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My Job

My name is Fieraru Daniel Alin I have 19 years, and I want to become nurse. I chose this job for several reasons such as: I like to help people, its a paid job but not in this country, I like to work in team. Is not an easy job because you need some abilities. You need to be patient, you need to share empathy, you need to be devoted, calm, kind, dynamic. Like many others jobs you have some advantages like: it's a future job, you have a durable job, it's a paid job, but like any job you have disadvantages like: you can get sick very quickly, you have a huge responsibility, you have a busy schedule. In the near future I hope to work in Italy like nurse because is better then Romania.

Fieraru Daniel Alin, Colegiul Naional Ana Aslan Timioara anul II D, Asistent Medical Generalist