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Statement from Childrens Hospital VP for Government Relations, Joshua Greenberg, on a mid-year state spending bill that would

waive additional tiered insurance charges for patients in active treatment at Childrens and some other specialized hospitals. "There is a growing body of literature that high-deductible plans lead families to forgo necessary care and experience significant financial difficulties. Limited and tiered products pose serious access-to-care issues for very sick children. The amendment, which provides coverage to families who lost coverage because of the new insurance products, is a first step in the right direction toward protecting young people. Children's Hospital Boston is working to help protect children and families because the legislation as originally passed does not account for children. The law calling for market reforms stipulated that pediatric issues be considered, yet when DOI issued the regulations there was not a single mention of children. There are differences between child and adult health that need to be considered. Similarly provider networks for children are far more scarce than that for adults. Out of pocket expenses for a child with a complex condition can add up quickly and be financially unworkable for many families. As policymakers, payers and providers work to lower the cost of health care, we must guard against approaches that will contribute to disparities in access to health care, disparities the health care community and public officials have worked hard to eliminate. Children's is aggressively tackling the cost issue. Since 2009, Children's has taken $125 million out of the health care system by voluntarily opening our contracts with the state's largest three insurers and making a range of price cuts, holding our new contract with Blue Cross to a 0% rate increase this year and below inflation over the duration, focusing on institutional efficiencies, implementing new care delivery systems and improving care integration."