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[Seal of the State of Israel] At the Supreme Court, Sitting as the High Court of Justice Before: Appellant Vs.

Respondents: 1. Commander of IDF forces in the Judea and Samaria Region [sic] 2. Military Court of Appeals 3. General Security Service Declaration and motion to strike the appeal Advocate G. Boulous Advocate V. Halawe Decision We have been delivered a joint notice by the representative of the Appellant and the representative of the Respondents, according to which there is no intention to extend the administrative detention beyond 17 April 2012, and (after offsetting the days of detention during which the Appellant was subjected to a criminal investigation), subject to the absence of new and significant material being added in the matter of the Appellant. In light of the above, the Appellant has ended his hunger strike and declared his retraction of the appeal. This being the case, the appeal is stricken, and the hearing schedule for today is thereby cancelled. Handed down today, 28 Shvat, 5772 (21 February 2012). JUSTICE ----------The copy is subject to changes of format and phrasing. 12013470_B03.doc Information center, Tel: 077-2703333; website JUSTICE JUSTICE [signature line] HCJ 1347/12 The Honorable Justice A. Arbel The Honorable Justice H. Meltzer The Honoorable Justice A. Fogelman Khader Adnana Muhammad Moussa

For the Appellant: For the Respondents: