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GFA and SwissFEL Accelerator Seminar

Towards Table-Top FELs

Monday, 26 October 2009, 16.00 h, WBGB/019 Prof. Florian Gruener University Munich (LMU), Germany
Recent breakthroughs in the field of laser-plasma electron accelerators have led to intrinsically ultrashort (few tens of femtoseconds) electron beams with energies in the GeV-scale. In these accelerators, a high-power laser beam is focussed into a gas target and excites a plasma wave, whose fields can accelerate electrons to ultrarelativistic energies over distances of only a few centimeters. Owing to their unprecedented features, these electron beams are perfectly suited for driving a next generation of X-ray light sources. Both, unique coherent free-electron lasers (FELs) and spontaneous undulator light sources with femtosecond to attosecond pulse duration could be realized on a laboratorysized scale. In this talk, we will present design studies of table-top FELs as well as first experimental breakthroughs towards this end, manifesting itself in a laser-driven undulator source (M . Fuchs et al., accepted in Nature Physics). The source, driven by electron beams, which are produced by the ATLAS laser system at the Max-Planck-Institut fr Quantenoptik emits reliable ultrashort pulses of an estimated duration of 5 fs rms in the soft-X-ray range.

Measured undulator spectrum from laser-accelerated electrons

Contact: Sven Reiche (5119)