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KYKO Ten Distinctive Personality Types

The High Egocentric/Assertive Personality The assertive personality has a high need for power, image, prestige and control. He is ambitious and sees power and status as a measure of success and a means to a quality life. He believes that with power, position and status he can shape the environment to accomplish what he sets out to do. The assertive personality prefers to lead than to follow. He wants to take charge of people and things and lead them to his vision and mission. He likes to control others. When he is in the position of power, he expects his team to do things his ways. The assertive personality enjoys working on complex, important and challenging jobs. He is a demanding driver. He sets high standards for others and will drive them forward to achieve his expectation. The assertive personality has a high self image. He takes pride of his achievement and likes to share his success stories. He seeks admiration, respect and recognition and will go for branded stuffs to create a good impression of success. The assertive personality likes to be in the limelight. In any social gatherings he likes to be noticed and stand out in the crowd. The assertive personality believes and trusts his ideas will work and has a tremendous amount of self-confidence to achieve his goals. He believes that nothing is impossible if one have the will power to strive and accomplish what one wants. The assertive personality places great value on his prestige, reputation, status, glory and dignity. He wants recognition, appreciation and takes credit for a job well done.

The assertive personality is competitive. He strives to do better than his friends. He is not contented in with what he owns and tends to compare his success with his friends.

The assertive personality is vocal and expressive in verbalizing his ideas. He talks more than he listens. He would defend himself his ideas aggressively when challenged to prove his points. He is a poor listener and has the tendency to shut his mind when he strongly disagrees with others in a conflict.

KYKO Ten Distinctive Personality Types

The assertive personality makes decisions quickly. He wants quick result and is impatient with phlegmatic people. He is also short-tempered. He can get upset when someone puts him down in public.

The assertive personality has a natural tendency to control and shape his environment. If things are not going his way, he is persistent in his effort to overcome barriers and obstacles to put things back on his track. The assertive personality has a tremendous amount of personal power which will work as a force towards achieving his purpose. He is a fighter and likes to win every battle in life. He is a decisive and firm leader capable of making things happen through others.