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Using Comic in Teaching Grammar

Sofia Nurbaiti


The course book does not include all the activities The course book does not fit to the time given The learner s knowledge and skill do not match that involved in the course book (Prabhu, 1989) The course book does not include language item, skills, ideas, discourse, or strategies that the learners need The course book does not apply principles that the teacher feels should be aplied

The book is less interesting

Reasons for Using Comic

A great visual Representation of Knowledge Presents what is essential Easier to remember a visual graphic containing key information Engaging through thinking, creating and writing. Using visual images convey meaning to a story or topic Develops creative and higher level thought processes

Develops composition techniques through visual-verbal connections Enriches reading, writing, and thinking Serves as and assessment and evaluation tool Sequencing promotes understanding
(summarized by Marilee Sarlitto (Technology Director,Kildeer School), found in "Creating Comics: Visual and Verbal Thinking in the Ultimate Show and Tell" by Janette Combs, College of William and Mary, July 17, 2003.)

comics can reflect the language of the time (Jeff Hughes)


Interesting Facts About Comics

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