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700 Classroom Activities David Seymour & Maria Popova Macmillan Books for Teachers Contents Introduction 4 Conversation Functions 2 Grammar _@ Vocabulary Index 120 153 Macmillan Books for Teachers ‘Welcome to the Macmillan Books for'Te e books are for you are a trainee texcher, practising teacher or teacher wainer. They help you to: © develop your skills and confidence @ reflect on what you do and why you do it ¢ inform your practice with theory ® improve your practice ‘© become the best teacher you ean be ichers series, The ‘The handbooks are written from a humanistic and student-centred perspective, They offer © practical techniques and idea key insights into relevant background 1 © Ways to apply techniques and insights in your warle The authors a e teachers and trainers. We take a “learning as you go? approach in sharing our experience with you, We help you reflect on ways you ean facilitate learning, and bring your personal streagths to your work, We offe you insights from research into language and language learning and suggest ‘ways of using these insights in your classroom, You can also go to and ask the authors for advice We encourage you to experiment and to develop variety and choice, so that you can understand the bow and why of your work We hope you will develop confidence in your own teaching and in your ability to respond creatively to now situations. ‘les in the series Beyond the Semence Scot Thornbury Children Learning English Jayne Moon Discover English Rod Bolitho & Brian Tomlinson Learning Teaching Jim Scrivener Sound Foundations Adrian Underbill leaching Practice Roger Gower, Diane Phillips & Steve Waleers ‘aching Reading Skills Christine Nuttall Uneouering Grantnar Scott Thornbury 700 Glassro0n Activities David Seymour & Maria Popova