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Danish International Case Study

1) What is the management decision problem that Shameen is likely to narrate to Raghu Narang? The Problems are listed below : Under utilization of talent Responsibility given only to few people. New Entrant not aware about their Job Roles. No proper Performance Appraisal and Job evaluation Lack of Motivation No Proper Job Fit-Employees were not given Role as per their strengths and weakness. Absence of Formal Communication No Induction and Exit Interviews Instability in business nature. Lack of Proper HR policy Misplaces aggression and bringing personal problems at work place. Blind Faith and superstition.

2) Convert and formulate it into a research problem and state the objectives of your study. Can you suggest a theoretical framework about what you propose to study? Research Title Increasing Performance Of Employees Inorder To Have Business Stability at Danish International. A] Research Problem What are the factors influencing under utilization of talent of employees at Danish International? How is the division of work practised at Danish International? How are the Induction procedure conducted and what methods are used? What are the Job evaluation parameters of Danish International?

To what extent there is de-motivation among employees at Danish International? What steps, precautions should be taken to place the right person at the right job? Is a revival of HR policy needed? If so what should be included in the modified HR Policy? What steps should be taken to bring about stability n the nature of business?

B] Research Objectives To indentify the various factors or causes of under-utilization of Employees at DI. To formulate appropriate HR policies to improve Job Satisfaction, Formal Communication, Induction and Exit Procedure, StressManagement, Recruitment, Motivation, Work Atmosphere, Performance Appraisal and Job Evaluation at DI. To identify various options to bring about stability in business nature. To measure the extent of non- performing employees at DI and its impact on its Business.

C] Research Framework Need & Significance of the study- to identify the reasons for poor performance of employees at DI and to suggest means to overcome their problem Problem statement- What are the reasons for poor performance of the employees and what steps should be taken to increase the performance level at DI Objectives- To increase performance at DI and bring about stability in its business operations Hypothesis- Employees at DI are talented Research methodology- Sampling collection of data though schedules of Band 3 and Band 2 employees. Scope of the study- HR Development areas in an organisation, Stress management

Limitations- Deals with only employees at DI. Does not deal with steps to reduce the effect of blind faith like evil spirits Findings to the research. Recommendations.