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JS PROM PROGRAMME EMCEES SCRIPT INTRODUCTION D: K: D: K: D: K: D: Good evening .ladies and gentlemen!

! Good evening, Kathleen Good evening, too, Daniella! You look so stunning tonight. Thanks and I can return the favor to you right away for you look so gorgeous in time for this occasion. Well. There are one hundred and one reasons of getting dressed up elegantly and ravishingly tonight. You bet, Kathleen. Tonight is one of the highlights of SVDPA cocurricular events in the pantheon of social graces & gregariousness! WELCOME TO THE SVDPA JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM 2012! The much-awaited social gathering of the junior and senior students of our school as they are poised for take-off to the world of fashion, fad & craze! Talking about fashion, fad and craze.are you familiar with the red carpet premiere in international entertainment? Yes, definitely, Kathleen! A red carpet premiere is the meeting of the stellar cast of whatever film genre to be promoted for initial world screening. Like the red carpet premiere nights held in Universal Studio and the famous Metro Goldwyn Mayer. The attendees of such gatherings.what a power-house cast ever assembled! Aside from paving the way for world cinema milestones, Red Carpet premiere is also anchored on the annual international film & television recognition nights from the world renowned award-giving bodies like Academy Award, Cannes Film Festival, MTV Music Award, Golden Globe Award and many others. And suffice the call of the occasion..this years JS Prom is geared towards the Red Carpet Premiere as our thematic concept. And without further adoto kick the ball rolling, lets paint the town red and roll out the red carpet for the grand entrance of juniors and seniors as they take a walk of fame. Lets give them a resonating applause!

K: D:


D: K:


Presentation of Prom Attendees

3rd & 4th Year Students

K: And that wraps up the so-called SVDPA version of Walk of Fame. guys are so hip and fabulous.


D: And to formally commence this event, please rise and feel a few moments of solemnity for an invocation to be led by Klein Santos

Opening Prayer

Klein Santos

K: Please remain standing and imbibe among ourselves the virtue of nationalism & patriotism through the singing of Philippine National Anthem to be conducted by Denise Perez.

National Anthem

Denise Perez

D: You may now be seated.

K: Daniella, are you fond of watching red carpet premiere on velvet channel?

D: Yes. One of the most remarkable red carpet premiere nights I have watched was the Moscow Premiere of the Transformers: Dark of the Moon last June 2011. That event was highlighted by classy entrance of Rosie HuntingtonWhiteley with her sought-after Gucci gown. How about you Kathleen? Any favorite actress or entertainer who graced a certain Red Carpet premiere?

K: I remember the premiere night of the movie, Black Swan held in New York last year. Natalie Portman, the winner of Academy Award Best Actress, added color to the event through her jaw-dropping and breath-taking aura & style. She was simply fantastic during that night. Or Megan Fox in promoting

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in various countries. Her higher than high slits in all her gowns from Donna Karan to Herve Leroux, Alberta Ferretti to Roberto Cavalli were strikingly amazing.

D: Very well said Kathleen. You really did your intensive research on that, didnt you? How about the Eclipse Premiere Nightwhich was a Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner sandwich! And to explain further the central idea of this evenings soiree, lets all welcome the Communications Officer of the Student Council, Samantha Camille Espiritu, for her opening remarks. K: On her way to the red carpet and to the walk of fame, lets give her a resounding applause!

Welcome Address

Samantha Camille Espiritu

D: Thank you very much Sam for your inspiring message to all the attendees tonight. May your words of wisdom be our moving spirit as we enjoy the night here in the Sulo Hotel. By the way, Kathleen, what do you think is the essence of this event?

K: Well in my own angle of vision, every JS Prom signifies the celebration of awards and achievements of our senior students and these legacies should be handed over to the deserving and trustworthy inheritors..who else? The junior students!

D: Very good! Aside from that, all the scholastic emblems held by seniors for one school year should be bequeathed to their honorable recipients----those symbols of academic victories, co-curricular triumphs and team-building upheavals.

K: At this juncture, lets now move on to the bequeathal ceremony. D: To begin with, may we call in Ingrid Lacambacal & AJ Generoso for the bequeathal of the symbolic torch.

Turn-Over Ceremony Symbolic Torch Ingrid Lacambacal & AJ Genoroso

D: Thank you Ingrid and AJ.our role models of hope & enlightenment. May we request the presence of Frances Espanola and Lawrence Cabiling for the turnover of the Holy Bible.

Holy Bible

Frances Espanola & Lawrence Cabiling

K: Thanks to you Frances & Lawrence. Indeed, you are the xylems of values and spirituality. Lets proceed to the endorsement of the book of knowledge. May we request my fellow emcee Daniella Salcedo and my classmate Pauline Camerino to come forward and deliver their tasks.

Book of Knowledge

Daniella Salcedo & Pauline Camerino

K: To Daniella and Pauline, thank you so much. May you inspire all the Vincentians with your impressive academic standing and well-balanced study habits.

D: Thank you Kathleen for recognizing our efforts to strive hard for academics. Our turnover ceremony will not be complete if we dont give stress to a cache of accomplishments of the Student Council in various programs and projects. Towards the end of this School year, the SC has left no stones unturned in empowering the student body and in serving the Vincentians in every step of the way.


And such odyssey of service and leadership is about to turn the hourglass upside down for the new breed of student-leaders in the service of the Vincentians. And to make it happen, may we hand in the microphones to the predecessor and the successor of SVDPA leadership by example.SC President Karl Abellera and SC Vice President for Internal Affairs Ralph Canoy

for the passing of the golden key of responsibilities. Lets give them a nice big hand!

Key of Responsibilities

Karl Vincent Abellera & Ralph Canoy

D: Thank you fellow SC Officers Karl & Ralph. Were more than just halfway for this turnover stuff. Furthermore, no JS Prom is considered memorable in the absence of candle-lighting ceremony. Such ceremony symbolizes the hand-over of the candles to the next bearers so as to lead & guide our school and its stakeholders in reaching their dreams and aspirations.

K: The flame atop of every paraffin elucidates the road to success of the outgoing seniors in the next chapter of their academic career. At this point, lets move onward and go forward to the Candle-Lighting Ceremony. We would like to call in the selected juniors & seniors to be led by Leonor Artillaga & Victoria Ilagan for the said ceremony. Lets give them a warm round of applause.

Candle-Lighting Ceremony

Leonor Artillaga & Victoria Ilagan

D: Thank you guys for participating in that ceremony. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will be successful in whatever chosen field to be undertaken in the near future.

K: And to my fellow juniors or should I say incoming seniors, may we fulfill our noble obligations to our school in general and to our fellow schoolmates in particular for the next academic year.

D: At this point in time, I am quite sure that everyone is excited to get the taste of luscious & sumptuous food to be served for dinner by the accommodating crew members of Sulo Hotel.

K: So before we prolong such digestive revolution inside us, we are now declaring with full force that.ITS EATING TIME!

D: Lets enjoy the food in observance of the table etiquette as usual. Happy Eating, everyone! Bon appetite!


K: Good evening once again! Is the food great? Still craving for another serving? Seemingly, everyone enjoys taking dinner so as to be all-set for the next part of the program.

D: Thats right, Kathleen! One of the most-awaited parts of this event is the traditional cotillion de honor that serves as the prelude to the dancing portion of the Prom.

K: And to showcase the gracefulness and the inclination of the Vincentians tonight, lets now welcome the Cotillion de Honor dancers under the supervision of Mr. Edwin Acierto. Lets give them a big hand with grace and poise!

Cotillion de Honor Students

Selected 3rd Year & 4th Year

D: Thank you, cotillion de honor dancers for your awe-inspiring performance. You guys almost moved heaven and earth in dancing!

K: That gracefulness in social dances is probably included in the roster of specific legacies of the Senior Class to be ceded to the Junior Class.

D: And speaking of legacies and bequests, may we request the Finance & Logistics Officer, Lea Cabiling and the Chairperson for Academic Programs of the Student Council, David Romano Perez for the reading, endorsement and acceptance of the Last Will & Testament.

Last Will & Testament Perez

Lea Cabiling & David

K: Thank you very much Lea & David. It is guaranteed that the last will and testament of the Senior Class is now in good hands. We, the incoming Fourth Year students, are now committed to exerting indefatigable effort in walking the beaten paths, so to speak.

D: Honestly, Kathleen, we dont expect you to be like us, but we expect you to be one of us or should I say better than us. We challenge you to soar high in all aspects but to keep you both feet on the ground despite of meritorious achievements. These are your gargantuan roles as would-be seniors!

K: Thanks for such nuggets of wisdom, Daniella. I could really imagine that you and your batch mates will have a bright future a few years from now because of your God-given talents and desirable traits. Senior Class.its you already!

D: Wellpredicting outcomes of our future success is a joy to do but there is one effective way to find out! Let our Class Prophet take her course in giving her fearless predictions and formidable forecasts not based on Chinese astrology or tarot cards but merely on the ambitions & career paths of my dear classmates.

K: Sounds great, Daniella. And to interpret the vibrations not from magic crystal ball but from the sheer guts and will power of the seniors, may we request the presence of the SC Vice-President for External Affairs, Ma. Ingrid Rei Lacambacal for the reading of the Seniors Class Prophecy.

Class Prophecy

Ingrid Lacambacal

D: Thanks Ingrid for such eloquence to deliver the contents of our Prophecy. I have nothing to say with regard to that but Good Luck to all of us.and so be it!

K: Your road to success will always be under construction. But, with your innate aptitude coupled with great attitude, you can shape up your altitude with accuracy & fondness. Good luck to the members of the Graduating Class 2012.

D: Were almost done with the second part of this program. And to formally end this part and to move on to the next exciting one, please join me in welcoming Ozion John Payba for his parting words. Lets give him a warm applause.

Parting Words

Ozion John Payba

K: Thank you OJ for reminding us of the partys dos and donts. Well take note of that with no ifs and buts. This we promise you!

D: Thanks OJ. You know KathleenI am kinda dead-eager to the next part of the program. Young ladies. lets be in the know about our first dance partners for this evening.

K: So we should not keep their heels cool. May we call in Mr. Richard L. Alpahando, our Guidance Counselor & Junior Class Adviser for the announcement of the first dance. A warm round of applause for him please.

Announcement of First Dance

Mr. Richard Alpahando

Junior Class Adviser Guidance Counselor

D: Thank you T. Richard, guys and girls. And to test more our dancing shoes strength and endurance.

K: And get into the dance to the ultimate & bring down the house, we are now signing off for awhile.

D: For us to cut a mean rug & shake our bodies. In short, to dance the night away! Guys & gals, lets get ready because its party-party time! Dance.DanceDance

K: Good evening once again, we would like to interrupt this dance party for a very special announcement.

D: While we were having fun throughout the night, our distinguished Board of Judges started to pick its choices for this years Prom King & Queen.

K: And we have now the results! To announce the Prom King and Queen for this year, we would like to call in our Activity Coordinator and Senior Class Adviser, Mr. Edwin Acierto , to do the honor. Lets clap our hands for him!

Awarding Ceremony

Mr. Edwin Acierto Senior Class Adviser Student Activities Coordinator


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