Okay, I've made my point: don't include insulting or smutty public speaking speech topics. After all, it's a happy birthday :-) Just a small note before we start: were I wrote She or Her in my free birthday writing templates, you can read He or Him also.

Birthday Speech From The Celebrant: 8 Topics

Pick out the ones you like. These are sample speech topics. If you are the celebrant then speak after all other speakers. Keep your speech short. 1. Welcome and thank all the guests for attenting this birthday celebration. 2. Thank all for their gifts and best wishes. 3. Thank the family members who have organized the party. Especially if it is a surprise party. 4. Look back at the past. Mention one or two important milestones in your life. E.g. your partner, the birth of your children or their graduation, memorable moments with friends, trips around the world, special projects, hobbies, etc. Warm and funny birthday speech topics about family ties always do the trick. 5. Thank all with one entertaining sentence, in which you capture the importance of your family and friends. 6. Look to the future: Tell the attendants about your plans and hopes. What do you want to realize? What do you want to change? And why?

And those popular and famous speech topics bring me to the next birthday topics idea. 7. If it is a very special birthday - you reached a special age, for example your 30th, 40th of 50th birthday - then pay attention to it. Tell a joke about people who reached this age. Otherwise, mention certain circumstances if they occur and influence the events on your birthday. But don't sound sad, try to approach them in a positive way.

8. End your speech with praising the guests. Just say you hope that they will be back. At the party next year...

Birthday Speech By A Guest: 18 Topics

These topic ideas are suitable for every birthday public speaking job. INTRODUCTION 1. Thank for the invitation to be guest. 2. Thank for the invitation to give a birthday speech. 3. Congratulate the person whose birthday it is. THE BIRTHDAY PARTY ITSELF 4. Mention a nice, funny or emotional moment at the party till now. 5. If you are one of the people who organized the party: look ahead. What's coming up next? Lunch, dinner, you are moving to another location, room or place later this day or evening, other speakers, maybe mystery guest? 6. Mention the special circumstances, if appropriate. For instance think about the weather, the location, the number of people who are attending the birthday party, and so on. Look around and use your imagination. 7. What age? Is it a jubilee year? Is it a 18th, 21st, 40th, 50th, 60th or a 70th birthday speech, or even a 80th, 90th or 100th? Did she said something herself about reaching this age? Mention this unique number and its merits and uniqueness. 8. Glance back at the past years of her life. Can you name some special facts or insight stories about the place and date of birth? To broaden your range of possible topics for a birthday speech:

What happened today in history? Are there memorable events on the date of birth? Was she born at a special place? Is she happily married? Describe this relationship. Children, grandchildren? Other notewirthy developments within the scope of the family ties? Mention those themes and don't forget to congratulate her family.

ROAST A LITTLE BIT Tease and roast the celebrant, but avoid any personal speech topics that might upset the celebrant or a guest. 9. Roast the birthday girl or boy a little bit. Can you characterize her personality? 10. What have other people said about her? 11. Mention her talents, hobbies or passions. 12. Are there noteworthy developments or achievements in her work and career? What has she always wanted to be? 13. What are her pet topics? 14. What are her values of life? How does she propagate them?

THE FUTURE 15. Look ahead to her future. What were and/or are her goals or hopes in life? Do you think she will succeed? Be optimistic and supportive. Or - if you want to spoof somewhat - tell your disagreeing point of view with a wink... THE TOAST 16. Recapitulate the best wishes and congratulations of your birthday speech. Try to summarize all the best you wish in one well-meaned special speech topic statement. 17. And then of course, at last but not least, the closer: the birthday speech toast. Propose a toast to the health of the birthday girl, so to speak. 18. Give her a present or hand over the gift on behalf of all people who join. Don't forget to tell you speak on behalf of everybody! Happy birthday to you and to your relative or friend! Have a nice party and may this information helps to enjoy preparing your birthday speech :-)

Sample Welcome Speech Let the Party Begin

A sample welcome speech - one less thing to worry about as you plan your amazing party celebration!

Your guests will expect a welcome speech and they will be pleasantly surprised... and grateful... if you focus on the quality and not the quantity of your words. So, prepare a simple, short and effective welcome wish - and then focus on planning all the other great party celebrations - music, excellent food, creative decor, dress code and the theme! A warm welcome - done! Let's party!


A warm word of welcome to everyone tonight as we celebrate [insert event or occasion]. Tonight is a exceptional evening - I am so glad that so many special people have been able to join us this evening. As, always, to absent friends - we still miss you. But, tonight is all about celebrating! It brings to mind the all too true words, that at times, we should "dance like no-one is watching"! And tonight is one of those nights! Let's capture some magical moments, let's create happy memories and let's surround ourselves with laughter and friendship as we celebrate this special occasion. Have fun, thank you for joining us and go ondance a no one is watching! Good evening Ladies, Gentlemen, family and friends What a truly special evening it is that we are celebrating this evening - an evening all the more special because we are sharing this celebration with all of you. A warm welcome to everyone and thank you so much for sharing [insert name]'s 21st birthday with us tonight. It just wouldn't have been the same without all of you - all the people who have played such an amazing role in [his / her] life. Tonight is [insert name] night and we hope it will be a night that [he / she] remembers fondly in the years ahead. Twenty one years have seen [insert name ] through many milestones. We've seen [his /her] baby years turning into toddling years. We've seen [insert name] learning to talk and walk - unsteadily at first but growing in confidence daily. And those determined footsteps have continued through elementary and secondary school, through sporting teams and academic achievements. We seen obstacles overcome and accolades accomplished and we've witnessed such remarkable growth and development in every facet of [insert name] life. *[highlight some of their achievements here to make your speech personal and meaningful] Daily, incrementally and exponentially, we've seen [insert name] walking steadfast and purposefully through tears and laughter, in and out of relationships and onwards towards [his / her] goals still to be achieved. Through all of these magical milestone [insert name] has remained positive and empathetic. [He / She] embodies a passion and zest for life that is infectious and we have all shared in these moments - they have been magical and many and everyday! What an honor and a privilege it has been to witness this amazing young [man / lady] and their journey towards adulthood. And tonight, [insert name] as you stand on the brink of a new chapter in your life, please know that we are so incredibly proud of you and we love you. May you continue to walk as sure-footed as you always have, may you remain as grounded as you have always been...and may you stay in mind and spirit, forever young . Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes Sample - Fellowship and Celebratory Words

Birthday wishes sample? Look no further for that special message for a special person.

There is something wonderful about birthdays - parties, balloons, gifts, candles and a lovely atmosphere. Make the occasion even more memorable with great birthday messages. Everyday...somewhere in the world...someone is celebrating their birthday. So, if it is your birthday today - a very happy birthday to you!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUOTES A birthday bouquet of words I send to you May the days ahead be bright and colorful... full of joy, happiness and friendship. May you continue to be such an uplifting and positive force in so many people's lives And may your year ahead Be blessed and happy - Always. Reflections on the year that past, Anticipation for the year that lies ahead, For so many special qualities we cherish you! So, our birthday congratulations we send to you, on this your magical day with lots of warmth, fellowship and love. Your yesterdays are important-

They shaped you as you are today; A person for the world to depend on... Kind, caring, creative, positive and achieving. Happy birthday to a special person, Tomorrow awaits Seize every moment - live every day. You are a friend to many, You nurture family ties, You live your life by example. We cherish and value having you in our lives Happy Birthday! We're sending you this birthday wish today, With all our love and only best wishes Forever grateful... having you in our lives. Happy Birthday! Birthdays are a time to say, We hope you have the greatest day, Laugh, smile and celebrate with friends May the magical days show no ends! Happy Birthday!

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