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1. Tell us about your self / your background.

2. What are the 3 major characteristics that you bring to the job market.
3. What 2 or 3 things are most important to you at work.
4. what qualities do you think are essential to be successful in this kind of work.
5. what courses did you attend. What job certifications do you hold.
6. what subjects /courses did you excel in.
7. what subjects / courses gave you trouble and why.
8. how does you previous work experience prepare you for this position
9. How do you define ‘success’
10. what has been you most significant accomplishment to date
11. describe a challenge you encountered and how you dealt with it
12. describe a failure and how you dealt with it
13. describe the ‘ideal’ job… the ‘ideal’ supervisor.
14. what leadership roles have you held
15. what do you like to do in your spare time
16. what are your career goals a) 3 years from now, b) 10 from now.
17. how does this position match your career goals
18. what have you done in the past year to improve yourself
19. in what areas do you feel further education and training is required.
20. what do you know about our company
21. why do you want to work for this company. Why should we hire you.
22. why are you looking for a new job.
23. how do you feel about re-locating
24. will you travel to the branches located in the different parts in India or abroad if
required frequently.
25. what are your salary expectations.
26. when would you be available to start if you were selected.