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TOREADOR By HeatHer GROVE AND GREG STOL ZE Crepris, Write bys t Developed by: Layout 6 Typesetting Interior At nce Locke, Greg Louden, Andy Trabbold, and Christopher Shy Front Cover Art: john Van Fleet Back Cover Design: Becky Jollensten 735 PARK NORTH BLM, SUTE D8 tr L] LP USA Gant STunD © 2000 White Wolf Publishing, Ine. All rights reserved Repwxhution without the written poison of the pul Tuer is expresly forbaklen, except for the p eviews and forblank character sects, which duced foe pene nly. White Walt, Masquerae, Vampite the Dork Ages, Mage the Ascension, ‘Worllot Darkness and Aberrant ee roistered trakericksf White Wolf Publishing, Ine. All ight eserves. Werewall the Apoxalypye, Writ the Oblivion, Changelangthe Dream g, Hunter the Reckorang, Werewl the Wid We Sorcerets Crue, Wrath the vide wo the Camara, J Clinbook Toreadorare mademarksof White Wolf Publishing, Inc.All tightsreerved. All character names, places andtext herein are copyrhtel by White Wolf Pablishing Inc The mention of ot reference to anv compan ot neclact these pages isnot challenge tothe trademark or cone concetned This book mses the swupematural for settings characters and themes All mestical aad and intended for enter cretion tsabvied For free White Wolf eataly eal 1-800-454- WOLF Check out White Wo hetp// al. games.whit ree.gumestiptoryeler PRINTED INUSA, nent purposes only, Reade If and Spectar THANKS, Ourt-or- House Eprrion Jobn atthe Highland Tap, for always ‘ofa pany of agate ipo hat. ‘OM Waver on the thie wiles atthe oe keeping the ¢ wee hours, -chibreponts that leavenothingtothe drunk and alwvs huvine some ninesball realy Everyone at the Food Business, for the best dame lsc around HEX AND VEXING ‘That guy with the giant-ass sport-ute who parks next 1 me in the yarage- What, you couldn't find a big