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Faculty of Management Science


This is to certify that Manish mathur student of MBA-IV Semester has completed her Research Project Report titled A STUDY OF EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION AND MOTIVATION IN RETAIL SECTOR (W.R.T VISHAL MEGA MART, BLY.) assigned by MBA Department and under my Supervision.

It is further certified that she has personally prepared this report that is the result of her personal survey/observation. It is of the standard expected of MBA student and hence recommended for evaluation. (Ms. Kavita Nagarkoti) Supervisor Above statement is endorsed.


No learning can be complete without practicing. When we study in the classroom it clears our picture about the field of the area, but it proves to be useful or thoughtful when it is applied in practical field. Now the time has changed practical knowledge for management student is must to qualify as a potential manager. It is for this reason that this project is prescribed as a part of syllabus for Masters of business administration.

Success of any organization depends upon the quality of Human Resource. Human Resource plays an important role for the growth of the organization.

The project report, which is presented after consist of A Study of Employee Satisfaction and Motivation in Retail Sector (W.R.T. Vishal Mega Mart, Bly.)



Behind every study there stands a myriad of people whose help and contribution make it successful. Since such a list will be a prohibitively long. I may be excused for important omissions.

This is my pleasure to thank for being a source of inspiration, help and MISS KAVITA NAGARKOTI co-operation.

I express my gratitude to my Faculty Guide Ms. RICHA SHARMA who helped me to complete my project with her inputs in the area of Human Resource.

Lastly, I owe my heartily thanks to all those who extended their timely support for completion of this project.

This was a good exposure that will definitely help me in my professional career.



This project has been undertaken as a partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of Masters of Business Administration of Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow. The project was executed in the 4th semester under the supervision of Ms. KAVITA NAGARKOTI Further I declare that this project is my original work and the analysis and findings are for academic purpose only. This project has not been presented in any seminar or submitted elsewhere for the award of any Degree or Diploma.


This report is a brief presentation of level of employee satisfaction and motivation at Vishal Mega Mart, Bareilly, which is a retail chain. Retail Sector consists of companies from several areas including apparel, department stores, food stores, and miscellaneous shops.

Employee satisfaction is supremely important in an organization because it is what productivity depends on. If employees are satisfied, they would produce superior quality performance in optimal time and lead to growing profits. Satisfied employees are also more likely to be creative and innovative and come up with breakthroughs that allow a company to grow and change positively with time and changing market conditions. And as it is such an important aspect for an organization, therefore I have selected this topic as my research study.

With every job these is one common problem that people face, which is getting stuck in the machine of time and routine. This leads to boredom, and is known to be a de-motivator by the experts. It is for this reason that human resource managers are asked to ensure that there are activities and varied ways and means to keep employees motivated from time to time. Motivating the employees is vital in order

to get the maximum out of them and to keep employee burn out at bay. And ensuring this lies in the hands of the managers.

Why motivated employees are needed? The answer is survival (Smith, 1994). Motivated employees are needed in rapidly changing workplaces. Motivated employees help organizations survive. Motivated employees are more productive. To be effective, managers need to understand what motivates employees within the context of the roles they perform. Of all the functions a manager performs, motivating employees is arguably the most complex. This is due, in part, to the fact that what motivates employees changes constantly (Bowen & Radhakrishna, 1991).

For example, research suggests that as employees income increases, money becomes less of a motivator (Kovach, 1987). Also, as employees get older, interesting work becomes more of a motivator.

What Employee Satisfaction Really Is? Answer to this question is very vast as employee satisfaction includes various aspects and parameters, and absence of any one may dissatisfy the employees. This report covers various parameters on grounds of which Level of Satisfaction is measured. Various determinants and measurement techniques of Employee Satisfaction are covered under this project report. A valuable knowledge of numerous indicators of dissatisfaction of employees can be

gained through the study of this report. Besides these, various tips for improving the satisfaction level of employees are also being covered.

What all are the facilities provided by Vishal Mega Mart, Bareilly to their employees in order to raise the satisfaction level is disclosed by this report.

At last analysis of the responses made by the employees of Vishal Mega Mart, Bareilly is done and on the basis of those responses conclusion is draw n and useful recommendations are made to the Vishal Mega Mart, Bareilly which may be helpful to them in their bright future.

The study of "Employee satisfaction" helps the company to maintain standards & increase productivity by motivating the employees. This study tells us how much the employees are capable & their interest at wok place? Although "human resource" is the most important resources for any organization, so to study on employees satisfaction helps to know the working conditions & what are the things which influence them to not to work properly. So to study on employee satisfaction is necessary.

Certificate of Guide Preface Acknowledgement

Student Declaration


Company Overview Theoretical Background Objective Of Study

Scope and Importance of Study

Literature Review


Research Methodology


Data Analysis And Interpretation

Conclusion Limitations Recommendations




Started as a humble one store enterprise in 1986 in Kolkata (erstwhile, Calcutta) is today a conglomerate encompassing 183 showrooms in 110 cities / 24 states. Indias first hyper-market has also been opened for the Indian consumer by Vishal. Situated in the national capital Delhi this store boasts of the singe largest collection of goods and commodities sold under one roof in India. The group had a turnover of Rs. 1463.12 million for fiscal 2005, under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Ram Chandra Agarwal. The group had a turnover of Rs 2884.43 million for fiscal 2006 and Rs. 6026.53 million for fiscal 2007. The groups prime focus is on retailing. The Vishal stores offer affordable family fashion at prices to suit every pocket. The groups philosophy is integration and towards this end has initiated backward integration in the field of high fashion by setting up a state of the art manufacturing facility to support its retail endeavors.
Vishal is one of fastest growing retailing groups in India. Its outlets cater to almost

all price ranges. The showrooms have over 70,000 products range which fulfills all your household needs, and can be catered to under one roof. It is covering about 29,
90, 146 sq. ft. in 24 states across India. Each store gives you international quality

goods and prices hard to match. The cost benefits that is derived from the large central purchase of goods and services is passed on to the consumer


Vishal Retail Ltd. has a factory in Gurgaon, Haryana. This factory has more than 700 imported machines that have a capacity to manufacturer 150000 pieces a month. The factory occupies 80000 sq ft of covered space. The Vishal group indirectly gives employment to more than a 1000 people. These people work in ancillaries that supply finished goods to the company.

Vishals 10 warehouses cater to 183 showrooms in 24 states/110 cities across India. It is covering about 29, 90, 146 sq. ft.


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Vishal Mega Marts dedicated professional Quality Control team ensures the quality of their products. Their quality checks start the basic cloth and accessories and end with our doing a full inspection on the finished items. They believe that Quality Control is the key to success. Our goal is to give the customer with the best quality and value for his money.

We never make compromise with quality

Quality always scores


Vishals loyalty programme gives the Indian consumer of being rewarded every time he makes a purchase at any of the Vishals stores anywhere in the country. Consumers can make purchases at any store and accumulate points at a central level. These points are redeemable at any of Vishals stores. Consumers can accumulate points even when they make a purchase while traveling and redeem points at any store. So no matter where you are in India you can participate in Vishal Mega Marts loyalty programme.


Vishal Retail Limited offers multidisciplinary career opportunities. These opportunities are a result of corporate growth, internal promotions or the opening up of new markets or product lines. It also maintains a data bank to be used as and when suitable opportunities arise. The interested candidates can leave their bio- data on the online data form. All information is treated in strict confidence.

Regional CEO: The Candidate should be MBA/CA with work exp. of min 12 years. Responsible for Complete profit generation of the designated region, Building, Grooming, etc.

Area Manager (Operations): MBA/CA with relevant work exp. of min 10 years. Responsible for handling multiple stores, Control costs and expenses etc.

Retail Store Manager: Graduate/Post Graduate with work exp. min 8 years in Retail/FMCG industry. Responsible for all the store operations etc.


Vishal Mega Mart in Bareilly was established on 7 Nov, 2007. It is situated at D/85, Civil Lines, near Ayub Khan X-ing Bareilly. It is headed by Store Manager, Mr. Abhishek Mathuria. There are 75 employees at this store. There are 21 divisions and three sections.


1) EDP(Execution Data Processor) section for system update 2) DC(Distribution Centre) section for store-keeping

3) House-keeping section

A new division has been started in Vishal Mega Mart of Bareilly i.e., Vishal Care++ which deals in sale of commodities. It offers following insurances:

1) DLF Pramerica Life Insurance 2) Reliance General Insurance 3) Royal Sunderam General Insurance 4) Max New York Health Insurance 5) ICICI Lombard


Food Mart Mens Wear Life Style Electronics Computers

Ladies Wear Kids Wear Footwear Home ware Sports & Fitness Travel Accessories Restaurant Household Items Stationary

Terms & Conditions

1) Exchange within 7 days from the days of purchase along with cash memo

& price tag. 2) Books, Body Care products, CD-ROM, cosmetics, Hair Accessories, Fashion Jewellery, Food Items, Toiletries, & Undergarment cannot be exchanged. 3) Inter Store Exchange is possible only for selected range of products. 4) Exchange Timing 11:30 am to 4 pm(except Saturday & Sunday) 5) After Sale Service of Home Appliances, Watches, Electronics will be provided by authorized vendor only.
6) We request patrons to kindly bear us, as exchange will not be possible on

merchandise sold during Clearance sales, Bargain Bin Stock or against any promotion scheme used or altered garments. 7) We reserve the right to determine whether the goods have been damaged or used.
8) Garments with the tendency of fading does not carry colour guarantee. Goods once purchased cannot be reimbursed for cash.

All Disputes are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.










Employee satisfaction is a measure of how happy workers are with their job and working environment. Keeping morale high among workers can be of tremendous benefit to any company, as happy workers will be more likely to produce more, take fewer days off, and stay loyal to the company. There are many factors in improving or maintaining high employee satisfaction, which wise employers would do well to implement.

To measure employee satisfaction, many companies have mandatory surveys or face-to-face meetings with employees to gain information. Both of these tactics have pros and cons, and should be chosen carefully. Surveys are often anonymous, allowing workers more freedom to be honest without fear of repercussion. Interviews with company management can feel intimidating, but if done correctly can let the worker know that their voice has been heard and their concerns addressed by those in charge. Surveys and meetings can truly get to the center of the data surrounding employee satisfaction, and can be great tools to identify specific problems leading to lowered morale.

Many experts believe that one of the best ways to maintain employee satisfaction is to make workers feel like part of a family or team. Holding office events, such as parties or group outings, can help build close bonds among workers. Many

companies also participate in team-building retreats that are designed to strengthen the working relationship of the employees in a non-work related setting.

The backbone of employee satisfaction is respect for workers and the job they perform. In every interaction with management, employees should be treated with courtesy and interest. An easy avenue for employees to discuss problems with upper management should be maintained and carefully monitored. Even if management cannot meet all the demands of employees, showing workers that they are being heard and putting honest dedication into compromising will often help to improve morale.


1. Overall Individual satisfaction: Employees should be satisfied with the organization as a great place to work.

2. Work Environment: Employees have to feel satisfied with the environment within which they work; it would result in high productivity.

3. Communication Methods: When administrative policies and all important announcements are communicated to the employees, it boosts their morale. The methods chosen for communication also play an integral role. Some of the methods that could be used are intranet, monthly newsletters, weekly meetings etc...

4. Compensation and benefits: This is the most important variable for employee satisfaction. Employees should be provided with competitive salary packages and they should be satisfied with it when comparing their pay packages with those of the outsiders who are working in the same industry.


Supervision: It is one of the most important factors in Job Satisfaction.

Employee oriented or considerate supervisors who take personal interest in their subordinates & display friendship, mutual trust, respect and warmth, have been found to have subordinates who are relatively more satisfied with their job.

The Work Group: People seek satisfaction of their social & psychological

needs in interaction with others in a group situation. Isolated workers dislike their jobs.

Job Content: HERZBERG hold the view that job content factors such as

achievement, recognition, advancement, responsibility & the work itself tend to provide satisfaction but there absences doesnt tend to create dissatisfaction.

Occupational Level: A large number of research studies have shown that

there is a positive relationship between the level or hierarchical status of a person and his job satisfaction.

Specialization: Specialization has no doubt resulted in greater efficiency,

but it has also contributed to dissatisfaction, repetitiveness of the task is

found to be boring and monotonous by workers. Workers who carried out a number of operations expressed satisfaction with their job said WALKER & GUEST.

Age: Workers in the advanced age group tend to feel more satisfied with

their job because they have adjusted with their job condition but younger workers; tend to feel dissatisfaction with their job conditions because they have high ambitions about their carrier advancement.


It was believed for a long time, particularly by human relations experts, that satisfied, workers were productive workers, but later researchers sounds it to be a myth. No doubt some studies have reported positive correlation between satisfaction & productivity but these are often not statistically significant. BAYFIELD & CROCKETT concluded from a review of a number of research studies that job satisfaction did not necessarily imply high performance and that production may be only peripherally related to many of the goals towards which the industrial worker may be striving.

Relationship between satisfaction & productivity is very complex. There are

four possible relationships:

o High Satisfaction & Low Productivity: Highly satisfied workers may turn

out to be low in productivity, if management is interested only in keeping the employees happy, and not demanding of high productivity.

o High Satisfaction & High Productivity: It exists when supervisor is both

employee oriented as well as task oriented. He tries his best to help his employees in the fulfillment of their social & psychological needs.

o Low Satisfaction & Low Productivity: It occurs when the supervisor is

laissez faire type. He neither takes care of employees needs not of production.

o Low Satisfaction & High Productivity: It may be found to exists together

where a highly task oriented and coercive supervisor uses scientific management techniques to push up production without any regard to employee needs and feelings.


1) Employee Satisfaction Surveys: Employee satisfaction surveys and focus groups help the employer to identify the areas of employee satisfaction and

dissatisfaction. Employee satisfaction surveys help employers measure and understand their employees attitude, opinions, motivation, and satisfaction.

2) Conduct Simple Training Needs Assessment: This training needs assessment works best in small to mid-sized organizations. It gives a quick assessment of the training needs of an employee group. This training need assessment helps find common training programs for a group of employees.

3) Exit Interviews: Exit interviews are one of the best ways to get true and honest feedback from employees. The downside is that it takes time to build up a significant amount of data from exit interviews.

4) Employee Attitude Surveys: Excellent guide to employee satisfaction - attitude surveys: tells what they are, how to conduct them, how to use them effectively.

5) Job Satisfaction Survey: The Company compares employee satisfaction with their national benchmarks.


There are various indicators which reflect that the employee is dissatisfied from the job, and management or the superior must check these in order to recognize the problem of that employee and try to solve it out in order to create satisfaction, which

is beneficial for both employee as well as the organization. Some of these indicators are:-

Labour turnover Absenteeism Loitering & Idling Seeking a transfer Low Morale Frustration Higher error rate than anticipated Low performance Bad behaviour Undue interest in complaints about salary & opportunity for career development. Try to avoid accepting new work Bad communication with subordinates


Flexible work hours aren't the only way to increase employee satisfaction. Here are some other steps you can take to boost your workers' loyalty and dedication while reducing turnover:

Provide employees with responsibility-and then let them use it. Most surveys show that the greatest source of employee pride and satisfaction is the feeling of accomplishment that comes from having-and exercisingresponsibility. Yet many business owners, consumed by fears of a shrinking bottom line, have turned micromanagement into an art form. Unfortunately, few things employers do cause more employee dissatisfaction. Here's the real bottom line: If you can't trust your employees to be able to think and act on their own, you probably shouldn't have hired them in the first place.

Show respect. Frustrated by a faltering economy, diminishing markets and meddling investors, many business owners look close to home for someone to blame-all too often, that's their own employees. The result? A growing number of employees feel like they're being viewed as the enemy, not as loyal partners. Its little wonder so many employees seem ready to jump ship at the first sign of opportunity. On the other hand, companies that truly value their employees earn more than gratitude-they win enhanced dedication and productivity as well. So be sure to show your employees how much you respect and value them-tell them how much you appreciate them, throw them

a pizza party, recognize an employee of the month, do anything you can to show them how much you care.

Recognize the whole person. Employees are more than 9-to-5 robots who turn off at night and can't wait until the starting bell rings the next morning. All workers have lives, interests, and friends and family outside the officeand most are constantly struggling to balance increasingly hectic schedules. While companies can't sacrifice unduly to the whims of a single individual, making concessions where possible-allowing a long lunch break to attend a child's school event, for instance, or permitting a sales executive to fly out on Monday morning instead of Sunday night-can pay huge dividends in the long run.

Mark out a clear path to growth. Some employees are content to remain where they are in an organization, but most want to grow in their careers over time. Business owners who wish to increase employee satisfaction tend to look past formalities and establish genuine growth paths for all their employees, not just their senior executives.


The fundamental reason that employees leave organisations is that they are not satisfied. Their dissatisfaction could occur on many levels. Much published research on turnover indicates that money is often NOT the most important reason. Employees leave for other reasons such as career growth and development, or a change in life circumstances, or factors like that. Its handy to think of the reasons for dissatisfaction in terms of push factors (things that make employees more dissatisfied) and pull factors (things that make employees more satisfied). These factors are showing the level of satisfaction as well as dissatisfaction of employees working in an organization. The factors that are going to make some MORE dissatisfied are things like:

poor pay poor compensation poor work conditions lack of promotions poor benefits offering lack of job security

The factors that make an employee MORE satisfied are things like:

good leadership in the organisation good relationship with their manager recognition for their achievements (not necessarily monetary recognition) advancement in their careers personal growth and development feedback and support (meaningful feedback, not just naked criticism) clear direction and objectives

So there is a lot that can be done on the positive side to increase satisfaction. Naturally, there are of course many opportunities on this side of the house where a good talent management solution can help things along.

Employee Dissatisfaction

Fulfillment Commitment Engagement

Employee Satisfaction

Factors leading to Dissatisfaction Poor Pay Poor Work conditions Poor Compensation Lack of promotion Poor benefits offering Lack of job security

Factors leading to Satisfaction Good leadership practices Good manager relationship Advancement Personal growth Feedback & support Clear direction & objectives



The job of a manager in the workplace is to get things done through employees. To do this manager should be able to motivate the employees. Basically, in order to keep employees motivated there are 7 strategies that can be adopted, which are as follows: 1) Providing positive reinforcements for the tasks accomplished and setting higher goals to be achieved. 2) Setting down certain effective rules and regulations to be followed in the office. 3) Seeing that fair rules are set in the office. 4) Looking into employee needs and seeing that they are comfortable in their work environment. 5) There should be work related goals set from time to time. 6) There should be regular appraisals and platforms where employees can share their on the job experiences
7) There should be consistent and constant on the job rewarding and incentives


1. Consequences: Never use threats. Theyll turn people against you. But making people aware of the negative consequences of not getting results (for everyone involved) can have a big impact. This one is also big for self motivation. 2. Pleasure: This is the old carrot on a stick technique. Providing pleasurable rewards creates eager and productive people. 3. Performance incentives: Appeal to peoples selfish nature. Give them the opportunity to earn more for themselves by earning more for you. 4. Detailed instructions: If you want a specific result, give specific instructions. People work better when they know exactly whats expected. 5. Short and long term goals: Use both short and long term goals to guide the action process and create an overall philosophy. 6. Kindness: Get people on your side and theyll want to help you. Piss them off and theyll do everything they can to screw you over. 7. Deadlines: Many people are most productive right before a big deadline. They also have a hard time focusing until that deadline is looming overhead. Use this to your advantage by setting up a series of mini-deadlines building up to an end result. 8. Team Spirit: People work more effectively when they feel like part of team they dont want to let others down.

9. Recognize achievement: Make a point to recognize achievements one-on-one and also in group settings. People like to see that their work isnt being ignored. 10. Personal stake: Think about the personal stake of others. What do they need? By understanding this youll be able to keep people happy and productive. 11. Concentrate on outcomes: No one likes to work with someone standing over their shoulder. Focus on outcomes make it clear what you want and cut people loose to get it done on their own. 12. Trust and Respect: Give people the trust and respect they deserve and theyll respond to requests much more favorably. 13. Create challenges: People are happy when theyre progressing towards a goal. Give them the opportunity to face new and difficult problems and theyll be more enthusiastic. 14. Let people be creative: Dont expect everyone to do things your way. Allowing people to be creative creates a more optimistic environment and can lead to awesome new ideas. 15. Constructive criticism: Often people dont realize what theyre doing wrong. Let them know. Most people want to improve and will make an effort once they know how to do it.

16. Demand improvement: Dont let people stagnate. Each time someone advances raise the bar a little higher (especially for yourself). 17. Make it fun: Work is most enjoyable when it doesnt feel like work at all. Let people have fun and the positive environment will lead to better results. 18. Create opportunities: Give people the opportunity to advance. Let them know that hard work will pay off. 19. Communication: Keep the communication channels open. By being aware of potential problems you can fix them before a serious dispute arises. 20. Make it stimulating: Mix it up. Dont ask people to do the same boring tasks all the time. A stimulating environment creates enthusiasm and the opportunity for big picture thinking.


Employee Satisfaction means a lot for the management of Vishal Mega mart, Bly. They deal with each & every aspect which can satisfy their employees. According to them Human Resource is the most important part of any organization, and it is very necessary for the organization to keep their employees happy in order to achieve the organizational success & goal.

Employee satisfaction being a very important part of their ideology, the group is sensitive to the requirements of its greatest asset and committed to ensure utmost satisfaction and value for their hard work and dedication. This is the reason that Vishal Mega Mart, Bly. enjoys faithful and good employees forever.

Employee satisfaction and motivation is really very important and thatswhy Vishal Mega Mart provides different benefits, good working conditions, suitable time, initiative and responsibility etc. to their employees in order to attain maximum Satisfaction of employees.


INCENTIVE ON SALES : This incentive is given on the basis of target

achievement. A particular target is assigned to each of the employees. And according to the fulfillment of the target, incentive is provided to them. For Ex, if they achieve 90% of the target- 5% of their salary is provided to them extra as incentive. Similarly for 100%- 10% and 110%- 15% is given.

OVERALL GROOMING : This program is run to motivate the employees

so that they are more productive and can easily achieve their targets.

BEST EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH : An employee of the store is

awarded as Best Employee of the month each month. On the basis of Target Achievement, Behaviour at Store, Interaction with Customer, Overall Grooming.

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION : In the starting of each month, Birthdays of

all those employees are celebrated whose birthday falls in that particular month.


There are two ways of analyzing whether the employees are satisfied and motivated or not. Theses two ways are the only and according to Vishal Mega Mart, are the best ways of checking the level of satisfaction and motivation amongst employees. The two ways are:-

Measurement of Achievement of Target : This means that in Vishal Mega

Mart, target achievement plays an important role in analyzing the level of employees satisfaction. If the target has been achieved during the period, employers feel that the employees are satisfied thats why they are doing as expected. This is their assumption that if employees achieve their target then they are satisfied.

Performance Appraisal: It is the technique of analyzing the performance

of the employees during the particular period. If the performances is satisfactory or say good then they think that the people are satisfied with their jobs otherwise there is some problem with them regarding job or personal. The major basis of analyzing the level of satisfaction is TARGET ACHIEVEMENT only.


To find out the different motivational techniques used in Vishal Mega Mart. To identify the facilities/benefits provided at Vishal Mega Mart to its employees in order to increase their satisfaction level.

To find out the satisfaction levels of employees in Vishal Mega Mart.

To find out the relationship between employee satisfaction and productivity of employees. To find out the reasons for their dissatisfaction and provide suitable suggestions to resolve them.


The research study has immense scope for me as a researcher as I can apply this practical knowledge and experience in my future career and managerial decision making. Vishal Mega Mart can also take benefit of this study to improve their employee satisfaction and motivational levels, which directly have an impact on productivity and goodwill of the organization. This research work can be used as a secondary data for further research work.

Motivation and job satisfaction in one government research and development environment

Engineering Management Journal, Dec 2000 by Leach, Frederick J, Westbrook, Jerry D ABSTRACT
Many factors affect motivation and job satisfaction in a research and development environment. This study was conducted at a U.S. government research laboratory to determine the factors that are important to motivation and to job satisfaction. Data from researchers and managers were collected and compared. The framework used for this study is Frederick Hertzbergs motivation hygiene factor theory. The results demonstrate that with small differences, Hertzbergs theory generally applies to this environment. Researchers and managers agreed on the importance of various factors in motivating performance. But they did not agree on the importance of various factors in job satisfaction. More researchers reported lower job satisfaction than managers.

Benefits Of High Internal Work Motivation Comparing Retail Sector To Manufacturing

Journal of Diversity Management Third Quarter 2008 Volume 3 by Rickey Casey, University of the Ozarks, USA Jay Robbins, Ouachita Baptist University, USA


The Hackman and Oldhman Model have been tested in several areas with additional testing needed in the service sector. This study tested the model within a manufacturing company and evaluated several of the dimensions of the model. This paper evaluates two of these dimensions; high internal work motivation and task significance. The plan that was surveyed has a population of 1,000 with 200 sampled. The company examined is a larger manufacturer of electric motors and the sample was taken from one plant with all three shifts samples. The plant has a population of 1,000 with 200 sampled. A comparison study was done in a major retail company. From the survey sample of 534 employees of the retail company, 330 responses were returned, indicating a 62 percent response rate. The average age of those responding to the survey was 37.9 years. Males accounted for 22.7 percent of the respondents while 72.7 percent were female.

Work motivation and job satisfaction in the Nordic countries Journal of Employee Relations, 2004 Volume 26 by

Jacob K. Eskildsen, Center for Corporate Performance, The Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus, Denmark

This paper studies differences in job satisfaction and intrinsic work motivation between employees with different characteristics. Based on a study of the literature assumptions regarding these differences are developed and tested on data from a survey in the Nordic countries. In this survey 9,623 employees from randomly selected households in the Nordic countries participated. Among the findings are that Danish workers were found to be the most satisfied and that there is no difference between the genders with respect to job satisfaction in the Nordic countries.


Type of Research: Descriptive research

Type of Data:

1) Primary Data : Unstructured interview of the concerned authorities & questionnaire 2) Secondary Data : Reports and website of the organization.

Research Method: Survey Method

Research Instrument : Questionnaire & Observation

Contact Method : Direct unstructured Interview

Sampling Plan : 1) Sample Size : 35 2) Sample Unit: Employees of Vishal mega Mart 3) Sample Area Vishal Mega Mart, Bareilly

Q1) Are you satisfied with your job?

Response Satisfied Partly Satisfied Unsatisfied

No. of Response 12 23 -

% of Response 34.29 65.71 -

70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 % of Response Partly Satisfied Unsatisfied Satisfied

Interpretation: Most of the people are partially satisfied with their job, which shows they are not fully satisfied with their job.

Q2) Are you satisfied with the salary provided to you?

Response Satisfied Partly Satisfied Unsatisfied

No. of Response 5 13 17

% of Response 14.29 37.14 48.57

50 40 30 20 10 0 % of Response Satisfied

Partly Satisfied Unsatisfied

Interpretation: This shows that the employees are not happy with the salary provided to them in Vishal Mega Mart; this also reflects that some of them are partially satisfied with the salary. Only 14.29% people are satisfied with their salary and they are top level people.

Q3) Are you aware of various benefits which Vishal Mega Mart is providing to its employees?

Response Yes No

No. of Response 33 2

% of Response 94.29 5.71

100 80 60 40 20 0 % of Response

Yes No

Interpretation: 94.29% of the employees are aware of the different benefits provided by Vishal Mega Mart to the employees, whereas 5.71% are unaware of those benefits. This shows that those 5.71% employees are not aware of all the policies, benefits, rules etc. in Vishal Mega Mart.

Q4) Are you satisfied with the working environment and conditions of Vishal Mega Mart?

Response Satisfied

No. of Response 27

% of Response 77.14

Partly Satisfied Unsatisfied

5 3

14.29 8.57

80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 % of Response Partly Satisfied Unsatisfied Satisfied

Interpretation: Most of the people i.e., 77.14% people are fully satisfied and 14.29% of people are partly satisfied with the working conditions and environment, 8.57% of the employees are not at conditions & environment of all satisfied with the working KVS.

Q5) Is Job Security provided to you in Vishal Mega Mart?

Response Yes No

No. of Response 7 28

% of Response 20 80

80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 % of Response Yes No

Interpretation: It shows Job Security is not provided to employees, but it should be provided because it is one of the important source of satisfaction of employees.

Q6) Are you satisfied with the work culture of Vishal Mega Mart?

Response Satisfied Partly Satisfied Unsatisfied

90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0

No. of Response 30 3 2

% of Response 85.72 8.57 5.71

Satisfied Partly Satisfied Unsatisfied

% of Response

Interpretation: This analysis shows that most of the employees are satisfied with the work culture of Vishal Mega Mart. This shows that work the themselves culture of Vishal is acceptable and suitable to almost all of employees, those who are not satisfied must adjust with that culture.

Q7) Are you comfortable with the timings of your job?

Response Yes No

No. of Response 30 5

% of Response 85.71 14.29

90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 % of Response Yes No

Interpretation: 85.71% of the employees are comfortable with the timings of the job; this shows that there is mutual understanding between the timings of after people and residence. Q8) Does management has trust in employees? employees and the management. This also shows that job in Vishal Mega Mart is suitable to all, that it is set considering the regular normal daily routine of the comfortability to reach work place from their

Response Yes No To Some Extent

No. of Response 25 4 6

% of Response 71.43 11.43 17.14

80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 % of Response To Som e Extent No Yes

Interpretation: Employees of Vishal Mega Mart are very happy and enjoying full trust of their employers. This is one of the main reasons of employees job satisfaction in Vishal Mega Mart. Faith of employers is one of the important things to motivate employees to work hard in the interest of the organization.

Q9) Are your ideas welcomed and appreciated by the management for the growth of business?

Response Yes No To Some Extent

No. of Response 23 4 8

% of Response 65.71 11.43 22.86

70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 % of Response Yes No To Some Extent

Interpretation: It shows that employees are also given chance to participate in the management and feel a part of the organization.

Q10) Are your personal problems taken care of?

Response Yes No To Some Extent

No. of Response 25 6 4

% of Response 71.43 17.14 11.43

80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 % of Response To Some Extent Yes No

Interpretation: It shows that the personal problems of the employees are also
considered by the management to a great extent.

Q11) Is there any kind of appreciation for your good performance?

Response Yes No To Some Extent

No. of Response 22 4 9

% of Response 62.86 11.43 25.71

70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 % of Response No To Som e Extent Yes

Interpretation: Appreciation is very necessary for motivating the employees and

according to the response of employees; this need is fulfilled by Vishal Mega Mart.

Q12) Is there proper promotion and growth for you in the organization?

Response Yes No To Some Extent

No. of Response 9 21 5

% of Response 25.71 60 14.29

60 50 40 30 20 10 0 % of Response Yes No To Som e Extent

Interpretation: 60% of the employees feel that there is no proper promotion and
growth for them in the organization, which is one of the reasons of dissatisfaction. Even if they work hard and

according to the of promotion.

employers, they do not get success, in terms

Q13) Is management focused towards employees needs and demands?

Response Yes No To Some Extent

No. of Response 14 16 5

% of Response 40 45.71 14.29

50 40 Yes 30 No 20 10 0 % of Response To Som e Extent

Interpretation: There is no clear response in this case because 40% of the

employees are in favour of management in terms of listening to employees needs and demands. They are satisfied with the employees behavior and concern of management. While 45.71% feel that management is not too much concerned about

employees needs and demands. Therefore no proper conclusion could be drawn.

Q14) Is any recognition given to you at Vishal Mega Mart?

Response Yes No To Some Extent

No. of Response 26 5 4

% of Response 74.29 14.28 11.43

80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 % of Response To Som e Extent Yes No

Interpretation: Recognition is a need of a deserving and hard working

employee. If he/she will not get recognition in return of his hard Mega behavior working and efficient work, he/she shall be dissatisfied. In Vishal Mart, 74.29% of the employees are satisfied with the and appraisal of employers. If an employee is hard he/she is getting recognition as well.

Q15) Do you think job satisfaction increases the productivity of employees?

Response Yes No To Some Extent

No. of Response 34 1

% of Response 97.14 2.86

100 80 Yes 60 No 40 20 0 % of Re sponse To Som e Extent

Interpretation: 97.14% people agree with the fact that job satisfaction increases
the productivity of employees.

Q16) Is you job stressful?

Response Yes No To Some Extent

No. of Response 12 20 3

% of Response 34.29 57.14 8.57

60 50 40 30 20 10 0 % of Response Yes No To Som e Extent

Interpretation: 57.14% respondents responded that their job is not stressful at

all while for others their job is stressful to some extent

Q17) Is your job affecting your personal life?


No. of Response

% of Response

Yes No To Some Extent

4 29 2

11.43 82.86 5.71

90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 % of Response Yes No To Some Extent

Interpretation: According to 82.86% respondents, their job is not affecting their

personal life in any manner.

Q18) Does your job motivate you?

Response Yes No

No. of Response 17 12

% of Response 48.57 34.29

To Some Extent


50 40 Yes 30 No 20 10 0 % of Response To Some Extent

Interpretation: This shows that their job motivates them. The target
achievement method used by the management is really a motivating factor for employees.

Job satisfaction has its own definition for every employee. On the whole job satisfaction broadly involves five aspects and they are- salary, supervision, Promotions, relations with coworkers and most importantly their work which they perform for the organization. But according to the analysis, conclusion may be summarized as follows:

Only 34.29% of the employees working in Vishal Mega Mart are satisfied

from their job.

The remaining 65.71% of the employees are partly satisfied that means

they are somewhat dissatisfied from the job. They should not be left ignored because their dissatisfaction could be proved fatal for the organization. As satisfied employees contribute their best efforts towards the growth and success of the organization.
48.57% of the employees are not fully satisfied from the salary, this is a

clear indicator that employees feel that they are getting less than what they deserve.
Almost all the employees are fully aware of different benefits available to

them. As far as job security is concerned, it is low in Vishal Mega Mart and hence employees are not free of this fear.

Timings are well set and suitable to employees. Employees in Vishal Mega Mart enjoy proper recognition & full faith of their employers.
In Vishal Mega Mart ideas of employees are welcomed, by which

employees feel themselves as a part of Vishal Mega Mart and not just an employee.

Another good step to attain high level of job satisfaction of employees is

maintaining peaceful, good, satisfactory, faithful human relations with their employees. Vishal Mega Mart is also providing good working conditions as well as good working environment to their employees.
Satisfactory work culture is there in Vishal Mega Mart which is acceptable

by all the employees. After performance appraisal, if the employer finds that performance of an employee is outstanding, he provides reward to that employee as a symbol of appreciation and motivation. Employees are satisfied due to this reason also.


One major limitation of this study is that time is limited, as this report is to be

completed within 1 months, so more detailed analysis is not possible to be done.

Some of the information might not be given correct up to an extent, due to confidentially of data by the employees.

We cant believe on the responses given by the employees.

Inability & unwillingness of the respondents to provide information.


On the basis of this study, suggestions to the Vishal Mega Mart are:-

As it is observed that the policy of Vishal Mega Mart to measure the employees

satisfaction is on the basis of target achievement. But Vishal Mega Mart should not focus on turnover as a measurement of level of job satisfaction of employees because achieving the target does not mean that the employees are happy with the policies, rules, etc. of the organization. It may be due to some pressure or further hope of improvement they are performing their tasks efficiently. Turnover is not the appropriate basis; Vishal Mega Mart should rather focus on more effective measurement techniques.
Vishal Mega Mart should provide incentives to their employees for the

achievement of target for full satisfaction of employees.

Vishal Mega Mart should provide job security to it performing employees.. This

will motivate them to work hard.

There should be proper availability of promotion and growth for the employees in

the organization.
Another important thing is that there must be good amount of increment in their

salary every year. This is the biggest tool in the hands of employers to gain confidence, faith and satisfaction of their employees.

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Q1. Are you satisfied with your job? a) Fully Satisfied b) Partially Satisfied c) Not Satisfied

Q2. Are you satisfied with the salary provided to you? a) Fully Satisfied b) Partially Satisfied c) Not Satisfied Q3. Are you aware of various benefits which Vishal Mega Mart is providing to its employees? a) Yes b) No Q4. Are you satisfied with the working environment and conditions of Vishal Mega Mart? a) Fully Satisfied b) Partially Satisfied c) Not Satisfied Q5. Is Job Security provided to you in Vishal mega Mart? a) Yes b) No Q6. Are you satisfied with the work culture of Vishal Mega mart? a) Yes b) No Q7. Are you comfortable with the timings of your job? a) Yes b) No Q8. Does management has trust in employees? a) Yes b) No Q9. Are your ideas welcomed and appreciated by the management for the growth of business? a) Yes b) No Q10. Are your personal problems taken care of? a) Yes b) No Q11. Is there any kind of appreciation for your good performance? a) Yes b) No

Q12. Is there proper promotion and growth for you in the organization? a) Yes b) No Q13.Is management focused towards employees needs and demands? a) Yes b) No Q14. Is any recognition given to you at Vishal Mega Mart? a) Yes b) No Q15. Do you think job satisfaction increases the productivity of employees? a) Yes b) No Q16. Is your job stressful? a) Yes b) No Q17. Is your job affecting your personal life? a) Yes b) No Q18. Does your job motivate you? a) Yes b) No Personal Information Name: .. Age: . Gender: 1) Male 2) Female Designation: . Salary: