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Commas (continued)

Direct Address
 Rule # 7: Use commas to set off words that are used in direct address.  Examples:
 Megan, please do not tear the book up.  Mom needs you, Brian.  The boy across the street, Steve, is wearing a yellow shirt.

Parenthetical Expressions
 Rule # 8: Use commas to set off parenthetical expressions (side remark that adds information or shows a relationship between ideas).  Examples:
 Sue, on the contrary, prefers soccer to baseball.  To tell the truth, Mike is one of my best friends.

Common Parenthetical Expressions

       By the way For example However I believe In fact In my opinion I suppose

     Nevertheless Of course On the contrary On the other hand To tell the truth

 These can be found on page 611 in your grammar books.

Try It!
 Try Exercise 7 and Exercise 8 in your grammar books.  These begin on page 611