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follow the path: IMG-Logi-General-Material master-Field selection-Maintain field selection for data screensSearch for field: MARA-MFRPN Field

sel. group 123-enter Now in the below screen check for field selection for selected t code and material type. Here u can make the field hide, display, reqd, optional. First you have to remember that activating MPN is a global MM setting under Material Master >> Basic Settings >> Make global settings , You have to select Manf. part no radio button for these fields to appear in any material type.

Hi, Create ERSA with all the views. in purchasing add manfuacturer part no profile. Then create HERS one for each part number and vendor combination in HERS purchasing view enter ERSA you created earlier in the internal SAP number field. you can link multiple HERS to same ERSA. also create AMPL linking all HERS for purchasing. but remember you cannot purchase with ERSA. Feel free to contact in case of further queries