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1. In the opening scene of the play, who started the street battle between the two families? a. b. c. d.

The sons The parents The servants The pets

2. At the ball, Romeo and Juliet proclaim their love in a sonnet in which Romeo compared himself to what? a. b. c. d. A pilgrim An explorer A sea captain A soldier

3. On the way to the ball, Mercutio tried to cheer up Romeo by making up a story about a queen who brings strange dreams to people. What is the name of the queen? a. b. c. Queen Latifah Queen Elizabeth Queen Mary

d. Queen Mab 4. Romeo and Benvolio learned about the ball when Capulet's servant asked them to read the guest lists. a. b. True False

5. In which scene did Romeo first see Juliet and fall in love with her? a. b. c. d. Scene One Scene Two Scene Three Scene Five

6. At the ball, who recognized Romeo under his disguise and challenged him to a duel? a. b. c. Count Paris Prince Escalus Friar Lawrence



7. What did Lady Capulet ask her daughter Juliet to do? a. b. c. Wake up Marry Count Paris Eat breakfast

d. Play the piano 8. What was Capulet's servant unable to do? a. b. c. d. Walk Talk Read Hear

9. In the first scene, who tries to break up the fight between the two familes? a. b. c. d. Prince Escalus Montague Capulet Benvolio

10. What advice did Benvolio give to Romeo when Romeo was lamenting about his unrequited love? a. b. c. d. Pursue the girl Drink some ale Look at other girls Kidnap the girl

11. Even at such a young age, Juliet was already thinking about marriage. a. b. True False

12. Who informed Romeo of Juliet's last name? a. b. c. d. Mercutio Servant Benvolio Nurse