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Stronger - (This is Our God - Album version) Words & Music by Reuben Morgan & Ben Fielding Performed

by: Jad Gillies INTRO: F VERSE 1: F G C There is Love that came for us F G C Humbled to a sinner's cross F G Am You broke my shame and sinfulness F G F You rose again victorious (Back to Intro) VERSE 2: F G C/E Faithfulness none can deny C F G C/E Through the storm and through the fire C F G Am There is truth that sets me free G F G C Jesus Christ who lives in me CHORUS: G C G You are stronger, You are stronger Am F Sin is broken, You have saved me C G It is written, Christ is risen F G F Jesus You are Lord of all VERSE 3: F G C No beginning and no end F G C Youre my hope and my defense F G Am You came to seek and save the lost G F G C You paid it all upon the cross F F Am G C C/E G G/B G C/E C/E F G C/E C/E

BRIDGE: F Am So let Your Name be lifted higher G C C/E Be lifted higher G G/B Be lifted higher