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Where would you like to go to spend a vacation?

Describe this place and say why you would like to holiday there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I would like to go to Bangalore for spending vacations. Bangalore is in Karnata ka State of India. I prefer this place mainly because this city is neat and cle an and the climates are excellent here. All through the year it has very friendl y climates. This is well known as air-conditioned city too. Bangalore is full of natural beauty and has numerous beautiful and well maintained gardens. Bangalor e is popularly known as Garden city of India and this is one of the metro cities of India. I visit gardens and enjoy the greenery and the sight of beautiful col ourful flowers blossoming, I love it the most. Bangalore is well connected with neighbouring tourist attractions like Mysore, Coonoor, Ooty, and a pilgrimage pl ace Titupathi Balaji. My Bangalore to and fro flight journey is just 120 minutes it is quite enjoyable. Hence after a pleasant vacation, I return to my work afr esh. Therefore Bangalore is my favourite place for spending holidays and vacatio ns.